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Future Brown
Future Brown

Hyper-real club mutations from super-group Future Brown. Drawing from regional rap, grime, gamelan and everything in between, it feels strange calling these bizarre and glossily autotuned bangers experimental, but this is bold stuff. Postmodern party music with pan-global contributions ranging from Chicago’s Tink to London...view item »


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Bizz Circuits
Bizz Circuits Play Intifada Offspring Vol. 1: Nishbar Li Ha'Zayin

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Perhaps Darren Cunningham should have reserved the title of his previous album (R.I.P) for his latest sprawling opus ‘Ghettoville’. The word on the streets of the information superhighway is that this is the final album from Actress. Whether that is in fact true, and whether it is just that particular ...view item »

Mr. Mitch
Parallel Memories

Fresh from helping make Boxed's instrumental grime showcase the most exciting and daring club night for some time, Mr Mitch has a double LP for Planet Mu. All weightless string samples and beat-less arpeggios, the grime legend is catering to all you in-the-club-but-still-sad melancholics. Includes the glacial Dark0 collaboration...view item »

Throwing Snow

A gooey tart of electronics and acoustics from Throwing Snow. There is a lot to be said for Avarice; loads of drones and violins set the mood, whilst some sort of Oud shit and a grumpy sub-fart plow along the bottom of this slow-mo trip-hopper. Don't worry, they actually sound great together. Out on 12" vinyl from Hound...view item »


Dance dad Diplo has been doing his own thing for a decade now and 'F10RIDA' nods at the time lapse sheepishly, offering a bunch of new tracks that celebrate the long, strange trip he's had in being a solo artist. It's a tribute to Florida, his old stomping ground, where a lot of his musical magic began....view item »


Menacing techno 12" vinyl from Houndstooth label. HTH030 are two reworks of Akkord's HTH020 EP, via The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow. Taking the HTH020 tracks a their own weird and foreboding directions, HTH030 sees both artists showcasing their esoteric production models, churning out two c...view item »

Arms and Sleepers
Swim Team

'Swim Team' is the newest record from the delightfully sonorous Arms and Sleepers, who make music that evokes all the good sleepy-time genre signifiers: chillwave, trip-hop, electronica, good vibes. 'Swim Team' uses soft percussion, comforting glitch pop samples and pleasant vocal motifs. Recommended for fans of Baths' happier day...view item »

Three Winters

Straight out of Norway comes 'Chroma', a debut of super sombre and often terrifying music from the new trio Three Winters. 'Chroma' utilises bright synths to a gloomy end, upending them with darker tones and sparser beats. Three Winters claim to be influenced by sounds as vast and varied as Krautrock and neo-folk, citing Tangerine Drea...view item »


An eclectic collection of noises, sounds and melodies, this collection of Origamibiro’s first two albums is a must-have for the fans. Including an album with remixes as well, this release (on 4LPs!) one helluvan exhaustive document on these sound collage magic-/musicians, which will please both collectors and newbies....view item »

Magazine 13

What’s a guy from the 70s doing in Cologne? Reinventing himself, always against the grains of his time. On his newest release, Barnt does not stray from this tried and tested path, and in spite of the nonsensical (or maybe I "just don’t get it") track titles delivers a coherent and refreshing album....view item »

Conrad Schnitzler

Electronica has a friend in Conrad Schnitzler. The krautrock pioneer has carved out a bit of history for himself being one of the key players in ambient electronic crew Tangerine Dream, and he also played in Kluster with members of the quite bizarre Harmonia. Occasionally, he hid away from the scene to tinker with soe of his own tunes, and 'Grun...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler
Gelb (Bonus Version)

Krautrock's tangerine darling, Conrad Schnitzler, loved to make solo records and then name them after colours, and this was a long time ago, so take that, Weezer. 'Gelb', or yellow to us ignorant Brits, is comprised of recordings from 1974, and shows him out of sorts with a far less disciplined approach -- here, he improvises a bunch of sho...view item »

