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First Aid Kit
The Lion's Roar

Weirdly enough I checked out the video to this song yesterday on the recommendation of a Swedish friend of mine, and then these turned up at the office today. It's a pretty slickly produced pastoral pop effort from these spooky-looking sisters, who've already caught the attention of Jack ...view item »

East of the Valley Blues

East Of The Valley Blues buck the trend of the Death Is Not The End release catalogue to date, by being produced in the 21st century by someone not long dead! Yes, this acoustic guitar duo are a contemporary outfit, though grounded in the rich and dusty sounds of American Primitive guitar. Cassette and vinyl LP releases....view item »

Ezra Furman
The Year Of No Returning

Following on from the critical success of his Day Of The Dog album, Ezra Furman’s The Year of No Returning gets a timely reissue. Currently based in Chicago, Ezra Furman’s music fuses the classic sounds of Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones and ...view item »

Jim White
Waffles, Triangles & Jesus

This is his sixth studio album and is finely produced, journeying across the vast American continent. I’m not sure if that is a place I wish to visit these days, but Jim White makes it feel magical, heartwarming and limitless, helped in turns by his hometown (Athens) finest musicians, plus Dead Rock West and Holly Golightly...view item »


Hard to typify this music, it's neither uplifting nor depressing, but it does have a consistent and very listenable downtempo vibe. It creates a gorgeous, sonically unique mood 69 BPM and sustains it through the whole album. This is brilliant musicians making a record in the sonic space between the classic soul of Al Green and the ambient folk o...view item »

Simon Joyner
Beautiful Losers: Singles And Compilation Tracks 1994-1999

More Alt Country for you guys. A Simon Joyner singles and compilation tracks collection spanning from 1994-1999 called 'Beautiful losers'. Expect the usual formula of lo-fi guitar, harmonica and whining vocals. I like depressing music and all but th...view item »

To Willie

Although Willie Nelson did not write all of the songs on this album, these are all tunes that he recorded during his long and fruitful career, thus the tribute angle. An all-Willie album might strike most listeners as an odd idea for a relatively unknown indie recording artist like Phosphorescent, perhaps dooming the project to commercial oblivi...view item »

Angel Olsen
Half Way Home

First coming to attention via appearances with Bonnie Prince Billy, Olsen’s voice is initially disconcerting but by only the second track in I’ve decided that it’s something quite unique and special. The nearest comparison...view item »

Here's To Taking It Easy

Phosphorescent is one of those names that i've never really picked up on in the past. Sure i've seen the records about and i heard the Willie Nelson tribute album 'To Willie' is pretty good but other than that i'm clueless. With 'Here's to taking it easy' (something we know very little about here at El Normo Towers) the group probe similar...view item »

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey is a powerful singer, song writer and musician. This CD is not for someone expecting happy, sappy love songs or a tame beat. She exudes a raw, feminine, tough, and sometime comical outlook in her songs. She holds nothing back. Each song is an experience. So put your lipstick on and light a candle, this album is ready to take you for th...view item »

Mariee Sioux
Faces In The Rocks

The label that originally put out Faces in the Rocks by Mariee Sioux folded meaning the momentum the album had gained on the back of her performances with Brightblack Morning Light disappeared. She was part of the Californian folk revival along with Alela Diane, Devendra Banhart and...view item »

Bob Dylan
Bringing It All Back Home

Colombia are reissuing Legacy Editions of a whole brace of classic Bob Dylan albums, not that they seemed at risk of falling out of print. 1965’s Bringing It All Back Home is neatly split between a ‘rock’ electric side and a ‘folk’ acoustic side, and includes essentials like ‘Subterra...view item »

Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin'

The Times They Are A-Changin’ is Bob Dylan’s third album, and his first to only contain original songs. And what songs! As well as the stone-cold classic title track, you’ve got ‘With God On Our Side’, ‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’, ‘Ballad Of Hollis Brown’....view item »

Jens Lekman
Night Falls over Kortedala

one of the worst records i've heard in my entire life. abysmal lyrics, the guy just can't write songs  - not a clue. the manilow comparison is apt but these melodies that make ol big nose sound like napalm death. for proper easy listening retro bacharach 70's type stuff try the high llamas clan cladders. not perfect but a lot bloody better tha...view item »

