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The Big Eyes Family Players & Friends
Folk Songs II

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Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 2

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), continues his series of records themed around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. Thankful Villages Volume 2 digs into the folk histories of eighteen villages, weaving field recordings and interviews into his songcraft. CD / LP release on Rivertones.

Devon Sproule
The Gold String

It seems like Devon Sproule has been around forever but she's still somehow only 34. This latest missive from the Virginia based songwriter is inspired by the time she was staying on a remote and rather than eat her dinner set about writing sprawling verse. The result is a short but lush LP with guest spots from Ed Askew and Toronto dream poppers Bernice. 

Francois & The Atlas Mountains
Solide Mirage

Winsome French collective Francois and the Atlas Mountains get down and dirty with their most direct offering yet. Solide Mirage was recorded by the guy who did Christine and the Queens and Owen Pallet takes care of all the violinning. Lead track 'Grange Dereglemen't sees them going all Riverdance on our asses with celtic melodies and men with scarves dancing about.  


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Rick Tomlinson
Phases of Daylight

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Holly Macve
Golden Eagle

Straightforwardly classic-sounding American Country & Western music from an unlikely source: the 21-year-old English singer Holly Macve. Golden Eagle, which was recorded in Newcastle, feels older and more experienced than its years, and Holly’s voice is a remarkable sound. Out on Bella Union.

Dylan Golden Aycock
Church of Level track

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Enhet for Fri Musik
Inom Dig, Inom Mig

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Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood

If after the 'Universal Themes' you can cope with any more of Kozelek's ramblings then here is a new double album of the stuff. This one covers events in Kozelek's life from March to October 2016 so if you want to know his thoughts on mass murders or the passing of heroes like David Bowie or Muhammad Ali then this is the place to come.  

Craig Finn
We All Want The Same Things

Though he was and is the Springsteen-ish narrator in one-track-mind rockers the Hold Steady, Craig Finn's solo work shows a different side to his character albeit with his barfly persona still intact. Finn is still telling tales of stuff that goes on in his Minneapolis/St Paul neighbourhood pairing his observations with lovely indie rock.

The Cairo Gang

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I Go Missing In My Sleep

Tamsin Wilson founded Wilsen at university has have now gone onto release their first full length record ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’. The eleven-piece album was mainly written and crafted in a small apartment in New York, and the music we can hear on this record replicates that feeling. A gentle mix of indie-pop and dream-pop that is available on Vinyl LP and CD.

Nadia Reid

Nadia Reid feels like New Zealand’s answer to Julia Holter, with a beautiful pure-toned voice sitting in the middle of a pristine swirl of complex sound. Preservation is a record born out of international travel and interpersonal heartache, which gives it an emotional depth even greater than Reid’s previous album. Preservation is released by Basin Rock.

John Moreland
Big Bad Luv

John Moreland has so far received word of mouth acclaim with a series of self released albums culminating in an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last year. Now he has been signed to 4AD and so will I'm sure achieve much wider recognition. 'Big Bad Luv' is a record about love, faith and the human condition which could be the sort of gentle country rock balm we need in 2017. 

Jeb Loy Nichols
Country Hustle

Jeb Loy Nichols does not lie when he calls his record Country Hustle: there are plenty of country sounds and vibes in here, and also a fair amount of New York hustler-music groove too. Soulful and funky and bluesy and lots else besides: it's impressive that Jeb has made all this blending sound totally natural. Country Hustle is released on City Country City.

Stick In The Wheel
present From Here: English Folk Field Recordings

Stick In The Wheel‘s new album From Here: English Folk Field Recordings is a project that records notable folk musicians (both legendary and up-and-coming) on location. Each artist was asked to think about the phrase ‘From Here’ and interpret it for themselves. This collection of brand new recordings features Eliza Carthy, Fran Foote, Men Diamler and many more.

The Kitchen Cynics / Micha P. Hinson / Tissø Lake / Willard Grant Conspiracy
Split 12" Vol. 6

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Old 97's
Graveyard Whistling

Rhett Davies's popular Texan bar band have long since broken out of their local scene and now compete with the alt country big boys such as  Uncle Tupelo and the Jayhawks. This is their umpteenth album of feel decent country rock with a low down and dirty feel and hi-paced driving gritty rhythms. 

