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The producer behind Jire is just 20 years old: remarkable when you hear the talent on display here. Zang pokes its head through the door of the club for a while, but mostly prefers to hang out in the abstract computer music suite next door. A cavalcade of frantic digital sonics, lovely stuff. 12” on No Pain In Pop...view item »
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DMX Krew
You Exist

Veteran producer (under a plethora of names) DMX Krew lands 9 new tracks of shiny electronics, showcasing an easy mastery of synth-pop, electro, IDM and techno, built up over a lengthy career. The melodies are damn fine and the rhythms are moveable: You Exist gives off fun vibes all round. Released by Hypercolour....view item »

Alex Coulton / Chevel / Simo Cell

Split vinyl 12” from Alex Coulton, Chevel and Simo Cell. Wisdom Teeth have brought these artists together on WSDM004 to showcase their outsider variations on house and squealing acid techno. There’s certainly a competitive element here, with each art...view item »

Bill Converse
Meditations / Industry

Despite being deeply involved in the ‘90s rave and techno scene, this is synth experimenter Bill Converse’s vinyl LP debut. Meditations/Industry collects tracks from 2012-13. These tunes borrow textures and technology from the Chicago house and Detroit techno that fascinates Converse, but then strip ...view item »

Crash Course In Science
Jump Over Barrels

Crash Course In Science are a post-punk band formed by three art school students in Philadelphia in 1979. Whilst guitars, drums and synths were used, the band eschewed convention by experimenting with toy instruments and kitchen appliances to add to their sound. Jump Over Barrells was recorded in 1981, intended ...view item »

Submotion Orchestra
Colour Theory

Submotion Orchestra’s new record is another strong suite of jazz-electronica, with soulful guest vocals from Andrew Ashong and Ruby Wood. Fittingly for the album’s name, Colour Theory is available in a beautiful white-vinyl-with-rainbow-splatter edition, exclusively for inde...view item »

Silk Saw
Imaginary Landscapes

When the press release comes describing an artist as indescribable you’re either in trouble or they’re wrong… I am unsure as to which it is yet, Silk Saw have so many elements in Imaginary Landscapes one finger isn’t enough. The dark violins and orchestral parts with industrial electronics and 8...view item »


JD Twitch, the maestro behind the Optimo label, has compiled an impressive collection of his favourite cold wave / industrial tracks. So Low has the familiar likes of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey, but also delves deeper, with some crucial tracks likely to be new to many liste...view item »

Essaie Pas
Demain est une autre nuit

Essaie Pas are an electro-disco-pop duo hailing from Montreal. Debut full-length Demain est une autre nuit is laden with atmosphere whilst also carrying great momentum: enough, in fact, that they supported Factory Floor on a US tour. French-language vocals keep their distance, while the rhythmic pulse k...view item »

Venetian Snares
Traditional Synthesizer Music

Venetian Snares is well known for his ludicrous break mashing at insane tempos and bizarre musical structures. Never shying away from a different approach Traditional Synthesizer Music is his take on the modular synth. Each track made from scratch and each element synthesized, and recorded in one take, then delete, move...view item »

Ultimate Care II

Musical eccentrics Matmos are back on Thrill Jockey with more high-concept funny business. On Ultimate Care II their electronic experiments are constructed entirely from sounds produced by, or on, their washing machine. With the help of some friends (including Dan Deacon) t...view item »

Prefuse 73
Every Color of Darkness

Four years since his last significant release under his best known and most revered recording name, Prefuse 73, aka Guillermo S. Herren, who has been busy elsewhere with collaborative work, remixes and live performances, is finally releasing not one, but three full length LPs due out this year. ‘Every Color of Darkness’ is built from...view item »


Beacon are a pair of New Yorkers, crafting sleek electro-pop with a lithe twist. For Escapements, their second album, they’ve enlisted extra help from Rory O’Connor, the drummer from Tycho, bringing some live percussion into the electronic mix. Released by the Ghostly Intern...view item »

Choir of Young Believers

Choir Of Young Believers have followed up the stately focus previous album Rhine Gold with a rather different prospect: the expansive, explorative Grasque. Big, bright R&B pop songs are the order of the day, carried across with all sorts of (often fairly experimental) textures. Out on Ghostly International....view item »

