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Nadia Reid
Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs

Nadia Reid evokes the spirit of her homeland, New Zealand, better than those Flight Of The Conchords boys ever could. Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs is filled with songs of folk music for wide open spaces, with songs as personal as the firm portrait on the sleeve art. Released on the Spunk labe...view item »

Courtney Marie Andrews
Honest Life

After a few years out the spotlight to live an honest life in Washington state, Courtney Marie Andrews returns with … Honest Life. A record in the finest heartland rock tradition, her kiss-off tales of love and loneliness take flight in a voice that hits a sweet spot between Joni Mitchell, ...view item »

John Grant
Queen Of Denmark

Despite always standing in the shadows of her Shakespearean significant other, the Queen of Denmark has her own story. And John Grant, formerly of the Czars, has taken it upon himself to tell that story in his debut solo effort, available only on limited edition tape. Better get it before the play moves to another town ...view item »

Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land

Damien Jurado is a folk-ish kind of artist who is comfortable with revealing his most private feelings in his intimate songs. Visions of Us on the Land is available in 3 formats, of escalating scale. There is the CD, the double LP, or the triple LP, which adds an LP of demos. All on Secretly Canadian....view item »

Margo Price
Paper Cowboy

Folky country bumpkin Margo Price dons her cowboy hat and trusty acoustic (maybe a backing band too) for a pair of limited 7" singles on none other than Third Man records. The singles comprise two halves of an EP, so make sure you don't just get half an EP because you'll just be wondering what could have been. Paper Cowboy is said to be built fo...view item »

The Durutti Column
A Paean to Wilson

The latest Durutti Column opus is the double CD A Paean To Wilson, a tribute to his old buddy Tony who used to do this Factory label what you might've heard of. His voice is the first thing heard, uttering the typically antagonistic cheek of "Are you a technician, or is this an art form?" Across the two discs we're treated to variety of V...view item »

Alec Cheer
Alec Cheer

Alec Cheer's self-titled album is a delightful, refreshing story of acoustic guitar pickings and strums, evoking the spirit of Fahey, Drake and Martyn. These rural, largely pacey tunes bounce along merrily, interspersed with more reflective pieces containing a slightly eerie Gravenhurst...view item »

Joanna Newsom
Milk Eyed Mender

“The Milk-Eyed Mender” is the highly accomplished debut album from Joanna Newsom. Each album she has done has been quite different, whilst still having a defining stamp of Joanna Newsom’s originality. Her harp playing adds richness to songs that are already original in structure and execution...view item »

David Kitt
Still Don’t Know

Irish singer/songwriter David Kitt returns with Yous, his first album in nine years. The release is preceded by this 10” single Still Don’t Know. In the intervening years following his last album, 2009’s The Nightsaver, David Kitt has been a member of Tindersticks live band and...view item »

Will Samson
Ground Luminosity

Ground Luminosity is the fourth solo release from Brighton based musician, Will Samson. The sound Samson’s found on this LP is a subtle electronic one, where electronic beats and effects pop from beneath emotional, swooning violin and woozy guitar. It’s an album which beautifully melds the old and th...view item »

A Grave With No Name

A Grave With No Name is a fitting moniker for purveyors of a downbeat and melancholy strain of Americana (despite being London-based). Their fourth album sees the continued expansion of their originally lo-fi sound, with central figure Alex Shields drafting in Frank Ocean...view item »

Townes Van Zandt
Rear View Mirror

Some 27 years ago, master singer/songwriter and master of sadness, Townes Van Zandt began re-recording his best-loved songs for a three disc anthology which ultimately failed to appear. Rear View Mirror was originally released on Austin-based label, Sundown in 1993. It collects together 17 tracks ...view item »

Glen Hansard
Between Two Shores

If the name Glen Hansard sounds familiar, odds are you’re a fan of The Commitments which he starred in back in 1991 or a fan of his band the Frames. In 2018 he’s releasing Between Two Shores, a new solo album of lushly self-produced and heart-wrenching folk with the wonderful Anti-....view item »

