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Calcifer EP

I wonder if Hessien have named this EP after the fire in ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’...I hope so, I do like that film, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. What’s happening on this record is that Tim Diagram (Maps & Diagrams, Atlantis, etc) has teamed up with Charles...view item »


Avian sub-label Mira reaches its fourth release with an impressive 10" from Worn which is an alias of Ventress. As...view item »


It’s been five years since we heard from Slomo, the “Highly Ritualised Somnambulant Glumbient Downer band from Yorkshire” but with a band name such as that, we wouldn’t expect them to rush things now would we?The duo of Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden previously released a couple of album...view item »

James Holden & Camilo Tirado / Luke Abbott
Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz

DJ, producer and Border Community label head James Holden pairs with artist and producer Luke Abbott for 70 minutes of trippy and minimal synthesizer drone. The two pieces on this double vinyl LP split (with download code) were composed for Terry Riley’s 80th birthday and ...view item »

DJ Tennis

DJ Tennis steps up to the plate for the latest instalment in the venerable DJ Kicks series. Tennis’s talents are so great that they’ve let him have two CDs (or three LPs for the vinyl edition) over which to work his craft, a first for a DJ Kicks release. Cuts from the likes of ...view item »

New Cult Fear

Cardopusher presents a whole LP of no-holds-barred heavyweight acidic techno, designed for the most intense part of any given night out. New Cult Fear contains eleven tracks, each packed to the gills with hard kicks, tweaked-out acid synth lines and cheeky micro-samples. Double LP release on Boys Noize, the record label...view item »

Co La / Jeremy Hyman

369 Records return with their second release from their base in Brooklyn. This vinyl is a 12" split featuring Co La and Jeremy Hyman. Co La releases his own self extended version of his single "Barricade". This tune intrigues the listener using fast paced action, readying anyone...view item »

Nick Höppner

A resident at Berghain’s Panorama bar and label manager at Ostgut until he resigned in 2012 to commit to his solo productions, Nick Höppner has since released 6 EPs and is now on his second full length for Ostgut. Refining his techno production to perfection Work spans all corners of the genre and beyond, fro...view item »

Part-Time Gunslinger

Bandshell gives us four vigorous new tracks to chew over, housed inside some of the finest sleeve art I’ve seen on a 12” for a while. Part-Time Gunslinger’s rhythms stutter and clunk in enjoyable ways, and the rest of Bandshell’s track constructions are also full of offset surpri...view item »

Clap! Clap!
A Thousand Skies

Returning once again under the moniker of Clap! Clap! is King of Italy’s global dance and electronic scenes, Cristiano Crisci, with his second album, “A Thousand Skies”. This album sees an amalgam of samples and live instrumentation married with the musical idiosyncrasies of a range of talented collaborators su...view item »

Lightning Glove
Radical Zoo

‘Radical Zoo’ is the collaborative work of musicians and artists affiliated with the KlangundKrach and Red for The Colour Blind collectives in Prague. Known collectively as Lightning Glove, they made a name for themselves with their rough, menacing electro, casting abrasive, nightmarish soundscapes that would be at home on the darkes...view item »

Sketch I

The limited L.I.E.S. black label 12”s seem to arrive unannounced and then vanish in the blink of an eye. The story goes that German factory workers Sandro Stebnitz, Manito Rotschild, and Dieter Flegel aspired to make electronic music like Gary Numan. This is pretty...view item »

Dan Lissvik

First post-birth (of his baby, not of Dan himself) album from Dan Lissvik, who used to play in Studio. Midnight is so titled because that's when Lissvik could creep away from his fatherhood duties to tinker with sounds. And these 8 cuts do have a late-night swing to the...view item »

Andre Bratten

André Bratten’s new record Gode is a mash of electroacoustics and contemporary composition (Giacinto Scelsi and Biosphere get shout outs in the list of influences) that has clearly been intensely laboured over. The album is reportedly Bratten’s most p...view item »

