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One Man Nation
Suspended in a Vortex in the MIddle of a Bowl From Tibet

To be honest, Suspended in a Vortex in the Middle of a Bowl From Tibet is probably worth buying on the strength of its title alone isn’t it? No? Well the sound of One Man Nation is suitably interesting also, utilising singing bowls, a creatively played piano, and several contact microphones. Clear vinyl, only 303 ...view item »


Even though it initially comes across as some modest mid-tempo techno, Jatoma carries hidden depths. Part of the album's strength is the careful use of little flashes of 'world music' to help set the tracks apart. Listen to the delicate percussion of "Little Houseboat" or the plucking in "Dust in Wong." It's this instrumentation that make the mu...view item »

Gary Wilson
Electric Endicott

This is, I think his strongest collection of songs yet. The album flits back and forth between jazzy avant garde piano tunes against a floating rhythm but the pop tunes are just magnificent. Very loudly mixed bass but flawless lines... that trademark 'Gary sound' is present. Based on this, I hope he doesn't stop making new ones. Not many people kno...view item »

Brian Eno
Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Warp Records have some great electronic music producers under their umbrella but this recent signing may well be their ultimate score for sometime, possibly even ever, for the man Eno has now joined their esteemed ranks. The man needs no introduction so onto the music. 'Opener Emerald and Lime' is a gorgeous way to begin with sublime treated pia...view item »

Sam Prekop
Old Punch Card

You'll have heard Mr. Sam Prekop's beautiful voice before as he's the founding member and front man for The Sea And Cake, one of Chicago's finest bands. I may be wrong but I believe this is Sam's third solo album and it looks like he's taken a complete stylistic u-turn into the Electronica/IDM zone - processing music in wild and wonderful ways. ...view item »


This is pretty nuts. I've no idea where to start on this one. Gibberring electronics or perhaps more accurate would be experimental IDM which could possibly be reminiscent of some of the quirkier wierd side of Spymania if anyone remembers that label. (I should hope you do though as it was mint!) I know nothing about the guy or the release aside ...view item »


As it says on the inside of the handsome gatefold packaging I'm holding in my hands, Oval = Markus Popp and he's really changed up quite a lot from the records that made his name back in the 90s. Although strong hints of his glitchy past remain in the arrangements and attitude to melody, these days he's reminding me as much of current labelmates...view item »

Glued on Thin Memories

Right. Like the title first & foremost. Slightly poetic resonance it has. The music is pretty cool as well, as can be expected from this quiet, respectable electronica "backwater". So Sabi does modern "IDM" that ranges from a melodic abstract style to dreamy ambient textures, disorientating spangled interludes, Woozy Merck style electro-hop,...view item »

Adrian Klumpes
Be Still

ADRIAN KLUMPES is some dude from Triosk. He plays keyboard in said band in fact. His solo album on LEAF is here and it's a purdy sounding thing indeed...Piano is the key word here.... loads of the frickin' thing.  It's mixing classical and electronics (there's a lot of that this week) which I can't get enough of at the...view item »

Richard Formby
Volume One

Shoegaze, drone & post rock legend Richard Formby has sent us some of his new CD on Mind Expansion to sell and i'm humbled to tell you it's a pulsing, driving treat. He's another one with his finger on the pulse, he sure knows how to get that full, hypnotic production throughout his tunes on 'Volume One' Having worked with many bands over ...view item »

Slow Go

Follow that with some daft gabber breakz. Apzolut is the Dutch Shitmat, judging by his reviews. There's a spot of Bong-Ra in there with those silly compressed metal riffs underpinning the fast & furious jungle beats he chucks at you with glee. I don't really dig much of this stuff these days after my heads been bludge...view item »

Death in Plains
Mustard Polo EP

Death In Plains is the work of Enrico Boccioletti, a Pesaro-based musician with a taste for psychedelic 16-bit slow dances. This 10" features four party numbers that sit somewhere between recent taste makers Future Islands and Washed Out. It's part synthpop balladeering, part melancholic dancefloor fillers, basically. Heartfelt vocal melodies si...view item »

Painting Monsters On Clouds

We gots two albums in from Qua on Mush.'Forgetabout' and 'Painting Monsters On Clouds' I've just clocked the press release and I'm going to quote it here. A total fucking cop out I know but it does relly sum up their sound by someone that clearly has better ears then me 'The album's eleven tracks bring to mind the playfulness of Mouse on Mars, the ...view item »

