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Matt Valentine

Matt Valentine is taking a break from his project with partner Erika Elder known as Mv & EE. His solo album, Preserves, was seemingly recorded in space where occasional blues grooves and Pink Floyd-style pleasantries burst out from ethereal synths and stardusted noises. A number of people have contributed to this cosmic jam - J. Mascis, P.G. Six, Willie Lane, and the aforementioned Erika Elder and many more.

M. Ward
Transfiguration Of Vincent

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High Line

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Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
Ghost Stories For Christmas

Who would you rather spend time with in The Most Wonderful Time of the Year than Aidan Moffat? He's bound to be a cheery presence around the table and here hooks up with pal RM Hubbert for an album of Christmas themed songs including a rendition of Mud's 'Lonely This Christmas'. Also contains their version of Yazoo's 'Only You' which is kind of Christmassy after it was covered by the Flying Pickets.    

Giant Sand
Glum (25th Anniversary Edition)

Glum was the 11th album by Giant Sand and was originally released in 1994, hence this 25th anniversary reissue. The band, helmed as ever by Howe Gelb, also featured Joey Burns and John Convertino who went on to form Calexico, singer / songwriter Victoria Williams, Pete Holsapple of the dB’s, Chris Cacavas, Pappy Allen and singer / songwriter Lisa Germano. Their dusty Americana was, on this occasion, described by comedian Stewart Lee as ‘infant free jazz’.

Rachael Dadd

Though her surname is Dadd, Rachael Dadd plays nothing like dad-rock so anyone else other than me with that thought can get it right out of their heads. Instead she plays a kind of conceptual, contemporary folk music that has already lauded her plaudits across the globe. This her her first on Memphis Industries following on from work with a slew of different labels. Like most other records in 2019 it in inspired by and a protest to the recent political landscape.   

Boa Morte
Before There Was Air

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Arda & The Stolen Moon
Minutes Into Years

Arda G, the central figure of Arda & The Stolen Moon, is an Armenian-Cypriot singer-songwriter from the indie-folk school whose material cuts right to the heart of her life and loves. Her vocals are earnest and the band’s performance dramatic when necessary, so their Minutes Into Years album can be pretty effective and affecting when it all clicks together. LP / CD release on Jazmin Road.
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Josh Rouse
The Holiday Sounds Of Josh Rouse

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Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen on Broadway

Der-ner-ner derrrr ner-ner-ner, on Broooooadwaaaaay! Unfortunately this new collection from The Boss doesn’t feature a cover of the classic ‘60s paean to Manhattan, but Springsteen On Broadway makes up for it by featuring plenty of Bruce. Taped at his 2017-2018 run at NYC’s Walter Kerr Theatre, this collection is a masterful retrospective from a man ageing more gracefully than most. Springsteen chats and croons his way through some of his hits from down the years. Occasionally his wife Patti Scialfa turns up to accompany him.

Skylark and the Scorpion
Weather the Storm

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Moon Bros.
The Easy Way Is Hard Enough

Moon Bros. is the music-making moniker of Matthew Schneider. Carpenter by day, guitar picker by night. As he does have a day job, he’s avoided lots of cliches such as who his music should be referencing or just showing off. The Easy Way Is Hard Enough is the work of a refreshingly unpretentious stringsmith, the kind of thing we might just need right now.

Bob Dylan
Travelin’ Thru, 1967 – 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15

The Bob Dylan bootleg series continues with Travelin’ Through 1967-69: The Bootleg Series Vol.15. It focuses on Dylan’s time in Nashville, the recordings he made with Johnny Cash and songs from the sessions for John Wesley Harding, Self Portrait and Nashville Skyline. The set boasts 47 previously unreleased tracks. Features a guest appearance by legendary bluegrass banjo picker, Earl Scruggs.

Common Holly
When I say to you Black Lightning

When I Say To You Black Lightning, the second LP from Montreal singer-songwriter, is a charming set of indie-styled balladry. Tapping into the folksiness of Devendra Banhardt, Regina Spektor’s forthright attitude and Deerhunter’s murmuring ambient punk style, the one born Brigitte Naggar proves a beguiling and captivating central figure here. When I Say To You Black Lightning is out via Dalliance (Gia Margaret, Wilsen).

