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Elliott Smith
Figure 8

They tried to make him look younger on the sleeve by sticking him in a cardigan and airbrushing his face and that pretty sums up this record by the renowned songsmith. Where earlier albums had that raw lo-fi appeal, 'Either/Or' had all the good songs, 'XO' did the same with higher fi production, 'Figure 8' was the one where nuts and bolts were a...view item »

Katie Von Schleicher
Shitty Hits

The debut album from the complicatedly named Katie Von Schleicher is an album of sweet pop that has nods towards the 70s soft pop of the likes of Emitt Rhodes. The grandiose arrangements suggest she could fit in as tour support the Lemon Twigs pretty nicely. Kind of emotiona...view item »

Damien Jurado
Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Did I miss the memo or something? Was I asleep when Jurado turned from lo-fi troubador to Cosmic American trailblazer? This is a really stunning effort which sits up there with the great and the good of psychedelic American music. From David Crosby to Fleet Foxes and back again...view item »

Rick Deitrick
River Sun River Moon

Rick Deitrick released a handful of private press LPs back in the '70s, at a time when he was humby playing guitar in a world entirely of his own fabrication. On River Sun River Moon, as with his other records, he focused on little more than being in tune on the guitar, though this record is also inspired by his ab...view item »

Howie Reeve
smaller, now

The new record from Howie Reeve is smaller, now. Sitting on his own for quite a few years now after playing with many indie-pop and indie-rock bands has enabled him to gather a great deal of experience and musical wisdom. This record is available on vinyl LP on The Audacious Art Experiment / Red Wig. ...view item »

Michael Head and The Strands
The Magical World of The Strands

Michael Head and The Strands produced The Magical World Of The Strands during the early 90s, first releasing the collection of work-in-progress material in 1997. Everybody loved it, so now it returns, on CD or 180g gatefold LP on Megaphone. Brand new liner notes from Mr Head himself round out the packag...view item »

Langhorne Slim & The Law
The Spirit Moves

Langhorne Slim’s 2015 record with regular backing band The Law, circulated once more by the Dualtone label. The Spirit Moves is a vigorous album of down-home electric country rock, driven by vocal passion, banjo and electric guitar double-teaming, and some very nice horns. Yes sirree. CD and LP ed...view item »

Hamell On Trial
Tackle Box

Described as the anxiety-induced, claustrophobic spirit that the USA now inhabits, Tackle Box is the heavily politically involved, sometimes quite humorous, release from Hamell On Trial. Pretty much recorded by himself in his own home studio, this record is a great mix of fast paced, drilling vocals and acoustic guitar ...view item »

James Yuill
A Change In State

James Yuill studied audio forensics at university. They’ll let you do anything nowadays won’t they? As long as you’ve got the £40k to give ‘em, ey! But look, Yuill’s a last bastion of hope, a graduate using their degree to earn some money and pay some taxes and A Change in Stat...view item »

Wives of Farmers
Excellent Happiness Forever

Wives of Farmers are a Cornish band who have been rolling for ten years now, building on their strengths. They are a rock band with the folk inclinations and wide horizons that come from Cornish living. The band are self-releasing Excellent Happiness Forever on CD and vinyl, in editions limited to 200 and 250 copies res...view item »

Kacy & Clayton
The Siren's Song

With their washed out olde album cover and extremely goofy '60s psych fonting, you might think you were bumping into Kacy & Clayton in some sorta musical time travel extravaganza. They are, however, a modern band that exists right now, having recorded this album with incidental pal Jeff Tweedy ...view item »

Will Beeley
Passing Dream

Will Beeley released Passing Dream in 1979, but copies have been hard to find since then. But now happy days are here again: Passing Dream has received a lovely vinyl reissue from the Tompkins Square label. The album was recorded with a superb set of studio musicians, including Larry Campbell a...view item »

Scott Walker
5 Classic Albums

An irresistible bundle deal from Universal here: a full brace of early Scott Walker albums! That’s Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4 and Til’ The Band Comes In (he really dropped the ball on naming that last one eh?). Genuinely classic 60’s pop from the remarkable ...view item »