Dorcha Aigeann

Here's something that will sell out quickly. Chris Douglas's Dalglish project has long been a go to for visionary future thinking electronics and as our Ant says in a previous review "Just reading the words Dalglish and vinyl in the same sentence is enough to make hardcore electronic music fans salivate". The label describes this release as &nbs...view item »

The Twelve Hour Foundation
The Lighter Side of Concrete

A violent concoction of samples made from everyday objects he has lying around the house, Jez Butler’s new album The Lighter Side of Concrete will treat you to a childlike curious investigation into the relations between sound and music. His first solo album, all the songs were recorded on the same ...view item »

Kiowa Polytope EP

Here we have the debut 'noise architecture' release from cultured Londoner Jire (aka Nathan Geyer) which promises to combine elements of modern classical, screwed field recordings, and dance music. A name that jolts to mind here is the legendary Tim Hecker, so expect some weird but sublime sounds....view item »

Soundway Records Present - Ten Cities

Soundway brought together as many electronic artists as they could count on about ten hands and asked them to collaborate in a variety of different recording studios. A noble and intensive undertaking, no doubt, but the result is a rainbow of sounds, from dubstep in one city to jazz in another and techno in the one over from that -- I mean, I do...view item »

Torn Hawk
Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

Audio-visual gloomer Luke Wyatt likes to go under the name Torn Hawk, where he makes bitty electronica on proudly primitive equipment, with a bit of processed live guitar work thrown in for good measure. 'Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time' doesn't quite sum up the modestly beautiful electro-compositions he puts forward here, which feel m...view item »

Groove It Out

Outrageous funk-pop from LoneLady. Her new 12" single is a lesson in pure fun, reveling in the sounds of mid-80's Madonna and Talking Heads. Establishing an array of bum-wiggling loops, Groove It Out is undeniable infectious. The B side has a remix by Bristolian electronic avant-nutter Ekoplekz. Out on Warp....view item »

Stills Lit Through

'Stills Lit Through' is audio-visual artist Tallesen's first significant collection of music, and brings together the sounds of downtrodden IDM with a tribute to the artist's homely natural environment in New York. The project attempts to document the intense and inseparable connection shared between music and those places, events and people we ...view item »

Tlaotlon / Katie Gately
Split Series #23

These two rising artists share their playful and cerebral experiments with all on a dynamic 12" split for FatCat -- where pop songs go to meet an untimely end. Katie Gately meshes together found sounds with melodic precision, calling to mind the chilling ambience and resounding beauty of Julia Holter's 'Loud City Song'. Meanwhile, Tlaotlon offer...view item »


18+ return from mixtape hell with a whole lot of fresh ideas and their debut record, 'Trust'. The duo spend most of the record's runtime breathing and hyperventilating over delicate and sensual electro-pop tunes, leaving the textures and eclectic amples sparse and intimate, their vocals rising and falling against solid ground. Not for the faint ...view item »

Next Life

This latest compilation on Hyperdub concentrates on showcasing Chicago's footwork scene carrrying on from where the great DJ Rashad left off. Full to the brim of manic samples and energetic rhythms. 20 all new tracks from RP Boo, Traxman, DJ Spinn, Gantman, Manny DJ Earl, Taye, Boylan, Phil, Taso, Sirr Tmoand DJ Rashad himself. A great document ...view item »

Emerald Web
Whispered Visions

New Age power couple Kat Epple and Bob Stohl named themselves Emerald Web because it sounded cooler than their earth names, and made music on synthesizers to sooth and startle; synth was the centrepiece, but the duo were interested in piling organic instrumentation onto their electronic foundations. 'Whispered Visions' took over three ...view item »


Here is the new album by Clark (aka Chris Clark). It is entitled Clark after his name. He's made some good records so far and is one of those electronic pioneers who sits just under the radar. This could elevate him further into the public's conciousness with its billowing post rave techno and textural experimentation. Never afraid to throw a pi...view item »

Air Texture Volume IV – Selected By Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN

