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Lucinda Williams
Lucinda Williams

This 25th Anniversary re-issue is a timely reminder of Lucinda Williams' unique vocal style and amazing song-writing ability. Classic songs of love lost and heartache like "Big Red Sun" and "Am I Too Blue" still resonate and are balanced with the playful verve and spontaneity of tracks like "Passionate Kisses". Williams is an artist who continue...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011

This is a wonderful anthology of Mark Lanegan's solo albums and it also features 12 previously unreleased tracks. As for the track selection, the tracks chosen are his more mellow, quiet and elegant songs. None of his more rockin' or experimental tracks are featured on this compilation. I think the tracks chosen, and their unusual placement in n...view item »

Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile

The second part of Matana Roberts' projected twelve-part jazz tapestry is an extremely confounding and yet gorgeously structured work, based around four-pronged suites of free jazz, operatic vocals, smooth spoken word narratives and gospel chants. The record rises and falls around these passages of music to show the pe...view item »

Judson Claiborne
We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys

Musician and yoga teacher Christopher Salveter and his friends, otherwise known as American band Judson Claiborne release their third album. It's based around the concept that people communicate more with body language than verbal language (hence the title). Lo-fi and Morphine-esque, with various guests including The Swell Season's Marketa Irglo...view item »
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Water Liars
Water Liars

Water Liars eponymous album is their third in as many years. The bluesy Americana duo is comprised of Andrew Bryant on drums and Justin Kinkel-Schuster on vocals and guitar. They claim to have started Water Liars entirely by accident after meeting on separate tours. Water Liars is available on v...view item »

Val Denham

Christ what a back story. Val Denham was involved in doing artwork for the likes of Marc Almond, Throbbing Gristle back in the day and has been involved in Psychic TV and Genesis P Orridge projects, o...view item »

Peter Walker
"Second Poem To Karmela" Or Gypsies Are Important

Here's a reissue of Peter Walker's mysterious second LP of twangy guitar and sitar and sarod drones. It's very hard to describe. Sort of new-agey but very fast paced and freeformed and not always particularly relaxing. He's accompanied in his adventure by a violin, a tabla and a flute, joining together to make a big bubbly celebratory noise in s...view item »

Stone Jack Jones

Stone Jack Jones is the descendant of four generations of coal miners and here he explores the hardness of the coal mines amongst other mysteries of suicide and dogs. It features many a Lambchop on backing duties but its a dark album as you may imagine from the subject matter. Jones plays a kind of off-ki...view item »

The Trouble With Templeton

Here's the debut album by The Trouble With Templeton, who started out as Aussie youngster Thomas Calder on his own but have since expanded to a five-piece. Given that he's only 23, this is a confident and fairly likeable album of sweeping indie pop along the lines of Stornoway or in places early ...view item »

Douglas Dare

Erased Tapes finally releases the debut album by Londoner Douglas Dare, after really enjoying his little EP ‘Seven Hours’ I was very excited to hear this full length and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. With a pretty standard take on the pianist/singer-songwriter thing it’s not that mindblowingly different but with Dougla...view item »

Marques Toliver
Land Of CanAan

Vocalist, violinist and multi-instrumentalist Marques Toliver is good at everything. And really good looking as well. Discovered busking in London, the young Floridian has been named 'Adele's favourite new artist' and had stunning reviews in The Guardian and Dazed and Confused. Part pop, part classical, and politically motivated. Available on do...view item »
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The Cave Singers

On "Naomi", The Cave Singers sound like a different band to the band that recorded its predecessor, "No Witch". Opener, "Canopy" sounds like the more understated work of Alabama Shakes with a bit of indie-reggae a la Vampire Weekend thrown in. "Have To Pretend" has some n...view item »

Night Moves
Colored Emotions

Minneapolis three-piece Night Moves' debut release on Domino Records is bluesy, wholesome Americana with a psychedelic soundscape twist. The band gained prominence in their native town by releasing this for free on Bandcamp, the brilliant 'Headlights' in particular proved a live smash and the band are gearing up for some serious recognition. Ava...view item »
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The Mariner's Children

