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Central Heating

Louis Johnstone’s second LP for Opal Tapes arrives some four years after his well received ‘Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight’ album from the label. During the time that has elapsed, this modern Musique concrète practitioner’s sound has definitely evolved -...view item »


Once anonymous duo 18+ return to Houndstooth for their sophomore album following 2014’s Trust. Recording and collaborating split between Berlin and Honolulu Justin Swinburne and Samia Mirza pour this separation into their work together. Sonically sounding like The Streets...view item »

Adult Jazz
Earrings Off!

After their success with Gist Is in 2014, gaining adoration from Bjork and David Byrne (not the worst fans you could have) Adult Jazz have taken pages from their experimental endorsees and moved way into leftfield electronic experimentation. Bizarre off-kilter synths and horns coupled w...view item »

Adam Betts / worriedaboutsatan / Negra Branca / Orcer
Rail Cables - Autumn Selection 2015

Train journeys can be inspiring things, and it is this spirit of travel that the Rail Cables label admirably try to harness with their series of 4-way splits. Autumn Selection 2015 has delicate guitar from Orcer, minimal electronica from worriedaboutsatan, and solo projects from members of Gnod...view item »

James Blake
The Colour In Anything

James Blake surprises and delights the musical world with the sudden announcement + release of his third album. Reportedly co-written with Frank Ocean and co-produced with Rick Rubin, The Colour In Anything is another strong set of sad dancefloor smashes and bass-weighted piano ballads,...view item »

Flame Rave

Following in the footsteps of his eponymous 2014 album Chris Clark aka Clark continues to establish his place as one of the pioneers of electronic avant garde music. Gradually formed from the bones of Clark's momentus live rave musical performances, ‘Flame Rave’ carries soulful, emotive melodies over an aggressively tense percussion ...view item »

Odonis Odonis
Post Plague

Odonis Odonis smashed the radar with 2011s Hollandaze which was a bizarre blend of lo-fi shoegaze with punk aggression. Post Plague shows similar genrte bending and smashing, with Nine Inch Nails and Laibach industrial groove and dark brute force, with the impassioned vocal scr...view item »

Grimes / d'Eon

A strange record this. Two Montreal artists seemingly united a quest for the perfect left-field future pop & modern Balearic attitude. Lets try the D'eon side first. He's the muntered semi-dread on the sleeve. After an odd new age-flecked opener which is virtually ruined by stuttering frequencies we get into the meat of the record and guess ...view item »

Get In

Mr. Editions Mego himself, Peter Rehberg aka Pita, returns with his first full-length solo album in a long time: 14 years! Get In continues the informal series begun with Get Out  and Get Off, showering the listener once more with torrents of digital sound, some harsh and some bea...view item »


Redinho is funky fellow with an interest in all things... well, in all things.  His tunes are washed in bright sustained synths and bombastic percussion, taking influence from the sounds procured by artists working in grime and hip-hop. Whatever he's making, Redinho is maximal, sounding like a one man big band. Most of this self-titled...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Zones Without People

What on earth is an analog polysynth? Ah! That's what  Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin employs to constuct his brooding astral landscapes and isolationist new-age pieces. That thing makes a really fabulous unique sound, kind of like an android choral singing but it can switch between what Brett terms "water garden" music to some of t...view item »

Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Wave: Electronic Music 1984-1988

Dennis Young is part of Liquid Liquid, meaning that his place in the electronic musician's history books is already assured (they provided the backbone to Grandmaster Flash’s ‘White Lines’). But as a solo artist he also embarked his own shimmering electronic explorations, first...view item »

Torn Hawk
Union and Return

Torn Hawk is the project of Luke Wyatt, who is responsible for every single sound on this record. Union and Return sounds quite a lot like video game music to these ears: possible to accompany an adventure set in the digitally rendered sky-city of the cover art? Either way, it’s an atmospheric lis...view item »


Kyoka has recently had the pleasure of spending time working in Stockholm’s famed electroacoustic EMS studios, and that advanced approach towards sound is very much in evidence on this EP. Sh is a varied collection, with unpredictable shifts in tempo and sonic content occurring within tracks. 500 12” copies ...view item »