Experimental Batch 26

What a winning scheme for an album: a varied bunch of musicians all gathered up together and given a week in a single space to make something. The line-up was Pictish Trail, James Yorkston, King Creosote, Lomond Campbell, Suhail Yusef Khan and the band S...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Woods are a reliably American band who’ve been mixing folk and soul and funk and indie for a decade now. This particular release documents what happened when Woods played a live set at Jack White’s Third Man Records, recorded in meticulous analogue detail on audio-lover ...view item »

William Elliot Whitmore & Esme Patterson
Play Each Other's Songs

As advertised, this 7” features William Elliott Whitmore playing one of Esme Patterson’s songs, as well as Esme Patterson playing one of William Elliott Whitmore...view item »

Julianna Barwick

Juana Molina

Argentinian singer-songwriter Juana Molina gets easily lumped into a category far too broad for her impressively unique style. Her seventh full length, Halo touches all bases - from up close and playful tracks like Cosoco to the dark and claustrophobic Lentísimo Halo. Features a few guest appear...view item »

John Fahey and His Orchestra
Of Rivers and Religion

This is dramatically toned-down Fahey, and not just on the numbers where he is accompanied by an "orchestra" of such instruments as banjo and mandolin. This album evokes a lazy river on a summer day, and the playing keeps that mood throughout. A perfect example of what makes me love this album is "Dixie Pig BBQ Blues," where Fahey plays lazily, ...view item »

First Aid Kit
Drunken Trees

Sweedish folk duo First Aid Kit deliver their debut: Drunken Trees. This quietly accomplished mini LP centres itself around an acoustic sound. At no point does this record make a concerted effort at hiding an undeniably impressive vocal capacity. This is a mightily impressive sounding record. ...view item »

Serge Gainsbourg
Intoxicated Man

First of all, what an astonishing title for an album. Intoxicated Man features classic Serge Gainsbourg material from the period 1958 to 1962, when our man was in his simmering, swaggering pomp. Intoxicated Man maps out a very particular style of cool, which Serge absolutely excels at. Double L...view item »

Silver Jews
Bright Flight

“Bright Flight” is more of straight forward album compared to 1996 wonky Americana classic, “The Natural Bridge” and its follow up, the Stephen Malkmus assisted “American Water”. However, the seemingly tighter band, the pedal steel and the female backing vocals dotted around do make this a lovely audio experie...view item »

Nick Drake
Family Tree

Nick Drake has always been an intimate listen, but never more so than on this collection of rarities and lo-fi home recordings. Family Tree includes a number of treats, from a gorgeous cover of Jackson C. Frank’s ‘Blues Run The Game’ to some songs by Nick’s mothe...view item »

Laura Marling
Alas I Cannot Swim

Marcos Valle
Previsao Do Tempo

Kevin Morby
Still Life

The sweet-voiced Kevin Morby, known for his more modest roles as bassist in Woods and one part of Cassie Ramone's band the Babies, is set to release his second solo record, 'Still Life'. It follows up the eclectic folk record 'Harlem River', which ranged from plaintive acoustic ballads to smoky barroom guitar riffing. From hearing "Parade", one ...view item »

Marisa Anderson
Into The Light

Marisa Anderson’s new record is intended to be the soundtrack to an imaginary film about sci-fi goings on in the deep Sonoran desert, and it's good enough to make you wish the film actually existed. Into The Light is made up of multi-tracked solo electric guitar (plus lap and pedal steel), with Anderson ...view item »

Iron and Wine
Woman King

Sometimes you can release too many records. Iron and Wine so far has released pretty much good quality stuff but on this new 6 track EP standards start to slip just ever so slightly. The first track is nice if a bit more bluesy than the Will Oldham meets Belle and Sebastian sound of yore .Next track 'Jezebel' is simply love...view item »

BBC Session 1971

The former Velvet Underground icon (her name is even an anagram of that) recorded this session for John Peel’s Top Gear show in 1971. Featuring four tracks from her John Cale-produced, harmonium-driven albums The Marble Index, Desertshore and The End, it was previously rel...view item »

Lizzy Farrall
All I Said Was Never Heard

I’m not saying it’s been a long time since we heard some straightforward lady-fronted indiepop here at Norman Records, but Lizzy Farrall’s debut EP is still a welcome addition. All I Said Was Never Heard showcases a touch of the dramatic and a knack for lush and catchy songwriting, and features her fir...view item »