Simon Joyner
Pocket Moon

A singer-songwriter veteran with a long-established cult profile, Simon Joyner chose to throw a lot in the air for his latest album 'Pocket Moon', asking friend and collaborator Michael Krassner to source unknown musicians for him rather than relying on familiar players. The results are different yet completely familiar to Joyner’s fans, full of his cliche-free observations on the joys and cruelties of life. 

Dana Gavanski

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The Delines
Eight Floors Up

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Michael Hannah / Take The Trouble

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Kevin Krauter

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The fruits of geographical relocation are well-documented. Like Bowie and Iggy's move to Berlin, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Itasca found that the move to New Mexico yielded delicious fruits that eventually coalesced into the form of her new album 'Spring'. It's a testament to the revitalising powers of change and the profound impact that setting can have on the aesthetic sensibility. 

Andrew Jackson Jihad
Can't Maintain

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Little Scream
Speed Queen

'Speed Queen' is the third album by Little Queen AKA Montreal-based Laurel Sprengelmeyer. It sees her reflecting on the social divisions in America, with many of the lyrics written whilst touring through the country. Coming from a low-income background herself, she has observed how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and she's not happy about it.

Big Thief
Two Hands

"I have two hands" - the words of synth wizard Viv Savage. Big Thief are the latest band to do that 'record two albums at the same time' thing  - see also Beach House. So if you bought this years U.F.O.F and are still enjoying it then you can move seemlessly into its sister album. Basically it seems where U.F.O.F was wet then Two Hands is dry both in the weather conditions at recording time and in the sound produced. Here the songs were recorded live with few overdubs as the band showcased their latest batch of songs with a no frills, bone dry approach.  

Kath Bloom & Loren Connors

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Johnny Cash
Bootleg Vol II: From Memphis To Hollywood

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Johnny Cash
Bootleg Vol I: Personal File

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Frode Haltli
Border Woods

Border Woods is the second record by Swedish accordion player and composer Frode Haltli. It contains folk inspired compositions balancing the old wheezebox itself with nyckelharpa which is a kind of keyed fiddle popular in Sweden. This latest album strips back the sound of the larger ensemble compositions of last years Avant Folk album to create a varied album of nordic jams and improvisation.

Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan’s eponymous sophomore LP gets a reissue courtesy of Light In The Attic. Like its predecessor UFO this 1972 joint is a set of psychedelic Americana that coalesces around Sullivan’s charismatic, Nick Drake-esque tenor. Originally released on the short-lived Playboy imprint (yes, that Playboy) Jim Sullivan would be the last many heard from the singer - three years later Sullivan disappeared in New Mexico and has not been spotted since.

The Mekons
Fear And Whiskey

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Bloom Innocent

Hands up who DOESN'T live in Berlin. Just me then? Former Ninja Tune dweller Fink is there also having had quite the time of it during a long career as DJ, producer, songwriter for hire and latterly with his trio also called Fink. His latest album is a spacious slow burner with just the eight tracks of quietly played guitar and piano and his hushed vocal atop. He's not doing a Talk Talk on us it he? Hope so.  
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Rozi Plain
What A Boost

Winchester's finest (other than the cathedral maybe) Rozi Plain is back with a brand new album. Her fourth (we think) is another self produced effort following on from the much acclaimed Friend released on Lost Map back in 2015. She's a busy lass, playing with This Is The Kit as well as touring her own stuff, painting boats, being creative and all those good things. There was a Dinked edition but it's gone now slowpokes.   

Jordan Moser
Long Night

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Bill MacKay & Katinka Kleijn

New album from Chicago resident and serial collaborator Bill Mackay alongside cellist Katinka Kleijn. Here the duo use the Hermann Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf as a basis for a series of sketches that draw from the worlds of chamber music, jazz, folk and avant-garde. Expect an inquisitive, exploratory and improvisational work from these curious musical pals.   