Craig Brown Band

Craig Brown is a Detroit institution, so it could only ever have been a matter of time before he turned up on Jack White’s hardy Third Man Records. Overthinking is a slice of Brown-sound, recorded with his band, that recalls Neil Young-style country. Locals will lap it up, but this single has something to give every listener. 7” on Third Man.
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Aine O'Dwyer
Anything bright or startling?

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Jake Xerxes Fussell
What In The Natural World

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The Memory Band
A Fair Field

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Sweep the Temple

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Michael Rossiter
My Dearest Dear

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Kath Bloom
This Dream Of Life

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Eloïse Decazes + Delphine Dora
Folk Songs Cycle

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Jack Rose
I Do Play Rock and Roll

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Tall Tall Trees

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Joost Dijkema
Sacred Revelations

A fingerpicker in the vein of Townes van Zandt and Neil Young, Groningen’s Joost Dijkema comes through with an album of dense folk ditties that veer from rambunctious to contemplative without ever losing the propulsive energy of his nimble guitar playing. Though drums, vocals and electric guitars occasionally enter the fray, this is largely a record that rests on his technical prowess and ability to craft woozy, shimmering soundscapes from six strings.

Jens Lekman
Life Will See You Now

Jens Lekman drops his fourth full-length album on a waiting world. The Swedish songwriter has really cranked up the rhythms here on Life Will See You Now, toying with samba and bossa nova among other styles. That means you get the witty intimacy of Lekman’s songs in a lively danceable format: lovely. CD / LP / cassette release on Secretly Canadian.

Jonny Velon
Goodness Flows

Inventive singer-songwriter Jonny Velon tunes into the sounds and styles of various classic 70’s cats on his new album Goodness Flows: Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Murray Head… They all mesh together into an accomplished album of cool rock music. The album has eight tracks on the LP version, eleven on the CD and download versions. From Scratchy.

The Whistles & The Bells
Modern Plagues

Modern Plagues is an album that grew from The Whistles & The Bears main-man Bryan Simpson’s dreams of a wild fantasy dinner party: key figures from history arguing and getting drunk together. Although this isn’t a straight concept album, the smart indie-pop songs of Modern Plagues do have a colourful and eclectic flavour to them, just like the best parties. Out on New West.

Kristina Pulejkova / Glen Johnson
My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath is a film and musical collaboration between multi-media artist Kristina Pulejkova and founding member of London-based group Piano Magic, Glen Johnson. Pulejkova animated the film taking her cues from Kubrick and Tarkovsky and Johnson composed the soundtrack. The lyrics are in English, Turkish, German, Pulejkova’s native Macedonian and Italian. Pulejkova’s works deal with mechanical and organic elements of science, whilst Johnson’s band have worked with folk icon Vashti Bunyan, Low, John Grant and Tarwater during their genre defying career.

Nikki Lane
Highway Queen

Highway Queen is the latest instalment from Californian based singer songwriter Nikki Lane. Along with her backing band, she has now released three records that combine American folk and country with indie rock paired with her clever lyrics and smooth vocals. Highway Queen is available on Vinyl 12”, CD and even Cassette tape.

Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club, Volume 1

Fin Greenall, better known as Fink is well known for his rich, blues influenced acoustic music with and electronica backbone. Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club is his first outing with a purely blues motive. Treating it as a side project separate to his usual output it strips away the electronica gimmickry and leaves a man alone with his guitar and his voice.
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Debut by Onus presenting six tunes honed from baritone guitar, bass and drums, each hosting intricate, chorus-sung narratives from vague and seemingly remote space-time locations. The music is dark-toned and downbeat; with descending arpeggios and sparse cyclical riffs a-plenty, interlocking with skeletal drums to provide lean bones for nebulous melodies and scuffed harmonies to take hold. Lyrically, the album opens up snapshots of rewilded outskirts, ritual humiliation, generational rifts and dispossessions; mining deep veins of residual cultural memory vivid enough to feel like premonitions. Lighter relief is to be had with more abstract grapplings with mapping the unknowable and framing a response to divine silence. Limited to a measly 50 cassettes with lino-print sleeves, each including a download code.

