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Sean Christopher

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John Renbourn
Live In Kyoto 1978

John Renbourn passed away a couple of years ago, but his contribution to the folk revival of the 60s and 70s means his memory should live on a fair while. LPs like Live In Kyoto 1978 will help, too. This intimate recording is a fine example of Renbourn’s talent as both a guitarist and vocalist. His quicksilver playing and fine tenor are reminiscent of his contemporaries John Martyn and Bert Jansch. Out via Drag City.

Kerry Devine
Away From Mountains

Now for some nice music from newcomer Kerry Devine. Away From Mountains is the singer-songwriter’s debut LP and it takes a great deal of inspiration from the atmospheres of the English Fens. Sometimes this makes for spare, beautiful folk music in the vein of Beth Orton and early John Martyn. At other points - the track ‘Work You’, for instance - it’s in more of a sort of Wuthering Heights/‘Wuthering Heights’ way.

Marisa Anderson
Cloud Corner

Portland’s Marisa Anderson is a masterful exponent of what was once described as American Primitive guitar. Her music is steeped in blues, country and bluegrass traditions, and delivered with an understated confidence. This is her first for Thrill Jockey, and sees her utilising acoustic guitar alongside her customary electric, as well as electric piano. Essential for roots nerds or anyone into the John Fahey / Jack Rose / Glenn Jones continuum.

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project
The Journey Is Long

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Song, By Toad Split 12” V3

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Kacey Johansing
The Hiding

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Karl Blau
Introducing Karl Blau

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Savaging Spires
National Supper Session

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The Ivytree
Unburdened Light

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Aisha Burns

Aisha Burns is a talented violinist and singer. She has had stints in Alex Dupree and The Trapdoor Band and instrumental band Balmorhea. She released her debut album, Life In The Midwater, in 2013 to great acclaim. With her new album, Argonauta, she found a cathartic outlet in her ethereal and delicate songs as she grieved the death of her mother, but it was also tempered with hope as she found herself in a burgeoning relationship.

Roo Panes
Quiet Man

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Neil Young
On The Beach

On The Beach is probably one of Neil Young’s lesser known albums, but it is right up there with his best work. Originally released in 1974 it was less commercial than its highly successful predecessor, Harvest - a typical curve ball from a man who doesn’t like to stand still for too long.

American Aquarium
Things Change

Following yet another personnel reshuffle, BJ Barnham and his latest American Aquarium bandmates have a new album Things Change. Once again, Barnham successfully got the record funded by fans through Pledge Music, which is nice. Set your phasers on Springsteencore, because “Tough times don’t last / Tough folks do”.

Rare Feeling

Debut album from hard working American indie-folk artist Mt. (Mat) Davidson. He's previously played with big names like The Low Anthem, and slightly smaller names like The Deslondes. On 'Rare Feeling' he's performing under the name Twain, and delivers nine songs of gentle, sun-kissed Americana. 

Tom Waits

In 2006 the living legend that is Tom Waits released a 56 song triple album named Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, featuring all manner of goodies. Now, for the first time, the three albums are being released as separate units! Brawlers is of course the fightiest set of the three, being full of blues and bar songs delivered with a lusty eye and the smoke of whisky. Reissued by Anti.

Tom Waits

In 2006 the living legend that is Tom Waits released a 56 song triple album named Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, featuring all manner of goodies. Now, for the first time, the three albums are being released as separate units! Bawlers is immersed in Celtic folk and American country, exploring stracks of territory within these areas. On Anti.

Tom Waits

In 2006 the living legend that is Tom Waits released a 56 song triple album named Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, featuring all manner of new and rare materials. Now, for the first time, the three albums are being released as separate units! Bastards is the most experimental of the three sets, with Waits weaving plenty of strange stories in his inimitable style. CD and double vinyl reissues from Anti.

