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Damien Jurado
Rehearsals for Departure

The 1999 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Rehearsals For Departure is Jurado’s second full-length, and rather more (indie) folky than his debut. Each song feels long lived-in and heavy with melancholy, although Jurado...view item »

Savaging Spires
National Supper Session

Here we have a super lo-fi reworking of Savaging Spires’ acclaimed debut album, recorded onto cassette huddled around one microphone this duo take us completely back to basics with these folk/psych musings. There’s no real specific track segments here, just side A and B of a constant flow...view item »

The Handsome Family

The Handsome Family are an alt. country/Americana duo made up of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks. They have been plying their trade since the early ‘90s to a committed fanbase. Unseen is their tenth album and is the first new material since the band had massive, and it has to be said, unexpected success (...view item »

Margo Price
Midwest Farmer's Daughter

This is the debut album of Margo Price, a new country artist who seemingly has the whole history of Nashville and Memphis running through her veins. Midwest Farmer’s Daughter has the kind of poetic narratives the best country relies on, as well as a classic...view item »

Bert Jansch with Loren Auerbach
Colours Are Fading Fast

Awww this is so lovely. A collaboration between sweet voiced folkie Loren Auerbach and soon-to-be-husband folk guitar tangler Bert Jansch. The sweet sounds will remind listeners of the likes of Virginia Astley and Vashti Bunyan. Remastered from the original tapes, including a third disc of previously unheard material....view item »

Lou Barlow
Apocalypse Fetish

Solo work from Lou Barlow, who is most notably known for his work in Dinosaur Jr., The Folk Implosion, Noise Addict and Sebadoh. Thick gauge strings put on a ukulele is the backbone for these bare and direct acoustic songs. Just one man and his small four-string...view item »

Cate Le Bon
Mug Museum

With a new album in the works and her oddball collaboration as the Drink bringing her to new listeners it's a decent enough time for Cate Le Bon's earlier work to be re-issued. This is her third album and it showcases her way with a wandering and winsome melody. Duran Duran fans should note that her real name is Cate Timothy. ...view item »

Rodrigo Leao & Scott Matthew
Life Is Long

Rodrigo Leao and Scott Matthew first worked together on a single song on Leao’s album The Magic Mountain, but now their collaboration has flowered into a full-length suite. Life Is Long matches Mathew’s smooth-and-deep vocals with languidly dramatic...view item »

Richard Youngs
The Rest Is Scenery

Perpetual experimentalist and underground national treasure Richard Youngs has written each of the songs of The Rest Is Scenery around just one chord, because why the hell not? He wants it to be possible for anyone to cover these songs with just the slightest of ...view item »

Gillian Welch
Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg

Two delicious discs of Gillian Welch deep cuts, drawn from her analogue tape archives. Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg compliments her Revival album perfectly, being full of alternative versions, demo versions and outtakes. Furthermore, eight of these tracks have never even been released before! Doubl...view item »

Naïm Amor & John Convertino
The Western Suite and Siesta Songs

The Western Suite and Siesta Songs is the 2016 instrumental southwestern album by duo Naïm Amore & John Convertino. Majestic vistas and long stretches of scorching desert road are the images conjured up by the duo's finely crafted arrangements, including the famous lap-steel guitar - a defining cha...view item »

Sturgill Simpson
High Top Mountain

Sturgill Simpson wanted this album to be “the purest, most uncompromising, hard country” possible, and he’s done a pretty good job: I mean, the first track is named “Life Ain’t Fair And The World Is Mean” after all. High Top Mountain is the debut solo recording by Sturgill...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Southern Grammar

Triumphant folk rock star Hiss Golden Messenger released the excellent Lateness of the Dancers last year and he returns now with Southern Grammar, a miniature release that houses unwanted cuts from the record itself as well as an official place for "Brother, Do You Know The Road?" to la...view item »

Jake Bugg
On My One

As far as I am aware, this is Jake Bugg’s first foray into production after his previous album, Shangri La was produced by none other than Rick Rubin. A bit of a leap for Bugg perhaps who wrote, played and produced everything except three tracks produced by Jacknife Lee. P...view item »

Bright Eyes
Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil

A reissue of Bright Eyes' 2002 full length release, Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil. With equal parts folk and indie, frontman Conor Oberst's authentic and well-crafted songwriting is accompanied by his shaky Nebraska voice and diverse instrumentation including orchestral elements, a roc...view item »