Themes For An Imaginary Film


‘Rapalyea’ is the latest release on Shimmering Moods Records by ambient synthesizer soundscapers Bengalfuel. Conjuring futuristic landscapes of desolate and peaceful majesty over luxurious pads and layer happy production, the record simmers with restraint until the final piece, which culminates in a rage of melodic chaos and mechanic...view item »

Jordan GCZ
Lushlyfe II

Jordan Czamanski goes by many names and groups; Magic Mountain High and Juju and Jordash to name two. Under his lesser heard from Jordan GCZ alias he creates mesmerising and highly imaginative electronic experiments. With previous releases on Future Times and Off Minor Lushl...view item »
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Roly Porter
Third Law

On Third Law, Roly Porter untethers from the experimental dance music he made with Kuedo as half of Vex’d. As he floats further into uncharted territory, what remains is vast immaculate drones, ominous organs and sub-bass pressure. This is extremely heavy music for those who like their sound design mixed with noise; think ...view item »

III Part 2

Another installment in K-X-P’s continuing quest to produce a catalogue high-grade, minimally-titled, rhythmically-intense synth-kraut albums. III Pt. 2 follows up on last year’s III Pt. 1, and was recorded in the same sessions. Another dark and immersive ride from these Finns. CD release on Svart....view item »

Guy Andrews
Our Spaces

Guy Andrews became frustrated with his musical direction. His DJ sets weren’t quite doing it for him anymore. Starting from a clean slate with his debut album Our Spaces, he has created an album of electronica that shakes of the shackles of working within one genre. Our Spaces balances aggressiveness with...view item »

Elliott Power
Once Smitten

Once Smitten is the debut album from London native Elliott Power. The album explores the dark, hidden recesses of his hometown through the genre mashing of soul, trip-hop and UK bass music, recalling classic sounds that may have been heard on the Mo-Wax label in its heyday. Power is signed to the ambiti...view item »

Loop The Loop

Deek Recordings unveil the debut album from Bullion. Loop The Loop continues the inventive electronic pop Bullion released in a series of vinyl singles. This London artist makes an eclectic electro-funk that splices 1980s synth pop with modern technology and the catchiest hooks imaginable. ...view item »


Tri-Angle aren’t a label for the feint of heart. North Carolina based producer Hanz melds the sound of Death Grips, raw free form punk energy of This Heat into a loose hip hop production mentality. Sampling without any rules. Ranging from heavy head nodding of Count to the disconc...view item »

The Gamble

School friends Nils Frahm and Frederic Gmeiner met Sebastian Singwald when he attended their school in Hamburg for a fortnight in ‘89. Whilst the musical bond was instant, disaster intervened at a fairground gig when seats from a roundabout broke throwing two people onto the stage. They decided never to play together again...view item »

Andrew Weatherall

After many years as an in-demand producer and record selector, Andrew Weatherall is now back to producing original music. Psychedelically-tinged electronica and groovy, pulsing instrumentals lead the way on Convenanza, building into a messy splash of colour. Released as a CD or double LP by Rotters Golf Club....view item »

Hotel Ambient

Hotel Ambient by Moby was originally released as bonus disc on the limited edition version of his 2005 album Hotel. This version has been expanded to include extra tracks and fully remastered. Hotel Ambient contains some of Moby’s best ambient material - music you can really...view item »


I’m one of those moaning stuck-in-a-rut buggers that wishes Darkstar had continued experimenting within a dubstep vein as there’s three twelves by them I could not live without and that doesn’t even include the technicolour mind-warp that...view item »

Dilate (Special Edition)

They’ve been around for a while - they make our bodies work, in fact. This year, Vessels bring us a new sound, something they claim to have been working towards without realizing, Dilate focusing on our shared love for techno. How does it sound? Don't let us tell you what to think! Find out for yourself!...view item »

Karl Bartos

The Trocadero label repress Karl Bartos’ 2003 synth-pop gem Communication. Bartos was an integral member of Kraftwerk and this album was his solo debut. The initial release was poorly marketed, meaning these great synth driven songs went mostly unnoticed. Communication upd...view item »