Johnny Cash
American V: A Hundred Highways

Johnny Cash's 93rd album (he was busy) was released posthumously, and is the fifth in the American series. A selection of covers from artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Springsteen and Hank Williams. As with all the America albums, Cash's sultry trademark vocals add a touch of dark authenticity to the hand-picked songs. Available on 180g vi...view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy

Disguised alt-country pioneer Bonnie "Prince" Billy released Singers Grave: A Sea of Tongues last year, a career watermark in terms of its contentedness and ability to steer between solo and full-band personas. Since then, he's also learned that you don't have to be singing a song to...view item »

Roy Harper
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith

Harper’s Shel Talmy-produced second album, from 1968, is a psychedelic folk record that’s undeniably of its time, but also forward-looking, richly flavoured with idiosyncrasies and driven by free-flowing musical ambition. All this is evident on the meandering, raga-esque melody of Freak Street, the brooding, fourth-w...view item »

Sarah Louise
Field Guide

Long and awaited is this reissue of Sarah Louise's wonderful Field Guide, an appropriately named and artwork-adorned record of leafy guitar explorations. Using her twelve-string as its driving force, the record is an evocative tone poem for Louise's home of North Carolina, inspired by hymnal Appalachian music ...view item »

Elliott Smith
From A Basement On The Hill

Elliott Smith  - From a Basement on a Hill (Domino) FB- I thought he was dead C- .... er... it was recorded pre-death FB- are you sure its not recorded by Badly Drawn Boy cos it sounds just like him. C- hey mate BDB ripped off Elliott Smith not t'other way round DB- both scruf...view item »

Lotte Kestner
Off White

Anna-Lynne Williams was the singer in US dream-pop band Trespassers William and has previously worked with the Chemical Brothers. Now she records under the moniker of Lotte Kestner. Musically she can be likened to Aimee Mann fronting Talk Talk or The Red...view item »

The Green Kingdom
The North Wind and the Sun

With a steady stream of releases over the past decade through Dronarivm, SEM, and Tench Michael Cottone has delivered a huge and diverse catalogue of sun drenched, heartwarming ambience as The Green Kingdom. His first release on Lost Tribe Sound sees them convince him to strip back the electronics and focus on m...view item »

John Shuttleworth
The Yamaha Years

Fifty-something DIY enthusiast, John Shuttleworth lives in Sheffield with his wife and two kids. He writes perfect kitchen-sink pop songs with the help of his portable Yamaha synthesizer. Available for the first time on vinyl, The Yamaha Years contains such classics as Pigeons In Flight and My Wife Died In ...view item »

Damien Jurado

I've seen this name about approximately 1734 times whilst rolling around deliriously in the dank mists of the Norman stockroom in the 11 years I've worked here and this is honestly the first time I've ever sat down and seriously listened to this person or band known as Damien Jurado. I'm not sure whether I actually really like this st...view item »

Michael Hurley
Bad Mr. Mike

More than 50 years into his career as a songwriter, Michael Hurley still produces new work, and Bad Mr. Mike supplies the freshest cuts. Songs are old and new, instrumental and vocal driven, traditional and original: Hurley just lets the music flow out through him any way it can. Recorded solo at home w...view item »

Marisa Anderson

I wasn’t familiar with this lady before now but she’s from Portland and I think this is her second record and it’s on Mississippi who aren’t idiots so I’m giving it a listen...thankfully it’s brilliant. Anderson plays nimble fingerpicked instrumentals which the press rel...view item »

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Rust Never Sleeps

Classic Album Alert! Famously Canadian singer-songwriter guy -- that has a great voice and is actually very good -- Neil Young sees an album that he did in '79 with raucous band Crazy Horse reissued on pristine 180g vinyl. For the most part recorded live, with a few studio overdubs, it's an energetic and dynamic...view item »

Jung Body
Real Eternal Bliss

An 8-song 10” mini-album by this German-based singer-songwriter. Before you run screaming from the latter characterisation, this is engaging, wordy stuff, with a free-flowing delivery over backing that incorporates jazzy and ambient twists and turns. In the same ballpark as Brigid Mae Power or Peter Broderick...view item »

