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Returning to Ghostly International with his 5th full length for them. Heralding from a most definite Detroit techno past and influence, Texan Lusine has grown away from the abrasive more and more, developing into an electro come IDM pop producer. Keeping the slickly perfect production and sound palette and adding cheeky groove a...view item »

Jacques Greene
Feel Infinite

Even with incredibly well received releases on UNO, 3024, and Night Slugs, Jacques Greene is very much a mainstay at LuckyMe and after many EPs with the label he is rightfully releasing his debut full length with the scottish label. After working with acts such as Shlohmo, Tinashe, and H...view item »


Gqom is the raw n’ rough house sensation that’s sweeping the nation (of South Africa), and Dominowe is a sharp Durban producer whose stuff is even more impressive when you bear in mind that the guy is nineteen. SiyaThakatha shows off Dominowe’s different gqom styles in a fierce and rem...view item »

Donato Epiro

Donato Epiro is a composer / producer with an intuitive feel for weird rhythms and patterns. Rubisco, his second album, nods to both the dark and heavy bass music popular today and the strange and super library music of his native Italy, leaving the listener with a disorienting whirlscape of sound. But lovelier than you...view item »

Blanck Mass
World Eater

Previously best known as being one-half of the overbearing electronics duo Fuck Buttons Benjamin John Power has carved his own name with his Blanck Mass moniker. World Eater is his third full length (2nd on Sacred Bones) under the name, and he shifts wildly between releases, but always ...view item »

Prins Thomas
The Orb Remixes

There comes a time in some lucky producers’ lives when they receive they honour of having their own work remixed by a bona fide legend. That time has come for Prins Thomas, who here gets a pair of tracks from his Principe Del Norte album reworked by ...view item »

Phil France
The Swimmer

This is a very special album, Phil France perhaps best know for his work with the Cinematic Orchestra has produced a solo LP of beauty, grace and exquisite music that should find a home in any discerning record lovers collection. Emotive, sometimes ambient, but beautiful...view item »

Hyper Flux

The glitch-haven named Hyper Flux doesn't promise to be so slick in its opening bars, but only when this Italian, named Herve Atsi Courti, gets in to his stride, the true quality of Hyper Flux is revealed. Herve Atsi Courti, who basks in the countrysid...view item »

No Future

With his releases on R&S, Ninja Tune, and Werk Discs London based producer Moiré has always pushed left of centre in techno production, swapping straight fours for screwed and off kilter beats that mysteriously achieve the same rhythm. On his latest full length through Ghostly International he pushes further into IDM ...view item »

Sherwood & Pinch
Man Vs. Sofa

Heavyweight producer Sherwood meets Pinch and myriad collaborators to produce a stretch of mutant dub and bass music, switching and blending ethereal texture and muscular abstract noise techno workouts, with supremely effective results. One for head nodding on sofa journeys and dark, throbbing dancefloors alike....view item »

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume II

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s been producing shimmery moody synth music since 2002, and this second volume of his Navigations series compiles rare sounds from this first two years of the project. This is a mixture of sketches and unfinished tracks tha...view item »

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume III

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s been producing shimmery moody synth music since 2002, and this third volume of his Navigations series compiles rare sounds from this first two years o...view item »

Metalized Man
Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures in Manhood

Metalized Man make music that’s perfect for those types who like electronic music but are a bit fuzzy on the idea of dancing: this stuff right here is too abstracted, noisy and weird for you to get a groove on, but boy are those textures delicious. Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures In Manhoo...view item »


If, like this blurb-writer, you watched Channel 4’s excellent Deutschland ‘83 then your thirst for German synth-pop and new-wave will be at an all-time high. Enter Monopol and their reissued Weltweit. The group’s only album came out in 1982, there is of course plenty of Kraftwerk...view item »

Captured From Static

Northcape is an effortless specialist in the kind of melodic electronica that tugs gently at the heartstrings while also softly propelling the feet. His work has something in common with the thoughtful music of Boards Of Canada. Captured From Static is the third full-length album Northcape...view item »


Succhiamo does the almost-unthinkable here on this eponymous two-tracker, by cheerfully remembering the much-lamented music of electroclash. That means two big and brash funtime bangers, with lyrics about sex and supermarkets and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. A very welcome release to see in a ‘serious dan...view item »


