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Zulu & DJ C
Animal Attraction

Dinky 7" in on Community Library from ZULU & the usually trying-too-hard DJ C. On this spacious dub ragga plate, we're treated to a zinging, morphing slice of subtle dancefloor action with bouncy, fluid MCing that honestly makes me wanna wave my hands in the air & go "eeey-oooh" rather excitedly. I t...view item »

Tapes n Tapes
The Loon

Next I have the debut album on XL by Tapes n Tapes who "took the South by South West festival by storm".... apparently...!! Good on em...Listened to this yesterday in completion and I really liked it. Sort of rock but with an intelligent slant on the genre. He's got that Strokes style of singing where he knows what makes a cat...view item »

Del Wire

The first one is by Del Wire which is simply called 01 (on LP and CD). we heard this a week or 2 ago and were blown away. In fact everything on the label is superb. DEL WIRE make atmospheric electronica with hip hop beats. The thing that sets this apart from the plethora of other similar titles is that they seem to have a rea...view item »

Electricity is Your Friend

I just love it when we get mental compilations in. You know, no big names on, just eclectic music made by mad, bad deranged weirdos. On 'Electricity Is Your Friend' there's lo-fi twisted rifferama with psychotic gibbering from Dragon or Emperor (Buttholes meets Jesus Lizard), DisinVectant revises some mood music ...view item »

The $hit
Lock Up Your Ghettoblasters

And onto The $hit on Shit Music. Unarguably label name of the week in my book.  So we have a CD in by The $hit called Lock Up Your Ghettoblasters. I think there's some irony in all of this somewhere....... possibly a bit like Michael J Cox if you've ever heard him before??? This is pretty crazy knocking up s...view item »

Sluts Of Trust
Piece O' You

Sluts of Trust release their debut 7" on Chemikal Underground. Its catchy new-wavey rock in the style of Mclusky or The Futureheads. Apparently there was a great big bidding war to secure their services and Chemikal Underground won. Well whoop-bloody-pee. As its a debut single an...view item »

Do Whatever Turns You On

on Rough Trade comes Aberfeldy  - its sounds rather like a homespun version of Scottish popsters The Trash Can Sinatra's. I'm pretty sure no children or animals were hurt in the making of this CD. It's like a fluffy pair of bed socks....view item »

The Delilahs
Lets Tango

The Delilahs new single (Lets Tango) sounds like Elastica but without the stretchyness..... ie a piece of string.........view item »

Thee Vaporizer
Matkow Shamou

Next a 12" by Thee Vaporizer on Phantom Noise -this is mad video game type music in the style of Joseph Nothing - I wouldn't be surprised if the person responsible was Japanese. Its all fast bleepy stuff that rushes by at the speed of light....view item »

Franz Ferdinand
You Could Have It So Much Better

OK so the Franz Ferdinand have a new album out. They already feel like the old boys of a scene which is about to fall really hard on it's edgey, spiky art rock arse. Mind you they've kind of left that art rock behind and replaced it with pure pop. This is pretty commercial folks..... though I suppose they always had that about them. So ...view item »

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