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
The Birds

For new EP The Birds, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker have stepped away from their full band set-up and gone with a more intimate approach. Electronics and drum machines lap at the edges of these melancholy new folk songs, written with migration and displacement in mind. A great subtle addition to this p...view item »

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker
Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour

Rough Trade bring back three quarters of an hour from 2014: that is, Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour by Josienne Clark and Ben Walker...view item »

The Western Caravan featuring Thirsty Dave Hansen
Psycho Santa

Who doesn’t love a novelty Christmas record? Written by Thirsty Dave Hansen in the back of an NYC cab in 1995, ahead of an impromptu performance with Beat Rodeo, and performed by The Western Caravan, ‘Psycho Santa’ is a riff on the Leon Payne-penned ballad ‘Psycho’, and a crowd-plea...view item »

Jake Bugg
Jake Bugg

You definitely hear influences from early Bob Dylan and the Beatles (post Hard Days Night), but the overall influence is the Merseybeat era (listen closely though and you will hear an homage or two to Woody Guthrie). Jake Bugg is a great story t...view item »

Scott Walker

Contrary to what it may seem, ‘Tilt’ was not a complete shift in trajectory for the former pop star Scott Walker. Prior to its release in 1995, Walker had spent years finding ever more oblique methods to communicate his ideas, however, is undoubtedly true that ‘Tilt’ was his most daringly realised attempt...view item »

Mojave 3
Puzzles Like You

God. After the new wave of Shoegaze, the old guard are back. Halstead & Goswell are back with a new album under the Mojave 3 banner and I'm wanting to be annoyed by it's jangly Byrdsian grooves and Lush-lite harmonies but I just can't stop tapping my feet to opener 'Truck Driving Man' You can't argue with well...view item »

Knock Knock

Despite achieving greater critical acclaim since recording under his own name, this is arguably the best album Bill Callahan has recorded. The magnificently lazy glam rock stomp of "Held" and "No Dancing" and the typical Callahan semi-groove of "Cold Blooded Old Times" are all marvellous. The absolutely brilli...view item »

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros debut album, "Up From Below", was quite popular and "Home" seemed to worm its way into everybody's consciousness by appearing on TV trailers an the like. Whatever I didn't like about it however, I think has been ironed out to an extent on their second album. It's more reined in, the gospel aspect is more prom...view item »

Roy Harper

This 1975 album is one of Harper’s best loved, not least because it closes with the devastating When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease. Featuring a colliery band behind a lyric using the titular sport as a metaphor for mortality and nostalgia, it became an epitaph for John Peel. Other highlights include Hallucinating Ligh...view item »

Roy Harper

Harper’s 1977 follow-up to HQ is another strong set. It’s dominated and bookended by the lengthy One Of Those Days In England, a lyrically complex epic that mixes historical allusion with personal reminiscences. Another highlight is the jaunty skiffle-like live favourite Watford Gap, which critiques the quality of cuisine available f...view item »

Crazy Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Crazy Heart was the 2010 smash-hit Jeff Bridges film about a washed-up country singer, and of course such a movie comes with a high-grade soundtrack to match. This reissue of the soundtrack, marking the first oc...view item »

Leonard Cohen
Ten New Songs

Cohen returned in 2001 with this album after almost a decade of silence and several years in retreat with his zen master. He shares the cover photo and vocals with Sharon Robinson, who co-wrote and co-arranged the material. Compared to the slick contemporary productions of I’m Your Man and T...view item »

O.D. Davey
Some Waking Woman

O.D. Davey is a British singer/songwriter and film maker who, to these ears at least, sounds like Richard Hawley singing Sparklehorse songs. There’s a lo-fi tinge to the shimmering songs on his second album, Some Walking Woman with close, intimate vocals akin to those of the late, great&nb...view item »

Red Apple Falls

Like all Smog albums, "Red Apple Falls" is good. I've always found it to be Bill Callahan's most Nick Drake-ish album, it's not that much like Nick Drake, but the opening track "The Morning Paper" could almost be on "Five Leaves left" or "Pink Moon" - but a more wonky version of either. Like lots of good albums, ...view item »