Arne Nordheim

The music of Norwegian electronic composer Arne Nordheim is a remarkable trip through a flurry of textures, tones and musique concréte sound objects that sounds far too pristinely realised to have been composed between 1968 and 1970, but hey, thems the facts. Electric is an electronic masterwork, pleasingly reiss...view item »

Pantha du Prince
The Triad: Ambient Versions

Pantha du Prince’s wonderful album The Triad now returns… in ambient form! Rather than farming out the stems to other producers, Pantha has crafted these versions himself, with the help of his engineer Kassian, turning each track inside out for a deep experience free from t...view item »

Metro Riders
Europe By Night

Europe By Night is the perfect title for this record by Metro Riders, which taps straight into the lineage of 70’s / 80’s mitteleuropa electronica. Just like Kraftwerk‘s Trans Europe Express, this album conjures up the atmospheres of a moody journey through dark country with l...view item »

Things Betwixt EP

Lyeform rolls out from the middle of the UK continuum with a fresh and adventurous style that combines sweet segments of sound design from influences as broad as jungle, Vangelis-esque soundtrack work, and modern grime. Consequently, the Things Betwixt EP bumps and fizzes with real creative power. Tasty...view item »


1115 are a bit of an enigma. Vocalist Fehler Kuti teaming up with the mysterious “Grey” (Julian Maison/G.E.F.) for their Post-Europe “Opera”. Dark, psychedelic, distubing yet playful, their debut full length is an artistically fr...view item »


Deca’s music has been quietly doing its thing in the underground of Italy’s electronic experimental music scene for years. This album of Roland synthesiser explorations dates back to the late 80’s, when it was released only in a very limited cassette edition. Mass is full of the dark pulse and throb of...view item »

Water Bomb / Cold New Worlds

The first release from Pinch’s Cold Recordings label for a year see the boss back at the helm. With releases on Tectonic, Deep Medi Musik and Planet Mu Pinch has been at the forefront of dubstep and it’s continuing evolution. Two mix friendly tracks of hybrid bass music, happily fitting with breaks, ...view item »

IX Tab
The World Is Not Where We Are

After thoroughly bamboozling us with R.O.C, IX Tab drops another one into his mouth and proclaims that we're not actually in the world. Backed up by buddies Eli Murray (Gentleforce) and Joan Pope (The Whip Angels), he continues to channel his occult demisongs with renewed energy apparently driven by the moon....view item »

The Horde

Franck Vigroux and Ben Miller present their Transistor project on new album The Horde. They met in New York in 2009 and now the scuzzy, abrasive electronics of Vigroux meet Miller's huskily irascible voice for a potently furious sound that recalls the collaborative works of Mika Vainio and Alan Vega. Their live sho...view item »

Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dood-Ellis
Skies Okay Blue

More sophisticated electronic creations from Friedman who manages to impute so much subtle complexity into his rhythm that they actually sound like real drummers! There's a tangegible air of jazz fusion about the music which still retains that Berlin dubby edge. Also feature vocals by Texan Daniel Dodd-Ellis, cut-up and reconstructed by Friedman...view item »

James Hoff

Abstract idea artist James Hoff offers up this one for PAN, entitled 'Blaster', a word that has been run through a very bad anagram machine to produce seven tracks with the same letters (and one called, rather bluntly, "Scratch"). These compositions are experiments in the basest form of the word: they're focused around Hoff letting his beat...view item »

Free School
Hudson’s Whistle / French Cousins (Maps re-edit)

You know, I’m tired of this whole new school versus old school thing that’s been going on too damn long. Praise be the Lord for bringing the relief of Free School and their hook laden instrumental bliss upon us, though. Let us not forget that there's a Maps remix on the B side too. ...view item »

Tangerine Dream

Let's not go on about Tangerine Dream like you don't know they exist. Kosmische pioneers have made some of history's greatest ambient records and they made some soundtracks now and then too -- if you can believe it Particles is a monolithic record of actual new material, plus live editions and a part...view item »

Constellation Botsu
Constellation Botsu

‘Constellation Botsu’ is a sonic bombardment of ‘Botsu’ which are a sort of recorded music ‘track’ if you will, of terrifying, unhinged electronic experiments of which there are currently several hundred in existence. The Botsu considered most suitable for human consumption have been chosen for this record, ea...view item »