Spiro have so far released eight full length albums, and Repeater is a combination of tracks picked from four of their Real World albums. The records featured on this album are Pole Star, Lightbox, Kaleidophonica and Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow...view item »

Jack Rose
Opium Musick

VHF have just launched a crucial series of reissues of the music of Jack Rose, a major voice in experimental acoustic guitar music, both on his own and as a member of Pelt. 2003’s Opium Musick features Rose holding forth on 12-string and 6-string guitar, as well as a lap guitar. A...view item »

Jack Rose
Red Horse, White Mule

VHF have just launched a crucial series of reissues of the music of Jack Rose, a major voice in experimental acoustic guitar music, both on his own and as a member of Pelt. Red Horse, White Mule is his 2002 debut album as a solo artist. It pairs a series of shorter pieces with a colossally deep raga tha...view item »


A 15 year anniversary reissue of the 2001 album by Califone. Mixing up blues and country with a lo-fi, recorded out in the barn feel. Stomping blues licks and slides, dusty tape saturation, and subtle manipulations that bring a texture to the whole. Sound like Six Organs of Admittance playing quiet, reflective b...view item »

Aidan Knight
Small Reveal

Small Reveal is the brainchild of Aidan Knight, and is as sparse and songwriterly as you would expect from the Canadian-born indie-rocker. Tinged with folk and an experimental approach, the record is wistfully escapist and becomes a cinematic, immediate and evocative expedition across unfathomable land...view item »

Douglas Dare

First up the most important question. What is that in his mouth? It looks like it could be some kind of bird or something. Not a good idea. This is Dare's second album and like many records comes out of what sounds like a horrible relationship breakdown. Dare sings about identity and the sort of fakery that goes on when someone plays around behi...view item »

The Moondoggies
Don't Be a Stranger

To celebrate a full decade of Moondoggies activity, the band are reissuing their debut album Don’t Be A Stranger, through the Hardly Art label. Proper American rocking. This the first time that Don’t Be A Stranger has been released on vinyl, and to make this reissue even more special, five unrelease...view item »

Lawrence Arabia
Absolute Truth

New Zealand’s Lawrence Arabia hopes to make a breakout with Absolute Truth, reaching for a wider international crowd than his current Kiwi / Oz fanbase. There is a rich detail to the sunny pop sound of this album, as though each musical surface was carefully thought about and polished to a sheen. Out on New Zealan...view item »

Luke Roberts
Sunlit Cross

Luke Roberts has some pals in big places and here is joined by the likes of Kurt Vile and the guy from Drive by Truckers on an album of rolling finger picked acoustic folk pop that could appeal to fans of Ryley Walker and early Bon Iver. Earthy and unique Americana to warm you t...view item »

Mark Lanegan
The Winding Sheet

Mark Lanegan’s first solo album is back on the streets again. The Winding Sheet dates back to 1990, when Lanegan was still immersed in the murky heart of grunge with Screaming Trees. His solo work mixes the dark weight of that music with a true songwriter’s dramatic touch. ...view item »

Carla Bozulich

I don't think anything can prepare someone for this album. It opens up ways to feel that are so vulnerable, yet so necessary in this world in my opinion. A generous album is a vague description. The two tracks bearing the title like the album and later the group "Evangelista I" and Evangelista II" are such wonderful creatures, they bite ...view item »

Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band
Anda Jaleo

After the Spanish civil war that fascist twat Franco made life pretty uncomfortable for many, many people. And like the oppressive, nazi shit he was, he, like Hitler, banned any art, cinema, books & music he didn't particularly approve of. Which was probably a great deal as these strutting sociopathic gimps always have pretty narrow taste in...view item »

Open To Chance

Kayla Cohen is Itasca is downtempo folk music. Informed by her past life as a drone and noise merchant, the tunes on Open to Chance have a slow and constant bleed, making for a delightfully homogenous listen in the vein of Sibylle Baier's Colour Green. Most importantly, this record...view item »

Band of Horses
Mirage Rock

I'll confess I'm not a die-hard fan, but I have enjoyed everything this band has released, and I don't hear this as being some great departure or step backwards. These guys aren't reinventing the wheel. But they write great 70's 'Cali' type folky inspired tunes. Great melodies, beautiful vocals, and a really solid band. I guess my expectations a...view item »

