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Neutral Zone

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Maiden Japan / The Gold Room

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Minor Science
Whities 012

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Gust De Meyer

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Dub Oven
Skin 'N' Bones

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Obsolete Machines

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New Beta Vol.2

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JK Flesh
Suicide Estate

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Phantom Brickworks

What has Bibio in store for us this time? Lo-fi pastoral electronics, hi-fi Clarkalike bangers, dollops of disco or some of his peculiar, warm-spirited hybrids of the lot? In fact, Stephen Wilkinson’s new offering unexpectedly consists of semi-improvised, rather long pieces (up to 17 minutes). As the title Phantom Brickworks sort of suggests, these unhurried fellows reflect on the shifting meanings and associations of places as time passes. Another feather for Steve’s bow!
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Martin Hannett
Homage to Delia Derbyshire

Martin Hannett is the producer who did all your favourite Manchester post-punk records, but check this out: he also created his own work. Homage to Delia Derbyshire is unreleased material from 1982, made with various synths and electronics. This music feels very intimate and personal, partly because it was not made with public release in mind. Really interesting stuff, released at last by Ozit Dandelion.

Invisible Church & Marie Davidson
Whatever Makes You Feel Safe

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Moon Zero
Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space

Moon Zero’s new album, the grandly-titled Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space, begins with a track named for Iceland’s ‘Keflavik’ airport that shimmers and swells into a dense mass of all sorts of melodic and textural sounds, sourced from instruments, tape loops, field recordings and more. And so it continues, in lush Denovali style.

Richard Horowitz
Eros In Arabia

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Emo Kid
Gqomtera EP

Durban, South Africa based producer Emo Kid explores Sgubhu and Gqom on his new EP Gqomtera. While Gqom is defined by its intense rhythmic percussion, Sgubhu lightens things up to a allow a more airy party vibe to push through. Aimed directly at the dance floor. 12" on Gqom Oh! Comes with bonus download code.

Hollow Systems

Bonebrokk is honoured to be the first artist to ever be released as a vinyl edition on the Trial & Error label. Hollow Systems is a pounding techno trip in four tracks, bolstered by a fifth track in the form of a Jay Glass Dubs re-versioning of ‘Choose Ur Illusion’. What a treat! Sleek and powerful dancefloor destroyers.


Kit Records and Timglaset Magazine have joined forces to provide you with this combined zine and tape compilation! The theme is Errata, so various artists have contributed pieces that feature (or are about) failures, errors and glitches. The tape includes tracks from Mary Lattimore, Jake Meginsky and Disasterpeace among others. Limited to 150 tape + zine copies.


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The Neon Judgement

The Neon Judgement are another brick in Belgium’s sizzling early-80’s EBM / synth-wave scene. Their Cockerill-Sombre EP, released in 1983, contains their biggest hit ‘The Fashion Party’, which is deliciously cold and sleazily aggressive. Remastered audio pressed to 12” vinyl, packaged with an insert with photos and new liner notes by the band’s own Dirk Da Davo. On Dark Entries.

Franck Gérard

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Dream Vision
Dream Vision EP

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Chafik Chennouf
Dual Aspect

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Boards of Canada
Unreleased Tracks

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Time Being - Deluxe Edition

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Pop Ambient 2018

The release of Kompakt’s annual Pop Ambient compilation is always one of the loveliest musical events of the year: always a warm, luscious swirl of pulsating beats and shimmering synths from some of the best producers in the game. Pop Ambient 2018 features exclusive cuts from Max Wurden & Tore Pfeiffer, The Orb, Kaito and many more. Twelve tracks of goodness on Kompakt.

Odonis Odonis
No Pop

Stark stuff here on Odonis Odonis’ fourth album release. The set-up for the No Pop recording sessions was sparse, with just a basic array of synths and drum machines used to put meat on the bones of musical sketches and ideas. The results are lots of fun, despite the air of exciting malevolence that hangs over the project. On Felte.

