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Roll The Dice
Until Silence

I've tried with these Swedes before and I still haven't got 'em figured out on their third album so maybe I should just give up. It's not that I actively dislike them as I don't, There is just something a little laboured, authoritarian and pompous about their music, especially at its most dramatic and symphonic. That's not to say it isn't all RE...view item »

Sylvan Esso
Sylvan Esso

The beats sounds like rusty toy car’ bells making music when they were nostalgic for their time in the countryside. And then the vocalist sounds like she grew up in a big house, and spent her life singing about what the world looked like, and had these elaborate dreams and fantasies about an outside world she’d never seen, ...view item »

Ben Frost

No wolves on this. 'By The Throat' scared the bejesus out of myself and many others but I totally, utterly loved it. This long awaited follow-up proper (after his relatively sedate but arresting 'Solaris' collaboration with Daniel Bjarnason) is another sonically brutal and head-cleansing expedition into the...view item »

Cabaret Voltaire
#7885 (Electropunk to Technopop 1978 – 1985)

In 1980 I said to my brother the next record Peel plays I'm going to buy. It turned out to be Nag Nag Nag. My brother said it was a horrible noise but I loved it. I'd never heard anything quite like it in my life. That was the starting point of discovering electronic music (Eno/Kraftwerk)...view item »

The Inheritors

Ever since our office promo of the new Holden album turned up it’s never been too far from the office stereo, since it’s one of the rare records that everyone here can agree on - a lengthy voyage of finely detailed analogue synths, stumbling beats and occasionally surprising instrumentation (check...view item »

In My World

Featuring truly the most horrible sleeve I’ve seen this week. One of those naked man and child pictures that people sometimes post on facebook to show dad and offspring in perfect natural harmony but omitting to realise that nobody wants to see anyone naked. Particularly a defenceless child. Its on Brainfeeder so I’m excited ...view item »

Dour Tonic Input / DJ Votive
Yogyakarta / Dead Roads

Here’s a very peculiar split tape from Dour Tonic Input and DJ Votive, designed as a “beat tape” it’s intended to be the starting point for further projects, throwing out a series of engaging rhythmic passages which all owe a debt to the Indonesian...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
N.O.W Is The Time

Here’s Leeds own George Evelyn with a long overdue best-of compilation from the 20 plus years strong Nightmares On Wax history. This is sure to bring back memories of those post club chilled vibes from the nineties and beyond featuring tracks from his early classic albums like ‘Smokers Delight’ and ‘Carboot Soul&r...view item »

Venetian Snares
My Love Is A Bulldozer

Hold on to your hats it’s everyones favourite drum and bass botherer Venetian Snares, here with his first album since 2010’s ‘My So Called Life’ and Aaron is on blinding form as usual with his psychotic brand of break-beat schizophrenia. ‘My Love Is A Bulldozer’ starts as it means to go on with headache induci...view item »

Greg Gives Peter Space
Greg Gives Peter Space

Erased Tapes releases this collaboration between two already well known composers Greg Haines and Peter Broderick. At first I put this on the wrong speed and I wonder what the hell is going on but after changing to 45rpm I’m greeted with a fantastic bass heavy dub ...view item »


Similar to, but not as esoteric as Fuck Buttons, Eaux pursue a similar undulating live-tronica feel with walls of synths and beats being layered up on top of each other and makes you start to want to dance....or smash down the Berlin wall or something. One difference between the two bands being Eaux&rsq...view item »

Da Mind Of Traxman Vol. 2

The (I’m mean ‘Da’) mind of Traxman is littered with little audio snippets and broken samples all filed away in an ad hoc fashion within the confines of the lads mind palace. It’s okay though, Cornelius Ferguson, a truly deranged genius, has a system. Traxman kicks the Footwork style and here he treats us to eighteen mini...view item »

Off Beat

After a decade with fingers in other pies, Manchester’s J-Walk are back with a new album of analogue mid-tempo funk. Ranging from Air soft jams to Chemical Brothers big beats, Off Beat is a groove-heavy collection with a distinctive late ‘90s swagger. Out on CD and vinyl Lp from Wonderful Sound....view item »

