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Bert Jansch
Living In The Shadows Part 2: On The Edge Of A Dream

Part two of the Living In The Shadows series, sub-titled On The Edge Of A Dream, contains the final recordings of Bert Jansch. This is everything the folk legend recorded in the 2000’s: the three albums Crimson Moon, Edge Of A Dream and The Black Swan, plus an extra disc of unre...view item »

Scout Paré-Phillips
Door Left Open

Since 2015’s dark Heed The Call, Door Left Open is the follow up full length from Scout Paré-Phillips. Still just as brooding and heavy, her vocal style and songwriting kicks like a shadowed Joni Mitchell, with the sparse presence of Leonard Cohen. The Multi-instrumenta...view item »

Shade Grown

Vermont psych jam rulers MV/EE are back with an LP, featuring a few big psych monsters in the mix such Jeremy Earl (Woods/Woodsist), Herbcraft, Rongoose, Carson 'Smokehound' Arnold, Doc Dunn, Mick Flower (...view item »

Mick Harvey
Sketches From The Book Of The Dead

Mick Harvey has been in The Birthday Party and The Bad Seeds (both with Dick Cave) and has collaborated with PJ 'pyjama's' Harvey (not related) but this is his first solo album completely written by himself. It reminds me most of the Robert Forster (Go Betweens) solo album 'Danger in the Past' (eerily produced by Harvey himself) in that its a se...view item »

A Lilac Decline
The Mountain Rages

A Lilac Decline is the solo project of Cecilia Danell, of both Cubs and Loner Deluxe. The Mountain Rages is an atmospheric suite of intuitive folk music recorded with a brace of traditional instruments, field recordings, wine glasses, shortwave radios etc. for a intimat...view item »

Jo Foster
I’ll Be Thinking Of You All The Time

Triassic Tusk are releasing a series of 7"s and their press releases are straight to the point. "Jo Foster is amazing" they tell us. I think that sleeve is amazing too. Just look at those people having fun. Here Jo does one of her own songs plus covers one by King Creosote. I'm sure there will be more in this series so collect the whole set! &nb...view item »

King Creosote
The Lengths

Favourite of my dad, most of my friends and family but strangely yet to tug at my heartstrings, Scottish man King Creosote here releases a 7" containing one old song and one cover of something by Lomond Campbell.  At nearly a tenner it wilol cost you but you won't be getting these tunes anyplace else. ...view item »

Shirley Collins
Shirley Sings Irish

Shirley Collins is credited with the English Folk Revival of the 1960's and 70's, and rightly so. She has released many great records that even listeners who might not be too loving of folk (especially English folk) occasionally pop on one of her records. Shirley Sings Irish is a remastered and limited edition 7" with some rare photographs inclu...view item »

Trembling Bells / Alex Rex
The Auld Triangle

Like a sort of raggle-taggle version of Band Aid, Scottish folk minstrels Trembling Bells have hauled a pile of their famous friends into the studio to sing this song much beloved of drunks. Alasdair Roberts, Ricky Ross (really?) , Dan Haywood, Mike Heron, Scott Fagan and Amy Cutler all len...view item »

Vic Chesnutt
West of Rome

Vic Chesnutt’s West Of Rome is the second studio album by the Athens, Georgia songwriter, recorded with Michael Stipe at the production helm in 1992. Not only does this reissue add seven bonus tracks of four-track demos, live tracks and outtakes, it also puts West Of Rome onto vinyl for t...view item »

Glenn Jones & Matthew Azevedo

Waterworks is a document of a remarkable performance in a remarkable space: the Waterworks Museum in Boston, a resonant location packed with interesting machinery. Guitarist Glenn Jones brought in Matthew Azevedo to add all sorts of electroacoustics through an array of speakers distributed around the sp...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

The Ones You Keep Close was recorded by Brigid Mae Power with a band that included Peter Broderick (who also took care of recording and mastering the record). Brigid’s lush alternative-folk sound is in fine form right here. Available in vinyl and cassette formats (both accompanied...view item »

Wooden Wand
Clipper Ship

The new Wooden Wand Clipper Ship is a fine piece of guitar-led songcraft, on which main man James Toth wrote the music before writing the lyrics. With musicians including Darin Grey, Ryan Norris and Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, Clipp...view item »