Bob Dylan
Pure Dylan

Pure Dylan is another Bob Dylan compilation, except that this one draws focus away from the hits and onto some lesser-heard gems from the legend’s voluminous back catalogue. By presenting Dylan songs that haven’t become over-familiar, we can discover the great man anew. Double LP set on Lega...view item »

William Tyler
Live at Third Man Records

Instrumental americana wonder-boy William Tyler dazzled us a little with Modern Country, a slab of War On Drugs-inspired tunes dug deep with dad rock melodics. Like most people who play guitar in this world, he has been to Third Man Records, where he performed some songs, and of course they got recorded f...view item »

Joan Shelley
Cost of the Cold / Here and Whole

In anticipation of her new album here are a couple of new tracks from Kentucky based singer songwriter Joan Shelley. This finger pickin' musician plays lovely country-ish tunes with a classic voice that is not all that far away from Tracey Thorn. The music however fits snugly into the American and UK folk tradit...view item »

Howe Gelb
'Sno Angel Like You + 'Sno Angel Winging It

Giant Sand man Howe Gelb had a rather fantastic experience performing on the same bill as a number of gospel choirs in 2003, and decided to bring a choir into his own solo work on 2006’s ‘Sno Angel Like You. This reissue presents the beautiful, sensitive results alongside the feature-length ...view item »

Bridget St. John
Fly High - A Collection Of Album Highlights, Singles and B Sides, Demos, Live Recordings, Sessions and Interviews

A truly comprehensive collection of british folk definer, Bridget St. John, tracks covering Dandelion’s releases between 1968 and 1972, including unreleased and unheard early demos. As well as bonus material from her 2009 session recordings, TV appearances, B-sides, as well as interviews. Basically, read the very much all-...view item »

Jay-Jay Johanson

Not many people in his native country Sweden knows of the excellent and melancholic singer Jay-Jay Johanson. Cutting his teeth in the 90's producing brooding and seductive trip hip his career has been interesting to follow. From trip hop, to electro, to house, to acoustic songs but always retaining that unm...view item »

The Baird Sisters
Until You Find Your Green

The Baird Sisters are Laura and Meg Baird, and yes, they are actually sisters. Nevertheless, Until You Find Your Green is their first full-length studio collaboration, despite the fact that ...view item »

John Southworth
Small Town Water Tower

On Small Town Water Tower, John Southwater has made some subtly strange pop music, with songs that are wistful and quietly grand. This isn’t exactly his previous territory (Small Town Water Tower is his tenth album), but why not do something new eh? Especially when it is put together with such skill as th...view item »

Laura Gibson
Empire Builder

Empire Builder is the result of Laura Gibson’s presumably quite upsetting experience of having her apartment building literally explode shortly after uprooting her life from Portland to New York. Tricky times, but they seem to have led to something beautiful: on this record Laura’s beautiful...view item »

Geraint Jarman
Tawel Yw'r Tymor (Quiet Is The Season)

Geraint Jarman doesn’t mess around with any English language bullshit: he has been performing in Welsh for forty years now, and Tawel Yw’r Tymor is some of the most direct Jarman we’ve ever heard. The backing band (and indeed the electricity) has been dispensed with, leaving the beauti...view item »

Matt Berry
The Small Hours

Superbly-voiced comic actor and musician Matt Berry has made a new album, The Small Hours. It follows on from previous releases Witchazel, Kill The Wolf and Music For Insomniacs. This time, and for the first time, his band recorded the basic tracks live using a 60-year old hand built Decca desk. Themat...view item »

Adam Torres
Pearls To Swine

Laid-back country folk, produced by Erik Woffard (Okkervil River / M. Ward / Bill Callahan). Recorded in analogue at a studio overlooking the Colorado River Valley, the overall effect is warm and very natural. Thor Harris of Swans provides some surprisingly gentle percussion, lending itself nicely to Aisha Burns's soaring violin.  ...view item »

Nedelle Torrisi
Advice From Paradise

Indie pop musician Nedelle Torris has paid a lot of dues playing in the backing bands for artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Ariel Pink, but she deserves credit for being a proficient songwriter in her own right; Advice From Paradise ...view item »

Martin Green

Affecting, contemporary, and experimental in parts, Martin Green has put together a unique blend of folk music and the unknown. Featuring some absolutely incredible guests from groups including Portishead, Mogwai, The Unthanks, Arab Strap, and Lau...view item »