Ed Askew (with Steve Gunn / Joshua Burkett)

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Michael Chapman
Playing Guitar The Easy Way

Michael Chapman is a folk guitarist of some repute. So much so, his work is frequently mentioned in the same breath as Bert Jansch, Roy Harper and John Martyn. Chapman also discovered guitarist Mick Ronson, known for his work with David Bowie. Playing Guitar The Easy way is genuinely a tutorial record and even comes with a 20 page booklet with notation. This album is for guitar nerds and Michael Chapman Fans alike. Playing Guitar The Easy Way is available on CD.

Lone Piñon
Dias Felices

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Band Of Holy Joy
Brutalism Begins At Home

Bad Punk/urban folk group Band of Holy Joy approach their longest stint of remaining active with a new release. Their new EP is titled “Brutalism Begins At Home” and it’s a 10” because of course, though it does include a download card. Featuring the most modern and British of urban hymns in “Removal Man”, the limited record precedes a 3xCD boxed set due in Spring on the same label.

Philip Lewin
Am I Really Here All Alone?

Philip Lewin produced his album of sensitive and super-personal folk music Am I Really Here All Alone? in 1975. Thing is, it was only released as a private press LP, so he kind of was alone. His highly individual sound might appeal to fans of David Thomas Broughton, or anyone who treads their own path through folk music. Remastered and properly released on vinyl and CD by Tompkins Square.

Book Of Changes

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Ryan Adams

It seems a long long way from Whiskeytown now but David Ryan Adams is still at it veering somewhere between alt country troubadour and balls out rocker. This album follows his ill-advised attempt at covering Taylor Swift's '1989' and showcases a prolific period of writing. Indeed 'Do You Still Love Me?' is brash stadium rock worthy of his near namesake Bryan.    

Richard Osborn

Here is the first readily-available record by an unsung guitarist of the American Primitive world, Richard Osborn. Despite having studied under Robbie Basho in the sixties(!), Osborn has kept a low profile for most of his career, perhaps preferring to play for himself. Endless certainly does have a gorgeous, unhurried intimacy to it. Great material, out on the Tompkins Square label.

She Drew The Gun
Memories Of The Future

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Julian Cope
Drunken Songs

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Cobalt Chapel
Cobalt Chapel

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Son Volt
Notes of Blue

With his band Uncle Tupelo (alongside future Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy), Jay Farrar helped invent alt country and twenty years or so later he's still producing laid back chugging song craft. It sits firmly in a rootsy brand of country where men are called Chuck or Buck and drive a Buick. Here he's written ten songs influenced by the blues stylings of the likes of Skip James but brings a contemporary sheen to the proceedings.  

William Tyler
Behold The Spirit

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Steve Gunn
Ancient Jules

Ancient Jules is taken from Steve Gunn’s recent album Eyes on the Lines. It’s a lovely little swaggering stroll through country-tinged American rock landscapes, with a message of taking it easy delivered alongside tasty guitar licks. The 12” also contains two non-album tracks to enjoy, ‘The Handshake’ and ‘The Soloist’. 12” single released by Matador.

Brent Cash
The New High

Brent Cash is a pop mastermind like they used to make ‘em, building songs with an almost symphonic level of lush detail. He even plays all the instruments himself (apart from the strings)! As you can imagine, all that takes time, so The New High is his first album in five years, but it's well worth the wait if you like Van Dyke Parks-esque vintage super-pop! Out on Marina.

Mark Eitzel
Hey Mr Ferryman

Once called ‘America’s greatest living lyricist’ by The Guardian, Mark Eitzel certainly knows his way around metaphor and allegory. The ferryman, in question, is quite probably the same Charon that Nick Cave grappled with on The Boatman’s Call. However, Eitzel is far wryer than Cave - on the title track he sings ‘Hey Mr. ferryman, do you party where you’re from?’ - and the sonic and lyrical approach to matters of life and death has more in common with Eels. Vinyl comes with an indies-only bonus CD, which is cool.

