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Closed Circuits Australian Alternative Electronic Music Of The '70s & '80s, Volume 1

Lots of great music got made in sunny Australia in the wake of punk’s first flush, when synthesisers and electronics started to seep into the hands of underground popsters. Closed Circuits compiles some of this fabulous material, with acts like German Humour, Asphyxiation and Primitive Cal...view item »

Pitch Black Prism

Myself and one of Team Norm were discussing the other day about how Anticon has gone from consistently awesome bastion of backpack hip-hop cool to frustratingly patchy over the course of a mere few years. This time resident beat-maker Alias returns with his third solo effort, 'Pitch Black Prism'. As with Alias's previous efforts, though,...view item »

Everything Is Wrong

Moby’s lesser-known third album Everything Is Wrong album receives its first vinyl release since it was originally out. Everything Is Wrong is very definitely a 90’s record (it was released in 1995), but there is still plenty to like about its high-energy pumping dance tracks. 180g vinyl reissue on ...view item »

Hate Songs 

Far more than a promising young producer at this point, Suicideyear's EPs for 0pn's label and elsewhere have proved his sparkling, refracting hip hop instrumentals to be a world unto themselves. Creating skeletal-sounding but beaming tunes from 808s and synth, plus an often hazy production value, he no...view item »

Golden Retriever

What is great about Golden Retrievers is that they are both golden in colour and they retrieve things (balls etc). But this is no canine, this is the synth and clarinet duo from Portland who here incorporate a full chamber ensemble into their sound drawing comparisons with Terry Riley, William Basinski and ...view item »


Third album from producer Lapalux, developed from a theatrical score to a performance art piece and turned into the Ruinism you see before you. Lapalux’s style is a digital-industrial maelstrom tethered to beat structures for a wrecked-up club, with Ruinism being an apt descriptor. Guest ...view item »

Greg Fox
The Gradual Progression

Most will know Greg Fox as the drummer from bands such as Liturgy, Zs, Ex Eye, and Guardian Alien. Needless to say his drumming extends well beyond proficient, and on his second solo album takes this to an Nth degree, working with several musicians and using sen...view item »

The Error of My WAVs

What on earth has Neil Scrivin aka Phono Ghosts been up to? Sounds like he took a skip load of olde Funk, Boogie, Freestyle, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Art of Noise ...view item »

Carve + Gaze

We were all asking … Wen we’d be hearing something new from one of the most original voices in instrumental grime. Having been quite quiet since a flurry of releases in 2014 and 2015, the Kent producer has resurfaced on Big Dada and fronted four tracks of square-wave skullduggery. The anti-drop on lead single &lsquo...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Euclid from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith was written around the concept of Euclidean geometry, with points representing time signature and planes resembling a scale. Also influenced by mbira music and written on her Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, this album is bouncy and playful. On vinyl and CD from Western Vinyl....view item »

Sterling Roswell
Give Peace Another Chance (Remixes)

Sterling Roswell (The Darkside, Ex-Spacemen 3) takes his track Give Peace Another Chance from his 2014 album The Call Of The Cosmos and puts it in the hands of electronic producers Max 2Ksub, Martin Lefteri, and Tim Sheridan. B...view item »

Sebastian Camens
Tan Object

Sebastian Camens was responsible for the B-side of the first release on Conditional, and now returns to the label with its first release on ye good olde compact disc. The digital format somehow feels appropriate for this music - I think the i...view item »

¿Cómo Se Divertirán Los Insectos?

Originally released in 1986 on the Grabaciones Accidentales label - original copies of this LP are sought after. Long cherished by the likes of Trevor Jackson and JD Twitch (Optimo), this cult 80's album finally, sees a most welcome official reissue - the inaugural release on new imprint Equilibrio. Produced by Eugenio Mu&...view item »

Bill Vortex
Musiques imaginogènes Vol.1

Under a new alias, French IDM producer Patrice Curtillat (Poborsk) explores his love for old school house with an electro funk twist. The first installment of a series Musiques imaginogènes introduces Bill Vortex’s upbeat, playful and feelgood world to you, which sounds mor...view item »

Sturm Und Drang / First Mover

Dutch producer Roel Dijcks aka Ekman (Solar One, The Trilogy Tapes, Berceuse Heroique, Panzerkreuz etc.) returns to Shiprec for his third release on the label - with two prime c...view item »

