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Sam Amidon
I See the Sign

Sam Amidon. He's a NY resident on Iceland's quite wonderful Bedroom Community. This is his 4th full length, his second for the Puffin munchers (old Sugarcubes media in-joke) The first song here is bloody astonishing. Like a dreamy blend of Bill Callahan & Jose Gonzalez, 'How Come That Blood ' mashes hypnotic trad folk elements, electronics...view item »

Kevin Morby
City Music

Kevin Morby is releasing a new twelve-track record entitled City Music. This is his fourth album that adds to an already classic collection of indie and folk style songs, but seemingly veers off on a different path than his previous releases. His monotone vocals and simplistic music style make for a quality and dee...view item »

Kevin Morby
Beautiful Strangers / No Place To Fall

Kevin Morby has released this single especially to benefit the Everytown for Gun Safety charity charity, to whom all the proceeds of this release will go. Beautiful Strangers is a painful song about the victims of gun violence, and the B-side is a cover version of Townes Van Zandt’s No Place T...view item »

Johnny Flynn
A Larum

Jack Cheshire
Black Light Theatre

Heavily influenced by Can, Grizzly Bear, and Television london psych-folk artist Jack Cheshire has brought his long time collaborators together for his new album. Written within self imposed isolation and produced by Rob Ellis (Bat For Lashes/...view item »

John Smith

In these days of google-friendly artist and band names it's almost heartening that John Smith has stuck to his birth moniker rather than calling himself John Smmmmmmmmmith or similar. However his music is almost as bland as his name being the sort of hushed acoustic troubadour music with husky voice that will do pretty well in R...view item »

The R.G. Morrison

The R.G. Morrison is a lad from Totnes (home of the bickering fair!) who as well as singing in this very un-English sounding group, runs a label, a record shop and has a girlfriend...and all by the age of 25. I say un-English as this brand of gentle country-ish acoustic melancholy sounds like it has eme...view item »
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Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

“Laughing Eye Weeping Eye transports you to another place, perhaps....... to a magick ceremony with fire-breathing serpents.” Bleats the press release. But why would I want to go there when I could sit at home and watch ‘The Voice’ on TV? Ok then, if I really have to. More entertainingly, on the back sleev...view item »
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Puzzle Muteson

Puzzle Muteson is an English songwriter who likes to pluck, pick and strum -- and leave it at that. His latest record, 'Theatrics', was made with the help of an all-star cat, including Nico Muhly and producing hero Valgeir Sigurðsson. 'Theatrics' is the follow-up to Puzzle Muteson's debut record, 'En Garde', and continues to follow his trend...view item »
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Emily Hall
Folie a Deux

‘Folie à Deux’ is award winning British composer Emily Hall’s debut collaborative release with Icelandic singer songwriter and multiple times Björk collaborator, Sjón. Hall’s composition a piece of modern folk storytelling written for two vocalists, an acoustic harp and an electro-magnetic harp....view item »


Pefkin is the solo project of Gayle Brogan, who has been involved in bands / projects like Electroscope and Boa Melody Bar for many years. Murmurations is an album of secretive folk-drone, a...view item »

The Delta Bell
Wasted / The Back Of Your Mind

Here's a 7" of laid back countryish indie from The Delta Bell, who mixes a classic sweet Loretta Lynn-ish croon with a strange London inflection that pulls things in a strange Lily Allen/Amy Winehouse direction. 'Wasted' is a shuffly plodding ...view item »

Lana Del Rey
Born To Die

Lana Del Rey released Born To Die and spent a great deal of time breaking pop music with her contentious but incredible songs and their sombre, devastated predilections. Melodic and melancholy, and emo before the emo revival, Born To Die resulted in a handful of pretty eternal singles, from "Born To Die" to "Blue...view item »

Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor steps away from the pop star spotlight of Hot Chip (or indeed the improv lamplight of About Group) for a subtle solo album in a shaded corner. Piano was recorded by Alexis alone, with just his voice and a grand piano, both untreated by effects. New songs a...view item »

Harry Tausig & Max Ochs
The Music of Harry Taussig & Max Ochs

Harry Taussig and Max Ochs are a pair of guitarists who were contemporaries of Robbie Basho and John Fahey (sharing space on a 1967 sampler LP), but whose American Primitivisms never picked up quite as wide a listenership. Tompkins Square have been working to change that, and th...view item »

