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Matt Elliott
The Calm Before

Matt Elliott launched his career with ferocious albums of experimental drum and bass under his The Third Eye Foundation alias, but on his subsequent solo work he’s focused that energy on inventive folk and acoustic music. The Calm Before continues this approach with six pieces of delicate ...view item »

Karl Blau
Introducing Karl Blau

Karl Blau chooses to introduce himself with a carefully-selected array of country covers, each taken from a fertile period in Nashville’s history. Townes Van Zandt, Tom T. Hall and The Bee Gees...view item »

Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series

Tanya Donelly founded Throwing Muses. And also The Breeders. And also Belly. So she certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to left-of-the-mainstream songwriting. Most of the contents of Swan Song Series were previously released as digital EPs: now they are gath...view item »

William Tyler
Modern Country

William Tyler’s music actually is a kind of Modern Country: although his songs are instrumental, and thus not about your wife leaving you, they feel essentially of contemporary rural America. His backing band is fantastic here, including Glenn Kotch...view item »

Light Upon The Lake

Light Upon The Lake is the soulful debut from Whitney, who make a rich and bluesy pop music. The sweet vocals are the heart of the band's gorgeous and distinctively American, West Coast troubadour sound. The laidback guitar and harmonies hide the complex arrangements and stunning instrumentation. ...view item »

City Sun Eater In The River of Light

City Sun Eater In The River of Light is the ninth LP by Woods, the American alt-folk-rock troupe with a psychedelic, even jazzy approach to their sound. As only their second recording made in a ‘proper’ studio, the sound is crisp and clear, but not lacking in the oddness either. The album is available on wha...view item »

Neil Young & Promise of the Real

Neil Young is no stranger to the live album having released 7 of them previously. On Earth, he is backed by Promise of the Real, a band fronted by Willie Nelson’s sons, Lukas and Micha. The songs are plucked from classic albums Ragged Glory (1990) and After The Gold R...view item »

Lou Rhodes

Listening to Lou Rhodes’ solo work (she also makes up half of Lamb) immediately pulls the listener right back to the 1970’s, living in a treehouse somewhere during a long, attractive summer. She has captured some essential essence of that era’s classic folk-rock: partly voice, partly songwritin...view item »

Channel D

Channel D is Nick de Grunwald, writing and singing songs of doomy fear from within lo-fi structures of electronics and guitars. Plenty of grit to be enjoyed on Unravelling, whether from Grunwald’s dramatic vocals or from the punch of a drum machine. CD or heavyweight silver vinyl ...view item »

Ben Seretan
Bowl Of Plums

After his self-titled debut turned into something of a sleeper-cult hit record, Ben Seretan is back with more lush open-eyed pop songs. Embracing sound, music and the world in general, Bowl of Plums is about the richness you can find by accident if you just keep your eyes open. Think Sufjan Stevens and&...view item »

L.A. Salami
The City Nowadays

From the name, L.A. Salami sounds like a Californian punk band: in fact, he’s a UK ‘postmodern blues and urban folk’ musician. Ahead of his forthcoming debut full-length album he releases The City Nowadays, a big statement of a single with confessional / political lyrics and large brass-powered ch...view item »

Moon Bros.
These Stars

Chicago has always been a great city for improvisers, and this project, led by Matt Schneider, takes full advantage of that fact. On These Stars, Moon Bros. is Schneider plus members of Iron & Wine, Tortoise and Cairo Gang, with the...view item »

Bess Atwell
Hold Your Mind

Bess Atwell is well known around the folk circuits of Soho and Brighton, but her inspiration is drawn from the hazy beauty of the South Downs where she resides. She delivers earnest declarations with a voice like a mountain stream, much too deep for her 21 years. Produced by Michael Smith from 12 Dirty Bullets....view item »

Seasick Steve
Dog House Music

Steve's raw and honest delivery is not the sound you'd expect to find being played at a nice club, but rather a dive bar alongside the swamp or busking on a dirty street. I wouldn't want it any other way. There are a few stories and humour in these songs but overall I was impressed by this joker’s serious songwriting, singing and playing. ...view item »

Seasick Steve & The Level Blues

This is the very first album from everyone’s favourite (presumably-former?) hobo bluesman Seasick Steve, recorded in 2004 with a pair of Scandinavians (The Level Devils). Cheap sounds cheap, but it's also full of h...view item »