Celestial Trax
Nothing Is Real

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Even by the standards of Chicago’s footwork scene, Traxman is a prolific musicmaker. What’s even more impressive is that pretty much everything he does is good. His umpteenth LP, out via Teklife (who else?), is another expertly rendered collection of 160-bpm goodness. Rising star DJ Earl features on the groovy 'Be Gagen’.

Gel Set
Body Copy

Gel Set is the solo project of Laura Callier (Simulation). After releases on Modern Tapes and Moniker Records, her second full length album comes on 2MR. Body Copy boasts direct and gritty electro mixed with a heady, almost dreamy electronic experimentation that Chris & Cosey would be happy with.

Dyslexia Tracks

Autumn is upon us. Furthermore, Autumns is upon us. That’s Christian Donaghey of Derry, Northern Ireland, dropping the lengthy vinyl “EP” Dyslexia Tracks via Touch Sensitive. Over forty-odd minutes, Donaghey chucks into the cauldron influences from post-punk, noise and dancefloor experimentalism. The results are as aggressive and filthy as anybody familiar with his previous work would expect.

Hvide Sejl, Varg & F. Valentin

The original edition of Brazil was released as four cassettes. Therefore this 2LP reissue, gathering together all four parts, is very necessary. Brazil is the work of three Scandinavian electronic wizards - Hvide Sejl (Loke Rahbek), Varg and F. Valentin. Over the four sides expect to hear the span of electronic to organic: sun-kissed ambience, industrial pounding, and works on synth and piano.

DJ Tre
The Underdogg EP

Kode 9’s Hyperdub continues to shine its light on Chicago’s innovative footwork scene. A member of the city’s Teklife crew, DJ Tre’s four tracks unveil his largely as yet unheard production talent while displaying how varied the form has become. From sampling acid master Chip E to throwing in jungle breaks, it's a breakneck ride through the sound of the city’s South Side.

Isnaj Dui

Isnaj Dui, aka experimental musician Katie English, presents her new full-length Poiesis. True to form, she continues to blend sparse motifs created from all sorts of electronic and acoustic sources. Her trademark Orientalist flute is present, if less so than previously. Slow and artful, English covers a spectrum from playful to quite sinister and tense. Poiesis comes in a hand-stamped sleeve, as with all Rural Colours releases.
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Robert Turman
Veiling Reflections

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Svarte Greiner

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Milan W

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S. English

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Harmonious Thelonious
Apakapa EP

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Novo Line

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Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
Collaborative Works

Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm are each highly regarded as indie-classical melodic experimentalists, and with good cause. They’ve also been working together for years, and this Collaborative Works set gathers up all their past EPs, along with Trance Frendz, a new set of studio improvisations. Double CD on Erased Tapes.

Dub Tractor
Hello Ambient Wash

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Bonnie 2ropical

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The 780's Chronicle

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Yn y Ty

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Zed Bias
Different Response

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Coldcut x On-U Sound

Ninja Tune founders Coldcut continue their collaborative efforts with prolific remixer and dub maestro On-U Sound (Adrian Sherwood). Alongside reworking Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Roots Manuva they bring four tracks of reworks of the Bollywood classic tune Kajra Mohabbat Wala. 10” on Ahead Of Our Time.

Pierre Bastien
The Mecanoncentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien

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Max Cooper

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Youth & Power

Bristolian producer Hyetal (David Corney - Velour, Systems Of Desire) is well known for his off-kilter and futurist dance production style through his releases on True Panther, Black Acre and Orca. His third album expands on this and makes you scratch you head/chin as much as bop your head. LP, CD, and Cassette on Other/other Recordings.
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Lady Chann
Hard Drive

Lady Chann is fierce out at the front of this banging tune, produced by Rapha in a fully-fledged tight modern dancehall style. The Hard Drive 12” features the main track and a bonus Riddim on the A-side and vocal and instrumental versions of a R3LL remix on the flip. Stripped-back and powerful material, on Kick + Clap.

