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Prequel Tapes
Inner Systems

Prequel Tapes retrieved the basis of these tracks from teenage recordings, and filtered them through subsequent years of experience in making and loving club sounds. Inner Systems is a very personal work, but also a pretty dance-ready one. The heavyweight LP is packaged with a 16 page booklet. On R’Coup’D....view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1 (Instrumentals)

King Midas Sound and Fennesz delighted many fans of experimental music with their recent surprise collaboration on Edition 1. Now we have the instrumental versions. It seems almost a shame to strip away the wonderful vocals of Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson, but this do...view item »

John Lemke
Nomad Frequencies

John Lemke‘s Nomad Frequencies LP is an electroacoustic work with a grand scope. Over the course of 10 tracks, Lemke melds analogue synthesis and field recordings with percussion and melodic instrumentation. Also, prominent use of tuning forks. Nomad Frequencies is released on CD or doubl...view item »

Bernd Kistenmacher
Wake Up In The Sun

Bernd Kistenmacher grew up a little too late to roll with the Tangerine Dreams and the Klaus Schulzes of the German electronic music world, but he didn’t let that stop him: he just got hold of the same sorts of analogue synthesisers and got involved, ignoring the digital 80’s world a...view item »

Disappear In Raveland

Whilst existing in club parameters, Disappear in Raveland by Phork is a minimalist and experimental work that also takes in the surreal and adventurous. Within these parameters, Chicago house, footwork, drone and and techno are all given equal weight. The reconstructed footwork beats could make this the ace in the hole ...view item »
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MM / Imaabs
Body Horror II

MM is the abbreviated form of Miss Modular (the boss of Her Records), who obviously isn’t afraid to push into experimental territory while still maintaining the dance. Two wild pummelings on her side, and on the B we have Chilean producer Imaabs, who goes slow and hypnotising with his mate...view item »

Robot Koch

As producer Robot Koch relocated from Berlin to L.A.  he was inspired by an Alan Moore quote about the universe being a four-dimensional site in which nothing changes or moves and that every moment that has existed up until now and will exist in the future is part of one big Hypermoment. Hypermoment...view item »


Syntoma were a Mexican underground synth-pop group active in the 1980’s. Little-heard outside of their region, EM Records allows us to redress the balance, revealing the beautifully bright sound of the trio. Tinny drum machines and early consumer-synths are used to propel shiny pop songs, with compelling results....view item »
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Tiersen / Laquerriere / Poli

ESB (you may know them as Elektronische Staubband) are a French trio. Funnily enough, the Tiersen of Tiersen / Laquierre / Poli is actually Yann Tiersen of Amelie fame, but here he puts down the violin and dives into the world of analogue synth-joy with his par...view item »

Max McFerren

Known to many under his Mcferrdog moniker, Max McFerren reverts to his own name for this leftfield release on 1080p. Acid funk flavours and expansive synthscapes combine on Sipps to create an alien mood that’s infused with urban melancholy. Out on limited 12" vinyl from 1080p. One copy per customer....view item »
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Perfectly described in the press release as a purveyor of hallucinogenic wonky funk-infused off-kilter glitch house, DNCN gets his first release in seven years with BRKN01. Released by BRKN.DNCFLRS on 7” vinyl in a chunky Kraft card sleeve for that vintage generic techno aesthetic. Lots of fun from the Mancunian t...view item »


Spaces is the solo project of John Flynn, also of Ordinate. This is the follow up to the One EP (obviously) a year ago. Filled with 128 bpm clangs and scrapes which is just as interesting to sit down and pick apart as it is to shuffle along to. This also includes a remix From SN...view item »
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Sim Hutchins
I Enjoy To Sweep A Room

Occasionally tense, always emotional and beautifully constructed, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room is the debut album from Essex boy Sim Hutchins. Blurred, synthy and richly produced it’s a woozy journey into the mind of a post-grime talent. Well worth your time. Out on vinyl LP from No Pain In Pop. Included bonus CD....view item »


T.Raumschmiere is the project of Marco Haas, label boss of the Shitkatapult imprint. This self-titled album is the first in 7 years, and although the press release ties itself in knots over whether or not this is ambient music, to my ears it sounds like industrially-tinged dark synth-simmer, with some vocal trac...view item »