“Sycamore trees, I’m sycamore trees”, my dad once said in a moment of ‘wit’. What we have here is lollopy folk. One part Pentangle, one part Mumford. There’s a lot of this stuff about, often with a nautical theme it seems. What is it with this sea obsession? It’...view item »

Jackie McDowell

Here's a mini-album of thoughtful and somewhat mystickal folk music, which mixes neofolky drones and a plainsong-esque vocal delivery with a kind of 'new weird America' feel courtesy of a tumbledown lo-fi construction which includes a variety of instrumentation; a weird distorted drum machine here, some wibbly electric organ drones there, a crun...view item »

Be My Weapon (Swell)
¡¡ GREASY !!

One of my favourite bands of the 90’s were Swell. They made some incredible records (particularly ‘Well’ which every home should own) and were generally woefully underrated and undeservedly ignored. The last Swell album I picked up was ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ but since then I&rsqu...view item »

Bad Blood, Good Blood

Some gentle poetic swaying from Spenking. Bad Blood, Good Blood is the debut from the indie-rock musician. Having played with the likes of Deer Tick and the Dirty Projectors, amongst others, Spenking rolls out his own brand of wilting acoustic indie-folk. If you like his previous collaborations then pick ...view item »

Lykke Li
I Never Learn

I Never Learn is Lykke Li’s third album and conveniently wraps up a trilogy. The Swedish singer recorded the album after a relationship break up. The album’s title and other songs such as Sleeping Alone and Never Gonna Love Again show she’s writing from experience. Lykke Li...view item »

Lavender Country
Lavender Country

Lavender Country is the first openly gay country album. This is quite a feat when you consider the conservative nature of the Nashville scene, even more of a courageous statement when you consider that it was originally released in 1973. The record documents the experiences of singer, songwriter and guitarist Patrick Hag...view item »

Refractory Obdurate

Not what I was expecting at all but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Wovenhand emerged out of 16 Horsepower who I remember straddling a woozy alt-country territory. This, however, is a raucous affair, completely at odds with what I expected. That’ll teach me for being ignorant. Its a windswept ...view item »

The Delines

Always had a soft spot for Willy Vlautin and his Richmond Fontaine. Here some of them come again reconfigured into a new entity along with members of The Decemberists and the Minus5 for a slinky smoky album of drifty female-fronted alt cou...view item »

Rodney Crowell
Tarpaper Sky

For his fourteenth studio album, Tarpaper Sky, Rodney Crowell has teamed up once again with Steuart Smith, his long-time collaborator. Tarpaper Sky has been warmly received by the music press and is already being touted as a classic to rival albums such as Life is Messy and Diamonds and Dirt....view item »
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Vikesh Kapoor
The Ballad Of Willy Robbins

Say hello to the new contender for the Great American Songwriter crown, Vikesh Kapoor. His debut LP ‘The Ballad of Willy Robbins’ follows in the traditions of songwriters like Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen, a series of portraits of hardworking Americans and the...view item »

Nat Baldwin
In The Hollows

If you were to tell me that someone played low-key indie rock with falsetto vocals and understated violins it’d probably be enough to keep me from checking them out, but Dirty Projector Nat Baldwin’s latest effort is actually something a bit special. It has the clarity and purity of focus that ma...view item »
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New Bums
Voices In A Rented Room

Here's an album from a familiar face and an unfamiliar one - Ben "Six Organs of Admittance" Chasny and Donovan Quinn of Skygreen Leopards. It's full of lovely shuffly acoustic numbers with slightly mumbly vocals and a really warm, live feel to them. Clint wrot...view item »

Ben Watt

Its hard to say when or why Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn became such national treasures as there was a time in the late 80’s where they were in severe danger of being shot for crimes against music. Their early solo albums and the first flush of Everything But The...view item »