Rusalnaia is the transatlantic collaboration of 2 highly singular folk musicians: Philadelphia, USA’s Gillian Chadwick and England’s Sharron Kraus, who did such good work with Robert Plant a while ago. Their 2007 debut, never before released on vinyl, sounds strange ...view item »

Cath & Phil Tyler
The Song-Crowned King

‘The Song-Crowned King’ is the new six track, mini-album from Newcastle based, Anglo/American folk duo Cath & Phil Tyler who bring their varied influences from Appalachian mountain music to Traditional British folk together to create a dreamlike world that is all their own. The album was recorded in Newcastle by producer Phil Beg...view item »

Michael Kiwanuka
Love & Hate

British singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka has made an album in Love & Hate that embraces the long playing format. It’s a dynamic, nuanced collection that will find you reaching for the headphones for its more intimate moments. Whilst his debut LP Home Again recalled the classic soul of Bill W...view item »

Conner Youngblood
The Generation of Lift

Singer-songwriter Conner Youngblood takes a lot of inspiration from Sufjan Stevens, having apparently nailed the crucial Sufjan trick of surrounding simple, beautiful melodic songcraft with ornate and intriguing instrumentation. He pulls it off pretty well on The Generation Of Lift, his...view item »

Dwight Yoakam
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day

Since when have we sold Dwight Yoakam records? Since Jack White told us we had to seemingly. Here is the legendary honky tonk country singer as produced by Jack White bashing out a couple of spritely covers namely 'Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day' (made famous by the Monkees) and 'High on the Mo...view item »

Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly
Alien Flower Sutra

Rob Mazurek tends to be excellent, whether he is free improvising, composing pieces or organising other musicians. He does a bit of all three on Alien Flower Sutra, a collaborative album with Emmett Kelly of The Cairo Gang: Mazurek gave some of his compositions to Sao P...view item »

Johnny Cash
The Essential Johnny Cash

Say no more: it’s The Essential Johnny Cash. Cash is probably the country artist with the widest crossover appeal, and this double LP compilation shows off why. Early stuff, late stuff, prison stuff and live stuff is all included, as well as duets with June Carter Cash and Bob Dylan...view item »

The Driftwood Manor
For The Moon

The Driftwood Manor are Irish, and play Irish folk, but there is a little more to their music than that. The deep traditions of their country are cut with rock attitudes, traditions from other parts of the globe, and even a few dashes of electronics. The old style, but done in a slightly new style. Fourth album For The Moon...view item »

M. Craft
Blood Moon

M. Craft plans his music in a lonely desert cabin: his sound is very much a personal response to this beloved isolation. Bloodmoon began as several hours of piano improvisations, which were then cut down and pressed into the format of proper songs, with Craft’s vocals, percussion from Seb ...view item »

The Paperhead
Africa (Live)

A part of the Third Man Live series from Jack White’s Third Man Records we have a live 7” of the song “Africa” by The Paperhead which is backed with an unreleased track titled “Little Kid Blues”. This is some heavy blues with some banging drum...view item »

Rick Redbeard
Awake Unto

Rick Redbeard is the solo alias of Rick Anthony, principal member of Scottish cosmic rock dudes The Phantom Band. Awake Unto is his second solo album and follow up to No Selfish Heart. Redbeard is influenced by the folkish poetic musings of Leonard Cohen, Bill Callahan...view item »

Khun Narin

Khun Narin is a Thai musician who received a bit of Western attention thanks to Youtube. With his Electric Phin Band, he plays a fairly excellent form of psychedelia, with long, spaced-out jams that centre on the phin, a kind of lute. II contains original tunes in addition to a few covers of Thai pop so...view item »

Samara Lubelski
The Gilded Raid

Samara Lubelski shines in all sorts of genres, from free-improvised sound exploration to thick, heady drones. Here on The Gilded Raid, she plays like a 70’s folk-rock songwriter extraordinaire, only with more out-there production: the songs here are sheathed in radiant sonic magic. Great stuff from Lubelsk...view item »

Michele Stodart

Michele Stodart formed indie-pop band The Magic Numbers with her brother Romeo Stodart. Pieces is her second solo album. Musically it’s mainly Michele and an acoustic guitar although her ear for melody remains strong. Its subject matter is intentionally vague but covers life and weathering adversi...view item »