Muchacho took shape, as Matthew Houck went on solitary walks in the woods and swam in the lakes. The rollicking 1970s Country-Rock of "Here's To Taking It Easy" (think Willie Nelson and early Eagles) still permeates much of Muchacho, but the singer/songwriter has added an unorthodox element in the shape of electronic instrumentation. While this ...view item »

Son Volt

Ballymena is a new 10” EP by Son Volt. The EP features b-sides of singles from Son Volt’s most recent album Notes Of Blue and the band’s 2009 album American Central Dust. The band are lead by Jay Farrar who, along with Jeff Tweedy, formed alt. country originators Uncle Tupelo. On Transmit Sound....view item »

Sharon Van Etten

This is one of my favourite songs from Sharon's recent album Tramp. A modern country style torch song with mandolin and harmonium. I like a bit of harmonium. There are wonderful textures and rising harmonies in this song which make it feel melancholic and curiously uplifting. I'm starting...view item »

Magnolia Electric Co

The Magnolia electric co. is the recording pseudonym of Jason Molina (previously known as Songs:Ohio) and this is officially his 16th record (his fifth as Magnolia Electric Co.) and is dedicated to Evan farrell, the Magnolia electric co. bass player who tragically died at the end of 2007. The press release tells me that 'Josephine' is a concept alb...view item »

Chris Thile
Thanks For Listening

Chris Thile is the host of radio show A Prairie Home Companion, wherein he writes and performs a Song of the Week, within the week, each week, with a house band and whatever guest was on the show helping out. Thanks For Listening presents ten of the best, freshly re-recorded for this release. Guests include ...view item »

Jason Molina
The Black Sabbath Covers

Black Sabbath’s influence runs far and deep, emerging in some unexpected places… Such as in the recorded catalogue of Magnolia Electric Co. singer-songwriter Jason Molina. These intriguing covers of ‘Solitude’ and ‘Snowblind’ were recorded at home in the 90&r...view item »

S. Carey
Range of Light

Tuesday was, lets face it, a total nightmare. Sale cabin fever had set in and so when the soothing sounds of this S Carey came on the stereo it had a calming, meditative-like quality despite being a little bit...how you say?.... on the dull side. S Carey is in Bon Iver but thankfully he isn’t the one ...view item »

Songs: Ohia

This is stripped down, lonely, sparse, just un-polished enough to render it compelling, beautiful and (groan) mysterious. Unlike other reviews that may fault this recording for its simplicity and "lo-fi"-ness, I find it is immediate and intimate- exactly the sound that complements these songs and their spirit (a sound, I might add, consistent th...view item »

Simon Joyner
Room Temperature

Okkervil River
The Stage Names

Lots of people encountered Okkervil River by their 2005 album Black Sheep Boy, but The Stage Names just evolves and expands the same kind of music. It's a bit less angular, a little more introspective, and a lot catchier -- it hasn't gotten any less poignant, but the melodies are rollicking fun. They embrace the rock and roll here with lots of d...view item »

Okkervil River
Down The River Of Golden Dreams

New one by Okkervil River on Jagjaguwar. This is tuneful lilting countryish rock in the manner of a mellower Bright Eyes. The first song is an excellent effort though the blurb on the sleeve mentioning Pavement and REM is misleading. Its more like the kind of records Conor Obers...view item »

City Wrecker

Spencer Krug was one-half of the songwriting force for Wolf Parade, a cosmic indie rock band who pulled 'Apologies to the Queen Mary' out of the bag. He played synth and keys back then, and his solo project as Moonface has been an experiment in making pop music with electronics and random one-off instruments. Last year, he released 'Julia W...view item »

Magnolia Electric Co
What Comes After The Blues

Lightning Dust
Infinite Light

I want to marry Amber Webber's voice. As a member of Black Mountain she is a vital team player, but as half of Lightning Dust she reveals her power and her potential. Joined with Joshua Wells (also of Black Mountain) the songwriting pair debut with a record that lingers like the memory of the first sunrise you ever watched. A great vocalist shou...view item »

Julie Doiron
I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

'I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day' sees Julie Doiron on fine form and easily her most rocking solo outing to date. You may be aware of Julie Doiron for her work with the recently reformed Canadian lo-fi indie rock outfit Eric's Trip which would explain recording credit for fellow Eric's Trip founder Rick White. They may not be an item any mo...view item »


