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Rafael Anton Irisarri
El Ferrocarril

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Pip Williams

Back in 2013, Pip Williams’ Mode#7 was the first release on Brokntoys. Fast forward to the present day and the label’s catalogue runs to around thirty drops from artists including London Modular Alliance and Koova. The four hard-nosed electro jams here remain some of the imprint’s best work, and as such they’re getting a short-run repress on hand-stamped wax.
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Tallarita EP

French producer E-Unity (one Loïc Berger) releases his inner bee for London’s FTD Records. The title track does a mode-switching dance around clubby references, which is both awkward and absolutely compelling at once. Nailed it. ‘Everlasting Legacy (Collage Mix)’ follows a similar method, while the other two tracks allow a little more consistency.
  • Vinyl 12" (FTD009)
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Jesse Rae
Global 95 EP

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Maoupa Mazzocchetti
Gag Flag

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Year of The Dragon

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The Black Queen
Infinite Games

The Black Queen is ex-Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato, along with Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv / Second Woman) and Steven Alexander (who have both worked with Nine Inch Nails). They create synth-spiked industrial music. 'Infinite Games' is their second album following on from 'Fever Daydream' which was also released on the band's own label.

Nova Materia
It Comes

Nova Materia here show their debut album to the world, full of their idiosyncratic take on electronically-driven post-punk. It Comes could feasibly be at home both on the decks of an electro-focused club, or on the stage of any number of festivals. The band grew out of remnants of Chilean band Panico, so if you liked them, you should give this a go. On Crammed Discs.

This Behavior

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Roll The Dice
Live At Berlin Atonal 2017

The festival Berlin Atonal have a record label now, releasing selected highlights from live sets over the years. This release extracts four tracks from a 2017 performance by Roll The Dice, who are of course Malcolm Pardon with Peder Mannerfelt. Expect deep-rolling electronics and pummelling techno beats, not always at the same time. 12”.

Black Velvet

After causing a stir in the world of modelling - he has long been a catwalk star for the high-concept fashion brand Hood By Air - New Orleans artist Hirakish is now turning his attention to music. Black Velvet is out on NYx Unchained and recalls last year’s Prince Of Grunge EP by IVVVO that came out on the same label. These voguish amalgamations of various 90s styles - grunge, r&b, bedroom pop, a little industrialism - are delivered with great poise and bite by Hirakish. It's no surprise to hear that a collaboration with Yves Tumor is in the pipeline.

Myam James Part I

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Golden Bug
Viaje A Tenderlion / Hitodoma

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Church Music

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Aru Otoko No Densetsu

Sun Araw’s Sun Ark imprint welcomes leftfield joker-juker Foodman for a new long-player of baffling, sample-shuffling rhythmscapes and a booklet of colourful drawings with the vinyl version. His tendency towards uncrowded layers of rubber-pitched samples plundered from all over and an overall sense of complete carefree delight prevail throughout.

Le Syndicat Electronique
Le Syndicat Electronique

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Kewali Remixed EP

Flamingods follow-up 2017’s Kewali EP with a selection of remixes for the impressive Byrd Out (Andrew Weatherall, Mad Professor, Mosca). Kewali Remixed is a nice and varied triple-threat. Vanishing Twin run with the frenzied psychedelia of the Flamingods sound on their flip of ‘Bhima’, Richard Norris turns in a cosmic bit of acid-disco, and the title track is slowed down to a Balearic lilt by Stealing Sheep.

Spencer Zahn
People Of The Dawn

Debut album from bassist Spencer Zahn. On People Of The Dawn he takes the vocabulary of jazz but plays with the semantics. The bass is still the thing holding it together but rather than melodic improvisation Zahn plays with texture. Helped by Darkside's Dave Harrington who did the electronic processing on the album.

Prequel Tapes
Everything Is Quite Now

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DJ Overdose
Time Compensation EP

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Fresh Gildans

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Sin Falta
Diamonds EP

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Ben Chatwin
Drone Signals

Former Talvihorros chap Ben Chatwin has not been content with releasing one album this year. Instead he has gone back to his sound sources for 'Staccato Signals' and created an entirely new work. 'Drone Signals' as you might guess by the title is a more ambient stretched out work that will appeal to all your drone and neo classical greats like Ben Frost and Max Richter. 

Beautify Junkyards
Other Voices 08

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Léonie Pernet

Leonie Pernet, from Paris, has completed her debut full-length album and is now ready to send it out into the world. Crave features the vocal, piano and drumming talents of Pernet, also arranging the whole affair to her precise specifications. Crave is a dramatic and multi-faceted album, full of sleek beauty. Released by InFine.


