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Air Pacific EP

Four mid-tempo doof-wedges from the man born Taylor Freels here. With tunes entitled ‘Cinnamon Boys’ and ‘Easy Going Greg’ don’t go expecting doom-techno or anything like that. That said, these tunes are fun, affable and just as enjoyable in your room as they would be on the dancefloor. The title track whizzes and p...view item »

Lil Jabba

Grotto documents what Lil Jabba has been up to since he moved to Brooklyn, NYC a couple of years ago. Turns out: quite a lot. Grotto (named after Jabba’s studio) jumps around plenty of different styles, sometimes merging jungle rhythms, dub production and samples of piping into one addict...view item »

Dro Carey
Queensberry Rules feat. KUČKA

Returning after a mini hiatus from his relentlessly great release schedule, Dro Carey is back on vinyl 12” from Soothsayer. Queensbury Rules sees the house-not-house producer joined by KUČKA on vocals, and he just about manages to keep his experimental ideas in check...view item »


With shades of house, techno and IDM, Misantrop emerges from obscurity to present his hypnotic four track debut, Limerence. Expect progressive analog beats and wobbly bass lines as Misantrop slowly tweaks the parameters to create an atmosphere of edge-of-seat electricity.&nbs...view item »

Games and Dreams

Experimental house artist, Shamos, is back with his second release that brings much of the same in terms of music experimentation but this time with a much more rounded and intimate feeling that starts to look outside the house genre, and begins to touch on techno and more solid beats. Games and Dreams is a four...view item »

Peder Mannerfelt

Fresh from a release on Joy Orbison/Will Bankhead’s Hinge Finger, Peder Mannerfelt hops over to Jackmaster’s Numbers for three curious slabs of sort-of-techno. The title track recalls the best bits of late-90s Eurodance as well as Peaches at her most brazen. Very coo...view item »

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates
Remain Calm

Mica Levi / Micachu is a truly busy and multifaceted artist: as well as her work with The Shapes and her orchestral compositions, she takes on new projects like a duck takes to water. This duo record with cellist Oliver Coates was born out of improvisations which were then taken...view item »


Cirque is Biosphere’s turn-of-the-century album, initially released in the year 2000 on Touch. Being the fourth Biosphere record, Cirque presents the perfectly-distilled form of his gorgeous a...view item »


Minimal neo-classical pianist and composer Ólafur Arnalds joins Janus Rasmussen to release under the name Kiasmos, a Scandinavian project that investigates the intersection between Arnalds acoustic compositions and Rasmussen's drenched-in-synth pop music. Lots of wonderful should-be-contradictions arise, such as drum machines next to stri...view item »

Andrew Liles
Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals and Disastrous Dentistry)

The ever busy, ever mystic Andrew Liles (of Nurse With Wound and Current 93) is dabbling into Matmos territory with the latest installment of his Monster series, which has a medical theme. Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals and Disastrous Dentistry) uses ma...view item »

DJ Rashad

Afterlife brings together the most exciting names in footwork to pay tribute to the much-missed DJ Rashad. This double vinyl LP and CD contains collaborations with Rashad from DJ Earl , Traxman, DJ Manny, DJ Spinn and even more producers making ...view item »

DJ Taye
Move Out EP

Hyperdub furthers its footwork fascination with another care package from Chi-town’s Teklife mainstay DJ Taye. Opening the Move Out EP is the DJ Manny-featuring “Burnin Ya Boa”, which showcases the sort of rhythmically-chopped vocals we’ve come to expect. Outside of that, the track’s a curiously mau...view item »

Richard H. Kirk
#7489 (collected works 1974 - 1989)

Sheffield has housed many electronic music pioneers, of which Richard H. Kirk was one of the greatest. Alongside his work with Cabaret Voltaire he was producing his own solo works long before, during and after. This collection precedes the group, with a massive 8 CDs of solo dance experiments. Includes his first...view item »

Super Heavy Metal
Music For Cymbals

Super Heavy Metal is a solo project from drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug, taking his project name literally. This isn’t metal music, but music made entirely from metal: Music For Cymbals indeed. Furuhaug uses unusual preparations and techniques, as well as sampling and looping, to ...view item »