Nicola Ratti
Ossario Vol. 2

Through the use of sound generated from modular synthesizer, tapes and samples Ossario is a collection of ten separate and independent songs - in two volumes, available separately - introducing a new and radical composing method. The aim is to build some kind of musical skeletons designed not to be covered in flesh and tissues, but trying to red...view item »

Cute Heels

Dark Entries specialise in minimal wave, synth wave. gothy sounding dark electronic vibes with some pop chucked in there. Their reissues are always interesting (and usually very valid editions of expensive hard to find classics) but they occasionally chuck something new into the hat which is what we have here.  'Cute Heels' aka Victor Len...view item »

Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)

Berlin-based artist and Zhark Recordings head Patrick Stottrop aka Kareem takes the controls for the third release from The Death Of Rave imprint. Known for his dark industrial techno and gloomy hip-hop 'Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)' has him dropping the beats in place of...view item »

Diamond Version

After five EPs in a row I was starting to question whether Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender's (Byetone) duo Diamond Version would ever actually make a full-length LP, and here is my answer. 'CI' stands for "Corporate Identity" apparen...view item »

Remixes (Peaking Lights and Hieroglyphic Being)

Ooh, I like this. Here we've got two top current artists, Peaking Lights and Heiroglyphic Being, paying tribute to elder statesman of kosmische Hans-Joachim Roedelius. I'm starting with Peaking Lights' one, which is quite bouncy w...view item »


There’s the usual post-it nano-review here: “Dark stuff on Tri Angle. Bit ‘difficult’”, it says. To expand on that, Fis seems to be the alter-ego of Oliver Peryman and there are four songs on here with quite evocative titles like ‘Womb Dreams’ and ‘Fever Sweats’. Music-wise we’re talkin...view item »

Greater Lengths: An All Saints Compilation

Two discs neatly summing up the brilliance of Dominic Norman-Taylor’s All Saints label. Released just as those ‘in the know’ are discussing an ambient revival (did it ever go away?) this compilation contains pieces by Brian Eno (and his bro Roger), Laraaji, Harold Budd...view item »

Eno / Hyde
Someday World

This promo came complete with a post-it from our pithy stockroom gremlin which cuts straight to the chase. "Not great, irritating vocals", he opines. I don't know if my consequently lowered expectations have anything to do with it but I'm finding the vocals on this record pretty bearable. It's not quite what I was expecting though - Karl Hyde of...view item »

Rumble (Actress Sixinium Bootleg Mix)

The worlds of food and avant garde music collide with this remix of Kelis by electronic mad man Actress. This is the sort of thing that excites me. A relatively mainstream artist who is edging towards the avant garde as it is,  being picked apart and re-assembled by an undergroun...view item »

Pulse Emitter
Crater Lake

Daryl “Pulse Emitter” Groetsch returns this week with more of his cosmic synth meanderings, and y’all have probably long since realised that he’s got some of the peaciest peace vibes on the scene, and if so you’ve got a fairly solid idea of what this album sounds like. This is a concept record of sorts - Groetsch wa...view item »

Of Factory New York

Here we have a great collection of Factory classics, the profits of which are going to a good cause to help Michael Shamberg, Michael helped run the New York Factory office in the eighties and has been sadly struck down with Mitochondrial disease. This album features 13 tracks from the more dance oriented period of the Factory legacy, with the s...view item »

The Quasi Dub Development
Little Twister vs Stiff Neck

The Quasi Dub Development make friendly homemade Dub with their hands and many instruments. This gives their records an experimental yet at the same time more accessible feel than other recordings in the genre that rely more heavily on post production methods and effects. This unique sound even inspired Dub pioneer ...view item »

Wild Beasts
A Simple Beautiful Truth

Clint just walked into the office as I was cranking up this hand-stamped white label on the old plate warmer over there. He laughed and exclaimed that he'd had a dream last night that he was at work reviewing this very record. I saved a man from his dreams coming true. What an awful cad I am! Clint is the resident office 'Beasts fan but ...view item »

Visability Is A Trap

The duo formerly known as Young Hunting have a new EP here, with four originals on one side at 33 and a Regis remix at 45 on the other. I'm listening to the originals first and they open with a couple of detailed bits of cosmic synth ambience with shades of oblique darkness to them, gliding futuristic textures that of...view item »