Spatial Relation
Beyond The Zero

Spatial Relation pitch themselves somewhere between vintage electro-pop and IDM. Beyond The Zero is their debut full-length. The drum and synth programming is tight and precise, and although I found the vocals and lyrics to be so affected as to seem a parody of electro-pop, I guess they do fit in quite well. 300 vinyl c...view item »

Bernd Kistenmacher

Bernd Kistenmacher grew up a little too late to roll with the Tangerine Dreams and the Klaus Schulzes of the German electronic music world, but he didn’t let that stop him: he just got hold of the same sorts of analogue synthesisers and got involved, ignoring the digital 80’s world a...view item »

Arash Moori

Heterodyne has reportedly been in-progress for 13 full years, which is quite something. The result is Arash Moori’s magnum opus, a suite of experimental electronics that is often rhythmic and sometimes harsh. Always compelling though, especially when you learn that many of these sounds are from self-built devices....view item »

Kangding Ray
Cory Arcane

Hardcore murky techno producers usually stay a long way away from any kind of narrative, preferring direct sonic stimulation. But Kangding Ray’s new release is something of a concept album, about a character named Corey Arcane. Nevertheless, these productions are still as tight as anything Ray has...view item »

The Art Of Remix EP #1

The Art Of Remix challenges electronic producers to make new dancing gold out of classical music, with the extra twist that they have to use only the original source material. Stepping up to the likes of Prokokiev we have heavy hitters like Thom Yorke and DJ Yoda. This first EP of the p...view item »

Second Toughest In The Infants

Underworld’s 1996 album Second Toughest In The Infants is being reissued in great style here, as a double CD, double LP, or full-on 4CD box-set. All versions are fully remastered, and the box contains a brace of live, instrumental and alternate versions, including some totally unreleased material. Plus an essay fr...view item »

New Lines

Having debuted on the Peak Oil label back in 2012, Personable is back after having released Umor Rex, Opal Tapes and Leaving. New Lines sees Personable push his twisted off-kilter approach to modular music further into the future with some hints...view item »
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Zeus B. Held
Vinyl Collection

Vinyl Collection compiles a stack of material taken from the three solo albums of Zeus B. Held, a German synth-head. With a background in prog, Held’s solo trips are fairly ornate, but there are also disco-like tracks, really weird tracks, and even a Beatles cover! 180g coloured v...view item »

Air Max '97
Core Work / Expenditure

Air Max ‘97 has set up a new label, Decisions. The label’s intentions are to move people with music, focusing on dancefloor tunes on vinyl and digital formats. Core Work and Expenditure are two brooding yet effective cuts to showcase the new label’s ethos. According to ...view item »
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Hidden Rivers
Where Moss Grows

As both artist name (Hidden Rivers) and album name (Where Moss Grows) indicate heavily, this is music deeply rooted in the natural landscape. Refreshingly however, Huw Roberts (the man behind the project) understands that that doesn’t have to mean an acoustic folk-fest: instead he deploys mellow e...view item »

Michael Valentine West
Code 17 Abstraction

Code 17 Abstraction is an album of electronic wonder from Michael Valentine West (who you might know better as Mikimo Sosumi, Twiggy And The K-meson or Lower Third). Mad, funky, energetic styles tumble over each other, (we’re talking glitch, funk, maybe even a tou...view item »

Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1

The first of what is promised to be several compilations, Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1 has tracks by Interbrain, Samoln, Idea Fire Company and BRRR, and Empfänger. A wild variety of names and a wild variety of cosmic disco sounds. A groovy, colourful compilat...view item »

Cut Hands
Festival Of The Dead

William Bennett's new record under the percussive Cut Hands moniker, 'Festival Of The Dead', is based around aggressive, deathly drums, as you'd expect by now -- it's the ex-Whitehouse member's third record under his new alias, and this particular branch of noise continues to sound more organic and rhythmic. ...view item »

Tiny Pause

A mostly electronic record here from Yppah. Something of a kaleidoscope this one, with the producer sending a swirl of sample fragments, guitars and synth ambiences over driving, martial beats. Tiny Pause is his fourth full-length record, and is pressed to clear-with-green-splatter vinyl. Out from Counter....view item »

