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John Grant
Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

Following collaborations with the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Goldfrapp and Elton John, as well as sell-out European show and a recent US tour with the Pixies, ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ is Brit award winner John Grant’s third album release. The tone of the record is heavy with Grant’s dark humour and features an ...view item »

Advance Base
Nephew In The Wild

Advance Base has spent the three years since his last record contributing to the works of Sun Kil Moon and Serengeti, but now the time is right for a proper new album. Nephew In The Wild is an American record, full of old-time tales put to a slightly lethargic indie-rock tune. Released ...view item »

Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachman settles into his good old chair, and lays out another record of solo acoustic guitar. It takes impressive ability to take such an object and make it sound fresh again, but Bachman has that ability, and River wends its way through a number of beautiful tunes old and new. Very nice. On Thre...view item »

Jerusalem In My Heart
If He Dies, If If If If If If

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh has had a long relationship with Constellation, Montreal's banner-label for post-rock and any experimental music that grows from its roots. He's produced records for post-punkers Ought and avant-jazz artist Matana Roberts, made albums with folk-warper Eric Chenaux...view item »

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks
Country Agenda

Another warm collection of country-tinged tunes from the every-improving Alex Bleeker & The Freaks. As bass player in Real Estate Bleeker knows a thing or two about intelligent songwriting - proven further here with Country Agenda - a passionate yet understated album. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Sinderlyn....view item »

Dave Heumann
Here In The Deep

Dave Heumann branches out from the band we all know him from, Arboretum, to release a solo record. Here In The Deep is a warm and lovely folk-rock album in the rich tradition of long-haired US troubadours. Heumann receives assistance from members of Lower Dens and ...view item »

Olga Bell

Olga Bell has a knack for detail: some of the tracks on new mini-album Incitation are stripped back to the minimum of elements: clipped beats and distant bass backdrops. Bell’s excellent voice is always present though, sounding intimate and close in the midst of these wide, sparse soundscapes. On ...view item »

Trader Horne
Morning Way

Morning Way, the only album ever made by Trader Horne, is considered a major (and majorly unappreciated) example of 1970’s British psychedelic folk. First of all, just look at that cover art! The music is similarly colourful, varied, and wonderfully odd. Reissued by Earth Recordings on CD or red coloured vinyl....view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy
Ease Down The Road

Slammed in between "I See a Darkness" and "Master and Everyone" (both very high on most people's list of BPB albums) comes this, a grower/hit and miss. At its best it can be breathtaking, in a way that only Will Oldham can, simultaneously sparse, dark, romantic, cryptic yet full of longing/menace. The songs "Careless Love" and "After I Made Love...view item »

Matt Berry & The Maypoles
Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live

The fact that actor / man-with-a-remarkable-voice Matt Berry is releasing albums and touring with his band The Maypoles may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t really, as Berry has been making music for years. This live recording captures an on-form set of their prog-folk, and com...view item »

Shirley Collins
The Bonny Cuckoo

Fledg’ling Records series of Shirley Collins reissues continues with The Bonny Cuckoo 7” EP. The recordings were captured by Alan Lomax in London in October 1957. The EP contains two versions of Bonny Cuckoo and Bonny Labouring Boy. One version of each is acapella and one v...view item »

Korey Dane

Korey Dane apparently wrote this brace of songs while hitchin’ around the good old US of A, and the consequent record, Youngblood, is thus filled with down-home American stories of hitting the road. Dane’s songwriting shows that he obviously had a great time, and has fixed himself up with so...view item »

Michael Yonkers

Reissue of Michael Yonkers debut record, first released in 1973 (and recorded in 1969). Grimwood sounds like a classic folk record from that period, but there is a certain oddity to it as well. Yonkers’ vocals waver with an uncertain vibrato, and his songs are an intimate direct line to his mind. ...view item »

Alpine Frequency

Alpine Frequency by MV & EE has been likened to a pair of Neil Young’s patched-up jeans, suggesting that, unlike their previous work, it is a collage of sound. A patchwork quilt of sounds brought together to make a sprawling double LP. They mix psychedelia, appalachian folk and aspects of indi...view item »

The City
Now That Everything's Been Said

A masterpiece of 60s rock, Now That Everything’s Been Said has been waiting for a vinyl reissue for far too long. The City, songwriter Carole King’s band, is brimming with optimistic, polyphonic and rebellious energy. A great opportunity to dig up your mum's wide jeans and the shad...view item »