Timothy J. Fairplay
The Cat Prowls Again / A Strange Servant

Timothy J Fairplay is an erstwhile Andrew Weatherall collaborator, in various combinations including their group The Asphodells. Some of the Weatherall penchant for pleasant psychede...view item »

Shit Robot
What Follows

Shit Robot returns with a third full-length LP. What Follows is a real analogue synth album, discovered organically through playing around with equipment. The results are dancefloor-ready electro-pop, and A-list guests on the record include Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and Nancy Wh...view item »

Mod Exist
Beef Chop

A debut on all counts. Beef Chop is the first release from Mod Exist and the first on his label Box Fuss Recordings. With rumbles of deep, dark European techno making way for playful arpeggiated synths it’s a wilfully eccentric mish-mash of Chemical Brothers-inspired songs. Out on limited cassette tape from Box Fu...view item »

Escape Hatch

Spacey new-age atmospheres from Seahawks, who deal with universally gentle textures and calming melodics. Escape Hatch, their fourth record, has saxophone, piano, bass and synth, all carefully processed into a friendly haze. The album closes with a grooving version of old Balearic tune ‘Valparaiso’ by ...view item »

Karl Bartos
I'm The Message (Matthew Herbert Mix)

Karl Bartos, who literally used to be in Kraftwerk, included I’m The Message on his solo debut record Communication in 2003. Now the track receives a reworking by that highly creative producer Matthew Herbert, who adds a nice spin to Bartos’ synth-p...view item »

Self Mythology

Lucy runs the Stroboscopic Artefacts label, on which his new full-length is seeing release. Self Mythology has all the techno / ambient credentials you’d expect of a release on this Berlin label, but flutes and improvised vocals (from collaborator Jon Jacobs) push some of these tracks into in...view item »

Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing

LUH are an audio-visual collaborative duo made up of artist Ebony Hoorn and Ellery Roberts, the former WU LYF frontman. Following a number of visual and sonic releases of various str...view item »


Dusseldorf based post-rock pioneers Kreidler are now in their twentieth year on planet music, along with bands like Tortoise and Do Make Say Think melding the sounds of Krautrock, prog rock and electronica to create a whole new genre, Many copyists have followed since then bu...view item »

Brian Eno
The Ship

A new Brian Eno album is always something to get excited about, but particularly after a four year wait and in collaboration with the iconic Warp records. The Ship is Eno on classic form, creating beautiful ambient music built from minimalist drones. Here he's also particularly fascinated w...view item »

Andrew Paine
Sky Movers Must Fight On

Andrew Paine, often seen in collaboration with Richard Youngs these days (as a duo, as The Flexibles, or as Ilk), also operates solo. On Sky Movers Must Fight On he showcases his unusual craft: stark drum machine rhythms push forwards while voices, pianos, guitar noise ...view item »

AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy
Too Significant To Ignore

Exciting stuff here, as Tim Darcy, the lithe frontman of Ought, teams up with improviser AJ Cornell for a tape of abstract atmospheres and paranoid spoken word. This is the kind of experimentation we’d like to see more indie names getting involved with: it is very interesting to hear ...view item »

Folding Time

Second full-length album statement from from the production duo Sepalcure. The pair have been exploring solo ventures in the last few years (as Braille and Machinedrum respectively), but it's good to seem them together again, throwing out bouncy-sleek rhythms and shiny synths precision-designed ...view item »


Believe it or not, this is bass music veteran and Hyperdub boss Kode9’s first ever full-length solo record (having previously made albums with the sadly departed Spaceape). Nothing works in grime and footwork influences along with typically low-slung Kode9 rollers: several tracks ...view item »

Max D

More off-kilter house from the artist formerly known as Maxmillion Dunbar, Max D. This third album on vinyl LP from Future Times is part weird digital sheen and part analogue machine-music. But it’s all powered by Max’s sharp melodies. I’m not sure when house and techno become so off-kilter tha...view item »