Avocet Revisited

Designed as almost a tribute but in the form of an accompanying piece for scottish folk musician Bert Jansch’s Avocet released in 1979, Earth Recordings commissioned four artists to pick a species of bird and write a track around it. Four tracks of peaceful and gently evocative music from Edwyn Collins...view item »

Joel Jerome
Cosmic Bear Jamboree

Joel Jerome, 'LA's Behind-the-Scenes Indie King' is back with Cosmic Bear Jamboree. Jerome evokes the slacker cool of the likes of Mac Demarco and Beck with ease, plus the vintage artiness of Ariel Pink. Featuring kaleidoscopic choirs, warm guitar licks and plenty-o' spacey reverb, his new album contains the hits '...view item »

Briana Marela
Call It Love

Seattle indie-popper Briana Marela returns with her second album, titled Call It Love. The sleeve art leads the listener into the record perfectly: Marela, with her pop-talented vocals and songwriting, is cloaked by ambient mist, rendering her semi-visible. It’s a great mix, with the ambient produ...view item »

Neil Young

Here's a lad that needs no introduction -- yes, it's Neil Young. Decade compiled no fewer than 35 (thirty-five!) of Young's songs committed to tape between the years of 1966 and 1976. The album features five tracks that had been previously unavailable. The Warner brothers have reissued this outstanding record as a tripl...view item »

Caroline Says
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

Soft vocals and chilling rhythmic melodies are what start to bring this entire record together piece by piece. Caroline Says is a cracking addition to the singer-songwriter scene, bringing with it a collection of experimental pop and folk-style indie in this nine-track release. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong is av...view item »

Some Things Just Take Time

Welsh songwriter Carwyn Ellis roots himself firmly into American soil on a record obsessed with country music and its expanse of classic rock bands. Produced by Edwyn Collins, Some Things Just Take Time is a gentle homage to its influences -- its name recalls Tim Hardin...view item »

Stills-Young Band
Long May You Run

Out of the various permutations of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, this was the only collaboration between Stephen Stills and Neil Young. The 1976 album follows in a similar West Coast folk vein to their parent band Buffalo Springfield but there's moments of jazz and synthesised strings to give a more modern fee...view item »

Neil Young
Comes a Time

After all the earth-scorched rock songs and talk of killin', Neil Young decided to draw back into his folksy shell, following up Zuma and American Stars 'N Bars ...view item »

Neil Young
American Stars 'n Bars

Essentially, American Stars 'n Bars is the album Neil Young made after he was done making the classics now firmly established in the old rock man canon. It's a grab-bag of old additional recordings that hadn't quite made it before and features his swirling, semi-proggy "Like a Hurricane", which would...view item »

William The Conqueror
Proud Disturber Of The Peace

Indie-Americana informs the work of rootsy, bluesy three-piece William The Conqueror. Formed by folk favourite Ruarri Joseph, the band now also comprises Harry Harding and Naomi Holmes. The trio's recording sessions for Proud Disturber Of The Peace took them on a journey round the Isles of Britain from the peninsula of ...view item »

Vic Chesnutt
Ghetto Bells

Here is a re-issue of Vic Chesnutt's 2005 album "Ghetto Bells" in which the Athens-based songwriter was joined by a veritable who's who of collaborators most notably jazz icon Bill Frisell and legendary multi instrumentalist Van Dyke Parks. It perfectly places Chesnutt's poetic delivery within a...view item »

A.J. Holmes
Robin Hood Gardens

A.J. Holmes here pays tribute to Robin Hood Gardens, a soon-to-be-demolished '70s housing estate in London. Holmes recorded these melancholy guitar and vocal songs in various parts of the estate, relying on the natural resonance of the spaces, rather than any post-production effects, to colour the recor...view item »

John Stammers
Waiting Around

John Stammers took six (6) years to follow up his 2011 debut but good things come to those who wait. This long awaited follow up has been slowly constructed using old fashioned analogue recording techniques to make an album that could be compared to the work of Nick Drake, Bert Jansch and from more recent times ...view item »