Glen Hansard
Didn't He Ramble

Solo-projects come and go, but Glen Hansard keeps coming back. While taking a break from The Frames and The Swell Season, he has recorded his second full-length Didn’t He Ramble. Featuring collaborations with Sam Bean and Sam Amidon, his new album...view item »


Ratatosk makes intimate folk music that sits in a haze: sometimes, the haze takes over the songs, drawing them out into the atmosphere. Detachment is served as a hand-assembled package that includes the CDr, a download code for a whole extra 6 track EP, and a flurry of beautiful bonuses including a ‘boat fact card...view item »

Jaye Bartell

Jaye Bartell is a singer/songwriter and poet who originates from Massachusetts. A transient figure, he began work on his new album, Loyalty after moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Loyalty is a dark and brooding gothic folk work, the music being the perfect backdrop for his rich, full toned voice and expressive ly...view item »

This Record Belongs To ___

This Record Belongs To _____ is a children’s record for parents who think it extremely important that their young ones start appreciating vinyl as soon as possible (no surprise then, that Jack White’s Third Man Records is behind it). However, the tracklisting, including Carole King, ...view item »

Peter Buck
I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again

On the back sleeve are several photos of the former R.E.M man and his buddies in the studio, all grey hair and black suited just late middle aged guys having some fun. And that pretty much sums up Buck’s post R.E.M output. He’s not taking it all that seriously. Its absolute no wonder that Buck was never ...view item »

James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg

A beautifully augmented duet from James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg. Ambsace reinvigorates Americana with intricate, delicate fingerpicking that’s as technically impressive as it is harmonious. With connections through Jeff Tweedy and Steve Gunn, these are seasoned players with a knack for nostalgia. Out on CD a...view item »

Charlene Soraia
Love Is The Law

Charlene Soraia is the latest Brit School singer-songwriter to step up to the pop plate. Love Is The Law is her second record, and a strong set of producers and co-writers have given it the right sheen for a hit. Lead single ‘Caged’ is a strong number about a bad relationship, already seeing radio success. R...view item »

John Hulburt
Opus III

John Hulbert’s Opus III is a remarkable work of solo acoustic guitar, originally released in 1972 as a private pressing. Naturally it attracted little to no attention, but it’s been picked up since, and this reissue on Tompkins Square gives everyone a chance to inhabit these lively, detailed instrumentals....view item »

Music Today

Daniel Higgs and Fumie Ishii are Fountainsun and Music Today is their debut album. A poetic fusion of guitar, flute and folksy tales, it offers a timeless, hypnotic style with a tinge of Eastern influence. Recorded in the baking sun and rolling waves of Big Sur, California.  Out on translucent vinyl LP on Gnomelife...view item »

Corb Lund
Things That Can't Be Undone

Corb Lund is quite possibly the Canada’s biggest country musician, and has the distinction of being raised on his family’s ranch, making him more or less an actual cowboy. Things That Can’t Be Undone is another set of well-polished tunes, released by New West Records. CD, LP, or CD with special bonus D...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
All Across This Land

Over the years Blitzen Trapper have incorporated just about every kind of guitar based music into their sound from indie-folk, alt. country, alt. rock and psychedelia. It seems the experimentation with different styles has paid off as their new album All Across This Land seems to tie up all the these strands into one fo...view item »

Tir na nOg

Tir na nOg are an Irish psychedelic, progressive rock band who have been a bit quiet for 40 years or so.This is a 7” of their new single, Ricochet, from their upcoming album The Dark Dance, their first album in 40 years.It’s a dark, building slice of psychedelia and is backed with a ...view item »

Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal has been out of view for over two years: turns out he was busy prepping Noctunes, his sweeping new LP. The feel of this music occurs to me as space-soul: not space in George Clintonesque way, but in the sense that it feels like Beal’s intense vocals feel like they...view item »

Blackwinged Night

Phaedra is the solo project of one Ingvlid Langgård, a fine art graduate who brings a rich compositional talent as well as a strong visual art practice. On Blackwinged Night, the second album of a proposed trilogy, classical instruments and synthesised rhythms support dramatic, performative vocals...view item »

Andrew Kidman
Glass Love

Andrew Kidman is both filmmaker and musician, and this release contains his self-composed soundtrack to his 2006 film Glass. Kidman apparently made the music first and then let the film (which centers around surfing) follow the sound, which is an admirable approach indeed. LP release on Anthology Record...view item »