Mirel Wagner
Mirel Wagner

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Bert Jansch

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Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk

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Bon Iver

Justin 'Bon Iver' Vernon is one of the artists who continues to push the art of autotune forward alongside the likes of Future and Charli XCX. He applies his craft to an incredibly earnest indie-folk that has steadily been taking over the world. i, i is likely an allusion to second album Bon Iver, Bon Iver and has more than enough heart to match that wonderful record.
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Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker
Little Common Twist

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J.R Bohannon

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Maxine Funke

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Maxine Funke

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Aquarian Blood
A Love That Leads To War

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Lightning Dust

Once a side project from Black Mountain, Lightning Dust has slowly become the main focus for Amber Webber and Josh Wells. Previous work has comprised of spare folk and electronica topped off with the extraordinary vocals of Webber which have drawn comparisons to Beth Gibbons. This latest instalment is a holler from the abyss of the wildfires that affected Webber's home town of Vancouver as the duo ruminate on creative freedom and the life journey. Guest spots from Stephen Malkmus and Destroyer's Dan Bejar.   

Molly Linen
Outside EP

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Daniel Knox
Daniel Knox

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Red River Dialect
Abundance Welcoming Ghosts

Red River Dialect are a six-piece folk-rock band from Cornwall. Their new album, 'Abundance Welcoming Ghosts', was recorded over four days before a planned hiatus for the band that saw songwriter, David Morris leave for a 9 month long meditation retreat at a Canadian monastery. It gave a certain celebratory tone to the sessions. Joan Shelley, Tara Jane O’Neil and Ed Sanders all guest.

Mark Kozelek & Petra Haden
Joey Always Smiled

Comprised of six originals and one cover, 'Joey Always Smiled' is the collaborative brainchild of music maverick Mark Kozelek and American violinist Petra Haden. The pair conclude the piece by stripping back the 80's production of Huey Lewis & The News' 'Power Of Love', reinventing the classic banger with a more measured feel.
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The Cold Spells

The Cold Spells are three-piece from London and Essex made up of Tim Ward, Mark Farmer and Catherine Plewa. They make folk music tinged with psychedelia that when push comes to shove you could put in the folktronica box. Interstitial is their new album, the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut outing.  Elements of Nick Drake and Syd Barrett bound together with modern production techniques.

Nick Mulvey x Keynvor

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Katherine Priddy
Letters From a Travelling Man / Come and Go

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David O'Dowda
Wait / Better in the Dark

David O’Dowda is a Manchester-based Irish singer / songwriter who has had stints with Sizer Barker and Table. More recently he played on Orlando Weeks’ (The Maccabees) debut solo album, The Gritterman. His songs have been used on many TV shows and adverts so you’ll probably recognise his sound. Here he is with an EP, Wait /  Better In The Dark, on Static Caravan.

red steppes
A Mouth May Grow

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Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks

Guatemalan songwriter and musician Gaby Moreno has collaborated with renowned arranger, musician and producer Van Dyke Parks, known for his work with The Beach Boys as well as his own albums such as Song Cycle, to create ¡Spangled! The album includes a variety of styles including bolero, bossa nova and a bit of south western American music. Ry Cooder and Jackson Browne make guest appearances.

Kacy & Clayton
Carrying On

Taking cues from fifty years’ worth of American and British folk and country rock, Canadian second cousins Kacy and Clayton present their third studio album. Carrying On, inspired by a massive period on the road of nearly two years, is a classic travelogue record and is produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. 

David Woodcock
Normal Life

Even Men With Steel Hearts Love To See A Dog On The Sleeve. Look at that little beauty. My perfect dog almost. Lucky old David Woodcock a singer-songwriter straight out of Southend with a particularly English strand of songwriting that has seen him compared with Ray Davies, Blur and Ian Dury. This is his second album for Blow Up, his previous self-titled effort gained strong support from the likes of Steve Lamacq and Marc Riley.   

Energetic Mind

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Joan Shelley
Like The River Loves The Sea

Like The River Loves The Sea is the 5th (ish) album from Joan Shelley. Her plaintive folk stylings have been critically acclaimed far and wide. Whilst she may not be reinventing the wheel, she has a way of making the old refreshingly new. The songs were written in Kentucky and recorded in Iceland. Bonnie Prince Billy guests.