S. Carey
All We Grow

This is a really nice collection of lovelorn ballads and moving compositions from Sean Carey, of Bon Iver. Its quiet, understated and to be fair, quite brilliant. It has great production and amazing songsmithery. It has emotion and depth. It's a bit like this reviewer...Ohh!! I'm just kidding. I have the emotional depth of a puddle. All of ...view item »

The Doomed Bird of Providence
Burrowed Into The Soft Sky

The Doomed Bird of Providence is a project devoted to highlighting the darkness of Australian colonial history, and third album Burrowed into the Soft Sky is no exception. It does however break away from the pre...view item »

White Flowers

'White Flowers' is the debut record from Lutine, the sparsest of folk duos comprising of artists Heather Minor and Emma Morton. Their understated, decidedly meek recordings concentrate on vocal harmonies, guitar strums and enveloping flourishes of piano. Rather than modernising the genre, Lutine take from various folk traditions, including neo-c...view item »

Joakim Skogsberg
Jola Rota

Jeepers! The song in the video section above is INTENSE! The only instrumentation is screechy cello and violin and a really terrifying vocal, really proper scary and slowly getting more threatening as it builds without ever properly building, it's just the pure tension and horror which drags you into it. Really creepy and thrilling and odd and p...view item »

Julius Caesar

This treat from the early Smog years was looking sad without a review, so I thought I would extol its virtues for the benefit of any passing shoppers. Monsieur Callahan doesn't have his wise-old-country voice here, nor the obtuse, elegant lyricism that carries his later albums. This is a record full of blunt edges and ...view item »

Wanda Junes
Hi Fi Record Album

Wanda Junes are a group who are, quite firmly, from rural America. They take the relatively traditional forms of US folk / country, and marry them with touch of lo-fi indie thinking. The sardonically-titled Hi Fi Record Album is sometimes quiet and thoughtful, sometimes hollerin’ and hootin’, but always wort...view item »

Jim James
Tribute To

When George Harrison died in 2001, Jim James of My Morning Jacket reacted by playing a bunch of Harrison’s songs on an acoustic guitar into an 8 track recorder. The results are sparse and emotional and made into an album called Tribute To which was originally released in 2009. Now it is be...view item »

Jim James
Tribute To 2

Jim James the artist whose name is one letter away from being a pet name for pyjamas (and My Morning Jacket guy) releases 'Tribute to 2'  - an album of hope where he covers some of his favourite songs just for fun or to make himself feel better. Not to be confused with 'Tribute To' ...his previous album of ...view item »

Heron King Blues (Deluxe Reissue)

Califone’s “Heron King Blues” opens with a blend of the anachronistic: swampy blues on “Wingbird” and more current experimentation: Steve Reich-ish plinks and plonks are drowned in feedback towards the end of “Trick Bird”. This mix continues throughout the album: “Lio...view item »

Rainer & Das Combo
The Texas Tapes

Recorded in 1993, its a very fine album of post-blues music from slide-guitar supremo Rainer Ptacek and his Das Combo bandmates. The Texas Tapes feel intimate and fragile, as if some songs are on the point of vanishing into dust. This vinyl reissue with download code includes a number of demo versions a...view item »

Rainer Ptacek
Worried Spirits

Rainer Ptacek (a member of Giant Sand) was a talented slide-guitarist working in a blues / post-blues mould, weaving powerful and intimate performances with his desert voice and knife-edge steel-stringed guitar. Worried Spirits is a 1992 collection of rare recordings, now reissued in commemoration of hi...view item »

Leonard Cohen
The Future

A classic piece of songcraft from the one, the only, the Leonard Cohen. The Future was originally released in the past, 1992 specifically, and it features a number of later...view item »

Malvina Reynolds
Little Boxes and Magic Pennies: An Anthology Of Children's Songs (1960-1977)

One for the junior vinyl collectors out there, those who were juniors when Malvina Reynolds was active herself or, indeed, simply anyone with an interest in her ingenious songwriting. Reynolds wrote not only for children but about them, capturing in songs such as ‘Little Boxes’ the effect of modern institutional stru...view item »