Another release in the Air Texture series, with the curation duties being performed by Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN. Air Texture IV - Selected By Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN is a collection of acoustic and electronic ambient works, drifting from lucid floating synths to gloomy dank drones. Generously spatial offerings from all involved. Ou...view item »

Soft as Snow
Glass Body Remixed

Houndstooth makes way for their old friends Soft as Snow, a duo whose name doesn't quite fit with the next-generation, sci-fi sounds they bring to their electro-pop. 'Glass Body Remixed' takes one of their prime cuts and reroutes it twice; first, Lucy of Stroboscopic Artefacts unleashes it onto the floor, and then Factory Floor's Gabe Gurnsey ex...view item »


Alejandro Ghersi, otherwise known as Arca, is a 24-year-old Venezuelan producer. Ghersi has worked on Kanye West's album 'Yeezus', as well as with up-and-coming Mercury nominees FKA Twigs. This is being hailed as the Brooklyn-based producer's debut solo album but it is, in fact, just his first album as Arca. Initial copies available with a bonus...view item »

Chris & Cosey

Chris & Cosey are an amazing duo, and the Exotika album is one of their best known. The songs "Arcade" and "Vengeance" are just amazing tour de force exercises in brute synthetic sensuality. Useful for proving to teenyboppers that 'electronica' existed way back in the '80s. My favourite here is "Dr John (Sleeping Stephen)", deceptively sounding lik...view item »

Punish, Honey

A producer working tirelessly for Bristol's Young Echo group, Vessel is following up his first solo record of dark electronica with 'Punish, Honey'. Not interested in repeating himself, Vessel has turned to industrial and acoustic sounds for his second record, deigning to create something heavier and rawer and equally confrontational....view item »

The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

It's fucking hard to categorize Drexciya (& their many fantastic offshoots)! I say bloody just as well cos as a guy that has to do reviews every week, i'm bloody sick of trying! The finest tunes have their own agenda, away from idiots with little boxes. Ok, if I were to put them in a box it'd be a big thick waterproof laminated one with a thriv...view item »

Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group
Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group

This is out on Sun Araw’s new label and features M. Geddes Gengras and a member of Boredoms. The three of them convened at a Rotterdam’s legendary The Worm studio – a grotto of vintage synths and hard-to-find analogue e...view item »

System Fork

Application are Martin & Richard Dust (The Black Dog). System Fork was designed around the principle of Itamae. Every detail was described and thought about before any work in the studio was done. This process took two years before a set of rules and principles were fully realised for the creative process in the studio...view item »


Remembrance is the Software Recording Co. debut from Baton Rouge's Suicideyear (born James Prudhomme). Written and produced between Florida and Louisiana during the summer and fall of 2013, Remembrance recalls those southern U.S. landscapes and Prudhomme’s experiences across eight songs equally intimate, intoxicati...view item »

Cooly G
Wait ‘Til Night

'Wait 'Til Night' is the follow-up to dubstep artist Cooly G's debut record, 'Playin' Me'. In a surprising turn of events, the record sees Cooly G take on an R&B influence, diminishing the eerie, twilit club vibe of her first record and her DJ sets (as evidenced by the dancefloor-ready dubstep she threw in to her Boiler Room set). ...view item »

Kinlaw & Skyler
Skyler & Kinlaw

Joane Skyler and Hamish Trevis (aka Kinlaw) team up for the first vinyl LP released by 'frontierless abstract' label Reckno. Those already familar with each of the artists' cassette releases on the label will have a better idea than I did of what to expect from this record. Across the course of this record the duo morph their way through various...view item »

The Juan Maclean
In A Dream

The Juan Maclean have been around some time now and always on DFA records.  They've been around long enough to see various trends such as  electroclash, disco-punk, electro-disco come and go yet are still at it doing their own thing. There are certainly house and techno influences in this, lots of Moroder style squiggly synths and...view item »

