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Joe Goddard

Joe Goddard, the bouncy one from Hot Chip and one half of The 2 Bears, also sneaks out solo productions from time to time (remember the addictive power of ‘Gabriel?’). Lasers is just such a thing, a catchy club killer designed for the dance. White label 12” released in...view item »


Chris Douglas makes a welcome return to his Dalglish handle with the first new material under the alias since 2011’s ‘Benacah Drann Deachd’ also on the ...view item »

Otromatic EP

Glitchy and gut-punching electronics that blends between Aphex Twin subtle mania and the occasional Xanopticon hyper-glitch blast beats. Sounds like unravelling chrome scrapes and reversed flurries of electronic squelches tripping into one another with a sly hint at cohesive form, but they can be short lived. In...view item »

Matthew Atkins + Harvey Sharman-Dunn
Quiet Buildings

Quiet Buildings is the result of a good old-fashioned file-sharing collaboration with each artist handing over some source sounds and then processing the other’s sounds. Minimal Resources Manipulation boss Matthew Atkins and Echolocation founder Harvey Sharman-Dunn were the sound-...view item »

Bernard Fevre
Orbit Ceremony 77

Library music is, by definition, pretty obscure, but this one really pushes it. Bernard Fevre’s Orbit Ceremony 77 is an album of library music that was never even released, and was thought lost to the ages. Until a fortunate discovery of the original tapes that is! Now these strange 70’s space-synth pieces c...view item »


Oval, aka Markus Popp, has been a hallmark for electronic quality for decades now, whether we are talking about his influential 90’s glitch extravaganzas or his more recent hyper-pop. Popp is a club-focused record, full of bold and bright digital party vibes and even some vocals! Out on Uovooo, a ...view item »

Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II

Wild action from Pakistan, courtesy of Nawksh, who produces video games as well as music. Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II is a super-powerful brew-up of pretty much everything Nawksh enjoys, with new age sounds, messed-up LA-style beats and general abstract sonic explosions all involved. The results are hea...view item »

15 Years With Echocord

These guys have been pumping their spacey, classy, echoing electronica out of Copenhagen for a decade and a half now. With this landmark comes ‘15 Years With Echocord’, a behemoth of a comp. Fluxion, Arovane, and co cycle their hypnotic beats and resonating fr...view item »

Suzanne Ciani

Synth lady Suzanne Ciani has found a new cult status of late with the inspirational 'Lixiviation' comp on Finders Keepers and a timely reissue of her dreamy 'Seven Waves' on Bird. Now here's a particularly fun addition to your Ciani trove - a 7" on Cache Cache with two funky and futuristic vocoder-heavy pieces she made for Atari in the '80s, one...view item »

Call Super
Black Octagons

Waver The Absolute

Welcome to the first new work from the Sybarite project in a full decade. Waver The Absolute wastes no time in getting things moving again, jumping out with fat waves of static. Then we slip into a classic flurry of warm hazy dancing electronics to lose the mind and body in. Released by Temporary Residence: the vinyl ve...view item »

Collapsing Horizons

Twinkling electronics from Dutch outfit Tangent here on their third album Collapsing Horizons. Each track could be excavated to reveal separate strata: glitchy beats, serene ambience, digital hiss and delicate melodies all coexist neatly together. Released as CD and as coloured vinyl LP on the n5MD label....view item »

BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Soundhouse

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was responsible for nurturing talents such as Delia Derbyshire, and developing madness through experimental hand-cut tape loops and signal generators before synthesizers were available. This is a reissue of the first work made by them with the invention of the first digital polyphoni...view item »

In Drum Play

Pangaea is the recording name for Hessle Audio co-founder Kevin McAuley. In Drum Play features skeletal techno which still bears the intensity of rave that has set maverick experimentalist McAuley apart over the last decade. The album mixes studio craft with the in-your-face sound of hi...view item »

Sleepy Hungry EP

Bonzai is an Irish American youngster whose productions take inspiration from UK Garage and drum'n'bass R & B and Hip Hop. She marries cut up electronic beatery with shards of pop and splintered programming to create a very modern sound from familiar sources. In fact it has been described as punk R & B.  ...view item »