Mats Erlandsson
Valentina Tereshkova

On Valentina Tereshkova, Mats Erlandsson crafts six electroacoustic compositions that balance his love of sound design and compositional training, with a dark, roughness he channels from harsh noise. The tracks on this vinyl LP from Posh Isolation are poised between graceful, cinematic drone and gritty industria...view item »

House of Daggers

Very limited 4 track 7” of mangled electronic music. With analogue gear from the golden-age of IDM and a vicious industrial streak borrowed from Throbbing Gristle, House of Daggers’ BRKNO2 is a raw burst of breakbeat techno. There’s only 200 of this rude rave hybrid and it comes with a download...view item »


‘Dionysian’ by Dionysian is a collaborative memorial project release from experimental sound and art labels Börft records and iDEAL records, in celebration of the music of their friend and contemporary Joel Brindefalk. This release focuses on the noisier elements of Joel Brindefalk’s back catalogue by posthumously issuing ...view item »
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A-Trak (featuring Jamie Lidell)
We All Fall Down

Producer A-Trak is riding high on the EDM wave at the moment, with those sugar-rush synths, vertiginous drops and huge popular rhythms his stock-in-trade. For All Fall Down he’s teamed up with neo-soul man Jamie Lidell for a single that sounds like it already knows it’s going to be a massive...view item »


Franck Zaragoza steps out under his Ocoeur moniker for a fourth full-length exploration of the melancholy possibilities of solo piano compositions. I say solo piano: some delicate string arrangements also curl themselves around the edges of Reversed. Released by n5MD on both CD and grey / white vinyl fo...view item »

Matt Karmil

Matt Karmil originally envisioned just one of these tracks to be released on Idle Hands, but the label loved everything that they heard, so decided to put out the lot. With that in mind, IDLE033 flows very well over 2 LPs, deftly moving in and out of dancefloor modes, always with an interesting quirk to the production. ...view item »

Throw Down Bones
Throw Down Bones

Throw Down Bones are a fresh new coldwave duo with a harsh industrial edge to them, and this self-titled record is their debut full-length. It isn’t only cold synthesisers they use however: there is a notable bass guitar heft to the sound, and you sure can shuffle to this. CD and vinyl on Fuzz Club....view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra

BGM is the extremely influential 1981 release from Japanese synth-pop eccentrics Yellow Magic Orchestra. Ryuichi Sakamoto’s gurgling synthesizers mesh with motorik drum machines and the catchiest melodies you have ever heard. This reissue from Music on Vinyl...view item »

Dross Glop 4

Stabat Stable
Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon

DIY tape experiments and bedroom post-punk from the incredibly obscure French artist Stabat Stable. Cache Cache have done all the hard work on this vinyl LP, first tracking down scuzzy cassettes and rare pressings and then compiling them all in this wonderful package. Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon...view item »

Ocean Floor

Originally released on cassette (uber limited to only 33 copies) label ZamZam Records, Ocean Floor has taken it upon himself to re-release Jupiter on vinyl. 10 tracks of organs and synths mappping a stargazing journey, think of a lo-fi Gustav Holst without the grandeur - it’s ultimately quite char...view item »

The Drowned World

High-tempo electronic experiments from the search engine-unfriendly 1115. On Drowned World the duo bring together analogue gear and looped and modulated vocals. Their aim is to create an updated form of traditional percussive musical forms. This is like a dense, repetitive and extremely great kosmische drum circ...view item »

Yearning Kru
Copper Vale

Copper Vale finds Taiwan producer Yearning Kru conjuring up a fantasy landscape derived from sci-fi literature. So expect a swirl of electronics dashed heavily with samples, all adding up to a lo-fi evocation of an imaginary realm. Copper Vale is released on Planet Mu in a joint effort with Kuedo...view item »

Thug Entrancer

With his previous release on Software Thug Entrancer introduced us to his abstract blend of Techno and footwork and with Arcology he’s extrapolated it to the Nth degree. There are joyous Squarepusher esque uplifting chord sequences, 303 squelches, and FM burbs atop of a bed of footwork shuffles. T...view item »

Illum Sphere
Second Sight

Veteran of the Manchester scene (and Hoya:Hoya cofounder) Illum Sphere lands his first tracks in almost 2 years, on the Ninja Tune label. Second Sight and its partner ‘Ritual’ are tightly oscillating mechanistic bangers, with a good deal of cold-wave synth lathered over the top. 12” vinyl on Ninja Tune...view item »