Sun Araw
The Saddle of The Increate

The latest full-length album from Cameron Stallones’ Sun Araw is as strange and blasted / stoned as we’ve come to expect from the project. The Saddle of The Increate, which is apparently about being a cowboy, is full of cascading electronics and dubby structures, with song-singing vocals and...view item »

Nils Frahm
Juno Reworked

Erased Tapes brings you this excellent remix EP from the much sought after ‘Juno’ 7”, Nils Frahm has passed his baton firstly over to Norfolk’s Luke Abbott, this is a super dub synth remix that still keeps Frahm’s t...view item »

Joane Skyler
Serious Time

Serious Time is Joane Skyler’s fourth release and the artist’s most confident yet. His low-key electronic music focuses on sound design and unusual compositions, and creates a sense of weightless abstraction tied down by drum machines and synth gurgles. This vinyl LP on Ceramics is o...view item »


What's Dan Snaith up to these days? Still raking in the sweet $$ from 'Can't do without you'? Well he's got enough to revive the party-hard Daphni moniker for a Fabriclive mix solely consisting of exclusive new Daphni material that'll have Keiran Hebden blushing with midtempo jealousy. Considering there hasn't been any new Daphni stuff since 201...view item »

Happy Ending

Third solo album from okamotonoriaki, a Tokyo musician and artist who produces electronic pop that foregrounds fiddly little textures as much as it does big melodies. Guests that helped bring his vision to light on Happy Ending include guitarist ...view item »

Ludvig Elblaus

For some reason I was off on Wikipedia checking out Ludwig the cartoon after whacking this on. I guess it's the guys name..... I never knew Ludvig was a British made cartoon. Hey you live and learn! Anyway this Ludvig isn't a cartoon (about a magical egg shaped gem who lives in a forest), he's a guy who makes electronic music. And he's been maki...view item »


Big box-set here for the twentieth anniversary of the Planet Mu label, the place to be for messed-up electronic dance music. µ20 is a triple-disc bonanza of favourites, including Shitmat, Luke Vibert, Leafcutter John, Venetian Snares… You should really know...view item »


I'm a massive fan of Plaid but why do they have to be so bloody obscure - typical old school Warp artwork and titles and I can't figure out which side is side A, B or what the album titles are or even how to pronounce them. But when you put the needle on the record (yeah, maybe I should have played it on CD and it would have [hopefully] star...view item »

Soft Rains

This would appear to be a sonic adaptation of a Raymond Bradbury short story, taking as as base layer the 1975 reading of the story by… Leonard Nimoy! Around Nimoy’s dulcet tones, Zarelli’s Carwyn Ellis builds up a primarily electronic structure, echoing the h...view item »

Don't DJ
Hyperspace Is The Place / Hyperspace Is No Place

Hyperspace is The Place / Hyperspace is No Place is the latest mini-album from Don’t DJ. A collection of ambient sounds and experimental electronica make this mini-release a great listen. As with a lot of Don’t DJ’s work, the tracks build slowly into a rhythmic trance of soft b...view item »

Various Erased Tapes Artists
Erased Tapes Collection V

Lovers of minimal pop and consumer fetishism will no doubt be excited to pay £80 for the five most luxuriously packaged 7”s I think I’ve ever seen. They come in a chunky box debossed with the Erased Tapes logo, and then once you’re in there’s five dinked 7”s in screenpri...view item »

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

Following up Vol. 1 from 2015, Anthony Child, better known as Surgeon lets all the masks and hard edges drop to the floor for the material released under his own name. Taking single long take field samples recorded in the jungle as backing tracks to his much more ambient hardware improvisations. Come, get yourse...view item »

Run Dust
Leisure Village

Luke Calzonetti has gone through many guises and styles before arriving at his latest. From skitz-grind outfit Child Abuse to jazz to painting. Leisure Village is his third album on In Paradisium and shows all he’s taken in and turned into sound design prowess. 8 tracks of glorious soft ambient el...view item »

Floating Points
Reflections - Mojave Desert

My my, how the Floating Points project has grown and travelled. These days, Sam Shepherd’s production alias is a full band, who all headed to the Mojave Desert to record the first in a planned series of Reflections records. Field recordings of the environment are blended into surprisingly rockish ...view item »

Luke Vibert
Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol. 1

Luke Vibert’s new record is titled UK Garave Vol. 1, and that ain’t a typo: this is all about the magical 90’s merging of the rave scene with UK Garage. Vibert has of course been immersed in wonky electronic music for years, so he’s the perfect person to be mixing up all the clas...view item »


