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David Ivar/ Herman Dune
Novascotia Runs For Gold

Karen Dalton
In My Own Time

Karen Dalton was part of the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s and was a favourite of Bob Dylan and Fred Neil. She also played with Tim Hardin from time to time and was one of the first to cover his song “Reason to Believe”. She died in 1993. “In My Own Time” was originally released in 1971 and showcases h...view item »

David Vandervelde
Waiting For The Sunrise

Waiting For The Sunrise is David Vandervelde's second album and was released in 2008. Whilst the '70s influences of his debut album "The Moonstation House Band" are still there, the comparisons to T-Rex aren't so much. This has more of a smooth country rock vibe with the occasional fleck of Yacht Rock. The songs are more straight forward, lack t...view item »
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Sally Doherty
Electric Butterfly

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Ben Reynolds
How Day Earnt Its Night

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Pagan Wanderer Lu
Fight My Battles For Me

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Ryan Driver
Feeler of Pure

The Singing Loins
Unravelling England

Ellen Mary McGee
The Crescent Sun

Ellen Mary McGee is a singer songwriter of Irish/Romany decent. 'Crescent Sun' is Ellen's first solo album following a stint in performing in irish folk outfit Saint Joan who made a few records for excellent australian label Camera Obscura. Two things worth mentioning; Ellen Mary McGee has a beautiful voice, so beautiful she could front The Chipmun...view item »
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Tom Brosseau
Posthumous Success

Posthumous Success, eh.. Noticed there's another J Dilla LP on the way, I bet he and Arthur Russell are having a serious house party somewhere with all these royalties. Cynicism aside, we do all like humous in here and I'm sure its consumption can only lead us on to greater things. I'm not familiar with Tom Brosseau but apparently he's worked with ...view item »

John Vanderslice
Romanian Names

This album is a great gift to his fans, a highlight reel of perfectly haunting and gentle songs, dream-like lyrics and experimental sound effects. I find this record satisfying, in the way a crafty novel is dovetailed...or a sublime meal is presented in small courses. Vanderslice takes time to visit a plethora of emotional corners, showi...view item »

Joanna Newsom
The Milk Eyed Mender

On first listen I was amazed by this album. How could she be so audacious as to not to attempt (at least) to create a "pretty" sound? When you make an album don't you do everything to make it "pleasing to the ear?" I realised after a few tracks... she doesn't care about that. These are her songs and she does them her way and that's that... take ...view item »

Bat For Lashes
Two Suns

I'm well into this new Bat For Lashes album. I never really heard the last one much and when I did hear it I don't think I was that arsed about it. Me being the fickle soul and perhaps the extra exposure to this album (we've had a promo kicking around for a while) means it's had time to sink in. The thing that I really like about this is her ...view item »

Richard Swift
The Atlantic Ocean

With The Atlantic Ocean, Swift continues his surprisingly catchy oeuvre after the subtle yet very quality Dressed Up For the Letdown. The Atlantic Ocean is a bit more up-tempo, comprised of a weird yet intriguing inclusion of electronica weaving in between an omnipresent piano, lonely horn section, crunchy guitar and banjo ensemble. For me, the ...view item »

Micko Westmoreland
Wax & Wayne

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Alasdair Roberts

The lord of all things Celtic and folk is back armed with a new album of tales of old. Yup Alasdair Roberts has a brand new long player out on Drag City this week called 'Spoils'. I do like a bit of Ally Roberts though he's one of these people I'd always be happy with just one album by. Having said that this album has a slightly fuller sound as he ...view item »

The Lord Dog Bird
The Lord Dog Bird

I think The Lord Dog Bird's greatest success with this album is its cohesiveness. All the songs fit together to show a bigger picture. Some songs feature effects and ideas unique in each song and some effects and ideas that expand multiple songs. Most listeners should initially be aware that the reverb on this album is turned way up. The sound q...view item »
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Parts & Labor

Receivers from Parts & Labor is a consistently surprising effort, combining noise, prog and psychedelic rock, often with 70's heavy metal guitar backdrop, into an experimental mix that for the first half of the album often doesn't even seem like the same band from track to track. They also layer on some electronic flourishes and display a re...view item »

Silver Jews
Tanglewood Numbers

On “Tanglewood Numbers” Silver Jews have transformed into more of rock band than they ever used to be. The dusty, slacker style is more-or-less gone, the sound is more immediate and punchy. “Punks In The Beerlight” is a decent opener and is more indie-rock than we’re used to getting from the band. However, there are...view item »