The New Today

2562's first record in two years, The New Today is some no nonsense Dutch booty shaker. Filling his boots with techno, house, electro and other euro junk. There something for everyone here - trippy synths, endlessly endless drum machines and wacky production. Out on vinyl and CD on his own label When In Doubt. It is wel...view item »

The Night Terrors
Spiral Vortex

Dorian Concept
Joined Ends

‘Joined Ends’ is the new LP from Austrian musician and producer Dorian Concept, AKA Oliver Thomas Johnson, via Ninja Tune. Presenting his most singular vision to date: bigger, bolder and ultimately better than anything he’s previously done, notable fans include Flying Lotus, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Bonobo to name a few. ...view item »

Laurel Halo
Chance Of Rain

Quite a stylistic departure from her last celebrated long player is 'Chance of Rain', the new freaky stylus-eater to burst forth from the excitable neurons of Ms. Halo, NY’s queen of warped techno. There's not any vocals for a start and the whole shebang initially stumbles into the arena of our minds with a woozy jazz f...view item »

Gum Takes Tooth
Mirrors Fold

London's ritualistic dance-noise duo Gum Takes Tooth are back in business with a follow-up to their coruscating debut 'Silent Cenotaph'. This time they're taking a slight step back from the gnarly metallic madness of the debut for some trippy rhythmic explorations full of bugged out cosmic synths, crunching industrial-dub-doom noise and bus...view item »

Russell Haswell
Double A

Russell Haswell recently came down to earth to shatter teeth and ruin lives with his new noisy record 'Conceptual nO!se', which was not only gleefully abrasive, but also kinda infuriating to type. Ever prolific, he returns now with 'Double A', a squelchy, more contentedly dance-oriented record consisting of two ten minute workouts. It's still in...view item »

Opal Onyx
Delta Sands

Brooklyn duo Opal Onyx this week drop their debut album of murky and dreamlike darkpop, which pairs clear Zola Jesus-ish vocals with a backing which mixes eerie acoustic Americana with some seriously ghostly, muffled loop-pop action that's quite unusual and effective. They open strongly with 'Black And Cr...view item »


Here we have a guy who has totally bewildered our Clinton, so much so that the poor soul e-mailed me at home with a link to the guy's bandcamp pleading with me to try make sense of this technicolour aural onslaught. He's never done this to me before so It must be a pretty mad record, right From Melbourne via Wellington, our awkwardly-mon...view item »

The Valley And The Mountain
Black Planet

The press release succinctly describes Black Planet as ‘Marvin Gaye and Tangerine Dream together in an elevator in Detroit’. Perhaps not quite as exciting as that description sounds but not without its charm. An ethereal journey into kosmiche by The Valley & The Mountain. Out on vinyl 12” from WeMe...view item »

A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran return with their second studio album inspired by contemporary dance and new instrumentation. After releasing a first glimpse in the form of the ‘Atomos VII’ EP earlier this year, A Winged Victory For The Sullen finally reveal their second full-length album entitled &lsq...view item »

Idle Hours

Boothroyd's first name is Peter and he's a producer of electronic music out of Manchester. 'Idle Hours' is his first EP, and it's being released via Tri Angle. The record shows off Boothroyd's interest in making music that is cinematic in scope but fragmented and damaged in practice, recorded with the most primitive means possible to fit with hi...view item »


This was originally released on tape by Digitalis and has now found itself released on vinyl. This is the solo project of Whitney Houston, singer & keyboardist for Chicago band VERMA. Houston's minimilist work owes as much to underground Berlin techno as it does to early experimenters  Throbbing Gristle & Cabaret Voltaire, placing H...view item »

BETRAYAL (1​/​09​-​1​/​14)

Divan is the project of techno head Michael DeMaio who is also known for his work as Womb and Twin Facility. ‘Betrayal’ is the debut release from Divan and promises to be a more sophisticated affair that combines muscular, jagged techno rhythms, 808 grooves and ambient, hazy drones. Released on printed cassette and limited to just 50...view item »