Seahawks, the new-agey tropical nu-kosmische project of Jon Tye and Pete Fowler, spin two tracks off of their Escape Hatch album and give them remixes, from Len Leise, Marius Circus and Nick Mackory. Everything sounds bright, sparkly an...view item »

David Ross & Clive Bell
Recovery Suite

"Dystopic lounge ambiance", says the press release to this peculiar new LP from David Ross, playing a customised analogue oscillator dubbed the drosscillator, and Clive Bell on shakuhachi, which is a Japanese flute. The oscillator flickers and booms and chirps in weird modulating circles, varying from spacey throbs and paranoid glitches and tw...view item »

Richard H. Kirk

One of the founding members of Cabaret Voltaire Richard H. Kirk has continued on with his quest through dark electronic and ambient territories. Releasing his own work under his own name and continuing under Cabaret Voltaire solo all through his own Intone label. Dasein will be His firs...view item »

Psychic TV
Alien Be-In Remix EP

The classic 1989 Psychic TV track Alien Be-In, presented in full remastered glory and accompanied by two remixes. The original track captures the band’s wyrd take on Acid House, and remixes from Silent Servant and John Tejada push the sound into more contemporary forms of bangin&r...view item »

Damien Dubrovnik
Great Many Arrows

The Danish duo of Loke Rahbek (Croatian Amor, Lust For Youth etc.) and Christian Stadsgaard have reached their sixth studio album with ‘Great Many Arrows’. The title could be mistaken for tha...view item »

Wojciech Golczewski
Reality Check

Wojciech Golczewski is a score composer for TV and film, known for We Are Still Here  and 400 Days. In true form Death Waltz have got him down for his debut solo album. Huge 80s inspired synths, arpeggiators and drums that sound like a slowed, and broken world of a platform game such as Space Harrier or Me...view item »

Captain Free

This is the third album by Greek-born artist Katerina Koutouzi also known as Fos, entitled Captain Free. The record takes you through what can only be described as a soundscape of acoustic-electro and experimental pop, combined with a solid use of airy vocals and synths.  The record is released on her own label &ls...view item »

Best Available Technology
Exposure Therapy

With 90s nostalgia sweeping through club music at the moment, it was only a matter of time before someone started pining for boom-bap. Best Available Technology takes the same hauntological tack of acts like Burial and The Caretaker and refocuses it on golden-age NYC hip-hop. The result is a rec...view item »

Digital Frame

Apart is an artist whose work I've not come in to contact with before. Found myself having a little chuckle after reading the surprisingly earnest press release (which is probably worth quoting but I won't bother) although the record itself is pretty decent. Definitely one for the Port-Royal/Hammock fans of the world as this is one of them ambie...view item »

Forwards, Futures and Options

Exciting debut release from Derivatives, a Vancouver producer who seems to have a keen interest in both minimal club tracks and complex financial instruments. The tight, clipped structures of Forwards, Futures and Options already express a clear personal identity, which has been honed through plenty of popular live sets...view item »

Ein Haufen Scheiss und ein zertrümmertes Klavier

F.S.K. were formed in 1980 out of the German new wave scene, hugely influenced by the independent British music scene they experimented with punk rock, post punk, country and folk music and in the 90s dabbled in techno. This live recording is mixed by Marcel Dettmann and acts as a tribute to Luigi Russol...view item »

Groom In Vineyards
Groom In Vineyards

Hissed out late night ambience from this Athens, Greece artist who promises to take you into a journey into the dark side of the city with this cassette release of churning soundscapes which have nods towards GAS or Celer but are altogether nastier. The soundtrack to being slightly scared after walking into the ...view item »

The Mulholland Free Clinic
The Mulholland Free Clinic

Together, Jonah Sharp, Move D, Juju and Jordash have formed The Mulholland Free Clinic, an institute for improvised live electronic hardware music. For their second ever set, they played for three hours. The recordings were then cut down to the 80-minute form you see be...view item »

Bruno Pronsato
US Drag

Bruno Pronsato returns to full-length album making after six years, presenting a direct and powerful set of electronic compositions that tap into unusual tuning systems and tuned percussions. Angus Andrew from Liars features on one track, bringing an aspect of Pronsato’s p...view item »

Ocean Floor
Four Shadows

After two tiny self-releases, Bristol based experimenter Aonghus Reidy brings his modular equipment to the Aphelion Editions label for Four Shadows. Slowly evolving electronic chords, pads and textures make up this late-night imaginary soundtrack. Headphones at the ready and a clear night sky for a long distance journey...view item »