John Angaiak
I'm Lost In The City

John Angaiak only ever released 1 LP, this one. I’m Lost In The City is a rare recorded example of a singer-songwriter using the Yup’ik language of the Eskimo: Angaiak hails from icy rural Alaska. His music is useful as a document of cultural history, but also simply wonderful as music in it...view item »

Lucio Battisti
Amore E Non Amore

Amore E Non Amore is probably Lucio Battisti’s finest achievement, a concept record that combined his popular appeal with rock crunch some bold proggish instrumentals. Battisti really goes for it in the vocal department too! 1971 album remastered and reissued on 180g vinyl by Light In The Attic....view item »

Lucinda Williams
Just A Little More Faith & Grace

Lucinda Williams is that pretty great country rawk musician who releases monolithic double albums every so often with plenty of good songs to boot. She recently released 'Ghosts of Highway 20' and this RSD 12" is a lil' missive from the same time, including an eighteen minute(!) version of "Faith & Grace", because the longer...view item »

Roo Panes
Little Giant

Earnest and heartfelt singer-songwritering here from Dorset-born Roo Panes (is that his real name?), 'Little Giant' steers clear of fashions and fads to deliver some beautiful nimbly fingerpicked guitar and Panes's rich, clear voice commanding the listener's attention with some intuitive, emotional folkpop, gently augmented by soft female backin...view item »

The Delta Bell
Hold Fast The Fire

The Delta Bell hail from Brighton and describe themselves as post-country. Hold Fast The Fire is lush and confident record. It’s warm and anthemic with whisky-soaked laments, gothic country and plenty of heartbreak. This all highlights the songwriting prowess of vocalist Kate Gerrard and restrained musicianship of the band...view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy / Matt Sweeney

Now to a man who the young Jason Molina was often compared - Mr Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, whose new album is a collaboration with Matt Sweeney (who?)  - it's typical Prince Billy fare. A bit looser maybe, and as the other bloke does all the music it sounds slightly different  - the 'Prince' is in fine (soft) voice th...view item »

Andrew Bird
Echolocations: River

Echolocations: River is the second installment of a series of recordings by Andrew Bird that were recorded at a specific location. This time, under the Hyperion Bridge in Atwater Village, Los Angeles was the chosen site, which was though to have interesting acoustic properties. The album contains eight instrumental pieces inspir...view item »

Neil Young
Harvest Moon

Ah Harvest Moon. Like Bat out Hell 2, it's a key example of how an artist going back to an original blueprint can reap dividends. On Harvest Moon Neil Young captured the vibe of his original Harvest album, with a series of beautifully evocative acoustic songs including utterly essential closer Natural ...view item »

Elliott Smith

Elliott’s third solo record, and his first after the break up of Heatmiser. An essential release in his back catalogue, Either/Or maintains the lo-fi intimacy of previous efforts Roman Candle and Elliott Smith, whilst upping the complexity and ambition of his arrangements. Miss Misery was even nominated f...view item »

Sir Richard Bishop
Road To Siam

Sun City Girls survivor Saint Richard Bishop is back in the guitar soli seat this week with this tasty new 10" of nimble Orient-inspired pickin', which has a single 11-minute track on the A side and three shorter pieces overleaf. Apparently the long piece on side A, 'Mekong', is based around the sounds of the phin, a three-stringed Thai ...view item »

Harry Stafford
Guitar Shaped Hammers

Harry Stafford might be known to you from his time fronting the band Inca Babies, where he sung and played guitar. But look! No guitars on this record here. Instead, Harry has transferred his talents to piano (the ‘Guitar Shaped Hammers’ of the title), playing punky piano blues with ...view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
Forest Of Lost Children

Kikagaku Moyo improvise like they're falling through a black hole and can jam forever, and so Forest of Lost Children is just a snippet of their work together, a record that explores their meandering psych and folk workouts and picks out the best bits. This record buoys an Eastern influence and favours a frenetic c...view item »

Shannon Lay
Living Water

Shannon Lay presents her second album of the year 2017, the beautifully-titled Living Water. Lay’s dexterous guitar playing guides her songs in and o...view item »

Lost Harbours
Towers of Silence

Hauntingly beautiful folk from the ever shifting line-up that makes Lost Harbours. Led by Richard Thompson and Emma Reed, they bring in some extra vocalists, and paint a drone inspired picture of alt-folk. With influences coming from Current 93, Six Organs Of Admittance...view item »

Andrew Bird
Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of...

