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Joakim Skogsberg
Jola Rota

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Cory Hanson
The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo

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Wanda Junes
Hi Fi Record Album

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Spring & Shade

I wonder if the surge of CD's will ever become a retro collectors item like vinyls are? If so, this CD EP will more than likely become a collectors item a) for the quality of music on it, and b) for the stunning album art. Spring & Shade is the latest release from PicaPica and is available on CD from Rough Trade. 

Jim James
Tribute To

When George Harrison died in 2001, Jim James of My Morning Jacket reacted by playing a bunch of Harrison’s songs on an acoustic guitar into an 8 track recorder. The results are sparse and emotional and made into an album called Tribute To which was originally released in 2009. Now it is being reissued by ATO on LP and CD. The reissue will include the track, If Not For You, which didn’t make it onto the original release.

Jim James
Tribute To 2

Jim James the artist whose name is one letter away from being a pet name for pyjamas (and My Morning Jacket guy) releases 'Tribute to 2'  - an album of hope where he covers some of his favourite songs just for fun or to make himself feel better. Not to be confused with 'Tribute To' ...his previous album of George Harrison covers.  

Rainer & Das Combo
The Texas Tapes

Recorded in 1993, its a very fine album of post-blues music from slide-guitar supremo Rainer Ptacek and his Das Combo bandmates. The Texas Tapes feel intimate and fragile, as if some songs are on the point of vanishing into dust. This vinyl reissue with download code includes a number of demo versions and mixes by Billy Gibbons (he of ZZ TOP fame). On Fire.

Rainer Ptacek
Worried Spirits

Rainer Ptacek (a member of Giant Sand) was a talented slide-guitarist working in a blues / post-blues mould, weaving powerful and intimate performances with his desert voice and knife-edge steel-stringed guitar. Worried Spirits is a 1992 collection of rare recordings, now reissued in commemoration of his 1997 passing. Vinyl reissue from Fire.

Leonard Cohen
The Future

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Lee Hazlewood
Something Special

Welcome to a series of Light In The Attic reissues of the selected works of Lee Hazlewood. Something Special, his third album for MGM, is somewhat stripped back compared to the rest of the trilogy: more like a late-night bar than an epic orchestral studio. Fully remastered from the original tapes with a bonus track thrown in too.

Lucio Battisti
Amore E Non Amore

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Lagniappe Sessions Volume 1

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Lucinda Williams
Just A Little More Faith & Grace

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The Delta Bell
Hold Fast The Fire

The Delta Bell hail from Brighton and describe themselves as post-country. Hold Fast The Fire is lush and confident record. It’s warm and anthemic with whisky-soaked laments, gothic country and plenty of heartbreak. This all highlights the songwriting prowess of vocalist Kate Gerrard and restrained musicianship of the band.

Mount Eerie
Ocean Roar

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Andrew Bird
Echolocations: River

Echolocations: River is the second installment of a series of recordings by Andrew Bird that were recorded at a specific location. This time, under the Hyperion Bridge in Atwater Village, Los Angeles was the chosen site, which was though to have interesting acoustic properties. The album contains eight instrumental pieces inspired by the recording location. As with its predecessor, Echolocations: Canyon, Echolocations: River has a companion film made by Tyler Manson. LP and CD on Wegawam.

Sir Richard Bishop
Road To Siam

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Harry Stafford
Guitar Shaped Hammers

Harry Stafford might be known to you from his time fronting the band Inca Babies, where he sung and played guitar. But look! No guitars on this record here. Instead, Harry has transferred his talents to piano (the ‘Guitar Shaped Hammers’ of the title), playing punky piano blues with some dubby touches in the production. Fair play Harry, the instrument transfer worked. On Black Lagoon.

Shannon Lay
Living Water

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Lost Harbours
Towers of Silence

Hauntingly beautiful folk from the ever shifting line-up that makes Lost Harbours. Led by Richard Thompson and Emma Reed, they bring in some extra vocalists, and paint a drone inspired picture of alt-folk. With influences coming from Current 93, Six Organs Of Admittance, Coil and Wolf Eyes. LP on Liminal Noise Tapes.

