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Bee Mask
Pear Growers Series 1 (Surgeon & Abdulla Rashim remixes)

This is the The inaugural release on Chris Madak’s (AKA Beemask) new Pear Growers Series label. He’s commissioned a fine pair of remixes from two artists I’m very familiar with. Surgeon I’ve been following since he ...view item »

Emerald Web
The Stargate Tapes

The first time I gave this record a spin I was reminded immediately of that most decent Kat Epple & Bob Stohl LP on Dead Cert, thinking that there were some striking similarities between both records. Not just the fact that these are antholog...view item »

Alien Radio

The second edition of Dekorder’s limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12” series celebrating 10 years of the label. With a picture disc on one side and a standard vinyl release on the other it’s a unique piece of usable memorabilia for fans of the label. Kugeln is the work of Alien Radio (a.k.a Ulf Schütte) ...view item »

Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom
Daytime Viewing

"Otherworldly art-installation music, ‘Daytime Viewing’ is a fantastic piece of music that deserves a massive audience. Thank goodness Unseen Worlds has given us this beautifully packaged and pressed LP, it really is a lovely thing. It’s hard to describe the music, it doesn’t really sound like much I know, but mainly co...view item »

Max Elibacher
Red Anxiety Tracers

From Baltimore comes the first long player Red Anxiety Tracers from avant-garde musician Max Eilbacher. A collection of found sounds ands synthesised noises, the album glides through a frenetic land of peculiar auditory hallucination and complex sound structures. Contemporary electronic oddness, done just right....view item »

With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics

Electronica duo (they’re always duos aren’t they?!) Paul Conboy and Jono Podmore release this new full length album under their Metamono moniker. Having just flicked through the ridiculously lengthy press release I’ll do you all a favour and keep this short and sweet. Based in Crystal Pala...view item »


I’ve been looking and listening to this record for a few minutes now whilst mentally composing a complaint letter to the buffoons at Coastliner buses; primarily about the bus going the wrong way. Its taken me a while to work out who the record is by but even longer to try to work out what it actually sounds like. Fis is one Oliver Perryman...view item »


Papillon is one of my favourite films. I’ve seen it more times than I can possibly remember and I can’t think of a better film to watch on a Sunday afternoon. Watching Steve Mcqueen deteriorate from hardnut to frail old man over 3 hours is a feast for the mind. It also features lepers and to date this is my only experience of lepers ...view item »

Piano Interrupted
The Unified Field

Denovali presents the second album from Piano Interrupted, the duo of Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann. True enough, piano is the central instrument of The Unified Field (a baby grand piano, as it happen), but it is constantly rubbed up against electronic and string textures. Thoughtful work, available on both CD and coloure...view item »

Disquiet EP

A gothic blend of post-rock and electronica from Iceland’s Bloodgroup. Shimmering synths and unapologetically glitchy beats combine with icy vocals like Evanescence covering Depeche mode. Featuring remixes from Com Truise, Girl Unit, Keep Shelly in Athens and Renaissance Man. Out on 12” vinyl from Sugarcane Recording...view item »


Here we have a fresh remix 12” featuring Darkstar’s own recycling of two tracks from their acclaimed album News From Nowhere. Timeaway and Hold Me Down provide a sleek A side, whilst the B-side sees Kollaps have a stab at You Don’t Need A Weatherman. Out on 12” ...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee and Lasse Marhaug
Wake Up Awesome

I have never, ever in my entire life woken up awesome. Instead I usually wake up grim, hollering at the alarm clock for having the bare faced cheek to wake me up. The only positive being that I’ve survived another night, something I rarely think possible when attempting to actually get to sleep. If my alarm clock woke me to this cacophony ...view item »

Carmen Villain
Sleeper Remixes

Do you like extended chuggy dubby slightly psychedelic remixes of already pretty cosmic songs? Do you like slightly tougher chugging cosmic remixes of already pretty psychedelic songs? Do you dig the sound of Scandi disco vikings sprinkling magic over pretty chuggy songs? If you said yes, then buy this record now. You get...view item »