Tim Buckley
Goodbye and Hello

Aloof songwriter and songwriter dad Tim Buckley started his career on a self-titled record, and arguably jumped the shark with Goodbye and Hello, his sophomore. This one pushed forward the psychedelic element of his sound and took him out of the usual milquetoast early stage every folk songwriter see...view item »

Mark Fosson
Solo Guitar

Mark Fosson has been playing guitar for about 50 years now which makes him..what? ...well at least 51. This is only his fifth album in that time which makes him either a perfectionist or lazy. I'd err towards the former though as he twists and swoops with a nimble fingerpicking style and the sort of eclectic thought process you ...view item »


Laucan, who comes from the strange little town of Lewes in Sussex, releases his debut full-length album. FramesPerSecond is folk music with subtle support from electronics, driven by Laucan’s impressive falsetto vocals. Andrew Phillips of Grasscut also assisted wi...view item »

Greg Ashley & The Western Playboys
Greg Ashley & The Western Playboys

Greg has been a wanderin' America for some time now playin' music, releasin' records. This latest one should start payin' him some dues as it's out on Jack's Third Man Records. We're promised a rough hewn selection of waltz, country swing and honky tonk. Like a one man jukebox in the dusty end of town. ...view item »

My Bubba
Gone / You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

My Bubba are a Scandinavian duo who base their compositions around the Norwegian lap harp. Here they are joined by a trio of Nashville musicians including a drummer named Whip Triplet. They play a composition of their own and cover the Bob Dylan song they first performed when they first sang together. Cute.  ...view item »

Deas & Denton
Deas & Denton

I want to review this but we're all being distracted by looking at German teenybopper magazine covers from the 80s - Don Johnson seemed to have quite the fanbase there in those days, even Hasselhoff's got nothing on him. Anyhoo this is a bit of a curveball for anyone who might buy it expecting Cam Deas to be contributing his usual amazing acoust...view item »

Psychic Temple

Chris Schlarb’s band Psychic Temple recorded IV, their fourth record (apart from their full-length cover of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports) in an LA studio in the old way, with big grand sessions. Guests like Terry Reid and Nedelle Torrisi...view item »

John Murry
A Short History Of Decay

Hard to find an Americana artist who doesn't have a tragic backstory these days but John Murry's could take the biscuit. Literally everything went wrong for him  but then...redemption! John meets the feller out of Cowboy Junkies who helps him put a band together and this is the result - a very personal docu...view item »


Of all the recent Olde English Spelling Bee stuff that's passed through the gates of Norman Towers in the past few months Pigeons are the band I've struggled to get to grips with the most. I guess their style verges on folksy territory and I'm not sure about the vocals either but this new 7" is certainly redeeming my clouded memory of their outp...view item »

Dent May
That Feeling

This guy is a weirdo. His new single touches on the more bearable excesses of smooth 80's Yacht rock but infuses it with a kind of swinging white-boy funk that Haircut 100 & latter-period Orange Juice may well have rejected for being too smooth. It sounds like the fucking Style Council which is not funny. Thing is, much like our Clint, i've ...view item »


Ah Nixon. The highpoint in the varied career of this Nashville million piece led by Kurt Wagner. Nixon was a glorious romp through the back roads of neon soul with surprising nods to Al Green and Curtis Mayfield -  a beautiful lamp lit album, moving at slow pace with Wagner's idiosync...view item »

Kristin Hersh
Wyatt at the Coyote Palace

Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave) hereby releases her tenth album as a solo artist. And it's a big one. Wyatt at the Coyote Palace is a double record (featuring twenty-four tracks) written and recorded over the last five years. As rich and personal as anything by ...view item »

You've Got A Woman / Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)

Signed to Secretly Canadian, Whitney are Chicago's modern day answer to indie-rock. Their latest single is a glut of material is promising, You've Got A Woman / Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can) is an intriguing duo that fail to bore at any moment. The release is direct, candid ...view item »