Loose Blooms

As the third full-length from Andrew PM Hunt, under the moniker of Dialect, Loose Blooms is a idiosyncratic twist of weirdness. Constantly anxious, riddled with paranoia around environmental disaster and human violence - this reaches depths that your run-of-the-mill pop could never reach,...view item »

Bochum Welt

Bochem Welt returns with his sixth studio album, April. He is known as an experimenter of sounds and styles -- he released music for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label back in 1994 -- and here the 16 tracks encompass a gamut running from ambient through IDM through to downtempo. He has re-edited his own tracks and supplies for ...view item »

Karl Hyde & Matthew Herbert
Fatherland (Original Music from the Stage Show)

Karl Hyde of 90’s party-starters Underworld and inventive electronic music scientist Matthew Herbert have teamed up to accompany a new play written by Simon Stephens, Fatherland. You’ll have to get down to the theatre to hear Hyde and ...view item »

M Appeal

Smersh was a creation of the two talents Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard. Smersh went through their time in the 80's/90's with one vision: no live performances, a sh*t tonne of albums. And with this in their minds, they succeeded. In their period, around 30 di...view item »

Porter Ricks
Anguilla Electrica

I used to think nautical German techno was all about U96 - Das Boot. Then I switched to Porter Ricks. I’ve waited seventeen years for this record, and so to celebrate, I’ve climbed into my wetsuit, ripped open a packet of prawn cocktail flavour crisps and put my Finding Nemo DVD on with the volume m...view item »

Last Days

Northumberland based musician Graham Richardson (Last Days/St Kilda) crafts very still contemplative music. Emotionally raw and reflective pieces with acoustic, electronic and found sound elements. Returning to n5MD for his fifth full length Seafaring Richardson turns his focus to the s...view item »

Electric Sewer Age
Moon’s Milk In Final Phase

‘Moon’s Milk In Final Phase’ was originally issued in 2012 on the Divine Frequency label and is comprised of four tracks from Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson and Danny Hyde’s sessions dating back to 2007. Apparently the music was originally intended to conclude Co...view item »

Space, Energy & Light: Experimental Electronic And Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88

Soul Jazz present a carefully-curated selection of forward-pushing experimental electronics from the years 1961 to 1988. Space, Energy & Light, which features music from the likes of Laurie Spiegel, Tod Dockstader and Carl Matthews, is focused on new age, musique concrete, and DIY c...view item »

Prins Thomas
Dungen & Sun Araw Remixes

Two rather interesting producers give some of Prins Thomas’ groovy work a going-over on this 12”. Gustav Estjes of psychish rock band Dungen does ‘D’ and weird-dub sound-soup worker Sun Araw takes on ‘B’. Plus, a previously unreleased original...view item »

Schneider Kacirek
Radius Walk

Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek team up for their second full length collaboration Radius Walk. Taking their joint influences from Kenyan music and mixing a krautrock love of repetition and growth with analogue synthesizers. Four tracks feature Swedish singer Sofia Jernberg of ...view item »

Timothy J. Fairplay
Mindfighter EP

Sounds to match a dystopian Europe or a European Dystopia: it's Timothy J Fairplay. His latest four-tracker, the Mindfighter EP, as ever picks up on many contrasts and colours. The sounds and grooves within follow a natural trajectory through house and techno but are also informed by krautrock and even psychedelia....view item »

Carry On!

We got a few CD's in this week on the Bit Phalanx label. One of which is for charidee and this is t'other one. A CD by Jilk who I've not heard of before but after a bit of digging this appears to be his debut physical release which explains why I've not hear from him before. What you get ...view item »

Stress Test

Performance art style sonics from this L.A. resident. It uses slithery, skronky electronics, confessional narrative and impromptu stratagems in an effort to brim the optics, confuse the mind and engage the body. Beginning as an exercise in speed and personality, “Stress Test” i...view item »

James P Honey & Joel Simeus
Book of Marion

Don't know a lot about either of these fellas. Nothing at all, in fact. One thing I can say on listening to this is that if your attention has been grabbed by the phrase “curiosity grindcore” in the press release, let me tell you now that this record and grindcore haven't so m...view item »

Mark Jenkins
Analog Archives

As is the case when music geeks get their hands on a host of classic synthesisers, they're gonna have one hell of an archive to show for the time invested in taming the beasts, along with a haggard beard and newfound eccentricities. Mr. Mark Jenkins must surely be this class of music geek, the tell-tale signs being the proud title ...view item »


