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Hardcourage (Album)

Falty DL has been causing an increasing stir, his work on Planet Mu becoming increasingly accomplished, not least the Love Is A Liability long player that is increasingly looking like a classic in its genre. So what of the move to Ninja Tune? Well Dre...view item »

Becoming Real
Pure Apparition

This album is the debut full-length of Becoming Real, a Glasgow-based producer turning out simmeringly bass-loaded tracks that dabble in grime / post-grime. Pure Apparition leans more towards dancefloor instrumental tracks than the MC-fronted material he’s often leaned towards in the past. On Transgressive....view item »


Actress is known for mixing it up in his DJ sets, unafraid to shift BPMs and genres dramatically. This mix for DJ Kicks (the 49th in the series) is his first commercially released mix, finally allowing the home listener to hear what he gets up to on the decks. Includes tracks from Autechre, Mark...view item »

Eugene Ward
Paint en Pointe

Originally the soundtrack to five months of modern dance exhibition in Sydney, the music on Paint en Pointe is both abstract and catchy. Heavily percussion driven, Eugene Ward, also known as Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm, will treat you to the perfect environment to experience your own expressive dan...view item »

Donald Fraser

Electronics that point to about a hundred different spots on a map and claim that they all mark the spot; that's the sound Donald Fraser musters up on the bombastic Locomotion, his new collection of skittering manoeuvres for Mordant Music. A remix of the piece comes from the label's tape loopy b...view item »

Send Two Sunsets

Send Two Sunsets is no less than the first full length release of Gacha, a producer with a fondness for low-key semi-ambience. His work fits very well with guest vocalist Natalie Beridze, often singing at a level scarcely above a whisper. Limited edition vinyl in a fetching shade of blue, on the Apollo ...view item »


DIY mainstay and Night School label owner Michael Kasparis takes his industrial strength synth-punk project Apostile to the next logical place by self-releasing his debut full length LP. You may know him as a member of Please or perhaps The Lowest Form but anyone who has stumbled upon his releases for Clan Destine and Goaty Tapes will...view item »


He with fingers in many pies, from soundtracks to orchestral works, Fink a.k.a Fin Greenall returns with a re-imagining of Hard Believer. Horizontalism is an altogether darker affair pulling no punches in its search for eerie atmospheres. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Ninja Tune imprint R’Coup’D....view item »

Drew Lustman
The Crystal Cowboy

Drew Lustman aka ‘Falty DL’ takes on a new persona for this sharper, more economical release ‘The Crystal Cowboy’. Consisting of eleven tracks of musical rejuvenation, Lustman’s new material sees the artist flourish away from the conceptual pressures of his former alter ego. The result is an experiment in musical fr...view item »

George FitzGerald
Fading Love

George FitzGerald is a DJ and producer who made his name spinning discs at the worlds greatest clubs. He has also been displaying his abilities as a resident DJ on Radio 1 for the past couple of years. Fading Love is his debut album and an attempt to recreate the intimacy of the smaller club nights he used to play. It c...view item »

Sebastien Tellier
Allers Vers Le Soleil

Taken from the album ‘L’Aventura’, Sebastien Tillier’s remix EP, ‘Allers Vers Le Soleil’  is a beautiful layering of subtle, uplifting soft synthesizers, classic eighties bass sounds, dreamy melodies and warmly distorted, nostalgic samples with silky soft vocals through a warm fuzzy filter. It’s lik...view item »

Bruce Ditmas
Yellow Dust

Progressive pop synthesist Bruce Ditmas began life as a teen prodigy jazz drummer in Miami Beach where he was raised until he was relocated to New York where he eventually met up with vocalist Joan La Barbara (later Mrs Morton Subotnick). La Barbara encouraged Ditmas in his experiments in heavy electronic rhythms and the potential of musical tec...view item »

Tyondai Braxton

Available on CD vinyl LP on Nonesuch. Former Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton is probably fed up of being described as such, after all he has many more “strings to his bow”. Having had many compositions played all over the world he has returned with his first solo outing since 2009. Whilst Centra...view item »

Damogen Furies

Expect the unexpectedly expected from this new work from nightmare-inducing sound weirdo Squarepusher. On Warp on 21st April, Damogen Furies is the usual fare from this pioneering UK artist who blends analogue and digital to create monster-summoning tracks from the depths of his frankly terrifying psyche. On vinyl double LP or C...view item »