On this album, Andrew Bird plays the songs of the Handsome Family, expanding them to a five-piece ensemble with great taste and restraint. It's pretty much as you'd expect it to be really, which makes my life difficult because what am I supposed to say about it? Bird has a beautiful voice, The Handsome Fam...view item »

Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven

Alvarius B is of course Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now doing whatever he damn feels like. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven has been released on vinyl as three separate LP releases, but is also available here as a double CD set, featuring all thirty-f...view item »

A.M. (Deluxe Edition)

Following on from his days in Alt. Country trailblazers Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy formed Wilco. A.M. was their first album, originally released in 1995. It  mixed frazzled alt. Country with a Rolling Stones rock swagger. Now it has been reissued as a Deluxe Edition with eig...view item »

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

There's absolutely no filler here; every cut is a stone-cold classic. (Granted, that's not because of any special care on Columbia's part but because Dylan is incapable of writing a totally worthless song.) For another, it functions admirably well as a "starter kit". That said, I have to wonder why Columbia didn't take a little more care with th...view item »

Bob Dylan
Another Side of Bob Dylan

Another Side of Bob Dylan is the great man’s fourth album, put out in 1964 while the world was really waking up to him. Another Side is solo Dylan, nice and direct, with his unique voice standing alone apart from guitar and harmonica. The tracklisting includes classics like ‘It Ain’t Me Babe&r...view item »

Miles Cooper Seaton
Phases In Exile

Miles Cooper Seaton will be known to some of you from his time in Akron/Family and Michael Gira’s Angels of Light. His new album, Phases In Exile is the kind of music you can immerse yourself in, wherever you may be. Whether it be losing yourself on public transport, watch...view item »

Saulius Petreikis & Domas Strupinskas

Saulius Petreiki and Domas Strupinskas’s album Lietava presents an array of sixteen traditional folk instruments from their native Lithuania, all of which have fallen out of regular public use and some of which have scarcely even been recorded before. This album succeeds as a set of compositions a...view item »

Son Volt

Repress of Son Volt’s now two decade old sophomore album, Straightaways. Smooth and heartfelt alternative country rock with plenty of guitar twang built around ex-Uncle Tulepo singer/songwriter Jay Farrar’s warm, emotive voice. Pressed on 180g vinyl. Just make sure you don’t mention Wilco....view item »

C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis
Split Electric

Both C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davies are taking a slight step in the dark on this release: possibly one reason they are doing it together. Split Electric is so titled because it finds the two experienced acoustic guitarists plugging in and going electric, providing a whole new set of audio corners to exp...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

Although by the time this album was composed Robert Wyatt had not yet suffered the accident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and was only recorded later, there's a certain touch of sorrow in his singing that creeps under your skin throughout the record. So I would say this is...view item »


Calexico's early work has some of the same melodies they elaborated on later in their career, recorded either at home or in a makeshift studio actually adds to the flavour of this album and makes it a must have for Calexico fans. Lot of drums and guitar duets, very cool. This is not the lush cinematic Calexico of the other albums, this is much more...view item »

Paul Banks

Main Interpol slightly strange man Paul Banks finally releases his debut album although he seems to have changed his name back from Julian Plenti. What on earth goes on in the man’s head? Who knows? Any...view item »


Malmo / Glasgow songwriter John B. McKenna IS Monoganon, and Killmens (good idea) is his new album, written in opposition to the toxic end of masculinity. As well as a vinyl pressing of John’s art-poppy songs, this release of Killmens also comes with a little magazine! Re...view item »

The Lilac Time
No Sad Songs

Available on either 12” vinyl or CD from Tapete. Stephen Duffy has had quite the journey being a founding member of Duran Duran and then moving on to creating Simon and Garfunkel esque melancholic folk pop with The Lilac Time, and becoming obvious influences on Bel...view item »