Debut release of a new project from J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Xordox has it’s gaze set firmly on deep space and exploration of alien worlds. Neospection plays out like a lost revision of the soundtrack to Tron, thick retro-futuristic synthesis with a driving narrative to a...view item »

Phillippe Hallais
An American Hero

Philippe Hallais has been producing as Low Jack for some time, but here he steps out under his own name for the first time, presenting some rather different experiments. An American Hero finds Hallais taking on the tropes of, er, ESPN sports documentaries, presenting a suite of ambienti...view item »

Cevdet Erek

Cevdet Erek presents his first full-length LP, fully showcasing his unique approach to the large Davul drum. Erek’s technique involves re-tuning, various implements, exploitation of the acoustic resonance of a space and lessons learned from the kind of noisy electronics more usually released on Su...view item »

Pick Six

Denver based producer Gila of Gorgeous Children follows his EP on XL Recordings and inaugurates the Deviation Music label. Forcing the Rap/hip-hop and club worlds together Pick Six is laced with chest crushing 808 hits an...view item »

From The Furthest Signals

Audiological Exploration Details: 1) Circle/Temple – The Séance/Search for Muspel-Light2) David Colohan – Brass Rubbings Club (Opening Titles)3) A Year In The Country – A Multitude Of Tumblings4) Sharron Kraus – Asterope5) Time Attendant – The Dreaming Green6) Depatternin...view item »

The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44

Dalhous are back on Blackest Ever Black and as melancholy as usual. The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44 on double vinyl LP deals with the idea of how people live together closely for long periods of time. This is expressed musically with longform drones, degraded samples and i...view item »

Mark Pritchard
Beautiful People feat. Thom Yorke

Mark Pritchard jumps out of the club scene for a while for is lush Under The Sun full-length. Beautiful People features Thom Yorke’s inimitable wails and slurs. Ambient synths and a trippy percussion loop that would do ol’ Thom’s Atoms For Peace proud, “...view item »


Vocoder heavy synth pop from two primary school teachers on William Burnett’s W.T. label. One half of Teachers is acid house and techno producer Tagwell Woods. Their debut 12” Boys is filled with soft experimental pop tracks via Kraftwerk single note melodie...view item »

The Road: Part 1

The fifth UNKLE full-length is here! As per usual with an UNKLE record, James Lavelle is joined by a whole swathe of guests, from Mark Lanegan and ESKA to members of Primal Scream, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Duke Sp...view item »

New Build
Misery Loves Company

Hot Chip. It's fair to say I'm no fan. Still, I'm a very nice man really so I'll put all my prejudices aside and take this New Build record on its own terms. It features two members of Hot Chip alongside another chap called Tom. According to the press release they aspire to &l...view item »

Nova Scotian Arms
Cult Spectrum

Nova Scotian Arms is Grant Evans, the husband of Rachel (Motion Sickness of Time Travel) Evans, and here he offers up two sides of drawn out, cosmic, synth-heavy dark ambient music. Smooth tones swell and recede while harsher ones pierce the background with clicks and creaks and fuzzy ligh...view item »

Spiritual Church Movement

The press release says that these two have been 'haunting' the North East of the United States for a couple of years now. Certainly if I'd stumbled across these two whilst enjoying a quiet pint I'd be suitably haunted. The best comparison again is stolen from the press release (look we'r...view item »

Pentagram Home Video
The Satanic Path

New music in a semi-vintage style from Pentagram Home Video, one of the artists on Death Waltz’s ‘Originals’ spin-off label. The Satanic Path is all about thick analogue synth curtains and potent drum machines, creating a very doomy vibe indeed. This is the debut album of the Pentagram Home Vid...view item »

Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas
Square One

Norwegian producers Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas both experiment with disco and house their crossovers with kraut and world music. Separately had releases on multiple labels before both ending up on the Smalltown Supersound. Their collaboration has become loose and improvised avantgarde disco, recording multipl...view item »

Joanne Pollock

As the debut offering of Toronto-born solo artists Joanne Pollock is a euphoric and intricate release, consistently caked in beauty. Stranger consolidates the hype around Pollock, which acclaims her as one of the most promising artists from across the pond. Off-kilter pop, with a refreshing s...view item »

Carlos Giffoni
Little Mornings

What a smart looking thing this is, a square transparent flexi housed in holographic sleeve complete with Gremlins picture insert. Carlos kicks off with a little vocal ditty before heading straight into some modular synthesizer twiddlings. Beginning with some low end oscillations then in...view item »