The Zombi Anthology

Zombi, a duo from Pittsburgh, were hugely influenced by the band Goblin who wrote the score for the original Dawn Of The Dead film. It was also where they got their name, the Italian release of the film being called Zombi. The Zombi Anthology features the multi layered looping of synth, bass an...view item »

Peine Perdue

‘Disparitions’ is the first vinyl, full length album by Berlin based artist/musicians Peine Perdue (aka Stephane Argillet and Coco Gallo). Released on French label Medical Records, ‘Disparitions’ is a poetic, mathematical, pattern inspired abstraction of economical synth-pop, coloured by the eclectic personality of it&rsq...view item »

Van Kaye + Ignit
A Slight Delay

A Slight Delay was originally a c60 cassette released in 1981 as the first explorations of Van Kaye and Ignit, a Dutch pair with a great interest in these new-fangled electronic sounds that were becoming newly available. These are intimate recordings, made with wide eyes and a certain degree of oddity. ...view item »

Second Layer
World Of Rubber

Available on CD on Cherry Red. Second Layer featured Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey of The Sound fame. a definite for fans of The Sound World of Rubber has the same post-punk drive but with many of the human elements being replaced with synths and dru...view item »

TVO & Paul Purgas
Tangents Series #01: LiveGlasgow040414

Glaswegian underground electronic label Broken20’s Tangents Series has been set up to release collaborative live performances. In Techno on the whole, the more open-ended, improvisatory approaches to sound creation are usually confined to the producers’ private studios; the fruits of their experiments carefully edited and processed f...view item »

Craig Leon
Bach To Moog

Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it moogingly well is! It’s Johann Sebastian Bach set to moog synthesizer. Produced by Craig Leon, with the exception of strings every sound on the album is driven out of the bizarre and wonderful moog, which celebrates it’s 50th anniversary in 2015 and also the 10th anniversary...view item »

Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is all about collaborations. Howling is the culmination of Ry X from The Acid and Frank Wiedemann from Ame and Innervisions. It’s released by Modeselektor’s Monkeytown label and Ninja Tune imprint Counter. If Thom Yorke had recorded for Kompakt it might have turned out as sweetly repetitive as ...view item »

Many Faces Out of Focus

Pictures are repressing this debut release from Essex producer Stuart Howard aka Lapalux, a time capsule from his formative days. While recent output has borderline trap tendencies, Many Faces Out of Focus lies within the ambient/'post-dubstep' scene of 2010-12, with downtempo beats and hazy synth textures galore. ...view item »

Sun Glitters
Scattered Into Light

Life is a glitch and Sun Glitters want to ride it all night long. Their new record, 'Scattered Into Light', betrays the same affection for fragmented electronic music that remains indelible and full of pop sensibility, with beats and synths that limp towards the finish line in true underdog spirit. Now they come with added vocals: Sara Cappai co...view item »

Paper Dollhouse

Against a sober yet rich electronic soundscape, Paper Dollhouse’s vocals are not just cardboard cutouts. They stand out like young girls’ imaginations, the dollhouse being just a background. Aeonflower, the group’s second effort, focusses on dyanmic music, and finding the balance between ambient music ...view item »

The Soft Moon

The reclusive tones of The Soft Moon betray its humble origins: the project was never meant to be heard. But private press doesn't remain private for long, in most cases, and Luis Vasquez soon shared his melancholic wasteland of cold synth and post-punk with the world. Deeper is what it says: another...view item »

Seeds of Paradise

12” Vinyl LP on Idle Hands. Strategy is the moniker of Portland based producer Paul Dickow. With Seeds of Paradise he explores a sort of near future sci-fi dub, filled with radio transmission crackle, lush dronescapes and spaced out dub textures. Would fit nicely alongside some of your Loscil and ...view item »

Justin Velor
2013 Remixes

For me this is all about the Psychemagik mix, and extended treatment of Flameout designed with sun dappled times in mind. Its a proper balearic chugger, with nice uplifting vibes throughout an ideal tune to soundtrack a sunset, hell even a sunrise as you head on your way to further adventure after a night of hedonism. Epic. On the flip y...view item »