Consisting of Nobuyuki Sakuma   - a member of Japanese synth punks Jesse Ruins - this is a wild ride of chopped noise-tronics and drill like percussion. Sakuma produces a warped and mutant form of juxtaposed electronica  - the percussion is ear splittingly harsh yet beneath there is some semblance of melodic ...view item »
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Rote is what happens when Daniel Avery and Volte-Face get together. Leaning away from Avery’s cleaner techy side with huge dynamic range. With two soundscape tracks that range from harsh clattering metal or glass to dirged out drones, the remaining tracks are distant and almost unassumingl...view item »

Departed Glories

New album from highly-respected ambient electronic maestro Biosphere, his first in 5 years. Departed Glories has the gorgeously cloudy haze of Biosphere’s best work, but imbued with distant fragments of old Eastern...view item »

Ghostdance EP + Selected Cuts

Having put her vocals to tracks by Lapalux and Odesza, Jade Pybus strikes out on her own in full force by preceding her upcoming full length with an EP bundled with a selection of other tracks and a release exclusive. Working with Throwing Snow on the EP and George Fitzg...view item »

Bruce Haak
The Electric Lucifer

A rare slab of 1970 electronics by Bruce Haak. The Electric Lucifer is heavily-laden with dramatic organ and even more dramatic vocals, plus some cutting-edge Moog synths and electronically-tweaked wildness. This has been unavailable for years, but is now reissued in a limited edition of 1000 copies by Telephone Explosi...view item »

The Green Kingdom

Northern stable of audio pastoralism Home Assembly has been hoovering up some fine talent in recent times. Now they're aiming their sights over the Atlantic, towards a man in Michigan, Michael Cottone, who likes to tinker about with twinkly ambient moods, guitar processing & occasional drifty, downtempo beatsmithery. This is another of those...view item »

They Shook Hands For Hours

Fieldhead is Paul Elam from Leeds collective The Declining Winter. Paul currently sports a curious style of beard and is quite often spied in & around the various beer hostels of West Yorkshire with a friendly smile on his chops seeking, or hosting, quality live entertainment. His debut CD proper - 'They Shook Hands For Hours' - is out now, courtes...view item »

I Am On Your Side

The Clint home stereo is the most fickle of mistresses with its Roman Abramovich style approach to hiring and firing each hopeful release daring to kneel before its crown. One disc that has managed to escape its wrath over the past month or so has been this, the excellent third album from...view item »

Sleep Museum
Camouflage Discipline

It’s bloody freezing cold, and it’s 1980 all over again. Minimal synthwave stuff from Brooklyn based Sleep Museum. His stuff always sounds like it’s been found on a shelf, or in a time capsule and dusted off. Unapologetically stuck in the 80s, no contemporary swing. 13 track CDR and single track 7” with a...view item »

Banabila & Machinefabriek

Regular collaborators Michel Banabila and Rutger Zuydervelt are back at it as Banabila & Machinefabrie...view item »

Boom Bip
Sun Choke

Boom Bip is a meticulous creator. With each album he has done for Lex Records showing his huge range of mastery in sampling and pure instrumentation it’s only logical he would be asked to do score work for someone. The pieces are minimal,  droning and synthetic movements that don’t sit with you easily....view item »

Mr Oizo
All Wet

French electronic overlord known as Mr Oizo returns to Ed Banger with a few friends, including Boys Noize, Charli X, Peaches, Siriusmo as well as his much noticed collaboration with EDM superstar Skrillex, which is actually...view item »

Star Alliance

Varg’s Star Alliance, previously a vanishingly-limited 6-tape box-set, now makes it onto vinyl. The Varg sound is electronic but varied, with a slightly dark mood the main point of consistency. Oh and it isn’t the racist black metal Varg by the way, I checked. Double LP (with most of the ori...view item »

Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound

The legendary Soul Jazz label here releases two different sets of exclusive tracks: one load from editions formerly limited only to their Sounds of The Universe record store, one load brand new. Major players here: Heatsick, Hieroglyphic Being, Kassem Mosse… Available as a double...view item »