Isla Del Rojo
Isla Del Rojo

Guitarist and composer Ulrik Ording and drummer Daniel Ögren step away from their Mainekk project and after having both worked with Anna Von Hausswolf journey somewhere much lighter with Isla Del Rojo. Focusing heavily on folk music and all that entails, an...view item »

Johnny Cash
At San Quentin

At San Quentin is the second prison concert album by Johnny Cash and was originally released in 1969. It followed on from the success of 1968’s At Folsom Prison. Like its predecessor, At San Quentin features an eponymous song damning the institution. It also includes the classic version of A ...view item »

Frederick Michael St. Jude
Almost Lost

Described as a ‘Florida rock phenomenon’, Frederick Michael St. Jude brings his third archival release entitled Almost Lost. The record features smooth and flowing guitars and a truly unique amount of varying instrumentalism. A somewhat lost classic of the folk, country, progressive and even psych genres.&nb...view item »

Bill MacKay

Bill MacKay releases his third, and arguably deepest record, entitled Esker. A record that contains a combination of percussion, guitars, piano and glass slide all performed by himself. Esker is a well known and genial presence on the Chicago music scene and here creates warm folk rock that also taps into psych and expe...view item »

Brian John McBrearty
blue twenty​-​three

Brian John McBrearty is a Philadelphia guitarist, presenting the twenty-third release in Blue Tapes’ catalogue. On the one side, Brian gets into a rigorous improvised exploration of the tremolo effect, while the other side is all about American Primitive style mixed with hazy drones. Gorgeous music for the...view item »

Karen Elson
Double Roses

Double Roses has been a slow birth. For nearly seven years after her Jack White-produced debut, Karen Elson struggled to find time to write and record new tracks what with being a mother of two young children. However, she persevered and this collection of Southern Gothic-flecked ditties broods with a s...view item »

Phil Odgers
Roll To The Left

Phil Odgers, known for vocals in ‘The Men They Couldn’t Hang’, has released an eleven-part record called ‘Roll To The Left’. Described as a sharp, fresh and bright collection of tracks that uses his creativeness and brilliance in songwriting, to give us a  pleasurable mix of UK...view item »

Allred & Broderick
Find The ways

Peter Broderick and David Allred’s musical partnership is a beautiful thing: they use only their voices and their chosen string instruments (violin and upright bass), and they record live, without overdubs or edits. The result is intimate friendship music, simply made but very deep. Find The Ways ...view item »

Max Jury
Under The Covers

Max Jury is a young songwriter with a notable talent, but this single finds him taking on the songs of two of his most crucial influences. Under The Covers features one Kinks song (‘Afternoon Tea’) and one David Wiffen song (‘One Step’), both treated with ...view item »

Andrew Combs
Canyons Of My Mind

Described as ‘a landscape where the personal & the pastoral converge’, Canyons Of My Mind is the latest release from Andrew Combs. A little bit sad and a little bit spiritual, this eleven-track album brings together country and folk, with soothing vocals dipped i...view item »

Tullia Benedicta

Tullia Benedicta is an Italian musician with something of a shoegaze past. On debut solo album Anteros however, she works with slinking electronics and cold-eyed vocals, exploring kinky sexual themes through the use of obliquely sampled pornography and cloaked lyricism. CD release on Second Language....view item »

Is a Woman

This was the at-the-time-disappointing follow up to the splendid Nixon album where Lambchop eschewed the floaty country soul and made what seemed to be a samey set of piano-led torch songs. Yet time has a way of changing things and Is a Woman is now seen as something of a modern classic and is another oddball b...view item »

Lillie Mae
Over The Hill and Through The Wood

Lillie Mae has a voice as pure as gold, her Texan-esque vocal style is something to be admired and Over The Hill And Through The Woods is her latest release. The single can be described as a classy combination of folk and country with elements of modern singer-songwriter pop that is available on Vinyl 7”....view item »

The Spookfish
Black Hole

Instead of tackling external political or cultural phenomenons, The Spookfish is a candid documentation of a personal journey - representing inward emotions throughout. Dan Goldberg's impressive debut offering, Black Hole, is a creation moulded by the East Coast journeys of the creative New Y...view item »