Mercury EP

6 new tracks in 20 minutes from potent producer Gage. The Mercury EP is music in that fine milieu of heavy, buzzing, noise-inspired techno, with beats and bass cracking their way around a brutal soundscape of audio detritus. Gage is really good at this stuff, and this is a strong example of his work. 12...view item »

Sami Baha

Sami Baha, who describes his style as ‘instrumental trap’, produced much of the material that became Mavericks while living in Istanbul, and the intense political feel of the city over the last few years seems to have permeated the advanced-grade music. One track features a guest-spot from Kuedo...view item »

Peter Baumann
Machines Of Desire

Peter Baumann was a part of Tangerine Dream during most of their 70’s heyday, granting him a high position on the pantheon of space-synth explorers (he also produced some Cluster and Conrad Schnitzl...view item »

Pantha du Prince
The Triad

German techno producer Pantha Du Prince is known for his conceptual mimal works on Dial and Rough Trade. He return to Rough trade with his first album since 2010, working on the concept of collaboration and humanising his music. The Triad has many collaborative efforts on it with Queens, Joachim...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
The Race For Space / Remixes

In news that gladdens all of our hearts, Britain's worst band* get the remix treatment from lots of actual good bands. Field Music, Dutch Uncles, Maps, Vessels and others take the cash to try and bring some interest to the post rock/lazily slapped on samples. Probably the final ...view item »

BBC Radiophonic Workshop
BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 21

The legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop should need no introduction at all, being the unprecedented space in which the likes of Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram were able to conjure electronic magic. This compilat...view item »

Motor City Remixes

Accompanying the vinyl reissue of Motor City, Sand Circles’ (aka Martin Heterich) slab of neon synth melancholy is this set of remixes of the original material. Some emphasise the Detroit associations, some strip out the dance in favour of the drone. 4 different approaches, from producers includin...view item »

Lu Katavist

‘Inburst’ is the inaugural release on promising fledgling label Cusp, based at Salford creative hub Islington Mill and curated by modular synthesizer wizard Sam Weaver (Exquisite Corpse/ Anonymous Bash). La Katavist is the handle...view item »


Somewhere between Cloud Boat, Moderat, and Darkside you find Weval. Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers lock themselves away in an attic room in the Netherlands and create this warming, soul filled electronica with pop sensibilities and catchi...view item »

Rave Archive EP

All Caps unveil the very first release from rave deconstructivist Neuroshima. This producer has been hotly tipped for some time, and on Rave Archives the secretive artist finally gets the chance to release some woozy ambient jungle. Liquid sub-bass and cut-up breakbeats are layered over drifting...view item »

You Ware Nowhere

port-royal’s recent album Where Are You Now gets the full remix treatment, with producers turning in an array of different approaches to the material. The Sight Below, John Tejada and To Destroy A City are all involved, as are two winners of a remix competition! H...view item »

James K

James K is pretty wild. On her debut album Pet, she rages all over the place. Whispering over beats, or humming psychotic musings in between warped electronic noise, James K will never allow a dull moment. After the Sokit 7” last year, we’ve been waiting for more music - ready to run if we had to, b...view item »

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook
The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 5-8

The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 5 - 8 continues the epic archival effort to tunnel through the recordings that were made when the legendary Klaus Schulze started working with Pete Namlook on an array of Moog synthesisers. This 5CD box-set is a hell of a trip through the spaceways, and getting this much m...view item »

The Nag's Head
Gluud Und Scruud

As The Nag’s Head, producer Stephen Maskell makes a kind of strange-man’s techno: the pulse is present, just about dancefloor-suited, but the genre’s usual trappings are replaced with a melange of strange sounds and tones. Nicely done. Gluud Und Scruud is released as a shiny tape on th...view item »

John Carpenter
Lost Themes II

The horror master returns with a swiftly followed up sequel to his 2014 album 'Lost Themes'. Several collaborators from that project remain including Carpenter's son Cody but this time the composers had the luxury of spending time collaborating in the same city. This has led to a more focussed work with a wider palette of sounds. Next stop for C...view item »