Luke Haines
British Nuclear Bunkers

Luke Haines has a gruelling concept for for his latest LP. British Nuclear Bunkers is about just that: a post-nuclear-apocalypse world of underground bunkers. Conveyed, naturally enough, through the medium of analogue synths squeezed into a rock-like format. 10 tracks and a bonus 7” for purchasers of the vinyl. On...view item »

Deep Haul

A bumper selection of music here: Seahawks present a great selection of material from artists including Prins Thomas, Pye Corner Audio and Captain Sunshine. The resultant Deep Haul is an excellent collection with a gorgeous sunny haze to it. On Ocean Moon, with the 500 ...view item »

Dead Fader
Dosage EP

Dead Fader is the recording name of John Cohen. Most of his work has been for Robot Elephant Records, and he will be known for his collaboration with Sensational which spawned the Work It, No EP. He is now with the Touchin’ Bass label. Do...view item »

Jackie House

Jackie House gives it all away with the name eh? Turns out they live up to the moniker though, with Stydive, a clear and present dancefloor danger with old school drum machine rhythm and trippily echoing vocals. On the B-side, Matrixxman tries his hand at a thud-tastic remix. 12” on Dark Entries s...view item »
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Saffronkeira is the project of experimental and unconventional Italian electronic musician Eugenio Caria. Synecdoche is Saffronkeira’s fourth album. Here he takes the collaborative idea he used on Synecdoche’s predecessor, Cause and Effect where he worked w...view item »

The Future Sound Of London
Archived 8

Future Sound Of London’s remarkable reputation means that it is a great surprise to find there is still so much material that has never been shared with the public: the appetite is certainly there. The fans will consequently be pleased with Archived 8, a new album of old material from throughout their 25 year care...view item »

Dan Friel

Dan Friel comes at things the right way, starting with a small, simple set-up and wringing all he can out of it. In his case, a Yamaha Portasound toy keyboard is at the core of everything, Friel overcranking it and using it to mimic a whole range of instruments. Life is a record of high-energy, lo-fi me...view item »

Denzel + Huhn

Denzel + Huhn carefully create exciting digital soundfields for the pleasure of the listener. Brom is their first record in eight years, and the thought that has gone into it’s 14 tracks in that time is audible. These pieces crackle, skip and hum with a remarkably melodic sensibility. Released on CD by the Oktaf l...view item »

Introverted Dancefloor
Introverted Dancefloor

Introverted Dancefloor is the name of the latest project from Bevan Smith, who has been keeping himself sonically busy under all sorts of monikers for years. This LP takes Smith’s introverted vocals to the dancefloor (see what I did there?), where his productions take off into body-moving ...view item »

For Now


We'll swiftly move onto to Bibio on Mush. Which on the front has a sticker quoting someone from Boards of Canada pretty much saying this is ace. And that person not be wrong cos this is superb. Mellow folky inspired 70's sounding electronica with ...view item »

Grischa Lichtenberger
La Demeure; Il Y A Peril En La Demeure

Grischa Lichtenberger releases La Demeure: Il Y A Peril En La Demeure, a record of fucked-up beat tracks and unusually-structured electronic business. The press release even invokes Kafka, so it has to be having at least one listen right? Released as a CD on the aesthetically firm Raster Nort...view item »

Donato Dozzy
The Loud Silence

Donato Dozzy decided to make this record using nothing but a selection of mouth harps, which he has treated and layered into a bizarre landscape of noises. It’s an odd, but certainly impressive piece of work. The Loud Silence is part of a series that Further Records are releasing that feature only one instrument....view item »

Aisha Orazbayeva & Tim Etchells
Sleeping Through

This EP is the first fruit of an intimate new collaboration between Aisha Orazbayeva and Tim Etchells, pushing violin and voice into an intense, sometimes uncomfortable space together. Sleeping Through is challengingly minimal but powerfully performed. Vinyl LP released in a limited edition on the Prah ...view item »


Martin Gore of multi-million selling mega-band Depeche Mode began work on a new solo album, MG, after the band’s Delta Machine tour in 2013. MG was released in April 2015. Now we have MGEP, an EP containing remixes by Martin Stott, Virgil Enzinger...view item »