Lou Barlow
Brace The Wave

New Lou Barlow album! Brace The Wave is the third album Lou Barlow has recorded under his own name. It’s his first since Goodnight Unknown in 2009. Barlow was a key figure in the alternative Boston, Massachusetts music scene in the late ‘80s and ‘90s firstly with Dinos...view item »

Frog Eyes
Pickpocket’s Locket

One of Canadian indie rock's most generous and outlandish songwriters, Carey Mercer has had a testing few years making records as Blackout Beach and Frog Eyes while battling illness and writing philosophical essays about fatality. His last record, Carey's Cold Spring, was at turns an...view item »
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Diane Coffee
Everybody's A Good Dog

Shaun Fleming, from Foxygen, is also known as Diana Coffee. His/her new album is recorded in a proper studio. Fans would know that’s special, because that means that Everybody’s a Good Dog is not hampered by instrumental limitations. The result is a bombastic, joyous, soulful rock record with moody lyrics....view item »

Dan Wilson
All Love Is Blind

The debut solo album from The Cubicle frontman Dan Wilson looks backwards to the ballads of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Gordon Lightfoot, infusing them with a Liverpudlian lilt. All Love Is Blind is richly produced and infused with a roadworn melancholy that’s drenched in a typical kind of loneliness. Out on CD f...view item »
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Elliot Moss

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but Elliot Moss, with his slow and deep electronic music, is more of a rumbler. His voice cuts through clever instrumentation, with a subtle jazz influences drawing you in further. Highspeeds is the 21-year-old’s debut album, and invites compa...view item »

Josh Ritter
Sermon On The Rocks

Josh Ritter is a highly regarded American singer/songwriter. He got his break when Glen Hansard invited him to tour with his band, The Frames. His brand of Americana reached a wider audience with his breakthrough third album, Hello Starling in 2005. Sermon On The Rocks is his e...view item »

Dawn McCarthy
Traveller Returning : Circa 1997-2000

Traveller Returning: Circa 1997-2000 by Dawn McCarthy is a collection of songs that were inspired by McCarthy’s travels away from her native New York City. It shows her transitioning and finding her own voice. They are early versions of songs that would become the core of her band, Faun Fables&rsq...view item »

The Last Hurrah!!

The Last Hurrah!! brings songwriter HP Gundersen together with vocal muse Maesa Pullman, and the group is back with their third album, Mudflowers. The record digs deep into Americana traditions, transcribed via Sweden. This is a record of real old fashioned songcraft here, very nice. Re...view item »

Briana Marela
All Around Us

Jagjaguwar presents the second album of Briana Marela, entitled All Around Us. Here, Marela’s voice lies at the centre of a swirl of melodic electronics, stuttering drum machines and, well, here own voice again, multitracked into a choir. The LP release reflects this with its own swirly design....view item »

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
What The Brothers Sang

Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Prince Billy sound quite beautiful singing together. This album is incredibly well executed and there’s clearly a love for the Everly Brothers songs they’ve chosen to cover. “Breakdown” which opens the album starts softly with McCarthy on lead vocal. The song swells into a great chorus with the pa...view item »

Beth Orton

High time for some reissues of Beth Orton albums don’t you think? The Rhino label think so, and thus they have pressed to (180g) vinyl this album, along with Comfort of Strangers. Daybreaker scored into the Top Ten when it was first released in 2002, and it finds Orton in a lounging folkt...view item »

Beth Orton
Comfort Of Strangers

High time for some reissues of Beth Orton albums don’t you think? The Rhino label think so, and thus they have pressed to (180g) vinyl this album, along with Daybreaker. Comfort of Strangers was recorded with the help of Jim O’Rourke as producer, so you just know that every little c...view item »

Jock Scot
My Personal Culloden

Certified weirdo, rock poet, and recent British Sea Power collaborator Jock Scot made My Personal Culloden in 1997, when it was first released on Postcard Records. It conjures up a curious blend of Scot intoning his prose / poetry and a varied collection of musical backings. Reissued by...view item »

Grant Hart
Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo is an acoustic live album by Grant Hart. It was recorded in Seattle in 1994. The set shows Hart at his most vulnerable as his desperation is laid bare in his honest lyrics from songs that are stripped to the bone. Ecce Homo contains songs from his time with Husker Du, Nova Mob...view item »

Terry de Castro
You Can’t Separate Light

Terry De Castro has a busy history, having played with The Wedding Present, Cinerama and Goya Dress. Solo, she steps away from the bass guitar with which she has made her name and steps to the mic, where she delivers heartfelt Americana. You Can’t Separate Light i...view item »
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Meilyr Jones
Refugees / Birds