Jeff Tweedy
Together At Last

Fans of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy's positively sweethearted oeuvre will be pleased to hear he's got a new solo record out! This time, instead of releasing a lengthy double-album of new tunes with his son on drums (so dad rock it hurts), he takes old and often classic Wilco material and strips it down. A solemn, acoust...view item »

Charles Manson
Lie: The Love and Terror Cult

Legendary label ESP-Disk here reissue one of their most infamous albums: the music of the actual Charles Manson, recorded before his incarceration. Lie: The Love and Terror Cult is a strange listen: on the one hand it is a pretty good-sounding suite of 60’s folk-rock from the counter culture. On the other hand, it...view item »

The Handsome Family
Singing Bones

Here is a re-issue of the 6th album from Brett and Rennie Sparks the husband and wife team behind the Handsome Family. They have long been producing eerie and cinematic soft shoe shuffle Americana. This is the album which features the song from True Detective so it will be the one everyone wants to own. ...view item »

Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove
Under The Covers

If anything Lydia Lunch isn’t exactly known for towing the line or being the regular artist. Here she continues her collaboration with Tony Chmelik’s Cypress Grove releasing an album of covers. Ranging from the profoundly popular to the deeply obscure (Jon Bon Jovi, ...view item »

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Based in Chicago but sounding like a real country-dweller, Spencer Radcliffe has a second album out, recorded with his band Everyone Else. Enjoy The Great Outdoors is a real fine set of slow and easy alt-country indie music, giving off a sense of stoic relaxation. CD and LP editions on Run For Cover....view item »
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Spectre Folk
Vol. 4

Spectre Folk is a group comprising some guys who’ve truly done their time in the indiesphere: Aaron Mullan of Tall Firs, Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, and Mark Ibold of Pavement, all backing the songs of Pete Nolan...view item »

Scott Walker
Sings Jacques Brel

On Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel the luscious covers Walker made of the Belgian songwriter were compiled for the first time. Reissued by Music On Vinyl, these covers span Walker’s transition from baritone crooner into more avant-garde songwriter, and they’re consistently gorgeous, with expansive bi...view item »

Hannah Peel
Find Peace / Rebox – I Believe in Father Christmas

Oh shit. There's mention of Christmas. We haven't decorated at all and are completely unprepared for this development. Indie folk artist Hannah Peel has a new 7" out that, as always, showcases her commanding and unwavering vocal and the intricate melodies that go with it. That there's a tune called "I Believe In Father Christmas" is totally worr...view item »

Samara Lubelski

Well, I’ve listened to this and I enjoyed it so much I slapped the bugger straight on again, the joys of working late after the other boys and girls have gone! Samara doesn’t quite do what I thought she did, this album is st...view item »

Larkin Grimm
Chasing An Illusion

With a decade-long history releasing meandering tapestry records, Larkin Grimm has long since laid the ground for Chasing An Illusion. Her ominous songs bridge corners of genre including hints of neofolk, jazz and a backwards pastoral Americana, while her lyrics here stand as her most direct and confrontational, star...view item »

Johnny Cash
American VI: Ain't No Grave

A must have record if you are a Johnny Cash fan. No trademark Johnny Cash deep voice, it is apparent these songs were recorded in his last days. Only one song on the record is written by Johnny Cash, the rest are covers. However, once the Man in Black covers a song, it instantly becomes his. This album is a reflective look back at his life but a...view item »

Julie Byrne
Rooms With Walls and Windows

This is the one before the one that got all the mass acceptance but still managed to get in the top albums of the year in Mojo. Here it has been re-issued with extra tracks. Hers is a hushed fingerpicked world where Leonard Cohen meets Vashti Bunyan.  Beautiful, mystical work. Get on board before she gets e...view item »

Resin Pockets

Resin Pockets is the first musical proclamation from Crescent in a decade. Matt Jones’ and his Bristolian crew have therefore had plenty of time to slowly craft these songs of everyday life, some of which were recorded in the great outdoors. Resin Pockets is a rather special-sounding reco...view item »

Neil Young
Official Release Series: Discs 1-4

This collection contains Neil Young's first four solo albums following the demise of Buffalo Springfield. Whilst his self titled debut is fairly average, the other three, "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere", "After The Goldrush" and "Harvest" are essential. "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" is where Neil Young hit ...view item »

