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Conrad Schnitzler
Kollektion 05: Compiled By Thomas Fehlmann

Conrad Schnitzler was a vital member of Germany’s kraut / komische exploratory synth generation, playing with Tangerine Dream and forming Kluster, not to mention an ocean of other solo and collaborative works. With so much material, we should be grateful to Thomas Fehlmann ...view item »


Sad to say, Offshore (Ewan Robertson) is no longer with us: this album is being released posthumously, with all proceeds from its sale going to a relevant charity. Offshore’s tracks hop around with a light touch, synths, drum machines and a tune-centric sensibility all playing off each other perfe...view item »


CARGAA 2 is the second in Warp Records’ series of collaborations with Principe, a Portuguese label. A nice bit of signal boosting, at least from a UK perspective. The tracks, by characters like DJ Big Vado / DJ Estraga, Nidia Minaj and Puto Anderson / Deejay NinOo carry a massive ...view item »
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War Againstt Error

Softland now. Much funnier if I refer to them as Softlad I reckon. This bendy, haunting & intriguing slab of meandering  IDM on Spezial materials comes as a multi track full length CD & a 6 track EP. Like a whacked out Tarwater blended with something much deeper & stranger. There's plenty of kooky glitchy c...view item »

Zombie Tonic

I did enjoy this on first listen and can confirm I'm certainly getting more into it second time round. It's pretty messed up and all over the place throwing all kinds of stuff into the mix. I was glad to see that band member Steve Potatos plays a Major Morgan as well as guitar, and other chaps on cornet, toy yellow hooter, trumpet and shaky lett...view item »

Dark Outside

Signalform + Tachikoma
Understanding Media

We got a bunch of stuff in on Love The Chaos. Currently playing is Signalform + Tachikoma's 'Understanding Media' CD. This is a competent blend of digital beats, glitches and drifting melodies. This is similar to the Merck / Machine Drum / Schematic/ Push Button Objects school of abstract electronics and stuttering beats with hints of early Skam an...view item »
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Innovative Leisure follow up Nosaj Thing's 'Fated' album with Gossamer's 'Automaton'. LA based producer Evan Reiner uses field recordings, experimental recording techniques, synths and samplers to create atmospheric music that will appeal to fans of Boards of Canada to Four Tet. Inspired by the likes of Delia Derbyshire and Vangelis, Automa...view item »

Roshi (featuring Pars Radio)
And Stars

Ich Bin Defekt

We got a big mash up mix by Ripley on Deathsucker featuring hundreds of folks like Bee Snares, I Sound, Donna Summer, Drop The Lime, Enduser, Kid 606, Mochipet, Shitmat etc... All the usual suspects. It seems like there's a new breakcore comp out every week these days.... Now that's what I call Spazzcore Vol 12 with ...view item »

Make Motion Matter

Another quiet talent, Puffin Boy, have a mini album jobbie out on CD. 'Make Motion Matter' sounds like the B-52's being taken hostage by the cast of 'Are You Being Served' at first. It gets into a locked groove of funky noodles & digital chatter further along, percussive but a bit directionless to be honest. Then they go trip...view item »
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The Asphodells
Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust

I recall being bemused and slightly pissed-off at Two Lone Swordsmen's post-’Tiny Reminders’ musical direction. I (selfishly) wanted more bass-bin worrying electro-tech, the likes of which I've never really heard anywhere outside a Kenneth Tenniswood show since. Not weird big beat/rock...view item »

Waking Lines

“A modern shoegaze-pop record” screams the press release and yes I suppose it has slew of guitar effects piled on top of the rock dynamics but really this is nothing of the sort. Its big, bold shiny pop thats nods fairly far in the direction of Jonsi from Sigur Ros s...view item »
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Original Hamster
Original Hamster Presents Trendsetter & The Follow