Club Constructions 7

It’s been three years since the last Club Constructions release. DJC steps up to bring his rough and ready, straight-to-dancefloor bangers. The mysterious DJC joins the ranks of Jam City, L-Vis 1990, Lil Silva and Helix in this fascinating...view item »

Jorge Velez
Animals Disk

Jorge Velez delivers a curious set of “animal-themed electronic exploration”, utilising only, a Microbrute synth and samples from a Fairlight CMI. Animals Disk is overtly digital, almost plastic in tone, but Velez does a ...view item »

Paul Jebanasam

Paul Jebanasam returns with his second full-length record, released on Subtext, the label he co-runs. Continuum has lofty aims, considering the growth of organic life throughout the universe through the medium of shimmering ambient electroacoustics. 3 lengthy tracks, with impressive sciencey track titles....view item »


HEX is a project of two producers / artists from London, Charlie Noon and Tom Field. This self-titled debut release finds them frantically cutting and combining genres of electronic music into a fierce whole. A firm core of low bass and propulsive beats will typically be surrounded by digital de...view item »

Low Jack
Lighthouse Stories

Low Jack joins the Modern Love roster for his Lighthouse Stories. Don’t let the idyllic title fool you, this is a collection of avant-garde electronics and far-out club music pushed to the limits of genre. The songs borrow the alien sounds and structures of footwork, but twisted into inten...view item »

Surface To Air

Here's the second Zombi reissue of the week. This one is 2006's 'Surface To Air' on grey vinyl. You probably already know what to expect here, and I've already talked about the 'Cosmos' 2LP reissue today so I'll keep this brief for fear of repeating myself too much. There are five atmospheric instrumentals on this album which elaborate o...view item »

Blackhill Transmitter
Blackhill Transmitter

Blackhill Transmitter is another pseudonymous side-project from the Future Sound Of London crew. The vibe is vintage-spooky, with thick synth-sounds circulating around clomping beats. Hard-to-explain sounds enter the mix too, quite conceivably from a haunted radio mast somewhere… 180g vinyl release on the...view item »


Detroit man Manuel Gonzales has been producing the material that appears on Gentium, which appears under his MGUN moniker, since 2007. Most of it is bounced live onto cassette: Gonzales believes in capturing the moment of creation as it occurs. Double LP of cutting techno / electro, on ...view item »

Jan St. Werner

Jan St. Werner (perhaps best known as a member of Mouse On Mars) has here produced an interesting slab of electroacoustics, built up from straight-up electronic sounds, physical instruments, and electronically synthesised versions of physical instruments, although it may not always be obvious which is which. ...view item »

Ash Koosha

The consistently reliable Ninja Tune label unveil the debut from Ash Koosha. The Iranian born and London based artist makes a dense, and purposefully inhuman electronica that is rooted in sound design, as well as drone and widescreen techno. The unique compositions on | AKA | are striking in the...view item »

"BBF" Hosted By DJ Escrow

Babyfather -who I think you’ll find is a pseudonym for Dean Blunt, often working alongside Arca (though we've been told by Hyperdub this isn't who it is despite the earlier EP being credited to both - legal ed) is clearly in a archly sarcastic state-of-t...view item »

Alex Barnett
Chew From The Mind

Midwich Productions unleash the debut of Chicago synthesizer don Alex Barnett. Fresh from working with the Blackest Ever Black label and Oakeater group, on Chew From The Mind Barnett has produced an introspective slice of electronica. Synth pop, no wave and Enni...view item »

Flesh For The Living

On the wonderfully titled Flesh For The Living artist Heather Gabel and musician Seth Sher have joined up as HIDE. Together they produce industrial drone made for basement sound-systems, with suitably disturbing H.P. Lovecraft-inspired artwork. They make a pleasantly bleak racket that's all very sinister....view item »

Immix Ensemble & Vessel

Transition is a very interesting record, combining the talents of Vessel (part of Bristol’s Young Echo collective) with Daniel Thorne’s contemporary Immix Ensemble. Vessel’s electronics creep around the edges of the clarinets, strings ...view item »