Legendary experimental hip-hop label Anticon release the self-titled debut album from A7PHA on vinyl LP and CD. The duo comprise veterans Mestizo, who provides the dense, surreal rapping, and Doseone, who frames the lyrics with head-nodding, experimental productions that manage to blend the funky and industrial....view item »

stillichimiya x COMPUMA
Bangkok Nights EP

Stillichimiya were included in a 2015 Complex list of ‘25 Japanese Rap Groups You Need to Know’, and their infectious brand of Beastie Boys-style posse rap manages to jump the language barrier pretty well. ‘Bangkok Nights’ was made to promote the 2016 Katsuya Tomi...view item »

Air Cushion Finish

Flink is the warped, mysterious and 8th offering of Berlin-incepted oddity - Air Cushion Finish. Fronted by the manipulated vocals of experimentalist Lippstueck, who has helped form the German experimentalist scene since the 1990's, this offering continues the pioneer's steady rise and i...view item »


Northcape is an effortless specialist in the kind of melodic electronica that tugs gently at the heartstrings while also softly propelling the feet. His work has something in common with the thoughtful music of Boards Of Canada. Glasshouse is a six track EP, providing a small but nourishing portion of t...view item »

#9294 (Collected Works 1992 - 1994)

As well as working within Cabaret Voltaire, and his own solo work, Richard H. Kirk  had another many other guises. One of which was Sandoz, with the mission statement of melding African rhythms and european dance music. This collection brings 3 remastered albums and a CD of unreleased mater...view item »

Analogue Creatures

This five track vinyl 10” from Immersion perfectly connects the duo’s backgrounds. First formed by Wire’s Colin Newman and Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel in the 90s, Immersion make organic techno built from precise loops and minimal textures. As the name Analogue ...view item »

Music Without Discipline

‘Music Without Discipline’ is the third full length from Richard Smith, who’s half of Bronze Teeth (Diagonal, Khemia, BAKK) and Green Gums alo...view item »

20 Acid Clonk Greats

Can you imagine what would happen if Farmer Glitch (ex Hacker Farm) met Ekoplekz and started collaborating? Well it really happened and this double 3"CD is the result. It's full of wonky acidy tones all bent and stretched into all manner of shapes and sizes. One for fans of Rephlex and early Warp records...view item »

New Spirit

Former Warp Records artists PVT, aka Pivot, return with another album of electronic songcraft. New Spirit’s songs move like rock / pop songs, but are built from shapeshifting synths, pitch-shifted vocals and stern ...view item »

Gypsy Mamba
Magnetic Syndromes

Californian producer Gypsy Mamba makes synth music from within the prism designed by the LA Brainfeeder crew: stuttering beats and a flare-textured psychedelic fill this record. But Magnetic Syndromes isn’t quite beat music. It finds it’s own, slightl...view item »

East Wall

Premium quality vinyl reissue of the ultra rare LP. East Wall are better known for the 12" hit "Eyes Of Glass", but this is an amazing album from a few years later. Crossing through different styles and with many great tracks. A must for fans of Minimal Wave, Dark Entries, Mannequin. Limited 300 copies. First copies available on ...view item »

Kirlian Camera
Helden Platz

Another classic eighties Italodisco remastered 12" here at Norman Records: Kirlian Camera’s exciting 1987 single Helden Platz (that’s German for Heroes’ Square). Vocals are courtesy of Simona Buja on this up-tempo dark-wave synth-pop track. Produced by the Rick Rubin of Italodisco...view item »

Multicast Dynamics
Continental Ruins

Samuel van Dijk’s hazy electronic project Multicast Dynamics presents what he calls a ‘sound documentary’ on sunken infrastructure. Continental Ruins is thus suitably watery and sombre in tone, using heavily-process...view item »

Xao Seffcheque
Ja, Nein, Vielleicht Kommt Sehr Gut (A Selection of Electronic Beats 1980–82)