Mike Cooper & Derek Hall
Out of The Shades

A proper rarity this one: Out Of The Shades was the first time Mike Cooper’s sound was ever put to tape, and one of just a few examples of him playing with folk guitarist Derek Hall. First released in 1965, this is the only reissue these 4 tracks have ever seen! 7” with accompanying notes, o...view item »

Billie Marten
Milk & Honey

Nice ethereal acoustic twiddlings from silky-voiced Ripon-based songstress Isabella Sophie Tweddle, aka Billie Marten. A Youtube sensation at the age of 12, Marten is now getting some serious attention, including a nomination for BBC Sound of 2016. And she's still only 17. According to her Wikipedia page she is, apparently, obsessed with alpacas...view item »
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Viking Moses / Sam Goodwill
Clown School / Oxygen

Two inventive songwriters share wax on this here split 7” single, recorded in Edinburgh last summer. Apart from their inquisitive approach to songcraft, the through-line connecting Viking Moses’ Clown School and Sam Goodwill’s Oxygen is folk artist Ceylan Hay,...view item »

House and Land
House and Land

Sally Anne Morgan and Sarah Louise Henson join forces to create House and Land. Both women being multi-instrumentalists, they have a wide range of musical variety at their fingertips, with Sarah playing the 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki and performing vocals, while Sally plays the fiddle, banjo, shruti box and...view item »

The Builders And The Butchers
The Spark

Portland's The Builders And The Butchers have delivered their fifth album, which they've named The Spark. The band place a strong emphasis on performance, and are apparently quite a thing to behold live on stage; and sometimes off stage.. Animated is the word. Expect plenty of anthemic, sing-along tunes. The g...view item »

Love Is Love

Written and recorded in the two months following the US election, Love Is Love is a collection of songs that try to bring together and fix the America that Woods think is becoming fractured and broken with hatred. Gentle beats and soft vocals are in abundance on this record that is available on Vinyl LP, CD and Cassette...view item »

The Mountain Goats

Wordy and literate storyteller John Darnielle (and his Mountain Goats) has this time turned his attention to goth, both the music and the movement. Keenly eyed observations on those bands that didn't quite make it or what it meant to be goth all delivered nasally over Mountain Goats regular brand of strum-a-long folk -- or not, in this case, sin...view item »

Mike Cooper
Blue Guitar

Mike Cooper’s 2010 album Blue Guitar is named for a Wallace Stevens poem, and apparently has Cooper-made cut-ups of Thomas Pynchon texts at the core of its composition. Suitably, Cooper’s guitar and voice follow their own paths here, blendin...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine

Music For Megaliths

Steve Von Till, one of the key figures within Neurosis, has a solo project named Harvestman, in which he unshackles his guitar from straight song forms and summons up images of arcane civilisations. Music For...view item »

Rayland Baxter & Dylan LeBlanc
Luck Mansion Sessions

Jack White’s Third Man Records has teamed up with Luck Reunion to record a series of live-in-the-studio collaborative sessions. American roots music is the name of the game, and this edition features the pairing of Rayland Baxter and Dylan LeBlanc, both of whom know how to get real deep an...view item »

Sarah Jarosz & Parker Millsap
Luck Mansion Sessions

Jack White’s Third Man Records has teamed up with Luck Reunion to record a series of live-in-the-studio collaborative sessions. American roots music is the name of the game, and Sarah Jarosz and Parker Millsap deliver some beautiful stripped-back country-folk, with the focus on their two p...view item »

Townes Van Zandt
Live At The Old Quarter

God of country, Townes Van Zandt, never enjoyed commercial success while he was alive, which to this day remains one of the greatest musical travesties of all time. His vast catalogue of songs include some of the finest work ever produced, by anyone ever. This brilliant live album includes some great songs - 'Pancho and Lefty', 'For the Sake of ...view item »

Sun Kil Moon / Jesu
30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth

Oh no. Not again. Sun Kil Moon (aka Mark Kozelek) and Jesu (aka Justin K Broadrick) have been fans of one another for years and this is the second LP they've come up with together in recent times. The first one had it's moments so if they can reign in Kozelek's verbal diarr...view item »