Entropik EP

Tough and twisty analogue rhythms combine with heavy drones in the latest from Bristol’s Ekoplekz (a.k.a Nick Edwards). The Beltram referencing Entropik EP boasts two side long tracks stretching over 10 minutes each and building into melodic lo-fi conceptual symphonies. Out on 12” vinyl from Planet Mu....view item »

TOM And His Computer
Small Disasters EP

Thomas Bertelsen has been actively involved in DJing and production for quite some time: his new alias, TOM And His Computer, now releases its first EP. Small Disasters is largely electronic and tuned to the dancefloor, but guitars and vocals lead some songs too. 12” release on Anders Tren...view item »

The Engineering Of Consent

3 producers provide 3 different “experimental takes on ‘dead sounds’” such as drum & bass (their words not mine). Lots of drones and feedback-sounds land in the mix of these ostensibly dance-themed tracks from Aql Measure, Henry Gillett and Descent. The Engineerin...view item »


Vindicatrix steps up to participate in Dekorder’s ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ series: this is the eighth edition. ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ is a new variation on the format, containing high-quality audio on one side of the record and a picture-disc image on the other. Best of both worlds. Al-Bashariyya is strictly...view item »

Never Is The Change

Never Is The Change is the first single from Bullion’s recent album Loop The Loop and the DEEK label have pressed it to limited edition 12” vinyl. This tune is a clear highlight of the album, a swirling tropical house number with deadpan vocals and an organic sound p...view item »

Dieter Moebius

Dieter Moebius, the recently-deceased member of Cluster and Harmonia and one of the founding fathers of komische, recorded Nurton late in his career, in 2006. It finds him allowing the dreamy smoothness of a lot of his work to impacted on by noisy occurrences and jarring textures: even ...view item »


Matt Loveridge’s project MXLX is one of his noisier ones, and this new album is one of his strongest works under the name. ^____^ storms through desolate black metal, howling distortion clouds and delicate guitar parts en route to a transcendent annihilation. 250 12” vinyl copies on FuckPunk...view item »

The Range

The Range is James Hinton’s project, in which he dives into the infinite space of YouTube, dragging out vocal samples and repurposing them as the centre of his euphoric electronic tracks. But don’t worry, the vocalists will get due recognition in an upcoming documentary, Superimpose. Pot...view item »


Hyperocean is the third album from experimental pop eccentrics Niagara and rather than easing off, this record is more dense and intense than previous releases. These are dark and complex electronic pop songs with dizzying arrangements and plenty of experimental freak-outs. Available on limited vinyl LP and CD f...view item »

Exosomatic Artifacts

Noumeno throws a disorientating array of digital sound at the listener, as interested in exploring texture and socio-philosophical themes as in making you dance via his broken beats. New EP Exosomatic Artefacts also includes a ‘Wall of Crystal’ reworking from Fis and another remix by the exc...view item »

Chime Hours

Memotone comes from the brutal, industrial side of dance music, where harsh kickdrums and grizzly vocals replace joyful melodies. Chime Hours, on Black Acre, is the artist’s second release and is dark electronic music made with the help of analogue synths, cello, clarinet and church organ....view item »


Goem member Roel Meekop continues to expand his solo work under the Wieman moniker with Cryptonesia. Using some obscure 80’s synth tapes by an artist called Cybe as the source material, Roel builds 2 sides of colourful electronics: twinkling beats...view item »

In Need Of Tess

In Need Of Tess combines 2 pieces from Jilk’s soundtrack to a Nim Jethwa short film with a remix of Nuala Honan and the title track, a collaboration of sorts with Nic Kane and Hester Sorel Moriarty Thompson. Jilk are glitchy and m...view item »

Ital Tek

Revered label Planet Mu unveil Ital Tek’s noisy and experimental Hollowed. Tossing out his previous work, this record now has more in common with sound design, dark ambient and Ben Frost than his earlier experiments with dubstep and bass music. But don’t fear, t...view item »