Simone Felice
The Projector

You might know him as being one part of competent American folksters The Felice Brothers. Or maybe you recognise his name from the liner notes of some of the 2010s most competent indie-pop (Bat For Lashes, Peace, The Lumineers). Either way, Simone Felice has come through with an LP that might well make him a household name in 2018. Four Tet and the aforementioned Ms. Lashes guest on The Projector, which is a record of competent singer-songwritery with a faintly electronic edge.

Mike Cooper & Steve Gunn
Frkwys Vol. 11 : Cantos De Lisboa

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Father John Misty
God’s Favorite Customer

Oh hold on, so what happened to that wife he spent hours and hours droning on about? Because the press release here says 'God’s Favorite Customer 'reflects on the experience of being caught between the vertigo of heartbreak and the manic throes of freedom'. Is it because he sounds like Elton John? Anyway ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ was produced by Tillmann....blah blah...... features Jonathan Wilson blah blah.*Fingers in ears* *not listening. 

Crayola Lectern
Happy Endings

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Dave Evans
The Words Inbetween

Another superlative piece of English guitar folk from the fertile ground that was the early 70’s. Dave Evans’ The Words In Between was home-taped  and showcases the man’s astounding fingerpicking and gorgeous sense for melody. Less heard than many of its contemporaries, now's the time to hear The Words In Between.

Stanley Brinks

Sometimes you just run out of ideas and names and you call your album Peanuts. I'm okay with it though Stanley Brinks certainly doesn't need my approval. The songwriter's been having a blast recently, making folksy good-time records with the Wave Pictures; this solo record offers an all alone iteration of his quixotic anti-folk troubadorings. 

Tom Waits
Small Change

Small Change was a significant leap forward in Waits’ career, a varied batch of songs that  balance humour and pathos and are full of character. It opens with the mournful classic Tom Traubert's Blues. Then there’s the burlesque romps Pasties and a G-String and Step Right Up, the painfully hilarious The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) and the Runyonesque noir of the title track.

Erin Rae
Putting On Airs

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Skygreen Leopards
The Jingling World of The Skygreen Leopards

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Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

England’s Bon Iver returns with his third LP. On Noonday Dream the comparison between Ben Howard and Justin Vernon extends beyond Howard aping the quivering croon of tracks like ‘Skinny Love’. In his own way, Howard has done a 22, A Million here. His experiments aren’t as out-there as Vernon’s, but tracks like ‘A Boat To An Island On A Wall’ often subjugate Howard’s songwriting for tape-loops and post-rock atmospherics ala Explosions In The Sky. Don’t worry, there are some nicey-nicey numbers too - opener ‘Nica Libres At Dusk’, for instance.

Neko Case

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Good Shepherd
Her Darke Aspects

Good Shepherd is the solo project of Cambridgeshire-based musician Duncan Poyser, who keeps things folky and acoustic, apart from when he allows electronics to disrupt him. Her Darke Aspects, his second release for the Rusted Rail label, fills a 3” CD with 6 songs, and is packaged in a hand-stamped cardboard sleeve.

The Driftwood Manor
Dominican Black Abbey EP

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Dollboy Meets Sone Institute
The Sum and the Difference

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Juliana Daugherty

Singer-songwriter Juliana Daugherty is back with this limited-edition, milky-clear LP, out on Western Vinyl, a dreamy record that traverses mental illness, political outrage and societal ills, all laced with Daugherty's crooning, lilting vocals. Expect motorik pulses, vaporous strumming and heartbreaking choruses. Killer.

Paul Messis
Songs of Our Times

Paul Messis regards himself as a 'garage punk unknown' but has been throwing out pysch-rock nuggets for the best part of a decade as a solo artist, with his band The Suburban Homes, as bass player with The Higher State and through his collaboration with The Sufis - The Market Squares. His new solo LP, Songs Of Our Times mixes the jangle of ‘60s garage with folk rock and folk punk delivering a record that displays what he is all about.

Richard Edwards

Indiana's Richard Edwards loves his fans, which is why he's releasing new record 'Verdugo', out on Joyful Noise, on coloured AND black vinyl. It's an uplifting listen, the story of a man stitching himself back together after personal trauma. Here his vocals swing between tender falsetto and deep melancholy, backed with soaring guitars and storming drums. Killer.