Bert Jansch
Living In The Shadows Part 2: On The Edge Of A Dream

Part two of the Living In The Shadows series, sub-titled On The Edge Of A Dream, contains the final recordings of Bert Jansch. This is everything the folk legend recorded in the 2000’s: the three albums Crimson Moon, Edge Of A Dream and The Black Swan, plus an extra disc of unre...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Houston: Publishing Demos 2002

To date, Mark Lanegan has put out one more studio album as a solo artist than he did with his grunge-era rock band The Screaming Trees. His solo career, which has taken in bar room whiskey ballads, dark hard rock and electronica, started whilst he was still with The Screaming Trees. Around the t...view item »

Marika Hackman
I'm Not Your Man

Marika Hackman’s second full-length album arrives with The Big Moon in tow as her backing band. I’m Not Your Man is a cool record, intimate when it needs to be and guitar-rocking when it feels like it. We have four different formats available (at time of release, depending on stock levels), ...view item »

Korey Dane
Chamber Girls

Korey Dane, who is an excellent skateboarder as well as a musician, releases his second full-length album. Chamber Girls is a bright and bold set of invigorated indie, recorded pretty much live in the studio on analogue gear, for that extra punch. Chamber Girls is released by the Innovative Leisure label: CD an...view item »

Red House Painters
Red House Painters

I've kind of immersed myself in the Red House Painters over the last few months so I can compare this one pretty confidently to the others. I'll say that this is equal to anything they've done and possibly my favourite. If you like these guys at all, do yourself a favour and pick this one up. Call their music dream pop, indie rock, alternative -...view item »

Will Stratton
Rosewood Almanac

Rosewood Almanac is the ten-piece release from Will Stratton. The record is a fluidly effortless collection of songs and contains ten delicately constructed pieces of art, that include a combination of beautiful and personal lyrics. A gentle mix of folk and acoustic music paired...view item »


Diagrams have released a nine-piece project turned record entitled ‘Dorothy’. The record can be described as an intense collective of inspirational lyrics from poetry and aching melodies. A genuine mix of soft-rock and folk music in some parts, yet a much more conser...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Best Troubador

Best Troubador is a collection of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s paying tribute to one of his musical heroes the late Merle Haggard. Best Troubador flips through the back pages of the career of the late country star bringing fresh takes on some of his best work. Easy to tell that thi...view item »

Lee Southall
Iron In The Fire

Lee Southall is the guitarist out of The Coral, recently relocated to the inner depths of the Calder Valley. This new locale has inspired him to move away from Coralled psychedelic indie and towards a kind of UK / US rural folk sound, complete with pedal steel. Iron In The Fire is a strong solo ...view item »

Galley Beggar
Heathen Hymns

Gallery Beggar have released an eight-part record entitled Heathen Hymns. A solid and genuine release that captures so many different areas of psychedelic folk music, many of which have never explored before! This release has been described as unequivocal triumph for creativity and is available Vinyl LP and CD....view item »

Lost Train Blues

Could there be a more quintessential subject for a blues compilation to centre around than the train? Unlikely. Lost Train Blues contains recordings made by the likes of John and Alan Lomax, which have been languishing in the vaults of the American Folklife Center for half a century or more. Many have n...view item »

Johnny Cash
The Legend Of

'The Legend Of...', a best-of compilation originally released in 2005, chronicles the anthemic and widely canonized country rock of Johnny Cash. The record includes many standards from the songwriter and performer in black, including his prison-related songs ("San Quentin", performed in the prison as part of his tour, as well as "Folsom Prison B...view item »

Vic Chesnutt
Silver Lake

U.S-born songwriter Vic Chesnutt's legacy is still very much alive and kicking. Silver Lake is one of the most impressive of his whopping 17-album-large repertoire. Initially released in 2003, the full-length perfectly encapsulates a witty vision of America in Chesnutt's pleasant indie-f...view item »

David Byrne
Live From Austin, TX

Here's a chance to buy a slice of, renown singer-songwriter, David Byrne's evolution on the live arena. Live From Austin, TX showcases the ex-Talking Heads member's on-stage flair perfectly. The performance, shot in 2001 soon after the release of 'Look Into The Eyeball', is an absolute mu...view item »