Solar Bears

Irish electronic Duo Solar Bears have signed to Sunday Best for their new album Advancement. Their previous two releases, including the critically acclaimed Supermigration, were on Planet Mu. The pull of their new home was made all the more magnetic due to the fact that avant-g...view item »

The Last Panthers

Electronics wizard Clark is back on Warp records. The Last Panthers picks up where his last self-titled album finished; mashing field recordings with precise electronic rhythms and drones. The major difference on this release is that it is the soundtrack to the series of the same name,...view item »

Douglas Dare
Caroline / If Only

Ambient artist and stark pianist Douglas Dare has a new EP to unleash on the world, simply titled 'Caroline / If Only'. "Caroline" sees Dare take to the piano and write a crushingly sombre ballad that ascends and recedes most beautifully, while "If Only I Knew I Were Alive" is more overtly experimental, made out of looped beats and live recordin...view item »

Multicast Dynamics
Outer Envelopes

Mulitcast Dynamics is a utilitarian-sounding name, behind which lies Dutch producer Samuel van Dijk. Electronic landscapes are the name of his game, Outer Envelopes often sounding like a flyby of an alien planet, loosely tethered to a distant techno framework. Fourth in a four-part series of albums, thi...view item »

Public Memory
Wuthering Drum

Very hard to pin down vocal electronica from Public Memory. On Wuthering Drum abrasive electronic textures, hip-hop drums and neoclassical piano are all held together by Robert Toher’s melancholic vocals and lyrics of alienation. A thoughtful and minimal record with a trip-hop sensibility. CD and vinyl LP ...view item »

Higher Authorities

Higher Authorities produced this debut album of theirs with assistance from Adrian Sherwood, so you can imagine the spacey, dub-tinged tone of the project. Neptune sounds something like a version of Clinic who’ve gone all electronic: the spooked, wary-sounding vocals and the organ...view item »

El Pintor - Remixes

Having run out of anagrams for their own name, NY post-punks Interpol now look to other artists to create them for their music. If you ever wanted to know what one of their sounds would sound like run through by sample goblin Panda Bear, look no further; we've also got edits by industrial dance crew Factory Floor, fuzz droner Tim Hecker and...view item »


Qluster is the third formation of minimal kosmische pioneers Kluster and Cluster. Original member Hans-Joachim Roedelius brings the group’s techno-futurism actually into the future, sharpening the rich synthesizer compositions of the original group with the newest technolo...view item »

Les Sins

Chaz Bundick is better known as Tori Y Moi, professor of chillwave, but Les Sins sees him in a more overt, outward-reaching dance mood, making instrumental tunes inspired by '90s hip-hop and characterised by the very rare vocal melodies you can latch on to. 'Michael' is recommended for fans of mainstream dance music, such as Daft Punk,...view item »

Roly Porter
Life Cycle Of A Massive Star

The space concept album is as old as time, from Holst, Louis & Bebe Barron, Jeff Mills, Jack Dangers, Lustmord, ...view item »

Akira Kosemura
Niji no Kanata – seven colors variations

Some more Japanese niceness on the Schole Records label, here we have Akira Kosemura and the first single to be lifted from his new album. Featuring vocalist Lasah, it’s the usual cosy sweet Japanese dream pop. The vocals are so sweet that it could be sung by...view item »

Billy Bao
Lagos sessions

Billy Bao’s Lagos Sessions is a furious mash-up of afrobeat, distorted drone and thrashing noise all wrapped up and packaged on CD by Night School. Even that ridiculous description does not do justice to the collision of improv, Nigerian percussion music and DIY noise-punk to be found here. Billy Bao is pu...view item »

Fhloston Paradigm
Cosmosis Vol 2

Hyperdub regular Fhloston Paradigm returns to the label for the sequel to his Cosmosis series. Cosmosis Volume 2 on vinyl 12” returns to the knotty synthesizers and downbeat electronica we loved in the original. These three tracks have a deep and soulful sound, where gorge...view item »