MV Carbon
The Sun Will Turn on You

Ominous industrial drone from New York based artist MV Carbon. On The Sun Will Turn on You she mangles noisy homemade synths with processed cello, for a sound which could be the imaginary score to the bleakest John Carpenter film. This edition of 250 from Discombobulate comes on striking red vin...view item »

Baumann / Koek
Baumann / Koek

Bureau B reissue Baumann/Koek’s self-titled 1978 kosmische synth workout on vinyl LP and CD. ‘Reissue’ doesn’t do justice to the label’s discovery of this dense and psychedelic drone album, which was originally pressed to only 1000 copies. The glistening arpeggios and drum machines ...view item »

The Yellow

This debut cassette release by Tenstoreys is the third release on Kwes’ imprint Bokkle. The Yellow is a surreal piece of tape manipulation and sound collage that comes across as a sort of melodic pop-drone. Soupy samples and cut-up percussion fight for space against cheap ...view item »

Following Shapes to the Edge of a Drift

FvRTvR is a project featuring long-term talented weirdo Fritz Welch, working with Guido Henneboehl. The sonic results that wash up on Following Shapes To The End Of A Drift are wild and deranged: messed-up throat sounds lead the charge of all sorts of unidentified ‘other’ no...view item »

Alex Smoke
Love Over Will

Available as CD and vinyl LP on R&S, Love over Will is a grand and melancholy collection of electronica from Alex Smoke. Following a run of great EPs, this album blends icy new wave synths and drum machines with Smoke’s classical training and longing voice. His crisp electronic productions are always m...view item »

Abbott / Buxton
Wasserfall I-IV

Trevor Abbott’s Wasserfall series of tracks share an analogue-synth directness and a catchy electro-dancefloor sensibility, although some are also happy to plunge into the abrasive (see ‘WF III’). Just 100 copies of this 12” vinyl out there, self-released by the artist within a coloured sleeve....view item »

3.5 Degrees

Youthful producer Howes has compositional skills beyond his years, working with modular synth patches with a focus often lacking from many stick-all-the-leads-in-and-hope-for-the-best synth dabblers. 3.5 Degrees is his debut album, and is made up mostly of single-take tracks recorded after days of careful patch design. ...view item »

Ricardo Donoso

The first three albums produced by Ricardo Donoso have been compiled into two very handsome box sets by Denovali. Minimal polyrhythmic ambient compositions that take the listener to a special place. As hypnotic and questing as a Steve Reich piece. 3CD box or a limited-to-200-copies-only quadruple white vinyl box...view item »

Joey LaBeija
Shattered Dreams

Puerto Rican musical heritage and contemporary hard electronic influences meld together in the person of Joey LaBeija, whose Shattered Dreams is a dynamic set of high-action rollers that don’t stick to one formula. Messed up percussion sits alongside bursts of noise, although usually coalescing into danceable form...view item »
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Francesco Cavaliere
Gancio Cielo

The debut album from artist, composer and all-round eccentric Francesco Cavaliere, Gancio Cielo is available on vinyl LP from Hundebiss records. Francesco’s voice is the main source of his music, but twisted into strange new shapes by homemade circuit boards and effects. The mixture of rec...view item »


Moderat are an electronic three-piece consisting of Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary and Sascha Ring. III is the completion of a trilogy that has seen the once self-proclaimed “Lap-top Boy Band” grow to be a single like-minded entity. their debut, I, was the coming together of very separate ideas wh...view item »
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Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne
Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited

Radioland is a project for covering Kraftwerk, made up of Franck Vigroux and Matthew Bourne (accompanied live by visual artist Antoine Schmitt). Taking on a classic like Radio-Activity is a bold move, but they pull of the delicate balance between stayin...view item »

DJ Katapila

The always reliable Awesome Tapes From Africa return with this ace CD and double vinyl LP from DJ Katapila. Trotro is a fast-paced mash-up of Ghanaian traditional music and modern technology. Katapila sings, shouts and chants over backing that sounds as if it had been beamed from the golden age ...view item »