As an Austrian national dwelling in Düsseldorf circa 1980, Xao Seffcheque was well placed to get real electronic with it. Ja, Nein, Vielleicht Kommt Sehr Gut (A Selection Of Electronic Beats 1980-1982) is a compilation of the man’s sharp and deconstruc...view item »


VHS junkie and anime appropriator R23X is another member of the Dream Catalogue post-vapor-cyber-blah crew who strings together beat-y miniatures into slightly surreal electronic albums made from RPG samples. This is their first vinyl release, after the usual mp3 and cassette beginnings now making it to a proper format. Those fans of the...view item »


Sophomore efforts are always difficult, but Vermont simply continues where they left off. On II, German synthesizer-whisperers Marcus Wogull and Danilo Plessow (from Motor City Drum Ensemble) once again show a world brimming with vintage analog electronics, wh...view item »

Shape Shift

A four year hiatus followed Zombi’s last album, Escape Velocity, which their fans hold dear to their hearts. Their new album, Shape Shift is a heavier and darker piece of work than it’s predecessor that has the Pittsburgh space rock duo returning to their ‘live’ sounding roots. Recommend...view item »

Memories (2008-2011)

Synkro's 2015 debut 'Changes' was an excellent slab of evocative electronica that no Burial loving household should be without. While Joe McBride does all he can to live up to this claim with a new record it's time to have a retrospective of his earlier work. These tracks show his formative years spent weaving w...view item »


EIIII is an enigmatic producer, seemingly hailing from Ireland, who sort of makes techno but also sort of makes noise and drone music. Pleasingly, she is very good at whirling these worlds together into intoxicatingly thick blends that will draw you deep into the sound. Romance, her debut, is a four track EP released by...view item »

Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra
Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra

Once of The Middle East, Jordan Ireland comes through with his second project since the group’s disintegration in 2011, and the first with his Purple Orchestra. They’re not actually an orchestra though - it’s used as more of a catch-all term for a band that throws together lilt...view item »

Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake’s new album, his fourth, is the first time he has ever worked with vocalists; and what a pair of vocalists they are. Raphaelle from Braids contributes some swooning dramatism to ‘RVK’, while Prurient / Dominick Fernow contributes so...view item »

Magnetband (Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR, 1984-1989)

Bureau B continue an incredible run of reissuing unheard electronic rarities from behind the Iron Curtain, with Magnetband (Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR, 1984-1989) on CD and vinyl LP. This compilation captures a vibrant East German scene where DIY electronics combine with post-punk aggression and industrial drone...view item »

Conrad Schnitzler
Filmmusik 2

German electronic legend (and member of both Tangerine Dream and Kluster) Conrad Schnitzler produced his Filmmusik tracks in 1975, without bothering to wait for any particular films to come along for the music to fit to. Consequently this music was mostly lost, until Bureau B’s ex...view item »

Matt Robson
You Cannot Save Your Friends

Leeds' local Matt Robson has made a name for himself blazing through the scene in acts such as Alisa Craig and the Blanch Hudson. On the ominously titled 'You Cannot Save Your Friends', though, he gives himself a round of applause under his real name, producing a record of zany instrumental music that recalls the glitchy electronica he...view item »

Impulse / Inversion

Tentakel is Pontus Torstensson, who plays in acts like The Exorcist GBG. As a drummer, Torstensson is percussion mad, and this recorded debut for the Tentakel project is packed to the brim with rhythms and counter-rhythms: enough to drive dancers to happy madnes...view item »

Rollage Vol.2: Keysound Sessions Anthem

This new Blackdown material is the result of a tightly constrained process: all four tracks have been built up around a piece of audio grabbed by a phone in the middle of a Keysound club night. From that inauspicious sound grain, a bunch of strong bangers has sprung, all rolling forth at 130bpm. Rollage Vol. 2: Keysound Sess...view item »


He's had his finger in an impressive selection of pies for the last 5 or 6 years, and that's why it may come as a surprise that South London-born producer/singer/songwriter Sampha is only just releasing his first full length LP. After an outstanding recent feature on Solange's "A Seat At The Table", Proc...view item »

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield
Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack

An absolutely essential purchase for any fans of BBC Radiophonic Orchestra/early day synth, this very rare soundtrack created in 1972 by legendary composer Delia Derbyshire (along with artist Elsa Stansfield) finally gets a re-issue on the ever inquisitive Trunk records. They came up with a mix of sound design, tape manipul...view item »