Anyone with a penchant for deep melancholic techno really ought to be checking out this release from Recondite. Berlin based producer Lorenz Brunner has been releasing  his work on his own Plangent imprint as well a releases scattered across Hotflush Recordings, Dysto...view item »

Cabaret Voltaire
The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord

Those moody, lovelorn synths weren't just for The Human League and their ruinous cocktail bars with their Shakespearian tragedies. Cabaret Voltaire had the same idea, and their seventh record -- The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord -- arrived slap bang in the middle o...view item »

Cabaret Voltaire

Synth gloomers Cabaret Voltaire originally released the delightfully titled Micro-Phonies in 1984, taking us down the pop route with a record of unapologetic hits -- hey art, you've gotta make money sometimes. No matter: the record delivers on its catchy intent, "Sensoria" features, and the band flie...view item »

The Ancient Tonalities Of...

The excellent No Pain In Pop label presents this latest offering from Finnish electronic producer Ukkonen, to put the frankly overused label of IDM on this record just wouldn’t do it justice, as Ukkonen explains, this is a modern electronic take on the history of music theo...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler

Ex-Tangerine Dream musician/intern and member of Kluster, Conrad Schnitzler has made a lot of solo material in his own right, and free of the Komische landscape, Bureau B have released select compilations of his work. Gold focuses in on w...view item »

Essence / Universe

We’ve got a couple of reissues in from new age pioneer Laraaji this week, and the one which has landed on the review pile is this cosmic synthdrone bliss-out ‘Essence/Universe’, which consists of two epic half hour peace drones full of shimmering tone clusters and blurred smooth synth dreaminess. T...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
The Fall Into Time

Plunderplonics artist Oneohtrix Point Never gets plundered himself: The Fall Into Time compiles a bunch of disparate works from different releases and oddities, including some tracks from a split with Caboladies, some work with Catholic Tapes and some radio exclusives. A variabl...view item »

Alabaster Falcons
Alabaster Falcons

Just 50 editions of this produbbed clear tape were released, a self titled album from Alabaster Falcons which utilises a variety of collected sounds including running water, breath, and what sounds like player piano creating bold, strong imagery of shimmering, sparkling light, refracted through prisms, ascension and the art of Z...view item »

Richard Bone
Cranium Fizz

Here’s an EP of bubbly electronica from Richard Bone, apparently his first vinyl release in 35 years (although he’s made a mind-boggling 25 CDs since then). This 12" contains four tracks of beautifully balanced cerebral beats and silky head-nodding melodies from synthesisers and guitars. The general feel is one of chill-out m...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Melody Attack

Beautiful double LP gatefold sleeve from Belgian electronic artist Red Stars Over Tokyo, with his usual brand of trancey hypnotic IDM, ‘Melody Attack’ is almost vintage sounding in its bleeps and bloops but still retains a futuristic element to the world of ambient dance music, its influence...view item »


I’m stupid enough to note the release of this album in the paper this morning and think to myself how Darkstar have wasted no time in following up their last album. Of course this is Darkside, who are not to be confused with Northside either. Instead it's a collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harringt...view item »

Sky Song

Chicago post-jazz duo Colorlist are back this week with their first album since 2010’s ‘A Square White Lie’. The formula here is light analogue synth drones and woodwind breezing over gently puttering drums. It’s surprising how full-sounding their textures are considering there are only t...view item »

Luke Abbott
Holkham Drones

Despite what the title suggests, this collection would be far more aptly titled 'Holkham beats', though I don't really know what 'Holkham' has to do with it, and calling something 'beats' or, 'non place-specific beats' is a truly terrible name. This is a collection much in the vein of fellow border community artists James 'Holden' ...view item »

Capsize Recovery

Here’s a CD of creepy electronics from Senking, comprising eight tracks of slow paced electro chills like a slow stomping destructobot from your dystopian nightmares. On a base of slow, creative beats there’s a sprinkle of dubstep bass wibble and lots of cool horror movie synths and playful little detail...view item »