This Side Of Paradise

COMA’s new record straddles the fence between electronic music for the club and electronic music for the home. This Side Of Paradise, their second album, attaches loose clouds of songs to typically beautiful Kompakt semi-ambient minimal beats, all sounding pretty compelling. CD or double 10” vinyl set....view item »

Itinerant Dubs
Itinerant Club (DJ Stingray / Mr G Remixes)

Itinerant Dub is a label somewhat shrouded in mystery, supposedly nobody knows exactly who is making their tracks… We can say, however, that the producers on remix duty here are DJ Stingray, who brings his twisted Detroit electro styles along to play, and Mr G, who takes a techno approach. Two great sound...view item »
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Houston dude Rabit produces a really mighty set of tracks for this 12” on Tri Angle Records. Nigh-on Industrial percussion mixes with gun-shots and other sounds of rhythmic chaos on ‘Bloody Eye’, a brief but immense track that sets the tone for the rest of Baptizm. Grime instrumentals from beyond the U...view item »

Mince Glace

Blackest Ever Black have spent 2014 moving away from electronic sad-sack tropes and this 12” vinyl from Tarcar is somewhere between the two points. A groovy little DIY electronics ramble with some sultry vocals, it’s not upbeat -- Nico’s The Marble Index is a good reference point -- but it’s more of an is...view item »

Closing Ice

Another fine delivery from the Raster Noton roster. The new senking record closing ice ends a two year silence in style, with nine dark, grooving tracks. The bass is thick and the subject matter is weighty and personal, but the song forms come through relatively clearly. Serious, high quality work from senking...view item »

Bruce Haack

This reissue represents the first ever vinyl outing for Haackula, a cult favourite among electro enthusiasts. Bruce Haack originally made this record in 1978, but the music was thought too weird and dark to release. This release has the full original album, plus his 1982 smash tune ‘Party Machine’. On Teleph...view item »

Wear Black EP

Disorienting, discomforting and just, well, really far outside of what you’re used to. The Wear Black EP is a nightmarish trip, with kicks compressed and distorted almost beyond recognition, slowly evolving into something you can almost understand. Next time you go to a satanic rave, feel free to bring one of Mourn...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Machine To Machine

Ricardo Donoso works across a variety of styles, from more conventionally tuneful to out-there experimentalism. With Machine To Machine he tries to meld the two approaches, and he does a great job. These tracks are carefully composed explorations of texture with a rich seam of emotional content running right down the mi...view item »
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Mario Diaz de Leon
The Soul Is The Arena

Whoah! Mario Diaz De Leon has made a frankly insane record here, blending hardcore 20th century composition with intense electronic mangling and a hardcore punk approach to sequencing. The Soul Is In The Arena is an intense blast, very accomplished whilst also sounding fully gonzo. On Denovali Records....view item »

Zander One
Emerald Awaking

Emerald Awakening is a somewhat blissful journey, containing twelve tracks that Zander One tells us are influenced by the passing of the seasons in his local valley. Pastoral ambience pleasure. The album comes with two remixes by Coppice Halifax and Shea McGilvray, in a limited CDr edit...view item »

Ron Morelli
A Gathering Together

Dom Fernow’s Hospital Productions label has been gradually following his path towards techno, though without fully shedding the harsh distortions we’d expect given the label’s past. L.I.E.S head Ron Morelli manages all of that, with a full-length that will pound you with heavy dancing all ...view item »

Aisha Devi
Of Matter and Spirit

Aisha Devi is a producer who stands somewhat apart from most of her peers. Of Matter And Spirit mixes Devi’s unusual vocals with hovering synth patterns to make tracks that skirt up against much contemporary electronic songcraft whilst remaining crucially different. A spiritual trip well worth you...view item »

Jam City
Earthly Versions

Jack Latham takes his ever-evolving Jam City project on an excursion to the dancefloor with new EP Earthly Versions. Matching the heady four to the floor vibes of his increasingly notorious live shows, this thumping collection adds balls the beauty of previous releases. Out on vinyl 12” from Night Slugs....view item »


Drone time baby! Not just any old drones though: Lumisokea have been working with recordings of such resonant acoustic instruments as gamelan and cello, and have processed and re-engineered them into the pieces you hear on Mnemosyne. Detailed electroacoustic sound caverns, pressed to vinyl on the Alter label....view item »