Visible Cloaks

Visible Cloaks present a suite of digital shimmer-music, pulling globally-sourced sounds apart into tiny strands and then weaving them together into new ambient forms, using chance operations and MIDI magic along the way. The duo’s second full-length album Reassemblage is released by the RVNG Intl. label....view item »


More dark and heavy beat-work from Bristol / Berlin’s Emptyset. On Borders, the duo have incorporated some acoustic instruments into their tangled web of brutalist electronics, pushing their sound into some new areas, though don’t worry: this is still music to wreck buildings to. Borders is ...view item »


Naaahhh is a sound project that seems to have pushed through to the other side of underground rave culture, simulating the vibes of the next day’s grotty hangovers with queasy electronic tones and textures. And yet Themes still sounds good enough that you’d actually want to listen to it! Vivid dark atmospher...view item »

The Lima Limo Ceremony

Hejira developed the materials for their new EP The Lima Limo Ceremony on a trip to Addis Ababa, using field recordings and samples from cassettes as well as musical ideas inspired by the Ethiopian metropolis. The results are possibly Hejira’s most interesting songs yet. 7” EP, released by t...view item »

Start Breaking My Heart

Repress of Caribou(Dan Snaith)’s second full length album on Leaf. If you got into Caribou mainly by Our Love this is a wonderful bit of homework. Originally released under his Manitoba moniker before repackaging as Caribou in 2001. Start Brea...view item »

Infrared (Deluxe)

This is the deluxe edition of the 'Infrared' EP by this soul star favoured by some of the younger people in the office. Here she collaborates with some like-minded folk (Kingdom, Prince Will) on some smooth auto-tune friendly R&B and to make things even more exciting this time they've added a bunch of remixes too. ...view item »

Quarta 330
Pixelated EP

The rather quite consistent and generally ever-relevant Hyperdub imprint usher out an EP from Japan’s Quarta 330, ten years on from his first encounter with the label through remixing Kode9. His Pixelated EP twists and bends chiptune through melodic jazz-fusion, dubstep blends and more atmospheric cuts. There’ll like...view item »

Babe, Terror
Ancient M’ocean

A new suite of odd-pop music from São Paulo’s Babe, Terror. Ancient M’Ocean is a pleasing soup of bright and gooey sounds, as playful as it is experimental. And that’s not all! This CD comes with a 20 page comic book, designed by Babe, Terror and illustrated by Michael C...view item »

They Fall, But You Don’t

Thickly-textured analogue synthesiser jams from Mondkopf, recorded in a Parisian bedroom in 2016. They Fall, But You Don’t contains the six-part suite ‘Vivere’, which builds and writhes and simmers with electronic energy and a delicate touch of vocals. CD / LP release on the In Paradisum label....view item »

S. Brugnolini / G. Carnini
UST 7010 - Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico

The deeper you dig, the more apparent it becomes that almost everything in music was anticipated by obscure Italians cranking out mad library music in a studio somewhere. UST 7010 - Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico is a set of amazing, weird, groovy and exploratory electronic tracks by S. Brugnolini and ...view item »


Epoch is the final chapter in Tycho’s trilogy of ridiculously accessible indietronica albums. Moving on from Dive, through Awake, the Californian has reached new heights in upbeat, optimistic head-bobbing songs that float on spacey synthesizers and tightly and perfectly delayed guitars. Epoch...view item »


The last Machine Drum record, ‘Room(s)’, was one of the best electronic/dance type records of recent times. A near perfect encapsulation of everything great and good about underground electronic music...bits of garage, rave, trance, house, all put in a stew...with added guitars. It seems from the pr...view item »

Nosaj Thing

Available on 12” Vinyl or CD on Innovative Leisure. Nosaj Thing’s debut album Drift was heralded as a landmark record, and quite rightly so, pushing texture and melody into the foreground. After leaving 4 years before his follow up Home Jason Chung seems more eager to refine his sou...view item »