Orson Hentschel
Feed The Tape

A debut of abrasive drone and sound art from Orson Hentschel. Denovali release Feed the Tape on digipak CD and 180g double vinyl LP. Hentschel draws on minimal classical music, dark ambient and middle-age vocal forms to create something extremely distinctive. Here, repetitive, barely-present dro...view item »

Prince Rama
Xtreme Now

Before we go any further: good god, that cover. It turns out to be a good fit, both conceptually (Xtreme Now is all about a hallucination-inspired mission to meld art with extreme sports) and sonically: the music is as colourful and confused as that remarkable image. And that isn’t a bad thing! Xtreme Now is a wild ride f...view item »

Paid Reach
I Ping

The second 7” vinyl from Paid Release, a new pseudonym for house upstart Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse. These releases push Mosse’s unique sound into even weirder, off-grid zones. Ping sounds both nasty and funky and Experience Change has an abstrac...view item »

Two Ways

Following on from being Neneh Cherry’s backing band for her last album and tour (yeah, really), Rocketnumbernine head back to their original duo activities. Produced by James Holden, Two Ways is a pair of improvised live jams, wild drums and cosmic synths matching each other perfe...view item »

Patrick Cowley
Muscle Up

Check this out friends: Muscle Up is a collection of Patrick Cowley’s soundtracks to gay porn films. The tracks, crafted out of synths and hand-built equipment, are at once sleazy and remarkably experimental, sliding slickly between ambience and funk. Double LP packaged with sexy posters on Dark Entries / Honey So...view item »

Eis Heauton

On Eis Heauton Driftmachine programmed their modular synthesizers with self-generating patches and then just let them jam. The results are the Berlin-based electronic duo’s most fascinating work yet. This is no technical experiment though. Heavy dub atmospherics grind against harsh snares and techno tempos. Vinyl LP from t...view item »

Islands of Mind

Travel deep with Arkadelphia, who has a weighty collection of ambience and occasional leftfield techno for you to dig into. As the release stretches over 4 hours and 34 tracks, it makes sense that Islands of Mind is being released on USB stick full of FLAC files (download codes included for other formats) in a ‘sp...view item »

Crunch / Rude / Cellar Door

New on Badimup; London via Leeds producer K-LONE puts out a vinyl 12” of dark, percussive electronic music. Crunch/Rude/Cellar Door is hybrid bass music that mixes spaced-out melodies with aggro 2-step and distorted synth basslines. These moody explorations of UK dance music are held toget...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Public Pressure

Public Pressure was electronic innovators, Yellow Magic Orchestra’s first live album. The music is taken from several concerts and see the band jamming in a loose and relaxed style. Akiko Yano joined the band at this stage adding her sublime vocal talents. Yellow Magic Orchestra are at their best ...view item »

Yellow Magic Orchestra
X∞ Multiplies

X∞ Multiples sees Yellow Magic Orchestra dropping their serious persona to have a bit of a laugh. Electronic songs and instrumentals are interspersed with comic sketches. There is also a humourous take on Archie Drell & The Bells soul classic Tighten Up. Transparent 180g vinyl, limite...view item »

The Blue Quicksand is Going Now

Fis has previously dabbled in weird drum’n’bass, but here, on his debut full-length The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now, he drops out a lot of the rhythm to leave us with hazy electronic soundscapes chattering around the sonic field. Great new stuff from New Zealand, released on the Loopy label....view item »

Tod Dockstader
Bellstomp / Pond Dance / Boingo Background

A massive double helping of scrumptious sonic candy from Mordant Music this week with the super ace ‘Electronic 1’ LP from Tod Dockstader and a delicious side-order served on a 10” platter with drool worthy remixes from ...view item »

Better Strangers

With previous EPs released on Tectonic, Cold Recordings and PAN’s sub-label Codes, Better Strangers is Acre’s album debut. From previous works showcasing rave flashbacks and heavily distorted jungle breaks akin to Andy Stott productions. From his own words Acre has injected ...view item »

Piero Umiliani
Synthi Time

Piero Umiliani is part of the canon of Italian film composers, but he stepped away from the orchestra for a while in 1971 to record Synthi Time, a lovely collection of short melodic pieces using synthesisers alongside a Hammond and a kind of harpsichord. Dreamy, bright, and a little odd, like a melancholic childhood. LP...view item »