Under The Yew Possessed

Night School have snapped up the re-release rights to Sorrow’s 1993 LP Under The Yew Possessed. A neo-folk outfit centred around husband and wife duo Rose McDowall and Robert Lee, the band serve up some nice ethereal jangles here atop which McDowall coos in a tranquil manner. It’s like a more cerebral version of what PJ Harvey was doing at the time. 

Chorus Grant
Vernacular Music

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Sturgill Simpson
Sound & Fury

Though Sturgill Simpson comes from a country background, his records have become increasingly ambitious with 2016's A Sailors Guide To Earth featuring a Nirvana cover as well as a more vintage soulful soul that earned him a Grammy. Next up for the singer-songwriter is Sound & Fury, an album that accompanies a Japanese anime film based on a story from Simpson himself. The album is a soundtrack to the film and watch simultaneously and you'll see that each song represents a section of the film. Here is the audio version on CD or vinyl. 

Buck Meek
Buck Meek

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Ryley Walker
Primrose Green

Harking back to an era of technically proficient folk guitar, Ryley Walker brings a high level of craftsmanship to his work. Hailing from the Chicago scene that brought an exquisitely understated fusion of jazz and prog (Tortoise et al), Primrose Green brings a pastoral flavour to an area of rich musical heritage. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Dead Oceans.

Emel Mathlouthi
Everywhere We Looked Was Burning

Partisan Records displays its impressively diverse artist roster with the latest album by Tunisian-born New Yorker Emel Mathlouthi. Singing largely in English for the first time, Everywhere We Looked Was Burning is politically and ecologically charged, but is no less tuneful than her previous works. 

Chelsea Wolfe
Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs

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Giant Sand
Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men

It seems alt. Country trailblazers, Giant Sand, returning to their early albums and re-recording them with the addition of some new ideas is becoming a thing. In 2018 they released Returns To The Valley of Rain, which saw them having another stab at their debut album Valley of Rain. Now they are doing the same with Recounting The Ballads of Thin Line Men - a new version of their 1986 sophomore effort, The Ballad of a Thin Line Man.

Eiko Ishibashi
Car and Freezer

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Andrew Combs
Ideal Man

Andrew Combs’ latest album Ideal Man sees him make a slight change in tack. Recorded in live takes with the help of producer Sam Cohen, the acoustic guitars which he’s known for are largely set aside in favour of synthesisers. Despite the change in instrumentation, the album is his rawest sounding yet.

Boat To Row
Rivers That Flow in Circles

'Rivers That Flow in Circles', the new record from Boat To Row, is a record born of turmoil. When Pledge Music went into administration, as was the case with other artists, Boat To Row lost thousands of pounds that were to be directed towards the costs incurred over the course of making records. Thankfully, the fine people at Static Caravan stepped in to fund the release of this, their second album. 

Knock Knock

Knock Knock. Who is there? Bill. Bill who? Bill from Knaresborough....the Smog guy. Ah. That terrible sleeve adorns a work of rich majesty that now enjoys a 20th anniversary re-issue. Smog's previous album Red Apple Falls showcased the singer using ever more adventurous recording techniques and actual singing to showcase his rich brown autumnal songs. Knock Knock is a beaut. He's the Leonard Cohen of the '90s and a ladies man to match.  

Molly Sarlé
Karaoke Angel

Molly Sarlé is one third of Mountain Man, the Appalachian folk trio who have a couple of albums in their own name, but also toured as backing singers for Feist on her 'Metals' tour. The incentive to make 'Karaoke Angel' came from a time when she was on a trip following a relationship break-up. She sang the Fleetwood Mac song, 'Dreams', on karaoke and the experience was rather profound for her.

Neal Francis

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Townes Van Zandt
The Best of Townes Van Zandt

Have you heard of Townes Van Zandt? Well he's a master of American Folk music with an extensive back catalogue. Can't be bothered to look into all its nooks and crevices? Well why not start with a Best of Townes Van Zandt? Here is a gatefold 2LP vinyl version of the best bits from his storied and often troubled career All the brilliant moments are here...delve in and you'll be smitten there's no doubt.    

