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Solar Maximum

Always makes me giggle this music, mainly due to the fact it's really audacious and very slightly preposterous. Cosmic ‘70s disco strut, cruising sci-fi bliss-scapes and progressive synth rock of the highest quality from this one half of Zombi that ain...view item »

Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox

Oren Ambarchi has released countless records this year, both solo and collaborative works. He appears to be unstoppable at the moment and has unleashed some real gems. Fellow upsidedown land cohort Robin Fox is also a great artist in his own right. A master of the...view item »

The Ganzfeld EP

This is possibly the strangest multi-media package we’ve ever had in by anyone. On a baffling array of formats, you also have a difficult choice to make with two different styles of headphones on offer so you can really dig the “sonic stylings” as these two legendary mad old b...view item »

Land Observations
Roman Roads IV XI

Think Durrutti Column, think Eno, think ambient lush and textured guitar tones in the major key, think kosmiche, think soothing mental spaces. If those thoughts are appealing to you then you should get involved with this lovely offering from Land Observations. Listening to it again today on a bright winters morning it was wonderfully evocative a...view item »

Fantasm Planes

Chris “Clark” Clark’s most recent album (and former Norman album of the week) ‘Iradelphic’ represented a real step forward for Warp’s current golden bo...view item »

Nathan Fake
Steam Days

I recall us Normaners being bang into 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love' several years back, it fitted beautifully into that post IDM glut of hugely melodic, astoundingly layered yet deceptively simple and atmospheric 4am music such as Julian Fane a...view item »

Dam Funk
I Don’t Wanna Be A Star!

The ever impressive future_funk flag bearer Dam_Funk returns with a taster of what’s to come from his sophomore effort (the follow up to awesome ‘Toeachizown’) on Stones Throw...view item »

The Eccentronic Research Council
1612 Underture

This is the work of Adrian Flannagan (Kings Have Long Arms), actress Maxine Peake (‘Shameless’ / ‘Silk’) and Dean Hohner (I Monster) and is quite the curio. Essentially what is on offer are high quality early style electronics, think ...view item »

Group Rhoda
Out Of Time - Out Of Touch

Group Rhoda is, somewhat confusingly, the solo project of Mara Barenbaum, who uses synthesisers, analogue effects and drum machines to craft brittle, precise minimal pop songs inhabited by her haunting, echoed voice. It’s got a bit of a modular post-dub warmth to it which is a littl...view item »

Teengirl Fantasy

Logan Takahashi and Nicholas Weiss follow up their debut 12” for R&S with this, their second full length offering after the well received debut album for Merok. Wow oldskool green R&S labels!!! I guess this duo’s sound kind of lies somewhere between house, techno and synth-pop. They have a prett...view item »

Tourist / Sleeper

Hampshire/Berliner James Welch aka Seams is a brand new artist on Full Time Hobby and also to me as I’ve not heard of him before. New music for old ears...nice! This is a collection of two EPs called Tourist and Sleeper. Tourist is four tracks of summery electronic toy...view item »

Oberman Knocks
Beatcroff Slabs

Oh, this one’s a bit spooky. Oberman Knocks is busting out some sinister electronic business with a bit of a dark ambient/dub techno bent to it. Spacious, creaking loops and swirling industrial drones combine to make a spacious, skittish computer-age nightmare of soundtracky malevol...view item »


Now here we have a pretty mad, bad and powerful record. I don’t know what it means but I’d say this is a progressive bass music/ghetto twelve and the men involved are our HudMo and his mate Lunice who I’m ...view item »

Saturday Night Gym Club
How To Build A Life Raft

Well I’m fucked if anyone will ever get me to the gym, especially on a Saturday night. What’s wrong with getting pilled-up and shaking your stuff to banging techno in a grim cold leaky warehouse somewhere surrounded by gurning munters and spannered girls in hotpants and furry ...view item »