Romantic Psychology 1

First ever full-length release under the Levantis name. The name might be new to you, but you’ve almost certainly heard this producer’s material before (Whisper it, but this just might be Actress…). Romantic Psychology 1 has 11 tracks of expanding murky electronics, with that expert t...view item »


Second full-length from Venezuelan producer Arca. It would be fair to say that he is a ‘hot’ producer these days, given that he played a reasonable co-production role on Bjork’s Vulnicura album this year. Mutant has 20 tracks of expansive electronics, including the remarkable ...view item »

New Order

Sometimes, you wish the past would just stay the past. Not so with The New Order. Hence our joy to be treated to new material! While we eagerly await their upcoming album Music Complete, expected September 25, we can listen to their first single in a decade: Restless. It might no...view item »

Fhloston Paradigm
Cosmosis Vol 1

Fhloston Paradigm is a pseudonym of Philadelphia groover King Britt, following a busy career with releases on plenty of your favourite labels. Cosmosis Vol. 1 lands on Hyperdub, where it’s adventurous range of tracks (spanning ambience, twitchy soundscapery and hard analogue house) fit right in wi...view item »

Flying Lotus

Talk about a fookin' cryptic puzzle! That cool young dude with the essence of the beautiful Alice Coltrane in his genes has smacked us with album number 4 - if you include the superb essential primer EP 'Reset'. This is what Warp records are truly about. Sublime electronic journeys. They've unleashed enough of them in the past! 'Cosmogramma'...view item »

Power Glove

EP II follows on, naturally enough, from EP I, which released for Record Store Day and didn’t hang around long. Power Glove make electronic music that is weighty on the 1980’s cultural influences (I mean they are named after a Nintendo accessory…). Out on Invada, pressed to red vinyl....view item »

Wolves and Horses
Every Moment Of Light And Dark

Belgian ambience from Wolves and Horses, aka Christian Saint-Viteux. The tracks that make up Every Moment Of Light And Dark were apparently composed with imaginary short films in mind, and are suitably cinematic as a result. Slow-moving atmospheres, as you’d expect, buoyed occasionally by emotive ...view item »

No.3. Obliate

The guys behind the t.e.s.o. project evidently love Brutalism, Modernism and all their trappings. Naturally they also like electronic music, with an Autechre-like approach. (especially towards titles: mmmm, give ‘e_flaer 10’ or ‘pb iW 05.’ another spin…) Self-made electronics guide...view item »

Calum Gunn / Sebastian Camens
Slant Deviations

‘Slant Deviations’ is the inaugural release on Conditional, and comes in the form of a split tape, in an edition of 50 copies. Label boss Calum Gunn has previously had releases as Acrnym and Legwarmers and also happens to be a member of ...view item »

Airbird & Napolian
Mr. Foolish

Producers Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin, Ejecta) and Ian Evans (Napolian) have teamed up as Airbird & Napolian. The pair met whilst working for the highly regarded Software label. Collaborating on Mr. Foolish allowe...view item »
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Normal Nada
Transmutacao Cerebra

Hard-hitting metakuredo music from famed Lisbonian Normal Nada, who you also might know as Erre Mente or Qraqmaxter CiclOFF (that last one really rolls of the keys…). The 7 tracks that make up Transmutaceo Cerebra roll fast and frantic, but with a joyous good vibe. Released as an...view item »

James Ferraro
Skid Row

Skid Row is James Ferraro’s follow up to the 2013 album NYC Hell 3 a.m. Like its predecessor, Skid Row is an exercise in neo-brutalism, here however, he has thrown his own deconstructed versions of thrash, modern classical and country music into the mix. The album was recorded in L.A. and the lyr...view item »

Dilate Remixes

If Vessels’ recent album Dilate wasn’t club-ready enough for you (unlikely, but I’ll continue), Dilate Remixes should sort you right out. They’ve called in the minimal techno talents of Barker & Baumecker, the housey vibes of Ripperton, and Monkeytow...view item »

Django Django
Pause Repeat

Taken from Django Django’s second album Born Under Saturn, Pause Repeat is a joyous, summer-filled pop song. Now it’s been pulled apart and reassembled by the likes of Debruit, Clap! Clap!, Bok Bok, and JD Twitch of Optimo...view item »