Chris Connelly
Forgiveness & Exile

The Scottish singer-songwriter drifts ever further from his industrial roots (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pigface) with this song cycle concerning the experiences of immigrants in the United States. The album nevertheless retains the confrontational realism characteristic of industrial music, wit...view item »

Bill Fay
Tomorrow Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Made available once again by longtime fan David Tibet’s Durtro/Jnana imprint, Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow was intended as the third Bill Fay album following semi-legendary apocalyptic folk template Time Of The Last Persecution (1971). Nevertheless, it remained unreleased until ...view item »

30km Inland
Stolen Shore Lines

Here's an LP of sleepy, richly arranged folkiness from 30km Inland which was constructed over the space of six years, so truly a labour of love. As I gather from the press release, the driving force around this loosely drifting ensemble is guitarist and arranger Xavier Marti, who has managed to assemble an impressive cast of musicians including ...view item »

Peter Jefferies
The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World

Reissue of New Zealand singer / songwriter Peter Jefferies' brilliant debut album 'The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World'. Originally released in 1990, the album received some critical acclaim before disappearing into the ether. But it was just too good to remain forgotten. Incredibly strong songwriting, demonstrated no better than with the s...view item »

Attic Salt

New Kepler Album 'Attic Salt' is out on Resonant. This is kind of depressing but beautiful. This is the third album from the Canadian guys and their first in three years. This album has already come out in the states. Not really my kind of thing this, although there is a dark humor to the lyrics which is interesting. Similar to ...view item »

Chris Garneau
Winter Games

Oh... man. Jonsi from Sigur Ros. Ol’ squeaker from Bon Iver. So much to answer for. So so much to answer for. Its now completely fine for men with silly voices to sing navel gazing anthems which make Aha seem understated. A macabre result of this is ...view item »
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Smoke Fairies
Smoke Fairies

Smoke Fairies are one of those groups whose move towards the mainstream has been slow and steady. Each album seems to be more palatable to the mainstream than the previous one but they never do anything drastic enough to make you want to scream 'sell out' at them. I've written the words 'bit dull' on the post-it note on the front of the CD promo...view item »

Horse Thief
Fear in Bliss

Here's the debut LP from Horse Thief, who specialise in a kind of folky indie rock that will appeal to the Fleet Foxes/Frightened Rabbit type crowd. Singer Cameron Neal's voice is plangent and bleaty and the arrangements are windswept concoctions that go from fragile a...view item »

Geraint Watkins

Geraint Watkins is an old-school kind of songwriter: he often hangs out with Nick Lowe, that kind of crowd. Moustique is his fifth album as a solo artist, and provides a smooth, warm sound, the kind that might fit snugly into the background of a nice living room. Available on LP or CD, from Gold Top....view item »

Randolph's Leap
Clumsy Knot

Glasgow-based Randolph's Leap is basically home recording geek Adam Ross, who, like Snow White, is occasionally assisted by seven musical helpers. By day, he works in a cafe on a wind farm and by night he tinkers away making up songs about coffee shops and running away to live in the woods. Folkie indie goodness, on wholesome vinyl or nasty mode...view item »

Paul Thomas Saunders
Beautiful Desolation

Paul Thomas Saunders brings us a debut album steeped in a complex and layered sound. The emerging singer songwriter’s vision is clearly shaped by the sounds of the '90s – one would imagine he was heavily hit by the cosmic that Jeff Buckley’s Grace left – yet this album is more than a pastich...view item »

Johnny Cash
Out Among The Stars

This posthumous collection delves deep into Johnny Cash's recording career to find twelve new tunes: most of them are covers or versions of folk and country standards, though there are also a couple of Cash originals on here, such as "Call Your Mother" and "I Came to Believe". The music of 'Out Among the Stars' was dug up by Cash's son John Cart...view item »

Jimi Goodwin

Jimi Goodwin from Sub-Sub and "could've been Elbow" sensations The Doves is back this week with a solo album and an announcement that he's going on tour with Elbow. 'Odludek' starts in confident style, 'Terracotta Warrior' is l...view item »