Amon Tobin
Out From Out Where

My Brazilian god of bits of wire and samples is back with a whole brand new album. You probably don't know what I'm on about and I wouldn't blame you for thinking that. Ninja Tune's biggest act Amon Tobin has a long player rammed with tunes/ sounds which could only eminate from his godly paws.Bi...view item »


London’s Alien Jams imprint follows up their Beatrice Dillon/Karen Gwyer split with a 12” EP from rkss. Strange and peripheral electronics are the order of the day! “Wave” washes out fidgety, hyper-textural knocks with swathes of synths and a kick that steadily hammers you into neighbour-nuisance territor...view item »
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New one on Kranky looks, from the outside, somewhere between a new Pallbearer record and some psych venture -- in reality it's an ambient behemoth, sprawling its Kosmische excursions over a double album that sounds like Harold Budd partnering up with Steve Hauschildt in ...view item »


Vintage Belgian electro action in the style that the Dark Entries label loves so dearly. Zwischenfall recorded and released the Heute EP in 1983, although two tracks heard here have never been pressed to vinyl before. Reissued by Dark Entries in a replica of the original sleeve along with a 6-page booklet of tasty lyric...view item »
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Project Nautilus

Yamaneko crafts atmospheric electronic tracks that swim through the digital detritus of various sound-genres, from instrumental grime to keygen chiptune to new age ambient. The connecting thread on Project Nautilus is the notion of the deep sea, which gives a particularly heavy and isolated texture to the sounds. LP rel...view item »


Half of S U R V I V E have just scored the soundtrack to the 80’s obsessed Stranger Things. A perfect choice considering their material. Grab John Carpenter, College, Gatekeeper, Blanck Mass and a bit of Ben Frost, put ‘em i...view item »

Parallel Lines Converge

With a name like Ommm you'd expect this to be a calming, meditative record, wouldn't you? Well you can give up on that dream right now because this is actually a mind-boggling bit of experimentation for four-track and drum machine, which pushes the limits of tape decay and analogue distortion into unsettling alien realms.  ...view item »

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
The Systems Are Failing

Well, Moby’s back, and he’s pissed. His new incarnation with The Void Pacific Choir removes the pianos and string sections, and the down beat pleasantness. It seems angry, almost Gary Numan inspired electro punk. Huge pounding kick drums, overdriven beds of synths and near shouted, a...view item »

Momentform Accumulations

One from the autumn flurry of Constellation releases, Momentform Accumulations is an offering of instrumental experiments based around ambient, techno and noise, recalling the DJed post-rock of 1-speed-bike from back in the label's old days. Automatisme is the project of the Que...view item »

Xeno & Oaklander

Fifth album of analogue-synthesised electro-pop songcraft from this Brooklyn duo. Xeno & Oaklander’s songs are stately and aloof in that classic distant-stare synth-pop way: this could easily be a lost find from a central European country in the late 80’s, though it was recorded in the Tom Tom Club...view item »

Steve Spacek
Follow Me

If his Discogs page is telling the truth, then this is Steve Spacek's first solid release since 2009, on Eglo Records no less! Oh, and the page also says that his brother is apparently D-Bridge. Give this man some credit on his own, jeez. Expect some extremely soulful house action across the course of this 12", if the title track is anythin...view item »

From Patterns to Details

With a couple of releases under his belt with Tri-angle records, and his debut full-length on Loopy, FIS has moved to Subtext for his follow up to 2015’s The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now. Since starting to release with Tri-angle FIS has moved into more free flowing electronic experimentations that ...view item »

Todd Terje
Snooze 4 Love (Dixon & Luke Abbott Rmxs)

A slice of excellent and lovely Todd Terje gets looked at in two new ways by two fairly different producers. The UK’s Luke Abbott adds a warm ambient haze over the whole thing, while Berlin producer and bakery owner (it's true, look it up) Dixon puts Snooze 4 Love on an intensive ...view item »

Death in Vegas
Consequences Of Love (Chris & Cosey Remix)

Death In Vegas have secured the original dark synth-poppers themselves for a remix of their Consequences Of Love: Chris & Cosey! On top of the fact that the original track was developed with Sasha Grey, that makes for one sexy-sleek set. This 12” contains both original and rem...view item »