Biosphere & Deathprod

Biosphere, one of Touch’s big ambient players, shares an LP with Deathprod, currently of Supersilent and formerly of Motorpsycho. Interestingly for a split release, the artists alternate tracks, which juxtaposes their sounds together, each bringing out new angles from the ...view item »

Jam City
Dream A Garden

Dream A Garden is more than a piece of advice, it is also a description of the album itself: with airy vocals and dreamy synthesized accompaniments, it sounds like Jam City is dreaming a beautiful nocturnal garden packed with lights. Pretty and elusive, this follow-up to Classical Curves is hard to describe, but no...view item »

Semi Detached

Blancmange’s fifth album release ‘Semi-Detached’ is the first record from the British, eighties synth-poppers without the involvement of long term collaborative partner Stephen Luscombe. With it’s roots firmly planted in the sterling company of synth pioneers and hitmakers such as Soft Cell and Depeche Mode, ‘Semi-D...view item »

Some Tracks

No nonsense rugged techno action from Detroit’s Manuel Gonzales. Beginning with the tough 4/4 stomper ‘Extort’. A brutal drum track with rough filtering that pounds away showing zero mercy for frazzled minds on the dancefloor. Then there's the stuttering muffled electro of Mean While’ with a delay affected vocoder vocal h...view item »

The Air Conditioned Nightmare

Second album by electropunkers The Doldrums. The Air Conditioned Nightmare takes its title from Henry Miller who, upon his return to the US after a decade away, found that it had become a vacuous, disconnected place. This idea is certainly represented in the dystopian sounds on the album, even if it does sound like it w...view item »

Cosmic Serpents

Don’t be fooled by the garish, cringingly teenage art & design project style cover for Cosmic Serpents by Skip&Die because behind the cover, in those dusty grooves, are some rhythmical, tropical and dance-inducing tunes, inspired by the countries in which the album was written and recorded, includi...view item »


‘Hewn’ is a sophomore release from Wellington, New Zealand based solo act turned three piece Groeni, originally founded by producer/musician Alexander Green. The EP explores the UK bass scene from a South Pacific point of view, composed of samples and field recordings as well as using vintage, broken and analogue instruments, recorde...view item »


Available as a CD or on limited white double vinyl LP through R&S sublabel Apollo. Written and produced at his home studio in Los Angeles Eskmo utilises field samples from the US and around the world as well dipping into string arrangements. Wanting to focus around a narrative Eskmo has created somethin...view item »


Clock-themed solo album from Phil Hartnoll of Orbital fame, also featuring special guests including Cillian Murphy, The Unthanks, Ed Harcourt, and The Cure’s Robert Smith. Partly instrumental, and partly with spoken-word a...view item »

Sylvester Stallone / Smut

Big boy Powell delivers two new tracks ("Sylvester Stallone" and "Smut"), not for his own Diagonal Records, but for the more indie-ish XL. Perhaps signalling forthcoming crossover appeal? Let's hope so, because Powell’s tracks deserve a good-sized audience. On this 12”, Sylvester Stallone ...view item »

Tairiq & Garfield
Childhood Swing

The debut release from twin brothers Tairiq & Garfield is a big production seemingly always in flux. Children to an R&B group father and a rapping mother they’ve got quite the headstart. Childhood Swing is not unlike a slow motion Squarepusher at his most sci-fi. Out on 12” vinyl from Software Record...view item »


Reminiscent of Cex or Hrvatski dropping acid, HTH035 features time-warping beats, paranoid pads and an inexplicable catchiness to it all. Akkord is here remixed by Fis and OG Regis, the first leaning more towards the psychedelic electronica, the latter responsible for a slowed and disto...view item »

Gazelle Twin

Uncompromisingly DIY, exclusively punk and very terrifying, Gazelle Twin has of course named her new record 'Unflesh'. More menacing than ever on her new record, adding an industrial vibe to her electronic palette, Gazelle Twin deliberately restrained her sound for the record in order to make something more direct and lo-fi in aesthetic....view item »

Dasha Rush
Sleepstep - Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends

A girl with a pretty voice and a thick Russian accent speaks ethereal poems over floating and remote synthesizer soundscapes. What more could you want to arm yourself against the cold of winter? Sleepstep’s Sonar Poems for my Sleepless Friends is here to help you through it, to guide you through sleeplessness with...view item »