The Light of Day

This is a lovely little package. For your £7.49 you get a nine-track CD and a 20-page zine. The concept is pretty simple - a selection of electronic musicians and visual artists were given the same brief and the products are gathered here along with short interviews with the different artists involved. Their brief was as follows: "Explor...view item »

Grenier + Archie Pelago
Grenier meets Archie Pealgo

Listened to this earlier and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not hindered at all by it being accompanied by a luscious bowl of fruit and fibre. Equally lush is the music on offer which is high quality, line caught smoky beaut-tronica, the sort of stuff that fills the room with delicious sound. The obvious comparison to spring to mind is ...view item »

Mark Reeder

A customer mentioned the other day that the Factory Benelux label was still on the go. I had no idea. This is a collection of remixes by this Berlin based producer (I like his hair!) by the likes of Bad Lieutenant (featuring our Barney), Marnie, ...view item »

Apropos Cluster

Exploratory Krautrock / Komische legends Cluster had a good few years from the late 60s to the early 80s, making frankly excellent records of pastoral electronic soundscapes: Apropos Cluster is the first record they made after getting back together in 1990, and contains blissful ambience and deft experimentation in equa...view item »

Bass Clef
Acid Tracts

Oooo this is looking sooooo goooood. Bass Clef a.k.a Ralph Cumbers mindblowing ‘Acid Tracts’ cassette on Magic + Dreams makes it’s way on to vinyl (double vinyl actually) with all the tracks intact and sounding as fine as I remember it. I don’t know much about this shadowy figure but I can tell you that Cumbers ha...view item »


Online music store Bleep.com releases this heady compilation to coincide with its tenth anniversary, providing the general public with some amazing electronic music in both physical and digital forms over the last decade, it’s no wonder then that this collection is full to the brim with great artists and their fine music. There’s new...view item »

Koen Holtkamp

Koen Holtkamp of Mountains notoreity has a new solo album out this week, with the CD version coming with a bonus disc 'Connected Works' compiling all of Holtkamp's vinyl-only releases. 'Motion' itself is a six-track suite which, like his aforementioned duo, has more than a slight kosmische flavour. &...view item »

Membrane Pop

Daniel Lopatin’s Software label is a strange beast. At first it looked to be an outlet for dance music primarily but as it’s matured the label has naturally veered toward Sound Art territory with Sculpture being a primary example of the shift. Sculpture’s music is a difficult one to decipher let alone dissect and transl...view item »

Remixes (Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel)

Four remixes of classic Laraaji compositions by four big playas in the realm of contemporary ambient and experimental music; Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw and Motion Sickness Of Time ...view item »

Sd Laika
That's Harakiri

Sd Laika of ‘Unknown Vectors’ fame has rematerialised! Triangle have managed to coerce this relatively reclusive artist back into the public eye with a collection of eleven tracks pillaged from the artists back catalog of unreleased recordings dating back to 2011/12, tracks the artist assumed would never see the light of day...but he...view item »

Principles Of Geometry

A 12” vinyl from Principles of Geometry, here we have the single Streamsters, a lush '80s synth tune which flirts with soul through the vocals of 1970s/80s duo the Alessi Brothers, and it even breaks into some kind of sonic trance music with those glistening synths building ever higher. Re...view item »

Deison & Mingle
Everything Collapse[d]

Straight from the Italian drone and noise scene comes a collaboration from Deison & Mingle. Droning onwards, ever onwards, in an unpleasant and paranoid soundscape where no human emotion is safe, these two Italians have taken it upon themselves to share, with us, what is left after Everything Collapse[d]. And it ain...view item »

Small Town by the Sea

Dropping field recordings over simple and pleasant beats, connect_icut’s newest release should be both accessible and enticing to a broad audience. WIth layers and structures slowly peeling away and revealing themselves through the ethereal pads, Small Town is sure to please the existent fans and create a few new ...view item »

Bruno Spoerri
Teddy Bar / Lilith

“German yet fun”, screams a slightly racist quote from 808 State’s Graham Massey in the press release to Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri’s previous reissue on the mighty Finders Keepers. Well, everyone liked t...view item »

Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell

So it’s 1982 again and Prince is ruling the pop charts? Well that’s according to Jamie Lidell’s latest album anyway, this is so retro it actually hurts and I’m not normally one for dancing but in the right frame of mind I might actually get up ...view item »

Terzo Mondo

Third album titled ‘Third World’ in Italian from Nastro, Manuel Cascone and Francesco Petricca. Limited edition. This avant-garde album of spastic sound played on a huge range of electronic instruments and voice was recorded live, along with other-worldly percussion create a disjointed but beautiful post-punk, psyche...view item »


Iceland's Samaris are back with a second album of their sultry electronic pop. This trio have quite an unusual and distinctive formula, with silky female vocals singing passages which the press release tells me are "culled from nineteenth century Icelandic poems" (a fact that would have eluded me entirely otherwise, not speaking Icelandic myself...view item »

LA Spark

Showcasing the potential of dedication to techno and electro in general, Wrangler’s debut is all about making your head nod while your mind drifts. Hailed as one of the best electronic albums of the year (hindsight really is 20/14), LA Spark is recommended to anybody who like synthesizers. And honestly, who doesn'...view item »

Is (Is Superpowered)

Playful and digitally rich tracks with more than a tinge of darkness from Kyoka. IS (Is Superpowered) is a forward-moving album focussing on rhythmically varied snippets of Kyoka’s voice over a propulsive techno underbelly. Crackles and dusty circuit boards fizzle beneath for an eerily mechanical finish. Out on CD...view item »

Dom Mino
Time Lapse

A fifteen track collection of elegantly produced melodic electronica that immediately brings to mind the work of that other Japanese master of software and plug-ins Takagi Masakatsu. From the opening track it's apparent which direction this set will take you - smoothly defined keyboard lines, lilting strings and lullabye atmospherics are set amongs...view item »

FrameWatcher / Sonornote
Shimmering Moods 001

Straight outta the flatlands of the Netherlands comes this brand new label with a series of limited to 300 copies white colored, hand numbered, vinyl. First up this split. On the A side is a stunning slice of pounding electronica from Framewatcher with some seriously distorted beatery. Lots of cinematic synths washing around in the backg...view item »

Fluorescent Grey
Delta Quadrant

Not one, not two, but three cassettes have arrived at our HQ from Oakland California based electronic artist Robbie Martin AKA Fluorescent Grey. I’ve been a devotee of Robbies sounds since I first heard his ‘Lying On The Floor...’ CD back in 2006 on his own excellent Record Label Records...view item »

Diesel Dudes
Hercules Initiative EP

Ace 7” here of goofy digital punk from the amusingly named Diesel Dudes, whose homoerotic opening paean to weed and working out is a hilarious mixture of dirty Atari-Teenage-Riot-doing-Iggy Pop’s-‘Real-Wild-Child’ distorto-beats and a kind of ...view item »

Weird Drift

The sticker we’ve written on the front of the promo reads “Paradinas and wife. Good.” That could pretty much do as a review but I’m sure you want a bit more jam to lace the bread, right? Well the second collaboration for the pair (Paradinas being the U-Ziq/Pl...view item »

Die Partei
La Freiheit Des Geistes

Wow, this is really good. A short lived but highly effective pairing of Tom Dokoupil and Walter Dahn, two (at the time) young and wild characters immersed in the krautrock and emerging dance music underground. Released by Bureau B in 1981 ‘La Freiheit Des Giestes’ is a quirky collection of electronic dance tracks that showcase the po...view item »

King of the Mountains

Melting your awareness into a pool of goo with King of the Mountains. Zoetrope is the next instalment from the Mancunian producer. Taking beat making and electronic soundscapes in his own direction, Phil Kay sculpts his own brand of blissed out & ethereal kruatrockish electronica. Full of synthesised ...view item »

Downliners Sekt
Silent Ascent

Its a million o’clock at night and you are driving down some rain-seeped boulevard, the yellow of the lamp lights strain and stretch as the rain pours down the windscreen. You are grateful for strong wipers. What kind of music do you want to hear? Maybe some Burial or some Blue N...view item »