Ian William Craig
Slow Vessels

Ian William Craig somewhat returns to his tremendously loved 2016 album Centres with an EP that relocates some of those pieces onto voice, piano and acoustic guitar, with just a few licks of subtle tape manipulation lapping at the edges. Slow Vessels proves that Craig’s songwriting is jus...view item »

Dana Jewell

Like the quote in the press release for this release... 'Dana's love of beautiful women and deep thought shines through on each hand wrought track'. Sounds incredibly sincere to me but doesn't really reflect on the music contained on this four track EP 'Wants'. Dana's music is erratic, inventive and very much lo-fi. Reminds me Jad Fair or one of...view item »

Patrik Torsson
At The Line of The Border

Yawn..........from the press release comes this little gem, "vocals were laid down while sitting half-folded in an armchair". God does it sound like it. Music doesn't come more stupified than this. Come on lad, get up out of the chair! Not half way out of the chair, all the way out of the chair! Sing like you mean it, not like you're mut...view item »

Wild Waters

Maia are a forward thinking folk band that do very nicely thank you on the English folk scene. They marry traditional folk arrangements with more modern production techniques and unique songwriting. They are produced by Leeds sonic whizzkid Choque Hosein who teases out of them intense sci fi folk and whimsical off kilter psyched...view item »

Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith's eponymous album was his second and showcased a songwriter with incredible songwriting ability who doesn't like to show off. It's probably the album I like most after his masterpiece "Either/Or" I find the lo-fi recording adds a great deal to the emotion he puts into his performances and like the man himself, it's not showy or glo...view item »

Grace Sings Sludge
Life With Dick

Grace Sings Sludge is the solo outing of Grace Cooper of The Sandwitches and The Fresh and Onlys, recorded at home where the full intensity of Grace’s yearning and unsettled lyrics can be properly expressed. Life With Dick, which is adorned with s...view item »

Greg Ashley
One Thin Heroine/ Misery Again

This is a 7" of downbeat country/Americana from singer/songwriter Greg Ashley (The Gris Gris, The Mirrors, Strate Coats). The first track's a call-and-response type number with Ashley and a lass by the name of Kimberly Morrison alternating lines, accompanied by fingerpicked guitar. It seems to get slower as it goes along, and it certainly ma...view item »

Bob Dylan
Time Out Of Mind

1997's 'Time out of Mind' is Dylan's 30th album and is considered to be among his finest work. Bagging 3 Grammy awards, this double album (his first since 1970), is both atmospheric and captivating and followed the disappointing 'Under the Red Sky'. It was duly was considered a return to form by both fans and critics. Produced by Daniel Lanois, ...view item »

The Staves
Dead & Born & Grown

I don't know what to talk about The Staves, these songs make me dream. Their voices are exciting, I'm really magnified!...view item »

Alejandro Escovedo

Alejandro Escovedo is one of the best of a group of talented singer/songwriters from Austin, TX. Along with Joe Ely and Stephen Bruton (who produced and played on Gravity), Escovedo writes and sings some of the most thoughtful and inpsired music anywhere. Gravity's main strengths lie in words and music that when combined, put the listener in the...view item »

Alejandro Escovedo
Thirteen Years

Alejandro wrote this album mostly as a dedication to his late ex-wife. The words and music convey not only the problems she and they may have had but also the love he felt for her. He has such a knack for pulling you into his life very smoothly, right before delivering his knock out punch. What songs, what lyrics, what passion, what virtuosic pl...view item »

Head Of Programmes
The Spring Band Was

Head of Programmes is the pseudonym of James MacGregor, a singer/songwriter based down south somewhere. Macgregor's music is both accomplished and heartfelt in the vein of classic mid-nineties underground Americana a la Smog, Lambchop, Bonnie P.B., Sun Kil Moon and, most prominently, The Mountain Goats. The EP begins with one of those top down, ...view item »