Sam Prekop
The Republic

Humble titan of understated exquisiteness Sam Prekop is back with his first solo record since 2010’s Old Punch Card. The Republic continues his explorations into modular synthesis and fuses meticulous methodology with wide-eyed wonder and melodic beauty. Fans of The Sea & Cake will appreciate the consiste...view item »

John T. Gast

John T. Gast falling into our ears with another enigmatic record. Excerpts is about the winter in Southwest England, about dreaming of clouds when the sky has been gray for three weeks straight and you want to think about the sun, about struggling with inner demons you can’t quite exactly see....view item »

Hot Sugar
God's Hand

Floating along the abstract plane with Hot Sugar. God's Hand is the lengthily awaited debut full length from the esoteric producer. Some call it hip-hop, whilst others probably don't have a clue about what he is getting at. It's full of bubbling samples, wacky percussion and all kinds of loops n synt...view item »

Ryan Teague
Last Known Position

A single track from Ryan Teague’s last album is expanded and extended into an evolved form of the original on this EP release on Village Green. Minimalism as played by synthesisers. Furthermore, he has enlisted remixers to try their hand at the track: Plaid, Errors, and The Field...view item »


Single the second from 18+’s Trust album. Dry is a slinky beast, trapped up percussion production poured over a sexy core. 18+ turns out to be an appropriate name for the duo: this is suggestive stuff, highly stylised and monochrome. Pretty compelling aesthetic all round. This 7” si...view item »

Elliptic EP

Wahey Vessels are back! I hear you cry. After four years in the Leeds wilderness they’ve returned like Dylan in electric form. Evoking the same widescreen majesty for which they became known the Elliptic EP is as euphoric as they ever were. The B side is a cover of Modeselektor’s Blue Clouds. Out on 12&rdquo...view item »

Escape From Witchtropolis

Alex Cuervo could start a no frills garage punk outfit as quickly as you could put two pieces of bread in a toaster, but his Espectrostatic project has taken a lot more tinkering and thinking through. Here, he takes his love of synth music and tries to get in with the crew, hoping his electronic, Kraut-influenced drones will be good enough to ge...view item »

Black Rain
Dark Pool

After the recent revival of interest in this old NYC project, spearheaded by Stuart Argabright, Black Rain deliver their first new album in 18 years. Dark moody experimental techno and futuristic EBM for fans of Carter Tutti, Severed Heads, Adam-X, Ron Morelli & L.I.E.S. plus yr dystopian sci-fi literary/celluloid classics.&nb...view item »


A fresh reissue from Louisiana-based producer Suicideyear. Initially self-released in 2013, Japan gets a new lease of life from Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label. Featuring a handful of reworkings, Japan takes an alternate approach with a wide, spatial mix and a Carpenter-esque take on dystopian dub. Out on 1...view item »

Hiiragi Fukuda

Two sides of cool improvised jams from Hiiragi Fukuda, one with guitar and one with a monophonic synth. A fun and playful sound, grabbed with whatever equipment was to hand, that also digs deep into spacey vibes. Seacide was first sighted on a limited cassette, so this proper vinyl / CD release on Trouble In Mind is mos...view item »

Terror & Healing

Marja Johansson of Kemiallset Ystävät creates a record of abstracted and hard-wired beauty, bringing together a dense palate of sounds around motifs that circle inwards and then outwards, samples that get cut and fucked up, and a lot of electronic configuration. If "Animal Negatives...view item »

Ricardo Donoso

Available on CD or 180 gram 12” vinyl. Brazil born, Boston based composer Ricardo Donoso’s dark ambient debut Deterrence as released on extremely limited (80 copies only!) cassette in 2010. Belonging somewhere between Deaf Center and Kreng it’s getting a much needed wi...view item »

Lonely Lights

This album was inspired by one of the greatest ever scenarios in which to listen to music: driving around a large sparkling city at night. Lonely Lights by Millimetrik is appropriately synth-driven, with metronomic drums driving the sound always forwards. Very cinematic: lonely, as the title declares, but also beautiful...view item »

Flower Man
Inversion Fortuite

I don't know what the hell this record is supposed to be but on one side someone's painted a load of Aramaic style characters in red paint which looks cooler than a lot of the thoroughly useless etchings I've seen on some records of late. The music is fucking odd to be honest. Made by a guy fr...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Sarava Exu