Jan St. Werner
Split Animal Sculpture

Jan St Werner of Mouse on Mars notoriety is getting arty on this new 10", which is beautifully presented with a numbered insert, an actual photograph, and most excitingly of all, a purple 10" plastic disc which is screenprinted on one side. As an added gimmick, if you put this plastic disc on your record playe...view item »


Brooklyn’s Bangers & Ash present a three-track vinyl-only excursion into rusted hulk techno. Included here are two remixes of Ike Yard/Certain Creatures’ cavernous 2013 collaboration 'Sparkle' from Samuel Kerridge (Downwards) and Jahiliyya Fields (L.I.E.S.) ...view item »

E s t a r a

LA producer and artist Mtendere Mandowa hits us with his latest full length on Brainfeeder Records, following on from the brilliant ‘Ardour’ released way back in 2010. This latest album ‘Estara’ sees Teebs in a rather meditative form, a cool floaty sort of Boards Of Canada ...view item »

Ellis Island Sound

The jury is still out on this new Ellis Island Sound album. We had it on in the office whilst I tucked longingly into a sandwich and it was kind of drifting past, but pleasantly I must add. This collaboration between David Sheppard (Phelan/Sheppard, Snow Palms) and Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weathe...view item »


With a number of great releases under his belt so far, electronic producer Tycho or just plain old Scott Hansen to his friends brings us his fourth album and second on Ghostly International. After being thoroughly impressed with his previous effort ‘Dive’ I was very keen to hear this album and it really doesn’t disappoi...view item »

Millie & Andrea
Drop The Vowels

When I picked this CD from my review pile I thought it was by a duet by the names of Millie and Andrea. Little did I know that the moniker actually represents the collaboration of two titans of experimental electronics, Andy Stott and Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker. Cool...view item »

A Series Of Shocks

‘A Series Of Shocks’ is Berlin based producer Tobias Freund’s second album. Following in the footsteps of the rich, yet at the same time almost puritanical sound of his first album ‘Leaning Over Backwards’ this new record delves even further into his ever evolving “non-standard“ exploration of electronic...view item »

Fluorescent Grey
Antique Electronic / Synthesizer Greats 1955 - 1985 Part 2

Not one, not two, but three cassettes have arrived at our HQ from Oakland California based electronic artist Robbie Martin AKA Fluorescent Grey. I’ve been a devotee of Robbies sounds since I first heard his ‘Lying On The Floor...’ CD back in 2006 on his own excellent ...view item »

Fluorescent Grey
Antique Electronic / Synthesizer Greats 1955 - 1985 Part 3

Not one, not two, but three cassettes have arrived at our HQ from Oakland California based electronic artist Robbie Martin AKA Fluorescent Grey. I’ve been a devotee of Robbies sounds since I first heard his ‘Lying On The Floor...’ CD back in 2006 on his own excellent Record Label Re...view item »

Libbe Matz Gang
Infantilised Britain EP

One of the outfits (along with Hacker Farm and Ship Canal) currently positing an angry, politicised alternative to hauntology. Here they offer a brutish 7” EP of filthy electronics and scabrous polemic railing furiously at a nation gone ga-ga (not Gaga). Wrapped in a fittingly monochrome sle...view item »

Shampoo Boy
Nebel / Nadel

I'll try to make this short. I have over 10,000 LP's, am 64, retired, owned a record store while going to college in the 60's. While working from 1975 to 2010 might have purchased maybe only 500 LP's. So it's only the last 4 years that I started getting back into the VINYL scene. Southern Records in London has a series called ...view item »

Love Cult take Druss
Yr Problems

This LP has four collaborative tracks between Russian electronic darksters Love Cult and Druss from Gnod, with a couple of non-collaborative tracks each as well. It's pretty hard to tell where their individual work ends and the collaboration begins though. I've just made the mistake of reading the press release and it'...view item »

The Twins
You've Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)

'You've Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)' has to be my favourite song title of the day. Here's a 12" of epic late-night house darkness from mysterious international duo Twins. The sides play at different speeds and there is absolutely nothing in the artwork to even hint towards this, which means I just accidentally found the first two minut...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Iron / Verse Remixes

Digitalis are on a bit of a roll right now, well I guess it always kinda is, but it seems like the label is on fire right now with great releases these past coupla weeks from Koenraad Ecker and ...view item »