Trendsetter & The Followers by ORIGINAL HAMSTER (which is the best name for a band ever....). This is kind of funky electronic music along the lines of Burnt Friedman and the more funky end of Scape Music (albeit more quirky and a bit more crazed at times). Vocoder vocals over slight dubby beats with some odd...view item »
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O. Lamm

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Nonotes then. This is a CD called Mode on a label called Motok Records. Nothing here I'm familiar with at all. Musically though I am familiar with the contents of this. Keyboard drones and tones which remind me of some of the more minimal Raster Noton gear. Mingus has piped up Elaine Radique and said it's like a colder version of Ron Geesin.... tr...view item »
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My Computer

For some reason I thought My Computer were an electronic band. Maybe its the name. Anyway it's more loud raucous guitar rock just like a sizeable chunk of most weeks releases. Rampant with guitar histrionics  - the singer says a rude word. Really doesn't make too much sense especially the turgid Richard Clayderman outro. On ...view item »
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Lee Bannon
Pattern of Excel

Pattern Of Excel: in which Lee Bannon puts down the wild breaks of his last release in order to tunnel down into virtually ambient territory. Pattern Of Excel uses melodic guitar, wandering synth trails and all sorts of hovering drone sounds to achieve its aims. Released by Ninja Tune; the LP sleeve is embossed...view item »


Bit of a quiet legend is this guy, Laurent Girard. He's been making sublime melodic electronica & sound-art with an organic edge for years, releases for electronische labels colossuses such as Static Caravan, Bad Boy Budgie and My Dad is an Antelope amongst others. The last two may be made up. Flicking through there's plenty of rich sonic de...view item »
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Two Ragged Soldiers

Two Ragged Soldiers are a duo (yes, there really are two of them) who craft music that straddles the borders between contemporary music and electronica. //Asulya//Water is a two-track 7” that offers a tantalising preview of The Mass, which we will apparently hear later down the line. Limited edition of 30...view item »


Line immediately sound a lot like The Faint but with a tinge more electro and a tad less bombastic indie rock. The record's ten seconds in and the review's pretty much done so now I've just got to wait it out a bit and see if it changes. I reckon that gives me a window of about fifteen minutes where I can get away with looking at horrendously offen...view item »
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Current 93
Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor

The tracks are destined, as the title suggests, strictly for the dancefloor - from the hard industrial cyber slabs of Foetus’s reworkings to Matmos’s more house-based interpretations. ...view item »

Benjamin Finger
Motion Reverse

Following the textural ambiance of Eilean records April release ‘Pleasurably Lost’, Benjamin Finger returns with ‘Motion Reverse’ on Shimmering Moods Records. The record sees Finger reflect on a period of recent creative acceleration from which he has constructed this coherent yet playful collection of hypnotic dub tracks...view item »

Tangents Series #02: BrokenThree - Live At The Outer Church

Here we have a collaborative, live jam-session of electronic fuzz from BrokenThree. It’s got a soundtrack quality to it as the wizzing and whirling seem almost tangible and seem to tell a story which is often light and airy, but delves into deep and dark recesses.   Tangents Series #02: BrokenThree - L...view item »

Pass Fail

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Chapelier Fou

A useful EP this, for Chapelier Fou fans, containing not only two brand new numbers from the group, but also remixes from the well-established Daedelus and to rococo riot, but also from newcomers Yakie and johnny_ripper. All produce good work, delving deep into ...view item »

Neil Landstrumm, Mike Fellows, Jeremy Blake
The Fourty Million Dollar Beatnik

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Schwartz (Eruption)

Originally released in 1971 as this was the third and final album by the Roedelius / Moebius / Schnitzler line-up. It contains just two songs. Track one lasts 31:04 and track two runs 25:20. Both cuts are untitled. Part krautrock, part Avant Garde. Can't help but to notice some strange violin effects, distorted organ playing and a good share of ...view item »

Sea Freeze

First release here from Capac, an inventive crew of electronics-users whose music slinks in a reverbed mist, sometimes rearing up with blasts of sound. Kate Smith’s vocals slither compellingly, recalling certain strains of Bjork at times. Sea Freeze complements its title nicely, y...view item »

