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Shade Grown

  • Vinyl LP (BRR270)

A Lilac Decline
The Mountain Rages

A Lilac Decline is the solo project of Cecilia Danell, of both Cubs and Loner Deluxe. The Mountain Rages is an atmospheric suite of intuitive folk music recorded with a brace of traditional instruments, field recordings, wine glasses, shortwave radios etc. for a intimate and individual DIY sound. Cassette release on Rusted Rail.

Jo Foster
I’ll Be Thinking Of You All The Time

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King Creosote
The Lengths

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Trembling Bells / Alex Rex
The Auld Triangle

Like a sort of raggle-taggle version of Band Aid, Scottish folk minstrels Trembling Bells have hauled a pile of their famous friends into the studio to sing this song much beloved of drunks. Alasdair Roberts, Ricky Ross (really?) , Dan Haywood, Mike Heron, Scott Fagan and Amy Cutler all lend a hand on a tune which could rival 'Fairytale of New York' in the weep at Christmas stakes. 
  • Vinyl 10" (TARRSD4)
  • Limited edition

Shirley Collins
Shirley Sings Irish

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The Felice Brothers
Tonight at the Arizona

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Lee Hazlewood
Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

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Townes Van Zandt
Live At Austin City Limits

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Hen Ogledd

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Drive-By Truckers
Live in Studio

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Iron & Wine
Archives Series Volume No. 3

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Glenn Jones & Matthew Azevedo

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Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

The Ones You Keep Close was recorded by Brigid Mae Power with a band that included Peter Broderick (who also took care of recording and mastering the record). Brigid’s lush alternative-folk sound is in fine form right here. Available in vinyl and cassette formats (both accompanied with download codes) on the oscarson label.
  • Vinyl LP (oscarson no 12)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Toy & Rose Elinor Dougall
The Half Remarkable Question / Ride, Ride

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Emmanuelle Parrenin

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Wooden Wand
Clipper Ship

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Nev Cottee
Broken Flowers

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Lynn Castle
Rose Colored Corner

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She Drew The Gun
Memories Of Another Future

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Isla Del Rojo
Isla Del Rojo

Guitarist and composer Ulrik Ording and drummer Daniel Ögren step away from their Mainekk project and after having both worked with Anna Von Hausswolf journey somewhere much lighter with Isla Del Rojo. Focusing heavily on folk music and all that entails, and blending South American styles with a Swedish pop uplift. Limited LP on Tona Serand.

Andrew Bird
The Mysterious Production of Eggs

The Mysterious Production of Eggs was the third solo album emitted by Andrew Bird, originally seeing the light of day in 2005. The talented violin-looper works indie-folk magic here, bringing a light and playful touch to his songwriting. Some very fine classic-Bird whistling here too. Reissued on Bird’s very own label, Wegawam.
  • CD (WEGCD032)

Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison

At Folsom Prison is one of the most beloved Johnny Cash recordings. The music here, more than on any other recording is imbued with his grit, his spirituality and his wry sense of humour. The set list was put together especially for the concert and the songs deal with subjects that would likely be close the inmates thoughts. It was because of this album that Johnny Cash earned the moniker The Man In Black.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88875111971)

Johnny Cash
At San Quentin

At San Quentin is the second prison concert album by Johnny Cash and was originally released in 1969. It followed on from the success of 1968’s At Folsom Prison. Like its predecessor, At San Quentin features an eponymous song damning the institution. It also includes the classic version of A Boy Named Sue.
  • Vinyl LP (88875111981)

Anneli Drecker
Revelation For Personal Use

Norwegian singer Anneli Drecker is drawn from an incredible array of influences and collaborations. Probably best known for her work in Bel Canto, but has also work with acts as diverse as Tsunematsu Matsui and Y.B.U.. Revelation For Personal Use pours all of these into one big pot, making cinematic indie pop that can be as playful as Efterklang,  with the vocal experimentation of Lisa Gerrard.
  • CD (RCD2191)

Frederick Michael St. Jude
Almost Lost

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Bill MacKay

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Dark Dark Dark
Who Needs Who

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Michael Chapman
Wrecked Again

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Brian John McBrearty
blue twenty​-​three

Brian John McBrearty is a Philadelphia guitarist, presenting the twenty-third release in Blue Tapes’ catalogue. On the one side, Brian gets into a rigorous improvised exploration of the tremolo effect, while the other side is all about American Primitive style mixed with hazy drones. Gorgeous music for the left-of-centre guitar fan. C80 cassette on Blue Tapes.