Arda & The Stolen Moon
Minutes Into Years

Arda G, the central figure of Arda & The Stolen Moon, is an Armenian-Cypriot singer-songwriter from the indie-folk school whose material cuts right to the heart of her life and loves. Her vocals are earnest and the band’s performance dramatic when necessary, so their Minutes Into Years album c...view item »

Joan Shelley
Joan Shelley

Another perfectly balanced folk record from Joan Shelley. Joan’s band on this album features Spencer Tweedy, James Elkington, Nathan Salsburg and Wilco main-man Jeff Tweedy, who also produces. Joan Shelley is a pe...view item »

In the Silence

One Little Indian releases this latest album by Icelandic singer songwriter Asgeir, his debut album in Iceland has outsold the likes of Bjork, Sigur Ros and Emiliana Torrini, this is his first worldwide release for the OLI label. Translated...view item »

King Creosote
From Scotland With Love

King Creosote has only gone and made another album. That's just so like him, isn't it? Typical Creosote behaviour. This one is his parting shot to the UK ahead of the coming referendum, 'From Scotland With Love'. I'll be honest here, I've never been too crazy about the King's earnest and dewy-eyed Scot-pop formula and this isn't exactly changi...view item »

Pokey LaFarge
Manic Revalations

Hello Mrs LaFarge  - is your Pokey in? It really is quite some name but that hasn’t stopped the Poke-meister from forging a decent career as an old fashioned songwriter just sayin; what he’s see in’, adding horns to it and sounding something like Graham Parker and the Rumour or maybe a hint of ...view item »

Justin Townes Earle
Kids In The Street

Justin Townes Earle, son of Steve Earle, presents his seventh full-length record, Kids In The Street. The album was recorded with Mike Mogis, Paul Niehaus, and a special selection of guest musicians, picked for their affinity with Justin’s roots-b...view item »

The Restless Field

Tracklist: 1) Ghosts Of Blood & Iron – Field Lines Cartographer2) Mortimer’s Cross – Vic Mars3) [ fears ] avaunt! upon ‘the’ hill – Bare Bones4) 3am M5 Field Raid – Assembled Minds5) Agrarian Lament – Grey Frequency6) Beneath The Cherry Tre...view item »

Root Hog Or Die 100 Years, 100 Songs (An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute)

To celebrate the centennial of Alan Lomax, Mississippi Records have assembled this massive box-set, containing 100 of his recordings. Significantly, more than half of what appears here has never been released before, including recordings of Shirley Collins and Bob Dylan as well as unknown blues ...view item »


From his whirlwind of psychedelia, Seabuckthorn (aka Andy Cartwright) builds upon his 2016 full-length with 10 track album - Turns. Typically misty and embodied with confusion, this is an experimental twist of modern classical. Cold and metallic landscape are forged within this extremely cine...view item »

Scout Paré-Phillips
Door Left Open

Since 2015’s dark Heed The Call, Door Left Open is the follow up full length from Scout Paré-Phillips. Still just as brooding and heavy, her vocal style and songwriting kicks like a shadowed Joni Mitchell, with the sparse presence of Leonard Cohen. The Multi-instrumenta...view item »

Shade Grown

Vermont psych jam rulers MV/EE are back with an LP, featuring a few big psych monsters in the mix such Jeremy Earl (Woods/Woodsist), Herbcraft, Rongoose, Carson 'Smokehound' Arnold, Doc Dunn, Mick Flower (...view item »

Mick Harvey
Sketches From The Book Of The Dead

Mick Harvey has been in The Birthday Party and The Bad Seeds (both with Dick Cave) and has collaborated with PJ 'pyjama's' Harvey (not related) but this is his first solo album completely written by himself. It reminds me most of the Robert Forster (Go Betweens) solo album 'Danger in the Past' (eerily produced by Harvey himself) in that its a se...view item »

A Lilac Decline
The Mountain Rages

A Lilac Decline is the solo project of Cecilia Danell, of both Cubs and Loner Deluxe. The Mountain Rages is an atmospheric suite of intuitive folk music recorded with a brace of traditional instruments, field recordings, wine glasses, shortwave radios etc. for a intimat...view item »

Jo Foster
I’ll Be Thinking Of You All The Time

Triassic Tusk are releasing a series of 7"s and their press releases are straight to the point. "Jo Foster is amazing" they tell us. I think that sleeve is amazing too. Just look at those people having fun. Here Jo does one of her own songs plus covers one by King Creosote. I'm sure there will be more in this series so collect the whole set! &nb...view item »