Seasick Steve
Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground

Shameless pretend hobo bluesman is back again with a new album, and this one would appear to be a double. Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground (great advice for riding horses) has Seasick Steve supported by a grizzled band, boogie-grooving through more tales of American-style free-living. Easily done w...view item »

Infinity Crush
Warmth Equation

Infinity Crush is the close-up indie songwriter project of Caroline White, backed up by Derrick Brandon and Teen Suicide’s Sam Ray. Warmth Equation is an intimate collection that dwells on grief: it is melancholy and at times emotionally heavy, bu...view item »

The King Of Whys

Mike Kinsella has done a lot of time in the Chicago indie-etc. scene, in bands like Cap’n’Jazz, American Football and Joan of Arc. But his most personal music is made in his solo project Owen (no I don’t know the significance of the name). Much...view item »

Terry Allen
Lubbock (On Everything)

Here is the 1979 second album by Terry Allen, beautifully reissued by Paradise of Bachelors for your pleasure. Lubbock (On Everything) is a high quality Texas country / alt-country record with a smart satirical vibe. The reissue comes in double CD or double LP flavours, with both versions souped up with a nice book of e...view item »

Tashi Dorji
VDSQ - Solo Acoustic Vol. 13

The Vin Du Select Qualitite label’s Solo Acoustic series continues to showcase the inventive talents of fine guitarists. Their next batch of limited edition LPs has now arrived! For Volume 13, Tashi Dorji performs on a nylon-string guitar, which he guides through fourteen tracks recorded in the US and in ...view item »

Roy Harper

Roy Harper (via his Science Friction label) is doing us all a valuable favour by getting a few classic early Harper records back into vinyl circulation again for the first time in decades, to celebrate Harper’s 75th birthday. 1973’s Lifemask was recorded during a heavy illne...view item »

The Gentle Good
Ruins/ Adfeilion

The Gentle Good is Gareth Bonello, hailing from fair Cardiff. Fourth album Ruins / Adfeilion continues Bonello’s deep engagement with traditional Welsh music, as you can spot from the mixture of English and Welsh language titles and lyrics. A sensitive mixture of traditional folk ...view item »

Tim Buckley
Lady, Give Me Your Key: The Unissued 1967 Solo Acoustic Sessions

Oh good criminy! Lady, Give me your key is a collection of 3 unreleased demos that have recently been discovered. That makes 13 acoustic tracks, some which then grew into fully instrumented works, but most of which will not have been heard, even if you are the most ardent Tim Buckley fan. Comes with booklet containing i...view item »

Billie Marten
Writing of Blues and Yellows

Emerging out of the delightful North Yorkshire city (yup it has a cathedral) of Ripon, Bille Marten (actual name Isabella Sophie Tweddle) has a voice made out of some kind of silk-like substance and writes moody acoustic songs that tug at any heartstrings you may still have left. This is her much anticipated debut which on initi...view item »

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks
Turtle Dove

Stanley Brinks, perhaps better known as Andre Herman Dune, follows two collaborative albums with The Wave Pictures by collaborating with Norwegian Folk group The Kaniks. Recorded on a remote Norwegian island and inspired by midnight swims and midnight beer drinking, Brinks and the Kaniks recorde...view item »

Dennis Callaci
A Bed of Light

Delightful, rough and ready, quirky, lofi indie pop songs that fans of stuff like Smog will absolutely lap up.  Mostly known for his huge amounts of work in the band Refrigerator, and having gone under monikers even his own press mock him for, A Bed of Light is Dennis Callaci&rsquo...view item »

We Fucked A Flame Into Being

Maarten Devoldere is one of the frontmen in Balthazar, but he is also Warhaus. This project is all about late-night songwriting, in the vein of previous moody artistes like Leonard Cohen. The guitars and synth-sounds of We Fucked A Flame Into Being are a perfect fit wit...view item »

David Allred

David Allred has often worked with American multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick after Allred transcribed one of his songs. Broderick describes Allred’s musical ideas as odd, honest and intriguing. On his new 10” EP, Woods,  he works with Broderick’s sister, Heather Woods Broderic...view item »

The Ballad Of JFK – A Musical History Of The John F. Kennedy Assassination (1963-1968)