All The Merry Year Round

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Bright Eyes
A Christmas Album

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Being There (Deluxe Edition)

Being There was the second album to be released by Wilco. 1996 was a fruitful time for Jeff Tweedy and Co. as they had enough high quality songs to fill a double album. The rich, creative period is borne out by this reissue which is spread over 5 CDs or 4 LPs and includes previously unreleased tracks, live stuff and alternate versions of Wilco classics.

A.M. (Deluxe Edition)

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Neil Young + Promise Of The Real
The Visitor

For many years now, Neil’s M.O. has been to rush into the studio and unburden himself of whatever his latest preoccupation might be. Unsurprisingly, this time it involves the current occupant of the White House. Young’s always had a habit of proclaiming his US patriotism, but here at least, the title undercuts the irony of his status as a Canuck blow-in. Judging by the preview tracks, his intent is to combat the crassness and divisiveness in American politics with rousing affirmations of positivity and defiance. The dense clutter of Already Great and the orchestral bombast of Children of Destiny don’t give much indication as to what the album as whole will be like, but it’s reasonable to expect a couple of gems in there. and that Promise of the Real will lend the songs their mixture of comparatively youthful energy and rootsy swagger.

Hans Chew
Open Sea

Open Sea is the fourth album by pianist, songwriter and Uncut Magazine favourite, Hans Chew. During the recording of his previous albums, Chew has been moving from city to city, bringing up themes of longing and not having found what he’s looking for. Now firmly based in New York, Open Sea finds him looking more inwardly, pondering his being, life and work.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

Simples. Does what it says on the tin. Released in 1967 (so you are only going to get the early hits here) ten of Bob Dylan's most well known tracks for anyone who just wants a light skim over his greatest years. Mr Tambourine Man, Blowing in the Wind, Like A Rolling Stone etc etc are all present, correct and sung in a style reminiscent of the starter motor in a petrol lawnmower.   

Bob Dylan
Another Side of Bob Dylan

Another Side of Bob Dylan is the great man’s fourth album, put out in 1964 while the world was really waking up to him. Another Side is solo Dylan, nice and direct, with his unique voice standing alone apart from guitar and harmonica. The tracklisting includes classics like ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’. Vinyl reissue from Columbia.

Miles Cooper Seaton
Phases In Exile

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Saulius Petreikis & Domas Strupinskas

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Son Volt

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Mojave 3
Spoon & Rafter

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Sun Kil Moon
Universal Themes

New album from Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon project. Universal Themes contains the familiar Kozelek sound and approach (forward-strolling rock and lyrics on whatever is on Kozelek’s mind that day), but this time with help from Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley. On Rough Trade with a desolate phone-box image on the sleeve.

Songs: Ohia
Magnolia Electric Co. (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Magnolia Electric Co was the final album Jason Molina released under the name Songs: Ohia. Whilst touring the album, he decided to change the name of the band to Magnolia Electric Co (who never released an album called Songs: Ohia). You can hear something had changed - this Steve Albini-produced record has a harder edge than previous releases. Sadly, Molina died in March 2013 of alcohol-related organ failure. Double vinyl album, 10 year anniversary edition. 

St. Vincent
Marry Me

There’s definitely a line to be traced from her 2007 debut LP ‘Marry Me’ to the sort of cyborg-rocker aesthetic St. Vincent shows off nowadays - for one thing, the record shows off the same sense of wry detachment that has always been a feature of Annie Clark’s music. However, this album is also a lot more whimsical than something like ‘MASSEDUCATION’, churning influences from baroque-pop, leftfield indie ala Dirty Projectors and industrial-pop into a set of uncanny valley rock nuggets.

Between The Earth And The Sky

Lankum are an Irish band who perform with the full weight of their country’s phenomenal folk tradition upon their shoulders. The four members all sing (in wonderful harmony), and also man a collection of old instruments, from the fiddle to the accordion to the uilleann pipes. Traditional songs are reborn with new approaches in Lankum’s hands.

Frank Turner

Frank Turner has been making records for ten years now so it’s about time for a career retrospective. Songbook features Turner’s best loved songs along with a second disc of reworked classics. It also features a previously unreleased track, There She Is. Available as 2CD or 3LP sets on Polydor.