Wolther Goes Stranger
Dandies Play In Office Time

Secret Furry Hole presents another radical shift in style whilst retaining its cute dinky 3" identity. This one comprises atmospheric & deep cosmic disco, sometimes with strong mogadon house shades. Compared to some of the awful Kitsune endorsed remixes and current hipster "dance", this offering from Wolther Goes Strange is a real treat - th...view item »

Oliver Scott
This Way Tipler

As far as I'm aware this is something that's not been done before. Basically what's happening here is that some warped and twisted clanking electronic rhythms have been edited into one hour segments and then cut and pasted in complete silence and remain unheard until the purchaser of the CD hits play. So the audio on each disc is unique to its o...view item »

Just A Souvenir

I'll get this out of the way before we even start: I seem to be the only one in here who can tolerate the new Squarepusher record. Everyone else just keeps laughing in ways either embarrassed or bemused, although Brian does concede that parts of it are 'tremendous fun'. I'd have to agree with him there, at times it's like travelling from space on...view item »

Susumu Yokota
Love Or Die

Susumu Yokota: Love Or Die (Lo Recordings) New twelve track opus with titles that sound like they've been translated literally from their Japanese origins, if they belonged to an British artist no doubt they'd be screams of pretentious. The music is nothing of the sort however, track two: A Slowly Fainting Memory Of Love Respect, and Hatred is a ha...view item »

Serenade My Enemy

Bring on the dark dark ambience yo! Savier is Gregg Davies whose MoMT debut 'Serenade the Enemy' is a claustrophobic urban nightmare of an EP. We get four tracks here and all of them are intense odes to inner city anxiety. Lapse kicks things of with industrial electronic drum loops and slide in and out of the mix in a sinister manner whilst dist...view item »


Dunno much about Fax. 'Primario' Sounds intriguing. Dubby, hypnotic, percussive, soulful. Clicky, aquatic, howmanyadjectives? Makes me think of some of the more adventurous & peculiar stuff on Scape. Another case of treated & blurred acoustics mixed with organic electronic rhythms to form a cohesive & hugely pleasant r...view item »


Whoa there big boy, these lads just flipped ya. Flipped ya for real. And by the time this album's over they'll have flipped ya again. It fades in from complete silence and for the majority of the first half of the LP it's a thing of wondrous and surprisingly immediate beauty, with gorgeously icy synth washes laid over beats that are as straightforw...view item »

Songs About Fucking Steve Albini

Miguel De Pedro, a.k.a. Kid 606, has long been a twister of the accepted aesthetics of electronic music and noise. With S.A.F.S.A., he leads you to believe that he's entered the harsh, drum-machine driven guitar clatter of Albini's best known band, Big Black. Everything from the cover art to the typography referen...view item »


This album is my favourite Squarepusher album along with Go Plastic. Ultra has that earthy and mesmerising vibe that I quite honestly have never heard before from this artist to this degree. Everything comes together here. No idea on how Tom feels about the record these days but I would be hard pressed to say he thought it was anything but stell...view item »


When the debut Burial album popped onto radars over the world, divided opinion soon gave way to cult status. An unlikely pairing of screwed up garage beats, moody bass and morose ambience heralded an era of genuinely emotive but strange dance music, cementing the album as a contemporary electronic classic. ...view item »

Abbie Gale

The first release on the newly formed Inner Ear label. 2 is the appropriately titled second full-length release from Greece's Abbie Gale. Packaged in a beautifully designed tri-fold digipak sleeve (complete with lyric insert and inner album sleeve that recalls vintage vinyl), 2 is an intoxicating spin that is strangely appealing and perplexing. ...view item »

Boards of Canada
In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

As you know, In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country first materialised ‘twixt Boards of Canada’s two bumper-length Warp classics Music Has the Right to Children and Geogaddi, and is, rightly, just as acclaimed. For my money, ol’ IaBPOitC is better produced than either album,...view item »

Smile Down Upon Us
Smile Down Upon Us

Totally enchanted by the Smile Down Upon Us album. It's a new collaboration by old folkers Phelan/Sheppard & a delightful lass called moomLooo who is based in Tokyo. She adds to this kaleidoscopic tapestry of organic & found sound an air of childlike glee & wonderment, embellishing the sunkissed twinkling universe of sound with happy ma...view item »

Tour de France

Tour de France 1, 2, and 3 are rather more like 1 big track split into 3 parts. It's rather like a cycling version of the Autobahn track from their classic album Autobahn. All of the songs on the here have a nice sound to them, it's easy to relax too, yet at the same time, I can imagine cycling to it as well. There are a few hidden, distant musi...view item »