Mick Harvey
Intoxicated Women

Mick Harvey has had an up-close-and-personal view of some of the last few decades’ finest songwriters, as veteran sideman to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. For Intoxicated Women, he takes on the oeuvre of another legend of song: Serge Gainsbourg. Several guest vocalists help him out, such as Andrea Schroeder on the notable German cover of ‘Je T’aime’. On Mute.

Charlie Ulyatt
Do Not Forget Old Friends

In the latter part of 2016, following the death of Leonard Cohen, improvising guitarist Charlie Ulyatt decided to pay tribute to the great man in a pleasingly oblique way. Rather than just throwing together a few covers, he pulled out phrases from Cohen’s poetry and let them inspire his guitar playing. Do Not Forget Old Friends is the tender and beautiful result. Self-released in a slender CDr and tape edition.
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Stef Ketteringham
Guitar Arrangements

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Michael Chapman

Yorkshire folk guitarist Michael Chapman is one of those musicians who is just simply extremely good at his job: his finger-picking style is endlessly engaging. New album 50, commemorating five decades of career, is his ‘American record’, on which he is joined by US allies like Steve Gunn and Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band). Old songs and new songs, played American style. Released by Paradise Of Bachelors.

Agnes Obel
The Curse

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Ignatz & Harris Newman
Bring You Buzzard Meat

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Rebekka Karijord
Mother Tongue

If anything could stir and unlock unfounded emotions, then it would be the surprise and traumatic three-month-early arrival of a child. Rebekka Karijord had to face just that, and her ordeal has inspired and shaped her latest release - Mother Tongue. Though in an epic straddle between dystopia and utopia, she proves this is much more than an album about childbirth.

Sing It High, Sing It Low : Tumbleweed Records 1971-1973

Here is a compilation that pulls out the forgotten highlights of the underappreciated Tumbleweed Records label, which operated for just two years between 1971 and 1973. As the name might suggest, folky americana was the focus of the label’s energies, and Sing It High, Sing It Low contains ten excellent songs from the roster. Released by Light In The Attic with their usual array of old photos and fascinating liner notes.

Johnny Flynn

In the pantheon of contemporary crooning poshos that ranges from the excellent Laura Marling to Marcus fucking Mumford, Johnny Flynn’s songwriting chops and knack for an arrangement has ensconced him firmly in the upper-reaches of the list. He doesn’t mess with the formula too much on Sillion, though Cosmo Sheldrake’s nimbly manned electronics to add a pleasing whirr-and-hum to these eleven hymns to life, death, nature and the rest. The vinyl comes with a nice poster.

Irma Vep
No Blues Handshakes

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Julie Byrne
Not Even Happiness

Julie Byrne, currently a New York resident who has lived a rather nomadic existence, plays gentle, dreamy, ethereal psychedelic folk. He lush voice is backed with strings to match. On her second album Not Even Happiness, is it apparent that Byrne’s talent for pitching a song just right comes as naturally as it did on her 2014 debut Rooms With Walls And Windows. Perfection takes time though, and this album has been a full two years in the making. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see.

Stanley Brinks and The Old Time Kaniks
Vieilles Caniques / Nouvelles Caniques

This new album from Stanley Brinks will appeal to fans of Herman Düne, because Mr Düne is in fact Mr Brinks! Here he teams up with Norwegian folk group The Old Time Kaniks to explore a pleasing avenue of calypso-folk that he takes to like a duck to water. Double album Vieilles Caniques / Nouvelles Caniques is released by Fika in 2CD and 2LP editions.

Alison Krauss
Windy City

Possibly the most easily-distinguished voice in bluegrass (to the British ear at least), Grammy-hoarder Alison Krauss returns to the fray after a quiet couple of decades. Those who are likely to know her for her work soundtracking O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Cold Mountain will find much joy here - Windy City sees Krauss turning her attention to covers and covers alone to showcase her rich tone and wide range.

Over The Rhine

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Flo Morrissey
Pages Of Gold

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The Paperhead

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Christine Owman
When On Fire

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Stara Rzeka
Cien Chmury Nad Ukrytym Polem

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Frank Turner
Sleep Is For The Week - Tenth Anniversary Edition

Ooh, bet Frank Turner was really pleased with himself when he came up with that title. Sleep Is For The Week (yes mate, we get it) was the first LP Turner released after the break-up of Million Dead. On this 2007 album Turner kick-starts the confessional acousti-punk train that he’s been riding ever since. This tenth birthday edition of Sleep Is For The Week includes some demos.