Ocoeur is the neo-classical/ambient project from French composer Franck Zaragoza. The name is a play on the French meaning ‘to the heart’. On Inner, his fifth long-player, Zaragoza brings synths to the fore highlighting the ambient passages. However, the usual piano, strings and production are very much in evidence throughout the album. Zaragoza has previously shared the stage with the likes of Fennesz and Uziq, so worth checking out if you’re fans of either. LP and CD on n5MD.
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Haiku Salut
Etch and Etch Deep

Don’t let the name fool you; Haiku Salut are neither French nor Japanese. Instead, they hail from Derbyshire. The tracks they make on Etch and Etch Deep combine a big stack of sounds grabbed from sources electronic and acoustic, with results that are both strange and highly tuneful. On How Does It Feel To Be Loved?


He’s a busy bee, that Peder Mannerfelt. As well as touring and releasing his own records at a rate of knots, the Swedish producer also manages to make time for running his own Peder Mannerfelt Produktion label. The latest PMP drop comes courtesy of Boston-based artist Isabella. The five tracks of her Whistle EP can be placed into two camps - ‘Residual’, ‘Penchant’ and ‘Vain’ are all whirligig techno jams that recall the work of Mannerfelt himself, while ‘Dicey Takes Its Form’ and ‘I Could Get You’ are eerie ambient things equal-parts Mark Mothersbaugh and Pram.
  • Vinyl 12" (PMIK001)
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Yves Tumor
Serpent Music

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Shit & Shine
Very High EP

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Electronic Sound
Issue 45 & Vinyl Bundle

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Tom Knapp
Mophoc Rez

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Hyper-urban 20 30

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Postclub Prism

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Doris Norton
Artificial Intelligence

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Krikor Kouchian
Pacific Alley In Dub

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Copeland & Gast
Ukmerge / Strict

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Unknown Artist

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Arabian Nights

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Die Hexen
The Garden of Unearthly Delights

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Chris Liebing
Burn Slow

After a career spanning a quarter of a bloody century, big techno lad Chris Liebling is finally making one of his dreams a reality. He's always wanted to make an album like Burn Slow, slow minimal techno, achingly restrained. He's accompanied by a number of others, most notably Gary Numan, providing some uncharacteristic spoken word on 'Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1). On Mute.

Penelope Trappes
Carry Me

Run the Trappes! The Penelope Trappes, to be precise. Having released her acclaimed debut LP Penelope One on Optimo last year, Trappes is now hot-footing it over to Houndstooth for the follow-up. To tide people over before Penelope Two (seems she’s got a thing going there) Trappes is releasing this 7”. It contains album track ‘Carry Me’ and exclusive tune ‘I Can Hear You…’. The former is a mournful, syrup-slow ballad in the Grouper vein; the latter a Gothic Colin Newman tribute. Carry Me also comes with a CD on which Abul Mogard turns the title track into a reverberant drone.

Aphex Twin
Collapse EP

With mysterious artwork appearing everywhere from Turin to Kippax - on people's coffee cups, on the back of tea towels, on the last sheets of loo paper - it's that time again: a new Aphex Twin marketing campaign. Which means only one thing - new music from the maverick electronic producer. This time, a 12" issued with bizarre sprawling text and a video already banned for failing an epilepsy test.


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Jay Glass Dubs

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Lunar Orbit Rendezvous

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SMX / Koehler
Blue 02

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Taipei Disco

Taipei Disco is music made by Dwart during time spent living in China, between the years 1989 and 1993. Composition took place in a Macau apartment and even within the Guangzhou nightclub that gives this EP its name, using early portable synth technology to record ideas in the moment. Intimate-epic synth-pop goodness with an interesting history. On Holuzam.
  • Vinyl 12" (ZAM002)
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R.S. Pearson
Reality from Childhood Remembered as a Dream

First active in the early 1980s Seattle underground, experimental composer R. S. Pearson finally gets to cross “Get an official release with a label” off his to-do list. Collected for vinyl by Serendip Lab, these various short, charming works of arpeggio sequences and sound design also dabble in algorithmic/generative composition and strange, ambiguous moods. Just what you’d hope for from titles such as ‘Dinosaurs in Water’ and ‘Water Jets of Ancient Disney’.
  • Vinyl LP (SERLP006)
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Joanne Forman
Cave Vaults Of The Moon