Meilyr Jones splits this single between a heartfelt solo piano and voice song, Refugees, and the full baroque orchestral sweep of Birds. Both pieces showcase a grand musical style and a reality-rooted lyrical intent, with lines including “switch off the television”. Refugees / Birds is out ...view item »

Zachary Cale

A sad man with a guitar continues to channel his inner self-serious balladeer with tunes shot through the lens of late (but good) era Bob Dylan and the constancy of Nick Cave's spidery, touching songs. This guy's name is actually Zachary Cale and Duskland ...view item »

Samantha Crain
Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

Samantha Crain sings and songwrites a music that feels firmly grounded in a pastoral landscape: this could indeed have been played Under Branch & Thorn & Tree. Arrangements involve prominent fiddle and acoustic guitar, always subtly constructed, and Crain’s vocals have a rich grain to them...view item »

Jackson C. Frank
The Complete Recordings

Like Jackson C. Frank? Well then, Ba Da Bing! are your new best friends: the label is releasing The Complete Recordings of the great man, conveniently available as either three separate records or a single triple-disc CD box-set. His delicate, mournful, and all-round remarkable folk music is well worth owning in full....view item »

Monk Parker
How The Spark Loves The Tinder

Here we have the debut solo album of Monk Parker, although it has quite a few musicians on it for a solo album (more than thirty). How The Spark Loves The Tinder is one of those indie-ish americana records, Parker's wearied vocals providing a strong centre for these woozy songs. On Bronzerat ...view item »

Rozi Plain

Friend is the third album by alt-folk practitioner Rozi Plain. The Winchester-born singer/songwriter has roped in of Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and a few members of Francois & The Atlas Mountains to help on this record. You may have heard the single Actually...view item »

Be Yourself : A Tribute to Graham Nash's 'Songs For Beginners'

Lone Wolf

Paul Marshall aka Lone Wolf gives us his entry into the canon of ‘albums made in a secluded cabin’ with Lodge. Every note of his rather bleak, yet ornate ballads were recorded in the Bridlington lodge in an album of rawly captured piano, trumpet, drums and voice. On LP and CD from SNWF records....view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Momentary Masters

From Albert Hammond Junior - the chap from the Strokes - comes this jangly indie pop album titled Momentary Masters. Ten tracks which he thinks ‘are the best that he’s ever written’. Well, we’re not going to argue. Tight, fun guitar tracks - definitely harking back to early Strokes material. One for fans ...view item »

Pete Astor
Mr. Music

Singer/songwriter and Creation records trailblazer Pete Astor (The Loft, The Weather Prophets, Ellis Island Sound and Wisdom of Harry) has also worked as an A&R manager for the likes of Hefner, Cornershop and Republica. The single ‘Mr. Music’ is the first in a series of releases for Fortuna Pop with Veronica Falls/ Proper Ornamen...view item »

J Fernandez
Many Levels of Laughter

J Fernandez sounds like he has been sitting out in the sun for a long time thinking about these songs, enjoying the warmth but also feeling a bit sad. Not too sad, but a touch of melancholy. Many Levels Of Laughter is a very well crafted piece of psychedelic songwriting, pressed to LP (including some indie-store-exclusi...view item »

Aero Flynn
Aero Flynn

Josh Scott, the brains behind the operation of Aero Flynn, has been back and forth on his willingness to put his music out there in the world for years. Thankfully for an adoring public however, he has been persuaded by co-producer and friend Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and this d...view item »
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Thalia Zedek

Ex-bandmate of Codeine's Chris Brokaw (in the group Come) and one-time singer in Uzi, Thalia Zedek's new ensemble is a veritable supergroup. Featuring Mel Lederman (Victory at Sea), Dave Bryson (Son Volt), David Michael Curry (Willard Grant Conspiracy) and old '...view item »

Breaks Co Op
The Otherside

Breaks Co Op are a new band to me which features Zane Lowe (yep....him!). They're from New Zealand you know... This debut UK single is without seeming rude to gay people (we're all screaming benders here deep down aside from Ant cos he's a bit butch) is the gayest thing I've heard in my ent...view item »
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Spooner Oldham
Pot Luck

Spooner Oldham released his one and only solo album back in 1972. The man wrote songs and played keys for a wide variety of classic soul artists, but this is the only opportunity to hear him take centre stage. God knows why, as he sounds very comfortable there. Pot Luck is fully remastered and reissued by Light In The A...view item »