King Creosote
The Lengths

Favourite of my dad, most of my friends and family but strangely yet to tug at my heartstrings, Scottish man King Creosote here releases a 7" containing one old song and one cover of something by Lomond Campbell.  At nearly a tenner it wilol cost you but you won't be getting these tunes anyplace else. ...view item »

Shirley Collins
Shirley Sings Irish

Shirley Collins is credited with the English Folk Revival of the 1960's and 70's, and rightly so. She has released many great records that even listeners who might not be too loving of folk (especially English folk) occasionally pop on one of her records. Shirley Sings Irish is a remastered and limited edition 7" with some rare photographs inclu...view item »

Trembling Bells / Alex Rex
The Auld Triangle

Like a sort of raggle-taggle version of Band Aid, Scottish folk minstrels Trembling Bells have hauled a pile of their famous friends into the studio to sing this song much beloved of drunks. Alasdair Roberts, Ricky Ross (really?) , Dan Haywood, Mike Heron, Scott Fagan and Amy Cutler all len...view item »

Vic Chesnutt
West of Rome

Vic Chesnutt’s West Of Rome is the second studio album by the Athens, Georgia songwriter, recorded with Michael Stipe at the production helm in 1992. Not only does this reissue add seven bonus tracks of four-track demos, live tracks and outtakes, it also puts West Of Rome onto vinyl for t...view item »

Glenn Jones & Matthew Azevedo

Waterworks is a document of a remarkable performance in a remarkable space: the Waterworks Museum in Boston, a resonant location packed with interesting machinery. Guitarist Glenn Jones brought in Matthew Azevedo to add all sorts of electroacoustics through an array of speakers distributed around the sp...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

The Ones You Keep Close was recorded by Brigid Mae Power with a band that included Peter Broderick (who also took care of recording and mastering the record). Brigid’s lush alternative-folk sound is in fine form right here. Available in vinyl and cassette formats (both accompanied...view item »

Wooden Wand
Clipper Ship

The new Wooden Wand Clipper Ship is a fine piece of guitar-led songcraft, on which main man James Toth wrote the music before writing the lyrics. With musicians including Darin Grey, Ryan Norris and Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, Clipp...view item »

Nev Cottee
Broken Flowers

Blossoming with optimistic shoots of psych-infused pop is Nev Cottee's 2017 full-length - Broken Flowers. Whilst being consistently inviting, the piece is an intimate edition, lodged with melancholic tales of heartbreak and lovesickness. Above all it's Cottee's candid attitude that makes the relea...view item »

Isla Del Rojo
Isla Del Rojo

Guitarist and composer Ulrik Ording and drummer Daniel Ögren step away from their Mainekk project and after having both worked with Anna Von Hausswolf journey somewhere much lighter with Isla Del Rojo. Focusing heavily on folk music and all that entails, an...view item »

Johnny Cash
At San Quentin

At San Quentin is the second prison concert album by Johnny Cash and was originally released in 1969. It followed on from the success of 1968’s At Folsom Prison. Like its predecessor, At San Quentin features an eponymous song damning the institution. It also includes the classic version of A ...view item »

Frederick Michael St. Jude
Almost Lost

Described as a ‘Florida rock phenomenon’, Frederick Michael St. Jude brings his third archival release entitled Almost Lost. The record features smooth and flowing guitars and a truly unique amount of varying instrumentalism. A somewhat lost classic of the folk, country, progressive and even psych genres.&nb...view item »

Bill MacKay

Bill MacKay releases his third, and arguably deepest record, entitled Esker. A record that contains a combination of percussion, guitars, piano and glass slide all performed by himself. Esker is a well known and genial presence on the Chicago music scene and here creates warm folk rock that also taps into psych and expe...view item »

Brian John McBrearty
blue twenty​-​three

Brian John McBrearty is a Philadelphia guitarist, presenting the twenty-third release in Blue Tapes’ catalogue. On the one side, Brian gets into a rigorous improvised exploration of the tremolo effect, while the other side is all about American Primitive style mixed with hazy drones. Gorgeous music for the...view item »