The Mix

Okay, I'll admit I miss the original "The Robots", old vocoder, and a couple of the old synth sounds. But Kraftwerk did a perfect job of tastefully implementing all the most exciting sounds invented in the 80's. The songs have retained their sense of fun and freshness. Rarely does an artist tinker with 15 year old songs and come up with somethin...view item »

Techno Pop

I used to hate this record when I was younger, but I reckon I just had a stick up my arse back then. This album gets a bad rap for being the follow-up to Computer World which took 5 years to surface. Whilst it doesn't reach the magical heights of that record, or indeed most of Kraftwerk's output, it's still a great listen. It's certainly...view item »


Andrea Parker's excellent Touchin' Bass label has a cracking compilation out that features, Bogger, the totally awesome and highly under-rated Ben Milstein, Bitstream, Doctor Evil, Wee DJ's, Jeff Pils, B0t23 and Alpha606 & Sync 24. Let's just say that if you're a fan of forward thinking underground electro then you probably know the score here,...view item »


I've been given a single to do by Blackpepper on Dirty Demos. its called 'VQarekk'. I'm not sure what that means. Anyway its decent breakbeat electronica with nods towards Chevron, early Squarepusher, stuff on Planet Mu. Lots of skittery drums, bleepy electronics and booming sub bass. Nods here and there to old jungle type stuff with the effected s...view item »

Printed Circuit
The Sound of The Wonderful Technique

The lovely Claire from Printed Circuit has just received copies of her new album ' The Sound Of The Wonderful Technique'  and has been kind enough to come and hand deliver some to the office which means that we'll be amongst the first people selling these. This is more of her trademark 8-bit computer game melodies, synth pop, retro ...view item »

Neil Landstrumm
Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast

Landstrumm is one of the few Neils I know that is probably cooler than a horde of uber icy raspberry popsicles in a hammock, reclining in the Bahamas. His take on dubby grime & 8-bit electro ghetto tech is quite brilliant and on this new mini LP 'Bambatta Eats His Breakfast' showcases another step further along the individualistic line he's for...view item »


That silly bald man who isn't me is playing Brett & Business lady's fave band The Lovely Eggs too loud as i'm trying to think of kind things to say about 'Reflect' by Response. Seems to me like a warm, twinkly semi-ambient journey full of hazy synths, cute motifs, pleasing harmonies & found sound, neo-classical passages married with spots o...view item »

Taro Kawasaki
Sing Me A Song EP

Before I take another shower I'll tell you about a CD that is equally as sweet... A lovely 3 inch disc on Drifting Falling from Taro Kawasaki.'Sing Me A song EP' is a playfully curious 4 tracker of sparkling bell tinkles, gently plucked acoustic guitar melodies and sparse beats. There are hints of abstraction, but the melodies win the tussle in the...view item »

Patrick Kelleher
You Look Cold

Patrick Kelleher 'You Look Cold' is up next for a spin... This is an interesting listen from the off... It has a very evocative feeling about it that mixes dramatic electronics and acoustics. His vocals sit neatly in the mix and the overall style of a few of the tracks I find reminiscent of David Sylvian. This man is clearly an a very talented arti...view item »


I've been tossed this Fedaden CD to pore over and I'm bloody glad cos it's one of the finest "IDM" releases we've had in a while, barring Ol' Uncle Jega who probably helped define the oft teeth grindingly tedious term. 'Broader' opens with the French take on chunky melodic electronica, rich tapestries of electro synth, skittery beats, twi...view item »

Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Colleen’s debut album Everyone Alive Wants Answers was first released in 2003, to the joy of those who heard it. The album is a sensitive suite of electronically-tweaked instrumentals, small-sounding melodic material spliced, looped and spun-around into something entrancing. This Leaf Label reissue (LP with CD) is...view item »

Dumb Luck

Can you believe Dntel have a new CD out on Virgin owned subsidiary Moshi Moshi. I can cos it's here in my hands. I never really got the Postal Service... which I suppose doesn't have much to do with this. Only I never really got Dntel either. I tried but I found it all a bit twee. Some nice bits in it all and he's clearly a talented chappie but thi...view item »

Diamond Watch Wrists
Ice Capped at Both Ends

Not a day goes past in the office where the word dork isn't mentioned. The boys here are obsessed by 'em and if you're wondering what one is then look here and you'll see a chap touching one. Then you'll wonder (as I did) for a good while as to why he's touching a whale's cock and doesn't mind having his picture taken. That of course has nothing to...view item »