Howe Gelb
Further Standards

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Malmo / Glasgow songwriter John B. McKenna IS Monoganon, and Killmens (good idea) is his new album, written in opposition to the toxic end of masculinity. As well as a vinyl pressing of John’s art-poppy songs, this release of Killmens also comes with a little magazine! Released by the Lost Map label.
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Martin Carr
The Breaks

Martin Carr you may remember was the main songsmith in The Boo Radleys.  Responsible for some good early shoegazy work.....and then they did 'Wake up, Boo' didn't they? He then went on to do Brave Captain and is now solo. Why doesn't the other man do music? Y'know the one with the Terry Nutkins hair (before it sensibly got shaved off). Probably because Carr wrote all the songs. Anyway here he is doing some kinda fey chirpy indie pop with lots of electronics and synths barging into the mix. Harmonious stuff which will appeal to later era Boo Radleys.

The Lilac Time
No Sad Songs

Available on either 12” vinyl or CD from Tapete. Stephen Duffy has had quite the journey being a founding member of Duran Duran and then moving on to creating Simon and Garfunkel esque melancholic folk pop with The Lilac Time, and becoming obvious influences on Belle and Sebastian and The Kings of Convenience.

Oliver Cherer
The Myth of Violet Meek

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Tom Waits
Blood Money

Blood Money was Tom Waits 2002 album which featured songs written for the play Woyzeck. It was originally released simultaneously with the album Alice, another album with songs written for a play. Blood Money contains some of Waits best melodies but as always they come from the dark underbelly of existence. 

Leonard Cohen
Recent Songs

Recent Songs by Leonard Cohen saw the Canadian singer/songwriter reverting to his acoustic and folk roots, albeit with a number of other influences he’d picked up along the way. It was originally released in 1979 and was the follow-up to Death Of A Ladies man, an album made under difficult circumstances - mainly the fact that the producer was Phil Spector and he caused chaos in the studio. This chaos brought about Cohen’s decision to rein in the experimentation and keep things relatively simple here. Reissue LP on 140g black vinyl.

Leonard Cohen
Death Of A Ladies' Man

Reissue of Leonard Cohen’s 1977 fifth studio album Death Of A Ladies’ Man. Phil Spector’s orchestral ‘Wall of Sound’ was imposed upon his usually-sparse vocals, making for mixed reviews and debate around the 8-song release. An interesting piece in the Cohen canon. LP reissued on Columbia.

Leonard Cohen
Various Positions

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Daniel O'Sullivan

Daniel O’Sullivan, of Grumbling Fur, Ulver and Aethenor (and that’s not all!), is in solo mode on VELD, but that doesn’t mean he has limited himself to a single approach. VELD is an album of pop songs, but electroacoustic abstractions keep lapping at the edges of the song structures. Released on O Genesis.

Pete Astor
Water Tower

Pete Astor was in both The Loft and The Weather Prophets, two bands who were signed to classic indie label Creation back in the day. On his new single, Water Tower, he is joined by and indie supergroup featuring James Hoare of Veronica Falls/Ultimate Painting/Proper Ornaments fame, Franic Rozycki and Jonny Helm from The Wave Pictures and Pam Berry from Withered Hand and Black Tambourine. Astor is releasing the single via his new label Tapete. Initial releases on the label have been rather interesting.

F.S. Blumm

F.M. Blumm’s many years of music-making, both acoustic and electronic, solo and in collaboration (with David Grubbs, Nils Frahm etc.), has led him to the point of Welcome, this eclectic-sounding album of songwriting. These productions sound grand, but on an intimate scale, if that makes any sense (it doesn’t, but hey). Released by Karaoke Kalk.

Bob Dylan
John Wesley Harding (MONO)

John Wesley Harding, released in 1967, is a key album for Bob Dylan, as it finds him taking a left-hand turn from his beat-poet electric music into the territory of folk, country, and God. But as this is only the first step in that direction, it makes a good introduction into that period of the great man’s catalogue. This is the 2010 MONO version.

Lee Hazlewood

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El Ala De Mi Homunculo

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I Believe I'll Go Back Home 1906-1959

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Yusuf / Cat Stevens
I Love My Dog / Matthew & Son

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Margo Price
Midwest Farmer's Daughter

This is the debut album of Margo Price, a new country artist who seemingly has the whole history of Nashville and Memphis running through her veins. Midwest Farmer’s Daughter has the kind of poetic narratives the best country relies on, as well as a classic bar-band sound and Margo’s expressive vocals. Out on Jack White’s Third Man Records.