Via App
Sixth Stitch

Uneasy, distorted and mangled experimental electronics from Via App. Occasionally dipping into a hard hitting techno form, but never for long enough for anything to settle. Heavily destroyed samples of modular noises, overdriven realworld sounds and god knows what, it plays out like a ghost in a machine, chaotic and constantly t...view item »

Steve Hauschildt

Steve Hauschildt, formerly of synth-wizards Emeralds, is still going strong as a solo artist: this is his fourth solo record for the ever-excellent Kranky label. Strands is a particularly personal release for Hauschildt, as it engages with aspects of his Cleveland hometown. Expect all t...view item »

Diseno Corbusier

Avant-garde does not do this record justice - this is extreme experimentalism, in a way that others wouldn't dare attempt. Stadia, the third full-length offering by Spanish-based electronic duo Diseno Corbusier, is a haywire concoction including spasming drums, female yelps and elec...view item »

Anterior Space

HOLOVR is the work of Jimmy Billingham, a busy producer with a handful of other aliases on the go as well (Venn Rain, Tidal, Holographic Mind...view item »

Orchids & Wasps

Please welcome new producer GIL, presenting their debut EP on the Danse Noire imprint. Orchids & Wasps gets busy with some of that sweet mutant club sound, wherein addictive rhythms and samples are stacked up so tall that the listener / dancer becomes ecstatically overwhelmed. J.G. Biberkopf and ...view item »

Alex Coulton
Gamma Ray Burst

If you like bass tones and kick patterns that mess with your heart rate, and the polyrhythmic percussion of artists such as Joe, Manchester based Alex Coulton should be well known to you already. With releases on Idle Hands, Black Acre, Bloc and this being his fourth, but debut full length, on low-end lords Temp...view item »

Jam Money
A Gathering Kind

A Gathering Kind is built from half-instruments - charity shop keyboards, damaged guitars, music boxes, family heirlooms and that. Where such projects can descend into  amateurism and half-arsedness, it’s an impressive feat that Kevin Cormack and Mathew Fowler have fashioned such a friendly and beguiling record. It’s ti...view item »

Last Night On The Planet

Wolverhampton-based production duo Letherette return with sophomore album Last Night On The Plant via Ninja Tune label. Including the crisp beats and glugging bass lines of the dancefloor-ready Shanel, this 10-track offering ventures house, electr...view item »

Flurry Of Delusion

Flurry Of Delusion was originally a collection of sounds improvised with Giuseppe Ielasi. But of course, as with anything that comes from the mind of RLW (Ralf Wehowsky), nothing is as it seems. A vibrant mix of improvised industrial and computer-music gives birth to this dispar...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani
FRKWYS Vol. 13: Sunergy

Synth maestro of the present meets synth maestro of the past AND present in the next chapter of the intergenerational FRKWYS series from RVNG Intl. Since they've both twiddled, bleeped and blooped for the good of all things vibrant, textural and chill, this promises to be a wondrous and rich collaboration....view item »

L'appel du Midi à Midi Pile

Debut album from Theoreme. L’appel du Midi á Midi Pile is a bold songs record delivered with the attitude of someone who’s been in a weird band or two. Pretty rad stuff for those who aren’t too fussed about the dividing lines. Vinyl LP release on the Bruit Direct Disques imprint....view item »

Lawson Benn
Heat Your Room For Eight Pence Per Day They Said EP

Lawson Benn, known for his Public Order NTS radio show but thus far lesser-spotted in terms of releases, now has the marvellously-titled Heat Your Room For Eight Pence Per Day They Said EP out on Lapsus Records. Three cutting-edge advanced techno originals from Benn, plus remixes from M...view item »

Selected Deep House Anthems

Don’t let the title fool you, Selected Deep House Anthems contains some of the rawest, no-wave electro ever committed to wax. Smersh specialised in noisy, unrefined acid and techno that borrowed from EBM and post-punk and is ripe for rediscovery. This much-needed pressing comes from the Dark Entrie...view item »

808: The Music

808 is a documentary about a drum machine, the much-loved Roland TR-808. Naturally, the star machine is at the centre of the film’s soundtrack, which is released separately as 808: The Music. Original tracks from artists like Lil Wayne engage with the unique rhythms of the Roland. CD / double LP release f...view item »