Robyn Hitchcock
Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock’s new one, which bears his own name, is the first time he’s settled into the studio with a full band in almost a decade. He’s used the opportunity well, marshalling the full heft of the group to give weight and groove to these latest psych-rocky compositions. Robyn Hitchcock is released...view item »

Big Blood/ Micah Blue Smaldone

After a few so-so releases today, it's nice that something finally jumps out of the vinyl and makes me sit up and take notice. I'm so very tired you know. I've been tired and jaded since I took a gulp from a rogue glass of beer at the pub last week and I'm sure the two events are connected...view item »

Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon
The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea

The third album by Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon arrives after seven years away, but it seems that time has only allowed the Irish group to sound more like themselves. Third album The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea has a special feel to it: something in the way that folk songs become swathed in wisps of shoegaze and...view item »

Todd Albright
Detroit Twelve String Blues & Rags

Todd Albright is an artist immersed in the music of the past. Based in Detroit, he has spent years learning his way around 1920’s and 1930’s blues music, and his fast-moving fingers give new life to the tunes of the masters (think Blind Lemon Jefferson and Leadbelly for example). ...view item »

Middle Brother
Limited Edition 10”

Middle Brother are something of an alt-country supergroup, mixing the main songwriters / singers of Dawes, Delta Spirit and Deer Tick into one powerful trio. So much voice! The straightforwardly-titled Limited Edition 10” is pressed as a picture disc, and is exclu...view item »

Richard Edwards
Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset

Richard Edwards, formerly of Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s, has had a pretty rough time in the last few years: a stomach condition almost killed him, and both his band and  his marriage left him behind. But, like any good artist, Richard was able to use these experiences as ric...view item »

Coco Hames
Coco Hames

The debut solo album from Coco Hames, an American songwriter in a classic 60’s pop vein. As the frontwoman of The Ettes, our Coco knows her way around a tune, but Coco Hames gives her the chance to get really stuck into her personal favourite pop and country influences. Coco H...view item »

Jonny Velon
Goodness Flows

Inventive singer-songwriter Jonny Velon tunes into the sounds and styles of various classic 70’s cats on his new album Goodness Flows: Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Murray Head… They all mesh together into an accomplished album of cool rock music. The album h...view item »

Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval's debut record under her own name (after a run of releases as the confrontational and action-packed rockettothesky) investigates the nuances of gender and sexuality through a mystical kind of folklore. Her unique, far-reaching voice combines with spectral guitar picking for a record like none oth...view item »

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turns to the great American songbook in grand style with Triplicate, which contains a whole thirty reinterpretations of familiar favourites, spread over three discs. Each disc is a carefully arranged ten-track suite, and Dylan offers some laudably subtle insight into these standards. 3CD and 3...view item »

Sean Rowe
New Lore

Sean Rowe is a singer-songwriter in a vintage style, travelling the road and playing shows wherever they appear. Especially notable is his deep deep voice, which sounds like it’s really seen some things man. New Lore is a powerful set of American songs. Released by Anti and Epitaph, working together to bring this ...view item »

Fionn Regan
The Meetings Of The Waters

Fionn Regan’s new album is his first in half a decade, but Fionn reckons it's been brewing for even longer than that, slowly gestating while he worked on other records. That makes The Meetings Of The Waters an essential piece of his catalogue, going into somewhat uncharted territory for him. CD / ...view item »

Emma Gatrill

With credits running to playing with Alessi’s Ark, Rozi Plain and Rachael Dadd, harpist and multi-instrumental Emma Gatrill often gets compared to Joanna Newsom, Björk and Joni Mitchell. Developing her sound further w...view item »

Jeb Loy Nichols
Ya Smell Me

Jeb Loy Nichols limbers up for the release of his forthcoming tenth album with this ‘mini-album’, Ya Smell Me? The record is full to brimming with groovy ‘Country Soul’, Nichols’ own hybrid genre. This 10” vinyl mini-album is limited to 500 copies only on the Meltdown...view item »

Robert Millis
The Lonesome High

Robert Millis, who you’ll know from Climax Golden Twins and his work with Sublime Frequencies, releases his first solo album The Lonesome High, which finds him (perhaps surprisingly) in singer-songwriter mode. Although make no mistake, these songs have certain weirdnesses to them. Oh, and ...view item »