Life's Track
Smell of Sanctity

Five tracks-worth of low-down heavy funky sound by Life’s Track on this new 12” EP. Smell of Sanctity bounces along powerfully with thick, irresistible beats that sound like they are kept on a short leash. Only 300 copies of this around, on the Black Opal label, so don’t wait around if you want one. Ha...view item »

They Remixes

18+ generously handed over a load of stems to some respected producers, and what they got back is represented on They Remixes. Suicideyear, Mr. Mitch, Tia Maria and Audri Nix do the duties, representing sounds from trap to grime and countries from Puert...view item »

Shift Work
Document II

Shift Work are a pair of analogue synth tweakers making tightly flowing pieces of hypnotising arpeggiations. Document II contains Two Shift Work originals and two remixes, one a slowed down jam from DVA Damas and one a quintessentially Factory Floor-esque Factor...view item »

Suzanne Ciani
Fish Music

Suzanne Ciani was commissioned to produce this music by the developers of a 70’s shopping mall to accompany their aquarium. Ciani took this opportunity to whisk up some watery magic with her Buchla synthesiser, creating an organic ecosystem of bleeps and bubbles. Her Fish Music has now been retrie...view item »

Lolina (Inga Copeland)
Live In Paris

Under the moniker of Lolina, former Hype Williams provocateur Inga Copeland played a show Live In Paris, which she is now self-releasing. The set was a typically odd one, with Monopoly-related spoken vocals and abstract electronics in edition to Inga’s cutting-edg...view item »

Ibibio Sound Machine

Ibibio Sound Machine is an excellent bit of Afro-electro, forged in London via Nigeria and combining funky highlife rhythms and horns with brash electro-synths. And you know what? It sounds addictively good and irresistibly groovy: supreme good time music! Uyai is the group&r...view item »


Remastered specifically for vinyl re-pressing, Marilyn is the 1985 creation of Italian disco project of Flying. This is clearly the brainchild of two minds that were locked firmly in the science behind legendary synth instrumentation such as the Roland Jupiter-8 and the Elka Synthex. Retro gold. ...view item »

Croatian Amor
Finding People

Croatian Amor is Posh Isolation bossman Loke Rahbek’s solo project, through which he’s been exploring increasingly more ‘musical’ (as in, not noise) avenues. New EP Finding People is virtually pop music, albeit pop music seen through a twisted lense. Lots of vocals and vocal frag...view item »

Black Origami

Juke and footwork producer Jlin builds on her unique sound with her second full length for Planet Mu. Skittish and direct percussive trills come at you from all directions with feverish energy and underlying groove. Black Origami features collaborations with Holly Herndon, William Basinski...view item »

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edit...view item »

Laraaji & Sun Araw
Professional Sunflow

Laraaji’s come a long way ever since being discovered by Brian Eno in 1979. Whodathunk he’d find himself singing and playing his zither in Germany and Switzerland alongside experimental music maker Sun Araw? Not us, that’s for sure. Professional Sunflow features live recordings from Le...view item »

Meet Your Doom! (Green Death)

Weighthausand is Matthias Giradi from Italian techno/electro/noise improvisational duo Cage Suburbia. Meet Your Doom! (Green Death) is a slab of dark and brooding dub. The flip side features a remix by Christoph De Babalon, the German producer and DJ who is known for hi...view item »

Orphan Swords
License To Desire Remixes

Orphan Swords are a Belgian duo who apply their electronics to a mysterious maelstrom of dark’n’noisy post-industrial sound. Here they’ve handed their License To Desire EP over to Helm, Prostitutes, Svengalisghost, Black Rain and ...view item »

Man From Uranus & Jellica
Duck Wars

His solo work away from Vanishing Twin lives up to the absurdity of his name - Man From Uranus, joining forces with the equally mad Jellica, who is a chiptune master utilising Game Boys and Commodore 64s. Both parties match their childlike sense of humour and love for Jean-Jacques Perrey...view item »