Ooze / Ooze (Silent Servant Remix)

Fresh Windy City EBM moves from Street Walker aka Beau Wanzer (L.I.E.S, Mutant Beat Dance, Russian Torrent Versions etc.) and Elon Katz (...view item »

Art of Noise
Live At The End Of A Century

This limited edition picture disc, Live At The End Of A Century, features three tracks from the Art of Noise album Reconstructed….For Your Listening Pleasure, which was originally released in 2004. The line-up featured three original members: Paul Morley, Trevor Horn and Anne Dudley with the edition of 1...view item »

Dimitrios K

Liking the opening track here. This is a 12” of remixes from the self titled debut as reviewed enthusiastically by Brian here. The Van Rivers mix is a nice slab of housey techno with a...view item »


The only box I want to put music in is my record box and yet my role as a writer here at Norman Towers in a sense dictates that I kinda have to, to some extent in order to attempt to articulate what a record sounds like to our readers. Genre references can be useful at times but so much is postmodern these days that it simply defies genre tags a...view item »

Michael D Donnelly
I’ve Come to Love You Forever

From one nightmarish-sounding record to another, I've just tackled the dark recesses of Jakob Riis & Bill Horist's psyches and now I have to dive headlong into the paranoid crevasses of a certain Michael D Donnelly's tortured id. Opener 'With Ease' here gives us electrical crackles and a meandering droned synth melody along ...view item »

Asmus Tietchens
Der fünfte Himmel

Listening to Der Funfte Himmel, or the fifth heaven, makes you wonder what kinda guy wrote this stuff. Based on the collection of weird yet sometimes subliminal minimalist themes that trickle through the noise, you feel a natural born multitasker has released a record that was all about doing exactly what he wanted. And that is exa...view item »

Asmus Tietchens

Back when synthesizers were still machines and computers were still guys doing calculations, Asmus Tietches aimed his binoculars through the fourth dimensions across time, to the fertile fields of electronic music. Recorded in the 1970s, Nachtstücke are challenging and reissued as pure as can be....view item »


(Chris) Clark returns with a couple of tunes for Warp Records. Can’t say I’m ever blown away by Clark’s output but, in fairness to the lad, he makes a nice tune. ‘Superscope’ is a particularly enjoyable outing mainly because it reminds me of Underground Resistance but with all the trimmings afforded to the m...view item »

Eaten Alive

Here is a brand new record from the Scottish composer Ben Chatwin aka Talvihorros who has already released a series of well received records over the past half decade. Here he moves somewhat in a more electronic direction and as with many other manipulators of sound in the current climate the ghost of Joh...view item »

Rooie Waas

I haven't encountered Rooie Waas before and the press release offers precious little clues as to their identity or intentions so I'm going in cold on this one. What I'm discovering on the LP is a succession of percussive passages of experimental post-punk electronic "pop" with hissed, repetitive vocals and weird grooves made from drum ma...view item »

Plus Instruments

(D?)Evolved from the Dutch flatlands of gabber and hardcore techno, Plus Instruments felt the burning desire to turn music into a much more harrowing experience, and Truus de Groot, the mastermind behind Trancesonics has clearly succeeded. On this record, her Dutch accented vocals mingle with mighty uncomfortable techno...view item »

Mr Oizo
Best of (Wrong Cops)

Mr Oizo is an oddball French musician and filmmaker, known initially for his banging hit ‘Flat Beat’, and later for the hilarious film ‘Rubber’, which starred a sentient tyre as its murderous villain. Best Of (Wrong Cops) is at once a greatest hits compilation and an official soundtrack to his la...view item »

Raz Ohara

All kinds of sonic business from Raz Ohara. Moksha is the latest seven track full length from the Berlin based producer. This one is about as abstact they come with Ohara filling it out with an array of dubs, spacious percussion programming, soulful vocals, warm synths and plenty of organic and elect...view item »

Node 2

Synths, synths and more synths from Node. Node 2 is the groups first release in nearly two decades, with each member pursuing their own artistic ends in the mean time. This one is loaded with all the synthesised goodness you would expect, brushing on electronica, krautrock, ambience and eve...view item »