Available on 180 gram 12” vinyl LP with special 3D print in various colors with download code included, as well as CD digipak. Brazilian composer Ricardo Donoso who currently lives in Boston draws on his disparate compositional projects of Scuba Death and Ehnahre to create these violently ...view item »

The Evening Wore On

Oh My God! This better be good. This guy has covered my all-time favourite Silver Jews song - "Trains Across the Sea"! If yer unfamiliar with Graham Clarke, he is an ex-member of 65daysofstatic who rejoices in making progressive bedroom beats & deliriously effervescent broken pop music. His last two albums have done really well for us so her...view item »

Jan St. Werner
Miscontinuum Album (Fiepblatter Catalogue #3)

He's one of the maestros for canonical IDM busters Mouse On Mars and a recording artist in his own right, and now Jan St. Werner has a new strand of minor electronic innovations on offer. Miscontinuum Album is an insular work of goth-influenced darkness, which use...view item »


Unhinged Finnish weirdness from a supergroup featuring members of Reverend Bizarre, Op:l Bastards and Imatran Voima. Tahtiportti blend droning chants, rudimentary electronic pulses and primitive rhythms with guttural vocals from the Stygian depths. Disorientating and addictive i...view item »

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

‘Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy’ is the second record on Diagonal from Cleveland, Ohio’s James Donadio following the ‘Shatter and Lose’ 10” and stuff for Opal Tapes, Digitalis, Mir...view item »

Beat Spacek
Modern Streets

Ninja Tune gift us with another project from musical polymath Steve Spacek, who's out and about here under the slight and rather half-assed alias Beat Spacek. Here, he tries his hand at being a bona fide solo artist, making simpler electronic tunes recorded straight up with easily accessible technology...view item »

Singles Club EP

Not quite what you might expect, this is not a club for the lonely at heart. It is part of the Singles Club, where ten artists created ten fancy singles. Here’s 4 highlights, ranging from early morning minimal house to melancholic ambient or existential meta-jungle… Whatever you want it to be. Unfortunately, no invi...view item »

Ten And Tracer
Friendless Now

The last CD on Nomadic Kids for the time being (think there's been 5 in 5 weeks if my memory serves me correctly) is by Jonathan Canupp aka Ten and Tracer who've been releasing stuff for 10 years.  Some of his past releases have trod along a more beaty path and that is what the label asked for, but what they got was a more chilled mellow am...view item »

Lee Bannon

Lee Bannon isn't satisfied hinting at his talents away from hip-hop production -- he's demanding the centre stage, taking the mic from us and letting us know what he can do when left to his own devices. 'Never/mind/the/darkness/of/it' is the follow-up to 'Caligula Theme Music 2. 7. 5.' and blends the same eclectic mix of trap, ambient and E...view item »

Drifting My Folklore

Well worth reading the press release for this one: two paragraphs and no sense whatsoever of what Drifting My Folklore might sound like. I highly approve of this, but should probably tell you a bit about the sound. It is difficult to be fair… Scrambling energetic electronic weirdo-pop sounds about right. Really good fun!...view item »

Ingram Marshall
Fog Tropes / Gradual Requiem

I haven't encountered the work of Ingram Marshall before but this label's last reissue was Arthur Russell so they have my attention here. On this LP is a shortish piece called 'Fog Tropes' and five longer pieces which make up the lengthy Gradual Requiem suite. 'Fog Tropes' combines field recorded foghorns a...view item »

Lee Bannon
Main / Flex

A producer for everyone's favourite nostalgia rapper, Joey Bada$$ (it's 1999 forever in our hearts!), Lee Bannon is one of the West Coast's most treasured instrumental artists. On 'Main / Flex' he gets to do his own thing, mixing in drum 'n' bass along with EDM into a sound that's totally his own, with a little help from his friends -- of c...view item »

Indian Weapons

This week we got a bunch of cassettes on the Chemical Tapes label which seems like an interesting one to me! Tapes from Maps & Diagrams & Machinefabriek as well as Indian Weapons which is the one I'd picked up for two reasons. One, I like the name and two I've not heard 'em before. You never know if that amazing thing you've been waiting...view item »