Emily Jane White
They Moved In Shadow All Together

Emily Jane White has been one of the darlings of the neofolk scene, with her sad yet poppy songs roaming our heads for days. For her new album, Emily’s worked with producer John Vanderslice, whose recording studio offers a spacious dimension to They Moved in Shadow All Together. With him...view item »

The Felice Brothers
Life In The Dark

The Felice Brothers are favourites of Uncut Magazine and make a soulful mix of rock, country and folk. The five-piece, who hail from Palenville in the Catskill Mountains, recorded and self-produced Life In The Dark in the garage of a farm in upstate New York. Expect catchy melodies, joyous harmonies and a good ...view item »

Scout Niblett
The Calcination of Scout Niblett

My friend Charlotte named her dog after Scout Niblett, and believe it or not, Scout Nibbler is probably one of the loveliest canines out there, proper daft-as-a-brush but with some rather intriguing human-like traits. It's nice to se the lady herself returning to the fray with a new album, 'The Calcination of.....', especially as she is one of the ...view item »

Peter J Smyth
Black Smoke

Peter J. Smyth has probably already transported you and your third eye into cosmic psych-realms in the past as part or Mugstar, but this solo album takes a rather different tack. Black Smoke relies on acoustic, not electric guitars, and clean finger-picking rather than distorted riffing. What a powerful...view item »

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 1

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), themed this release (the first in a series of 3, we are told) around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. This heavy subject matter leads to intimate music, with each song of Thankful Villages Vol. 1 exploring the...view item »

The Tango Saloon
Shadows & Fog

With a name and logo like these guys have I was expecting some kind of punk rocky Americana gubbins on this CD here but actually what my ears are experiencing as I write this is more of a dignified, post-rocky take on Ennio Morric...view item »

Sir Richard Bishop
The Freak Of Araby

The Freak of Araby is the new guitar action from Sun City Girls virtuoso Sir Richard Bishop. Any album that makes me want to do foreign dancing is alright by me and all I can think about at the moment is getting up and doing some sort of mental tango-y flamencoizing all over the office, maybe wearing some tassles on my nips and wielding a sexual ey...view item »

Empty / Every Mt

If you like the rich musical traditions of both the Appalachian mountains and the North African deserts, you’ll fall absolutely madly in love with the music of Ohioan, who takes in aspects of both and makes something new. This vinyl release of Empty / Every Mt is green and ‘bone’ coloured, and is relea...view item »

Nick Drake
A Treasury

A Treasury is a fifteen track compilation of songs by the incomparable folk singer/songwriter Nick Drake. It was originally released in 2004. It includes tracks from his three studio albums Bryter Layter, Five Leaves Left and Pink Moon and one tracks from his odds-and-ends album Time of No...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Sings Favorites

Mark Kozelek, formerly of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon, sure keeps busy. Here he is with a piano-and-voice-based album of covers, taking in choice selections from artists like Modest Mouse, Bob Seger and David Bowie. Sings Favourites ...view item »

Heartworn Highways – Original Soundtrack

The documentary film Heartworn Highways and its soundtrack perfectly captures the time when country troubadours Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Steve Earle, among others, began to wrestle the credibility of country music back from the shiny over-production that was going on in Nashville...view item »

Jenks Miller & Rose Cross NC
Blues From WHAT

Freewheeling psychedelic travellin' man Jenks Miller contributes to the wonderfully confused guitar sounds of Three Lobed Records with the maybe a little aggressively titled 'Blues From WHAT'. While he's making that kinda meandering experimental psych rock where the drums tumble out of place and the distortion sounds like a grum...view item »

Shirley Collins
English Songs Volume 2

Back in her early days English folk singer Shirley Collins released a series of 7"s for the Collector Records label. These rare artefacts are now being re-issued and this Volume 2 is (confusingly) the third of the EPs. Shirley this will be most sought after things this Record Store Day (ok..ok..look, please don't judge me, I'm trying my best). &...view item »

Margo Price
Hurtin' (On The Bottle) / Desperate And Depressed

Jack White’s Third Man Records continues existing as a full-blown record label, with a single from new country artist Margo Price. Hurtin’ (On The Bottle) / Desperate And Depressed is classic stuff, with a country-bar swing to the music, tales of alcohol dependency and melancholy in the lyri...view item »