Neil Young
Official Release Series Discs 8.5-12

A big heavy box full of Neil Young albums, all pressed to heavyweight 180g vinyl. Discs 8.5 to 12 of the Official Release Series encompasses Young’s later-70’s albums, including the excellent live-with-Crazy Horse double whammy of Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust...view item »

Willie Nelson / Uncle Tupelo
Truck Drivin’ Man

This most unexpected but conceptually consistent 7" sees old-school country legend Willie Nelson square off against New Depression pioneers Uncle Tupelo (the band before Wilco). On both sides you'll find someone (those aforementioned folkies) performing "Truck Drivin' Man". A fine thing indeed; keep it simple....view item »

Vic Chesnutt
Is The Actor Happy?

Is The Actor Happy?, the 1995 album by Georgia, USA singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt, has been out of print for absolutely ages, so this reissue is a pleasure to see. It even includes six bonus tracks of Vic’s country-flavoured poetics. This is warm and lyrical songwriting, and Is The Actor Happ...view item »

Shirley Inspired

This right here is a true motherload: British folk legend Shirley Collins is rightly loved by all and sundry musicians, and Earth Records have pulled together an absolute ton of amazing artists to perform her music. Literally too many to list, but if you like folk-inspired music then your favourites will be here. Vinyl box-set a...view item »

Alasdair Roberts

Deep-rooted Scottish folksman Alasdair Roberts presents a new mixture of traditional and original songs, as nuanced as ever. Unlike his previous album, Pangs is a full-band electric affair, with trusty sidemen Alex Neilson and Stevie Jones on board (plus several other guests). Excellent...view item »

The Summer Of Sepia

A dense, sad and strange neo-folk record from Eagle/Deer. Summer of Sepia is a collection of American folk music driven by Sara Charles solo banjo and guitar playing and delicate vocals. Her haunting mountain tales and multi-instrumentalism bring to mind Sufjan Stevens, and this vinyl ...view item »

Vagabond Saint

Isle Of Wight-born solo artist Angelina presents her idiosyncratic brand of alt-folk on this 11-track LP. With an unusual blend of mechanical sounding production, folky songwriting and a voice that seems to belong on a 50s jazz record, Vagabond Saint is a unique discovery. Released as Vinyl LP and CD o...view item »

Enderby’s Room
My Old Friend

Enderby’s Room head honcho Dan Mayfield seems like a good egg. Having played fiddle for Daniel Johnston and The Wave Pictures, he also runs a project called School of Noise that encourages children to experiment with unusual music-making techniques. That same willingness to engage others a...view item »

Tim Darcy
Saturday Night

Ought are one of our favourite bands here at the towers and much of the enjoyment we get is down to singer Tim Darcy's twangy distinctive vocals and oddball lyrical dexterity. If we thought his solo work was going to go down the weird route of his excellent tape collaboration with AJ Cornell then from early teas...view item »

Quicksand / Cradlesnakes

A highly original outfit. I think Califone, on occasions, sound like Sparklehorse combined with the best elements of post-rock (experimental and quirky, but not too self-indulgent) and a small dose of trip-hop. Quicksand/Cradlesnake establishes Califone as an ambitious band with the songwriting chops to back up its penchant for studio strangenes...view item »

Myriam Gendron
Not So Deep As A Well

A beautifully light and airy folk album from Myriam Gendron from Montreal. Her songs on Not So Deep As Well, her debut LP, are based around the poetry of Dorothy Parker and her clear, deep voice delivers the enthralling lyrics with great storytelling ability and when combined with the simple melody of her guitar...view item »

Live In Denton

Midlake love their hometown don't you know, and with their now rather famous brand of indie pop, they come in for a victory lap in the place they once blossomed from. Live In Denton is the band doing the delicate thing they do on stage, so chances are it is recommended if you like Midlake. ...view item »

Laura Marling
Blues Run The Game / Needle And The Damage Done

Was anyone else as upset as I was that Laura Marling has gone back from brunette to blonde? I mean life goes on etc. but she looked better as a brown hair. I'll get over it, I suppose. Now she has teamed up with Jack White for a new single on his label Third Man. The lead track 'Blues Run the Game' is very familiar. I think Nick Drake may have c...view item »