In 2013, electronic composer Nicolas Jaar started a subscription-based record label called Other People. This collection, titled 'Work' -- as if Jaar's managed to get the label working at a steady pace -- offers up what is mostly new material from artists on the label's roster, though there are of course a few remixes scattered about. Tunes...view item »

Inch Time
Icicles & Snowflakes

That Inch Time CD that came out on Static Caravan was dead good. I don't know if anyone remembers it but it was a winner. Consequently the new 7" single (icicles & Snowflakes) came to me with some anticipation. It's absolutely lovely clicky melodic electronica of the highest order. There's more jungle sounds in there (l...view item »

Antelope (Remixes)

Here Static Caravan are treating us to a pair of remixes of the track 'Antelope' from the debut Diagrams mini-LP (Sam Genders from Tuung's new outfit for those late to the party), all pressed into see-through purple vinyl in an edition of 300. These are pretty comprehensive reinventions,...view item »

Maurizio Bianchi / M.B
Untitled 1980 / Untitled 2013

CD on Important Records. Gritty industrial noise produced from a single Korg MS20 synthesizer by Italian pioneer Maurizio Bianchi. Recorded and originally released in 1980 this release contains the original recordings as well as four new compositions, recorded in 2013, based on the original material....view item »

The Soft Pink Truth
Why Do Heathen Rage?

‘Why Do The Heathen Rage?’ queried Guadalcanal Diary in 1985. ‘Why Do The Heathen Rage?’ sang REM in 1987 and now The Soft Pink Truth ask ‘Why Do The Heathen Rage?’. Do we have an answer yet? ...view item »

Transalpine EP

The third in the Melodic housebag range, follwing Howes and Georges Vert.  The idea of humanising the machine is a relationship that has forever run down the spine of electronic music. From the restrained sexuality of Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder through to the tectonic soul sampling grooves out of Detroit, Paume now makes up ...view item »

Schneider Kacirek
Shadow Documents

African rhythms make their way into a dark electronic world in Shadow Documents. Following the release of two albums of African field recordings, Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek take this experience to new depths supplanting these complex styles into a Western electronic template. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Bureau B....view item »

Frank Bretschneider
Sinn + Form

Beepbeepboopbeepboop beepbeep. Who knew that innocent beeps and boops could reveal so much about the innate inability of man to define his fundamentally chaotic surroundings in exact understandable sentences? Well, Frank Bretschneider, for one. With thorough German Grundlichkeit he explores the limits of synthesizers an...view item »


Some sullen grooves from RONiiA. This is the self-titled release from the American underground group. With members from Marijuana Death Squad and Dark Dark Dark, amongst others, RONiiA spill out their own blend of bleak down tempo electronic-indie. Nona Marie Invie's doleful vocals croon over various synths and jagged ...view item »

Dismantle / Music For Vampyr

So good to get some more stuff from Lebanese producer Rabih Beaini so soon after his magnificent ‘Albidaya’ album for Annihaya released under his own name. This however has him back in Morphosis mode with five track...view item »


There’s a certain ‘Flau’ sound isn’t there? The Japanese label seem adept at finding unusual examples of their particular brand of micro-music that sounds somehow Japanese even though its difficult to say why or how. Even when they veer off genre there is something distinctive linking it together. Tohoku’s M...view item »

Sinner DC
The Ambient Mixes

A longform collection of re-imaginings from 2012’s Future That Never Happened LP, The Ambient Mixes is an 80-minute minimalist trip. Geneva-based Sinner DC take cues from their relationship with Sonic Boom to transport the mixes to new psychedelic depths. Out on CD and 12” vinyl from Mental Gro...view item »

Brian Eno

As with all Eno's 'Music For...’ series there'll be those that sneer with derision at the supposed nothingness and futility of ambient because they think all music should be thick with meaning and purpose and drive. They forget to consider that this genre...view item »

Simian Mobile Disco

Odd how Simian Mobile disco emerged out of the now forgotten leftfield rock band Simian but you can't really argue with the enormous success they've had since with loads of sales all over the world and curly haired James Ford becoming a sought after producer of note. Incredibly on this album they swapped laptops for one synth and sequencer each ...view item »