The Handsome Family
Honey Moon

Ben Kweller
Changing Horses

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Salim Nourallah

Salim's 4th solo CD is an intimate portrait of life and mortality, written by an expert songwriting craftsman. Dealing with birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, life's trials, and the sudden death of a close friend, Salim weaves his lyrics into an understated yet vivid portrait of the life experience. His melodies are intricate while remain...view item »
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The Chatham Singers
Ju Ju Claudius

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Robert Logan

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Troy Faid
Last Weeks Tune

'Last Weeks Tune' is a full length CD by the supremely gifted folkster Troy Faid. He played our local cinema the other week and kindly sent us a ticket so we could attend his show. I'd like to see the 5-6 of us trying to stoop in there dressed in one hugely overlength raincoat, keystone cops style. He's got a rustic yet young & charismatic styl...view item »

Oliver Mann
The Possum Wakes At Night

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Dirk Darmstaedter
Life Is No Movie

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Swan Lake
Enemy Mine

Destroyer, Wolf Parade, and Frog Eyes are all unique and interesting bands on their own, but bringing them together creates something that feels like it was just meant to be. Whether you like this album or prefer "Beast Moans", hearing the three of them sing together is an unforgettable experience that deserves more albums. This album is a bit s...view item »

Stonewater EP

Moving onto Cubs on Rusted Rail. It's a (rather) cute 3" CD called The Stonewater EP and it's got a whopping 8 tracks on it. I can't even work out how much tracks per inch that is as the numbers aren't even. It's a lot though. Probably at least 10 (ish). Cubs contains folks from Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Mirakil Whip, Agitated Radio Pilot ...view item »
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Palace Songs

"Hope" is an EP or mini album released in 1994, from the early part of Will Oldham's career. Its brief 18 minutes prove that quality and not quantity is the key to great music. "Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow" opens proceedings is typical of Oldham's sound. It has the refrain "If you wait another day" repeated as the song builds in a ramshackle yet beau...view item »

Adam Lipman
From Your Mouth To God's Ears

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March of The Zapotec

Now that Zach Condon has been treading the boards for a while now, each new release is possibly viewed with increasing weariness as his schtick is under fire from heartless critics questioning his soul amidst dubious claims of cultural tourism. Hey, you all loved the first record, right? Didn't bother you THEN? I'm sorry but this is the music th...view item »

The Moore Brothers

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The Silt
Cat's Peak

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Mike Badger
Mike Badgers Country Side

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How Will You?

Jack Penate
Tonight's Today

Jack Penate looks well fit on his new record sleeve. Gone are the colourful sleeves which fold out into tents or whatever and they've been replaced with black and white photos of Jack with stubble looking all sensitive and sensible. Well hunky... A bit like those Adele sleeves.. Hey you can see for youself and see if you'd want to bang him. He does...view item »
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Tiago L.A
Is Losing The Plot

OK my final review got wiped and now I'm having to write it again and I really can't be arsed as I'm well busy. I remember it started off Taigo L.A is losing the plot. As it's by Taigo L.A and it's called Losing The Plot. Very clever you see. Then I can't remember what I said aside from it comes in amazingly lush 70's style Japanese Bowie import in...view item »
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  • Reduced from £6.49 - saving you £3.24

Boduf Songs
The Strait Gait

I always seem to land stuff in the Latitudes series to review... This time it is Boduf Songs who you may be familiar with from releases on Kranky. 'The Strait Gait'somewhat of a departure from his out there singer/ songwriter folk stuff. It's pretty brooding droney gear.. black, as black as night I say. There's lots of creepy sounds appearing ...view item »

Will Cookson
Songs For A Sunday

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More Of The Past

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Jack Shirt
Silent Beef

Jack Shirt is a one-man project and Silent Beef is his second album. It’s a weird and marvellous sonic adventure through a kaleidoscope of concise and witty musical adventures. Mr Shirt plays pretty much all the mainstay instruments of modern music – guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals and electronics. And he...view item »
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Brian Wilson
What I Really Want For Christmas

If there's anyone in the world I detest more than Mike Love its Brian Wilson's saxophonist, Paul Mertens. I'm sure he's a nice guy but he's put a few dreadful sax or flute solo's into Wilson's recent stuff and...well I think it's disgusting. Oth...view item »
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Gramercy Arms
Gramercy Arms

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Nimrod Workman
I Want to Go Where Things are Beautiful