John Wesley Coleman III / Gary Stewart
Oh Woman b/w Ramona

John Wesley Coleman III and Sophomore Lounge head honcho bond over a love of singer-songwriter Gary Stewart. A relatively unknown country blues singer, Gary Stewart had a patchy career that never quite took flight. Praised by many of his peers (Dylan included) he struggled to make a name for himself and eventually committed suicide after wha...view item »

America 2 or Nahuel Huapa, A Saga: The Intense Vibes of the Rainbow, A Tale of Transformation Of My Brother

This feller baked my brain last time I attempted to review one of his collections of music. That was a pretty far-out record mind and here he indulges his free lo-fi folk persona. It works on many levels as he's obviously got music flowing through his veins so he simply does what the fuck he likes whether the results sound...view item »

Elliott Smith

“XO” was Elliott Smith’s fourth album, originally released in 1998. The fact that it was his major label debut combined with him having contributed songs to the “Good Will Hunting” soundtrack the year before, including the Oscar nominated “Miss Misery”, he was becoming increasingly popular. Here, the pro...view item »

James Elkington
Wintres Woma

James Elkington returns with his latest album for the Paradise Of Bachelors label this time going it alone (his 2015 collaboration with Nathan Salsburg 'Ambsace' was superb), his gentle fingerpicking folk textures are reminiscent of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley but have a certain virtuos...view item »

Danny & The Champions Of The World
Brilliant Light

Those Roald Dahl and folk-rock fans Danny and the Champions of the World are back with a new and extra-large album named Brilliant Light, containing eighteen tracks over two discs. Oh and by the way, while stocks last you can get your hands on triple CD and triple LP editions that includes a whole extra...view item »

Steven Broderick

This is quite sweet. Minimal stalwart Peter Broderick has discovered that his father Steven recorded a song back in 1979, and having listened and decided it's a gem, Peter has had it restored by his friend Nils and given it this beautifully packaged 7” release, with a distractingly ...view item »

American Epic: The Best of Country

A big old haul of 16 tracks taking you out to southern USA. All remastered to shine through in full glory, this compilation from Jack White’s Third Man label covers many of the influencers and pioneers within the american country music scene. Including tracks from Jimmie Rodgers, Dick Justice...view item »

The Carter Family
American Epic: The Best of The Carter Family

After Jack White released his documentary American Epic, centred on music in the 1920s and the popular music boom, he has been crate digging, remastering and releasing a lot of pioneers responsible for country and blues through Third Man. Here we have 16 tracks of The Carter Family, whose harmonies and ...view item »

From The Furthest Signals

Audiological Exploration Details: 1) Circle/Temple – The Séance/Search for Muspel-Light2) David Colohan – Brass Rubbings Club (Opening Titles)3) A Year In The Country – A Multitude Of Tumblings4) Sharron Kraus – Asterope5) Time Attendant – The Dreaming Green6) Depatternin...view item »

Bob Dylan
The Essential Bob Dylan

Say no more: it’s The Essential Bob Dylan. It can’t have been easy to determine which parts of the old legend’s huge catalogue were ‘essential’ and which weren’t, but these 23 tracks do a pretty good job, showing us a good few different sides to Dylan’s never-ending journey, inc...view item »

Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams & The Loose Band 'Town Hall 1995'

Back in 1995 country starlet Victoria Williams was on tour and eventually landed at an unnamed Town Hall (we're guessing Pudsey) where this live set was recorded. Lou Reed turns up for a duet (which actually puts paid to our hunch that this was recorded in Pudsey) and a good impromptu time was had by all.  ...view item »

Lucy Rose
Something's Changing

Singer songwriter Lucy Rose heads out on a new direction on this her third album. Inspired by a self funded trip to Latin America she returns with a lush album of introspective songwriting which incorporates strings, electronics and Daughter-like atmospherics but stretches her songs out into new and interesting ...view item »

This Betrayal Will Be Our End

Merch is essentially a one man project, that man is Joe Medina. His mission, with the help of a revolving cast of characters, was to mix his childhood love of noisy punk with cello and jazz phrasings. This Betrayal Will Be Our End is the second album following the debut Crash Boom Bash. This Be...view item »