Group Zero
Structures and Light

Structures and Light is the intricate and esoteric works of synth-harnessing artist Group Zero, aka Cathal Cully. Its abrasiveness is not for the faint hearted - this is an artist not interest in making an appeal to the mainstream. The album "brought the naivety and spontanei...view item »

Marconi Union

Marconi Union released this suite of ambient shimmer-groove in 2009, in fairly limited quantities. This reissue of Tokyo makes the excellent music available again, and also adds a live reimagining of the entire album, wherein original loops and parts of Tokyo were organised into new compositions. Tokyo +...view item »

A Year In The Country
No More Unto The Dance

Deep memory music from A Year In The Country here on their new electronics-focused album No More Unto The Dance. Take your pick between the Dawn Edition, which comes in a recycled sleeve with some inserts and badges, or the Night Edition, which is a box-set with a booklet, a sticker set, a unique print...view item »

Space People

Slick and speedy work here from New York producer Space People, who bounces through six tracks in sixteen minutes. That bouncy pace means that not a moment is wasted: Wet is busy with details, be they samples (look out for the ghost of Missy Elliot) or sudden beat-shifts. 12” release on Styles Upo...view item »

Michael Vallera
Vivid Flu

After a couple of releases on Opal tapes under his other moniker COiN Michael Vallera released his debut under his own name, a dark and gradual industrial soundscape. On his follow up, Vivid Flu on Denovali Vallera continues down a dark, almost film noir distorted machinery path with dr...view item »

Soft Error

Soft Error are an electronic duo that have based their musical content using a complementary mix of synthesisers, drum machines and keyboards. Mechanism is the grainy and symphonic debut album from the duo, and it was recorded at the renowned Greenhouse Studio in Iceland. Available on Vi...view item »

Brian Eno

Ambient music pioneer and all-round legend Brian Eno is back on Warp records with Reflection. In Eno’s own words this double vinyl LP and CD returns to his his earliest ideas about composing so-called ambient music and is as blissful, complex, demanding and beguiling as any of his music fr...view item »

Gareth JS Thomas
Wandsworth Sports

Aphelion Editions is shaping up to be an interesting label... Here they follow up their inaugural release by Tlön with a limited edition CDr/cassette tape by Gareth JS Thomas (USA NAILS, SILENT FRONT, MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI). Over the course of the album our lug holes are treated to dreamy ambient textures and eerie dronescape...view item »

ISAN + Paco Sala + R Elizabeth + A New Line (Related)
Rough Imaginary

The date 15th April should be etched on your mind because that's the day these artists killed it at London Fields Brewery. Beforehand the artists got together to create this CD of their work. They must have brought all the stuff seperately as there's no way they could have created this over pre-gig nibbles. It's a lovely collection though from ...view item »

Model Man
Pieces for Prepared Piano and Percussion

Model Man are the latest musicians to discover the endless ingenious possibilities offered by applying bits and pieces to the strings of a piano. Pieces for Prepared Piano and Percussion takes the Cageian instrument and pushes it into tweaky groove territory that sounds like certain strains of electroni...view item »

Late Night Tales presents AFTER DARK: Nightshift

Here comes musical connoisseur, Bill Brewster with his second ‘After Dark’ compilation. He's been digging at those crates again findingall kinds of obscure oddities and secret recordings and a healthy dose of classic oldies.   s unmixed tracks via download code as mp3/wav.  ...view item »

Awake Remixes

Tycho’s Awake was a perfect distillation of the group’s melodic electro-rock, mixing krautrock textures and dense guitars. On this vinyl LP remix album all those lush instrumentals are rebuilt by an exciting range of producers. Com Truise beefs up Awake for the dancefloor, Bibio goes...view item »

Auteur Jams

Here's a nice little round-up of what 2016 has been like for excellent Swedish label Smalltown Supersound. Every album and EP they’ve released this year is represented on this combination sampler and best-of, from Supersilent and Biosphere to Lindstrøm and Mr. Tophat...view item »

Joshua Sabin
Terminus Drift

Here’s an album made entirely out of field recordings of metropolitan transit systems and electromagnetic interference, with material sourced from Scotland, Germany and Japan. For his debut full-length, Joshua Sabin has taken these sources and processed them into thickly-textured and surprisingly dramatic pieces of music. ...view item »

