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The Saxophones
Aloha / Just You

Just like the drummer from ZZ Top being called Frank Beard and not actually having a beard, the Saxophones aren't made up entirely of saxophones. There is saxophone on it though I have to warn you but it's just a small part of hubby and wife team Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice's take on low voiced slowcore. They cover a David Lynch song B side which just about sums them up. 

Stick In The Wheel
Follow Them True

London-based folkies and multiple folk award nominees Stick In The Wheel have given folk music a bit of a thematic update by being politically and culturally aware, linking today’s world to the traditional folk tales of yesteryear, with a kitchen sink-style delivery. Their second album Follow Them True sees the band taking folk music to a whole new level, musically and lyrically challenging and thought-provoking.

Red River Dialect
Broken Stay Open Sky

Fourth LP from London-based indie folk outfit Red River Dialect. Tender and sensitive stuff, with atmospheric guitar and string arrangements alongside frontman David Morris’ breathy and honest vocals. Broken Stay Open Sky is their first release on Paradise of Bachelors. Delicate stuff, but it's ok - the vinyl LP comes in a heavy-duty jacket.

Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel’s ‘Philharmonics’ is a quiet classic in every sense. The Danish singer-songwriter’s 2010 debut LP unfussily went about its business in the subsequent decade, notching an impressive 450,000+ sales across Europe. It’s also a spare and lovely album full of graceful balladeering - ‘Philharmonics’ set the scene for the emergence of Aldous Harding a few years later.

Willy Vlautin

Northline was the second novel by Willy Vlautin, frontman with Richmond Fontaine and The Delines. Vlautin recorded a soundtrack for the book, which was included with it on CD format. Now it is being issued on vinyl for the first time. This coincides with the release of his fifth novel and Soundtrack, Don’t Skip Out On Me and his third novel, Lean On Pete, being made into a film. Willy Vlautin is a busy man. Limited to 500 copies.

Richmond Fontaine
Don't Skip Out on Me

Richmond Fontaine frontman Willy Vlautin has always spun a good yarn during live shows. His ability as a storyteller has made the page too. His first novel, The Motel Life, was published in 2006. Don’t Skip Out On Me is his 5th novel and will include a soundtrack. Here, soundtrack is available on 180g vinyl - a limited edition of 1000 copies. Richmond Fontaine have now split, but this was recorded just before they went their separate ways.

Martyn Bates
I Said to Love

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Nai Palm
Needle Paw

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The Cold Spells
- .... . / -.-. --- .-.. -.. / ... .--. . .-.. .-.. ...

Kind of eponymous album from East London/Essex weird folk duo, The Cold Spell. I say kind of because, for those of you not fluent in morse, those dots and dashes spell the band's name. Eccentric songs with a traditional soul made from acoustic guitars, drum machines, and a The Wicker Man-ish sense of unease.

Jim Ghedi
A Hymn For Ancient Land

A Hymn For Ancient Land is Jim Ghedi’s second full length LP and sees his sparse, ethereal folk instrumentation made fuller and bolder through the inclusion of orchestral elements. Having travelled around the British Isles, Ghedi’s music is inspired by the sights and sounds he encountered and named after those places; Home for Moss Valley, Cwm Elan, Bramley Moor exc. The result is an enthralling expanse of folk music which shimmers between an ancient, haunting tradition and a modern ambience.  

Johnny Cash
American III: Solitary Man

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Tom Carter
Long Time Underground

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Sarah McQuaid
If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

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Judy Dyble
Anthology: Part One

Judy Dyble’s comprehensive triple-CD collection Gathering The Threads is an in-depth tour of the work of a remarkable folk-rock artist. Anthology: Part One now transplants the first disc of that compilation to vinyl: the first time on the medium for many of these rare tracks. Limited to 1000 linen-sleeved copies on Earth Recordings.

Xylouris White

Mother is the third album by drum and lute combo, Xylouris White. The duo consist of Dirty Three drummer, Jim White and lute-playing Crete native, George Xylouris of Xylouris Ensemble. The album forms the third part of loose trilogy of albums with 2014’s Goats and 2016’s Black Peak. Jim White is known for collaborating with a number of artists including Smog, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and most recently on Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett’s Lotta Sea Lice.