Blue Daisy
Darker Than Blue

Blue Daisy is the solo project of Kwesi Darko, who writes, produces and performs. His production style is remarkable: for example, the title track moves through smooth background ambience, moodily aggressive hip-hop, woozy string samples and rock cacophony in just four minutes. Darker Than Blue is on R&...view item »

Foam Island

Who’d have thought, back in the early dubstep days, that Darkstar would end up releasing an album called Foam Island? Probably no-one, but I’m glad they did, as that title fits the tactile textures of this collection of smooth electronic pop rather well. Twelve tracks, released in the kind of superbly-photog...view item »

Rich Prick Poor Dick

FaltyDL heads straight back for the dancefloor following the more esoteric sounds of his last album. Rich Prick Poor Dick is a tight little double-track package: the title track is driven by a fast-clicking drum pattern and supported by bleeding-through-from-the-next-room bass, while ‘RPPD 128 edit’ seethes ...view item »

Becoming Real

After two years of silence, Becoming Real is reintroducing himself. And the LQD OIL EP is a great business card to do so. Floating between esoteric beatless grime and over-the-top trap, BR's music is layered and complex. This cassette tape (limited to 50 copies!) is both unique and a crowd-pleaser of sorts....view item »

Lord Real
Bad Code EP

Lord Real is a Norwegian lady who is now resident in the UK. Bad Code EP is a paradoxically focused yet unsettled work that has been likened to an imaginary lo-fi jam session between Aphex Twin, Earth’s Dylan Carson and artist Russell Haswell. The...view item »

Termination Shock

‘Termination Shock’ is the third album release from ambient synth composer Majeure (aka Paterra from Zombi). Comprising eight tracks of intimate, minimalistic ambient synth tracks, the record is part new age, part kraut rock with endless textural layers of 90’s/2000’s inspired synths which Paterra describes as his coldest...view item »

Moufang / Czamanski
Live in Seattle

David Moufang and Jordan Czamanski have been working in electronic music in various forms for decades. That experience shows on Live In Seattle, which is that rarest of things: an improvised, totally live techno set. Over 99 minutes, they move through deeply atmospheric series of peaks and troughs, enra...view item »

Fila Brazillia
Maim That Tune

Maim That Tune is the 1995 album of Yorkshire-dwelling electronica duo Fila Brazillia. They deploy a very wide sound palette in order to deliver chilled atmospheres to the listener: techno / house / hip-hop beats, melodic orchestral samples, twinkling bell tones… 20th anniversary reissue, first time on vinyl!...view item »

Benedict Drew
Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out

Benedict Drew is an artist who works across various platforms such as sound, video and associated electronics, sculpture and performance art. Expect experimental and avant-garde sounds on his new 7”, Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out which is backed with Notes On The Filling Of Gaps....view item »

Made Of Oak

Penumbra is the solo work of Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso, in which he can fully explore his beat-centric side. Made Of Oak is only his debut EP, but it shows off an intuitive approach to electronic textures, with chunks of sound flying around left right and centre, above sturdy beat tra...view item »

TVO & Andrew Sharpley
CBK Robots

An interesting record here, with release timed for the announcement of the winner of the Labour Leadership election. There is a reason for that too: CBK Robots warps and manipulates the speech of the candidates into new, slightly spooky forms. TVO & Andrew Sharpley have made a statement both interesting to hear abou...view item »

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has five tight new tracks to present to the world, and this time he’s sending them out via the Vase label. Shiny house exultations from a sleek future world where unpleasantness seems to have been eliminated in favour of warm good times. Reminiscent of some of Ikonika’s textures at times. T...view item »
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Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By

Despite being named after one half of the duo, Donna Regina are very much a duo. The other half is Regina’s husband Gunther Janssen. They have been making music for 25 years, all of the time doing their own thing avoiding the influence of trends. Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By Others is a tribute to those...view item »
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Thool’s self-titled 12” release on the DEEK label feeds you three tracks of rolling odd-dance, full of vague synthesiser haze and wispy vocals harnessed to a beat. I don’t think we’ve heard from Thool before, and this first missive suggests we should start paying attention! Thool...view item »