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DMX Krew
Libertine Traditions 07

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Pete Prescription
On “Tea Rooms Of Occult Nomenclature”

Romeda Records (Dublock, Kanal Drei) drop a new record of mucky electronics from Teatowel member Pete Prescription. On “Tea Rooms Of Occult Nomenclature” we find the Birmingham-based artist drawing largely from the more abrasive end of the digital/analog spectrum. Minimal synth, drone and industrial techno are all in the DNA of ‘Don’t Tell Them (Who We Are)’ and ‘Ted’s Premises’. However, there are also ventures into more melodic waters - the melancholy concrete loops of ‘The Fair Hand Of Decay’ for instance.

Turbo Teeth
Yellow Equals One

Blink and you'll miss it beats from Turbo Teeth. On Yellow Equals One the Athens based producers creates tracks that mutate like four baby turtles dropped in the sewers. At its core it's quite dubby, though the drum patterns occasionally veer all the way toward jungle. As psychedelic as it is plainly atmospheric.
  • Vinyl 12" (UNT3)
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Monsters Exist

Monsters Exist. And so, apparently, do Orbital. Still (or maybe that should be 'again'). The legendary techno duo’s first LP in six years - and first since their 2017 reunion - sees the pair turning in their singular brand of emotive, electronic techno. Monsters Exist will put that new Jon Hopkins album in its place, that’s for sure. Also the last song features Professor Brian Cox, which makes sense.

DJ Tools

The truly soon to be legendary rkss aka Robin Buckley makes a record of repurposed EDM, calling it DJ Tools but broadening the scope of club music beyond mere process and utility. By pointing at the idea of 'purposeful' club music, Buckley considers the politics and identity inherent to the genre, making a record that investigates the intersection of queerness and technology. 
  • Vinyl LP (UIQLP001LP)
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Bird Sound Power

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Three Memes

My three favourite memes are Disaster Girl, UNITINU and Spurdo Spärde. To find out analogue electronics supertrio Wrangler’s (Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire, Phil Winter of Tunng and Memetune boss Benge of John Foxx and the Maths) own shortlist, you’ll just have to snap up this EP. Features veteran Crooked Man’s take on ‘Real Life’, Daniel Miller’s oily remix of ‘Theme from Wrangler’ (previously released on remix comp Sparked) and LoneLady’s rework of ‘Space Ace’.

Various Erased Tapes Artists

Erased Tapes lie to us once more and release some tapes that actually haven’t been erased. Au contraire - 1+1=X is actually full of music! It’s something of a celebratory release to commemorate the label’s tenth birthday back in 2017. A bunch of ET faves - Ben Lukas Boysen, Daniel Brandt, Nils Frahm and loads more - got together in a Berlin studio to collab, jam and generally vibe. The result is this twenty-track selection that takes in everything from sound art to club bangers to chamber music. It's quite a lavish package - two CDs and a photographic book in a nice white box.

Steven Rutter & John Shima
Step Into The Light

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Linkwood / Fudge Fingas / The Complainers

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Jack Roland
Control: Applications

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The Best of Dissmentado

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Dame Area
Centro Di Gravitá

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NTS Session 3

The third installment of Autechre’s live sessions for online radio station NTS brings another two hours of new music from the constantly evolving duo. Part three sees a wide selection of the duo’s styles from the chromatic shiftings of glos ceramic to the fantastically maniacal tt1pd that brings you back to their Draft 7.30 days. Triple LP on Warp.

NTS Session 4

The fourth and final installment of Autechre’s sessions from their residency for NTS radio. With each session bringing 2 hours of new music, Session 4 acts almost like a digital palette cleanser, with the first half taking four tracks of minimal glitchy dronescapes they close with a huge wash of dense drone in an hour long piece called All End. Triple LP on Warp.

Haiku Salut
There Is No Elsewhere

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Ben Frost
All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated

Ben Frost’s spring cleaning uncovers more material from the wings of last year’s The Centre Cannot Hold sessions with Steve Albini. In this episode of A Touch of Frost, our hero’s angry, manly cinematronica is assisted by remixes from Carsten Nicolai’s dominion of DSP Alva Noto as well as Albini himself.