Hiss Tracts
Shortwave Nights

Two debut albums in the space of a month from Constellation. When was the last time that happened? The LP of angular indie rock from Montreal's Ought is very good of course, but this Hiss Tracts one is a different kettle of fish entirely (I don't mean it's bad!). It's a droney affair from the veteran superduo of Dav...view item »

Xander Harris
California Chrome

Fresh American synth-wizardry from Austin, Texas. Xander Harris knows his electronic history and clearly loves a good John Carpenter soundtrack, and he feeds all his experience into California Chrome, his new full-length on Rock Action. The drum machines are big and the synth melodies are bright: there ...view item »

Rub Remixed

Of course, we love peaches: they’re tasty and succulent. Peaches, the Canadian singer, is the same, but more intense. And now you can relive the experience of discovering 2015’s Rub, thanks to the Rub Remixed double vinyl release. Featuring reworkings by Maya Jane Coles, ...view item »

Duke St. Workshop
Hospital / Cyclone Fence

If you've been paying close attention you may remember The Duke St Workshop from that superb CD they brought out last year and sold out almost instantly. The press release says that the A side is "about the safety of a Hospital environment (or any seemingly safe environment) being breached by some external force". It starts out with some barely-...view item »

Off World

Jazz folk song-warper Sandro Perri is no stranger to thee Constellation record releasing orchestra, though with new band Off World he takes a different tack. On 1 this fledgling band of musicians contribute to the label's triple-bill of instrumental Autumn releases, using a...view item »


Houston producer Rabit has an electrically-fired approach to club sounds, throwing in a teeming soundscape of clicking audio detritus along with his hammering beats. Communion, his first full-length for Tri Angle, is not only the most developed his sound has been to date, but is also the most emotionally charged, fuelle...view item »

Radioactive Man
Dub Vault Vol. 2

Banging materials from Radioactive Man, aka Keith Tenniswood. The 3 tracks heard here were pulled out from the Dub Vault, where they’ve been languishing for the last 10 years. That time given these productions plen...view item »
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Step in digital post-reality with IOKOI, who makes her debut with this album. Liquefy is electronic pop that slithers around what you expect to hear, deploying beautifully strange textures and production design. The vibe is Holly Herndon-inspired, approaching a state of post-humanity. Out on the -OUS la...view item »

Aphex Twin
Richard D James

In a career full of brilliant music, this could possibly be one Aphex Twin's high-water marks, widely popular at the time of release. It introduced his pulverising 'drill and bass' techniques, moving him away from his acid 'n' ambience beginnings. Contains several classics such as 'Cornish Acid', 'Girl/Boy Song' etc. ...view item »

Mush Space

Conditional introduce Moxus, an electronic artist from Tokyo. Mush Space is a mix of jangling synths, almost bumping into each other accidentally. It is delicate electronica and has a distinct Japanese feel to it in its idiosyncrasies. An unusual and refreshing album. Limited edition of ...view item »

Yrs Ago / Animus

After getting his initial releases down with Fulcrum and School Records London’s Paleman found himself right at home on Loefah’s Swamp 81 imprint. The two tracks here are precise and minimal electro drum tracks, with everything perfectly placed never too much going on, every element acting as percuss...view item »

Butcher Bear
Don't Save Yourself

Butcher Bear slams the listener with some heavy-tasty hip-hop on Don’t Save Yourself, a set that uses a lot of live instrumentation as well as booming samples. Plenty of MCs contribute, and don’t forget the fresh remixes (exclusive to this release) from Shit & Shine and Ras G and...view item »
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Os Ovni
Let's Leave Reality

Os Ovni are an electro-pop duo from Florida. Let’s Leave Reality is their debut album. Psychedelic synthesizer experimentation with glistening harmonies -- speeding through space and time --portray a future world in which we’ll all be looking over our shoulders. Let’s Leave Reality is ava...view item »
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Something Cold

Here's a compilation called 'Something Cold' on a label called 'Something Cold'. It's becoming apparent on listening to the chilly platter in question that that something is a wave. A cold wave. I'm learning from the press release that Something Cold is a live showcase in Detroit set up in 2009 for "minimal synth, coldwave and industrial...view item »

DJ Bookworms

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Bogus Order
The Bullnose Step EP