Frank Turner
Love Ire & Song

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Audio Albion

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Natalie Evans
Better At Night

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Matthew E. White
Outer Face

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Annelies Monsere

On Debris, Annelies Monsere shows that there is no reason you can’t put a love for traditional, folk-inspired songwriting and a love of dark drone sounds into the same record. Shunning most of the many illustrious collaborators she has worked with in the past, Monsere skillfully blends her voice with sparse-but-full droning instrumentation with pretty compelling results. LP on Morc.
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The Left Outsides
All That Remains

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The Perth County Conspiracy
The Perth County Conspiracy

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The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices featuring Lisa Gerrard

The famed choir Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices here present their first studio recordings in two decades, together with Lisa Gerrard, a vocalist who took much influence from the choir in her formative years. BooCheeMish is an epic suite of that gorgeously stark traditional Bulgarian vocal style, and is available in CD, LP, 2CD, Super Audio CD and ultra-mega boxset editions.

Us and Them
On Shipless Ocean

On Shipless Ocean is the second record from pysch-rock band Us and Them. What makes this record even more special is that it is available on a limited pressing blue vinyl. Available only as an LP and released on Mega Dodo. Apparently, when you listen to this you feel like you're in a warm 'liquid bubble'. Interesting. 

Ryley Walker
Deafman Glance

New from Ryley Walker  - a musician always willing to step outside himself to find new sounds and the one snippet we heard sounds like he's been heavily pounding the Jim O'Rourke/Gastr Del Sol axis.  Sweet bucolic folk with flutes galore and some unexpected harshness. Looking forward to this one.  

Delaney Davidson
Shining Day

Glass Records Redux (Spacemen 3, Spiritualized) has picked up the ninth studio LP from New Zealand artist Delaney Davidson. Coming a couple of years after Lucky Guy, Shining Day is another record of slightly garage-y singer-songwriter fare from Davidson. The likes of ‘What Am I Doing Wrong’ could have been plucked from the songbook of Mark Oliver Everett.

Julie Doiron
Désormais / Heart and Crime

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Emily Jane White / House of Wolves
Split EP

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Francoise Hardy
Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles

The legendary Francoise Hardy is pretty much the sonic epitome of 1960’s French cool, and Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles is one of her essential French-language albums from the period. Sleek, beautiful and bright recordings, each of which has been carefully remastered. 180g vinyl reissue from Light In The Attic and Future Days Recordings.

Marisa Anderson
Traditional and Public Domain Songs

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Mark McDowell and Friends
Dark Weave

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Jess Williamson
Cosmic Wink

Dreaming the cosmic dream, dancing the cosmic dance, winking the Cosmic Wink. That’s what Jess Williamson is up to on her latest LP. Her third record - and first for Mexican Summer - is rooted in Americana and Byrds-y songcraft, but lyrically it finds Williamson gazing up at the stars. She ponders love, death, Jung and more on this wistful, pretty record.

Melanie de Biasio
No Deal

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Jennifer Castle
Angels of Death

Deathly and mythic, Jennifer Castle continues to do her thing (this time formally under her own name) with a record in ode to the Muses. It's calledo Angels of Death and it offers sparse, low-key country music to get devoured by ghosts to. As always, Castle's missives from the world of phenomena are not to be passed up. 

David Jaycock
The Decline Of The Mobile Library

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Agnes Obel
Citizen Of Glass

Agnes Obel is quite talent: she’s got classical piano chops, a powerful voice, and a skill for folk-inflected songwriting. Of course, the important thing is that she brings it all together into a satisfying whole. Citizen Of Glass uses lots of strings and harpsichord, and occasionally performs the old Fever Ray trick of splitting and shifting Obel’s vocals so that she sounds both male and female. Out on Play It Again Sam.