Tom Waits
Blood Money

Blood Money was Tom Waits 2002 album which featured songs written for the play Woyzeck. It was originally released simultaneously with the album Alice, another album with songs written for a play. Blood Money contains some of Waits best melodies but as always they come from the dark underbelly of existence.&nbs...view item »

Tom Waits

This is a great late-night-drinking-alone-in-the-dark album, with varied soundscapes and incredible poignancy. The production is textured and focused. Waits' voice alternates between sensitive and gruff - he shows off his amazing singing powers, sometimes even sounding like his earliest stuff. The album may be a difficult listen for someone who ...view item »

Leonard Cohen
Recent Songs

Recent Songs by Leonard Cohen saw the Canadian singer/songwriter reverting to his acoustic and folk roots, albeit with a number of other influences he’d picked up along the way. It was originally released in 1979 and was the follow-up to Death Of A Ladies man, an album made under difficult circumstances - mainly the fact t...view item »

Leonard Cohen
Various Positions

Various Positions was the seventh album released by Leonard Cohen. It was originally released in 1984. American singer and lifelong friend of Cohen, Jennifer Warnes features on every track. This is the album that includes the original version of Hallelujah, the song covered by John Cale, ...view item »

Leonard Cohen
Death Of A Ladies' Man

Reissue of Leonard Cohen’s 1977 fifth studio album Death Of A Ladies’ Man. Phil Spector’s orchestral ‘Wall of Sound’ was imposed upon his usually-sparse vocals, making for mixed reviews and debate around the 8-song release. An interesting piece in the Cohen canon. LP reissued on Columbia....view item »

Daniel O'Sullivan

Daniel O’Sullivan, of Grumbling Fur, Ulver and Aethenor (and that’s not all!), is in solo mode on VELD, but that doesn’t mean he has limited himself to a single approach. VELD is an album of pop songs, but electroacoustic abstractions keep lap...view item »

Pete Astor
Water Tower

Pete Astor was in both The Loft and The Weather Prophets, two bands who were signed to classic indie label Creation back in the day. On his new single, Water Tower, he is joined by and indie supergroup featuring James Hoare of Veronica Falls/Ultimate Pai...view item »

F.S. Blumm

F.M. Blumm’s many years of music-making, both acoustic and electronic, solo and in collaboration (with David Grubbs, Nils Frahm etc.), has led him to the point of Welcome, this eclectic-sounding album of songwriting. These productions sound grand, but on an intimate scale, if that...view item »

Bob Dylan
John Wesley Harding

John Wesley Harding, released in 1967, is a key album for Bob Dylan, as it finds him taking a left-hand turn from his beat-poet electric music into the territory of folk, country, and God. But as this is only the first step in that direction, it makes a good introduction into that period of the great man’s catalog...view item »

I Believe I'll Go Back Home 1906-1959

I Believe I’ll Go Back Home 1906-1959 is another fine compilation curated by the talents of Mississippi. Recordings are taken from the first half of the twentieth century and from all over the world, reflecting the folk musics of Indian, Native American, Greek, Hawaiian, Cuban, Jewish etc. traditions. Superb selections as usual. L...view item »

Yusuf / Cat Stevens
I Love My Dog / Matthew & Son

It's been fifty years since Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam) released his debut LP Matthew & Son, and he’s celebrating with a 7” release of new versions of two tracks. As well as the LP’s title track, we also have the lovely canine ode I Love My Dog to enjoy. ...view item »

Daniel Gadd
As If In A Dream I Drifted At Sea

Debut from British-South African singer/songwriter Daniel Gadd. Sensitive and skillful guitar playing, with eight storytelling/poetic songs which nod to his influences, Bob Dylan and early Leonard Cohen. Gadd has worked on composing for film and television as well as solo songwriting. The songs feel warm and welcoming, as well a...view item »

Chris Gantry
At The House Of Cash

Chris Gantry was a songwriter to the stars and  performer in his own right. He’d been offered lodgings at Johnny Cash’s Nashville home in the early ‘70s after some police/weed trouble. He also convinced Cash to let him record in his studio. At The House of Cash was the result and is one of...view item »