Baby Dee & Eliot Bates
The Big Bumble Bees

Well you wouldn’t think to look at it. This is by Baby Dee and Eliot Bates despite neither of the artists being mentioned on the frront cover, the spine and only amongst a load of wordsearch like text on the back. Print your names clearly, in blocked capitals, please. Thank you. The lengthy search to find out who this was by at lea...view item »

Mark Morriss
A Flash Of Darkness

Once the singer with much loved indie band The Bluetones, Mark Morriss has gone solo. His new album A Flash Of Darkness, his second solo outing, is released on the Acid Jazz label and contains the single This is a Lie. The single has received airplay from Dermot O’Lea...view item »

David Novick
Your Sister's Hand

My knowledge of David Novick is limited, I’m not gonna try and disguise that fact or distract you with tales of what I eating or how many words I’ve typed today or weather the sun is shining or not, I’m just gonna give you my take on it and leave it at that. ‘Your Sister’s hand’ is a majestic collectio...view item »

Richard Buckner

Heralded as his ‘classic’ record, ‘Bloomed’ always seemed a little conventional compared to what came later for Buckner. His later records marry this rootsy singer-songwriter fayre with oddball song structures and brave (for the genre he works in) production touches especially on the John...view item »

Bob Frank
Bob Frank

Joana Serrat
Dear Great Canyon

From the Spanish coast, Joana Serrat surprises listeners with her fresh take on Americana pop, and Dear Great Canyon harbours pretty and subtle European influences that lend the album its flair. This record has a seamless energy to it that keeps it captivating and vast....view item »

John Matthias

Ah, John Matthias the physicist. I’m familiar with Matthias as he’s collaborated with some pretty high profile artists over the years (Radiohead, Coldcut etc) but I wasn’t aware of his prolific solo work, probably due to me not being much of a folksy type. ‘Gei...view item »

Neville Skelly

It's that guy from The Coral Neville Skelly and he's done a second solo album. I've been reviewing without looking at press releases for most of the week but as we draw up to the final breathless few my resolve has cracked and I looked at the press release of this one. Needless to say I'm glad I did, otherwise I c...view item »

Vinny Peculiar
The Root Mull Effect

If you've never heard Vinny Peculiar before, 'The Root Mull Effect' is a great place to get started. The songs span ten years of recordings, and include some of his finest works. He's played in many bands, including with ex members of The Fall, Oasis and The Smiths and has performed poetry, as well as music, on many stages. Available on CD....view item »
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Down Like Gold

Last week I had a load of really great records to review, it was a struggle to resist buying several of them for myself. Not every week is like that, though, and this time round I've managed to bag a few stinkers. Thomas J Speight has done a 7" I hated, there's a Lo-Fang a...view item »

Current 93
I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell: Å Channel

I've got a challenge on my hands here. About half an hour to write about the new Current 93 album, which is nearly 70 minutes long. Of course you can look to the press release if you want to know who's on it, which is basically everybody from Nick Cave to John Zorn, as usual. A curs...view item »

Carla Bozulich

Oh, Boy. Here's an album which really needs more than the perfunctory half-hour review I have time to give it, but that's how the release schedule works sometimes. So many records, so little time! Here the inimitable Carla Bozulich of Evangelista/Geraldine Fibbers notoriety delivers her "pop album" (her ...view item »

Ruby Friedman

Life is the first single by New York based singer/songwriter, bandleader and composer Ruby Friedman to be released on Room 609 Records. It is her fourth single in total, the previous three being self-released. Her songs have been used on TV shows such as America’s Got Talent, Sons Of Anarchy and Justified. ...view item »
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Greg Ashley
Another Generation Of Slaves