Artificial Interface

Brad Rose (owner of Digitalist records and member of The North Sea, Charlatan, Altar Eagle) and Pete Fosco (Early Tunnels, Wasteland Jazz Ensemble) have been getting together to knock up tapes for a while now. Their style is synth drone electronics verses telecaster guitar in a longhaul d...view item »

Todd Terje feat. Det Gylne Triangel
Maskindans / Erol Alkan Rework

Todd Terje teams up with 80's Norwegian synth-pop veteran Det Glyne Triangel for his latest slab of disco wax, get yourself down to his smooth and crispy lounge dance while driving through downtown New York in your Delorean with your jacket sleeves rolled up, remix duties turn to recent Ride producer Erol Alkan....view item »

Com Truise

As far as underground East-coast electronic producers go, very few are currently enjoying a greater purple patch than Com Truise. Amongst his lustrous beasts and glugging basslines, is a geniune soulfulness that isnt' easy to find within the hoards of modern day electronica. Iteration is his lates...view item »

Low Contrast EP

An ever-rising star on the electro scene, Ismael presents us with his latest release from the record label ‘Nous’ entitled ‘Low Contrast’. This record has been described as an electric mix of the coolest techno and of old school experimental house, combin...view item »


After several albums and EPs on Mordant, Perc Trax, Punch Drunk and Further Records, Nick Edwards’ Ekoplekz project has found a good home at Planet Mu and is returning with his fourth album for them. Rolling through Aphex Twin and lof-fi 90s acid and techno territories with a fuzzy cassett...view item »

Fugenn & The White Elephants
Archetype Zero

I keep listening to this over and over again, not just because I like it but because I'm so easily distracted I'm considering going for ADD therapy. Then the Ethernet cable broke, this after I laughed and pointed at Phil struggling with a couple at work this week -karma you say? Thank the...view item »

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse

Moby springs a surprise album on us all in the form of More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse, credited to Moby & The Void Pacific Choir. It is unclear at this point whether this is an actual group of collaborators of not (certainly, there aren’t that many choral arrangements here), but it certa...view item »

Der Plan

After 25 years the German experimental electronic pop group Der Plan return with a new album Unkapitulierbar. Whilst many say you can’t compare them to anyone else, and they are certainly pioneers, you could take some of Laibach, Kraftwerk, and some of the madness of Yello...view item »

Rollage vol.3: C-troit EP

Martin Clark AKA Blackdown (of Dusk + Blackdown) has focusing on his keysound label, leaving his solo productions relatively quiet. Resurfacing with this mini series called Rollage he sticks strickly to 130bpm and delves into his bass heavy box of sounds that float between dubstep roots...view item »

Schole Collection Box

Check this out Schole fans: the label is celebrating its tenth birthday with this hefty five CD box-set! The Schole Collection Box contains highlights from across the label’s substantial catalogue, arranged chronologically by release date. Artists represented include Daisuke Miyatani, Quentin Sirjacq...view item »

L. Pierre
Surface Noise

Aidan Moffat’s most recent L Pierre album impressed me a lot, displaying a genuine knack for understated sampledelica in the former Arab Strap mumbler. On this 10” EP he celebrates surface noise in a six-movement suite of meticulously a...view item »

Bomber Jackets
Centurion Travel EP

Curious little lad, this one. Totally loving the riso printed Bill Kouligas sleeve art (he’s the dude who does all those sexy Pan sleeves) with smartly dressed people clambering over geometric shapes in redscale. As for the musi...view item »

Dawn Hunger
Stumbling Room / Billowed Wind

Fucking weird twelve from the one half of Fuck Buttons that didn’t do that ambient album on Mogwai’s label. One side ‘Billowed Wind’ is p...view item »

Park Avenue Music
For Your Home Or Office

Oh this is nice, wondrously sparkling electronica just like your Mum used to make (Mum geddit?). It’s full of soft-as-lace Rhodes piano-like trills with skittery micro-beats and dog friendly high pitched female vocals that recall the Mum lad...view item »

Carpenter Brut

Box set of french electronic producer Carpenter Brut. Made up of his three EPs released on Black Bus and No Quarter. Firmly rooted in 80s soundtracks Brut packs the atmospherics of John Carpenter and the darker grittier electro punch of Justice and the '80s sheened energy of Kavinsky...view item »

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