Michael Nau
Some Twist

After the short lived indie-folk-pop projects Page France and Cotton Jones Michael Nau went it alone, and after two full lengths in 2016 he returns to Full Time Hobby with a third. Close, warm and personal indie pop tracks with Good Thing being a perfect lead into his fireside crackle tone. Bleedin&rsqu...view item »

Neko Case
Live From Austin, TX

Despite beginning her career as a punk rock drummer and spending a large part of it singing back up for New Pornographers, it is for her voice that Neko Case will probably be remembered. I once saw it described as "the sort of voice that does something funny to a man". Here it is swooping and carousing in a live...view item »

Bob Dylan
House Of The Risin’ Sun

This record contains some of Bob Dylan’s early takes on traditional American songs, demonstrating the roots of the great man’s own songwriting. As well as the collection’s title track, we have versions of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s &l...view item »

Old Fire
Songs From The Haunted South

Old Fire presents a collection of remarkably lush and rich Songs From The Old South, thick with bass and strings and reverb. The presentation of this release is really very fine, being a 180g heavyweight vinyl LP housed in a Vaughan Oliver-designed sleeve with metallic printing. Additionally, there...view item »

John Andrews & The Yawns
Bad Posture

Bad Posture was written at home over the course of the winter in John Andrews’ New Hampshire home, and then recorded in the springtime in the barn of that same home along with his band of freakfolk fellows The Yawns. Bad Posture is intimate rural music for the new American era. LP release...view item »

Anthony Reynolds ft. Vashti Bunyan
Bees Dream Of Flowers & Your Summer's Meadow Breath

Ex Jack man Anthony Reynolds has teamed up with Vashti Bunyan and Charlotte Greig on this catchily-titled 7" which they've called 'Bees Dream Of Flowers & Your Summers Meadow Breath (False Knights & Your Satyr Days)'. Phew.. You'd think they migh have run out of words after coming up with that but they've scraped a few more out of the ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters In A New World

William Ryan Fritch is the in-house music maker for action-camera manufacturers GoPro. Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters is a new project of theirs, focusing on the epic landscapes of Mongolia. Fritch’s soundtrack draws on the traditional instruments and the ever astonishing throat singing techniques ...view item »

Bob Dylan
The Bootleg Series, Volumes 1-3 [Rare & Unreleased] 1961-1991

This is a massive collection of rare and unreleased material from Bob Dylan covering 1961 to 1991. This was initially pressed in 1991 but hasn’t been repressed until now. 58 tracks of missing magic, on 5 heavyweight vinyls, packaged as the Bootleg Years. A must for a collector or self professed diehard fans....view item »

Jeff Buckley / Sly & The Family Stone
Everyday People

Thought you were familiar with all the material Jeff Buckley recorded in his brief career didn’t you? Well you were wrong: a forthcoming compilation gathers together a selection of previously unheard covers, and this single pairs his take on Sly & The Family Stone’s Everyday People with ...view item »

Peter Silberman

A logical extension of Silberman’s work in The Antlers, Impermanence is a beat-up and skeletal record replete with breathy vocals and humming held guitar chords. It finds a good home on Transgressive imprint Anti-. Buyers from Norman/other indies get a special bonus disk with four...view item »

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 2

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), continues his series of records themed around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. Thankful Villages Volume 2 digs into the folk histories of eighteen villages, weaving field recordings and interviews into his son...view item »

Francois & The Atlas Mountains
Solide Mirage

Winsome French collective Francois and the Atlas Mountains get down and dirty with their most direct offering yet. Solide Mirage was recorded by the guy who did Christine and the Queens and Owen Pallet takes care of all the violinning. Lead track 'Grange Dereglemen't sees them going all Riv...view item »

Alasdair Roberts & Friends
A Wonder Working Stone

Prolific Scots folkie Alasdair Roberts is back again with a troupe of buddies accompanying him as he romps through another series of his updates to traditional Scottish music. The accompaniment (and even occasional use of electric instruments) does give...view item »


JFDR is a young and inventive Icelandic musician with a fair bit of experience in acts like Pascal Pinon and Gangly. For her solo debut she worked with Shazad Ismaily (and, on one track, Greg Fox) to create a record of eclectically textured songwriting that veer...view item »