Don Harper
Cold Worlds (Gate)

A previously unreleased Doctor Who score mastered from the original tapes. Includes additional electronic tracks from Don Harper's catalogue and music featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. A collection of Horror-Electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centring on a previously ...view item »


Saints is a film about the distant and isolated island of Saint Helena, for which Hiele has provided the soundtrack. Appropriately for the nature of the film, Hiele has pulled back on the beats somewhat, choosing instead to emphasise the droning qualities of clarinets and strings and the like, over the ...view item »

Blessed Initiative
Blessed Initiative

Deep work here from the classically trained Yair Elazar Glotman aka Blessed Initiative. This record is a piece of sound art composition built out of foley recordings, micro-tonal instrumental textures, tape manipulations and much more besides, resulting in a work that constantly twists and turns around the liste...view item »

Discography 2010 - 2012

If you’re into Posh Isolation and Sacred Bones type stuff, you will dig the gnarliness within on this collection that brings together all of Pierre Marc-Tremblay’s Contrepoison releases between 2010 and 2012. The record features, among many other things, tracks from a split that he did with ...view item »

Message To Bears
Carved From Tides

Jerome Alexander AKA Message To Bears presents his fourth LP, a soothing collection of ambient/post-rock-ish pieces which serve as an appropriate backdrop for the following activities: 1) stargazing 2) rainy-day relaxation 3) driving through majestic countryside 4) my personal favourite: crying into a pillow. ...view item »

Rain Temple

2814 are in the business of shimmering electronic ambience, operating with a distinctly dreamy aesthetic. Rain Temple could be the soundtrack to an area of Metroid Prime, or an animation about future Tokyo. It is released, suitably enough, on the Dream Catalogue label, as a very attractive double LP set....view item »

Fogh Depot

In continuing a journey through the avant-garde style melding a genres, Fogh Depot releases a highly off-kilter 7-track offering. Comprised of mainly nu-jazz, modern classical and electronic experimentalism, Turmalinurm is a wondrous and sprawling mix of drone, noise and melancholic melody...view item »

Snow Ghosts

British folktronica duo Snow Ghosts' latest offering is a collation of their two 2016 single releases, Lied and Vetiver. The release also includes a bonus remix from noise artist Prurient. Formed in 2008 as a merger of their aliases Throwing Snow and Aug...view item »

Chosen Atmospheric Pieces

Portland based producer Marius Libman’s Copy project is a slow builder, with large gaps between releases he re-approaches his writing technique to develop his electronica which is steeped in chiptune cheekiness. A break away from the playful 8-bit tones of his previous releases, while the forms are still p...view item »

John Bender
Plaster Falling

Plaster Falling is an under-appreciated work of weirdo synth-song, produced by one John Bender back in 1981. The songs on this record feel isolated, built in a bedroom rather than a studio, according to Bender’s exact specifications. This is the first time that Plaster Falling has been re...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler / Schneider TM

Members of two different generations of talented German experimentalists are brought together via posthumous collaboration. Schneider™ was granted access to the huge audio archive of Conrad Schnitzler, and decided to make an album by live-processing the Schnitzler synth signals into cool n...view item »

Love Songs: Part Two

London-based DJ and producer Romare returns with his 10-track album, Love Songs: Part Two. Romare's production style incorporates idiosyncratic usage of samples, steady beats, and a constantly evolving world of sound which never fails to sustain intrigue. Released as white vinyl double LP, ...view item »

Whities 009

Less-than-usual pop sounds from the other sides of the tracks, that's what Reckonwrong has for us on his new two-tracker. Whities 009 contains two strange jams rich in 80’s production touches: chunky bass and warped vocals. Be bewildered by the sounds of Reckonwrong! 12” release on the Whiti...view item »

Monument Builders

Drummer and saxophonist for Destroyer but If you haven’t heard any of Loscil’s 12 albums this is as good a place as any to start. Warm synthesis, subtle dubby chords meet field sampling in an ambient space-capturing setting, a sense of place and the grandeur within it. Droney, but so very musical. &n...view item »