These people are making some kind of synthy darkpop sounds on this record here. Judging by the press release they’ve been going for a while and developed a bit of a following but this is my first time in their company. Sometimes there is a boy singing and sometimes there’s a ...view item »

Sog (aka Wolfgang Voigt)
For The Love Of God

Bit of brainy minimalist repeato-techno business from the reliable Wolfgang Voigt here. This is a record that’s well represented by its artwork - a photograph which has had squares dragged around on a computer to c...view item »

Jimmy Edgar
Let Yrself Be

'Let Yrself Be' is the second single to be taken from Jimmy Edgar's critically acclaimed album 'Majenta'. Don't let his lack of spelling put you off, as the title track of this single is an excellent "beatific cruise through stabs, chords, claps and slaps to a place where '90s house meets garage vocals". Fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise wi...view item »

Rudi Zygadlo
Melpomene / Arrows

Not the best of weeks for singles but I’m liking this. On the A side there’s an instrumental of partial interest with a slight neoclassical sound to it - it’s not unlike U-ziq with some engaging vocals pop...view item »

Ask The Dust

I’ve not heard this fella before but looking at what Clint wrote about his last release for Brainfeeder he makes music which falls somewhere between Bristol hip-hop and dubstep. Well now he’s on ...view item »

Express Gifts

And onto Clickits who have a new CD out on Moteer which in case you didn't know it's all to do with those nice folks from Remote Viewer. It starts off all super warm organic sounding and not unlike the kind of warmth you'd hear on some Savath & Savalis records. And after it's kicked in properly it's some nice cli...view item »

Minimum Chips
Lady Grey

Magical CD from Australia's best kept secret MINIMUM CHIPS. Been hammering 'Lady Grey' here as Phil & I are both big Broadcast & Stereolab fans & this unruly bunch have been quietly evolving into the antipodean answer to those 2,  albeit with their own earthy take on affairs. For example  'Cold Afte...view item »

Foot Signal

On this album here duo ROM are throwing down 12 quite lively instrumental tracks with a stumbling physicality mixed with whip-tight grooves for a weirdly sensual mix of experimental rock and Euphone-style dancey times, with sy...view item »

Last Days Of 1984
Wake Up To The Waves

Judging by the cover of this CD I thought it was going to be some kind of twee psych-pop, but actually what is on the disc is Balearic hippie ecstasy music. Lotsa synths, echoey motivational vocals and lazy summer holiday beats. It's alright....view item »


Tom Jenkinson a.k.a Squarepusher is back on the pure electronics tip. Now, I'll be the first to say that his output can be a bit patchy so - to some - this return to purest electronics will be welcomed with open arms. Personally...view item »


24-year-old artist/producer Kwes has made a few waves already prior to signing up to the legendary Warp imprint. This EP marks his first release for them, opening with the warm melodic drift of 'Klee' before the soothing r'n'b-t...view item »

Cupp Cave
Retina Waves

The debut release from Ramp Recordings (impressively on vinyl as well as budget priced CD) almost got into difficulties being only millimetres away from touching my discarded apple which was stupidly left on the desk. Yes, I have not heard of bins. Following that near-disaster, I'm really...view item »

Cock And Swan

Cock and Swan. Never a good combination except for when these two get together. I don't know who is who but there's a boy (the cock i presume) and a girl (the swan?) and they are both from Washington DC. Anyway together they create a lovely mid fidelity slightly clanky brew of drifting melodie...view item »

Serra (Distant Sun Remix)

Mugstar are a great band! Along side Bristol's The Heads and Manchester's Gnod they are the  finest examples of Kraut-infused cosmic rock currently doing the rounds in the UK. When Agitated records pushed for a repress of the groups 'Lime' LP they also suggested the possibility of...view item »

Recyclist- Malorix Recycled

I'm having a hard time actually figuring out what's on this record. It's some kind of remixes by the looks of things, but whether it's Malorix remixing other artists or the other way around is difficult to fathom from either the artw...view item »