John Wolfington
American Dreamsicle

Astrid Williamson
Here Come The Vikings

The Webb Brothers
Cold Fingers

The Webb Brothers are Christiaan and Justin Webb. They are the sons of songwriter extraordinaire Jimmy Webb who wrote songs such as "Wichita Lineman" and "Galveston" for Glen Campbell. "Cold Fingers" was taken from their debut album "Beyond The Biosphere" which was released in 1998, and in my opinion it's the best song on the album. If "Cold Fin...view item »

Timothy Victor

The Errant Charm

A while ago someone gave me one of Vertivers first albums. I waited for awhile to listen to it but I was hooked from that day forward. Every album I’ve heard of theirs gets play time. This album is great from start to finish. I can put this on and play it and not have the feeling to jump tracks. It has a fresh romantic sound that works gre...view item »

Tight Knit

Very nice album, but at first I wasn't as knocked out as I had hoped. I really enjoyed the band's covers album, "Thing of the Past," so I had high hopes for this one too. To be honest, it took a long time to grow on me. But that's always one of the qualities of really good music; it grows on you. There are definite subtle elements to these songs...view item »

From The Twilight, Next To Nowhere And Disappeared

Turin Brakes
5 Mile (These Are The Days)

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Luke Toms
Peace By Myself

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Throw Me The Statue

I really dig this CD for its diversity. It's got some great lo-fi pop songs that are catchy but never repetitive or overly simplistic. It also has some great rock tunes where they really get it going on the guitar. The tracks are polished enough that you don't have to be an indie rock nerd to enjoy it on a first listening but it's also layered enou...view item »

Kevin Tihista's Red Terror
Wake Up Captain

George Thomas And The Owls
Shooting Cabin Songs

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These Ship Wrecks
Raw Powerless

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Ghoul's Out

Owl & Mouse

With the sweet Australian voice of Hannah Botting, Owl & Mouse are treating us to another album. Gentle pop songs emerge from careful orchestrations on Departures, the band featuring an expanded cast of musicians. A great record for when you really need to bury your melancholy. Or for when you like pretty songs, of ...view item »

Jason Steel
The Weight of Care

Now this guy produces a sweet take on his chosen genre, one that resides in that dusty old field over yonder ie. alt. country/Americana. He’s from Sheffield, erm, Steel City is this laddie and this is the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Fire Begot Ash’. ...view item »

Hannah Peel
Rebox 2

Rebox is the title that Hannah Peel gives to her series of cover EPs, in which her voice and a small hand-cranked music box are the primary instruments. John Grant, Perfume Genius, East India Youth and Wild Beasts provide the songs covered on Rebox ...view item »

Sharon Van Etten
I Don't Want To Let You Down EP

One of those nice, tidy little clear-up releases from Sharon Van Etten here on Jagjaguwar. I Don’t Want To Let You Down follows up her Are We There album from last year with five tracks not on that album, forming a rather good little EP, with all the Van Etten hallmarks pleasingly pleasan...view item »

Mishka Shubaly
Coward’s Path

A quite stunningly personal album here from Mishka Shubaly, who delves deep into his own life to bring to bear his own experience of alcoholism. The Coward’s Path indeed. This constitutes pretty potent material, although to his credit Shubaly ensure the record is not a one-note affair, often as co...view item »
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Paul Weller
Going My Way

Going My Way is a single taken from Paul Weller’s latest album, Saturn’s Pattern, jaunting along between tender quiet piano-led parts and bouncier bits. He even gets a small choir to join in towards the end. The B-side, ‘I Spy’, is exclusive to this release, not appearing on the album. 7...view item »

Frank Turner
Positive Songs For Negative People

Positive Songs For Negative People is album number six from singer/songwriter Frank Turner. Once again he is backed by his trusty sidekicks The Sleeping Souls. He recorded the album in Nashville with producer Butch Walker at the controls. Like his best work, Turner tells tales of people winning aga...view item »

The Singing Skies
Routine & War

With Status Quo giving exclusivity to Tesco for their new album it's a tough time for the sort of record shops that attempt to stock things that aren't the Girls Aloud comeback tour CD and make up bag box set. The Singing Skies are not Status Quo and the ...view item »
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Trick of The Night