The Ballad Of JFK - A Musical History Of The John F. Kennedy Assassination is an unusual compilation of unusual music: everything here was recorded in tribute to JFK, and much of it was only released in private pressings. That means super-rare material that is often a little odd. It makes for a great document of cultural history: thanks...view item »

Cass McCombs
Mangy Love

Cass McCombs is now established as a songwriter of the highest order. Mangy Love is lyrically his darkest record yet, all seen with his uniquely aware and often humorous eye. Musically it’s experimental soul, warped psychedelia, rock, hip-hop and beat poetry that shapes the album's upbeat and immediate sound. Gues...view item »

Day Of The Dead EP

Remember that 'Day of the Dead' mammoth compilation thingy the National curated? Well 4AD have released a limited edition 12" vinyl of the four song 'Terrapin Station (Suite)' with folks from Grizzly Bear, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, TV on the Radio, Sonic Yout...view item »

Gui Gui Sui Sui
Black Books

Here's a fascinating EP from Beijing's Gui Gui Sui Sui, a mysterious punk blues singer playing dirty primitive lo-fi stomps with a gleeful violence. The four songs here have their roots in American country and blues, with our main man Gui Gui Sui Sui (which means "sneaky" in Mandarin) howling and yelping and crooning some basic country blues n...view item »

Slim Cessna's Auto Club
The Commandments According To Scac

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club really really like the dark gothic underside of American life, and The Commandments According To Scac was apparently written with Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner in mind. The music is a good match, with a soulful old-timey folk-American feel. R...view item »

When The Leaves Fall Like Snow

Yellow 6 releases a new album this week on the ever excellent Make Mine Music label. 'When The Leaves Fall Like Snow' is a 2 disc set so you get a lot of Yellow 6 for your buck on this releases. When I first listened to this I thought there was a bit of change of direction for the ole Yellow man. There's some undeniably Yellow 6 esque tracks on the...view item »

Ryley Walker
The West Wind

Ahead of his new album out in April next year is this twelve inch single by Chicagoan singer/songwriter Ryley Walker, brought to you by the fellows at Tompkins Square Records. ‘The West Wind’ is an old sounding blues folk song in the style of ...view item »

Lisa Hannigan
At Swim

Folkie Lisa Hannigan has made two solo records of sparse musings and has previously worked on improving the works of Damien Rice. Her new one, At Swim, has both the lightness and dramatics that characterise her work, and Aaron Dessner respects her sound by producing the record with a...view item »

Francoise Hardy
En Anglais

En Anglais was a rare delight from french singer Francoise Hardy, as she rarely sang in english. One of the leading singers in the yéyé period in France. First released on vinyl 1968 it features Hardy performing covers or reworkings of rock, folk and pop songs. These include songs by Elvis Presley...view item »

Francoise Hardy
Message Personnel

Glamorous French smoothness from Francoise Hardy circa 1973. Message Personnel was produced with Michel Berger, who provided rich, sleek string arrangements that elevate the songs to a high level of cinematic drama. The perfect accompaniment to your coolly nonchalant and highly fashionable French life. ...view item »

Francoise Hardy

Oozing beauty and cool since the mid ‘60s, Parisian singer, actress and all-round icon Francoise Hardy is somewhat of a cult figure in this country whilst being hugely popular in France. Entr’acte is her 19th album and was originally released in 1974. This gem of a record often gets overlooked in among her h...view item »

Star Treatment

Come burn the barn with Wovenhand and their countrified punk rock. For those not in the know, these folks were sprung from the imagination of David Eugene Edwards, who usually played in 16 Horsepower. One might argue this band had a more blistering pace and allowed Edwards to go a bit harder,...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Wooden Mask

A Grave With No Name is, obviously, not a cheerful project, but there is a stark beauty to Alexander Shields’ music under the name. Wooden Mask is a set of desolate experimental post-folk, “a meditation on renewal”. Vinyl and cassette editions are available, via the well-named Forged A...view item »

Jonny Fritz
Sweet Creep

With Sweet Creep Jonny Fritz takes a bit of a step away from the country formula. Keeping the poignant and heart-warming storytelling but replacing the barnyard/hay-bale/Conway Twitty setting with a more isolated experimental feel, backed up with subtle electronic swirls and hypnotic, rhythm box percuss...view item »

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8 : The Private Press

Some reissues are of albums that have slid quietly out of print since initial release, but some are like Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: made up of records that were privately pressed and thus scarcely ‘released’ at all. You have almost certainly never heard of these artists before, but they all turn out to be remarkable acoust...view item »