Carlos Peron
Dirty Songs EP

After a stint in the band he started, Yello, Carlos Peron ventured out into the world of solo recordings circa 1983, and this was one of the things he came up with. The tracks on the Dirty Songs EP (many present in extended forms)  are mostly instrumental, allowing the listener to focus on the seed...view item »

Hunter Complex
Hunter Complex

Now if you're interested in some quality synth pop then look no further... This is the nom de plume of Lars Maier who has also recorded as Larz and also with Psychon and Living Ornaments who had a track on the old Skam Cats CD. I gotta hand it to him, he does a stellar job on the synthesizers, obviously referencing many 80's influences but still...view item »
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Hurra Caine Landcrash
Unanswered Questions

Coco Douleur

I recall being alarmed, amused and entertained by Hypo's previous outings. This is a master of avant-garde French experimental pop collage at work. His outings used to be a bit more intense, demented and toytown-like if my memory serves me rightly. This new collection of collaborations is no less inventive and exotically charged as previous rele...view item »

Clay Pedrini
New Dream

‘New Dream’ is released as part of series of rare Italo Disco club hit reissues from Dark Entries Editions. Originally released in 1984, it is Milan musician and singer Clay Pedrini’s only single release. Pedrini’s fusion of electronic and analogue instruments made him an influential player in the eighties electro Italo s...view item »

Golden Flow

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The Chemical Brothers
Born In The Echoes

Brand new, full length record from The Chemical Brothers, the first in quite some time! These massive dance-smash tracks are full of familiar Chemical goodness, though also reinvigorated with some 2015 energy. Vocalists include Beck, Q-Tip and St Vincent! CD, de...view item »

DREI Remixes EP

Emika’s last album, DREI, went down very well with all sorts of characters, and so has received the appropriate reward: a remix EP. Doing the honours here are The Black Dog (a frantic dancefloor take), CNCPT (a dubbed techno version), The Exaltics (a simple but st...view item »

Head Warlock Double Stare

With warbling synths and drums that somehow skip beats and hit extra ones, but without messing with the rhythm, Freescha's Head Warlock Double Stare sounds like it comes from a half-functioning outer-space music box that astronauts have recovered, which originally captured listeners in a trance so powerful they couldn't escape and their civ...view item »

The Pleasure Is Mine

Dino Felipe
No Fun Demo

Eve Massacre
Gestures Of Indifference


‘MG’ is the first solo album in over a decade by Depeche Mode co-founder Martin Gore, due for release on the 27th of April on London based label Mute records. This low-key titled album, recorded at Gore’s home studio in Santa Barbara comprises of sixteen tracks of instrumental electronic music soundscapes with a classic sci-fi ...view item »

Eight Pence Chains
Music Is Matter

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Not only does this release present the full debut release of the Biosphere project, but it also contains a whole CD / LP’s worth of previously unreleased material! Sweet. But the rest of Microgravity still warrants purchase, still standing as firm ambient house classic. All remastered, double CD or triple LP, on B...view item »

Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum 01

'Post Scriptum 01' is the debut album from enigmatic new techno producer known only as Post Scriptum. Hot on the heels of P.S’s debut release 'Human Timescales' featured on 'Berghain 07 - Part I' (Ostgut Ton 86), ‘Post Scriptum 01’ comprises eleven tracks of ethereal, intricately crafted, modern techno electronica....view item »

Fingertip Springs

Ooh I like the sleeve on this one. It's all fingery and springy.... very exciting though I'm not sure what the whole point of having springs on your fingers is but give me some springs, a bottle of wine and 2 hours and I'll upload some fun stuff to youtube. In the meantime you can make do with the CD I'm listening to which is some nice clicky or...view item »
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DJ Elephant Power
No Si, No So

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Criterion & Doily
Criterion & Doily