Steve Gunn
The Unseen In Between

Guitar aces are always photographed with their guitar cases aren't they? Check the sleeve of this latest record by immersive psychedelic player and vocalist Steve Gunn. Touching his guitar case as if headin' off to the next two bit town that will appreciate his playin'. But Gunn is a lot more than just a folky guitar guy, and here he produces what is promised to be his most complex and emotional album yet, turning his thoughts inward to reflect on his own internal thought patterns.     

James McKenzie & The McKenzie Brothers
James McKenzie & The McKenzie Brothers

The moustache on the sleeve could probably tell you that what we have here is some smooth yacht rock from 40 years ago re-unleashed onto the world by Athens of the North. With comparisons to David Crosby, Steely Dan and Jimmy Webb being bandied around it sounds like we're in for some smooth sailing with this compilation of the two albums this McKenzie clan made in their lifetime. Keep the fire burning. 

Charlie Parr
Charlie Parr

First seen by this very writer playing to tourists in a Duluth diner, Charlie Parr has come a long way since those modest beginnings and is now rightfully regarded as one of the best modern proponents of the sort of folk blues that can be found on Harry Smith's 'Anthology of American Folk Music'. His new album (as the eponymous title perhaps suggests) is a fresh start for Parr after an accident rendered him unable to play. It's a mixture of new songs and re-works of older tracks as Parr partially looks back on his career so far. 

Jonah Tolchin
Fires for the Cold

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Lee Hazlewood
400 Miles From L.A. 1955-56

Light In The Attic strike gold once more with 400 Miles From L.A. 1955-56. The latest record in the label’s set of Lee Hazlewood reissues might be their most impressive. Recently unearthed from the archives of Viv Records - the D.I.Y. label that Hazlewood ran before D.I.Y. labels were a thing - these early sketches, taped at home by Hazlewood, show the artist honing his practice in real-time. 400 Miles From L.A. 1955-56 contains many unreleased tracks as well as demo versions of some songs that would make it onto his debut LP Trouble Is A Lonesome Town.

Devendra Banhart

Such a breath of fresh air when he burst onto the scene in the early Noughties, freak-folk legend Devendra Banhart is now on his tenth studio album and shows no signs of stopping. Ma is sung in Spanish and Portuguese, and features backing vocals from Cate Le Bon and a closing duet with the iconic Vashti Bunyan. 

Alasdair Roberts
The Fiery Margin

The Fiery Margin is the 13th solo album by Scottish folkie, Alasdair Roberts. Roberts has been known to mix traditional songs with originals. Here, on this collection of original material, he takes his inspiration from songs, performance and thoughts from the last 2000 years or so. It’s fair to say it’s a well researched record.  

The Rip Tide

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Boy Scouts
Free Company

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North Mississippi Allstars
Up and Rolling

North Mississippi Allstars are again Up and Rolling with their latest Southern blues rock full-length, one interwoven with the cultural fabric of the outfit's home state. The record reflects on the band's 1990's beginnings, which sees the Mississippi mainstays neatly come full circle as they clock up 10 album releases.

Jesca Hoop

Fifth album from Jesca Hoop who got out of her Manchester bolthole and went to Bristol to record with Sir John Parish (PyJamas Harvey etc). The result was an album in which Parish severely edited Hoop's work leaving her with a minimal and stark album that cuts to the chase of human emotion. The album always remains distinctly Hoop's mind.

Bill Ryder-Jones
Yawny Yawn

Bill Ryder-Jones’ 2018 LP Yawn was a fine set of epic ballads in that sort of Richard Hawley/Bill Callahan/Elbow tradition. On Yawny Yawn we find the former member of The Coral stripping back the tunes of Yawn to the bare essentials - just piano, voice and a few wisps of ambient electronics. This tender treatment allows the stark beauty of Ryder-Jones’ music to come into even sharper focus.

Fly My Pretties
The Studio Recordings: Part 1

Having existed for over 15 years as a live act, garnering a solid and adoring fanbase along the way, New Zealand-based musicians Fly My Pretties release their first studio recordings. For admirers, The Studio Recordings: Part 1 is a chance to hear their songs rendered formally for the first time ever.