Death Peak

England born, Berlin based producer Clark returns to Warp records with his 9th full length album with them. Remarkably difficult to pin down Clark offers an even further twist to his deconstructed and then pummelled pop leanings in electronica. With the occasional bow to melancholy but not to past extremes, ther...view item »

Biotische Verwitterung

As dystopian as records come, Biotische Verwitterung is right up there - an angst-ridden German stab that's bleached in narcotic punk. This record seems lost in a lo-fi nightmare, swirling in black whole and destined for nothing but pain. Some call it "Hauntology"; Baldruin call it "Bavarian ...view item »


serpentwithfeet is Josiah Wise, a singer with experience in the classical, neo-soul and R&B worlds, plus The Haxan Cloak, the electronic producer. blisters is a short, five-song EP that puts Wise’s beautiful and theatrical voice in the midst of billowing and v...view item »

Nathan Fake feat. Prurient

In a slightly surprising collaboration, warmly hazy electronica merchant Nathan Fake has teamed up with blackened noise-pain dealer Prurient. Degreelessness still sounds bright, but it has an anxious undercurrent to it, partly articulated by Dom Fernow’s distant mutterings. B-side...view item »

Songs For Healing

Songs For Healing by Kosmonaut aka Patrick Park was inspired by and dedicated to his daughter who was diagnosed with Leukaemia last year. The synth soundscape is undeniably intense but also at times dusted with beautiful flourishes. Park has added tribal elements and noise to his usual brand of Berlin School synth ...view item »

FIS and Rob Thorne
Clear Stones

This first-time team-up of two New Zealand talents is an intriguing one. Maori sound artist Rob Thorne generally has a more approach to sound that is more abstract and more rooted in acoustic instruments than electronics producer FIS, but the space where ...view item »

Eden Grey

Fledgling cassette/ digital imprint Gamma Mine hit their second release, hot on the heels of NYZ’s ‘DRNH’ tape. This one is from Eden Grey with her soundtrack to the (hopefully not impending) apocalypse. As...view item »

New Jackson
From Night to Night

From Night To Night is New Jackson’s first full-length album, and it pleasingly takes the proper approach of working to the album format rather than stringing together lots of 12”-suitable cuts. Make no mistake, much of this record is made up of clubtastic deep house tracks: but ambient passages and careful ...view item »

Bauri/ Erik Levander

Next up is Jan Emanuel comprising of 2 Swedish electronic/ avant garde acts Bauri and Erik Levander. Bauri do a class piece bouncy percussive electronica. It reminds me of Orbital in it's chugging laidbackness. A cracking beaty piece of music. We like very lots. The flipside is a n...view item »

Vendor Refill
Sysreq EP

More joy now. Fresh in from America is a brand new 12" by Vendor Refill which is the chap from Weevil on a sexy new label called Coredump Records. Coming up on the label is a Bit Meddler 12", Proem 12" etc... Looks like quality and if it's anything like this 1...view item »

Radiophonic Workshop
Burials In Several Earths

Interestingly this is actual new material by the Radiophonic Workshop (no BBC as the corporation does no funding of weird music anymore). The collective have produced a new suite of synth compositions that hark back to their classic work while exploring new areas of sound and combines analogue synth and cutting edge digital tech...view item »

Neo Ouija

Neo Ouija is a classic Metamatics album from 1998, long since out of print. Hydrogen Dukebox are now reissuing these gorgeous sounds on vinyl, complete with newly updated artwork. As anyone familiar with Metamatics should expect, this is an album of brain-tingling and hypnotic electronica: happy days to...view item »

Mr Oizo
Lambs Anger

Vintage French electro-house from ‘Flat Beat’ hitmaker Mr. Oizo. Lambs Anger originally released in 2008, is a lively set of funtime bangers, with guest vocals by Error Smith, Carmen Castro and Uffie sprinkled through the tracklisting. Double LP reissue on E...view item »

Lava Diviner (Truestory)

On Lava Diviner (Truestory), Botany offer a record of sparkly IDM wonder as informed by cresting seas of New Age -- shimmering and echoing outward, these songs feel like they're on the edge of the earth about to find out it's not flat. The beats help ground the record, taking it away from its cosmological...view item »