Robert Wyatt

I've heard bits of Robert Wyatt material over the years but I'm no expert. I do know that he's somewhat of a legendary singer songwriter that was robbed of the Mercury music prize by some cheeky monkey. So here we have his latest opus 'Comic Opera'.What I get from his music is that he's at peace when he's creating it. It just comes straight from hi...view item »

Max Jury
Max Jury

Max Jury is a singer/songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa. He is only 23 but his classic piano-led ballads on his eponymous debut that fuse country, soul and gospel would seem to come from someone a little longer in the tooth. His sound is honed by hip-hop producer Inflo and a crack team of musicians that usually pl...view item »

Pedro Soler + Gaspar Claus
Al Viento

Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus (a father and son pairing, don’t ya know) recorded Al Viento, their second album together, in Iceland and Spain, with assistance from Valgeir Sigurössen...view item »

For Good

Fog, the project of Minneapolis man Andrew Broder, returns to recording after an entire decade away. Sincere songs about family and work, performed over bouncy electronic pop productions. For Good is a very personal collection with a lithe modern feel: worth the 10 year wait. On Totally Gross National P...view item »

Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom
Don't Believe The Hyperreal

On Don’t Believe the Hyperreal, Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom take a break from their day jobs in The Burning Hell for some sharp wit and deadpan balladry. These charming acoustic arrangements and self-aware ditties recall Jeffrey Lewis at his most confid...view item »

Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs has his 'Catacombs' full length out this week and it kicks off with 'Dreams-Come-True-Girl' which was the preceding single that Brian reviewed the other week so I'll skip that tune.. Okay so you probably already know the score with this guys music. He's highly regarded as being one of the kings of the current bunch of American singer s...view item »

Kid Millions Reworks Harry Taussig
Beyond The Confession

As the title of this release from Tompkins Square probably reveals, this release collects Oneida guitarist Kid Millions’ various interpretations of guitarist Harry Taussig. Taussig is an unfairly forgotten figure, and on Beyond The Confession Millions turn...view item »

Amanda Bergman

Amanda Bergman has previously released solo material as Idiot Wind, and leads the band Amason, but here is her first full-length solo work under her own name. Her mature songwriting and character-laden voice make for the kind of album that draws a listener all the way in, recalling some of ...view item »

Clare Maguire
Stranger Things Have Happened

Clare Maguire hit the depths of despair when her first album didn't work out but thankfully she got herself together, bought a sausage dog and started tentatively posting songs online. This has resulted in her second album in which she has taken control of her music once again. She has a big foghorn of a voice that veers between Lana Del...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
New Words For Old Wounds

The limited edition of 250 physical copies come housed in a 7.5" x 5.5" panoramic gatefold case made of heavy stock. The editions were printed on an antique Heidelberg press by the world renowned Stumptown Printers based in Oregon. The artwork features a series of incredibly detailed ink paintings from Sail (uselessarm). Each edition comes with ...view item »

Thomas Cohen
Bloom Forever

Bloom Forever is the debut album from songwriter and former S.C.U.M. frontman Thomas Cohen. On this vinyl LP and CD his delicate vocals are matched with ornate and grand arrangements, but he doesn’t forgot his post-punk roots either. The rich and delicate folk-pop songs are often disrupted...view item »

Psychic Temple

Psychic Temple expand from the solo project of Chris Schlarb into a fuller-fledged band on III. His voice, and his spiritual approach to his music, somewhat recalls Josh T. Pearson, although the instrumentation and production here is rich and gorgeous where Pearson is s...view item »

Jaye Bartell
Light Enough

Light Enough is a New York record, composed and conceived of in Jaye Bartell’s Brooklyn apartment in the year following his moving there. As an active poet, Bartell has a pretty potent lyrical insight, with these intimate songs...view item »

Glenn Jones
My Garden State

This album is acoustic guitar worship at its best. Through his inventive use of alternative tunings and partial capos, Glenn breathes new life into the traditional folk instrument. Jones is a student of Fahey, but brings the raga drone zones reflecting his work as the guitarist of Cul Du Sac. This is the perfect album for a happy summer -- wheth...view item »