Greg Ashley seems a bit vexed out about something. I'm not sure what, I mean he's got his record deal with Trouble In Mind and he seems to have a lot of friends who want to play with him but still, something's just not right. He's telling us all about it on his new album 'Another Generation of Slaves' which imbues his ...view item »
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Tara Jane O' Neil
Where Shine New Lights

I'm in the home stretch of this week's reviewing marathon but time is running very short so you'll have to excuse my hurried review of this new Tara Jane O'Neil album, a record which was clearly made to be savoured by people who have enough time to sit back, turn off their phone, pour their favourite drink and properly enjoy it. Tara Jane has be...view item »

Natural Child
Dancin' With Wolves

D Charles Speer and the Helix
Doubled Exposure

D Charles Speer is the alter-ego of Dave Shuford who you may also know for his more out-there work in Rhyton and NNCK, but D Charles Speer & The Helix showcases his more accessible side. He's got a rich, deep singing voice which fits perfectly into the countrified Americana twang which graces this LP, taking cues from bands like ...view item »

Matthew And The Atlas
Pale Sun Rose

Spacey, jaunty foot-tapper from London-based folk act Matthew and the Atlas. Forget about the tepid faux folk nonsense made stratospheric in recent years by the likes of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale, Matthew and the Atlas have a genuine ageless folk feel and are a refreshing change from all that. Limited edition 7" vinyl in a pleasing...view item »

Steven R. Smith / Ulaan Khol
Ending / Returning

Steven R. Smith has made music in a number of different styles and for each genre he has explored, he has used a different name. His new album Ending/Returning sees him recording sparse, minimal, and quiet guitar work under his own name and the same music in a more fuzzy, psychedelic style as his alter ego Ulaan...view item »

To Live Alone In That Long Summer

Jonathan Richman
No Me Quejo Estrella

No Me Quejo Estrella is a collection of songs personally selected by Jonathan Richman. It was intended as a gift to his fans in Spain, and generally outside the USA, to compile songs that are mainstays of his live shows but difficult to find in their recorded form. No Me Quejo Estrella ...view item »

Tom Brosseau
Grass Punks

One day spring will appear and everything will be warm and lovely. That will be as good a time as any to listen to this sparkling LP of acoustic pop from the LA based singer songwriter. Opener ‘Cradle Your Device’ is a great sunshiney blast of loveliness, with humorous lyrics about a partner more in thrall to their phone/ipad...view item »

Blind Owl
Blind Owl

An interesting one here. Blind Owl were three Canadian chaps from Ontario who pressed only 100 copies of this LP which was intended only for friends and people who saw them perform at the very few shows they did. The LP was recorded at home on a reel to reel tape and all the songs are original compositions of gentle folk harmoni...view item »

Juan Wauters
N.A.P. North American Poetry

I went dog-eared into the cinema yesterday to watch ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. Two hours of unrelentingly bleak Coen Brothers brilliance which exemplifies the struggles of the solo singer songwriter troubadour, as true today as it was in the ‘60’s in which it was set. The conclusion being  - if you aren’t ...view item »
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The Haden Triplets
The Haden Triplets

Only today I was talking about how Third Man Records has managed to put some distance between itself and the "novelty label" tag it was steadily earning itself, thanks to its excellent series of reissues and a noted increase in quality of its live albums (many of the first lot seem to have resulted from "Is it any good?" "No, but it'll sell" sit...view item »

Doug Tuttle
Doug Tuttle

Former Mmoss man Doug Tuttle has dusted himself off after their demise and crafted this debut album under his own name, although I think it's fair to say that he's pretty much picking up where he left off with that '60s-loving beat combo. 'Doug Tuttle' is packed with dreamy, hazy psych-pop from the ...view item »

Benoit Pioulard
Hymnal Remixes

Benoit Pioulard is the alter ego of American singer / songwriter Thomas Meluch. Releasing music prolifically since 2001, 2013's 'Hymnal' is his most recent recording. Here it is given the remix treatment by a plethora of mix magicians, lending a new vibe to Pioulard's experimental folk sound. Double CD on Lost Tribe Sound. ...view item »