Maria Monti
Il Bestario

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Dan Melchior
Ghost In the Supermarket

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Courtney Marie Andrews
No One's Slate Is Clean

Following the success of her breakthrough third album, Honest Life, Fat Possum/House Arrest are reissuing the 2011 album by Courtney Marie Andrews, No One’s Slate Is Clean. Now singing with an assured country lilt, which has won over the likes of 6 Music’s Gideon Coe, Andrews started her career singing back-up vocals for fellow Arizona band Jimmy Eat World.

Caroline Says
There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

Apparently Austin musician Caroline Sallee AKA Caroline Says worked three jobs when writing songs for this her second LP. So if you count writing music as a job then that's four. Who says musicians have it easy? Anyway this is an album influenced by moving to a new town, living in awful places shot through with the on the road melancholy of Bruce Springteen's 'Nebraska'.    

Sarah Louise
Deeper Woods

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June Tabor

John Prine
The Tree of Forgiveness

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Mark Kozelek
Mark Kozelek

Eighty eight further minutes of your life you won't get back again with this latest album from Mark Kozelek's favourite singer.  Recorded partly in hotels, I'm looking forward to hearing what particular accommodation gripes he has this time. If this is not enough for you then there's also a new Sun Kil Moon album due later in the year. Rejoice! 

American Music Club

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Horse Feathers

Who knew horses had feathers? How wonderful. Horse Feathers have been going about their quiet business for twelve years or so now and this fifth LP sees the band head towards a new dynamic with a bit of a Northern Soul feel. Justin Ringle's warm, bearded tenor sings of work, love and life. Welcome to the club. 

Jessica Risker
I See You Among The Stars

Missouri-born, Chicago-dwelling Jessica Risker has signed to the fab Western Vinyl label for the latest chapter in her lo-fi, psych-folk, DIY crusade. I See You Among The Stars is a beautiful record that takes in the influences of Nick Drake, Sibylle Baier and Broadcast at their most gentle. LP and CD on Western Vinyl.

Frank Turner
Be More Kind

Frank Turner is one man. A man who has a guitar. A man who has, damn it all, a voice. Together they are used to make music. Sometimes the music they make becomes very popular indeed. Maybe this latest LP will be another one of those popular ones. Maybe it will teach us the error of our ways. Maybe we will learn to love each other again. Maybe we will change. Maybe we will be better. Maybe we will Be More Kind.

The Fernweh
The Fernweh EP

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Damien Jurado
The Horizon Just Laughed

Damien Jurado’s thirteenth LP - and the first one he’s produced all by himself - doesn’t see the Seattle-based artist messing with the formula too much. The Horizon Just Laughed is a record of lovely singer-songwriter stuff from a man with a tale or two to tell. Fans of his previous work, as well as the likes of - what the heck - Bob Dylan, will enjoy this.

Skeletal Blues

Twilit spectre songs for fans of being hypnotised into a good night's sleep, Locks strike magic in all the low keys on their Zen Ten release. Skeletal Blues is a fitting name for the record and despite its layer of mist, this record should speak for itself -- if not, it'll murmur, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Neil Young
Roxy – Tonight’s the Night Live

Roxy - Tonight’s The Night Live was recorded on the opening night of the famous club on L.A.’s Sunset Strip in September 1973. Neil Young, with his backing band, The Santa Monica Flyers - Ben Keith, Nils Lofgren, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina took to the stage to play a set of new material that would eventually make up the 1975 album Tonight’s The Night. Neil Young was reeling from the drug-related deaths of two friends, musician Danny Whitten and roadie, Bruce Berry, consequently there’s a cathartic energy to the live recording.

Micah P. Hinson
Micah P. Hinson at The British Broadcasting Corporation

This record, which comes presented within a pleasingly vintage-style Ghost Box-esque sleeve design, documents various performances given by Micah P. Hinson for Marc Riley at the BBC, over the course of fifteen years. These eleven recordings, presented chronologically, allow the listener to track Micah’s development and enjoy alternate versions of favourite songs. On Full Time Hobby.