Scott Walker
The Drift

A mere eleven years in the making, The Drift was the long long long awaited thirteenth solo album by former '60s heartthrob Scott Walker. It pushes Walker's increasingly avant-garde sound way into the abstract on an unsettling often tortured album that sees his rich brown baritone fraying at the edges as it competes with ever more out there material. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (CAD2603)

Mark Lanegan Band
Blues Funeral

  • Vinyl Double LP (CAD3202)
  • CD (CAD3202CD)

No No No

Here we have No No No, the first Beirut album since 2011’s The Rip Tide. Here, Zach Condon and friends take a more direct, in-the-studio approach to their sound, somewhat more stripped down in instrumentation than past Beirut work, but still keeping it international, of course. On 4AD, on special limited green vinyl if you’re lucky.
  • Vinyl LP (CADD3525)
  • CD (CAD3525CD)
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  • Beirut
  • 4AD
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Karen Elson
Double Roses

Double Roses has been a slow birth. For nearly seven years after her Jack White-produced debut, Karen Elson struggled to find time to write and record new tracks what with being a mother of two young children. However, she persevered and this collection of Southern Gothic-flecked ditties broods with a similar intensity to her debut. Features a slew of big-name collaborators including Laura Marling and Father John Misty.
  • Vinyl LP (OLIVE1028V)
  • CD (OLIVE1028CD)

Phil Odgers
Roll To The Left

Phil Odgers, known for vocals in ‘The Men They Couldn’t Hang’, has released an eleven-part record called ‘Roll To The Left’. Described as a sharp, fresh and bright collection of tracks that uses his creativeness and brilliance in songwriting, to give us a  pleasurable mix of UK folk and country combined with kitchen sink realism. Available on CD.
  • CD (VSRCD009)

Nadine Shah

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Allred & Broderick
Find The ways

Peter Broderick and David Allred’s musical partnership is a beautiful thing: they use only their voices and their chosen string instruments (violin and upright bass), and they record live, without overdubs or edits. The result is intimate friendship music, simply made but very deep. Find The Ways is released by Erased Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP (ERATP095LP)
  • CD (ERATP095CD)

Max Jury
Under The Covers

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Andrew Combs
Canyons Of My Mind

Described as ‘a landscape where the personal & the pastoral converge’, Canyons Of My Mind is the latest release from Andrew Combs. A little bit sad and a little bit spiritual, this eleven-track album brings together country and folk, with soothing vocals dipped in alternative-rock. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (VJLP231)
  • CD (VJCD231)

Yorkston / Thorne / Khan
Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars

James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan are a near-unique proposition, combining UK folk with jazz-style double bass and Indian classical sarangi. Somehow, these three remarkable talents manage to make the hybrid music they play sound like an obvious fit, like the traditional music of an imagined place. Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars is released by Domino.
  • CD (WIGCD391)

Tullia Benedicta

Tullia Benedicta is an Italian musician with something of a shoegaze past. On debut solo album Anteros however, she works with slinking electronics and cold-eyed vocals, exploring kinky sexual themes through the use of obliquely sampled pornography and cloaked lyricism. CD release on Second Language.

Richard Moult

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Lillie Mae
Over The Hill and Through The Wood

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The Spookfish
Black Hole

Instead of tackling external political or cultural phenomenons, The Spookfish is a candid documentation of a personal journey - representing inward emotions throughout. Dan Goldberg's impressive debut offering, Black Hole, is a creation moulded by the East Coast journeys of the creative New Yorker.
  • Vinyl LP (LPFTK105)
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Robyn Hitchcock
Robyn Hitchcock

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  • CD (KRANK113)

Big Blood/ Micah Blue Smaldone

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Bert Jansch with Loren Auerbach
Colours Are Fading Fast

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Kristin Hersh
Sundrops / The Cuckoo

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Her Name Is Calla

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Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon
The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea

The third album by Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon arrives after seven years away, but it seems that time has only allowed the Irish group to sound more like themselves. Third album The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea has a special feel to it: something in the way that folk songs become swathed in wisps of shoegaze and abstract drones is mysterious and ineffable. It’s special stuff! CD on the Rusted Rail label.