Miss Red
Dagga / One Shot Killer

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Black Merlin
Oba Enka

George Thompson is the man behind the mysterious Black Merlin project if you didn't know; mystique somewhat vaporised. Here he is for his first EP on Mannequin records, and it's a three-track thumper. Bringing the Noir to techno and the voodoo to the dance-floor once again, some manic bass-lines with unrepentant drones and pummelling kick-drums enter the fray, to slay. Great. 
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 124)
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Oliver Coates
Shelley’s On Zenn-La

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Ital Tek

Ital Tek’s sixth LP for Planet Mu might be the Brighton producer’s most full-realised work to date. There is barely a whisper of the frenetic dubstep and footwork rhythms that formed the bedrock of his early releases. While the sense of dystopian unease that has always been part of the Ital Tek sound carries through to Bodied, here we find it drifting in seas of electronic ambience and sombre strings. Imagine Fatima Al Qadiri, Arca, recent Bjork and Vangelis and you’re getting there with this one.


The debut LP from the latest Teklife prodigy Heavee is really a bit of a label love-in. Only one of the eight tunes on WFM is a solo production from the Chicago artist, with the rest of the record taken up by collaborations with a number of artists including DJ Paypal and Gant-man. There’s even a long-lost DJ Rashad collaboration in there. A self-proclaimed child of ghetto house, Heavee’s style is more straight-to-the-point than the footwork of his contemporaries. The juke influence is strong, mind.

Maribou State
Kingdoms In Colour

Maribou State return with their sophomore LP. The follow-up to 2015’s Portrait is another collection of breezy, emotive electronica that takes in plunderphonics, festival house, post-dubstep and more. Hopping on a trend in this sort of thing at the moment, there seems to be a Bollywood flavour to some of the samples. Khruangbin guest on the Bonobo-y ‘Feel Good’.

Scott Xylo
Find Us When U Get There

Black Acre scoop up Leicester twentysomething spark Scott Xylo for an afrofuturist LP of neo-soul, hip-wonk beats, smokey jazz downtempo and collaborations with the likes of Jon Glitches, Catherine Sera, Afronaut Zu and Marcus Joseph. Plus fairly splendid cover art by Philly comic illustrator Pat Aulisio.

Andrew Weatherall
Blue Bullet EP

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Mark Pritchard
Four Worlds

Funny, I was just thinking the other day when will there be another Mark Pritchard album. Well my prayers/thoughts are answered with this collection to follow up his much loved 'Under the Sun'. Though there are no Thom Yorke collabs here to 6 music playlist him, he does collaborate with underground poets and oddballs such as San Fran's the Space Lady. 

Thomas Fehlmann
Los Lagos

Thomas Fehlmann has been keeping busy. Just three months after the release of The Orb’s No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds LP, Fehlmann is set to drop his first solo full-length since 2010’s Gute Luft. Los Lagos contains eight polished pieces of techno and features a collaboration with Max Loderbauer. As with Gute Luft this one’s out on Kompakt.

EQ Why
Life Of The Why - The Mixtape Volume 1

EQ Why may not be as well-known as footworkers like DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, but the young Chicagoan has still scored releases on Orange Milk Records and Duck N’ Cover. This latest mixtape, issued on cassette by Brighton label Third Kind, sees the producer/DJ drop near one hundred of his own tunes over the course of sixty-odd minutes. Life Of The Why is a party starter if ever we heard one.

Electronic Sound
Issue 44 & Vinyl Bundle

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Electronic Sound
Issue 43 & Vinyl Bundle

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Electronic Sound
Issue 41 & Vinyl Bundle

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Energy Dreams

After a few years releasing on his own Raw Tapes label, Israeli producer Rejoicer has struck beatsmith gold and signed for Stones Throw. However, Energy Dreams could just as easily have cropped up on Brainfeeder, such is the similarity to Daedelus and mid-period FlyLo. Funky, jazzy, hip-hoppy electronica of the sort that never goes out of fashion.

New Tab

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Hinosch are a Dusseldorf-Osaka proposition, featuring two people who have variously been in To Rococo Rot and Goat. Hands is their first full-length album, and it is staunchly instrumental, though less improvised than their past work, What we hear is fully-fledged, busy and bustling electronic music, driven by proper drum machines and wee tape loops. Propulsive fun, on the TAL label.

Phil France

Electric piano arpeggiator Phil France, known from suave jazz outfit Cinematic Orchestra, releases his second. Circle, like predecessor the Swimmer, is filled with spacious, calm, and soothing notes. A lot of notes. Get on it if you’ve always wanted to hear a collaboration between Emeralds and Philip Glass.

Will DiMaggio
At Ease

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Object Agency
Abaa Cove

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Şeb-i Yelda

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