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Death Vessel
Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us

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Francois Virot
Yes No

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Okkervil River
The Stand Ins

Okkervil River has the sound of a band that found its identity in roadhouses and small venues across the country. Like the Hold Steady, even their studio albums feel plucked from live performances, with all the rough folkish charms, the genial stomp that would come from rowdy crowds and the plaintive pleas of the faux-humblest of singer-songwrit...view item »

Ben Kweller
Ben Kweller

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In Dreams and Other Countries

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Donovan Quinn And The 13th Month
Donovan Quinn And The 13th Month

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New Zealander Ladyhawke has said that she wanted to write new music that would make people feel instantly nostalgic. Well, she has succeeded. When I heard the first track, "Magic" (one of the best here), the 80's rushed at me, begging to be recognised. This song, and several others, would be right at home amid the music of Berlin, Laura Branigan...view item »
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Angela Desveaux
The Mighty Ship

Angela Desveaux is a great new talent and, if there is any justice in the music world, she will garner a lot more attention in the near future. A very gifted songwriter and singer, allmusic.com categorises her as "Country", but she is much more "Alternate Country/Rock" or "Country/Folk" than pure "Country". Any one who enjoys the music of Lucind...view item »
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The Pine Hill Haints

This album is a document of a band at it's finest. With the addition of a second singer, the Haints have really kicked it up a notch. They're not ironic, and you can clearly tell they appreciate all sorts of American music. As this is not one of their newer CDs, the music, to me, was not as fully developed as it is now. They have certainly evolv...view item »
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These United States
A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Thickets And Stitches

This is the kind of under the radar talented band you would love to brag to your friends about. Very skilled musicians, making very interesting music with depth and catchy, catchy melodies. The style of music by the Mumlers is light psychedelic folk, in the realm of say a Devendra Banhart (but less over the top). The singer, Will Sprott, while n...view item »
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Ponies In The Surf
See You Happy

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Puerto Muerto
Heaven & Dirt (Requiem 1 and 2 For The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

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David-Ivar Herman Dune

  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Sophie's Pigeons
Say Play Sway

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Silver Jews
Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

The Silver Jews return with a lovely album entitled 'Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea'. Having seen them live recently and having been frustrated at the general over egging of pudding by their talented but insistent (and far too twiddly) backing band I had grave concerns for this record. Surely another lo-fi lumi...view item »

Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers
Love On The Rails

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Scott Kelly
The Wake

There is something about this album that sends chills down my spine. Scott Kelly's voice is deep and soulful, reminding me of later Johnny Cash, and the minimalistic acoustic guitar suits it well. "Saturn's Eye" is by far the best track on the album, unfortunately the rest of the album doesn't match this song, b...view item »

Eric Chenaux
Sloppy Ground

Eric Chenaux I've never really had the pleasure. I should have listened to this promo of 'Sloppy Ground' a little harder. It's got a meandering, off kilter Alt Country demeanour to it like BPB after a load of 'shrooms & rum. Sad, wonky music with that makes you feel slightly ill at ease such is the slight seafaring feel to some of the trac...view item »


Adem then. Lordy me. I seemed to remember quite liking the odd song by him when he was a whippersnapper. Now he's got to that point in his career when he either can't string an album of his own songs together or he's throwing together an album of 'live favourites'. As he has released a covers album featuring 12 songs of largely good songs played in...view item »
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Hello, Blue Roses
The Portrait is Finished &; I Have Failed to Capture your Beauty

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White Williams

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Sharron Kraus
The Fox's Wedding

Sharron Kraus: The Fox's Wedding (Durto Jnana) Don't think I've ever heard this artists work before now. It's folk of the singer-song writer variety and it touches on the raw shamanic style when she really lets go with some of the more challenging use of vocals. Backed by a host of traditional instruments: piano, upright bass, accordion, e-bow...view item »

Ambrose Tompkins
Are You Well?