Todd Albright
Detroit Twelve String Blues & Rags

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Emma Gatrill

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Cosmo Sheldrake
Pelicans We

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Middle Brother
Limited Edition 10”

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Richard Edwards
Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset

Richard Edwards, formerly of Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s, has had a pretty rough time in the last few years: a stomach condition almost killed him, and both his band and  his marriage left him behind. But, like any good artist, Richard was able to use these experiences as rich creative fodder: Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset is his powerful and personal response. Released by Joyful Noise.
  • Vinyl Double LP (JNR223LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (JNR223CD)

Coco Hames
Coco Hames

The debut solo album from Coco Hames, an American songwriter in a classic 60’s pop vein. As the frontwoman of The Ettes, our Coco knows her way around a tune, but Coco Hames gives her the chance to get really stuck into her personal favourite pop and country influences. Coco Hames is released by Merge.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG464LP)
  • CD (MRG464CD)

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turns to the great American songbook in grand style with Triplicate, which contains a whole thirty reinterpretations of familiar favourites, spread over three discs. Each disc is a carefully arranged ten-track suite, and Dylan offers some laudably subtle insight into these standards. 3CD and 3LP editions, on Columbia.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (88985413501)
  • CD box set (88985413492)

Keston Cobblers Club
Almost Home

A follow up to their 2015 critically acclaimed album, Almost Home is the latest release from Keston Cobblers Club. A genuine show of warmth and community based music that combines folk with country, paired with a modern ‘poppy’ feel to it; catchy lyrics and dazzling musicianship is shown on this record. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (TRICO1506)

Sean Rowe
New Lore

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Lillie Mae
Forever and Then Some

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Fionn Regan
The Meetings Of The Waters

Fionn Regan’s new album is his first in half a decade, but Fionn reckons it's been brewing for even longer than that, slowly gestating while he worked on other records. That makes The Meetings Of The Waters an essential piece of his catalogue, going into somewhat uncharted territory for him. CD / LP on Abbey Records.
  • Vinyl LP (ABBEYLP171B)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (ABBEYCD171)

Conor Oberst

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Itoko Toma
When The World Will Mix Well

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Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel  - a lady with a piano as Phil accurately surmises in his review of this her second album. This time she is joined by a small gaggle of players including Nils Frahm violinist Anne Muller and Timber Timbre's Mika Posen on a darkly bewitching set of songs that are full of beauty and gentle sonics which bring her songs to life perfectly. 
  • Vinyl LP (PIASR615LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Jeb Loy Nichols
Ya Smell Me

Jeb Loy Nichols limbers up for the release of his forthcoming tenth album with this ‘mini-album’, Ya Smell Me? The record is full to brimming with groovy ‘Country Soul’, Nichols’ own hybrid genre. This 10” vinyl mini-album is limited to 500 copies only on the Meltdown Music label, and comes with an acetate graffiti insert.
  • Vinyl 10" (CCC005)

Robert Millis
The Lonesome High

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Neil Young
Official Release Series Discs 8.5-12

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Willie Nelson / Uncle Tupelo
Truck Drivin’ Man

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Johnny Cash
Koncert v Praze - Live in Prague 1983

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Richmond Fontaine
High Country

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Shuggie Otis

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Shirley Inspired

This right here is a true motherload: British folk legend Shirley Collins is rightly loved by all and sundry musicians, and Earth Records have pulled together an absolute ton of amazing artists to perform her music. Literally too many to list, but if you like folk-inspired music then your favourites will be here. Vinyl box-set all gone, but the triple CD version is still around!
  • Vinyl Triple LP (EARTHLP003)

Enderby’s Room
Enderby’s Room

Enderby’s Room is the project of Dan Mayfield, a violin player whose cropped up alongside Daniel Johnston and Allo Darlin’ among many others over the years. This band, named for an Anthony Burgess character, is an intimate ensemble sketching out the delicate folk outlines of Mayfield’s songs, written over the course of the last decade. CD / LP release on Fika.
  • Vinyl LP (FIKA058LP)
  • CD (FIKA058CD)

Cate Le Bon

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Samantha Crain
You Had Me At Goodbye

Oklahoma sweetheart Samantha Crain treating us to her fifth album already. It’s like somebody made thoughtful upbeat indiepop-folk and that somebody was Samantha, because that's what she did. The album has a slight Western-sound to it, perhaps due to Mountain Goats-producer John Vanderslice’ production work, lending it an authentic feel. She had us at You Had Me At Goodbye. 
  • Vinyl LP (FTH278LP)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (FTH278CDA)

White Sea
Tropical Odds

White Sea (aka Morgan Kibby)’s past lies in The Romanovs and in her key role in M83’s best loved albums. Tropical Odds is her second full-length outing as a solo artist, and it boasts supermassive pop hooks and lush synths all round. White Sea’s work basically carries that addictive M83 DNA and carries it into even popper realms. Yay! Out on Les Disques du Crepuscule.
  • CD (TWI1233CD)

Galley Beggar
Heathen Hymns

Gallery Beggar have released an eight-part record entitled Heathen Hymns. A solid and genuine release that captures so many different areas of psychedelic folk music, many of which have never explored before! This release has been described as unequivocal triumph for creativity and is available Vinyl LP and CD.
  • CD (RISECD208)

James Blackshaw
Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat

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Okkervil River
Mermaid / Walked Out On A Line