This Sixtoes CD on Toe Music is lovely. It's called Trick of The Night and it's a CD only affair. Immediately you'll be struck in the face with a high pitched warbly voice you'll either love or hate. It's one of those voices which will either make or break the CD for you. Unusually for me (as I pretty much hate the human voice and everyone who has ...view item »
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Benjamin Shaw
I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got

Matthew Sawyer & The Ghosts
Blue Birds Blood

Matthew Sawyer and The Ghosts have a CD out on the fine Stolen Recordings label called 'Blue Birds Blood'. Apparently this dude played drums in the TV Personalities.... hey he has my vote already. This is some nice anti folk type gear along the lines of what Jeffrey Lewis was doing a few years back.... along with some Daniel Johnston isms (more of ...view item »

Danny Saul
Harsh, Final

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Andy Robbins
Two Horses

Yesterday we listened to a promo of the new Venetian Snares 12" and it was well funny. It's called 'Horsey Noises' but Andy Robbins' CD on We Like Danger is called Two Horses. Hopefully they're making horsey noises though? Andy Robbins doesn't specify if that's the case but he does sing some nicely understated Americana-ish songs which are soo...view item »

The R.G. Morrison
Farewell, My Lovely

Calexico / Iron and Wine
In The Reins

A decade ago, the indie-sphere’s two favourite purveyors of folk-country-americana, Calexico and Iron & Wine, teamed up for In The Reigns, a half-hour collaborative EP. The harmonies that the singers collectively conjure up are marvelous, and the arrangements sound like a band who’ve kno...view item »

The House On The Causeway

'The house on the causeway' is the new long player from Reigns and the follow up to 'We lowered the microphone into the ground' which saw the band recording in a 'seemingly bottomless' hole in the sommerset downs and “Styne Vallis”, which was recorded in and around a submerged village that had been evacuated and strategically flooded in...view item »

Puerto Muerto

What we need are more labels that put out what the heck they like. Fire are one of those and for that we are grateful. This Puerto Muerto thing they've unleashed is pretty interesting. Again Black Heart Procession springs to mind but there's a lady singing so there's a bit of Tarnation in ...view item »

Puerto Muerto
Crimson Beauty

Oh this is much better! Puerto Muerto have a smashing CD single out on Fire called 'Crimson Beauty', a rambling country sing along that makes me wanna kick back & enjoy a bottle of Jack Daniels & a broad. Fire records tend the bar....view item »

The Phoenix Cube
Walking The Shore

More experimentation from The Phoenix Cube with Walking the Shore. Quite fitting then as waves of sound flood the office with twinkly piano and alien sounds that sound like they come from the bbc's Clangers. hypnotic beats and deep bass have now entered the sound wall.... ...view item »

Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier are a Minneapolis-based songwriting team composed of Peter Pisano (Wars Of 1812) and Brian Moen (Laarks and Amateur Love). They play a stripped down version of classic Americana style rock in the vein of other North Midwest groups like Bon Iver and Volcano Choir. Pisano's voice has a distinct clarity to it that is instantly appe...view item »
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Daniel Romano
If I've Only One Time Askin'

Daniel Romano performs music that is fairly indebted to country, though it has feet in a few other genre-pies. Romano’s rich baritone leads it all onwards, singing of pain and heartbreak, naturally. If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ is also rich in arrangements, delicate fiddle and surges o...view item »

Christopher Paul Stelling
Labor Against Waste

‘Labor Against Waste’ is modern day troubadour Christopher Paul Stelling’s debut album following a character building four hundred shows in three years. His melodic, blues influenced finger-picking style carries his dramatic and deeply personal storytelling baritone vocal, accompanied by stomps, claps, french horn, flugelhorn, ...view item »

Night Beds

Vinyl and CD on Dead Oceans. Night Beds is the project of Colarado’s Winston Yellen. Following his greatly revered debut in 2013 Ivywild breaks away from the Bon Iver esque alt-country and delves into an equally emotionally wrought electronic and R’n’B infused affair. ...view item »

Paul Weller
Saturns Pattern

Saturns Pattern is Paul Weller’s eleventh solo studio album but his first for the Parlophone label. Weller describes the album as being different to everything else he’s done and different to all other music that currently exists. I’m sure fans of the Modfather will love it though, with a dose of the u...view item »

Owen Pallett
In Conflict

'Bor-ing' says the post-it note and despite all Pallet's orchestral best intentions I'm sort of agreeing. He's like an X Factor sandpapered Arthur Russell, everything is in place; violins are continually a-staccato, arrangements are Dirty Projectors ambitious an...view item »

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