The Mountain Goats
Transcendental Youth

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Ghost Music
I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here

Mumbling quartet Ghost Music quietly crawl into existence with I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here, an understated debut of brushed-aside melodies that harkens back to the second-tier of classic indie rock: think of all the New Zealand shamble bands on Flying Nun and all the bands who made Pavement a little bit more melancholy and you'll already be familiar with this record of lo-fi serenity.

The Thread That Keeps Us

The Thread That Keeps Us is album number 9 from Arizona duo Calexico. This album finds the band newly inspired by the North Californian coast where it was recorded. Taking all we know and love about Calexico, giving it a rougher edge, and increasingly confident songwriting has helped Joey Burns and John Convertino reach a new high benchmark in their career.

The Staves & yMusic
The Way Is Read

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John Grant
Queen Of Denmark

Despite always standing in the shadows of her Shakespearean significant other, the Queen of Denmark has her own story. And John Grant, formerly of the Czars, has taken it upon himself to tell that story in his debut solo effort, available only on limited edition tape. Better get it before the play moves to another town or something.

Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land

Damien Jurado is a folk-ish kind of artist who is comfortable with revealing his most private feelings in his intimate songs. Visions of Us on the Land is available in 3 formats, of escalating scale. There is the CD, the double LP, or the triple LP, which adds an LP of demos. All on Secretly Canadian.

Alela Diane
Alela Diane & Wild Divine

Been wondering what former R.E.M producer Scott Litt has been up to? Me neither. But if you have wondered what the producer of several squillion selling records does with his time these days then you could check out this the third record by West Coast songwriter Alela Diane. Interestingly both her father and her husband are in the group and her voice is described as a full throated hillbilly thing. Rough Trade picked it up and hopefully they will make her a star.   

Ryan O'Reilly
I Can’t Stand The Sound

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H.C. McEntire

Lionheart is the debut solo album by indie/country band Mount Moriah frontwoman H.C. McEntire. The album is personal and autobiographical in terms of people and places and mixes her own slants on country, pop and gospel. It came about through her wish to rescue country music from the hideous stereotypes which are synonymous with the genre. The album was recorded at home and on the road when she was part of Angel Olsen’s touring band. LP and CD on Merge.

John Johanna
I'll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes

Kristian from Capitol K has had a hand in this latest release from spiritual rocker John Johanna. Bringing together four previously cassette-only tracks with four exclusives, I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes is psychedelic in the proper sense. Bringing together Eastern tonalities, drone, blues rock, raga and more, the tracks here have a propulsive and hypnotic quality that is only accentuated by Johanna’s chanted spiritualist texts.

Lucinda Williams
Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams is the (relatively) mainstream country and folk singer it is ok to like. Her career has seen her get widespread critical success and a slew of albums of near classic status. Despite being self-titled, Lucinda Williams was her third album originally released in 1988 on Rough Trade and here gets a re-issue with a live album and bonus tracks on the 2CD edition.  

Margo Price
Paper Cowboy

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Alec Cheer
Alec Cheer

Alec Cheer's self-titled album is a delightful, refreshing story of acoustic guitar pickings and strums, evoking the spirit of Fahey, Drake and Martyn. These rural, largely pacey tunes bounce along merrily, interspersed with more reflective pieces containing a slightly eerie Gravenhurst-esque atmosphere. 

David Kitt
Still Don’t Know

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Julie Doiron
Julie Doiron Canta en Español Vol. II

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Richmond Fontaine
Postcards From Portland: Live At Dante's

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Will Samson
Ground Luminosity

Ground Luminosity is the fourth solo release from Brighton based musician, Will Samson. The sound Samson’s found on this LP is a subtle electronic one, where electronic beats and effects pop from beneath emotional, swooning violin and woozy guitar. It’s an album which beautifully melds the old and the new in a way that is rarely so accomplished.   