Zov Zov
Ruin Lust

Two techno enthusiasts worth being enthusiastic about make up Zov Zov, which supposedly means "something unknown, something ancient". Sure thing. Oliver Ho is one half of the group, and he's joined by Tommy Gillard, who he's worked with on dance-floor catered sounds before. This time, though, they up the ante and go for something more experiment...view item »

Wonder Where We Land

Electronic musician and conjurer of dubstep/future garage tricks Aaron Jerome returns for 'Wonder Where We Land', his second full-length record as SBTRKT. As per his self-titled debut, the record is a gleefully collaborative affair, featuring lots and lots of Sampha, as ever, along with old friend Jessie Ware. There's also a track...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

"Chimes" is one of producer Hudson Mohawke's most ubiquitous cuts, and it fronts this EP of the same name. It's the follow-up to HudMo's last EP in 2011, Satin Panthers, and comes after the break-up of his act TNGHT, as well as his success working with Kanye West on 'Yeezus'. After eons of collaboration, 'Chimes' thrusts HudMo back into the lime...view item »

Parade Ground
The 15th Floor

Oneohtrix Point Never
Drawn And Quartered

More of an atmospheric mood than an album, styled as a library record (check for Bruton styles) this really fits the bill if you're looking to get lost in slightly sinister ambientish electronica. This isn't going to get the party started, but is a lovely way to close your eyes, stick the headphones on and drift away whilst imagining made up mov...view item »

Pearl River Sound
Smallchamber Music

Pearl River Sound is the alias of Roberto Semeraro, who last released a record -- his very first, in fact -- in 2012. This record takes on a more chilled out and warped vision -- chief among Semeraro's influences are early electronica and IDM, a la Boards of Canada. On 'Smallchamber Music', the Roland synth sparkles and the drums fade into ...view item »

Ueno Masaaki
Ununseptium / Vortices

Japanese newcomer Ueno Masaaki drops his debut EP on the notorious Raster Noton and, judging by the youtube preview for opener 'vortex state', it's going to be intense. Expect semi-plausible rhythms, ear-fracturing machinedrums, and trance-inducing repetitions that you may not come back from. Apparently involved in multiple musical styles a...view item »

Marconi Union

All kinds of downbeat, be it conjured through ambient sounds, post-rock soundscaping or IDM-leaning electronica, Marconi Union make a sound that aims to be modest and simplistic -- the tracklist for 'Weightless' attests to that, comprising of a six-part suite with no concepts and no fuss. This time, the group try to keep it really minimalist, oc...view item »

Different Fountains
Shrimp That Sleeps

Brussels-based electronic duo Different Fountains have, for a few years now, been central proponents of Brussels’ modern electronic music scene. ‘Shrimp That Sleeps’ is their first full-length LP following the release of a 7” and 12” single on their own label, Different Fountains Editions. Featuring nine tracks on v...view item »

Bruce Haack
Electric Lucifer : Song Book II

The sequel to his now-revered 1970 LP Electric Lucifer, Electric Lucifer: Song Book II first arrived in 1979 but hasn't been very available on western shores since then. Telephone Explosion, a label from Haack's native land, is rectifying that dilemma, having announced a nice new pressing of that Electric Lucifer: Song Book II. The record treads...view item »

Call Super
Suzi Ecto

Call Super is Joe Seaton, a Berlin-based house and techno newbie about to release his anticipated debut record 'Suzi Ecto' for Houndstooth Records, an in-house of Fabric (pretty sure we're all familiar with that one, right?) where his EPs have been appearing. Seaton and Houndstooth have warned that 'Suzi Ecto' is gonna b...view item »

The Field
Cupid's Head

Over the summer we went to a festival in North Lancs and after setting up stall in the bustling, excited campsite, we chilled with the customary beers in the sun and unwound for a while. After a few minutes of stoic silence, my friend who had been sat gazing at the glorious panoramic countryside away from the impending madness of the arena, at a...view item »