Ed Askew
A Child In The Sun: Radio Sessions 1969-1970

After recording the acid folk classic Ask The Unicorn LP in 1968, Ed Askew ostensibly stopped making music. It was only in the early 2000s when a second album was discovered that more research was done. It was this snooping that unearthed a whole load of treasures, including the tracks that make up A Child In The Sun: Radio Sess...view item »

Weyes Blood
The Innocents

Southeastern Pennsylvania's Natalie Mering, aka Natalie Wiseblood from Jackie O Motherfucker, aka Weyes Bluhd, aka Weyes Blood, has a second Weyes Blood album following 2011's now-sold-out effort on Not Not Fun. Expect mystical folk-pop warblings with haunting, primitive backing and full-voiced but wistful vocals....view item »

Lost Harbours
Into the Failing Light

Drone or folk; which is sadder? It's a question which has divided opinions throughout the ages, causing bitter rifts between families which ferment through generations into bloodshed. Striding purposefully through this smoke and chaos come Lost Harbours, with the purpose of bringing union to these two disparate miseries, uniting them in a grandi...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
Requiem For An Almost Lady

Light In The Attic Records are filling their boots with the bittersweet country bliss of Lee Hazlewood, this time turning to the quintessential break-up record Requiem For An Almost Lady, originally released in 1971. Broken-hearted but defiant reflections on loss and love over a backdrop of languid guitar – countr...view item »

Gun Outfit
Out of Range

The cover of Gun Outfit’s fifth long-player, Out Of Range, instantly gives you the feel of this album. Think guitars, think dust, think Steve Gunn, think Lee Ranaldo and perhaps even Lee Hazlewood and you’ll be getting pretty close. The guitars fiddle and intertwine ...view item »

Alex Lipinski

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe (also the label runner of ‘a’ Recordings, who are putting this album out) at his side as producer, Alex Lipinski has crafted a snappy record of sixties-style pop-psych rock. Alex was recorded in six hours apparently, a...view item »

Peter Oren

Peter Oren identifies one of his major influences as Bill Callahan, which is a good way to get interested attention round here. Oren does have a whole lot of baritone character in his voice, and he uses it to sketch out songs about our present era, the Anthropocene. Also on board are a ...view item »

Angel Olsen

American Indie/folk singer-songwriter Angel Olsen presents Phases, a fitting title for this collection of demos, B-sides, as well as some rare tracks that haven’t bee...view item »

Tom Mcrae
Ah, The World! Oh, The World!

Tom McRae’s eighth studio album Ah, The World! Oh, The World! Finds the English singer-songwriter, perhaps understandably, in rather a melancholic mood. The album title is a phrase taken from McRae’s favourite novel, Moby Dick, but it gets across perfectly McRae’s state of perplexity and dissatisfaction followi...view item »

Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
The Cowboy & The Lady

There’s no shortage of gold dust Americana for Light In The Attic to mine from the long and winding catalogue of Lee Hazlewood, but one of the easiest picks must have been this perfect pairing with Ann-Margaret Olsson. Released in 1969, this full-bodied, red-blooded record veers from fiery acid rock to sou...view item »

Lucinda Williams
This Sweet Old World

Sweet Old World is Lucinda Williams’ classic 1992 album, and it is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. Lucinda has chosen to mark thi...view item »

Circuit Des Yeux
Reaching For Indigo

After dabbling with a different alias last year, Haley Fohr brings her Circuit Des Yeux project back with a bang with new record Reaching For Indigo...view item »

Dent May
Across The Multiverse

Despite singing about his desire to never move to LA in previous recordings, Mississippi-born musical whizz-kid Dent May has now done just that - apparently to change his backdrop and find new inspiration. After all, that’s where his heroes Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson and Van Dyke ...view item »

Karl Blau
Out Her Space

Karl Blau is a busy musical man, and has been for many years, but it is only recently that his solo material has started getting wide distribution. Out Her Space is a new album of all-original material, recorded...view item »

Tara Jane O’Neil
Tara Jane O’Neil

Tara Jane O'Neil was once in the magnificent Rodan but has long since been more noted for her wandering and prolific solo career. Here she teams up with a bunch of people for what she calls a 'singer-songwriter endeavour' half of which was recorded at Wilco's 'The Loft' studio. Another missive to add to a career...view item »

Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison

At Folsom Prison is one of the most beloved Johnny Cash recordings. The music here, more than on any other recording is imbued with his grit, his spirituality and his wry sense of humour. The set list was put together especially for the concert and the songs deal with subjects that would likely be close the inmates thou...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band
Blues Funeral

I'm not sure how true it is, and it has very little to do with this album, but I remember reading a piece of music news way back in the '90s stating that Mark Lanegan punched out Liam Gallagher whilst Oasis were touring the U.S. If this is true then shouldn't we all be buying Mark Lanegan's entire catalogue of music in celebration of this great ...view item »

No No No

Here we have No No No, the first Beirut album since 2011’s The Rip Tide. Here, Zach Condon and friends take a more direct, in-the-studio approach to their sound, somewhat more stripped down in instrumentation than past Beirut work, but still keeping it international, of c...view item »

James Johnston
The Starless Room

James Johnston is one of those ever-busy types that keeps the music world running smoothly: as well as his own band Gallon Drunk, he has also played with The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey’s band, Faust… And now he rides out solo for the first time! The S...view item »

L.A. Salami
Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Directors Cut

From the name, L.A. Salami sounds like a Californian punk band. In fact, he’s a UK ‘postmodern blues and urban folk’ musician, and Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut is his debut album. Salami utters confessional / political lyrics on a wide-range of songs, some quiet an...view item »

Morley Loon
Northland, My Land

Morley Loon came from Quebec, and his derives from the traditional Cree culture in which he grew up. Northland, My Land is an insight into a hidden culture, and an excellent set of folk sounds. These reissues are remastered from the original tapes, and come with a booklet of original Cree and translated English lyrics, ...view item »

Dylan Leblanc
Cautionary Tale

Third record from Dylan LeBlanc, following on from two releases on a major label that apparently didn’t work out so well for him. Lots of the material on Cautionary Tale deals with his consequent drunken sadness, his impressive voice carrying the melancholy very well indeed. Out on Single Lock Records....view item »

Joan Shelley
Over and Even

Joan Shelley is a poetic singer-songwriter, performing perfectly-formed country / folk / americana with the help of a talented band (including back-up singing from Will Oldham). Shelley’s voice is subtle and clear, carrying the songs with a sense of delicate precision. Over And Even...view item »

Robert Wyatt

The old bearded prog-master himself, Robert Wyatt sings in a wide-eyed, articulate voice and crafts weird little songs around the edges, with piano, off-kilter harmonies and choruses that remind one of the sugar-pop days of Steely Dan more than anything else. In 1968, Wyatt took some downtime away from Soft Machine to make his own music, which w...view item »

Songs: Ohia
Didn't It Rain

Alt-country songwriter Jason Molina is best known for his crowning work with Songs: Ohia, 'Magnolia Electric Co.', a cosmic alt-country record inspired by the ferocity of Steve Albini, its producer. 'Didn't It Rain', though, is a different kind of masterpiece, reflecting Molina's more commonly utilised slow-burning folk rock, always focused arou...view item »

Steve Gunn
Way Out Weather

Because we all need more country rock riffs and farmyard twang in our life, Steve Gunn has made 'Way Out Weather', a record that has these things in spades -- as well as, you know, actual songs. The tunes on 'Way Out Weather' have plaintive, hushed verses that curve into choruses with slight but potent melodies, offering a subtlety absent from h...view item »

Harry Dean Stanton
Partly Fiction

Harry Dean Stanton has appeared in so many cool films it's impossible to list them. But he's also a musician you know, and there is a documentary about him, 'Partly Fiction' now, in which he sings and talks about his passion for country and folk music. His voice, we discover, is distinctive and unexpectedly strong. This accompanying album w...view item »

The Tallest Man on Earth
There's No Leaving Now

People rave about this guy, rave about him.  I’ve listened with anticipation but I just can’t work out a reason for the furore. This ‘highly anticipated’ new album is not bad at all. It all very sub Dylan and his voice doesn’t grate half as much as it d...view item »

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