Observe Ember Weeks

Nice looking record, this. They've all got a total handmade feel to them with the screenprinted covers on thick white paper, and the record's an intimate and personal little thing too, with lots of distant echoey guitars and vocals and some drone and chunter soundscape passages in between...view item »

Kevin Tihista's Red Terror
On This Dark Street

Kevin Tihista has been banging around the outskirts of sensitive American indie songsmithery for quite some time now. Initially comparisons were with Elliott Smith and you can still hear the softly sung, delicately strummed charm in here but Tihista has a much more plangent thing going on...view item »

Laura Veirs
Troubled By Fire

This was Laura Veirs third album from back in 2003 and the first to reach a wider exposure before most of us checked in on the subsequent 'Carbon Glacier'. It showcases her delicious brand of beautiful voice, folky windswept songwriting and always the sense that it's very cold where she is. Now issued on lovely vinyl. ...view item »

Glenn Jones
Against Which The Sea Continually Beats

I had no idea that Glenn Jones was in US post rockers Cul-De-Sac but there you go. You learn something every day. This is his 2007 solo album which perfectly demonstrates his style of American Primitive Guitar  - the fingerpicked style invented by John Fahey. First time on vinyl ...view item »

Doug Tuttle
Peace Potato

The third full length solo venture from Wildildlife and Mmoss member Doug Tuttle. Performing and recording the entire album himself at home, Peace Potato is chocka with Beatles charm, George Harrison in particular, and summer afternoon dream state bliss...view item »

Trevor Sensor
Andy Warhol's Dream

Trevor Sensor is a young man who has a gravelly, growly voice that belies his years. This debut features members of Whitney as his backing band and is co-produced by Richard Swift and the one out of Foxygen. Like a lot of young people he lays his soul bare and doesn&r...view item »

John Smith

In these days of google-friendly artist and band names it's almost heartening that John Smith has stuck to his birth moniker rather than calling himself John Smmmmmmmmmith or similar. However his music is almost as bland as his name being the sort of hushed acoustic troubadour music with husky voice that will do pretty well in R...view item »

Halasan Bazar

Halasan Bazar are a Norwegian group who have done pretty well thank you in France. They probably need to be heard in other parts of the world too as this is lovely acid-drenched folk rock with nods to the Velvet Underground and the Byrds. Timeless psych and folk...perfect for swaying to on a hot...view item »

Compton & Batteau
In California

Compton & Batteau recorded their one and only album, In California in 1971, in California. It’s a classic-feeling suite of laid-back West Coast rock that instantly recalls a certain kind of troubador. The duo quickly vanished into obscurity, but In California has stuck around being quietly wonderful e...view item »

Ralegh Long
Upwards Of Summer

English songwriter Ralegh Long's debut album Hoverence was a baroque piece of English pop with nods to Nick Drake and Laura Nyro but here he's cranked up the volume and produced a set of upbeat guitar pop nuggets comparable to Robyn Hitchcock and perhaps Ro...view item »

Will Beeley

Will Beeley put his Gallivantin’ album out private press style in an edition of 200 LPs back in 1971, making it an extremely rare find. But now happy days are here again: Gallivantin’ has received a lovely vinyl and CD reissue from the Tompkins Square label, making his wonderful alt-country original...view item »

Sam Amidon
The Following Mountain

Sam Amidon’s new album is unusual for him, in that every single song is an original composition of his. As well as regular collaborator and mighty musical all-rounder Shahzad Ismaily, our man Sam has managed to snare original 60’s-era free jazz drummer Milford Graves...view item »

Miranda Lee Richards
Existential Beast

Well this is a swift follow up to last years Echoes in the Dreamtime suggesting that Miranda Lee Richards is on something of a roll. These eight tracks showcase a murkier more mysterious take on her folk rock. She has pals in high places and has received good plaudits and airplay so hopefully this will get he...view item »

House and Land
House and Land

Sally Anne Morgan and Sarah Louise Henson join forces to create House and Land. Both women being multi-instrumentalists, they have a wide range of musical variety at their fingertips, with Sarah playing the 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki and performing vocals, while Sally plays the fiddle, banjo, shruti box and...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Best Troubador