Bob Dylan
Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels is the thirty-seventh (!!!) studio album that Bob Dylan can count to his name, and it finds the gruff old wordsmith playing 12 cover versions. Dylan knows his way around the Great American Songbook, and he picks tunes b...view item »

I Have A Tribe
Beneath A Yellow Moon

Beneath A Yellow Moon is the full-length debut for Patrick O’Laoghaire’s solo project I Have A Tribe, following on from an EP recorded with Villagers. It certainly feels like a s...view item »

Bert Jansch
From The Outside

Bert Jansch has always been a reliable prospect, whether solo or in Pentangle. From The Outside, which features nothing but the good man’s voice, guitar and banjo, was first released in 1985 in a small edition on a Belgian label; what’s more, its reissue history has featured a variety of tra...view item »

Little Annie

Little Annie’s recent career has included a published volume of her prose and a collaborative album with Baby Dee, but this is the first time she has put out an album under her own name since 2007! Trace is a welcome return, pu...view item »

The Jayhawks
Paging Mr. Proust

The Jayhawks deserve legendary status. Their fusion of alt. Country, power pop and laid back sing-a-longs has been delighting fans for 31 years now. Paging Mr Proust is their 9th studio album and first since 2011’s Mockingbird Time. For this release, the band return to their classic line-up of Gar...view item »

Elliott Smith
Heaven Adores You Soundtrack

Heaven Adores You is a new documentary on the beloved Elliott Smith, and this release contains the soundtrack. Interestingly the filmmakers didn’t just use Smith’s ‘Greatest Hits’: instead, this collection is full of rare treats, such as Smith’s first TV ap...view item »

Uncle Tupelo
Still Feel Gone

The reliably excellent Music On Vinyl reissue Uncle Tupelo’s second album on 180 gram vinyl. Still Feel Gone consolidated the band’s pioneering blend of jagged American angst and heavy alt-country melancholy. Some of the songs also show the experimental direction that Jeff Tweedy wou...view item »

Cass McCombs
Wit's End

Cass McCombs recently announced that he would only be doing press interviews by letter. Good on him I say, journalism has become so lazy these days ever since email came into being. Cut and paste, cut and paste. Leaving all that aside, something has obviously got into Cass in recent times, with an album called 'Wits End' containing a track calle...view item »

William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth
Under Stars and Smoke

William James Fowler (Mesa Ritual) and James Jackson Toth (Wooden Wand) each imbue their music with the atmospheres of their respective home states New Mexico and Kentucky. The result, as heard on their debut collaboration, the Under Stars and Smoke LP, seems to be a my...view item »

Petra Haden
Petra Haden Sings : The Who Sell Out

Here, Petra Haden takes one of the strangest (and best?) albums from The Who’s catalogue and makes it stranger. The Who Sell Out, the band’s advertising-themed experimental pop record, is performed in full by...view item »

Petra Haden

Petra Haden is a total boss at performing fully-fledged instrumental pieces using only her voice. Here on Imaginaryland, she sings material by Enya and Johann Sebastian Bach as well as a range of originals, always through a multi-tracked chorus of inventive vocal techniques. This is her...view item »

Tim Kinsella
Firecracker In A Box Of Mirrors

Tim Kinsella of Joan of Arc and Cap’n Jazz shares some of his solo songwriting with the world, cutting back the branches of other instrumentation to let things stand with just voice and guitar. Firecracker In A Box Of Mirrors is a lot less violent-sounding that its title suggests:...view item »

Young Moon

This new music from Young Moon looked at one point like it might never come into being, after the relationship the initial 2012 debut was rooted in fell apart. But some new blood in the band (Syam Zapalowski) got things moving again, and the moody confessional songs of Colt were born. Out on Western Vin...view item »

Mick Harvey
Delirium Tremens

After Intoxicated Man(1995) and Pink Elephants(1997), Delerium Tremens is the third installment of Mick Harvey translating Serge Gainsbourg songs into english. It has been a slow process for Harvey as much of his time is taken up with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, as ...view item »

Jake Bugg
Gimme The Love

Jake Bugg works out his unusual-sounding flow over a swaggering rock-as-hip-hop instrumental on this preview of his forthcoming album On My One. He insists that the listener Gimme The Love, and sounds pretty worked up about it: both vocal and production have an aggressive heft to them. 7” single on Virgin...view item »