Colour Tones

What does the colour Green sound like? Machinefabriek attempts to answer that question, then asks the same of Red, Grey, Blue, Brown, Mosaic (?) on another alluring release, this time on Fang Bomb. Is it possible to evoke colour in pure sound? Hide the track titles from you friends and ask what they see to these...view item »

Kaboom Karavan
Short Walk With Olaf

American folk music stretched beyond all point of recognition. The drones on display on Short Walk With Olaf bring together the disciplines of New Weird America with the stuttering sounds of a fragmented recording session: pianos that recall A. Silver Mt Zion sparkle then die out, as v...view item »

Forest Swords

I just listened to the execrable new album from Money, or at least as much of it as the office could bear before Phil insisted I switch it off some way into track four. My despair has been eased somewhat by the fact that I have this absolute corker of a new album by Forest Swords...view item »

Metal Rouge
Soft Erase

I just had the dubious pleasure of reviewing the heaving mass of collaborative darkness from Costin Chioreanu and friends and now I’m heading to similarly bleak places with this Metal Rouge LP on Emerald Cocoon. It opens with machine pulses and sheets of sharply distort...view item »


Seams is the alias of Berlin-based Briton James Welch, and ‘Quarters’ apparently takes its title from having been recorded in four different areas of the city. What’s happening on this LP is clicky and rhythmic electronica with shades of FourTet and ...view item »

Yves De Mey

It's a crime that this is only the third solo release from Yves De Mey as this guy is an excellent producer. Last heard on the now defunct Sandwell District label with the brilliant 'Counting Triggers' 2x12" and earlier on...view item »


I’ve not crossed paths with this trio Saroos before, but this is in fact their third album and their members have played in bands like The Notwist and Lali Puna so I guess that’s more my fault than theirs at this point. They make a strangely wo...view item »

Jackson & His Computer Band

By the look of the cover of this I think Jackson’s Computer Band is now his Computerband, but no matter, Jackson is back, eight years after his debut, with another album of frankly baffling post-pop weirdness on Warp. We’ve had it on a couple of times in the office alread...view item »


Ambient-heads with long memories will be aware of Audela’s Black Death series, of which this is part 7, coming a mere four years after 5 and 6 dropped in ‘09. Here we have a CD with bonus limited 3” CD in which we stare into the void with them once again in yawning expanses of frosty darkmospherics with static hisses and metall...view item »

Adrian Corker

I’ve had some very pretty music to review today, and this CD is no exception. It’s a lovely bit of restrained neoclassicism from Adrian Corker, who Phil is already aware of because of Corker/Conboy but I haven’t encountered yet because my time in audio retail has been much shorter than his. This is a very nice CD though...view item »

Lowjit Vagrants EP

Here’s the latest 12” on The Trilogy Tapes which I have woefully little information about. The artist is _moonraker and there are four songs of spooky minimal techno here. This is just the kind of thing our resident electronics/spookiness expert Ant would have a lot to say about but sadly I&rs...view item »

Electronic Rock

The teenage pet project of Andy Popplewell (who has since gone on become on of the UK’s leading independent tape engineers/editors/archivists) is a quite unique record but one which fits in with the recent vogue for re-issues from the most unlikely and unusual of sources. Popplewell at aged 17 built his own synthesizer - which is an achiev...view item »

Yves/ Son/ Ace
Dead Life

We’ve got a new parcel from Clan Destine in today so no sooner have I got my head around the crumbling darkness of the new “eyedoublecross” album than I’m straight back in the murk with this droney, pulsating album of post-industrial post-dub post-pop weirdness by...view item »

Be More Like Water

The solo project from composer and Butterfly Child guitarist and engine Pendle Poucher, under the idmonster name. A cinematic experience, but one with no hippy nonsense despite it edging into concept album territory. With field recording, electronics and ancient piano combined to create a blend of everything inc...view item »