Best Troubador is a collection of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s paying tribute to one of his musical heroes the late Merle Haggard. Best Troubador flips through the back pages of the career of the late country star bringing fresh takes on some of his best work. Easy to tell that thi...view item »

Greg Ashley
Pictures of Saint Paul Street

With a career spanning back into the 90s through the moniker of several bands, including The Strate-Coats, The Gris-Gris and The Mirrors, Greg Ashley has no intention of stopping yet. Pictures of Saint Paul Street is his latest venture, and one that critiques modern day society under the guis...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band

The gravel-voiced ex-Screaming Trees frontfella Mark Lanegan created this new album with substantial help from ex-Exit Calm man Rob Marshall, who donated ten pieces for Lanegan to add to. The resulting Gargoyle album is a gothically moody epic of altern...view item »

Lynn Castle
Rose Colored Corner

As a remastered compendium of Lynn Castle's unreleased works, this forgotten slice of 1960s gold has finally been resurrected into a Trump-dominated, social media ruled age it could never have foreseen. Rose Colored Corner is Castle's vision through rose-tinted glasses - a forgotten and lush islan...view item »

Fionn Regan
The Meetings Of The Waters

Fionn Regan’s new album is his first in half a decade, but Fionn reckons it's been brewing for even longer than that, slowly gestating while he worked on other records. That makes The Meetings Of The Waters an essential piece of his catalogue, going into somewhat uncharted territory for him. CD / ...view item »

Devon Sproule
The Gold String

It seems like Devon Sproule has been around forever but she's still somehow only 34. This latest missive from the Virginia based songwriter is inspired by the time she was staying on a remote and rather than eat her dinner set about writing sprawling verse. The result is a short but lush LP with guest spots from Ed Askew...view item »

Bert Jansch
Living In The Shadows

Living In The Shadows is a beautiful archival treat of a release, containing Bert Jansch’s three albums of the 1990’s: Toy Balloon, When The Circus Comes To Town and The Ornamen...view item »

Bert Jansch
Live In Australia

Bert Jansch, playing Live In Australia, in a cafe in 1998. This is a highly direct set, being mostly comprised only of Bert and his guitar, singing familiar favourite songs and newer lat-90’s material alike. The audio has been carefully remastered for this release, which is available on CD or LP, ...view item »

This Is The Kit
Bashed Out

On 12” Vinyl or CD. Bashed Out is the outcome of This is the Kit collaborating with Aaron Dessner (The National), the results are a sort of hypnotic and gorgeous slowed down crystal clear rock, with that emotional grit that will keep it stuck in the back of your head. A must for f...view item »

Juan Wauters
Who Me?

Juan Waters sings and arranges songs that wrap up existentialism (see the title, Who Me?) within a parcel of upbeat melodicism. Waters isn’t afraid to disrupt though, dropping unexpected sonic elements into his tracks, such as audience applause in the middle of ‘She Might Get Shot’. On...view item »

Marika Hackman
We Slept At Last

Finally out with a full length album, Marika Hackman’s voice is a gift. We Slept At Last is not only a pretty debut, but it’s also by sung with poetic force by an artist obsessed with the literary. The songs are pretty but have a strange density to them. All in all: pretty sure you can't go wrong with i...view item »

Timber Timbre
Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre is Toronto based songwriter Taylor Kirk, who has earned a reputation for the atmospheric wizardry of his mesmerising live performances. This self titled release charts his musical journey from mournful, lo-fi bedroom music to his more advanced studio work creating ethereal and intensely visual soundscapes....view item »

Good Arrows

alright. A new Tunng album. Always a special thing I'm sure you'll agree. From the off they've been one of those bands that have that 'certain something'. So how do they cope with the difficult third album? Tears For fears blew it with The Seeds Of Love. Will Tunng fair better?? I'm happy to announce they do. 'Good Arrows' is a total feast of lovel...view item »

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