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Phantom Buffalo

There is a heavy Byrds element in most of the songs, from the jangle (on almost all the tracks) to the use of pedal steel (`Anywhere With Oxygen'). This coupled with frontman Jonathan Balzano-Brookes Fran Healyesque vocals make this a special record indeed. By far my favourite track is Wimp Souffle'. With a sound that's as catchy as chicken pox,...view item »

Stephen Fretwell

Another northerner doing ok for himself is Stephen Fretwell. His recent 10" sold millions apparently. Here's a new single which although the tune is ok, leans rather too far into the middle of the road David Gray, Shack, singer songwriter territory for these tired ears....view item »

David Kitt
Dancing In The Moonlight

David Kitt returns with 'Dancing In the Moonlight' a cover of Thin Lizzy's wretched pile of cack that Toploader ruined everyone's life with. This is inoffensive, pointless & bland but mercifully won't win him the hand of Gail Porter. No longer a...view item »

Adam Green

Adam Green is annoying for several reasons  - mainly the fact that he can't pose for a photo without having his mouth drooping open. Last years magnificent single 'Jessica' was a reason to give him the benefit of the doubt  - a magnificent melodic gem that suggested that Green could be a Neil Diamond for the new milleniu...view item »

Black Ox Orkestar
Ver Tanzt

Another Month, another impeccably packaged release on Constellation. This is by Black Ox Orkestar & features 13 traditional Jewish folk songs, beautifully rendered in a most astonishing fashion, utilizing Balkan & Slavic arrangements & instruments such as Mandolin, Countrebass, Bass clarinet, ...view item »

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic
Stand With The Stillness of This Day

Fancy some tortured Southern Gothic folk vignettes in the vein of early PJ Harvey, Diamanda Galas, Black Heart Procession or Nina Nastasia? Well look no further than Elizabeth Anka Vajagic's album on Constellation. Called 'Stand With The Stillness Of this Day', this is dark & de...view item »

Simon Joyner
Lost With The Lights On

Simon Joyner is a proper miserable get. So misery hunters you can feel happy as yr leader hath released a brand n...view item »

Winston Echo
When Will We Commute Like The Jetsons Did?

Next up is a 3" CD by Winston Echo which is winsome acoustic pop like a young  and lively Television Personalities. Kind of all over the place but not without the all important entertainment value. On Undereducated Music. ...view item »

The New Pornographers
Electric Version

The New Pornographers contain Neko Case and ex members of that band on Sub Pop beginning with a Z. Anyway its catchy high energy power pop with shouty tuneful harmonies. Electric Version is like an energetic Shins and is already turning out to be a big grower......view item »

Frankie Sparo
Welcome Crummy Mystics

Frankie Sparo on Constellation is an odd one. There's bits of yr post rock on there as you'd expect, shades of Low too... But also there's some lo fi ramblings too which I didn't expect. Quite twinkly and pretty in places, emminently tuneful in the majority of places and only a tiny bit a...view item »

Golden Synthetic Songbook/ Blue Period

In on HHBTM is a new split 7" by the Golden Synthetic Songbook and The Blue Period. The GSS do the 60's sounding singer songwriter thing in yr typical lo fi fashion. The Blue Period side sounds somwhere in between XTC and Apples In Stereo. And we like this...view item »

Nina Nastasia
The Blackened Air

Nino Nastasia- album on Touch & Go. Singer songwriter stuff recorded by the Albini man. Lots of strings and moodyness. The Blackened Air sounds a bit special on 1st hearing.Is gonna appeal to folks who dig Tara Jane O Neill........view item »

Frankie Sparo
Arena Hostile

Hot from Canada is the new Frankie Sparo CD single on Constellation. Very mournful depressing but yet beautiful music. How do they do that? Violins and that, you get the picture. We like this here. Arena Hostile it be called.......view item »

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