From the Kites of San Quentin
7.83Hz Earth Chorus

Bundle CD EP with DVD from Manchester based From the Kites of San Quentin. Live band playing BIG electronica! Blending of guitars and vocals with more synths than you can shake a...synth.. at. Think Bjork meeting Deft at a Night Slugs night. The DVD contains a live audio/visual performance from ...view item »

Flying Lotus
Pattern+Grid World

The electronic world needs Flying Lotus right now more than ever. He's been branded some kind of wonderkid, and in my mind that judgement is well valid, like Richard James before him, like Squarepusher. On this new gorgeously presented EP he can can noodle but it's all wrapped up in this hyper melodic & dreamy soundscapery that you canno...view item »


We’ve just been listening to a promo of the new Jessy Lanza album on Hyperdub in the office, and to be honest I was really enjoying it and it seemed a shame to turn it off halfway through but there’s some reviews that need writing. Thankfully though, one of those is thi...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)
Somerset Avenue Tracks (92-95)

Planet Mu and Mike Paradinas release this fantastic 2 CD set of unreleased material from the very early beginnings of the u-ziq legacy, out of the usual crop of nineties electronic acts like Aphex Twin, ...view item »

Always Forever

Hazy sunset vibes from London-based Vondelpark. Taken from the debut album Seabed, Always Forever is a slow burning R&B jam that effortlessly fades into the background to furnish lazy evenings. The remix comes from John Roberts who adds a smidgen of urgency to the track with a liquid underwater feel. Out on 10&rdquo...view item »


I doubt Bibio will ever top this track (à tout à l'heure), nor the album it spawns from (Silver Wilkinson, yup, I said it). But I love him all the same. The only man who could make you cry without making you hate him afterwards....view item »

Bitchin Bajas
Krausened EP

Cosmic explorers Bitchin Bajas, the other band of CAVE’s Cooper Crain and Mahjongg’s Dan Quinlivan, are back with a lengthy new 12” EP containing two side-long passages of shimmering kosmische and motorik electrokraut, clocking in at almost 40 minutes in total,...view item »


I can’t blinking get into the sleeve. They’ve wrapped a sticker around the entrance and I can’t blimmin’ well get in!  The press release looked semi interesting so I’ve found a track online to review from. This is an instrumental duo out of Dublin who have been regularly compared to ...view item »

The Red Falcon Projects
Simply Ravishing

Here’s some crisp cosmic electronica from The Red Falcon Projects, the duo of Warren Kroll (Dorosoto, Forrest) and Steve Lutes (Mall Security, Kontyx), who have teamed up to make some busy, danceable acid house with lots of kosmische synth drift alongside its crisp beats and 303-ish basslines, a party-friendly mix of restless melodicism, s...view item »

Jeremy Greenspan & Bory
God Told Me To EP

Don't say tech house people please. We're past this stage now, come on. We all agreed pigeon holing like that abomination has to stop. This EP is trance infected synth house/disco/techno hybrids and that's all i'll say on the matter. We can all agree on that, right? Sorted. Cheers. Goodbye. Go Home and stick on your Disclosure record if you don'...view item »

Field Harmonics

In a sign of the audience-splitting effect that this new album from Epic 45's Rob Glover is likely to have it fell on me, by far the least experienced of our venerable reviewing staff, to offer my services as an objective gun for hire. Or, as Phil put it, "you can be the review bike". I think it's fai...view item »


Thundercat was the big new lad on the block a few years ago whose confusingly similarly-titled and Flying Lotus-produced album ‘The Golden Age of Apocalypse’ was an overwhelmingly virt...view item »

Jesse Ruins
A Film

Romantic and wide-eyed electronica gets breathed in and out in A Film, the debut record from trio Jesse Ruins who have expanded from their origins, incorporating stunning shoegaze inclinations. There are even drums. The sound of a quietened IDM record getting thrown into the wide open. ...view item »

Daft Punk
Daft Club

A lesser known album of Daft Punk remixes, with artists like Basement Jaxx, Gonzales and Slum Village stepping up to put their own spin on these classic tracks, taken mostly from 2001’s Discovery. Originally available as part of a fan club website thing, the whole...view item »

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