S/T / Remex

A distinctive fusion of Latin American music and the LA electronic beats scene. Abstrakto is Astrud Sierra and producer DJ Balthazaar Getty and on S/T/Remex they mash together global musical scenes and raw rap and R&B. This 180 gram black and white double LP also comes with a remix album that pushes the orig...view item »


Synth-explorations of an 80’s sci-fi arcade video game kind of vibe. Astrokade expertly soundtracks the kind of analogue imagery seen on Memoryfoam’s cover, with electronics of all stripes taking part in the shiny nostalgic rush. Released as a C38 cassette tape on the Kent-based Kitchen Dweller label....view item »

Secret Boyfriend
Memory Care Unit

The Blackest Ever Black label continues its search for the bleakest drone and synthesizer music with this release from Secret Boyfriend. On Memory Care Unit the artist explores live improvisation, but keeps the Coil-influenced dark ambient elements seen on 2013’s T...view item »


Young Irish producer Jack Colleran, who goes under the name of MMOTHS, is highly capable with that smooth and mournful style of modern electronica: soulful vocals and cavernous synths over a steady beat. Luneworks is...view item »

Information Pollution

Abstract ambience and drone from Paul Dickow’s Strategy project. This alien music is produced from radio static, snippets of battered tapes and distorted field recordings. Information Pollution is an apt title too, as assorted found sounds and ambient recordings overlap and fill the space, like harsh noise...view item »

I Monster
Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks is an album that accompanies the film of the same name, telling the story of the individuals and companies who were key in the early development of electronic music. I Monster provide the soundtrack, a bold challenge if ever there was one, but they do a great job playing tribute to the maestros. Released v...view item »

Fatima Al Qadiri

Brute is another leap forward for Fatima Al Qadiri’s high-concept, politicised electronic music, and Hyperdub records is the perfect home for it. The album’s theme is state violence and the militarisation of the police and Al Qadiri adapts global electronic sounds to make her argumen...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Sarava Exu Remixes

Following the acclaimed album Savara Evu, Denovali have pressed a collection of remixes to 12” vinyl.  A variety of diverse styles were invited to explore Ricardo Donoso’s austere drones. Orphx ties those dry synthesizers into a dub techno framework, Tho...view item »

Brood Ma

Brood Ma’s new full-length DAZE is aptly titled: the club-filling heavy rhythms at the core of these tracks are swathed in a mass of digital noise and swirling effects, making for a disorientating listen. Apt, as 21st century cultural warfare is one of Brood Ma’s stated themes. Still danceab...view item »

Virile Strain Transmission

Apostille is the solo project name of Night School records instigator Michael Kasparis. Following his 2015’s debut album ‘Powerless’, ‘Virile Strain Transmission’ EP is an experiment into the unknown, in the words of Kasparis ‘Virile Strain Transmission an attempt to learn by unlearning, to explore all the dou...view item »

Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future

UK dance music originals Underworld return with Barbara, Barbara We Face A Shining Future their first release in six years. The band’s tight synth pop dynamics and heavy, house percussion still feel fresh, as does their commitment to bringing some wit and silliness to electronic music. Available as vinyl L...view item »

Dieter Moebius

In honour of the recently-departed Dieter Moebius of Cluster, Bureau B are now reissuing his 4 most recent solo albums. 1999’s Blotch is a set of electronic compositions that loop loops upon loops, resulting in some fine hypnotic semi-ambient atmospheres. Available on CD or, for the first time, on...view item »


The producer behind Jire is just 20 years old: remarkable when you hear the talent on display here. Zang pokes its head through the door of the club for a while, but mostly prefers to hang out in the abstract computer music suite next door. A cavalcade of frantic digital sonics, lovely stuff. 12” on No Pain In Pop...view item »

DMX Krew
You Exist

Veteran producer (under a plethora of names) DMX Krew lands 9 new tracks of shiny electronics, showcasing an easy mastery of synth-pop, electro, IDM and techno, built up over a lengthy career. The melodies are damn fine and the rhythms are moveable: You Exist gives off fun vibes all round. Released by Hypercolour....view item »

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