The Oscillation
Beyond The Mirror : Rare and Unreleased Tracks

The Oscillation here release all the Rare and Unreleased Tracks that they have accumulated over the course of their last three albums. Four of these songs have been scooped up from EPs and B-sides, but the rest will be all new to even the most ardent Oscillation fan. Beyond The Mirror...view item »

Kelly Lee Owens
Kelly Lee Owens

As her star rises ever-higher, Kelly Lee Owens has picked a fine moment to release her debut full-length. ‘The colours, the beauty, the motion’ she opines over ‘CBM’, and it’s a neat summation of a record that has its eyes firmly on the dancefloor while still searching for the personal warmth of cla...view item »

He's A Liquid

Extremely limited vinyl 12” compilation from Metamatic records. This EP collects various covers of songs from John Foxx’x Metamatic album, all by artists he loved. The tunes on He’s A Liquid are diverse, but they’re all indebted to Foxx’s abrasive and melancholic ap...view item »


Repress of Kavinsky’s 2007 EP. Take all your favourite 80s synth wave sound tracks, we all have those, give em a shake and bring em into the gleaming future. Think John Carpenter on speed making friends with Gatekeeper but retaining the Teenwolf soundtrack kind of cheeky schoolboy...view item »


With spoken word, cello, and a variety of electronics, the trio that is Ectopia have new combinations to present to you. life/section sounds very much like Ectopia and not much like anything else: the synths and drum mac...view item »

Nick Murphy
Missing Link

Nick Murphy announced late 2016 that he was hanging up his Chet Faker moniker in order to be able to diversify his sound a lot more and incorporate a wider scope of influences. Now going under his own name Missing Link marks the beginning of the transformation. With the lead single Your Time be...view item »

Ahmed Malek & Flako
The Electronic Tapes

The music of Ahmed Malek, an Algerian synth explorer active in the 1980’s, was never released during his lifetime, but Habibi Funk have been given access to his archives, and they’ve enlisted Flako to select and produce a cohesive album of highlights. The Electronic Tapes shows off the under...view item »


Warp records luminaries B12 dip in and out with flurries of activity. Here they have revisited the source material they used to make 2016’s BrokenUnbroken on Firescope. Whilst there are some recognisable elements here, this is certainly not a remix or rework album, but going to the same start point and ending up s...view item »

Finn McNicholas

On Concrescence, Finn McNicholas combines melancholic string drones with almost imperceptible tape manipulation and electronic flourishes. The composer’s background as a sound recordist and foley artist is also obvious through his incorporation of haunting found sounds and field recordings. More lovely stuff on cassette f...view item »

First Light

Fader is a new band made up of two well versed electro synth stalwarts Neil Arthur (Blancmange/Near Future) and Ben Edwards (Benge/John Foxx And The Maths). Their debut album First Light brings a refined 80s sound which...view item »

Penguin Cafe
The Imperfect Sea

Originally Penguin Cafe Orchestra, after the death of Simon Jeffes, his son Arthur Jeffes took the helm and to mark the new chapter renamed them as just simply Penguin Cafe. In this next step of the cafe, they have moved to Erased Tapes and are encorporating more contemporary in...view item »

Kondi Band

Kondi Band is Sorie Kondi, playing the kondi thumb piano, with producer DJ Chief Boima. This Sierra Leone / US collaboration resulted in fabulous music, with Boima’s electronic production bringing out the latent techno-pulse within Kondi’s propulsive...view item »


New EP from the still very new producer v1984, aka Christopher Ramos. Pansori is an adventure in electronics, constructed with a cool, sleek aesthetic. Tracks don’t necessarily coalesce around rhythms so much as absorb them on their way to where they are going, and it's a journey full of drama and...view item »

Baltic Fleet
The Dear One

The new Baltic Fleet album engages with the landscape and imagined history of the Pennine region: the conceit at the centre of The Dear Ones is that a 19th century diary has been discovered, although the sound palette used is very far from a 19th century one. The diary’s characters are expressed through shimmering...view item »