A Grave With No Name

A Grave With No Name is a fitting moniker for purveyors of a downbeat and melancholy strain of Americana (despite being London-based). Their fourth album sees the continued expansion of their originally lo-fi sound, with central figure Alex Shields drafting in Frank Ocean’s bassist Ben Reed. For fans of Neil Young, Silver Jews and Sun Kil Moon.

Townes Van Zandt
Rear View Mirror

Some 27 years ago, master singer/songwriter and master of sadness, Townes Van Zandt began re-recording his best-loved songs for a three disc anthology which ultimately failed to appear. Rear View Mirror was originally released on Austin-based label, Sundown in 1993. It collects together 17 tracks from those sessions, which, in origin, date back to 1968. Double LP on Fat Possum

Glen Hansard
Between Two Shores

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Experimental Batch 26

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Tyler Childers

This ten track release from Tyler Childers is highly anticipated and features plenty of pretty famous musicians helping out - such as Russ Pahl on the Jews Harp. Purgatory is released on vinyl LP and CD and is released on Hickman Holler Records. Get your hands on these fast, because they'll certainly sell fast! 

William Elliot Whitmore & Esme Patterson
Play Each Other's Songs

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Andrew Bird / Nora O'Connor / Robbie Fulks

Extremely limited 7” vinyl from Bloodshot Records. Celebrating 20 years in existence, the label has Andrew Bird and Nora O’Connor covering a Robbie Fulks song and then Robbie returning the favour. It’s a pretty perfect summation of the ferocious alt-country the label trades in. The violin arrangements and male/female vocals are lovely, plus there’s only 1000 copies worldwide.

Julianna Barwick

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Juana Molina

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John Fahey and His Orchestra
Of Rivers and Religion

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Ezra Furman
The Year Of No Returning

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Shintaro Sakamoto / Devendra Banhart
Another Planet

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Marisa Anderson
Into The Light

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BBC Session 1971

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Lizzy Farrall
All I Said Was Never Heard

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Though recorded in bustling Manchester, dbh’s (who has performed live with Julie Byrne) third album is much more reminiscent of where it was mastered, in the Outer Hebrides. Instrumental folk guitar tracks with a deftness of touch, Mass is for exploring big empty spaces on the back of a donkey rather than trying to get the Christmas shopping done at the Arndale.

Mark Lanegan
One Way Street

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Jim White
Waffles, Triangles & Jesus

This is his sixth studio album and is finely produced, journeying across the vast American continent. I’m not sure if that is a place I wish to visit these days, but Jim White makes it feel magical, heartwarming and limitless, helped in turns by his hometown (Athens) finest musicians, plus Dead Rock West and Holly Golightly. It’s a fine ensemble. The vinyl version is a double vinyl with MP3 download and includes ‘Memories Of Sochichiro’, exclusive to vinyl editions.

Johnny Cash
American V: A Hundred Highways

Johnny Cash's 93rd album (he was busy) was released posthumously, and is the fifth in the American series. A selection of covers from artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Springsteen and Hank Williams. As with all the America albums, Cash's sultry trademark vocals add a touch of dark authenticity to the hand-picked songs. Available on 180g vinyl. 

Annabel (lee)
The Cleansing

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Roy Harper
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith

Harper’s Shel Talmy-produced second album, from 1968, is a psychedelic folk record that’s undeniably of its time, but also forward-looking, richly flavoured with idiosyncrasies and driven by free-flowing musical ambition. All this is evident on the meandering, raga-esque melody of Freak Street, the brooding, fourth-wall-breaking title track and the extended, episodic memoir of Circle. 180g reissue in deluxe gatefold with new artwork and notes.

Bonnie Prince Billy

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Sarah Louise
Field Guide

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Lotte Kestner
Off White

Anna-Lynne Williams was the singer in US dream-pop band Trespassers William and has previously worked with the Chemical Brothers. Now she records under the moniker of Lotte Kestner. Musically she can be likened to Aimee Mann fronting Talk Talk or The Red House Painters. Off White is her fifth album and most powerful musical statement to date.