Hard to typify this music, it's neither uplifting nor depressing, but it does have a consistent and very listenable downtempo vibe. It creates a gorgeous, sonically unique mood 69 BPM and sustains it through the whole album. This is brilliant musicians making a record in the sonic space between the classic soul of Al Green and the ambient folk o...view item »

Early Day Miners
The Treatment

Being There (Deluxe Edition)

Being There was the second album to be released by Wilco. 1996 was a fruitful time for Jeff Tweedy and Co. as they had enough high quality songs to fill a double album. The rich, creative period is borne out by this reissue which is spread over 5 CDs or 4 LPs and includes previously unreleased tracks, live stuff...view item »

Hans Chew
Open Sea

Open Sea is the fourth album by pianist, songwriter and Uncut Magazine favourite, Hans Chew. During the recording of his previous albums, Chew has been moving from city to city, bringing up themes of longing and not having found what he’s looking for. Now firmly based in New York, Open Sea finds him looking more inwardly, ...view item »

Bob Dylan
Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol.13 / 1979-1981

Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series keeps on rolling on, delivering fresh stacks of archive treats to those hardcore heavy Dylan fans. Volume 13 covers the period 1979 to 1981, with a thrilling mixture of live cuts and unreleased rarities. The tracklisting varies depending on whether you are after...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Dark Eyed Messenger

Sad songwriter Adrian Crowley's fourth album for Chemikal Underground (though he did plenty before this association) finds him disassociating himself with the instrument that has been a constant companion throughout his career. The humble guitar. Instead 'Dark Eyed Messenger' sits Crowley's chocolate brown voice above a combinat...view item »

Laura Baird
I Wish I Were A Sparrow

Laura Baird is one half of The Baird Sisters, and she carries that authoritative interpretation of Appalachian folk music over into her own solo music. Half of the songs on I Wish I Were A Sparrow...view item »

Jessica Lea Mayfield
Sorry Is Gone

Sorry Is Gone, Jessica Lea Mayfield has called it -- the latest (fifth) studio album from the Ohio singer-songwriter finds her with a redoubled confidence and positivity. Her music is her voice, her self-therapy. Recorded at Electric Lady studios with producer John Agnello, Mayfield's reverb-soaked bluegrass chimes...view item »

Grizzly Bear
Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear have been away for about five years now and have now returned with their first since the wild and windy ‘Shields’. Early tasters of their new material give the impression that they are heading in a well constructed synth pop direction with their unique take on harmony and melody intact. B...view item »

Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes beautifully paint Yeats' 'Lake Of Innisfree' in musical form, with the same simple yearning for a simple life in a natural sanctuary transposed expertly into Peckner's words. The album wonderfully rolls from one highlight to another; the screamed frustration of 'The Shrine / An Argument' to the saxophone of that same song, all backed...view item »

Mick Harvey
Intoxicated Women

Mick Harvey has had an up-close-and-personal view of some of the last few decades’ finest songwriters, as veteran sideman to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. For Intoxicated Women, he takes on the oeuvre of another legend of song: Serge Gainsbourg. Several guest vocalists...view item »

Damien Jurado & Richard Swift
Other People's Songs Volume One

Damien Jurado and Richard Swift first worked together on Jurado’s Saint Bartlett album. Since then they’ve formed an artistically successful partnership and recorded Jurado’s Maraqopa trilogy of albums. Around the time they first met, they recorded a bunch of covers together on a 4-track, rewo...view item »

Weyes Blood
Front Row Seat To Earth

Front Row Seat To Earth is the new album by Weyes Blood, the solo recording project of Natalie Mering from Jackie O Mutherfucker. The album recalls the the US west coast folk sound of the ‘70s, artists such as Esra Mowhawk. The live band feel is contrasted with a clever use of electronics...view item »

Angel Olsen
My Woman

Angel Olsen has made some really good records that are sorta singer and quite songwriter but equally rock and quite roll, too: Burn Your Fire was a complex and sprawling record at times, jubilantly anthemic at others, and occasionally isolated in its acoustic balladry. 'My Woman' is her third...view item »