Zed (aka Bernard Szajner)
Visions Of Dune

Another rare synth classic for you all lovingly reissued by very careful people. This time its from a concept album based around Frank Herbert's 'Duner' by French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner. The key words are sci-fi drones and otherworldly melodies drifting about creating an immersive listen. Rashad Becker remastered it in B...view item »

Rudiger Lorenz
Invisible Voices

Rüdiger Lorenz was a part-time producer of New Age music, and 'Invisible Voices', initially released in 1983, shows that he could've gone full-time in a fairer world. Lorenz made lush and overstuffed works, and 'Invisible Voices' is no exception, taking different elements of minimal synth and electronic work and maximising them. ...view item »

Heart Kill Giant
Diamond Concubine

Yaaawwwwwwnn. Had a late one last night. Phone chat went on for hours and now this is on. It starts up nice and dubby bit like a more realized Pole, as if he decided to try writing songs rather than blips. All slow-burning and nice. Vocals come in, its soporific but nice. Been played on the wireless a lot according to the press release, do not l...view item »

Green Language

Following from 2011's hyperactive Glass Swords, Rustie drops another polished electronica record in Green Language, once more on Warp. A man adept at staying current, many of the 'post-dubstep' sounds of Glass Swords are repla...view item »

Morton Subotnick
The Wild Bull

A pioneer of electronic music, composer Morton Subotnick is a legend to those in the know. Coming from a genre of avant garde, Subotnick differed in his approach by using regular rhythm patterns rather than just weird noises, meaning you can dance to his music as well as sitting around on bean bags listening and scratching your beard. This is th...view item »

High Lucia

High Lucia is the multi-directional ambient project of Pále, being released on Lex. 'Wash' is comprised of soundscapes of varying emotive quality, simple basslines and small vocal contributions from Joshua Idehen and Shanaz Dorsett, as well as percussion and synth from Pále. The result sounds like a set of productions that will be ...view item »
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These Machines

Shoegazers Kontakte come out of the woodwork for 'These Machines', their new eight track mini-record that covers two years of artistic processes. It's the follow-up to their recent 'Fear of Music' EP and finds them on their very own record label for the first time, which they have ambitiously -- and with lots of post-rock hand gestures -- titled...view item »

Paul Baran
The Other

Paul Baran's brand of politically charged electro-acoustic is on full display with 'The Other', his new record for Fang Bomb. Baran brings together white noise, muffled rhythms and eerie vocal samples together into a peculiar type of avant-garde you could just about dance to. It's terrifying experimental work -- but there are beats, to...view item »

One Hour

This was originally released in 1994 by the legendary electronic duo who consisted of Dieter Moebius & Hans-Joachim Roedelius following an earlier comeback album 'Apropros Cluster'. This album condenses essential passages from jams into 60 minutes. Just imagine how long it was originally? What results is an oddball take on impressionist...view item »

Matthew Collings
Splintered Instruments

Discipline makes the world go round, baby. So said King Tubby I believe. So labels take note: this is how you produce CDs in the modern age. The packaging is utterly tremendous, way superior of anything I’ve seen in recent months. Housed in lovely brown card, you get a cd, some postcards, a guitar p...view item »


Twinned with 'Heart', his other, warmer slice of ambient house, Scrase has released 'Another', an EP that takes a more sinister turn, abandoning the kindly, natural atmospheres for aggressive acoustic percussion and eerie layers of sound that wouldn't be out of place on an Amon Tobin record. 'Another'&nbs...view item »
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Harald Grosskopf

Legendary electronic guy Grosskopf (large head in German) made the switch from drummer in rock bands to electronic music specialist very early doors before the end of the '70's. This was his second solo effort, neither this nor his debut 'Synthesist' sold well at the time but have since been picked up by a younger generation, fascinated by the p...view item »


Greg Scrase's pioneering house music is given a backdrop of warm electronica and ambient on 'Heart', which is being released on Love Love Records alongside its darker, more sinister twin EP, 'Another'. 'Heart', layered with an onslaught of different sounds, textures and vocals, is given a surprisingly upifting vibe. Along Scrase's three tra...view item »