Kevin Morby
Singing Saw

Singing Saw is the third solo album by former Woods bassist and founder of The Babies, Kevin Morby. It is the follow up to 2014’s Still Life. He worked with a host of musicians including Apollo Sunshine and Yellowbirds guitarist ...view item »

Dr. Dog
The Psychedelic Swamp

Dr. Dog are at last releasing their long-schemed big concept album: and so, The Psychedelic Swamp. For a taste of just how psychedelic the record is, just take a look at the cover art… In fact, the band somewhat recall The Flaming Lips here, both in sound and in grand sweeping ambition. CD and &l...view item »


After taking a hiatus from music Woodpigeon returns for his sixth album of delicate indie-folk. These sad acoustic tales of loneliness and heartbreak have been stripped down to the bare essentials, making TROUBLE a raw and uncompromising listen. On CD and vinyl LP from Where Its At Is Where You Are....view item »

The Family Of Apostolic
The Family Of Apostolic

The Family Of Apostolic is a strange and rare album, a way for John Townley to live out his vision of wild happenings in his decked out New York studio. 19 people contributed to this one-off record, which pushes 60’s-era folk-rock and many more genres through all manner of studio wizardry. This reissue on Future D...view item »

David Bowie
Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68 -72

Bowie At The Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions ‘68 - ‘72 compiles the finest moments from across 12 different sessions, so there was plenty of material to choose from. This release is also the first time that this collection of early David Bowie has been pressed to vinyl! Quadruple LP set, with a book...view item »

Richard J. Birkin
Songs For Spoken Words EP

Designed to be consumed as a companion piece to poetry (available to read from an app at, Songs For Spoken Words by Richard J. Birkin features six instrumental works for guitar, string quartet and electronics. Limited to 250. Out on One-sided cream coloured vinyl 12" from Time Travel Opps....view item »

William Fitzsimmons
The Pittsburgh Collection

William Fitzsimmons is an American singer-songwriter with a deeply intimate approach to his craft: he has no fear of baring his soul to the listener, with his Pittsburgh series being themed around his 2 deceased grandmothers. This release pairs Volume One, Pittsburgh, with the new mini-album Charleroi,...view item »

Giant Sand

proVISIONS is Giant Sand’ 2008 record, reissued now by the Fire label. As well as main Sandman Howe Gelb, this double-disc collection also features vocal assistance from Neko Case, M Ward and Isobel Campbell, while PJ Harv...view item »

Blind Alfred Reed
Appalachian Visionary

Dust to Digital continue their incredible work reissuing lost folk, gospel and blues albums with Blind Alfred Reed’s Appalachian Visionary. These recordings from 1927 and 1929 are extremely rare and showcase Reed’s covers of hymns as well as his own old-time compositions for violin. ...view item »

Seamus Cater
The Three Things You Can Hear

On The Three Things You Can Hear, Seamus Cater primarily uses a vintage duet concertina, carefully restored from dusty-junk-shop-condition by Cater himself. The instrument’s unusual sound dominates the record, alth...view item »

Gimmer Nicholson
Christopher Idylls

Gimmer Nicholson was a Memphis musician who kept himself firmly out of the limelight: so much so that this 1968 album is his only recorded work, despite years of involvement in the scene. Christopher Idylls is a prescient set of guitar instrumentals lightly augmented with electronics. This Light In The Attic release is ...view item »

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Sand City / Ocean Parkway

On guitar, Steve Gunn! On drums, John Truscinski! Together, this duo lock in together for some mind-expanding improvisations, covering a broad range of territory. Delicate sonic meditations, explosions of noisy ecstasy, and much in between. Sand City / Open Parkway gathers together 2 out-of-print albums...view item »

PJ Harvey
White Chalk

PJ Harvey: 'White Chalk' Her eighth album and one which I shall in no way try to sum up in the limited amount of time I have to do so. Polly reminds me of the world of single minded women, artistic and personal integrity. Listening to her music I'm taken to a world of frailty, complexity, brutality and beauty. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan but ...view item »

Bert Jansch
Birthday Blues

Hey there Bert, I know the feeling. You've just turned twenty-one and you're hoping for a loving appraisal from all your friends, but instead you end up eating pizza and watching The Room in bed. Birthdays, huh? Initially released in 1969, 'Birthday Blues' sees Bert Jansch make slight modifications to the jazz-folk sound appar...view item »

Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch’s fifth album for the Transatlantic label was Nicola, one of Jansch’s fullest-sounding records as a result of some luscious string arrangements on some of the tracks. As ever, Jansch’s deft acoustic guitar and rich voice carry his folk material perfectly. T...view item »

Bert Jansch
Rosemary Lane

Bert Jansch’s seventh and last album for Transatlantic closed off his incredible run of folk material released through the label. With both original numbers and interpretations of traditional songs, Rosemary Lane is a sparse, but beautifully rich collection. This reissue on Sanctuary has been remastered from the o...view item »


Susanna returns with her eleventh album, fresh from her highly-regarded collaboration with Jenny Hval. Triangle is a sweeping and spiritual record, and features performances from Helen Money, Moskus and Supersilent, all supporting Susanna...view item »

Ashley Shadow
Ashley Shadow

Having previously worked with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lightning Dust and The Organ, Ashley Shadow is now ready to make her debut as a solo artist. This self-title album contains 9 songs that are lyrically grounded in Shadow’s experiences with ma...view item »

Andrew Bird
Are You Serious

Andrew Bird is one of those reasonably popular singer songwriter types who just sits under most peoples radar. Maybe all this will change with this new record which has been scrubbed a little more than previous discs for potential mass appeal. Expect stories in song and dusty Americana that is not afraid of being rootsy. ...view item »

Trembling Bells
Wide Majestic Aire

Wide Majestic Aire is a ‘mini-album’, containing 7 songs-worth of Trembling Bells’ grounded-but-adventurous folk-rock. A sense of place is crucial to this record: as well as Yorkshire, signified by the River Aire (which happens to be spitting-distance from Norman Records, fact-fans!), Oxford, London, a...view item »

Josephine Foster
No More Lamps In The Morning

The basically incomparable Josephine Foster is back with No More Lamps in the Morning on CD and vinyl LP. Her gorgeous and strange voice dominates these recordings, which are blend of new material and unusual covers of her own work. Her poetry is combined with that of James Joyce and Rudyard Kipling and accompan...view item »

I'll Forget 17

It isn’t too easy getting attention in the music business when you are 18 years old and living in New Zealand, but Eddie Johnston aka Lontalius seems to have managed it, with attention paid by Ryan Hemsworth, Lorde and the Red Bull Music Academy. I’ll Forget 17...view item »

John Cale
Music For A New Society

An interesting move here from John Cale, who is simultaneously re-releasing his 1982 album Music For A New Society and producing a wholly new version, M:FANS. This vinyl release of the original album includes an additional 3 bonus tracks that were previously unreleased. LP with download code on Domino....view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy
Pond Scum

Pond Scum by Bonnie Prince Billy is a compilation put together from the Peel Session archives. This collection spans an eight year period and includes versions of classics such as Death To Everyone and (I Was Drunk At The) Pulpit. The arrangements are much more sparse than the originals as Bonn...view item »

Steven James Adams
Old Magick

Steven James Adams made his name in Broken Family Band, but now singer-songwriters solo. Old Magick is his second solo record, a melodic and thoughtful outing. Personnel on the record includes members of The Drink, but Old Magick finds Adams stripping things do...view item »

Destroyer's Rubies

The 2006 album from Destroyer, Destroyer’s Rubies, reissued by Merge. Smart indie-tinged pop of the high-quality you’d expect from Dan Bejar. The (double) LP edition comes with a useful download code, and the download code comes with an exciting, exclusive bonus track, the 24-minute ‘L...view item »

Andrew Kidman
Litmus Original Soundtrack / Glass Love

Andrew Kidman is both filmmaker and musician, and this luscious box-set contains the soundtracks to two of his avant-surf films, Litmus and Glass. Kidman is represented under his own name and with his band The Val Dusty Experiment, with a few other artists like Galaxie ...view item »

Robyn Hitchcock
Love From London

This is a more produced album with a full band, but Robyn's songwriting brilliance and artistry shines through every step. As expected, he makes magical use of more contemporary sounds, styles and techniques. Love From London fits in well with the rest of Robyn's catalog, maintaining his high standards both musically and lyrically. "Harry's Song" s...view item »

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