Nicolas Jaar

Since completing an album with Dave Harrington as Darkside, Nicolas Jaar is back on his solo efforts since his last studio full length Space Is Only Noise. Experimental electronic beats galore, Jaar’s multiple skills as an engineer, producer, and performer make everything he touch...view item »

Epoch Sinus

PYUR is an artist with a very personal approach towards her sound, which sits somewhere between club electronics and abstract sound design electronics. Epoch Sinus is her debut full-length, and it is positively dripping with little sonic details to delight the ear. A very strong start. Released by Hotflush....view item »

Night Call

Electro doesn't get much better than this. And no wonder when you have a killer collaboration that is Daft Punk and SebastiAn. Lovefoxxx's vocals against that French electro sound and this is a no-mistake purchase. Highly recommended....view item »

J.G. Biberkopf
Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess

J.G. Biberkopf’s new album Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess is constructed from field recordings that have been super-processed into a digital post-club sound-soup. And what’s more, the record also comes with a book exploring the same concepts through essay and advanced design. Out on Knives....view item »

The Forest / The Wald

The Forest / The Wald is a study and collection of work that reflects on fragments and echoes of tales from the woodland and its folklore; greenwood rituals performed in the modern day, fantastical childhood rhymes, sylvan siren calls that tremble through tangles of branches, electronics pressed into the summoning of otherworl...view item »

Power Glove
Trials Of The Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)

Trials Of The Blood Dragon is a new game, but in a vintage style, allowing the soundtrack to revisit familiar 80’s tropes through 2016 lenses. Power Glove go hard on the synth arpeggios and big drum machines: it really does sound like 1986! Out on CD and double pink vinyl LP, courtesy of Invada....view item »


Dama is the first album from TITAN in ages (over a decade), and it won’t disappoint those who’ve been waiting for the Mexican electronicists return. Especially as TITAN have welcomed such illustrious guests as Siobhan Fahey, Egyptian Lover and Gary N...view item »

Illum Sphere

Earlier days on the Fat Cat roster built to Manchester producer Illum Sphere finding his rightful home at Ninja tunes, and in Glass we find his second full length for them. A darker and more concise beat led outing, and probably as “straight up” as Illum Sphere goes, with a clear and defined...view item »

Adam Betts
Colossal Squid

Adam Betts loves percussive overload, whether from IDM-style overdriven drum machines or from actual live drums. For his debut solo album, he throws plenty of both into the mix for a frantic fractal of super-math rhythm explosions. Betts is the drummer for Three Trapped Tigers, so you know he kn...view item »

Moon Temple
Part I

Moon Temple is the solo business of Gabriel Andruzzi, who coyly hints at his previous musical activity in his press release (I’ll spill the beans: he was in The Rapture). Part 1 of his double vinyl solo debut (released separately) is a proper electronic exploration of both acidic ...view item »

Moon Temple
Part II

Moon Temple is the solo business of Gabriel Andruzzi, who coyly hints at his previous musical activity in his press release (I’ll spill the beans: he was in The Rapture). Part II of his double vinyl solo debut (the two halves are released separately) is tasty stuff to suit a varie...view item »


Six tracks from EMG, alternating between tracks precisely tuned for dancing and tracks that go a little further out: check the glitch-beat and bass-hum minimalism of ‘Street Run’ for example. The obliquely-titled 255 is released in a limited edition o...view item »

Via App
Secret Rotation

Brooklyn’s Via App drops a four-tracker on the NYC off-kilter techno imprint BANK. The 1080p affiliate’s latest shows off her versatility: “Extraction” pumps with an antsy groove, whilst “Living Decoration” throbs with hyper-precise mechanical samples. The record closes out with a proper clang...view item »


The anarchic nature of Philly duo WOLF DEM is no more apparent than on Hydrophobia. Pushing the boundaries of techno (and in fact anything else out there at the moment) the four-track collection is characterised by schizophrenic computer software - malfunctioning and convulsing in every ...view item »

Joel Grind

Inspired by the likes of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Fabio Frizzi and Jean Michel Jarre is Equinox - Joel Grind's latest expedition. Using a retro collection of synths such as the Moog Sub 37 and the Elektron Analog Rythm, the Pennsylvania-born pioneer adds...view item »