Operations (Monoton aka Konrad Becker)

A thumping, groovy beast from electronic arts pioneer Monoton. For Operations he teams up with Viennese vocalist Sela to present a unique project fusing modern technology with ancient communication techniques. Taken from the vaudevillian live show it’s a dark trip into the Twilight Zone. Out on 10...view item »

Thug Entrancer
Death After Life

Thug Entrancer's 'Death After Life' is an eight-part suite of thumping techno which the press release says "re-frames elements of Chicago Juke and house in long-form design". What this means for you is a lengthy trip down bleepy lane, with modular synths galore pumping out rapidly cycling little patterns while a bass drum pumps persistently away...view item »


This Poemss CD has turned up at my house with a somewhat sexist note from Norman Towers II's resident post-it goblin - "Venetian Snares In "Gone Soft" Shock - Woman Responsible...", it opines. What it's trying to tell me is that Poemss is the duo of Aaron Funk and Toronto-based musician/artist Joanne Pollock, and it's somewhat less heavy-duty th...view item »

Ike Yard
Remix EP 3

Early 80’s minimal electro post-punk outfit Ike Yard receive further remix treatment from a wicked selection of current players. This set follows remixes from Regis, Tropic Of Cancer, Fred Szymanski and Arnaud Rebotini. Stepping up here we hav...view item »

Yong Yong
Greatest It's

I very much enjoyed Yong Yong's debut cassette (now available on LP on Night School), really trippy and minimal but thoroughly melodic with it. It's a pleasure, then, to have another long-player in the office from them. If anything this is even more minimal than the first tape, broadly evoking a cross between the dubbed-out fever drones of ...view item »

Bow EP

Glitches by themselves aren’t dirty enough. Not for AnD, who needs to line them with paranoid bass and schizophrenic synthesizer loops, and the occasional destructive beat thrown in for good measure. A truly dark EP, Bow is not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who are dark at heart....view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never

I really really love OPN but I tried and tried with his last album 'Returnal' and found hardly anything on there that affected me in the same way his astonishing career overview 'Rifts' did. I realise I'm probably in a minority with that one, but who cares as after the comforting, lan...view item »

Richard Riggs
The Malcontent

Coming across as some lost numbers-station meets electronic wasteland this tape ebbs and flows from one lo-fi creep-out to another. It's good, but compared to the genuinely odd and disturbing Conet Project comes across as a second-rate facsimilie. The reference points are too obvious, the cold-war paranoid exp...view item »

Actual Taped Voices
The Sound Of The Phantom Whistle

Lord,  I’m tired. Tired of a non-sleep. Tired of a croaky throat, tired of a coffee hangover. Yes, I get hangovers off coffee....and pizza. However, this 12” record is really getting me motoring. Oh cock this is good. Right then, first up what is it? Its by Actual Taped Voices and here they 'Present the Sound of the Phantom Whis...view item »


Ooooh. This is dark, mysterious and just a little bit frightening. Basing themselves somewhere in the middle of the fens, Antidrom take the eerie bleakness of such surroundings and infuse them into a music that slowly unfurls itself using grainy, crumbling synth and disjointed drum machine. I don’t know what frightens me about the ...view item »

Piano Improvisations / Electrical Interferencies

Very limited (50 copies) CDr release from Given, aka Italian Dona Basile. Basile’s practice is broad, encompassing all manner of musics, up to and including Drum & Bass. Here though, he turns to the piano, for a series of improvisations. Surprisingly melodic, at least in comparison with most of the improvising I usuall...view item »

John Wizards

The chunter. Its the chunter that gets you. Chunter on this chunter on that. Lets remove their tongues and enjoy the music. John Wizards are a band not a man but the singer is called John. They come from Cape Town in South Africa and their sunshine-infused music has recently been heard opening up for Jagwar Ma o...view item »

Sub Loam
A Concise Dictionary of Plants and Their Uses

Here we have one of those artistically packaged Sub Loam releases, this time it’s a 3” CDr in a hand printed, hand folded sleeve with exclusive art print, the lengthy titled ‘A Concise Dictionary Of Plants And Their Uses’ is three tracks of organic, acoustic and electro-mechanical (whatever that is?) music. It&rsq...view item »

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