Basic House
I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me

Second full-length album from Basic House. I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me delivers on the simmering threat of its title with a set of creeping collages that push out-of-focus beats into an ooze of dubby abstract sounds. High on atmosphere and low on resolution, that’s what we like t...view item »

Afrika Bambaataa
Bring It Up

Oh my: new recordings from legendary originator Afrika Bambaataa are here! Bring It Up and its accompaniments find Bambaataa wandering into EDM territory, which might come as a surprise. As well as the original tracks, this 12” is stuffed to bursting with alternate mixes, acapellas, and one &lsquo...view item »

Running On Air

Written in the 1990s, RunningOnAir takes you back to the dawn of the internet and the realisation that the music industry is at the verge of it’s demise due to filesharing. Crisp electronica that takes you back to post jungle midi sequencing and cold synthesised strings, with elements of ravey synths and dance tracks. Musi...view item »

The Future Sound Of London
Archived : Environmental : Views

For an act called The Future Sound Of London, these guys sure do have a lot of past to them. Archived : Environmental : Views is a big stack of material, some of which has been released in different mixes but other swathes of which has never seen the light of day before. Crucial stuff from an important project, out on J...view item »

Carl Craig

Versus by Carl Craig was one of the first performances of its kind, bringing electronic beats to the same stage as violins and cellos. Originally performed in 2008 Planet E joins forces with InFiné to bring the Les Siècles orchestra, conducted by François-Xavier Roth...view item »

Rainbow Party

This 3-track taster is anything but a shallow and polished chat-ready take. Rainbow Party is, in fact, as deep and sprawling as its kaleidoscopic sleeve - and splashed with multiple genre influences throughout. Containing no less than punk, hip-hop and leftfield electronica; Psymun are throwing a party...view item »

Skin Companion EP II

The meteoric rise of Australian producer Flume cannot be underestimated - a glance upon his Spotify stream statistics proves just how far the producer has come. After the resounding success of sophomore album 'Skin', the Garage and House-inspired musician returns with Skin Companion EP II - an ext...view item »

Everything We Touch Turns to Dust

From a great American city which pits skyscrapers against mountains, Denver producer (ghost) touches upon '00s era IDM for his 4th album. 9 tracks update the blueprint of that classic electronica decade and find the protagonist awaking from a deep sleep to be confronted and confounded by modern day dystopia. Sounds fun. CD on n5...view item »

The Restless Field

Tracklist: 1) Ghosts Of Blood & Iron – Field Lines Cartographer2) Mortimer’s Cross – Vic Mars3) [ fears ] avaunt! upon ‘the’ hill – Bare Bones4) 3am M5 Field Raid – Assembled Minds5) Agrarian Lament – Grey Frequency6) Beneath The Cherry Tre...view item »

Throwing Snow
Mosaic VIPs

Three tracks from Throwing Snow’s full length LP Mosaic, remixed for Record Store Day. On this limited edition EP (340 for the UK and Ireland) his tracks have attained a catchy feel, geared towards opening sets or the last songs you listen to before you head out to the party. A must-have for the collectors!...view item »

Kenney/ Kang/ Park
At Temple Gate

Husband and wife duo Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney are joined by Hyeonhee Park for this intense LP on Weyrd Son. Lots of space in this sound, with quieter moments dropping back to just distant viola, murmured vocals, and ambiguous field recordings. The trio can quickly turn towards churning per...view item »

Ver 2​.​0

“Elektro space phunk from beyond!”. Beyond what you may ask. Mystery man Dataman builds a funk laden electro environment taking Kraftwerk’s zapping snare work, chard stabs that sound like they are from a haunted house level on mario mixed with road rash, all set 2000 years in the future. It&rsq...view item »

He She Them Us

Having not been heard from much since 2004, except for the odd remix here and there and his last full length 'Ena' being released on Thinner in 2004 you couldn’t be blamed for thinking Selffish was now deep into semi retirement. He was busy though gathering source material and solace from the Latvian countryside....view item »