Angelo De Augustine
Swim Inside The Moon

Swim Inside The Moon is the new album from Thousand Oaks, California resident Angelo De Augustine. Just 24 years of age, the suburban singer-songwriter has made a deftly subtle, imperiously confident, sparsely instrumented record. It includes his mum’s century-old piano, a synth and a guitar; laid down straight to an old reel-to-reel tape machine. Notable influences: Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Vashti Bunyan.

Roy Harper
Man And Myth

Roy Harper has been through some tough times since the release of this 2013 era album but now that we are allowed to enjoy the music of this venerable British folkie again then Man and Myth should not be underestimated within his sprawling catalogue. It sees the singer in reflective mood, offering up sage-like advice alongside dreamy folk-rock and romantic orchestrated beauty. 

The Green Kingdom
The North Wind and the Sun

With a steady stream of releases over the past decade through Dronarivm, SEM, and Tench Michael Cottone has delivered a huge and diverse catalogue of sun drenched, heartwarming ambience as The Green Kingdom. His first release on Lost Tribe Sound sees them convince him to strip back the electronics and focus on more acoustic instrumentation. Find a tree to sit under in the shade and forget the big bad world.
  • Vinyl LP (LTS-027)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

William Ryan Fritch
Behind The Pale

Clanging dark-hued composer William Ryan Fritch wrote this album around the time he was expecting his first daughter so the album naturally has the air of worried expectancy. This is a powerful music that will appeal to fans of Swans, Godspeed and Jon Mueller the latter of which Fritch collaborated on his similarly scary 'Tongues' album.  
  • Vinyl LP (LTS-030)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • CD (LTS-030)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Sing and They'll Sing Your Song

Compilation to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Megaphone record label. It features a wide range of the label's roster, including legends like Michael Head and Karen Dalton (a favourite of both Bob Dylan and Adele). The CD comes with a booklet of unpublished photos of all the musicians. 

The Manson Family
The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson

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Michael Hurley
Bad Mr. Mike

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Marisa Anderson

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Jung Body
Real Eternal Bliss

An 8-song 10” mini-album by this German-based singer-songwriter. Before you run screaming from the latter characterisation, this is engaging, wordy stuff, with a free-flowing delivery over backing that incorporates jazzy and ambient twists and turns. In the same ballpark as Brigid Mae Power or Peter Broderick, who Mr. Body shared a compilation with.
  • Vinyl 10" (osc no.14)
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Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
The Birds

For new EP The Birds, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker have stepped away from their full band set-up and gone with a more intimate approach. Electronics and drum machines lap at the edges of these melancholy new folk songs, written with migration and displacement in mind. A great subtle addition to this pair’s repertoire. 12” on Rough Trade.

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker
Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour

Rough Trade bring back three quarters of an hour from 2014: that is, Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour by Josienne Clark and Ben Walker. Now available on vinyl, the pair’s chamber folk is rendered with great restraint, despite many personnel contributing additional instrumentation. The core theme seems to be the inscrutable phenomenon of time, via wistful lyrics and anachronistic combinations of traditional and modern songwriting.

The Western Caravan featuring Thirsty Dave Hansen
Psycho Santa

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Roy Harper

This 1975 album is one of Harper’s best loved, not least because it closes with the devastating When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease. Featuring a colliery band behind a lyric using the titular sport as a metaphor for mortality and nostalgia, it became an epitaph for John Peel. Other highlights include Hallucinating Light and the 13-minute The Game (parts 1-5), and David Gilmour, Bill Bruford and John Paul Jones make appearances. Long overdue reissue on 180g vinyl with updated artwork and new sleevenotes.

Roy Harper

Harper’s 1977 follow-up to HQ is another strong set. It’s dominated and bookended by the lengthy One Of Those Days In England, a lyrically complex epic that mixes historical allusion with personal reminiscences. Another highlight is the jaunty skiffle-like live favourite Watford Gap, which critiques the quality of cuisine available from roadside services. 180g gatefold reissue with new liner notes.