Christian Löffler

Soft and isolated sounding electronica filled with field sampling, simple and beautful melodies and organic textures, for his second album Christian Löffler moved away from sample based production and recorded everything himself, capturing his space and producing organically. With four tracks featuring long time collaborato...view item »

Kollektion 06 :1971-1981 Compiled By John McEntire

John McEntire of Tortoise and The Sea And Cake was given free reign to compile his choicest Cluster cuts from the years 1971-1981, and what cuts they are. The magical komische sound of Cluster floats lighter than air, but these electronic spirituals seep deep in...view item »

A Beat Of Silence

The latest release from Rayon, aka Markus Archer, aka singer of The Notwist. Though A Beat of Silence is a quiet and considered record, several of the numbers here create ambient textures via the use of organic rather than effect-laden instrumentation. See how the title track and &lsquo...view item »


The three musicians who comprise Automat are not only Berlin based, but also seeped in the musical history of that city. From krautrock, to dub techno and early electro, OstWest is a showcase for the group’s musical versatility, combining post-rock acoustic elements, with taut drum machine progra...view item »

Space Art
Play Back

Space Art are a notable example of French electronic pop music, active in the late 70’s. The obvious comparison is Jean-Michel Jarre (with whom they often worked), but Space Art had their own cosmic electro journey going on. Third album Play Back contains a grand three-part space ...view item »

Space Art
Space Art

Space Art are a notable example of French electronic pop music, active in the late 70’s. The obvious comparison is Jean-Michel Jarre (with whom they often worked), but Space Art had their own cosmic electro journey going on. This is their 1977 debut record, reissued on vinyl by Because Mus...view item »

Black Manual
Mordendo Remixed

Black Manual released Mordendo in 2013 through Brigade Commerz. Fusing life tribal percussion and destructive electronics the result was a distant flurry of experimentation and rhythm fighting with each other. The pieces have been palmed over to the fitting hands of Cut Hands, EmptySet&...view item »

My Cube

Hello. You have thirty minutes to move your cube. In the meantime, listen to ‘My Cube’, by Cube, possibly about cubes. This is their very first LP but unlike a baby’s first steps it is not at all adorable, instead pushing distorted synth-punk through a lens of unkind noi...view item »


If you're looking to close your eyes and be taken on a vivid, progressive sonic journey, there are few records more suitable than this. Berlin-based electronic producer Subheim presents his brand of distinguished and beautifully crafted ambient/downtempo music, with 2016 EP Trails. Expec...view item »

Luke Vibert / With You. / Clap! Clap!
Africable / Kulira / No Resistance

As part of an exciting new project, the bulging archives of the International Library of African Music have been opened to a range of contemporary producers. On this 12”, With You, Luke Vibert and Clap! Clap! all make a track using Hugh Tracy’s recordings (made over ...view item »

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Stranger Things: Season 1 - Volume 1

I don't really have to sell this to you do I? First up it's the soundtrack for Netflix new telly programme that Phil tells me is good. Secondly it has a synth vibe reminiscent of all those synth guys you know and love. You can bet your house that the first name I'm going to throw at you is John Carpenter closely followed by...view item »

Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle
Candida Cosmica

Patrick Cowley is often uttered in the same breath as Giorgio Moroder as being a pioneer of electronic dance music, and is probably most known for being a leading producer of the “Hi-NRG” sound. Candida Cosmica is a much more minimal affair, a collaboration with his roommate of the time ...view item »

Jemh Circs
Jemh Circs

Marc Richter is well known under his Black To Comm moniker, with releases on Type and Dekorder. He has kept this latest project under wraps, quite successfully. The product of scouring YouTube for pop vocals Jemh Circs brings an almost vaporwave artificiality and pop culture clash, droning and m...view item »

Katie Gately

All made up from Katie Gately’s huge libraries of field recordings, chopped, stretch and skewed into monstrous, and at times unsettling..what is this? Avant-pop? It’s heavy, but with bizarre catchy rhythms and vocal hooks, all layered to the verge of chaos. Sounds somewhere between Hidden by These Ne...view item »