Daniel Gadd
As If In A Dream I Drifted At Sea

Debut from British-South African singer/songwriter Daniel Gadd. Sensitive and skillful guitar playing, with eight storytelling/poetic songs which nod to his influences, Bob Dylan and early Leonard Cohen. Gadd has worked on composing for film and television as well as solo songwriting. The songs feel warm and welcoming, as well as introspective. CD on 107 Recordings.
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Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series

Tanya Donelly founded Throwing Muses. And also The Breeders. And also Belly. So she certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to left-of-the-mainstream songwriting. Most of the contents of Swan Song Series were previously released as digital EPs: now they are gathered together in this attractive 3CD / 3LP set. On American Laundromat.

Lost Harbours
Hymns and Ghosts

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Lee Hazlewood
Requiem For An Almost Lady

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Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker

2015 saw the release of Land of Plenty, a collaboration between Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker and 2017 sees them joining together again with SpiderBeetleBee. The guitar duo continue with their impromptu style but this time with Celtic instrumentation and themes coming to the fore. It’s a stunning combination that truly blossoms upon listening. Available on vinyl LP, CD or Cassette Tape on Drag City.

Gun Outfit
Out of Range

The cover of Gun Outfit’s fifth long-player, Out Of Range, instantly gives you the feel of this album. Think guitars, think dust, think Steve Gunn, think Lee Ranaldo and perhaps even Lee Hazlewood and you’ll be getting pretty close. The guitars fiddle and intertwine while the vocals brood. CD and 140g Vinyl on Paradise Of Bachelors.

Alex Lipinski

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe (also the label runner of ‘a’ Recordings, who are putting this album out) at his side as producer, Alex Lipinski has crafted a snappy record of sixties-style pop-psych rock. Alex was recorded in six hours apparently, and feels suitably energetic. Rock’n’roll!

Willie Nelson

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Peter Oren

Peter Oren identifies one of his major influences as Bill Callahan, which is a good way to get interested attention round here. Oren does have a whole lot of baritone character in his voice, and he uses it to sketch out songs about our present era, the Anthropocene. Also on board are a crack group of Nashville session musicians. Released by Western Vinyl.

Angel Olsen

American Indie/folk singer-songwriter Angel Olsen presents Phases, a fitting title for this collection of demos, B-sides, as well as some rare tracks that haven’t been released before. A collection that explores her wide range and documents her creative process. Suitable for fans new and attuned. LP and CD on Jagjaguwar.

Tom Mcrae
Ah, The World! Oh, The World!

Tom McRae’s eighth studio album Ah, The World! Oh, The World! Finds the English singer-songwriter, perhaps understandably, in rather a melancholic mood. The album title is a phrase taken from McRae’s favourite novel, Moby Dick, but it gets across perfectly McRae’s state of perplexity and dissatisfaction following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. He’s poured his feelings out on this album.

Lost In Light

Bella Union issuing a wonderful gem of a record from Sumie, a Swedish born singer-songwriter with a magical knack for intimate storytelling and dream weaving. With her voice a core of immense clarity and richness, Sumie is joined by a number of guests to bring further nuances and shades to the overall beautiful and involving sound.

Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings

While we excitedly wait for the second album from Chicago duo Whitney, they have served up their debut in its rawest form with Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings. As the guys move on from a cathartic songwriting and recording experience and a grueling touring schedule, they are keen to show where their critically acclaimed debut all began. To sweeten the deal, they’ve included a cover of Alain Toussaint’s You and Me, a previously unreleased recording of an inspirational favourite.

Johnny Cash

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Past Life Martyred Saints

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Chelsea Wolfe

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Johnny Bell
Johnny Bell and The Visitors

Johnny Bell has created a new musical landscape for his Johnny Bell and The Visitors 7”. A mix of traditional banjo and experimental sounds and time signatures makes for a dusty musical interpretation of the U.S. South-West’s vast and empty deserts. Limited to 200 copies housed in a custom letterpress sleeve.
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Sephine Llo
I, Your Moon

I, Your Moon is the debut release (unless you're counting her previous EP) from Sephine Llo. From roots in classical music both from pure enjoyment and via academia, this record is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, the entirety of the release if dedicated to her husband who passed away weeks after discovering they were expecting a baby. As you can imagine, the record is full of genuine passion. Available on vinyl LP and CD, and released on Tape Club. 