Tricca / McNiff
Southern Star

Emma Tricca and Jason McNiff, firm folk friends, joined to pen three songs each to record their mini album, ‘Southern Star’. McNiff is a celebrated songwriter and you may know Tricca from her work with Andy Votel’s Finders Keepers family. Themes link New York, European...view item »

Neil Young
Tonight’s The Night

At some point in the ‘90s Neil Young’s 1975 classic Tonight’s The Night was regarded by NME as being one of the most depressing albums ever released. The album is influenced by the grief Neil Young felt at the drug-induced deaths of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten ...view item »

Stephen Steinbrink
Arranged Waves

A sweet, country-tinged album by singer-songwriter, Stephen Steinbrink here. Opener, ‘Now You See Everything’ starts with a Byrds-esque chiming two chord arpeggio before the adeptly arranged band kicks in, strings n’all and then Stephen’s softly sung, high vocals (like a sweeter toned ...view item »

The Expanding Flower Planet

Deradoorian has been a key member of some very significant weird-indie groups in the last few years: she is principally one of the most prominent aspects of Dirty Projectors, as well as performing in Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. On The Expanding Flower Planet however, she crafts he...view item »

Trevor Sensor
Starved Nights of Saturday Stars

Trevor Sensor is only a young thing (just 22 years of age), but he’s managed to set himself up early for a good career by sounding like he’s had his share of tough times already. His voice has plenty of gravel and character in it : why, it’s almost unique! Starved Nights of Saturday Stars is his first ...view item »

Joana Serrat
Cross The Verge

Joana Serrat plays an Americana-infused kind of grown-up pop music: the choruses sweep grandly in a radio-friendly manner, but the instrumental textures (provided by members of Slowdive, Cowboy Junkies, T...view item »


ICHI is a Bristol-based, Japanese-born musician who makes a ridiculously dense and rich experimental pop music, that also taps into his new home’s post-punk and dub cultures. Maru's surreal mash of drones, acapella sounds, homemade instruments and samples is incredibly hard to categorise, so you shoul...view item »

The Devil Makes Three
Redemption & Ruin

The Devil Makes Three call themselves a bluesgrass folk punk band, and for this monster 12 track cover album they’ve looked back at their wide scope of influences, covering Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Willie Nelson, and Tom Waits in their own inimitable ...view item »

Regina Spektor
Remember Us To Life

A pop pianist from back when the genre tag anti-folk was still in rotation, Regina Spektor's been at the songwriting game for a long time, making records with the very same winking, critical poignancy that endeared folks to 500 Days of Summer (a film in which her music starred). Her last record pr...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Dear Lincoln

Here’s some strident indie-folk business from Kiran Leonard, a big-voiced singer-songwriter with a mournful voice but quite energetic arrangements. It's on Hand of Glory who also did that ace Mary Epworth single the other week. I’m particularly enjoying the B-side ‘Port-Aine’ where Le...view item »

DM Stith

DM Stith presents his first solo record in 7 years: a carefully-brewed record of songs for voice and electronics. Stith’s voice is slick and soulful, but his modular synth-heavy instrumental textures explore all sort of territory: it feels like they are only half shacked to the songs. Pigeonheart ...view item »

To The Lighthouse

Plantman is the solo outfit of Matthew Randall, formerly of Beatglider. His third album To The Lighthouse sounds instantly well-worn and lived in, like a small family house somewhere by a ri...view item »

Nathan Bowles
Whole & Cloven

Modern banjo excursions and new folklore are two of Nathon Bowles favourite things, though there's much more to the guy: his official focus is drumming, and his previous record saw him make dark ambient for pianos and sing over abrasive country tunes. Whole & Cloven is yet another example of his ...view item »

Strangers Bring Me No Light

Jinnwoo is set to bless us with an LP! ‘Strangers Bring Me No Light’ illuminates via a motley bunch of singing pals: Alasdair Roberts, Malcolm Middleton, Kyla La Grange, Rachael Dadd, Ben Walker and more. Will they all have things on their chest they need to confess? We can’t wait to find out. Vinyl an...view item »

Seasick Steve
I Started Out With Nothin'