Stephen Steinbrink

Now Stephen Steinbrink's previous album 'Arranged Waves' was one of my favourite albums of...um...what year was it again? A truly, undervalued classic. This is his follow up and early indications show the same jangling soft pop at play, perhaps with a few more '70s FM radio influences but that is never a bad thing. Lovely gentle music for fans o...view item »


This is Australian Ry X’s debut full-length album, a follow-up to his Berlin EP. Dawn is an emotionally frank piece of work, with Ry’s tender vocals bearing his heart over subtle instrumentals. The man’s got a pop sensibility but with a super-intimate approach. Dawn i...view item »

Kacy & Clayton
Strange Country

Kacy & Clayton sound like a fall through some time tunnel to the 70’s folk days of Fairport Convention and the like. Kacy Anderson’s vocals are sheerly beautiful and cousin Clayton Linthicum is a dab hand with a guitar. Strange Country synthesizes variou...view item »


Freakwater do make country music, but they only do it on their own terms. So that means subtle harmonies from the two singers, delicate bass playing from Dave Grey and a blend of bluegrass, folk and blues. Scheherazade is their first album in a decade and has been put out by Bloodshot on vinyl LP and CD....view item »

Ezra Furman
Day Of The Dog

After hearing “My Zero”, the catchy indie-pop nugget, I really didn’t expect “Day Of The Dog” to sound the way it did. Although it’s his fifth album, I was previously unaware of Ezra Furman. This album is basically a rock ‘n’ roll album, and I mean proper milkshakes-at-the-diner 50s rock ‘n&r...view item »

Angel Olsen
Burn Your Fire For No Witness

The initial impression left by the first few tracks of this much anticipated album is the amount of time producer John Congleton spends sloshing digital distortion over everything. The oldest trick in the book to make an artist sound ‘edgy’ is used several times in the first trio of songs and you are left wondering why they didn&rsqu...view item »

Bill Fay
Life Is People

Life Is People is Bill Fay's first record in years and years and years, and it's a noble comeback story if ever there was one: despite neglect from labels dealing with previous records, he came back with music about the life-affirming qualities of all those around him. Through well-ornamented songs and solo pi...view item »

Jack White

Still keeping himself busy then and seemingly not content with playing on, producing, releasing and personally distributing to the stores every single record made by everyone from Tom Jones to ...view item »

Sharon Van Etten

Don't recall hearing Sharon Van Etten's previous two LP's though I have packed quite a few copies so it's fair to assume she's a popular young lady. 'Tramp' is her first LP for Jagjaguwar and boasts The National's Aaron Dessner as producer and Zach Condon (Beirut), Julianna ...view item »

The Tallest Man on Earth
Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird

I've been meaning to check this guy out since a friend heard me playing Bill Fox and enquired whether it was The Tallest Man on Earth. After my initial confusion about Fox's height, I assumed it was this one he was talking about. Like Fox, he plays a very Bob Dylan influenced form of lo fidelity music that is kept incredibly sparse. I'm not mass...view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy
Master and Everyone

Clint here with news of a brilliant album. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy returns with his first album for quite some time and the good news is:- its absolutely exceptional. I have to admit I haven't really liked the last couple of records he's done but this one is right up my alley. What to say? Well its...view item »


Hot tip for world domination is Adele with her debut album 19. Fortunately I've just bought my brand new enormous coffee table and I'm gonna put it in the middle of the road as that is where this music lies. Sure she's got a great voice which 'sounds' very soul.. I wouldn't knock that. The girl can sing and she seems top be able to string a song...view item »

Songs: Ohia
Axxess & Ace

Very few indie folk musicians use subtlety to greater immediate effect than Jason Molina. Axxess & Ace, rather than being a record that appears boring to inattentive ears or needs repeat listens to understand, is instantly moving. Part of it is the voice -- Molina delivers some of the most harrowing vocals ever recorded, like a scared and fr...view item »

Songs: Ohia
Ghost Tropic

I'm getting more and more into the charms of singer songwriter stuff as I'm getting older and consequently the idea of a new Songs: Ohia LP appeals to me much more than it used to. And once again the man named Molina has come up trumps with an LP to rival any of the recent Will Oldham stuff. If ...view item »

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