Bob Dylan
Hard Rain

Recorded in Texas and Colorado during the second leg his Rolling Thunder tour and originally released on Columbia in 1976. Hard Rain boasts nine live tracks including Maggie’s Farm, Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, Oh, Sister, Shelter From the Storm and more. Reissued LP on We Are Vinyl.

Anne Briggs
Four Songs

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Robert Forster
Songs To Play

Robert Forster has been a busy man in the seven years since his last solo outing, The Evangelist (2008). He has worked as a producer and a writer and overseen the compilation of G Stands For Go Between, the box set that reprises the work of his band, the legendary antipodean tunesmiths The Go Betweens. Songs To Play finds Forster in a fun and adventurous mood. It is a mix of the melodic pop and singer/songwriter tunes you’d expect with the odd experimental twist.

Violeta Parra
La Cueca Presentada por Violeta Parra

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Richard Neale

Purveyor of gentle electronica and lover of hexagons Richard Neale presents his new album EVES via the charmingly-named Rain Bear Records. Piano leads layers of weightless vocals and ambient sections throughout these somnolent, folk-tinged numbers. Mastered by the excellent James Plotkin, the CD comes housed in swell die-cut hexagonal packaging.

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Bay Head

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Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
The Cowboy & The Lady

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Bob Dylan
Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol.13 / 1979-1981

Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series keeps on rolling on, delivering fresh stacks of archive treats to those hardcore heavy Dylan fans. Volume 13 covers the period 1979 to 1981, with a thrilling mixture of live cuts and unreleased rarities. The tracklisting varies depending on whether you are after the 2CD edition, the 2 CDs and 4 LPs edition, or the 8 CDs and a DVD edition, but it's all good stuff. On Columbia.

Bob Dylan
New Morning

1970’s New Morning had the dubious pleasure of following up on Self Portrait, one of the least well-regarded albums in Bob Dylan’s entire catalogue. It made Dylan fans much happier, as it featured the familiar nasal-style Dylan voice back in full effect. Now New Morning is back on vinyl, thanks to the We Are Vinyl label.

Adrian Crowley
Dark Eyed Messenger

Sad songwriter Adrian Crowley's fourth album for Chemikal Underground (though he did plenty before this association) finds him disassociating himself with the instrument that has been a constant companion throughout his career. The humble guitar. Instead 'Dark Eyed Messenger' sits Crowley's chocolate brown voice above a combination of pianos, mellotron and strings. Stark.    

Julien Baker
Turn Out The Lights

Sophomore full length from Memphis, TN based singer/songwriter Julien Baker. Two years after making her debut on 6131 she has been snapped up by Matador, and Turn Out The Light develops her delicate, intimate and vulnerable songwriting further. Life, down on record, through gorgeous Buckley esque guitar, piano and vocals.

Matt Christensen
I know What The Fight Is

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Laura Baird
I Wish I Were A Sparrow

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Margo Price
All American Made

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Lucinda Williams
This Sweet Old World

Sweet Old World is Lucinda Williams’ classic 1992 album, and it is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. Lucinda has chosen to mark this occasion not with a reissue, but with a re-version: she has re-recorded new performances of each of the original album’s tracks, drawing out new resonances through here matured voice. This Sweet Old World is released by Highway 20 and Thirty Tigers.

Jake Bugg
Hearts That Strain

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Matt Berry
Night Terrors

Night Terrors by actor, comedian and voice, Matt Berry, features remixes of tracks, along with outtakes from his 2016 album The Small Hours. Among the remixers are Clark and St. Etienne, whilst Berry tries his hand at some Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa classics. He also collaborates with songwriter Thomas Walsh of Pugwash. Indies only LP and CD.

Chris Gantry
At The House Of Cash

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Alan Licht

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Hinterpest: a story of wildflowers, buttonweeds and cattle skulls

A curious creation from Sweden’s Mumbles here. Hinterpest: a story of wildflowers, buttonweeds and cattle skulls is a little story, telling a year in the life of some 1800s settlers. It is partly scripted, partly performed on instruments like violins, and feels like a wonderful experimental radio play, especially when handmade sound effects are deployed. Limited edition cassette on Leafdog.
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