Sufjan Stevens
Mystery Of Love

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Rites and Rituals

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Ilyas Ahmed
With Endless Fire

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The Human Elephant
White Thunder

Hisato Higuchi
Otomeyama Bottoms

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Laura Veirs
The Lookout

When she’s not teaching kids to play the guitar, Laura Veirs is a singer/songwriter. A good one too. The Lookout is her tenth album and first since her collaboration with like-minds Neko Case and K.D. Lang. The Lookout is inspired by wanting to take care, be aware and look after each other. This need was fired in Veirs, like so many things these days, by the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming president. The velvet voices of Jim James and Sufjan Stevens feature. Gold coloured vinyl LP and CD on Bella Union.

Haley Heynderickx
I Need to Start a Garden

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The Handsome Family

The Handsome Family are an alt. country/Americana duo made up of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks. They have been plying their trade since the early ‘90s to a committed fanbase. Unseen is their tenth album and is the first new material since the band had massive, and it has to be said, unexpected success (35 million streams on Spotify!!) with their song Far From Any Road which was used as the theme song for cult  2014 TV show True Detective.

A Winter Light
A Winter Light

For his solo exhibition of the same name in a Sligo gallery, Mark Garry invited some chums to write and record music on location, in direct response to the pieces on display. These include Karl Burke, Nina Hynes and Claudia Schwab as well as actor Cillian Murphy and his brother Paidrig Murphy. Sax, strings, guitar, piano and percussion are what accompany the various singers in what is really quite a sweet collection of quiet alt-folk songs.
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Marlon Williams
Make Way For Love

Make Way For Love sees a developing Marlon Williams moving away from his country typecast. The New Zealand native songwriter experiments with a more expansive sound, introducing strings, reverb and more dynamic guitar work along with the odd piano-led tune. It was partly recorded in his hometown of Lyttelton, New Zealand with fellow singer/songwriter Ben Edwards before moving the whole shebang to California where Noah Georgeson took the helm and recorded the lion’s share. Limited ‘indies only’ white vinyl LP (be quick if you want one of those!), standard black vinyl LP and CD on Dead Oceans.

The Magic Castles

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Lord Huron
Vide Noir

I hope Lord Huron are okay. Their new album Vide Noir, meaning 'empty black', is an indie folk communion with the void. Assuming the seasons continue their endless deferral it might be the ideal album to listen to this supposed 'spring'. Haunting but warm, Lord Huron are the ideal companion to face the darkness. 

Courtney Marie Andrews
Honest Life

After a few years out the spotlight to live an honest life in Washington state, Courtney Marie Andrews returns with … Honest Life. A record in the finest heartland rock tradition, her kiss-off tales of love and loneliness take flight in a voice that hits a sweet spot between Joni Mitchell, Angel Olsen and Bonnie Tyler. 

Sufjan Stevens
Tonya Harding

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The American Dreamer

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Jeffrey Lewis
Works By Tuli Kupferberg (1923​-​2010)

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Joshua Hedley
Broken Man

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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Wolf of the Cosmos

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has always been of particular interest to me - not because of his music - but because of his name. Why exactly does he need to claim to the 'Prince' status? Is he actually a prince? Or is he actually an unnecessary ego? Who knows. Either (or neither) way, Wolf of the Cosmos is available on vinyl LP and CD on Domino. 

Syd Barrett

‘Barrett’ was the eponymous Pink Floyd frontman's second and last solo record, produced by his fellow bandmembers Rick Wright and David Gilmour. It's a collection of blues jams and psych rock that recalls artists such as the Byrds. The record has been reissued courtesy of Rhino Records.    Tracks: Baby Lemonade Love Song Dominoes It Is Obvious Rats Maisie Gigolo Aunt Waving My Arms in the Air I Never Lied to You Wined and Dined Wolfpack Effervescing Elephant

Anne Briggs
An Introduction to Anne Briggs

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Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson

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