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

The Chapin Sisters
Lake Bottom

From the opening notes of "Let Me Go," sisters Abigail and Lily Chapin (along with half-sister Jessica Craven) set the tone for what is undoubtedly one of their most intriguing albums. Their melodies are perfect; and they should be, as all three are daughters of royalty: the two being the daughters of folk singer Tom Chapin (brother of Harry) an...view item »
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Jason Collett
Here's To Being Here

Bunch of a great tracks on this one. "Roll on Oblivion", the first song, sets out the very pleasing tone of the album. Very simple but very good. "Sorry Lori", reminds me a lot of the very very early Wings, when it was basically McCartney and his wife. Again, a very pleasant song with a lovely simple melody. "Out of T...view item »
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  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

David Hurn
The Beautiful Trustful Future

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

White Hinterland
Phylactery Factory

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

GazHeart (Rita Ackermann/Dave Nuss)

  • Reduced from £16.99 - saving you £11.89

Tau Emerald
Travellers Two

Onto a couple of CD's on Important. The 1st one is Tau Emerald which is Tara Burke from Fursaxa and Sharron Kraus of Espers fame (and about a million other side projects). From the off 'Travelers Two' is the most fiddly dee folky thing I've heard in ages. I've got an old Warner Chappell LP of medieval folk songs (some of them date back 100's of y...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £8.39

Bury The Square

Kenneth Ishak
Silver Lightning From A Black Sky

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Rocky Voltolato
The Brag And Cuss

I try to avoid the phrase 'whiskey soaked" when describing a singer's voice. Not because it is not a great description only because it is slightly over used. However it would take someone far more clever than me to come up with a better way to describe Rocky Votolato's particular quality. It's smooth and unnervingly effective. When he sings he s...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Simon Breed
The Smitten King Laments

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Jed Speare
Sound Works 1982-1987


Skallander: "S/T " (Type) Comes packaged in an Autumnal sleeve and is a collaboration between Bevan Smith of Signer and rated guitarist Matthew Mitchell. A largely acoustic folk-rock affair with songs that hint at a kind of pop sensibilty. The blurb recommends this collection to fans of Sufjan Stevens and Jose Gonzalez. Ten tracks deep th...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

The Lionheart Brothers
The Dizzy Kiss

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Kate Nash
Pumpkin Soup/ Pistachio Nut

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Southeast Engine
A Wheel Within A Wheel

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Mike Bones
The Sky Behind The Sea

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Sandro Perri
Tiny Mirrors

Sandro Perri's 'Tiny mirrors' is essentially a singer songwriter album that's melodic and has a slightly jazzy undertone. It's melodic and soulful and is not unlike Tim Buckley in places. This guy simultaneously plays guitar and kick drum. I cant imagine doing that. Like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. My co-ordination is...view item »


  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Georgie James

The 12 tracks that make up Places are pure pop bliss that look towards the future but are undeniably rooted in music from generations past. Openers "Look Me Up" and the yummy "Cake Parade" are so good that they hook from the first listen. "More Lights" shows the interplay between the two vocalists that makes the band so great; the squeaky screec...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Nancy Elizabeth
Battle & Victory

Kate Nash
Mouthwash/ Stitching Leggins

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Turin Brakes
Ether Song

New Turin Brakes album called Ether Song. Actually our tasteful CD player refused to play this at first. Unfortunately it relented. This is music for storming out of Pret a Manger to. Halfway through the first song the singer announces 'Time to go fishing'.OK. The music is completely and utterly ...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.99 - saving you £3.49

Shapes And Sizes
Split Hips, Winning Hips, A Shiner

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Fionn Regan
Be Good or Be Gone

Now a 7" from singer song writer FIONN REGAN on Bella Union. My mate Gibbo loves this guy. He tells me about him all the time (as well as and running fun gigs in London under the banner lets go baboon. check them out.) These are very sparse and simple tunes using the control of his voice and nicely ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Tall Tree 6ft Man
Tall Tree 6ft Man

I came across this album when my music service on "radio" setting played a song from it. The music is so emotional and unique, with great tones and interweaving of vocal and instruments. The album immediately became a favourite. It is both upbeat and calming; stimulating while generating a longing feeling. I am listening to this album right now and...view item »
  • Reduced from £5.99 - saving you £4.19

Rilo Kiley
Under The Blacklight

dear oh dear - don't never use autotune on vocals - its the worst idea in the world - especially if the vocalist is jenny lewis who can actually sing (and also wears fewer and fewer clothes as each year goes by/the more desperate for success she becomes). terrible record by the way ...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Kirk Withrow
Yesterday Will Be Better

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

Mountain Party
Afternoon In Bamboos

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Patron Saints
Fohhoh Bohob

And onto The Patron Saints reissue called Fohhoh Bohob. This one comes on CD and LP with bonus 7". Nice! This is some super rare classic 1969 psych pop album which has been rescued from obscurity and brought to your attention by those nice folks at Time Lag. It's really off kilter sounding psych pop. It straddles genres as well from samba to f...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

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