Frank Fairfield
Duncan & Brady

Resplendent with phenomenal moustache, Frank Fairfield is an old fashioned 25 year old passionate about music from a long long time ago. He plays all sorts of instruments and in a unique and authentic manner. Props as always to Third Man for bringing this type of stuff to a wider audience. On Side A ‘Duncan and Brady’ is a tr...view item »

Doug Paisley
Strong Feelings

Doug Paisley ramps up the country vibe on his third album “Strange Feelings”. “Radio Girl” is more twangy, vocally and instrumentally than anything previous. It feels looser, and less smooth than its classy predecessor, “Constant Companion”, although “Our Love” sl...view item »

Tarka & Friends

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Dan Haywood

Damn, another bell is struck. I remember loving Dan Haywood’s New Hawks record of a couple of years back which I only didn’t fall in love with because weeks after the review when I got round to buying it I couldn’t remember who it was by. This is a less ambitious work, more content to potter ...view item »
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Samantha Crain
Kid Face

The second time today I’ve played something which I seem to already know. Are these records just so infectious or have I really heard these things before somehow, somewhere? This Samantha Crain record was produced by John Vanderslice who, as well as having a name you can really get your teeth around, ...view item »

David Grubbs
Borough of Broken Umbrellas

Grubbsy. The Grubbsmeister. Grubbsmania. Tony Grubba’s. However you want to greet him, it's clear that David Grubbs has followed an interesting and idiosyncratic path since the sad demise of Gastr Del Sol. This is his first release of solo guitar improvisations....view item »


Aquariana was one of Father Yod’s 13 (thirteen - count em!) wives. And there she is one the cover looking suspiciously like Rick Wakeman in a dress. Father Yod looks on eerily in the background as if wanting his money back after finding out his new wife was the lank haired composer of ‘Journey to the C...view item »
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Tom Fazzini
One Shapeless Day

You may remember Tom from Leaf Records artist A Small Good Thing, now out on his own and creating some very interesting music. This latest album on Loophamystery Records begins by leading you into a false sense of secur...view item »

The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars

Luke Temple
Good Mood Fool

Chris Morphitis
Where To Go

Adrian Crowley & James Yorkston
My Yoke Is Heavy: The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

It's all top stuff I've had to review from home this week, and this baby I've listened to quite a few times. It's a great collection of Daniel Johnston remakes from two renowned Celtic maestros. There's some really odd murky tape weirdness going on under the version of 'True Love Will Find You In The End' bu...view item »

Billy Bragg & Wilco
Mermaid Avenue

I like Billy Bragg, but I'm not a huge fan -- but I do like Wilco so this collaboration with interested me. Basically, they've set previously unrecorded Woody Guthrie lyrics to music. Jeff Tweedy sings some songs, Billy Bragg sings some songs. As it turns out, the one Billy Bragg sings are the best - "Walt Whitman's Niece" with its call-and-answ...view item »

Jorma Whittaker
Jorma Whittaker

Best known as the frontman in Indianapolis dark pop band Marmoset, this eponymous debut is very much a one-man affair despite featuring an array of interesting instruments. Dealing essentially with relationships, and with some impressive Phil Spector-inspired production, it's definitely worth a spin. ...view item »

Fellow Travelers

Featuring former members of Okkervil River, Shearwater originally knocked this record out just to pass the time between full length albums but it’s ended up being a full-on, bona fide release. Covers albums can often be either a little too tongue-in-cheek or too pompous for their own good. &lsquo...view item »

Douglas Dare
Seven Hours

London based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare has come up with an intriguing little debut EP for Erased Tapes. Recorded in south-london bedrooms and practice spaces with drummer/producer Fabian Prynn,  ‘Seven Hours’ is the result of a collaborative process that captures ideas in their infancy and transforms them into odd and impre...view item »