Matthew Dear

An exciting start for 2017 in the always high-class DJ Kicks series, this time with Texan subversive electronica mastermind Matthew Dear in charge. In addition to three of his own previously unreleased tracks, this mix contains songs by Simian Mobile Disco, ItaloJohnson, and Gro...view item »

Steve Moore
The Mind's Eye - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Steve Moore has history in Zombi, meaning that he’s demonstrated his talent for soundtracking spooooooky horror movies in the past. Here he applies his synth skills to The Mind’s Eye, weaving uneasy ambient passages and bombastic themes like it ain’t no thing. Plenty of tense dramatic ...view item »

Maria W Horn
Diverted Units

‘Diverted Units’ is the inaugural release on promising new label Holodisc, and marks the debut solo record by Swedish composer and electronic musician Maria W Horn. Working in the realm of extreme computer music, her previous work has co...view item »


These four tracks from Elemnt play around with techno and ambient forms, sometimes sounding like distant drifting and other times settling into precision-tooled squelch-techno. The latter variety of Water is sleek and business-like and frankly irresistible. 12” release on Hidden Hawaii, pressed in a limited editio...view item »

We Become Ravens

Ruxpin makes fizzy little electronica miniatures from the heart of Iceland, and has done for nigh-on two decades now. We Become Ravens has all the warmth of twinkling vintage electronics, with stuttering beats, distant samples and melodic synth lines all swirling around each other in a nutritious mixture. Released on th...view item »

Mesa Ritual
Mesa Ritual

We've an LP of slow, subtle dark atmospheres here from Mesa Ritual, the duo of William Fowler Collins and Raven Chacon. Like many things I've had to review this week, this isn't for people who like "music" per se, rather a textural exploration of hiss and crackle and static and buried, wavering drones. Buy this album expecting pop songs and you ...view item »

LX Sweat
City Of Sweat

Sweat. Its not much fun is it....the fatter you get, the more you sweat. But sweat makes you thin doesn’t it? Is that not why people go to saunas? This record has a strange sleeve which doesn’t really give us an indication of what is contained within. I can answer that for you. Its kind of a squelshy take on R & B with some heavy...view item »

End of World Rave

Spearheading the post-2010 emerged vaporwave scene is wosX - a Montreal-incepted electronic artist charactirised by a nostalgic and surrealist fascination of late 20th Century culture. The record is technology-centric and only a luddite could deny a minimal and evocative use of samling, synths and crispy drum mach...view item »

Edit Navigation Bar Mask Visions Poison

As Statiqbloom Fade Kainer borrows equally from the golden age of IDM and the peak of early industrial musics. The final result on Edit Navigation Bar Mask Visions Poison is a grisly, distorted mass of sandpaper percussion and amplifier hiss, part Aphex Twin and part NIN. Vinyl LP from the Vendetta...view item »

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus: 'Reset' (Warp) Debut single for Warp for the much tipped abstracted hip-hop beat maker. Fans of Madlib, JDilla and Stones Throw will know what I mean when I mention the dreaded notion of 'the death of hip-hop', how there's only really one hip-hop label worth checking for, one MC worth checking for. (Stones Throw, MF DOOM). So wha...view item »

Object Dom

JAWS produces music that at some point might have been rave-friendly, or maybe pop-friendly. But whatever elements the tracks started out with (a breakbeat here, a hoover synth there) have been mangled and torn in such a way that the twelve tracks of Object Dom have ended up as something else all together. Very interest...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s EARS is a dense, swirling explosion of samples, synthesizers and chanted vocals that reminds us of Panda Bear’s Person Pitch at its most playful and ecstatic. Since her previous album Euclid, Smith’s songs have become looser, but also mo...view item »


Warp records wasted no time snapping up Brixton producer Gaika after his self released Machine and Mixpak released Security. Grime is a forward looking genre and Gaika takes this and runs with it. Incorporating dancehall and pure soul into the mix, a must watch artist for fans of Dean B...view item »

Andrew Weatherall

Take tracks from Andrew Weatherall’s Convenanza released earlier in 2016, and grab a load of new and old blood to remix the hell out of it they said. OK. Remixes come from Justin Robertson, Duncan Gray, Solar Bears, Scott Fraser and many more. The...view item »