Crazy Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Crazy Heart was the 2010 smash-hit Jeff Bridges film about a washed-up country singer, and of course such a movie comes with a high-grade soundtrack to match. This reissue of the soundtrack, marking the first occasion it has been made available on vinyl, features both country classics and Jeff Bridges’ own recordings of songs, some also featuring Colin Farrell. Double LP on New West.

Leonard Cohen
Ten New Songs

Cohen returned in 2001 with this album after almost a decade of silence and several years in retreat with his zen master. He shares the cover photo and vocals with Sharon Robinson, who co-wrote and co-arranged the material. Compared to the slick contemporary productions of I’m Your Man and The Future, the album has a more minimal, home-recorded style, digital but warm (not least due to Robinson’s singing) and occasionally bordering on R'n'B. A fine record that marked the start of a fertile late period.

O.D. Davey
Some Waking Woman

O.D. Davey is a British singer/songwriter and film maker who, to these ears at least, sounds like Richard Hawley singing Sparklehorse songs. There’s a lo-fi tinge to the shimmering songs on his second album, Some Walking Woman with close, intimate vocals akin to those of the late, great Mark Linkous. Vinyl LP on Tomlab.

Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn't (single)

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Shirley Collins
An Introduction To

With her long-awaited return to the stage and to recorded music still fresh in the mind, what better time to get An Introduction To the English folk legend Shirley Collins into circulation? Shirley’s career has been long and varied, so it is extremely helpful to have these fifteen tracks plucked from her discography to serve as an entry point for the new listener.

Son Volt

Ballymena is a new 10” EP by Son Volt. The EP features b-sides of singles from Son Volt’s most recent album Notes Of Blue and the band’s 2009 album American Central Dust. The band are lead by Jay Farrar who, along with Jeff Tweedy, formed alt. country originators Uncle Tupelo. On Transmit Sound.

Sharon Van Etten

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Chris Thile
Thanks For Listening

Chris Thile is the host of radio show A Prairie Home Companion, wherein he writes and performs a Song of the Week, within the week, each week, with a house band and whatever guest was on the show helping out. Thanks For Listening presents ten of the best, freshly re-recorded for this release. Guests include Gaby Moreno and Sarah Jarosz. Out via Nonesuch.

Jason Molina
The Black Sabbath Covers

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Antony & The Johnsons

This is a CD + DVD package of recordings and films from Antony's 2006 tour 'Turning' in which she toured Europe collaborating with 13 trangender women whose images and stories are weaved within the film. Seven years in the making, the film intertwines these stories with Antony's lovely music performed live and featuring songs from all three of her acclaimed albums. 

Songs: Ohia

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Simon Joyner
Room Temperature

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City Wrecker

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Julie Doiron
Loneliest in the Morning

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Jason Molina
Pyramid Electric Co

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Damien Jurado
Caught In The Trees

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John Vanderslice

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Dan Michaelson
First Light

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Mariee Sioux
Faces In The Rocks

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Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin'

The Times They Are A-Changin’ is Bob Dylan’s third album, and his first to only contain original songs. And what songs! As well as the stone-cold classic title track, you’ve got ‘With God On Our Side’, ‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’, ‘Ballad Of Hollis Brown’... And all sung and played by Dylan solo. Historically and musically essential vinyl reissue on Legacy.

The Doomed Bird of Providence
Burrowed Into The Soft Sky

The Doomed Bird of Providence is a project devoted to highlighting the darkness of Australian colonial history, and third album Burrowed into the Soft Sky is no exception. It does however break away from the previous two albums by leaving lyrics and vocals by the wayside in favour of two side-long instrumentals, each heavy with the weight of past atrocity. On Front & Follow.

White Flowers

'White Flowers' is the debut record from Lutine, the sparsest of folk duos comprising of artists Heather Minor and Emma Morton. Their understated, decidedly meek recordings concentrate on vocal harmonies, guitar strums and enveloping flourishes of piano. Rather than modernising the genre, Lutine take from various folk traditions, including neo-classical and baroque. 

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