Jonathan More and Matt Black aka Coldcut aka Ninja Tune founders are, aka, Bogus Order. Reviving the name after 26 years and featuring production from acid luminaries Air Liquide (only relatively) new-blood Ital Tek. So expect some truly solid a...view item »

Chapter II

Tlön is a collaborative project of Liam Mcconaghy and Stuart Chalmers. Whilst also working within projects Drachmae Lucky Strength, Microdeform, Chapter II is the follow up to their debut release on Birkhouse records in 2014, showcasing their almos...view item »

Slow Love EP

After remixing Lakker on R&S, Lahun has been snapped up by Apollo. Open and sparse but filled with texture and soul, his work falls around James Blake and J Dilla with a palette affected by a 90s rave scene background. Huge developing pads, slow shuffles, and with Sa...view item »
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Yello, the Oh Yeah-producing synth-pop pioneers, are back with a thirteenth album, having been quiet for a whole nine years. Toy is as fun and groovy as the Swiss group’s classic stuff, with darkly deadpan vocals over bouncy synths. Double LP or CD editions on Universal. The cover is yello-wy which must b...view item »

Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop An Echo (Deluxe Edition)

Antoni Maiovvi & Umberto
Law Unit

‘Law Unit’ is the latest release on Death Waltz Originals by retro futurists Umberto (Prophecy Of The Black Widow, Night Has A Thousand Screams) and Antoni Maiovvi (Yellow, Delta City). The resulting ten tracks explore the possibilities of early experimental, industrial music through disharmonious, reflective synths, determined apoca...view item »

Factory Floor
25 25

Eagerly-awaited second full-length album from Factory Floor, now operating as a duo. 25 25 continues the group’s journey straight to the heart of the dancefloor, with a tightly stripped-down, boldly minimal approach. Synths and drums and vocals alike are strictly controlled for maximum industrial efficiency. CD or...view item »

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek

Masayoshi Fujita prepares his vibraphone with pieces of metal, toys, and percussion while Jan Jelinek layers his micro loops around his performance. Their second collaborative album after playing live together for ages, the result is a bizarrely jazzy minimal electronic soundscape, kind of James Bond bad guy esq...view item »

Identity Theft
From My Cold Dead Hands

Low down and dirty analogue synth and drum machine sessions from Oakland CA’s Identity Theft. With releases on Cuss Fetish and Katabatik, moving over to Record Label Records the cassette is head to toe straight up electronica with no strict rules, tempo changes and themes rule, sometimes grooved out, other times caustic....view item »

Close Up

Crem'e’s debut on Alpha Pup is absolutely stunning in its soulful and personal nature whilst being so inviting. Reminiscent of Balam Acab in it’s heart string and self-reflection effect, with the production punch of Clams Casino. Deep and rolling sub bass, ethereal and layered vocal ...view item »

The Pool
Dance It Down / Jamaica Running

Patrick Keel’s new wave dance experiments from 1983 were received so well by DJs at the time that he reworked them into faster versions and dub tracks specifically for mixing. So, here Dark Entities have collected the originals as well as the dance re-edits and two “european” mixes from the 12” released a...view item »

Blackmass Plastics
Under The Radar

Blackmass Plastics drops 8 new tracks on the Ugly Funk label, keenly playing up to label type with rough dancefloor killers that are presented without smooth edges. Under The Radar, which sprawls over 2 12”s, is a mutant thing that collects up tracks that have made a bi...view item »
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DVA [Hi:Emotions]

DVA has appended his [Hi:Emotions] sub-moniker to this new album, which sets it out as a slightly looser, wilder entity. NOTU_URONLINEU, which was recorded in the dark, is an amazing listen that feels as much like free electronic improvisation as it does a set of club tracks: acid synth lines and unexpe...view item »

Midnite Spares

Melbourne crate diggers Instant Peterson and Andras Fox compile this cheeky little compilation of the strange and wonderful avantgarde pop underbelly of Australia (and some from further afield) from the 80s and 90s. With Poets of the Machine “playing Arabs in the park” and Mix asking you about your m...view item »

The Invisible
Life's Dancers (Floating Points Remix)