Time Rewind

New EP from INKAMERA, the production / vocal project of fresh electro queen Victoria Lukas whom was half of Zerkalo with Drexciya/Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald. Time Rewind is a set of club tunes that also move like synth-pop songs: a neat balance. Time Rewind’s seven tracks are pressed t...view item »

Floating Points

A major statement here from Floating Points. Elaenia is a full-length record that spans everything the producer / composer has done so far. Jazz, Soul, and Brazilian music are just as important to the sound of Elaenia as the electronic dance tracks most know Floating Points for. At times remini...view item »

Paco Sala
Ko Yo

This new six-track offering, Ko Yo, showcases the cream of the dreamy, abstract and lo-fi pop of London/Berlin based outfit Paco Sala. Brimming with warped synths and crunchy beats, the EP is a great example of modern day avant-garde pop and is ultimately the produce of unrestraint and dazed creat...view item »

...it's eternity, Ester

A passing glimpse at this 12” and you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an EVOL record. That’ll be because the sleeve has been designed by said computer music hooligan Roc Jiménez. However, if you stand on your head and hold it in front of a mirror, you shall d...view item »

Neva Done This Before

DJ Slyngshot drops some letters from his name for this stompin’ 4-track EP on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal. A no-nonsense asses shakin’ guaranteed DJ weapon, opening with ‘Golf One’ pr...view item »

Snow Ghosts
A Wrecking

Some genre bending from Snow Ghosts. A Wrecking is the second full length from the trio. This one sets to be a journey into layered vocals, wilting synthesisers, electronics and acoustic instruments working in sinister harmony. Mixing dark electronica with folk-ish melodies and expansive arrangements. Out...view item »

I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off

Rainbowlicker consider themselves to be a ‘laserpunk’, and in the absence of any other definitions, I’d say they suit the territory pretty well. The fuck-you attitude of the band is plenty punk, but the music is made up of shiny brash electronics. I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off is their debut album...view item »

Gross Net
Quantitative Easing

Gross Net is Phillip Quinn of Girls Names, though it used to also by Christian Donaghey of Autumns. Quantitive Easing is the debut full-length of the project, which trades in queasy-feel industrial pop: cold-wave synths and drum machines, grey drones an...view item »

New Start

Returning with their third release to date, Teklife Records of Chicago bring us Taso’s “New Start”. Littered with creative collaborations with the likes of Gant-Man and DJ Tre, among others, this 7 track LP is one made seminal by its spirit of alliance and partnership. Above all, “New Start” evidenc...view item »


Not a new bit from Night Slugs/Fade to Mind O.G. Kingdom, but there’s shared ground here in Kindohm's through-the-looking-glass approach to club music. However, RISC Chip lurches around far more than usual club fare due to it being born from live-coding. It’s a glitchy ...view item »

Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow is a County Durham project, pulling field recordings of the local area into the middle of the sound, until synth and landscape become a fine-grained blend. Embers is a semi-aleatoric piece of process music, but it is also damn groovy, reaching peak-hour dancefloor levels of ecstasy at some points. CD and d...view item »

Emika featuring Michaela Šrůmová and the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra

Emika has experience of both the electronic production world and the symphonic classical tradition, and Melanfonie brings the two together into one huge and dramatic whole. The piece is a full-blown orchestral work, featuring the Prague Metropolitan Orcheatra and a soaringly emotional vocal performance ...view item »

Peace, Love & Earth: Mental DJ’s Vol. 2

Geena goes fully New Age on this Antinote release: the title Peace, Love & Earth and the stunning sleeve art should leave little doubt about that. Balearic-flavoured psy-ambient for when you end up partying long into the next day. 12 inches of “yeah, man” tunes and atmospheres, pressed to wax by Antinote...view item »

T.R.U. Halloween

Get into the halloween spirit with this collection of horror themed eltronica nd techno tracks. With Sam De La Rosa pushing the John Carpenter single note arpeggiator, Tom Strong creating an almost 8-bit Halloween theme track, Tx Connect’s Haddonfield Il ...view item »

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