Nathan Fake / Wesley Matsell

Cambria Instruments is the new label of Nathan Fake and Wesley Matsell, two minimalist electronic musicians/DJs both heavily connected to James Holden's Border Community label. The first release for Cambria is a collaboration between the two labe...view item »

Dam Mantle and the Free Association
Heavy Velvet Affair

Belting collaboration here between Glasgow people Dam Mantle and the Free Association. One side is taken up with this stealthy locked-down house stormer that seems to go on forever in the best possible way. Plenty of subtle knob-twiddling, pure percussive force, off-set rim-shots and dubbed-out delay make this relentless snake-in-the-gra...view item »
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Pressure Wassure

Old dub-ambient-space-face Strategy is a long running artist for this particular establisment. Once found propping up the Kranky roster, we now find him fiddling with the much-lauded sound of UK hardcore from back in the day. No longer making music merely for home perusal it seems, this sounds like a Strategic dancefloor-munching platter to me.....view item »
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Just Tracks

Long before the man with the fixed ‘fuck you’ stare, can of beer, e-cigarette and laptop found a home as one half of Sleaford Mods, Andrew Fearn was making music at home comprising samples, loops, frazzled electronic textures, deep bass rumbles, mutated beats, punk snarl, post-dancefloor meltdown mayhem and all manner of other abstra...view item »

Three Legged Race
Rope Commercial Vol. 1

Prepare yourself for Three Legged Race aka Robert Beatty. Rope Commercial Vol. 1 is the first in its series from the musician, producer and artists. This record is full of pretty dense material, with Beatty exploring multiple textures, sounds and ideas. It's pretty experime...view item »

Decadubs 3 EP

Always enjoy these Decadubs 12” as they usually showcase the chill as opposed to the studiously paranoid aspects of the Hyperdub personality with volume three being the highlight of the series so far. The big highlight for me is a version of Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland’s (a.k.a ...view item »

In The Wild

Norman's favourite spacebarphobe FaltyDL follows up last year's 'Hardcourage' with a second album for Ninja Tune (and fourth overall), 'Into The Wild'. You can no doubt expect all his signature hesitant synthscapes and woozy drift-hop warmth on his most honest and heartfelt release to date. He even wrote a poem about it....view item »

Flieg Vogel Fliege

Hans-Joachim Roedelius: born 1934; first releases in 1969 with Kluster (with Dieter Moebius and Konrad Schnitzler). Active ever since as a solo artist and in various collaborations (with Moebius in Cluster, with Moebius and Michael Rother in Harmonia, with Brian Eno, to name just a few). One of the most prolific musicians of the German avant-gar...view item »

Richard H. Kirk
The Many Dimensions Of

A profound sense of unease from Richard H. Kirk. The Many Dimensions Of is Richards reflections and pondering on the big happenings in the 21st century. He been going for over four decades, dabbling in various bands and solo electronic adventures under various guises. On this one he blends ...view item »

Gazelle Twin
Anti Body

Gazelle Twin skins her excellent piece of chilling horror Unflesh for all its worth and comes up with a 12" special for "Anti-Body", one of the record's stark industrial cuts. Machines and factory flat-lining vocals, techno and fearless hatred -- they're all here in "Anti-Body", which gets twist...view item »

The Peak Twins
Pump Me Up

New York DJs Lloydski (Night People/Tiki Disco/Dither Down) and Ter Khan Lawrence (Nurvous) join forces as The Peak Twins with this debut 12" on Dither Down. Two fresh cuts of bouncy rave-inspired (have you seen that video?) NY house full of repetitive sample snippets and crisp beats, plus an Ultracity re...view item »
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Francisco Lopez

This new CD from Francisco Lopez is likely to polarise opinions. Sound artist Francisco Lopez has constructed this single half-hour piece out of field recordings of birdsong which he recorded between 1995 and 2010 around Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, rendered mostly unrecognisable though "ext...view item »
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Head Boggle
Serge Modular in Hi-Fi