The Invisible’s lauded ‘Patience’ LP now yields a track with the full Floating Points treatment. Sam Shepherd drops the science (and a cello) to rework ‘Life’s Dancers’ into a fine space-funk epic. Plus he produced a new track on the flip. Busy boy. 180g black 12&rdqu...view item »

Ricardo Donoso

This is the sonic aspect of an audio-visual piece developed in collaboration with Florence To, originally diffused at a massive electro-acoustic dome in Montreal. Ricardo Donoso has written piano and string parts and subjected them to grand electronic man...view item »

Post Edit de un Cromosoma

Coming straight outta Chile, this UK debut from producer Jimmy Pizzaro re-imagines the classic Mille Plateaux "clicks and cuts" microbeat sound adding jazzy chords and lush arrangements to create a glistening modern day take on the micro-house genre.  This wonderfully packaged double LP will particularly appeal to fans of SND, Aphex Tw...view item »

Asa-Chang & Junray
Jun Ray Song Chang

Jun Ray Song Chang brought Asa-Chang (working here with Junray) to the attention of many back in 2001 when it was first release, thanks partly to the championing John Peel. The melding of East-Asian percussion, delicate melodies and tiny tweaks of electronic processing makes for an...view item »

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is the new solo project from Joe Williams, who previously recorded as White Williams. Joe's 'Motion Graphics' set was put together over a 2-year period and contains widescreen electronic pop melded with ambient sounds filtered through dusty, dusky city-scapes. CD comes with a 10 inch poster; the LP with ...view item »

Sankt Otten + N
Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik

Sankt Otten are a krautrock duo who have reached the dizzy heights of their tenth full-length album. Every piece on Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik grew out of in-depth studio improvisations with guitarist friend N on hand, and the results are pretty damn droney. CD / double LP release on Denov...view item »


New album from Petrels, aka Oliver Barrett. Jör∂ drags the listener in straight away with a swooning choral arrangement that rises up out of a windy drone, and it carries on from that point with woodwinds, pop songs, electronics and all sorts, all swirling cinematically. Released by Denovali....view item »

Croatian Amor
Love Means Taking Action

Croatian Amor is one of many projects helmed by Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation. It leans away from the sharp noise he often dabbles in, instead presenting some pretty shimmery synth songs. Love Means Taking Action  is a joint release between Posh Isolation and Luke Younger’s A...view item »

Cristian Vogel
The Assistenz

Another major statement of electronic music by Christian Vogel. The Assistenz was recorded in Copenhagen with rich array of synthesisers and creative programming techniques. This record could stand just as well in the middle of the dancefloor as in an academic electronic music lab. The Assistenz is released by ...view item »

Throw Down

Coming out right at the end of our (ever)fair British summer, maybe this could help it continue for a few more weeks. Kiwi’s cover of Carmen’s 1986 cult/club classic Throwdown brings a 4/4 disco club version and a lofi keys led latin percussion version on the back, both are surefire inside s...view item »

Sam Grant / Joseph Curwen / Daniel Rejmer / Stanier Black-Five

The Railcables series presents its 2016 edition. As ever, four inventive musicians have been asked to produce a piece centered around the idea of train travel. Between them, Stanier Black-Five, Joseph Curwen, Sam Grant and Daniel Rejmer all have stacks of experience wit...view item »

Le Revelateur

The abstract electronic duo Le Revelateur here participate in Dekorder’s ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ series: this is the ninth edition. ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ is a new variation on the format, containing high-quality audio on one side of the record and a picture-disc image on the other. Best of both worlds. The wild ...view item »

Mickey Pearce

Mickey Pearce (aka Shortstuff's Richard Attley)'s debut album is a mixed affair. Whilst a lot of the tracks here inhabit the familiar post dubstep landscape we would expect them to, there are others which veer downbeat, some optimistically and upliftingly so, and others with a dark kind of edge. Expect the unexpected....view item »

Hope and Harrow
Blue Electric

Peter Hope of The Box first teamed up with David Harrow, who had previously worked with Anne Clark, in 1985 to make the 'Sufferhead' EP. Over 30 years later, Hope and Harrow bestow upon us 'Blue Electric', an avant-garde but beat-driven collection. Harrow provides the Sheffield funk and Hope's spoken no...view item »


