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Daft Punk
Daft Club

A lesser known album of Daft Punk remixes, with artists like Basement Jaxx, Gonzales and Slum Village stepping up to put their own spin on these classic tracks, taken mostly from 2001’s Discovery. Originally available as part of a fan club website thing, the whole...view item »

Jon Hopkins

Is this the first techno record to ever come out on Domino? Jon Hopkins aka Brian Eno’s drinking buddy has somewhat surprised me with this record. All the  lush ambient atmospherics he usually creates are still present to an extent but here the emphasis i...view item »

King Garbage / Kuxxan SUUM

With Love

At last. When embarking on a reviewing marathon, it’s a challenge enough to try find a record you actually like. Phil has just wandered over with the new Zomby record. It’s a double album, 33 tracks and I have...what? 30 minutes to dissect it and tell you all about it. Luckily, my job has been made...view item »

John Roberts

I thought I’d show this some love as it’s a really lush sounding album and I was really into John Roberts previous album ‘Glass Eights’. Basically what we have here is some expertly-crafted, adventurous, deep house music. There’s an oriental, playful feel running th...view item »

Cloud Boat
Book Of Hours

Apollo Records release the debut album by the dreamy electronica duo Cloud Boat, otherwise known as Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, the LP version of ‘Book Of Hours’ includes a CD copy of the album and also a bonus five track live disc. This is a stunning collec...view item »

Planet Fun-Fun

Here’s a mini-LP from veteran Finnish trio Aavikko, a group featuring members of Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, etc, who rock that synths vs live drums aesthetic with bouncing grooves and cheeky, squelchy earworm melodies which will appeal to people who enjoy the ...view item »

Coyote Clean Up
2 Hot 2 Wait

I used to listen to SiriusXM's "Chill" channel a lot, and "Awesome Luv" popped up. I liked it enough to sit in the parking lot until it finished, and wrote down the name of the artist. Going online, I was happy to discover that this entire album is excellent deep house, with complex textures and very danceable rhythms, which did not become tirin...view item »

Evian Christ

I picked this up after Record Store Day on the basis that it was pretty cheap and I had enjoyed Evian Christ's previous EP and live performance when I saw him supporting Purity Ring. The single 20 minute long track on this record is much more ambient than anything on th...view item »

Lilacs & Champagne
Danish & Blue

I try to find things that can hold my interest and allow me to just enjoy sitting down. I would say this is like a cross between Down Tempo Chill/Trip Hop with some flare of 1980s King Crimson. The guitar work on this is really good, it reminds me of Adrian Belew and Frank Zappa as well as some 1980s Tangerine Dream. There is some great sampling...view item »

James Blake

The story goes something like this, precocious young man releases slew of excellent electronic 12”s garnering the love of head nodding types before doing an about turn into whiney electro soul on debut album leaving most previous fans crestfallen but forges  headlong into a kind of coffee table soul with the soul bit taken out garneri...view item »


Thomas Klein, as well as being the drummer in the excellent Kreidler, is the main man in Solyst and must still dine out on the fact that he got awarded our coveted Album of the Week with his previous self titled offering. From the looks of things this album carries on from where the last one left off. Natura...view item »

Barberos / Dispo
You Vs Us/Us Vs You

Another split release from Payper Tiger, this time via the grey streets of Liverpool and the sunny climes of Italy with Barberos alongside electro-math wizards Dispo. It brings together a range of influences including Battles, The Mars Volta, Kraftwerk and ...view item »

The Sandman's Orchestra

Pierre Laplace was the singer in a cool French band called Vera Clouzot. Between 1994 and 2004 they played alongside the likes of Smog and Jeff Buckley, before disbanding. Laplace then holed himself up in a home studio and taught himself to play loads of different instruments until, in May 2010,...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Crossing A Frozen Sea

Here’s a 12” single which is longer than most albums, featuring an “extended all night version” of Red Stars Over Tokyo’s ‘Crossing A Frozen Sea’ on one side, and a 20-plus minute remix by the German collective Magazine...view item »

Solar Bears

Solar Bears’ previous was another of those records indebted to that kind of hazed ‘70s melancholy that streams through records by the likes of Boards of Canada, Bibio and Seeland...view item »


This album is the masterwork of 22-year-old Brit Stewart Howard, the first UK resident on Brainfeeder and an album which really bodes well for the future. Yep some of the sounds or those in vogue Flying Lotus flamming or witch-house weirdness but it’s expertl...view item »