The Spookfish
Black Hole

Instead of tackling external political or cultural phenomenons, The Spookfish is a candid documentation of a personal journey - representing inward emotions throughout. Dan Goldberg's impressive debut offering, Black Hole, is a creation moulded by the East Coast journeys of the creative New Y...view item »
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Lillie Mae
Forever and Then Some

Lillie Mae engages with her American musical history on Forever And Then Some: recorded in Nashville, there are large portions of country, bluegrass and the blues in here, all used to tell of a live well lived up to this point. Forever And Then Some was produced by Jack White and is released on...view item »

Enderby’s Room
Enderby’s Room

Enderby’s Room is the project of Dan Mayfield, a violin player whose cropped up alongside Daniel Johnston and Allo Darlin’ among many others over the years. This band, named for an Anthony Burgess character, is an intimate ensemble sketching out the ...view item »

White Sea
Tropical Odds

White Sea (aka Morgan Kibby)’s past lies in The Romanovs and in her key role in M83’s best loved albums. Tropical Odds is her second full-length outing as a solo artist, and it boasts supermassive pop hooks and lush synths all round. White Sea...view item »

Tim Darcy
Saturday Night

Ought are one of our favourite bands here at the towers and much of the enjoyment we get is down to singer Tim Darcy's twangy distinctive vocals and oddball lyrical dexterity. If we thought his solo work was going to go down the weird route of his excellent tape collaboration with AJ Cornell then from early teas...view item »

Daniel Romano
Modern Pressure

Ontario-based musician Daniel Romano has released a twelve-piece full length record entitled Modern Pressure. A great mix of alternative-rock and folk and country music, this release seems like it could have fit in 1980’s bible-belt America. Unrestrained and undeviated, this record is available on Vinyl LP...view item »

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 2

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), continues his series of records themed around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. Thankful Villages Volume 2 digs into the folk histories of eighteen villages, weaving field recordings and interviews into his son...view item »

I Go Missing In My Sleep

Tamsin Wilson founded Wilsen at university has have now gone onto release their first full length record ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’. The eleven-piece album was mainly written and crafted in a small apartment in New York, and the music we can hear on this record replicates that feeling. A gentle mix o...view item »

Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club, Volume 1

Fin Greenall, better known as Fink is well known for his rich, blues influenced acoustic music with and electronica backbone. Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club is his first outing with a purely blues motive. Treating it as a side project separate to his usual output it strips away the electronica gim...view item »

Son Volt
Notes of Blue

With his band Uncle Tupelo (alongside future Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy), Jay Farrar helped invent alt country and twenty years or so later he's still producing laid back chugging song craft. It sits firmly in a rootsy brand of country where men are called Chuck or Buck and driv...view item »

Sing It High, Sing It Low : Tumbleweed Records 1971-1973

Here is a compilation that pulls out the forgotten highlights of the underappreciated Tumbleweed Records label, which operated for just two years between 1971 and 1973. As the name might suggest, folky americana was the focus of the label’s energies, and Sing It High, Sing It Low contains ten excell...view item »

North Sea Radio Orchestra

Joyful whimsy and mild dischord from North Sea Radio Orchestra on Dronne, their fourth album after a four year break where guitarist Craig Fortnam has been beavering away on his solo projects. Lots of influences come through, including Cardiacs, early Kraftwerk and Britten to make a wholly English sound. Limited...view item »

Duke Garwood
Garden of Ashes

Duke Garwood operates out of South London, but comes fully-equipped with all the accoutrements of the heavy, god-fearing blues. Garden Of Ashes has a simmering sound to it that feels like it could erupt (though it tends not to), with darkly gorgeous imagery of apocalypse and love. It is released on CD and LP by Heavenly...view item »

Bill Baird
Earth Into Aether

Bill Baird operates as a member of Sound Team and as Sunset: also, he produces richly textured solo work, as on Earth Into Aether. This is an impressive record, and not only for its CD-filling 78 minute duration. Baird’s productions are bright and teeming with det...view item »

Emma Pollock
In Search of Harperfield

It has taken nearly six years but Emma Pollock has finally followed up her marvellous album The Law Of Large Numbers with  In Search of Harperfield. The album nods in the direction of great female artists such as Kate Bush, Sandy Denny, Dusty Springfield and Kristin Hersh ...view item »

The Loom

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