First release under the Datach’I name by Joseph Fraioli in a decade: it may be that he was spending all that time building up the monstrous Eurorack modular synthesiser system that System was entirely recorded with...view item »

The Quietened Bunker

Here we go with a compilation which explores abandoned Cold War installations that would be refuge places for the stricken populace should the button be prodded. It's part of the A Year in the Country project which aims to discover the strangeness which sits underneath the British countryside.  here's a track list which demonstrates that it...view item »

Body of Light
Let Me Go

The Arizonan brothers who make up Body of Light are having a great time here emulating their (presumed) childhood heroes: Let Me Go is a full-blown synth-pop album of grand proportions, with bold drums and darkwave-influenced vocals. They’ve done such a great job that you might assume this was a 1980’s reiss...view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1

Real heavyweight collaboration right here! King Midas Sound, Kevin Martin’s vehicle for enormous bass and dark soulful songs, join up with none other than Fennesz, the wizard of electronically processed guitar haze. The resultant Edition 1 is a suitably weighty and textured trip, ...view item »

Matthew Atkins
Imaginary Cartography

Imaginary Cartography is a suite of field recordings augmented with piano, cymbals and the like, subtly blended by Matthew Atkins. There are literally only 15 copies of this release in circulation, in a hand-stamped CDr edition put together by the Minimal Resource Manipulatio...view item »

White Glue

Electronic trio Wrangler, headed by Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, release 'White Glue', an album rich in analogue synthesisers and surreal minimalism. Assisted by Phil Winter of folktronica stalwarts Tunng, and producer / synthesiser fanatic Benge, Wrangler do feverish rushing techno with rich layered vocals. Available on vinyl or cd....view item »


Tangibly thick, mostly beatless, electronic tracks from Konx-om-Pax. A lot of this record feels like peak-hour rave tracks but with most of the rhythm stripped out, leaving the bright melodies and the textures of the synths to do the ecstasy-generating work. No problem there: Caramel is as sweet as it claims to be. On P...view item »

Boreal Network
Itasca Road Trip

Boreal Network is the project of Seattle’s Nicole Johnson, and Itasca Road Trip is a set of compositions that caused a bit of a stir with the original Bandcamp release. This is the first vinyl appearance for the album, with beautiful new artwork on the More Than Human label, and it’s bound t...view item »
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Lena Platonos
Red Axes Remix

In the obscure scene of Greek electronic music pioneers Leon Platonos is an icon. On Red Axes Remix her rich synth compositions, spoken lyrics and love of the Roland TR-808 are reconfigured by house and techno producers Red Axes. The duo turn the material into dance-floor monsters influenced by ...view item »

Milk EP

Norwich based producer JHassall mixes elements of no-wave, abstract noise and four-to-the-floor techno that is simultaneously atonal and danceable. Abrasive industrial scrapes are arranging percussively and clatter around each other in a playful manner making them highly listenable tracks. Jarring, but in a great way. This is th...view item »

Frankie Reyes
Boleros Valses y Mas

Frankie Reyes (the same dude who releases as Gifted & Blessed) uses his synthesizer to recall and reconnect with popular tunes from his Latin background. Although there are some super-synthy sounds involved, a lot of Boleros Valses y Mas just lets the lovely old tunes shine through unencumbered, giv...view item »

Four Tet (Fourtet)
Kool FM/Kool FM (Bliss Mix)

Four Tet is continuously honing his style like some kind of aural sponge. Along with Dan Snaith (of Caribou fame) as Daphni, these two are breaking new ground in terms of genre but also in terms of their respective labels - Snaith's ...view item »

Teilzeit Swag

Berlin based Heimer’s got a bit of everything going in his little mixing pot, with the stop start stabs of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, and the cheeky groove of Débruit, spanning hip-hop, dubstep and chiptune it’s fun and big-room danceable. After we got a taste...view item »


The Bigo & Twigetti label invited their artists to give them something on the simple theme of Summer, and here are the results. The sequencing of this 8 track compilation takes the listener from the unadorned acoustic instruments of artists like Aisha Orazbayeva and her violin to Antonymes’ el...view item »

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