Josh Rouse
Dressed Up Like Nebraska

His later work may have gone all synthy and sophisticated and he may have now taken to wearing sunglasses on his album sleeves but go back to 1998 and Josh Rouse was just a folky songwriter out of Nebraska with a clutch of mournful songs in tow. 'Dressed Up Like Nebraska' is his debut recorded on an 8 track in his living room and catches the nascent songwriter at his evocative best.

Sandro Perri
Soft Landing

Sandro Perri albums are like London buses - you wait ages for one, then two come along next to each other. We waited seven long years for last year’s In Another Life, and barely 12 months later, Soft Landing has arrived. Opening with the gargantuan 16-minute ‘Time (You Got Me)’, it sees Perri explore the guitar, his primary instrument, in greater detail than usual. 

Kele Goodwin

Portland singer-songwriter Kele Goodwin sees his 2017 LP Moonbug given a vinyl pressing through the lovely little German label oscarson (Kepler, Brigid Mae Power). Moonbug is more widescreen than Goodwin’s intimate 2010 debut Hymns, with an astute backing band fleshing out his world-weary brand of Americana. Goodwin’s reed-clear voice and penchant for folksy chord changes pitches Moonbug somewhere between Love Is Overtaking Me-mode Arthur Russell, John Martyn and Wilco - a very good place to be indeed.
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Pet Deaths
to the top of the hill and roll​.​.​.

One for fans of lowercase lettering and inappropriate band names here, it's the London-based self-proclaimed 'celestial folk duo' Pet Deaths. Their debut record 'top of the hill and roll...' is coming off the back of a string of wonderful singles that combine feather-light harmonies, Wicker Man vibes, and a faint air of menace... Out on Silver Mind Records. 
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Kathryn Williams
Kathryn Williams Anthology

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Jesse Malin
Sunset Kids

The eighth studio album from American singer-songwriter Jesse Malin, whom the long of memory will recall was once heralded as a Next Big Thing in rock music in about 2002. That fame and fortune never materialised, but the quality of his output has always been high, something attested to by 'Sunset Kids', which features guest spots from Lucinda Williams and Billie Joe Armstrong. 

Forever Turned Around

Whitney return with their new album, Forever Turned Around. It is the follow-up to their 2016 debut Light Upon The Lake. The Chicago duo play a brand of indie-fied soulful country. Forever Turned Around was produced by Bradley Cook and Jonathan Rado, who, with credits between them such as Hand Habits, Father John Misty, Weyes Blood and Hiss Golden Messenger, were able to add the perfect colours and textures.

Rose Dorn
Days You Were Leaving

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Shannon Lay

August, the third album by Shannon lay, sees her take on folk music drift from lo-fi Vashti Bunyan-style quietness to an Dry-era PJ Harvey rawness. It was recorded with her pal Ty Segall and features his pal, Mikal Cronin (presumably her pal too!) playing sax on the opening track. It includes a cover of Karen Dalton’s Something On Your Mind.

Robert Wyatt

There are many musicians who I wish would retire but one of them isn't Robert Wyatt.  Therefore it's a real shame that he is to make no more music. Instead let's be grateful that there is a large back catalogue to trawl through. 'Shleep' is his 1997 album which at that point was his first in six years. As always it's a glorious and eccentric work. He's one of the few people who can have Paul Weller guesting and yet it still doesn't put you off.  

Will Johnson
Wire Mountain

Will Johnson was once known as Centro-Matic but is now on his sixth album under his own name. He's kind of like a Southern fried Robert Pollard both in delivery and reliability but Johnson is happy to move out of his comfort zone, Wire Mountain adds in a wealth of new textures to his lo-fi rocking sound and features a guest appearance from Thor Harris (Swans and Thor & Friends).  
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Indies-only

Bon Iver
Blood Bank

His whingeing in a log cabin about his ex girlfriend led to initial accolades but Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver wasn't going to rest on any laurels. Extended Play Blood Bank was the first sign he was going to be up to something different in future featuring a warmth lacking in debut For Emma, Forever Ago. The fact that Kanye West sampled Woods led to unlikely collaborations and Bon Iver becoming a much more eclectic futuristic proposition on future recordings. 


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Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

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