Julien Baker
Sprained Ankle

This is a reissue of Julien Baker’s 2015 debut album, recorded when she was a mere 21 years of age. It’s a very emotionally direct record: Baker just pours everything into her tender songwriting, and the effect on the listener can be very powerful.

Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau

Chris Thile, who plays mandolin and also sings, joined up with the pianist Brad Mehldau a few years ago for a series of shows in which they played both original songs and familiar covers in a beautifully sensitive style. This eponymous album features studio recordings of these excellent pieces: what a pair of absolute pros. Double LP / double CD editions, on Nonesuch.

Dean McPhee / Mary Arches
Devon Folklore Tapes Vol.V - Ornithology

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Shaun Nunutzi heads up Tau, taking a well-earned sabbatical from touring his crusher monotony with Dead Skeletons. Following up from the Wirikuta EP, he works with Gerald Pasqualin for a quickly made, easily done 'n' dusted collection of psych folk tunes -- I imagine there might be some riffs too, if you're lucky. Earl Harvin of Tindersticks pays a visit, at one point.


Entrance is the one-man project of Guy Blakeslee. Promises is his first album for Chicago label Thrill Jockey. It features widescreen orchestrations which surround his inspired storytelling. Although Entrance very much has his own style, Promises, on occasion, evokes the likes of Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Scott Walker. New Pixies bass player Paz Lenchantin (also formerly of Zwan and A Perfect Circle) and Warpaint’s Emily Kokal play on the album.
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Directing Hand
What Put The Blood

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Black Lillies
Hard To Please

Following up their 2015 single Hard to Please, blues-rock-in-an-empty-truck-stop formation Black Lillies are finally bringing their newest album across the Pond. Hard to Please is filled with road-trip-friendly vocal harmonies and country riffs, borrowing the occasional soul-outbreak, mashed together in a great indie blend.

Leonard Cohen
You Want It Darker

Released prior to his recent and extremely sad death, this is novelist-gone-songwriter Leonard Cohen's 14th studio album. You Want It Darker is not a question, and that is made very clear with the minimal title track having a low ominous choir and an imposing Cohen sounding closer to Laibach’s Milan Fras’ broken baritone monologues than a lounge crooner.

Leonard Cohen
Toronto ‘88

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Albert AF Ekenstam

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Bert Jansch
Living In The Shadows

Living In The Shadows is a beautiful archival treat of a release, containing Bert Jansch’s three albums of the 1990’s: Toy Balloon, When The Circus Comes To Town and The Ornament Tree. Plus! An additional disc of additional materials from Jansch’s personal archives, much of it previously unheard. 4CD or 4LP editions available, both in attractive book-back packaging.

This Record Belongs To ___

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Bert Jansch
Live In Australia

Bert Jansch, playing Live In Australia, in a cafe in 1998. This is a highly direct set, being mostly comprised only of Bert and his guitar, singing familiar favourite songs and newer lat-90’s material alike. The audio has been carefully remastered for this release, which is available on CD or LP, both with liner notes by Colin Harper. On Earth Recordings.

Lee Hazlewood

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Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White
Gentlewoman Ruby Man

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Weyes Blood
Cardamom Times

Weyes Blood is the project of multi-instrumentalist Natalie Mering who earned her stripes with experimental noise-rockers Jackie-O Motherfucker. Her haunted folk template is imbued with influences from Terry Riley to Sybille Baer and writer Anais Nin. Mering recorded Cardamom Times at her home studio at Rockaway Beach in New York using a range of vintage and contemporary instruments.

North Sea Radio Orchestra

Joyful whimsy and mild dischord from North Sea Radio Orchestra on Dronne, their fourth album after a four year break where guitarist Craig Fortnam has been beavering away on his solo projects. Lots of influences come through, including Cardiacs, early Kraftwerk and Britten to make a wholly English sound. Limited edition vinyl and CD on The Household Mark.

Dani Cali / Alain Maclean
Hard Road / Talking Judgement Day Blues

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