Holly Macve
Golden Eagle

Straightforwardly classic-sounding American Country & Western music from an unlikely source: the 21-year-old English singer Holly Macve. Golden Eagle, which was recorded in Newcastle, feels older and more experienced than its years, and Holly’s voice is a remarkable sound. Out on Bella Union....view item »

Dylan Golden Aycock
Church of Level track

Dylan Golden Aycock is one of those guitar-playing types who manages to effortlessly overcome the enormous baggage accumulated by that instrument and push straight through to gorgeous clarity. Church Of Level Track dabbles in American Primitive and country sounds, with a slightly psychedelic backbone running throughout....view item »

Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood

If after the 'Universal Themes' you can cope with any more of Kozelek's ramblings then here is a new double album of the stuff. This one covers events in Kozelek's life from March to October 2016 so if you want to know his thoughts on mass murders or the passing of heroes like David Bowie or Muhammad Ali then this is...view item »

Craig Finn
We All Want The Same Things

Though he was and is the Springsteen-ish narrator in one-track-mind rockers the Hold Steady, Craig Finn's solo work shows a different side to his character albeit with his barfly persona still intact. Finn is still telling tales of stuff that goes on in his Minneapolis/St Paul neighbourhood pairing his observations with lovely i...view item »

The Cairo Gang

‘Untouchable’ is the full length release from The Cairo Gang. This album sends you back in time to a day where simple drumming and soft guitars were the norm, alongside catchy vocals and a guitar solo towards the end. A nice combination of early 1960’s indie-rock and cl...view item »

John Moreland
Big Bad Luv

John Moreland has so far received word of mouth acclaim with a series of self released albums culminating in an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last year. Now he has been signed to 4AD and so will I'm sure achieve much wider recognition. 'Big Bad Luv' is a record about love, faith and the human conditio...view item »

Jeb Loy Nichols
Country Hustle

Jeb Loy Nichols does not lie when he calls his record Country Hustle: there are plenty of country sounds and vibes in here, and also a fair amount of New York hustler-music groove too. Soulful and funky and bluesy and lots else besides: it's impressive that Jeb has made all this blending sound totally n...view item »

Stick In The Wheel
present From Here: English Folk Field Recordings

Stick In The Wheel‘s new album From Here: English Folk Field Recordings is a project that records notable folk musicians (both legendary and up-and-coming) on location. Each artist was asked to think about the phrase ‘From Here’ and interpret it for themselves. This collection of brand new recordings f...view item »

The Kitchen Cynics / Micha P. Hinson / Tissø Lake / Willard Grant Conspiracy
Split 12" Vol. 6

Four-way split 12” of American and Scottish artists. This transatlantic partnership, recorded in Edinburgh brings out the best in everybody involved: Micah P. Hinson and Willard Grant Conspiracy’s deep Americana highlights certain qualities in Tissø Lake and The Kitche...view item »

Old 97's
Graveyard Whistling

Rhett Davies's popular Texan bar band have long since broken out of their local scene and now compete with the alt country big boys such as  Uncle Tupelo and the Jayhawks. This is their umpteenth album of feel decent country rock with a low down and dirty feel and hi-paced driving gritty rhythms. ...view item »

Craig Brown Band

Craig Brown is a Detroit institution, so it could only ever have been a matter of time before he turned up on Jack White’s hardy Third Man Records. Overthinking is a slice of Brown-sound, recorded with his band, that recalls Neil Young-style country. Locals will l...view item »

Richard Buckner

Merge reissue Richard Buckner’s grizzled blues-rock classic on vinyl LP and CD. Impasse is an album of sparse guitar music, with a dense lyricism and some lovely arrangements that deserve to be appreciated on this remastered 15th anniversary special edition, complete with additional rare material....view item »

Jake Xerxes Fussell
What In The Natural World

Jake Xerxes Fussell takes on a brace of (non-)traditional pieces and puts them through his own personal folk processes on his second album What In The Natural World. Guest musicians from the Alan Lomax Archive, The Mountain Goats and Steve Gunn’s band (all somehow...view item »

The Memory Band
A Fair Field

The Memory Band are indeed a band of memory, making it their business to dig out artefacts from a Britain of times gone by and refashioning them into new-old music. Landscape Music Volume Five (A Fair Field Full Of Folk) is a strong set of semi-folk, acoustic musicians and tr...view item »