  • Vinyl 12" (JAG184)

Alasdair Roberts

Deep-rooted Scottish folksman Alasdair Roberts presents a new mixture of traditional and original songs, as nuanced as ever. Unlike his previous album, Pangs is a full-band electric affair, with trusty sidemen Alex Neilson and Stevie Jones on board (plus several other guests). Excellent folk / folk-rock from a modern master. Out on Drag City.
  • CD (DC657CD)
  • Vinyl LP (DC657)

The Summer Of Sepia

A dense, sad and strange neo-folk record from Eagle/Deer. Summer of Sepia is a collection of American folk music driven by Sara Charles solo banjo and guitar playing and delicate vocals. Her haunting mountain tales and multi-instrumentalism bring to mind Sufjan Stevens, and this vinyl LP is available on Blast First Petite.
  • Vinyl LP (PTYT073LP)

Laura Marling
Semper Femina

The new album from Laura Marling is landing! Semper Femina, her sixth full-length, shows off a mature talent and a confident creativity: these songs are intimate and complex and full of sharp details that will make you look twice. Released as a CD, single LP or as a deluxe double LP edition (now sold out!), which bolsters Semper Femina with bonus live material. On More Alarming Records.
  • Vinyl LP (MORAMR001LP)
  • CD (MORAMR001CD)

Julien Baker
Funeral Pyre / Distant Solar System

Sold out - sorry!

Enderby’s Room
My Old Friend

Sold out - sorry!

Tim Darcy
Saturday Night

Ought are one of our favourite bands here at the towers and much of the enjoyment we get is down to singer Tim Darcy's twangy distinctive vocals and oddball lyrical dexterity. If we thought his solo work was going to go down the weird route of his excellent tape collaboration with AJ Cornell then from early teasers this could be a surprise sounding very much like the Strokes or Parquet Courts.  
  • CD (JAG302CD)

Quicksand / Cradlesnakes

  • Vinyl Double LP (DOC119LP)

Myriam Gendron
Not So Deep As A Well

Sold out - sorry!

Live In Denton

Sold out - sorry!

Daniel Romano
Modern Pressure

Ontario-based musician Daniel Romano has released a twelve-piece full length record entitled Modern Pressure. A great mix of alternative-rock and folk and country music, this release seems like it could have fit in 1980’s bible-belt America. Unrestrained and undeviated, this record is available on Vinyl LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (NW5182)
  • CD (NW6396)

Laura Marling
Blues Run The Game / Needle And The Damage Done

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Michael Nau
Some Twist

After the short lived indie-folk-pop projects Page France and Cotton Jones Michael Nau went it alone, and after two full lengths in 2016 he returns to Full Time Hobby with a third. Close, warm and personal indie pop tracks with Good Thing being a perfect lead into his fireside crackle tone. Bleedin’ lovely.
  • CD (FTH292CD)

Neko Case
Live From Austin, TX

Despite beginning her career as a punk rock drummer and spending a large part of it singing back up for New Pornographers, it is for her voice that Neko Case will probably be remembered. I once saw it described as "the sort of voice that does something funny to a man". Here it is swooping and carousing in a live set from 2003. Case picks out bits of her first three solo records and performs them with gusto to some pretty happy Texans.  
  • Vinyl LP (NW5159)
  • CD (NW6378)

Bob Dylan
House Of The Risin’ Sun

Sold out - sorry!

Old Fire
Songs From The Haunted South

Old Fire presents a collection of remarkably lush and rich Songs From The Old South, thick with bass and strings and reverb. The presentation of this release is really very fine, being a 180g heavyweight vinyl LP housed in a Vaughan Oliver-designed sleeve with metallic printing. Additionally, there is a download code and a bonus CD containing an ‘ambient album deconstruction’. On Brooklyn Bridge Records.

Cold Fact

We all know the story by now. American singer-songwriter Rodriguez releases his debut LP in 1970 to little fanfare and modest sales. Meanwhile somehow the record gets picked up by music lovers in South Africa and the record goes platinum. The story is covered in life affirming detail in the Searching for the Sugarman film but if you don't have it already, you'll need this re-issue of his classic first album - full of warm sunshine vibes like a Bob Dylan on prozac. 
  • CD (7789625)

Jon Porras
Orilla Oscura

Sold out - sorry!

Benoît Pioulard

The second LP from Benoit Pioulard arrives via Kranky (Brian McBride, Tim Hecker). As it was on 2006’s Précis, so it is again with Temper. This is another set that blends the electronic and the acoustic into tracks of quiet feeling and gentle motion. Think Panda Bear but if he had been in, like, The Postal Service instead of Animal Collective.
  • CD (KRANK123)

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