Lamb released 5 (suitably enough, their fifth album) in 2011, the first recorded results of their reformation after a half-decade away. People seemed to like it, so it is now reissued in deluxe style by Music On Vinyl, who have pressed up 1000 copies to 180g silver vinyl. This version also includes two bonus tracks, one...view item »

DJ Paypal
Sold Out

DJ Paypal is here with Sold Out, stretching the pun as far as it can go there. Going for pure fun in a footwork world, this is his debut for Brainfeeder and the music is a mix of fast tempo remixes of genres such as jazz and salsa combining EDM and hip hop elements. Sold out? We'l...view item »

Multicast Dynamics

Multicast Dynamics here unveils the third record in a four part series theme around the interactions nature and humanity. Scandinavia is a brooding thing, synths shimmering their way through a dark and humming landscape. Powerful atmospheres which make it a perfect fit for Denovali, who release the record....view item »


Etra is an “exploration of the manifesto of the human ego in architecture”, and that means experimental techno. Over the course of 9 tracks, Manta builds up a series of vivid atmospheres, mixing subtle voice / breath samples in with twinkling synth parts and the sometimes-present 4/4 kick. Out on Where to No...view item »
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The Art of Remix

Nonclassical imposes its strict remix policy -- you can only remix with sounds that already exists in the track -- on a roster of famous electronic artists, from Hot Chip having a go at the music of Gabriel Prokofiev to Thom Yorke using his DJ skills to do things with 'Cortical Songs'. This record takes revered classical pieces and con...view item »


Klavikon approaches prepared piano with an aesthetic drawn as much from techno and IDM as from John Cage. “No looping!” is the key: like Colin Stetson, Klavikon makes more sound than seems possible in one moment. I mean that kick drum sound has to be a sample right&h...view item »


Saturday by Samoyed was recorded over a four year period and reflects the 16 changing seasons that have past in that time. Samoyed is heavily influenced by his natural surroundings - he lives in a hut in northern Scotland where the winters are harsh and the summers are fleeting. Recorded on barely funct...view item »


FaltyDL is back on Ninja Tune for two fresh new dancefloor rollers. Last year’s full-length In The Wild took things in a kind of experimental direction, full of ambience and build. That was very welcome, but a pro like FaltyDL wouldn’t squander the opportunity of a 12” on anything but ...view item »

Slash Time

Funky-fresh footwork frenzy from experienced producer and Teklife and Tekk Djz Traxman. Soulful synths, twisted samples, and those irresistible snare hits that run rings around prospective dancers. Features significant contributions from DJ Fred too. LP and CD editions, on the Duck N’ Cover label....view item »


In the four years since their 2011 album, Factorycraft, Scottish folktronica band, Found have reduced their numbers to become a duo of founding members Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim. On their new album, Cloning, the guitars are replaced a thick fog of analogue synths as the duo introduce new influences into their ...view item »
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Yellow Magic Orchestra
Solid State Survivor

The legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra’s classic second album Solid State Survivor is available on vinyl again! A major synth-pop progenitor here: so influential that even if you’ve not heard it directly, you’ve probably heard something that covers or samples it. ...view item »

Christopher Bissonnette
Pitch, Paper & Foil

Christopher Bissonnette patches in his analogue synthesiser once more for this new outing on Kranky. While plenty have been tutting about ‘peak modular’ recently, with Pitch, Paper & Foil Bissonnette shows that a clear vision and tight control can achieve wonder without going bleep-mad....view item »

Crystal Station 64

Crystal are a Japanese gang of sleek synth enthusiasts, apparently taking as much influence from the soundtracks to 1980’s action comedy films as from fellow electro producers as seen on the Ed Banger roster (they were ‘discovered’ by Justice). Crystal Station 64 is their debut fu...view item »
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The Days Within

Vert (aka Adam Butler) has been away from music for 6 years, apparently writing a novel. He’s back now though, with 11 new tracks making up The Days Within. Melodic and dramatic electronic music, unquestionably the produce of a...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Garden of Delete

A new full-length album from Oneohtrix Point Never, a project that Daniel Lopatin seems to be taking ever deeper into the world of digital hyper-reality. Garden Of Delete is festooned with painfully bright synth sounds and bitcrushed samples, creating a vivid and disorientating sound-universe. On Warp R...view item »

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