Stygian Stride
Stygian Stride

Stygian Stride is Rhyton and Psychic Ills member Jimy SeiTang and here on his debut solo album he ventures into completely new territory. The guitars have been replaced with vintage electronic noodlings more akin to Tangerine ...view item »

Nickolas Mohanna
Parallax View

This fella’s got releases out already on good labels like Preservation and Slow Flow which all went down well with our Ant but I’ve not come across his work before. Still, here’s his latest offering ‘Parallax View’ on my review pile so I g...view item »

John Grant
Pale Green Ghosts

I absolutely loved the soft-rock 70's sheen that was all over John Grant's debut solo album "Queen of Denmark" and was really looking forward to his follow up. "Pale Green Ghosts" is quite different. It has an dark electronic sound that matches the nature of the lyrics perhaps better than its predecessor. The lyr...view item »


We’ve had a few interesting debuts this week and this mini-LP from Chicago duo Acteurs is no exception, harnessing a hypnotic technoid pulse and some classy production touches for a fried slice of dystopian cyberpunk synth-(anti)pop. Repetition is the name of the game here, with a relentless mechanical throb and a dense sub-bass pulse are ...view item »


I missed the first KXP album ‘cause I’m lazy and contrary to popular belief don’t actually listen to every new album on the day of its release, but I just stuck their new one on the stereo and we’re getting acquainted. This Finnish trio play a really slick brand of experimental synthpop...view item »


Yo Yo Yo! I was most looking forward to this 7”. We got emailed about it, I got all excited, I got distracted by something shiny and then forgot about it, today it turns up and I’m excited again. It really happened just like that. This chap (Mark Brend) who’s an author and musician made a blinding CD on ...view item »

Karl Bartos
Off The Record

Brilliant liner notes by Karl himself allow us fascinating insights into how the music on this album came about. Based on unused melodies and long-lost rhythmic snippets gleaned from his time with Kraftwerk, this record is a tour-de-force of Bartos' skills as both percussionist and tunesmith. (Indeed it becomes clear that his role in that group ...view item »

Dinos Chapman

Here’s something interesting - the debut album from famed artist and Chapman brother Dinos Chapman! Best known of course for their prints, sculptures and installation art, this album is the culmination of years of experimentation creating electronic “Schlampige Musik” (literally sloppy music) inspired by “insomnia, horror...view item »


Described in the press release as ‘the Brian Eno of experimental UK pop’ (though isn’t Brian Eno the Brian Eno of experimental UK pop?) it gives you some indi...view item »

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
Elements Of Light

This is described on the press release as a symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-tonne instrument comprising 50 bronze bells. And certainly from the first few minutes its like woaaaaah bell overload. Half way through some nice warm bass is brought in and the track ge...view item »

Vallens (DVVLLXNS)

Well I’m not sure how to pronounce this record’s name, although the opening track is called ‘Litany’...so I suppose it would follow that the artist would be pronounced ‘Daallins’. Nothing to do with indie tweesters Allo ...view item »

Nathan Fake

Electronica dude Nathan Fake is a popular man in the Norman office, with both Phil and Brian singing his praises enthusiastically when he last album dropped, so I’m curious to see what all the fuss is about here because I’m a bit backward wh...view item »

Star Slinger (featuring Teki Latex)
Ladies In The Back

“Pretty girl shake that ass for me, not too fast that’s a blast for me do that bump and grind right in front of my face, slow and sexy what’s the race?” Not my words believe it or not although that’s sort of the stuff I tend to say on a Saturday n...view item »

House Reverends
House Revs

DDMS (aka Deadbeat, DeWalta, Mike Shannon and The Mole)
Makers Part 1

Barbed Wire Sunday

Here’s the new EP from Component#4, aka Mike Rowley, a Wayside & Woodland regular cropping up on various people’s records and formerly drummer from The Arm. There’s six tracks on the EP its...view item »

Dam Mantle & Lovers' Rights
Dam Mantle & Lovers' Rights


This is a cracking E.P. of very funky, well crafted deep house with a disco twist. In fact the sort of thing that Daft Punk should be making rather than the pompous aor 'dance' they have ended up producing. Kicking off with the excellent cut-up boogie of ‘Warstones’ this record gets the party started f...view item »

Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs To Test By Collectors Edition

Valve make great videogames. That’s a fact! Portal 2 is a great videogame. That’s another fact. It combined the genres of shooty and puzzle with physics and though I’ve probably made it sound quite unappealing it’s actually brilliant. Ipecac have got together a mas...view item »

Suzanne Ciani
Seven Waves

Strike me down, this album sounds stunning through headphones. I was most taken with ‘Lixiviation’, a set that was more concerned with the sound-art/jingle/incidental music side of things. ‘Seven Waves’, however is a more song-based set of beautiful new-age electr...view item »

Lonely At The Top

Well I've been struck down with an awful cold this week, always in October I land myself with this unwelcome curse but enough of my saga into of unwellness and cheers to Lukid for taking my mind off it by merely releasing a new album, his fourth, on ...view item »

Order Of Noise

We got a new thing in on Tri Angle this week by new signing Vessel (not to be confused by Leeds angular rockers Vessels and old electronica dude Vessel on Expanding!) Unlike the majority of the Tri Angle releases this one jumped right out at me on first li...view item »

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin
Instrumental Tourist

It was quite an unexpected discovery to find that these two chaps had collaborated on an album, but hey far stranger things have occurred. From the off you very much get the sense that things have been improvised, apparently mimicking the techniques of Jazz improvisation with little preparation. It certainly feels very loose and free ...view item »

Portrait Bizarre
A New Day


Another of these youngsters brandishing a form of sad, soulful confessional chamber pop for these strained times, this young south Londoner looking to dust his work with something a little bit special. It's hard in this over-peopled musical climate to make a difference but he's certainly tryin...view item »

Solar Maximum

Always makes me giggle this music, mainly due to the fact it's really audacious and very slightly preposterous. Cosmic ‘70s disco strut, cruising sci-fi bliss-scapes and progressive synth rock of the highest quality from this one half of Zombi that ain...view item »

Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox

Oren Ambarchi has released countless records this year, both solo and collaborative works. He appears to be unstoppable at the moment and has unleashed some real gems. Fellow upsidedown land cohort Robin Fox is also a great artist in his own right. A master of the...view item »

The Ganzfeld EP

This is possibly the strangest multi-media package we’ve ever had in by anyone. On a baffling array of formats, you also have a difficult choice to make with two different styles of headphones on offer so you can really dig the “sonic stylings” as these two legendary mad old b...view item »

Land Observations
Roman Roads IV XI

Think Durrutti Column, think Eno, think ambient lush and textured guitar tones in the major key, think kosmiche, think soothing mental spaces. If those thoughts are appealing to you then you should get involved with this lovely offering from Land Observations. Listening to it again today on a bright winters morning it was wonderfully evocative a...view item »

Fantasm Planes

Chris “Clark” Clark’s most recent album (and former Norman album of the week) ‘Iradelphic’ represented a real step forward for Warp’s current golden bo...view item »

Nathan Fake
Steam Days

I recall us Normaners being bang into 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love' several years back, it fitted beautifully into that post IDM glut of hugely melodic, astoundingly layered yet deceptively simple and atmospheric 4am music such as Julian Fane a...view item »

Dam Funk
I Don’t Wanna Be A Star!

The ever impressive future_funk flag bearer Dam_Funk returns with a taster of what’s to come from his sophomore effort (the follow up to awesome ‘Toeachizown’) on Stones Throw...view item »

The Eccentronic Research Council
1612 Underture

This is the work of Adrian Flannagan (Kings Have Long Arms), actress Maxine Peake (‘Shameless’ / ‘Silk’) and Dean Hohner (I Monster) and is quite the curio. Essentially what is on offer are high quality early style electronics, think ...view item »

Group Rhoda
Out Of Time - Out Of Touch

Group Rhoda is, somewhat confusingly, the solo project of Mara Barenbaum, who uses synthesisers, analogue effects and drum machines to craft brittle, precise minimal pop songs inhabited by her haunting, echoed voice. It’s got a bit of a modular post-dub warmth to it which is a littl...view item »

Teengirl Fantasy

Logan Takahashi and Nicholas Weiss follow up their debut 12” for R&S with this, their second full length offering after the well received debut album for Merok. Wow oldskool green R&S labels!!! I guess this duo’s sound kind of lies somewhere between house, techno and synth-pop. They have a prett...view item »

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