Sweep the Temple

Both mesmerising and equally as sparse is Sweep the Temple - a majestic and bold expedition across a folk-inspired galaxy. Fountainsun here prove that bare to the bone minimalism can still uphold and even enhance engagement from listeners - sometimes simple is more effective, sometimes less is mor...view item »

Kath Bloom
This Dream Of Life

The usual shuffle, cough and an 'oooh'. The sound of Phil finding something he terms as exciting on the new release lists....and yes Kath Blooms 19th album could be a cause of celebration. She's spent the last five winters making it and has roped in guests such as Avi Buffalo and label boss and verbal diarist Mark Kozele...view item »

Lone Piñon
Dias Felices

Lone Piñon are a New Mexico band who bring their musical roots fully into their contemporary work, engaging with the old Chicano folk styles of their state. Playing acoustically on guitars and fiddle and singing multi-part harmonies, their sound is a beautiful resurrection of tradition. Dias Felices is released b...view item »

Book Of Changes

I don't understand. Surely Entrance only just released an album last year with the slightly underwhelming 'Promises'? (Copies still available by the way). Reading further 'Promises' was apparently the EP so this must be the big one. It says here that he's been influenced by Townes Van Zandt and Arthur Lee which ...view item »

She Drew The Gun
Memories Of The Future

She Drew The Gun is Louisa Roach’s spoken-word / music project, and Memories Of The Future is her debut full-length. She has a frank approach, providing the kind of political poetry that’s guaranteed to go down well at most festivals. And the backing music has some welcome mersey-psyche-pop ...view item »

Cobalt Chapel
Cobalt Chapel

Cobalt Chapel is a project that mines some interesting territory. Cecilia Fage and Jarrod Gosling play around with the kind of interpretations of British folk music that so many hauntologists have recently enjoyed, but with a pulsing electronic touch that, along with Fage’...view item »

Johnny Flynn

In the pantheon of contemporary crooning poshos that ranges from the excellent Laura Marling to Marcus fucking Mumford, Johnny Flynn’s songwriting chops and knack for an arrangement has ensconced him firmly in the upper-reaches of the list. He doesn’...view item »

Alison Krauss
Windy City

Possibly the most easily-distinguished voice in bluegrass (to the British ear at least), Grammy-hoarder Alison Krauss returns to the fray after a quiet couple of decades. Those who are likely to know her for her work soundtracking O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Cold Mountain will find much joy here - Windy ...view item »

North Sea Radio Orchestra

Joyful whimsy and mild dischord from North Sea Radio Orchestra on Dronne, their fourth album after a four year break where guitarist Craig Fortnam has been beavering away on his solo projects. Lots of influences come through, including Cardiacs, early Kraftwerk and Britten to make a wholly English sound. Limited...view item »

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker

Josienne Clarke’s lovely vocal and Ben Walker’s steady acoustic picking: perfect. Add in some lush widescreen orchestration and their mix of gothic folk, chill ballads, bluegrass and lunar odes are all set to mirror our circadian rhythms this Autumn. 'Overnight' will track our days and ...view item »

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst, aka Mr. Bright Eyes himself, has a new album of solo work. Ruminations was made according to the classic technique of sealing oneself away alone during the winter, and is a sparse affair involving O...view item »

Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

On the tenth anniversary of the release of their debut album, Everything All The Time, Seattle’s Band Of Horses release their fifth album Why Are You OK. The album contains all the melodic hooks and the stories the band are known for. This time however, the album is informed by top horse Ben Bridwell&rsqu...view item »

Bill Baird
Earth Into Aether

Bill Baird operates as a member of Sound Team and as Sunset: also, he produces richly textured solo work, as on Earth Into Aether. This is an impressive record, and not only for its CD-filling 78 minute duration. Baird’s productions are bright and teeming with det...view item »

A Hawk And A Hacksaw
The Way The Wind Blows

My own personal album of the week would be the new A HAWK & A HACKSAW album (I do like The Nightingales but this speaks to me in special ways...). 'The Way The Wind Blows' is a tremendous thing of a thing. Apparently there's a new phenomenon called 'Gypsy folk'. Wow! Actually it's just a phrase coined by journalists in a vain ...view item »

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