Blood Wine Or Honey
Anxious Party People

Two tracks from Blood Wine Or Honey, each of which also receives a remix (from Factory Floor and Preservation feat. Mike Ladd respectively). Anxious Party People is hard to pin down, being a flavourful brew of tropicalia, free jazz, grime, psych… Loads of sounds, and that's befor...view item »

WaqWaq Kingdom

WaqWaq Kingdom is the pairing of Gameboy madman DJ Scotch Egg and other-worldly Japanese vocalist Kiki Hitomi of Black Chow and King Midas Sound. But it is nothing like you might expect, if anything it falls on the King Midas side of things. Shinsekai i...view item »


Several years in the making, the new album from Ikonika is another A-grade suite of future music from one of the most reliable producers in the dubstep / bass music / etc. world. Distractions is full of shining synths and rhythm patterns from R&B and hip-hop, as well as guest appearances from Jessy Lanza...view item »

Slow Knife

Kuedo has left a hefty five years in between the release of his debut full-length album Severant and this follow-up. Slow Knife has a sleek, neon-city-at-night kind of feel, with stuttering trap percussion and glassy synths everywhere. But there are also contributions from cellist Koenraad Ecker...view item »

Asher Levitas
Lit Harness

Lit Harness is the first full-length solo release from Asher Levitas, after many appearances as part of Old Apparatus. This record has that hulking dark droning bass-music sound to it, like a sinister club buried deep underground and attacked by flares of distortion and whipcracks of digital noise. Heav...view item »


For his debut full-length, microbiologist and electronics wizard Antwood joins the legendary Planet Mu label. His Virtuous.scr album plays with ideas of artificial intelligence and the internet, and his sound is a dense collage of glassy synth textures, cut-up percussion and abrasive mangled sam...view item »

RP Boo
The Ultimate

Key footwork talent RP Boo presents a tight package of six sharp new cuts, boastfully titled The Ultimate. Samples include a Sesame Street song(!), some Fresh words and a bit of pop, all woven into the frantic boom-click extra-rhythmic framework of that super high-grade Boo foo...view item »

RP Boo
Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints

Available on double vinyl LP or CD.RP Boo, the king (quite rightly so) of footwork follows his debut Legacy returning to Planet Mu with Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints. Filled to the brim with body movers RP Boo brings the Chicago underground to the masses and want absolutely everyone to g...view item »

Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert returns with a new full-length that recalls many of the paths he has so expertly trodden before. Thoroughly funky breaks underpin everything, the rest of these tracks being made up of a kaleidoscopic variety of samples, melodies and tightly tweaked little details. Bizarster is a busily fun record, released b...view item »


Murky Bristolian master Nick Edwards aka Ekoplekz returns to Planet Mu for his third full length album with them. Reflekzionz pulls the music of Edwards’ early 90’s life into his cassette-dub vortex, pushing out tracks that are recognisably Ekoplekz but via ...view item »

John Wizards
John Wizards

I don’t know anything about John Wizards. In fact I don’t think I’d heard his name before today, isn’t that terrible? I’m getting slack in my old age. Anyway, he’s got an album out on Planet Mu so I’d better start figuring out who he is. I just put the CD on and it started...view item »

You Stand Uncertain

I like this NY champs stuff. Coming from a junglist background hasn't decimated his love for more soulful grooves. His output is pretty consistent, quality-wise and you're always gonna be on safe ground when a record opens with a guest vocal spot from the gorgeous Anneka. Her silky dream-like voice glides along, virtually dripping off the...view item »

Theory of Colours

Renown to create a techno and house meld that's equally as enjoyable in both home and club environments, Dauwd returns with seven-track release: Theory of Colours. As a producer with Iraqi roots and who was born in the US, raised in Wales and based in London, his sprawling influence...view item »

Marconi Union
Ghost Stations Remixes

The guys from Marconi Union have commissioned a range of remixes from people as diverse as (ambient faves) Biosphere's Geir Jenssen, the violins and electronics of Digitonal, tinkling beauty Antonymes and... New Romantic man Steve Jansen from the band Japan...view item »

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