Figur 5

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Secret Diary

The superb synthpop soundtrack to 2011’s ‘Drive’ has been a resounding success and a strong seller here over the past year or two. It’s already made a minor star of Kavinsky, whose slick debut LP of electro-house synth wizardr...view item »

Teenage Color

Here we have Teenage Color by College. Pop-music history has many cases of people dining out on a single notorious song for life...but now the Invada label are releasing the French Producer's debut album and EP after that Real Hero song caught that relentless wave off ...view item »

The Collision / Detection Series


When you read the words 'frankly insane instrumental hip hop all the way from Poland' you know you want to take a listen. So this describes the next release 'comac' by CO. The nearest comparison I guess is Dalek but without the vocals the sonic manipulations need to be even more visceral which CO manage with aplomb. Rickety beats...view item »

Chapelier Fou

French artist Chapelier Fou makes electronica with an optimistic outlook. He's released a flurry of EPs on Ici D'ailleurs, but 'Deltas' presents him as an established artist confident in his own skin, brandishing  a record of playful IDM with a steady bedrock of beats and lush arrangements that dance in the foreground.&n...view item »
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Julien Chaptal

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S. Carey

I'm loving the first track on this EP from Bon Iver sideman S. Carey. He builds the track slowly using subtle electronics and whispered vocals but it all reaches a wonderful l...view item »

Eric Copeland

In which Black Dice roller Eric Copeland has tracks from his last solo album, Joke In The Hole, remixed and reimagined by the likes of Larry Gus, Fhloston Paradigm, Anthony Naples, and most excitingly, the inimitably Panda Bear, who add...view item »

Captain Ahab
Snakes On The Brain

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The Cade

The Fear Ratio
Refuge of a Twisted Soul

The Fear Ratio is a collaborative project between London techno DJ/producer Mark Broom and Croydon born techno producer James Ruskin. ‘Refuge Of A Twisted Soul’ is their latest release on Manchester based, independent, electro label Skam records. Combining the Balearic/Chicago and acid house influences of Broom with the hip hop/late ...view item »

Safe In Harbour

Double LP or CD on Perlon. Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer collaborate under the Vilod Moniker. Safe in Harbour is their first full-length of original material, since most of their collaborative efforts have been remixes. They have kept the content successfully close to their ches...view item »

The Sun God
The Sun God and The Myth Lives On Trio

The Sun God, aka Chicago based DJ/producer Jamal Moss (Mathematics recordings) returns to radical musical curiosities label Cejero with ‘The Sun God And The Myth Lives On Trio’. The tracks are punchy but meditative electro compositions built from the warm sounds of classic vintage technology....view item »

Boy Robot
Rotten Cocktails

Rotten Cocktails was my first exposure to this extraordinary duo. This release starts off with a banging low-freq beat underneath light electro synth melodies. This colour of music embodies the IDM ethic with its syncopated, half-measure beats and breaks. There exists a good variety of tracks in this release as well: Some songs have crunchy, har...view item »
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Blarke Bayer/ Grief No Absolution
Silhouettes 4

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Claiming a huge range of influences including Daniel Miller, Frank Zappa, P-Funk, Steve Reich and many more weird and wonderful acts is Ff. Not a funny Welsh consonant but a band and art collective made up of Antronhy of Bivouac and Dave W. of White Hills. A little bit disco, a lot of synths and vocals like you  might expec...view item »

Arc Lab
The Goodbye Radio

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Dolly Dolly

Berkshire based artist and poet David Yates, here using the alias Dolly Dolly, has a head-scratching album of cut and splice oddness for us on Exotic Pylon this week. His spoken words are accompanied at various points over the course of the album by a long list of interesting characters which includes the likes of Ek...view item »
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Amen Orchestra
Amen Orchestra