Helena Hauff
Discreet Desires

‘Discreet Desires’ is the debut solo album from German electro artist Helena Hauff. Driven by a fascination with the relationship between artist and machine, Hauff creates a spontaneous, analogue generated techno, through freestyle jams and improvisation. Her debut release reflects her love for musical subcultures such as punk, nu wa...view item »


Mueller_Roedelius are Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Christoph H. Mueller, coming together for the first time to create Imagori. It’s an album of electronic music but it feels intimately hand-crafted. The tunes are deep and warm with some rich piano and lots of percussive flourishes. It’s like electronic...view item »

Lightning Glove
Raving Peacocks Tail

The elemental coldwave of Lightning Glove caught our attention last year when we heard the spectacular Radical Zoo, and now the band are seeing a reissue of an old record for Tesla, full of further electronic misdemeanours. Raving Peacocks Tail offers the same vibe the ban...view item »
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Natalia Martínez Ordoñez

Natalia Martínez Ordonez do something rather interesting here, challenging the hegemony of rigid BPM's in electronic music. The self-titled piece makes strange things happen with tempo shifts and multiple interlocking rhythms. Described in the press release as 'Fluxus Techno': who wouldn't want that! On the Whe...view item »
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Romance Language

It’s been such a long time since Ultravox released a hit, and that song ‘Feed The World’ song Midge did with rugged trampface Geldof, but it’s nice to finally have him back making music. Oh this isn’t Midge Ure? It’s Majeure? That Anthony Pattera fella from ...view item »


Plenitude is pretty direct for a Denovali release. While Oneirogen does have some of the ambient-droning-electroacoustics we’ve come to expect expect from the label, this EP also kicks very hard, with crashes of noise and battering beats: even some distant black metal-esque screams! Strong stuff....view item »

Notget (Lotic Fromdeath Version)

Part of Bjork’s Vulnicura remix series, in which a favoured artist is given a single sided 12” to reimagine one of the album’s tracks. This one is Lotic’s work, and he chooses to surround Bjork with a churn of organ loops and other, more unidentifiable sounds. Th...view item »

Sankt Otten / Majeure

Available as either Digipak CD with 3D print or 180gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve with free digital download and 3D print from Denovali. A split record from Majeure (Zombi’s A.E. Pattera) and German duo Sankt Otten. File somewhere between your blade runner soundtrack and ...view item »

The Twelve Hour Foundation
Macaroni Cheese

The Twelve Hour Foundation are an electronic duo from Bristol consisting of Jez Butler (ex-Beatnik Filmstars) and Polly Hulse. The pair got together to perform Butler’s solo album, The Lighter Side Of Concrete, to a live audience. Hulse...view item »

The Host
Esalen Lectures

The Host’s new record, The Esalen Lectures, is essentially a fake record, taking as its conceit the idea of visiting a psychedelic retreat. This slightly sinister hippy environment is conjured up through New Age synth sounds and all manner of whooshing and hissing. This could certainly make you feel ‘altered...view item »

Jens Uwe Beyer
The Emissary

The Emissary by Jens Uwe Beyer is the full-length debut from a seasoned Kompakt alumni. With a raft of releases under his Popnoname alias, Jens Uwe Beyer now steps out under his own name to deliver an intimate, GAS-inspired selection of tasty Pop Ambient morsels. Out on CD and vinyl LP+ CD from Kompakt....view item »

Nils Frahm
Music for the Motion Picture Victoria

Featuring collaborator and cellist Anne Müller, violinist Viktor Orri Árnason and ambient artist Erik K. Skodvin of Deaf Center on guitar, this is Nils Frahm’s first soundtrack score produced for German director Sebastian Schipper’s feature film ‘Victoria’. Filmed in one continuous take in Berlin, the film fol...view item »

Dave Smolen // Hair_loss
Dave Smolen // Hair_loss

This record showcases the embryonic works of what would become Metasplice. Before this was released in 2011, Dave Smolen and Hair_Loss had recorded separately but always toured together. Their joint tours under the Malleable Records name represented what was happening in the Phi...view item »
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Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso brings together Meath (Mountain Man) and Sanborn (Megafaun) to form a compelling duo making sharp pop music. HSKT compiles a series of remixes of their single of that name, with artists like Dntel and Hercules & ...view item »