Susanna and Ensemble Neon
The Forester

The R.G. Morrison
Diamond Valley

Thankfully, the R G Morrison pick up their guitars to deliver an album of complete ease: Diamond Valley. Recorded in May 2012, this work's relaxed sound seems to permeate whichever space it finds itself filling. The Vinyl LP’s artwork is a fitting reproduction of one of J M W Turner’s landscape paintings. &n...view item »

Laura Mvula
Sing To The Moon

I love hearing a choir belting out something melodic with energy whether its Mozart’s Requiem or The Brothers and Sisters singing Dylan’s Gospel so I was intrigued by Laura Mvula’s debut album. For most of this album, there’s no real ...view item »

Laura J Martin
Dazzle Days

Good old Static Caravan release this latest album from flute-botherer Laura J Martin. ‘Dazzle Days’ features a list of name-dropping collaborations from Tunng’s Mike Lindsay, Benge on synth a...view item »

Eiko Ishibashi
Imitation of Life

Jake Bugg
Shangri La

Jake Bugg is back with his second studio album Shangri La. Produced by Rick Rubin, the record is named after his studio in Malibu, California, where the recording took place in the summer of 2013. Writing a much anticipated follow up album was never going to be an easy to task for the much celebrated singer-songwriter, ...view item »

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman
An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

This is an interesting puppy. Neil ‘Sandman’ Gaiman and Amanda ‘Fucking’ Palmer married in 2011 and then decided to tour together for 6 nights across the West Coast of Americaland. They were unsurprisingly popular so the newlyishweds Kickstarted to get your money (after much fan clammering) so those precious recor...view item »

Nat Baldwin
Dome Branches: The MVP Demos

Western Vinyl release 'Dome Branches' by double bass/singer-songwriter Nat Baldwin, a collection of demos from his 2008 album ‘Most Valuable Player’. As well as performing with such critica...view item »
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Linda Thompson
Won't Be Long Now

Danielson Famile
Fetch The Compass Kids

A Prayer for Every Hour

Danielson Famile
Album Bundle

The Reverse
Kind Words For Cruel Times

Debut album from North London Indie kids The Reverse. The band have played alongside The Klaxons and The Wave Pictures and have been compared to both Belle and Sebastian and '90s Sheffield pop supergroup Pulp. In the words of a review on their website "It's very much not shit." Well that's a relief. Available on a compact disc with a picture of ...view item »

Neil Mcsweeney

Third studio album from Sheffield folk singer-songwriter Neil McSweeney. Sweeney has been making increasingly big waves on the English folk scene with his fresh take on the genre, including collaborations with (among others) Matthew Boulter and Brooke Williams, and a recent tour supporting Richard Hawley. CD on Harbour Song Records. ...view item »
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Alex Monk
Indiscreet Mirror

Alex Monk follows ‘The Safety Machine’ with a second outing for Smeraldina Rima that features a bunch of guests (Sand Snowman, Gareth Jones and Steve Dowle) as well as an impressive array of instruments including personal favourites like the Novation Bass St...view item »

Roy Harper
Man And Myth

My knowledge of this legendary British folkie extends to a couple of cursory listens to key albums over the years, the classic 'Flat Baroque and Berserk' being a particularly enjoyable, impassioned listen although I recall the overarching worthiness and his reedy voice grating slightly towards the conclusion. I always preferred the lady folkies ...view item »

Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine's crowd-funding campaign was a harrowing success and produced 2 new studio albums, one of these is Bubblegum. The electric counter-part to sister album Bulldozer, Bubblegum is rollicking pop-punk played with the assistance of The Goddamned Band. Kevin Devine channels contemporaries Motion City Soundtrack and ...view item »

Emiliana Torrini

Fourth album by Icelandic singer / songwriter Emiliana Torrini. Torrini has collaborated with many big names such as Kylie Minogue (she co-wrote the song 'Slow') and Paul Oakenfield, and performed 'Gollem's Song' in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and is an occasional member of Icelandic group GusGus. 'Tookah' is available on ...view item »

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