Return of Black September

There has never been and probably never will be an artist like Muslimgauze. A British experimental musician deeply influenced by the history of the Muslim world who released an enormous amount of music in a very short time.  Return of Black September (the title might sound poetic but it references a notorious Palestinian terrorist organisation) was a brooding 68 minute piece that used soul samples, dub and electronica. This vinyl and CD re-press contains two tracks not on the original release.  

Minaret Speaker

The Muslimgauze project is famed for two things in particular: a very high quality of work, and a very high quantity of work. Minaret Speaker is more or less a new release (a few tracks had a 7” in 1996, but other than that, all unheard), and features his trademark digital distortion, clattering breaks, and samples sourced from the Middle East. CD on Staalplaat.


Sulaymaniyah is album number 92 (yes, 92) from the very prolific ethnic electronic musician Muslimgauze, aka Bryn Jones. Originally released in 2008, nine years after his death, it was one of a number of previously unreleased recordings he’s sent to the Staalplaat label before his untimely death in 1999.

Sycophant Of Purdah

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Iranair Inflight Magazine

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Moebius Schneider
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Available on 12” and limited to 500 copies, Bureau B releases the only collaborative effort between Dieter Moebius (1947-2015), and Stefan Schneider; a performance at Düsseldorf Sounds Festival at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in 2007. Having met only once before the performance to quickly discuss their approach, the material on this record is entirely improvised. Individually, both artists have released some seriously influential electronic music; Moebius as one half of krautrock/ambient duo Cluster, and Schneider as an ex-member of To Rococo Rot, and Kreidler. Expect texture-focused sonic experimentation from two expert German synthesists. 

Tom Ware
Tom Ware

Smoking hot 80s boogie rarity alert! Dark Entries have really come up trumps here, digging out the supremely desirable 1983 album from cult synth operator Tom Ware. This is bold, razor sharp machine music that stands up to contemporary electro with staggering confidence – in another universe this would have been a formative album for the likes of DMX Krew and every other electro aficionado.

Dave Clarke
The Desecration of Desire

Heeeeeee’s back folks! Yes, its Dave Clarke, the big-style techno producer, returning with his first album for fourteen years. And it's an interesting one, reflecting various interests beyond techno that Dave has been honing over the years, including new wave, industrial and noise. Lots of voices turn up on The Desecration Of Desire, with guest vocalists including Mark Lanegan, Anika and Gazelle Twin. On Skint.


Founding member of Sneaker Pimps left to concentrate on his solo project IAMX in 2003 and is now releasing his ninth full length. Unfall is dark, glitchy, techno inspired, and nearing industrialised in its cold synthetics. Ghost in the machine stuff that’ll drag you through a cold future. LP on Orphic.
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New Model

The forlorn legacy of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack sinks ever deeper into the world of Gen-Y EDM acrobatics, courtesy of Perturbator, an artist to whom the slightest restraint must seem an exceptionally old-fashioned notion. On New Model, the Parisian offers up six cuts of hyperbolically sour cybergrapes, packed to the gills with multiple tempos, motifs and interludes. Aggressive, edgy, dropstep electronica for cyberpunk parties.

West 2 West
Vol 2

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Synth Wave – Volume 1

Synth Wave - Volume 1 intends to showcase the rude health of the global synth scene, pulling in artists from countries including Sweden, Argentina and Brazil. Turns out, the many kinds of alt-pop that have synthesisers at their core are producing top-grade material right now: artists like Massive Ego and The Stir Fry Pop Star prove that here. On Electro London.

Becker & Mukai

On 'Eyes', Becker and Mukai turn their attention to towards a clean, sparsely populated form of psychedelic techno, pulling in elements of krautrock, ritual music, acid house and electronica. Both producers have numerous other projects, but this collaboration represents them on an exploratory journey together.

Hologram Teen

Hologram Teen is the new project of former Stereolab keyboard player Morgane Lhote. Marsangst/Hex These Rules mashes together motorik electronica and disco. Fans of acts such as Add N To X, Death In Vegas, Stereolab, Ghost Box Recordings, Deadmau5, Yello, ESG and French house are likely to dig this.