Steve Hauschildt
Tragedy & Geometry

This chaps name some of you may recognize as a member of Emeralds. While fellow band Members Mark McGuire and John Elliot's solo outings have been much celebrated, Hauschildt's solo work has largely remained under the Radar. I guess that is about to change as this record he's made for Kra...view item »

Steve Moore
Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara

Right. Busy Lady has just wet her knick-knacks over the list of this chap's expensive synths. His synths are so amazing & sought-after that he probably keeps them in a titanium lined nuclear bunker deep in a forest. Where currently he doodles around and builds authentic homages to Jean Michel-Jarre, the only 70's synth pioneer it's not actua...view item »

The Host
The Host

Always nice to see Planet Mu keeping busy. This week they're serving the debut from The Host - a semi-mysterious artist  - in the sense that I have no idea who's behind the pseudonym. Guess it ain't all that important, it'll become apparent soon enough as this dude's got summat real n...view item »

My Best Fiend
In Ghostlike Fading

Well I likes the single and all its post Mercury Rev/Arcade's the litmus test. After dulling me out a bit at work I now bring the album home and I'm pleased to report they've not actually front loaded the bloody thing with their best song. After 'Higher Palms' comes 'Je...view item »

Vieo Abiungo
And The World Is Still Yawning

Vieo Abiungo is the work of one man, William Ryan Fritch, who creates semi-experimental neoclassical sound worlds for us to get lost in. Plays a lot of instruments, this lad. Loads. Opener 'With Each Forgetful Step...Progress' hints towards an almost God...view item »

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters
Underrated Silence

The Schnausser eh? He's back is Uncle Ulrich and his slippers and pipe Guthrie-isms are as tranquil and balmy as ever. Making the bridge between ethereal shoegazing moodscapes and shimmering post Cafe Del Mar tranquility more sturdy underfoot, his work in the field of glistening cyclical chillout is not to be underestimated. Here he p...view item »


This album is a stunner and a bit of a departure for Leila. Stemming from a mutual affection between Berlin-dwelling cult electro boy Mount Sims and herself, this album came to fruition over the last couple of years by means of two home visits and subsequent acapellas wired via dropbox ...view item »


P. Manasseh is an artist who divides his time working with renowned Brum post-rockers Epic45 and 4Series, apparently “a dub act”. This here CD is a really nicely packaged thing that is comprised of some scintillating hypno-tones, shimmering ambience, subtle field recordings and...view item »

Locus Suspectus

So, looks like there's only synth records coming out this week. Feel like that's all I've been reviewing recently. Where's the punk rock? Where's the noisecore? Where's the new DOOM record? Probably not important right now. What is important is that Under The Spire have forked out the big ...view item »

Ben Butler & Mousepad
Gif N Run EP

Electro squelch and skwee rhythms are aplenty on this great EP, courtesy of Ben Butler & Mousepad. It's progressive, but without the 15 buses and fur coats, it's techno with a brain. That doesn't mean that you have to sta...view item »

Astral Social Club
Generator Breaker

The ever reliable Neil Campbell returns with yet another release, this time for Dekorder records. This is Campbell's second LP for the label following his collaboration with High Wolf under the guise of Iibiis Rooge. 'Generator Breaker' continues Campbell's evolution into the blissful a...view item »

An Album By Korallreven

Korallreven brings you An Album By Korallreven, which makes perfect sense, I suppose, and it starts off with the gauzy layers of "As Young As Yesterday," which eventually resolve into a perky piece of shoegaze pop. The dreamy "Sa Sa Samoa" and sparkling "The Truest Faith" are full of hope. Not everything is all peachy, though: "Keep Your Eyes Sh...view item »

Robert Lippok

Ooh, this record's pretty hard to pin down. I like that about it. I don't know a lot about Robert Lippok but here he seems to be creating some kind of hybrid take on downtempo early '90s techno, keeping it glacial and minimal for the most part. The beats are a little bit disjointed but ne...view item »

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