Aside from his eponymous 2012 album, 'Serge Modular in Hifi' is Derek Gedalecia, aka Head Boggle's debut foray into the world of vinyl. San Francisco-based experimental weird merchant Gedalecia is well known for his subversive instrumentalism. Using a vintage serge modular synth system (the clue was in the title) this blends dub reggae mixing pr...view item »
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Will To Be Well

Here's the second full-length to be released by Marc Dall and Alex Ander under the their Dalhous moniker, and one which sees them refining their understated synths'n'samples aesthetic in more of an airy, positive direction than previously over the course of a double LP. The most obvious, some might say lazy, comparison here would be to fellow ...view item »

Killing Sound
$ixxx Harmonie$ Version

Enigmatic Bristol bods Killing Sound have pinched the name of Kevin Martin's early vehicle for his Bug releases and like that noisy bearded sound system disturber they specialise in a dark, brooding bass music aesthetic. This single-sider is an atmospheric and rhythmic slice of portentous dubbed-out modern post-grime with dark ambient stylings....view item »

What's Between

Well here’s a strange one that’s been thrust upon my review pile this afternoon, the former vocalist with critically acclaimed metal band (that’s right, I said “metal”!) Alter Of Plagues has branched out on his own to create Wife, a dark experimental electronic project that&rsq...view item »


"Minimal but nice". I'm liking this 12" Smoky late night dub-inflected atmospherics. The opening track 'Gravure' is like smoke twirling off a 'funny' cigarette and colliding with a set of windchimes. Really 3AM after-the-party stuff. 'Continuum' get the party going again with some classic drum & bass moves. 'Typeface' is also beat driven &nb...view item »

Francisco Lopez

Created with extensively mutated environmental sound matter from Rotterdam.Commissioned by Soundtrackcity (Amsterdam) for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012. Original environmental sound matter recorded in the Kop van Zuid - Erasmusbrug area in Rotterdam during 2011.Mutated, edited, mixed, and composed at mobile m...view item »
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Felizol & The Boy
Like Cannibal Father Like Cannibal Son

Optimo Music veer away from their usual 12" roster with this full-length LP from Felizol & The Boy. A collection of recordings made over three years, the theme is cannibalism and the feel, unsurprisingly given that Yiannis Veslemes and Alexandros Voulgaris are film directors, is cinematic - with plenty of nods to Stanley Kubrick and Joh...view item »
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Jim-E Stack
Tell Me I Belong

Born and raised in the culturally rich environs of San Francisco, the now Brooklyn-based artist born James Harmon Stack cut his musical teeth as a jazz drummer, but it wasn't until he entered the world of solo production at the age of 16 that he found the freedom necessary to write and record how he wanted. Following time spent in New Or...view item »

Land Observations
The Grand Tour

The album was recorded on the edge of the Bavarian Alps on just one electric 6-string guitar - exploring the potential of the instrument in relation to layers, rhythm, melody and timbre. The recording process utilised a selection of vintage amplifiers and studio equipment, intentionally enjoying the warmth of analogue tape for assisting ...view item »


Frequent collaborators Sasu Ripatti, AKA Vladislav Delay, and Max Loderbauer become Heisenberg. Ripatti was intended as a label to release various unhinged studio experiments but these tracks are murkier, faster and, if I’m being cruel, much more fun than their recent solo work. It’s the kind of free-form techno only...view item »
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A bit all over the place this one. Shivers are named after David Cronenberg's debut feature about an aggressive parasite that turns its human hosts into rabid sexual predators - so you can safely assume this record is not gonna rank highly on most people’s dinner party playlists, which is a bit of a shame. They are a trio consisting of Rut...view item »

Eric Siday
The Ultra Sonic Perception

A fascinating collection of experimental 1960s electronics here. Eric Siday was an early pioneer of the Moog synthesizer as well as musique concrete and extended technique, and integrated these disciplines into film and soundtrack music. This collection brings together a series of eerie electronic miniatures which originally came out on 10" 78rp...view item »

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