The Acceptable Presence

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Fantastic Twins

The Twins (as they were previously known) have got a little self confidence and are now Fantastic Twins. Good for ‘em. Here’s their debut LP out on Optimo Music. Obakodomo is composed as a soundtrack to a contemporary dance performance done by dancers for an audience of toddlers. It’s a transportative soundtrack of playful, frightening and strange sounds.

Demdike Stare

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Radioactive Man
Luxury Sky Garden

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Byron Westbrook
Body Consonance

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London Modular Alliance
Wolves EP

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DMX Krew
Generic Wizard​

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Campfire EP

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Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri

Founded ten years ago by Federico Troncatti, Ezio Martinazzi and Pier Enrico Villa, WK569 was established as a kind of real-time experiment in sonic architecture and alternative methods of music construction. This single-sided 12” record Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri is a tribute to pioneering sound engineer Marino Zuccheri. 

Lee Gamble
Mnestic Pressure

Lee Gamble’s first full-length in three years is a record of nuanced edge-of-the-dancefloor music that finds a fitting home on Hyperdub. Gamble describes Mnestic Pressure as a record that seeks to find order in an increasingly chaotic world and regain a sense of self separate from the images one is constantly subject to in 2017. This manifests itself as an album of aquatic electronica and Burial-esque post-rave stylings.

Circa 2000
Thoughts In Vias

William Wiffen brings us his debut album as Circa 2000. Think of Depeche Mode meeting Roosevelt to groove on the Autobahn toward analogue heaven. It’s cheeky as hell and twice as funky, slick and warm electro for city nights. LP released on Central Processing Unit’s subsidiary Computer Club.

2 Katara
Break At Home

The search engine results for 2 Katara are split between this musical project and one particular luxury yacht, a nonsensical thing that somehow feels like it makes sense while you listen to the weird fractured music on Break At Home. Strange, amateurish new-agey synth-pop mixes with confusing samples, delicate acoustic guitar and other unknowns. Mysterious double LP on Into The Light.

Repetentes 2008

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Laszlo Hortobagyi
Transreplica Meccano

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Craig Armstrong & Scott Fraser
Rosa Morta

Rosa Morta, a new vinyl version of the 2016 album by Craig Armstrong & Scott Fraser previously only out as a CD. The duo deliberately constricted themselves to electronics rather than acoustic strings for the recording, with electric bass and piano adding punch and range. The tracks have a sense of immediacy and improvisation; each was worked on for a day with no fussing. A stripped-down approach to which listeners can relate.

Eap Tracks

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Fear Of An Extra Planet

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To mark and celebrate 10 years of the Front & Follow label, they present their 50th release as this compilation of a broad selection of artists they have worked with, 25 tracks exercising their eclectic nature. Includes tracks from Leyland Kirby, Pye Corner Audio, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Ekoplekz and many more.

Sugai Ken

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Off World

Off World got off to a flying start last year with I, a record released as part of a trilogy of electronic works on Constellation echoing back to their Musique Fragile Series. Featuring avant-folk artist Sandro Perri, the group's record offered beguiling instrumental twists that sounded like vintage coming back to life; the roster appears to have changed here, Perri joined by the likes of labelmate Eric Chenaux as well as Matthew Cooper, Susumu Mukai and others.

Shoc Corridor
A Blind Sign

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Big Grime buddy Visionist is putting out a new record on Big Dada. Barely taking a breath after late 2015's Safe, Louis Carnell has produced another study in vulnerability, this time approaching themes of machismo and effeminacy rather than safety and anxiety. Oh, and between the beats you might even spot the vocals of Visionist himself.

BEAST (Koen Holtkamp)
Volume One

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BEAST (Koen Holtkamp)
Volume Two

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Pluto's Beating Heart / Eleven

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Million Brazilians
Red Rose and Obsidian

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