Earthly are an energetic duo of former roommates, who get stuck into piles of digital and analogue electronics without too much concern as to the neatness of the outcome. At times this is like Black Dice playing around with the pallette of Hudson Mohawke: bright, colourful, and a bit fucked up. ...view item »
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DRC Music
Kinshasa One Two

Another collaborative charity effort from electronic cathedral Warp records. It looks like a well worthwhile set up, recorded in Kinshasa with a selection of Congolese musicians. Ranging in style from heady Massive Attack meets King Midas Sound trip-hop melting into rustic soulful party f...view item »


Tengui has techno club lineage, but for most of Transference he is all about the atmospherics, with nary a beat in sight. Hissing, smudgy, noisy ambience that’s all about the texture. And what textures. Released as a cassette with download code, though the mixes dubbed to the tape are exclusive to the medium! The ...view item »


Florestano is an Italian producer who combines the modern-day vibing of the traveller with the electroacoustics of the mid-20th century. Most of the work on Noh is electronically produced, but Florestano reportedly begins each composition with a piano, so tune is as highly valued as texture. 2LP on Kowl...view item »
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Matthew Atkins
Geometric Decay

Matthew Atkins has been rummaging around at the bottom of a dusty old sonic cupboard and pulled out all manner of bits and pieces of audio detritus (or at least so it seems). The consequences of his processed and re-worked finds are presented on Geometric Decay, as a series of abstract soundscapes. On Minimal Resource M...view item »

History of Touches (Kramphaft Remix)

Always one with a taste for grand projects, Bjork has launched a remix series for her latest album Vulnicura, the remixers hand-chosen by Bjork from a pool of up-and-coming producers she admires. Kramphaft takes on History Of Touches with a lushly spacious cloud of synth choir ...view item »

Folded Horizon EP

Folded Horizon is a new six track EP from Platform.The collection lays out what Platform can do, which turns out to be most kinds of electronic music. Imagination is evident in the construction of these tracks, most of which, as a bonus, can be danced to! CD on the Minimal Resource Manipulation label....view item »

Wild Why

West Point
Leaf EP

Heads Plus

This five track EP is the first vinyl release from Chicago based composer and Bulb records co-founder Magas (aka James Marlon Magas) since his ‘Violent ARP’ LP in 2009. ‘Heads Plus’ is an instrumental odyssey of raw, hallucinatory electronic, post techno utopia composed using classic synths and drum machines....view item »
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Twiggy And The K*Mesons
We Are The Boredom

Twiggy And The K*Mesons- We Are The Boredom CD (Warm Circuit)Q. What is this then?A. A 2 track CD single you lemonQ. Crazy name for a band right?A. Yes but don't ask me what it means cos I don't know. Just cos I'm here answering questions doesn't mean I know everything. I'm not some sort of fucking guru man. Get a grip...view item »
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The Marriage Of True Minds

Those crazy electronica masterminds Matmos are here with a new album of sonic experimentation, following the ‘Ganzfeld’ EP which was designed to test the listener with “reduced sensory input” to try to release any incoming psychic signals and use these ideas to create a completely origi...view item »

Source of Uncertainty

The austerely titled SOMEC is proud to explore the depths of his modular synthesiser at the potential expense of end-result-listenability. And so he should be! Actually, Source Of Uncertainty has a lot of interesting textures, and ends up wandering into some pretty cool little sonic corners. 12” out on Haunter Rec...view item »

Rory Storm
Low Fidelity Electronic Music

If the album cover for 'Low Fidelity Electronic Music' doesn't look quite there, it's because Rory Storm wasn't, either: during the making of the record, he was all blocked up, and struggling to hear things as a result of his flu. The result is that his techno is a little bit warped, a little bit loud and a little bit gruesome. Overall, though, ...view item »


Intrigued by this CD from SPOOKBOY called 'Eclectica'. Doing roundly what it says on the low res inlay, this is a funky, diverse trawl throgh an electronically inclined mind with a lorra love & a healthy dash of fun. Beginning with a sprint through toytown Propellerheads territory before embarking on a woozy ride on a Carib...view item »

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