Living Vicariously Through Burnt Bread

Judging from the artwork, you're bound to think that you're going to be listening to something NIN-ish or some dark Skinny Puppyish throwback to 80s industrial dance. Instead you get very atmospheric, stripped down, glitch-house that fluctuates between static feedback infused ambient and subtle 4/4 glitch. Twerk takes straight forward glitch-hou...view item »

Tim Exile
Listening Tree

Are you lot listening? Tim Exile's 'Family Galaxy' IS single of the year. It must be. I can't imagine someone pulverising so many styles of club music into such an headfuck odyssey! On his debut LP for Warp, the well respected ex-junglist & party prankster blends his new glistening stew of disparate electronic styles with prowess. He is a music...view item »

Various Production & Gerry Mitchell
The Invisible Lodger

I'm just giving this Gerry Mitchell/ Various Production 'The Invisible Lodger' album a second listen and I must say there's some magic happening with this collaboration. I think they first teamed up with for a remix on a 7" and it seems the relationship has been most fruitful. The most striking thing about this album is how good Various Produc...view item »


First up the return of Matra. Last time it was a limited 10" that had us tapping our feet but this here 6 track CD is a real treat. Limited to 100 numbered copies, It's full of subtle analogue sounding electronic experiments with real character, warmth & humble charm. Like bendy future techno made by bedroom indie kids with A...view item »


Christy. Next on Unlabel Series 52 is 'Atmo' by AUTOBAM. 5 accomplished tracks of well rounded electronic bliss with comforting glitches, soft, hazy atmospherics & unobtrusive beats & clicks. It's definitely got warmth & soul in amongst it's meandering arctic soundscapes & could well be worth buying if you missed the Maps...view item »


Not actually a Series52 CD but similarly packaged is MATRA's 'Drome'. As post rock is often pretty boring & electronica is largely dull then why not blend the two eh? It works well on this full lengther. There's a sense of real warmth & love in this music. Playful, hazy & absorbing with hints of early Manitoba & Four Tet ...view item »

Categories of Dust

We've had a few CDs in by Platform over the last year or two. And here's a brand new one called Categories Of Dust. These are normally pretty limited to 50 ish copies so they don't usually hang around for too long. It's predominantly sound art I guess. This is one 21 minute long track constructed of samples recorded from around his house using a a ...view item »

Boy In Static

There's a new release on Alien Transistor by Boy In Static. The singer sounds a bit like that chap from Snow Patrol. It's more indie than previous releases on the label and we think it's gonna appeal to folks who like Styrofoam. Indie music with a few blips, tweaks and beats. Nice enough stuff like.......view item »

Harmonic 313
When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

The Harmonic 313 LP is here. Exciting times, gang! For those that haven't been following the two stellar EPs Mark Pritchard's put out under this name before you can expect a big bassy melting pot of dubstep, hip-hop, electro and techno. As well as the obvious Detroit reference points for an electronica artist (Drexciya, Juan Atkins, blah blah b...view item »

Ye Viols!

Nothing St. Werner touches has ever been less than technically proficient, but with each new album it's becoming increasingly difficult for Lithops to shake its reputation as a poor man's Mouse on Mars, a trend that dates all the way back to its early singles and continues here, on the intelligently constructed, fundamentally flawed Ye Viols. Gi...view item »

Color Cassette
Forever Sparrow

Forever Sparrow is Color Cassette's full length follow-up to the 3" CD I vaguely remember from a while back, which Mobeer put out. Looking at the blurb this one seems to be about a boy who gets lost in a magical forest, gets turned into a sparrow and chooses to stay in the forest forever but before reading that I just thought it was a really n...view item »

Paul May & Platform
Broken Hulk Display

Paul May + Platform arrive in my lugholes next, brandishing a bag of tools, an old drum kit made of plumbing & biscuit tins and possibly an eerie glockenspiel /theramin set up. And an echo machine. They then proceed to take all this dubious musical instrumentation into a pitch black dark shed and quietly stagger around in a meditative fashion, ...view item »

The Truth About Frank
A Briefcase Full of Suspicion

The Truth About Frank is a chap called Alan & his mysterious mate who i'm unacquainted with. They've a really interesting self released CDr called 'A Briefcase Full of Suspicion' that we've been caning. Beginning with atmospheric found sound collage and distorted vocal snippets on 'Muri desu Yo Sonzai', an insectoid pulse begins to wrap itself ar...view item »

Bastards Of Love
Bastards Of Love 2

We have 2 new records in the Bastards of Love which is a little like early Depeche Mode type electro. ie dark yet with a pop sensibility. This ain't my forte but hopefully this modicum of info will be enough to give you an idea!...view item »

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