Steve introduces some songs with humorous asides and the last track finishes up with a tale from Steve's life living on the road. His music is as infectious as his story telling and once you hear one album I can guarantee you'll be searching out the others. Great, foot tapping, slide blues to get you smiling and singing along with. I love "Walki...view item »

Seasick Steve
Man From Another Time

The title "Man from Another Time" pretty much sums up the story Seasick Steve (a.k.a. Steve Wold), the vagabond guitarist and singer who has apparently been drifting across the globe as musical tumbleweed for some time yet his music is pretty much steeped in the blues with more than a healthy portion of roots or Americana for seasons. This colle...view item »

Jane and Barton
Jane and Barton

Well we all remember Jane's 'It's a Fine Day' don't we? Don't we? Y'know the a cappella track that ended up being the base for Opus III's 'It's a Fine Day'. Well that is here, as are a load of tracks featuring Jane and Manchester eccentric Edward Barton who had fingers in various pies through the '80s. Mem...view item »

Strangle The Wretched Heavens

Charalambides are Tom and Christina Carter, and they have been exploring obscure regions of psychedelic improvised guitar for many years now. The deep jams of Strangle The Wretched Heavers were recorded in the mid-1990’s, and yet have retained their special feelin...view item »

Glowing Raw

Charalambides are Tom and Christina Carter, and they have been exploring obscure regions of psychedelic improvised guitar for many years now. This is the first time that Glowing Raw has been issued on vinyl, and it sounds all the more enveloping for it. Released by Draw...view item »

Faun Fables
Born of The Sun

Faun Fables are an alt. folk duo comprising of Dawn McCarthy, who is perhaps best known for her collaborations with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and Nils Frykdahl. They have been making music since 1998 and in 2004 signed to Drag City. Born Of The Sun comes six years after their l...view item »

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
Through The Clouds

Josienne Clarke has the kind of tone in her voice that gives any song she sings the feeling of an age-old traditional folk ballad. Old ballads do turn up in her collaborations with Ben Walker, but there are also more modern covers and original songs. Through The Clouds is a showcase EP designed to intro...view item »

Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal

Professional waistcoat wearers Mumford and Sons team up with Sengalese singer / guitarist Baaba Mal in this somewhat unexpected collaboration, recorded in Johannesburg with Sweden's Johan Hugo (AKA The Very Best). Expect the usual Mumford fare, but with some added African vocals which are n...view item »

Blind Pilot
And Then Like Lions

It's a sad fact that many of the best album come after periods of loss. Blind Pilot’s Israel Nebeker has cultivated this album after the death of his father and the end of a relationship. Therefore it's going to be a sad affair though at times uplifting as Nebeker looks to the future. Blind Pilot have performed on &ls...view item »

More Amor

Mendrugo is a collaboration between American singer/songwriter Josephine Foster and brothers Victor and Jose Luis Herrero,'Hermanos Herrero' from The Victor Herrero Band. Using Andalusian musical tradition as their starting point on More Amor, the ...view item »

RM Hubbert
Telling The Trees

RM Hubbert is a Scottish singer-songwriter making music in that fine tradition: morose but funny, tough but beautiful. On Telling The Trees he collaborates with a wide array of vocalists, including Rachel Grimes, Kathryn Williams and Martha Ffion. Without Hubber...view item »

Steve Mason
Meet The Humans

Steve Mason of the Beta Band recorded this album with Craig Potter, best known as the producer and chap on the keyboards for Elbow. The follow up to Mason's ‘double political concept album’ ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ this is a more straightforward and accessible undertaking. Tak...view item »

Eleanor Friedberger
New View

One half of Fiery Furnaces returns with her third solo album, New View. Eleanor Friedberger brings her distinctive attitude to some summery and upbeat indie-pop. Her singular voice ties together this collection of playful rock and pop and her more experimental interests are kept in check by ridi...view item »

Aidan Knight
Each Other

Aidan Knight and his band of squires (I’m so sorry) have imbued the songs on Each Other with a delicate melancholy, carried through by thoughtful lyrics, bold and spacious production, and lots of interesting textures. You’ll feel sad and comforted all at the same time. Released by Full Time Hobby....view item »

The Wainwright Sisters
Songs In The Dark

Martha Wainwright teams up with her sister, Lucy Wainwright Roche for what I believe to be the first time. The resultant Songs In The Dark is a beautifully intimate thing, all the more so because many of the songs they sing were penned by parents Loudon Wainwright III and Kate M...view item »

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