Frank Alpine
Frank Alpine

Shadow Tapes

This guy seems to have appeared out of nowhere with this mini-album of laid-back and eclectic grooves which has little to complain about save its brevity at just under 25 minutes. Alembic is the pseudonym of producer Sam Norland, whose achievement here is to throw together many disparate ...view item »

Chunky Monkey

ADR some of you may recall was the chap responsible for the inaugural release on the Public Information label. Real name Aaron David Ross, he is also half of Gatekeeper. I was somewhat taken by surprise when the needle first ...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

Pretty much the uncrowned king of saturation, Hudson Mohawke is infamous for his lush beats and the dirty drops released under TNGHT. His newest album takes him back from his adventures as a featured producer to a solo artist, inviting his friends to participate in his own project. Lantern will treat us...view item »

Space Girl

A beguiling two tracker from the Various Label, Space Girl are two producers and a singer called Floella all from London. A recent review in DJ magazine - a quirky and light-heated set of vocals are underpinned by a subdued pop/folk/ electronica production backdrop expertly crafted. Love this DJ Magazine May 2013 9/10. Already getting airplay fr...view item »
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Petit Mal
Crisis In The Credit System

Jamie xx
In Colour

In Colour is the debut album by Jamie xx, from the Mercury Music Prize winning band, The xx. Over the past six years Jamie xx has worked with and re-worked the likes of Radiohead, Alicia Keys and Florence & The Machine but his crown...view item »

Alternative Light Source

This release is right in line with Leftfield’s name: after sixteen years the group suddenly brings their third album, straight out of the left field. Alternative Light Source will hopefully see the group continue where they left off, trying to forge the perfect balance between the unexpected, and exquisitely catch...view item »

Ben Zimmerman
The Baltika Years

The Baltika Years documents a decade of Ben Zimmerman’s work using primarily a single computer, the Tandy DeskMate. Working on that kind of scale, and with that close a level of engagement, Zimmerman gets in really deep, into both his own soul and that of the computer. Double LP on Software Record...view item »

Mikael Jorgensen

Holy Strays

This is pushing my buttons this morning. Mysterious Frenchie Sebastien ‘Holy Strays’ Forrester is back with a little disc of his future techno experimental pop weirdness. This time around he’s mixing the playful organic modern ...view item »

Maribou State

Maribou State (whose name I cannot help but read as some crossover of Dan Snaith’s two monikers, Caribou and Manitoba) make music of a dance-pop persuasion, echoing elements rushing together into tightly emotive vocal house formations. Portraits includes vocals from Holly ...view item »

Dawn Of Midi

Looping minimalist acoustic patterns in abundant layers, Dawn of Midi are releasing their most hypnotizing and trance-inducing album. Borrowing a bunch of folk influences from the African coasts, the trio have produced an electronic album that would make Steve Reich proud. Dysnomia is released in black and limited ...view item »

Fear & Loathing For Dummies 1

Speaking of Queen, I read the Freddie Mercury biography the other day - it was pretty sad - he died in the end (oops!! I've given away the ending. Sorry!!!). Anyway just as listenable as Queen is the new one from Fanny. You know the feller - long haired bearded twat, goes round wrecking...view item »

Butcher The Bar
Get Away / Leave This Town

Nozinja Lodge

Nozinja is the recording moniker of South African Richard Mthetwa. Nozinja Lodge is his debut album. It takes the adrenaline-fuelled beats of Shangaan Electro, a South African sub-genre of EDM that Nozinja is at the forefront of, and delivers it to the rest of the world. Double vinyl LP and CD on Warp....view item »

My Company

My Company is the new single from Slime, released in advance of an album in the not-too-distant-future. Two tracks that slide around through melancholy territory, shifting significantly between toy-box xylophone, faded diva vocals and funk-bass, with a shuffling rhythm holding it all down. Very nice. Fake white label 12...view item »

Major Lazer
Peace is the Mission

Major Lazer is a dancehall collective headed by Grammy nominated producer Diplo in collaboration with Walshy Fire and Jillionaire. ‘Peace Is The Mission’ will be their third studio album featuring an impressive collection of guest contributions from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Elliphant, Wild Belle, MØ, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Tra...view item »