Artificial Dance

Savant has titled this record Artificial Dance, which is an interesting choice given that the music it contains is a lot less ‘artificial’ than plenty I’ve heard. Although loops and samples are clearly in play here, the instrumental tracks at the core of these pieces sound very much human, especially w...view item »

Vasco Alves
Volume II

New work from the rigorous sound-mind of Vasco Alves, of VA AA LR fame. Volume II is a set of works made up of minimal sine wave pieces processed via transistor radio broadcast. The results are stuttering and unstable fields of sound fizz: strong stuff. Highly affordable CD release on We Can Elude Contr...view item »

Rook Vallade

Some of you may know this Rook Vallade type from his actual name Chris Douglas, though more will know him from his music under the alias Dalglish. Gotta say, Rook Vallade is a ludicrous moniker Mr Douglas. In a very RDJ move, he’s compiled Vestiges from his DAT archives, made between the years 1992-2000. It seems that Chri...view item »

Sarathy Korwar
Day To Day: Remixes

Debut album from American percussionist and composer Sarathy Kowar was mightily well received, a glorious fusion of percussion, free jazz and Indian rhythms. The folks at Ninja Tune, quite rightly, thought some remixes would go down a treat, getting Tenderlonious, Photay and Emanative ...view item »

German Army and Old Komm

This release by German Army (possibly not the actual german army) in collaboration with Russian crew Old Komm is an ‘imaginary soundtrack’ to the film Disquiet. The vibe is heavy and industrial and dark, with...view item »

Pan Sonic
Atomin Paluu

This right here represents the final recordings of Finnish heavyweights Pan Sonic! Suitably for a group with such a brutalist sound, they were commissioned to soundtrack a documentary about building a nuclear power plant: construction recordings are integrated into Vainio and Vaisanen’s ha...view item »

Moon Pool & Dead Band

About as otherworldly and extra-terrestrial as its album sleeve is Humanizer - a six-track offering from avant-garde electronic duo Moon Pool & Dead Band. Each track explores varying sonics and stretch into new untested shapes that continue to push the boundaries. Born in, of course, the dark ...view item »

True Believer / The 10/40 Window

Contrastate’s dark and wild world is full of looming shapes, hard to identify. This new 7” from the veteran outfit is a two-track slice of strange electronics and uneasy experimental vocals, adding up to an immersive sound experience that follows its own ritualistic rules. True Believer / The 10/40 Window is...view item »


As a quaint and modern meld of folk, alt-country, blues and downtempo electronica, Pilote (aka Stuart Cullen) introduces modern technology to a classic tried and tested form of songwriting. Containing numerous features from such names as Charlie Parr and Tom Holder, Libero i...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Sputnik / Korolev

Everyone’s favourite modern history sample duo, Public Service Broadcasting are back with a new EP, Sputnik/Korolev. Sputnik is taken from their successful second album, The Race For Space. Korolev is a brand new track, propulsive and built around a muscular riff. On CD and 12” Vin...view item »

Renick Bell
Empty Lake EP

Typically fuelled by an intricate improvisation of live coding and algorithmic composition, is the 7-track EP Empty Lake by rave-ready EDM specialist Renick Bell. As forward-thinking as ever, this offering sees Bell unpack a selection of unstable, wonky melody in just the way you would expect from the ...view item »

Ilya Beshevli
Wanderer Remixes

Ilya Beshevli’s recent album of gorgeous neo-classical piano compositions gets looked over by a couple of capable producers for this release of remixes. We get a lo-fi house take from Palmbomen and a Simian Mobile Disco-style take from Simian Mobile Disco, as well as a ver...view item »


Fresh from his Albiniboard is Powell, who is releasing his debut long player for XL Recordings. Sport is so named because of its nature as both a physically and mentally driven piece, described as "for both mind and body". A bit Descartes, basically, and the first single features someone fr...view item »

Aleksi Perala
Colundi Sequence Volume I

In 2014 Aleksi Perälä (Ovuca, Astrobotnia, Rephlex) initiated the Colundi Sequence project with ‘The Colundi Sequence Level 1’. At the time of writing, the latest installment in the ongoing ser...view item »