Ben Frost

'V A R I A N T' continues Ben Frost's love of well-spaced letters and phenomenal electronic subversion, as he follows-up 'A U R O R A' with some next level remixes from contemporaries like the famed producer and lover of FIFA Evian Christ, as well as Dutch E Germ, Kangding Ray and HTRK. More electronic aggressions and introspection from Frost --...view item »

Phil Julian

Someone let abstract-electronics-expert Phil Julian into the EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) studio in Stockholm! I can only dream of the delicious range of sound machines one might find in a proper electroacoustic music studio like that… This LP on Harbinger Sound is the result of two weeks in residence at the EMS, and it sou...view item »

Aphex Twin
I Care Because You Do

Arguably one of Aphex Twin’s greatest albums, I Care Because You Do is the last of his analogue era. You get some technoish numbers, the dog-bothering banger ‘Ventolin (Video Version)’ and ‘Alberto Balsam’, which samples a chair scrape and some metal pipes to remarkably emotionally resonant...view item »

Shobaleader One : d' Demonstrator

I've a massive problem with this new Squarepusher album. If it was by the latest fashionista haircut clan i'd feel like throwing fresh dogturds at them (perhaps a little petulant, irrational & brutal...I know). Yet Jenkinson & his mates seem to have wormed their way into my soul & are sitting in there on oriental rugs, smoking dubiou...view item »

Silver Wilkinson

Over the course of his last few excellent LPs West Midlands resident Steven Wilkinson has pretty much come up with his own signature sound, one can now utter that something sounds Bibio-esque such are his achievements. He produces a kind of faded polaroid postcard autumnal pop which owes as much to ...view item »

Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes

You know  - so many things go on these days that I somehow missed Flying Lotus’s last opus ‘Cosmogramma’. Just never got round to it. Shocking isn’t it? A man of my regard within the community. Anyway I will make up for lost time by boldly proclaiming this new on...view item »

Future Brown
Future Brown

Hyper-real club mutations from super-group Future Brown. Drawing from regional rap, grime, gamelan and everything in between, it feels strange calling these bizarre and glossily autotuned bangers experimental, but this is bold stuff. Postmodern party music with pan-global contributions ranging from Chicago’s Tink to London...view item »


Perhaps Darren Cunningham should have reserved the title of his previous album (R.I.P) for his latest sprawling opus ‘Ghettoville’. The word on the streets of the information superhighway is that this is the final album from Actress. Whether that is in fact true, and whether it is just that particular ...view item »

Mr. Mitch
Parallel Memories

Fresh from helping make Boxed's instrumental grime showcase the most exciting and daring club night for some time, Mr Mitch has a double LP for Planet Mu. All weightless string samples and beat-less arpeggios, the grime legend is catering to all you in-the-club-but-still-sad melancholics. Includes the glacial Dark0 collaboration...view item »

Throwing Snow

A gooey tart of electronics and acoustics from Throwing Snow. There is a lot to be said for Avarice; loads of drones and violins set the mood, whilst some sort of Oud shit and a grumpy sub-fart plow along the bottom of this slow-mo trip-hopper. Don't worry, they actually sound great together. Out on 12" vinyl from Hound...view item »


Dance dad Diplo has been doing his own thing for a decade now and 'F10RIDA' nods at the time lapse sheepishly, offering a bunch of new tracks that celebrate the long, strange trip he's had in being a solo artist. It's a tribute to Florida, his old stomping ground, where a lot of his musical magic began....view item »


Menacing techno 12" vinyl from Houndstooth label. HTH030 are two reworks of Akkord's HTH020 EP, via The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow. Taking the HTH020 tracks a their own weird and foreboding directions, HTH030 sees both artists showcasing their esoteric production models, churning out two c...view item »

Arms and Sleepers
Swim Team

'Swim Team' is the newest record from the delightfully sonorous Arms and Sleepers, who make music that evokes all the good sleepy-time genre signifiers: chillwave, trip-hop, electronica, good vibes. 'Swim Team' uses soft percussion, comforting glitch pop samples and pleasant vocal motifs. Recommended for fans of Baths' happier day...view item »

Three Winters

Straight out of Norway comes 'Chroma', a debut of super sombre and often terrifying music from the new trio Three Winters. 'Chroma' utilises bright synths to a gloomy end, upending them with darker tones and sparser beats. Three Winters claim to be influenced by sounds as vast and varied as Krautrock and neo-folk, citing Tangerine Drea...view item »

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