Pete Swanson
Pro Style

Pete Swanson continues his foray into uncharted techno waters with this superb three track EP for Type. Immediately the title track takes the plunge into icy waters with the crunched and crinkled sounds of stuttering machines malfunctioning, gradually building ...view item »

The Decoration Of The Duma Continues

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Throwing Shade
Fate Xclusive EP

A sparkly, reverby record from upcoming London producer Throwing Shade. The Fate Xclusive EP touches down in a few different territories: the single ‘Honeytrap’s odd-pop contains strains of 90’s trip-hop, contemporary postmodern electronics, and a strikingly direct vocal performance. 12” on No Pa...view item »
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Arthur's Landing
Second Thoughts

Arthur’s Landing is the name given to this project in which songs by the belived Arthur Russell are mixed and remixed by a bevy of talent. In the case of Second Thoughts we have Alkino, Bob Blank, Virgin Magnetic Material and several others. LP ve...view item »
  • Reduced from £19.49 - saving you £7.80
  • Reduced from £19.49 - saving you £7.80

Robert Leiner

Robert Leiner has been producing highly acclaimed techno / house / acid more or less since the birth of all three of those genres, and Melomenia represents the first we’ve heard from him in quite a while: and this time, he’s also working with a band! Nine tracks spanning multiple electronic genres, and the l...view item »

Luke Abbott
Wysing Forest

Border Community is a proper survivor of a label. To survive you need to adapt. Epic tech-house club bangers are all very well and good but you gotta keep things fresh and crispy innit. Label chief Holden surprised many with the relatively un-dancefloor friendly aspects of his brilliant kosmische-kissed 'Inheritors'....view item »

HTH040 (Regis / Fis Remixes)

Finally pressed to vinyl due to great demand, ‘HTH040’ is the final chapter in Akkord’s ‘HTH035’ package consisting of two remixes, both sourced with elements of tracks from the ‘HTH020’ EP. The first track is a left field experiment in drum and bass drone, the second an atmospheric sludgy arrangement of...view item »


VUURWERK come straight outta Belgium, but assimilate the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, East London and Chicago to craft their music, ending up in a very busy place indeed. The Grid EP has two brand new tracks from the trio, plus remixes of the title track from DNKL and House of Black Lanterns...view item »


On CD or CD and LP pack from Bureau B. This is an interesting one, one for the dub AND techno heads, with members of Einstürzende Neubauten, Phillip Boa, and Sovetskoe Foto they draw on elements of both but successfully keep them separate. Deliciously leftfield, with a live feel throughout,...view item »

Holly Herndon

The eagerly anticipated second album from San Francisco's Holly Herndon, here at last! With Platform, she continues to investigate technology and surveillance society through the prism of glitched electronic avant-dance-pop. Dense productions swirling with digital detail, Herndon is a talented and excit...view item »

Bruno Sanfilippo
Upon Contact Reworked

‘Upon Contact Reworked’ is a collaborative work from Bruno Sanfilippo that features some of the most highly acclaimed artists from the electronic music scene including Francesco Giannico, Olan Mill, Leonardo Rosado, Jorge Haro, Quivion and Hior Chronik in which an original piece written for piano is re-envisioned by each artist....view item »

Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam

There is a rich tradition of odd-ball French electronic music. However from Jean-Pierre Massiera to Pierre Henry, none are as bizarre and utterly engaging as Jean-Jacques Perrey and at the grand age of 86, the master is releasing a new LP, ELA, along with the apprentice, ...view item »

Flailing Tomb

The Petrels sound is a huge one, shooting high into the sky and falling down all around the listener. Flailing Tomb, his latest, is influenced seemingly by a little bit of everything under the sun: sonically, it contains a large choir in addition to the usual Petrels pallette. Released on 180g vinyl and...view item »

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