DJ Diamond
Footwork Or Die

Footwork Or Die sets up a formidable challenge with its title, especially since full-bodied footwork dancing could easily wreck the uninitiated. DJ Diamond’s productions manage to fully combine melodic synth business with the fierce cut-up rhythms beloved of the genre, successfully producing a full-length album th...view item »

Poirier Marshall Partners

Where Object Agency and Swim Platførm meet, the Poirier Marshall Brothers are formed. On their debut two collaborative release, the two have produced a fine set of luxury experimental electronics, all the textures and rhythms flaunting cool vibes. ATELIER / FERME is released in a...view item »

Franz Kirmann
Elysian Park

In a stark change of direction from the other-worldly electronica of his second album Meridians, Franz Kirmann releases London-incepted record Elysian Park. Defined by visual and sonic influences from Berlin-based art project Hyper Trophies, this offering is a highly ec...view item »

Die Form

Recorded between 1980-82 during writing sessions for their album Die Puppe, these 10 tracks are all hardware equipment (TR-808 and ARP2600 to name a few) and mostly improvisations. These synth mangling electro tracks are rough and ready, noisy and thrown together, and that’s why they’re great. Distorted vocals and tape hiss,...view item »

Roger Goula
Overview Effect

Sprawling, cinematic and highly evocative is Roger Goula's debut slice of contemporary classical-electronica - Overview Effect. Brought to us via spanking new label, Cognitive Shift Recordings, this shimmering release is immersive space-opera in its most cinematic and galactic f...view item »

S Olbricht
For Perfect Beings

Co-founder of the Farbwechsel imprint, Budapest based producer S Olbricht (UIQ, Opal Tapes) forms ambient techno pieces that sound as if they have been recorded too fast and slowed to the correct BPM resulting in everything sounding thuggy, pitched down and warm. Comes with a two track 10” which features conceptual reworki...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler
Filmmusik 1

At this point in the archival trawlings of Conrad Schnitzler’s back catalogue, tracks are being released that almost nothing is known about: the material presented here is taken from two tapes which are simply labelled ‘Filmmusik 1975 A’ and ‘Filmmusik 1980 B’ (begging the question: what films?). Bu...view item »

Joe Goddard

Joe Goddard, the bouncy one from Hot Chip and one half of The 2 Bears, also sneaks out solo productions from time to time (remember the addictive power of ‘Gabriel?’). Lasers is just such a thing, a catchy club killer designed for the dance. White label 12” released in...view item »


Chris Douglas makes a welcome return to his Dalglish handle with the first new material under the alias since 2011’s ‘Benacah Drann Deachd’ also on the ...view item »

Otromatic EP

Glitchy and gut-punching electronics that blends between Aphex Twin subtle mania and the occasional Xanopticon hyper-glitch blast beats. Sounds like unravelling chrome scrapes and reversed flurries of electronic squelches tripping into one another with a sly hint at cohesive form, but they can be short lived. In...view item »

Matthew Atkins + Harvey Sharman-Dunn
Quiet Buildings

Quiet Buildings is the result of a good old-fashioned file-sharing collaboration with each artist handing over some source sounds and then processing the other’s sounds. Minimal Resources Manipulation boss Matthew Atkins and Echolocation founder Harvey Sharman-Dunn were the sound-...view item »

Bernard Fevre
Orbit Ceremony 77

Library music is, by definition, pretty obscure, but this one really pushes it. Bernard Fevre’s Orbit Ceremony 77 is an album of library music that was never even released, and was thought lost to the ages. Until a fortunate discovery of the original tapes that is! Now these strange 70’s space-synth pieces c...view item »


Oval, aka Markus Popp, has been a hallmark for electronic quality for decades now, whether we are talking about his influential 90’s glitch extravaganzas or his more recent hyper-pop. Popp is a club-focused record, full of bold and bright digital party vibes and even some vocals! Out on Uovooo, a ...view item »

Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II

Wild action from Pakistan, courtesy of Nawksh, who produces video games as well as music. Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II is a super-powerful brew-up of pretty much everything Nawksh enjoys, with new age sounds, messed-up LA-style beats and general abstract sonic explosions all involved. The results are hea...view item »

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