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Lali Puna
Two Windows

Lali Puna are back after a seven year gap which saw the departure of founding member Markus Acher. The others seem to be continuing in a business-as-usual like manner though with an album of lush and focused electronica. There's guests too including DNTEL's Jimmy Tamborello and harpist Mary Lattimore...view item »


Well what do we have here then? Following on from that enormous box set of his greatest work of 20 years vintage, Wolfgang Voigt re-ignites his Gas project with a new album which, though it continues the thick foggy sonics of earlier work introduces dense and sometimes atonal sonics to the magical mist with that...view item »

I & II

Benni is the latest guise of Ben McCullough of Wizzard Sleeve/Heavy Lids/Natural Child. This solo outing is focused firmly on imagines sci-fi soundtracks and with 80’s electro pulse. With cited influences being Vangelis, John Carpe...view item »

Vier / Vijf

Belgian duo return to DEEWEE for their second 12”, whilst people battle on to confirm whether this is actually an anonymous project from Soulwax, Vier / Vijf will get your electro taste buds going. Mechanical and straight up, yet laced with an incredibly cheeky metallic groove. Industrialised and funky....view item »

Penguin Cafe & Cornelius
Umbrella EP

Originally put on a short release in 2015, after completing the new Penguin Cafe album, Erased Tapes have repackaged this EP made with Japanese musician/producer Cornelius for record store day. Featuring two collaborative tracks and each party remixing one of the other’s tracks. Hypnotic blends of world mu...view item »

High Boys
Dead Zones

High Boys are Skull Defekts members Jean-Louis Huhta (aka Dungeon Acid) and Joachim Nordwall. They recently had a 12” on Hoga Nord and are back with an EP on Nordwall&...view item »

Jason van Wyk

If you’re after pretty much perfect relaxation and harmony, look no further than Attachment by Jason van Wyk. The record could send you to sleep, or into deep thought...view item »

Timothy Fife
Black Carbon

New on Death Waltz and severely limited is this three track solo LP from Timothy Fife. He's obviously deeply in thrall to the atmospheric synth lines as previously explored by the likes of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.  These intense and hard edged synth pieces would be perfect soundtracking the sort of 80s...view item »


Hot on the heels of his impressive 'Ultra' album this three tracker from Zomby explores a more hardware driven sound, eschewing saturation and overdubbing in lieu of a relentless barrage of breaks and beats that is said to fit somewhere between a darkened dance floor and a chugging factory. We think we know what he means. ...view item »


These Posh Isolation types are busy people: Hannes Norrvide is the sole force behind Norin, but he also collaborates with others in projects like Kyo and Lust For Youth....view item »

Nattens Hævn

The Danish duo of Videodrones release their 2nd album in the form of ‘Nattens Hævn’, which delves even further into their realm of improvised synth. Taking inspiration from many Italian composers like Riz Ortolani and others, this new album puts a new found insanity on their unique s...view item »

Creature EP

You may know Mana from another life. He used to release as Vaghe Stelle, and he remains part of the lauded One Circle group. That said, he’s now looking to strip away any artifice and confront himself through music, hence the change of moniker. The music on Creature is dense, clau...view item »

Earlham Mystics
Waters EP

Waters is a four-track EP from Earlham Mystics. It can only be described as a collection of head-heavy beats and repetitive notes played on a variety of differing electronic instruments. The record feels like it...view item »

Maps and Diagrams

Maps & Diagrams is Tim Martin (Atlantis/Black Elk/Bluhm). Moving to Handstitched for Mosaic he strips back the glitchy beats and leaves just the glitch and his stunning synthesis to create digital soundscapes, but it doesn't reach drone levels, more...view item »

The Future Sound Of London
Environment 6.5

Future Sound Of London’s Environments series began in 1993, though without any releases seeing the light of day till 2008. Now they present a pair of new records (released separately) that map out some properly deep an imaginative electronic territory: vintage FSOL. Environment 6.5 is rel...view item »

Brian Hodgson and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Doctor Who - The Krotons

We scored some 10” vinyl copies of this beauty of “special sounds” from Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This really shows them at their most radical, groundbreaking and experimental. Beginning with the brief opening theme from 1967, this is rea...view item »

The Future Sound Of London
Environment Six

Future Sound Of London’s Environments series began in 1993, though without any releases seeing the light of day till 2008. They haven’t stopped generating Environments though, not by a long shot: they now present a pair of new records (released separately) that map out some deep electronic territory...view item »

Mike & Rich
Expert Knob Twiddlers

Mike & Rich is Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) and Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin): you can see the pair of them grinning away on the cover there. This material dates from the mid-90’s and the approach is playful: fun-time groovy electronics as well...view item »

Cirque De La Musique

This eleven track LP has eleven tracks from eleven different artists. A novel idea but they’re surely onto something. Cirque de la Musique is a mix of chillout piano solos, lo-fi electronics, ambient soundscapes and gentle acoustic instrumentation. Compiled by m.o.I Records, the LP is limited to 100 copies...view item »

I Speak Machine
Zombies 1985

Vocalist and producer Tara Busch, and filmmaker Maf Lewis team up as I Speak Machine. Their releases always paired as a soundtrack to a film they also produce. For Zombies 1985 they have teamed up with Benge (Wrangler and John Foxx & Th...view item »

New Order Presents Be Music

Be Music is the umbrella name for the various extracurricular activities that the individual members of New Order got up to in their time away from the band. Lots of productions and remixes for acts including Section 25, A Certain Ratio and Factory Floor. This o...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Live at Brixton

Documented for posterity is the time some guys threw a load of samples over some so-so post rock and called it good. But something very remarkable indeed happened. Lots of people actually liked these vignettes and subsequently poured into the Brixton Academy to watch it all performed live. You can now re-live the sights, the sounds and...view item »

Spirit Animal

Here’s the latest of Relapse’s beautifully put together Zombi vinyl reissues - a lush double LP of ‘Spirit Animal’ on fancy red vinyl. I’m sure you know this Pittsburgh duo’s modus operandi by now. This is horror soundtrack worship of the highest calibre, heavy on the synths but also showing no fear of ...view item »

Masayoshi Fujita and Guy Andrews
Needle Six

Phil thinks Guy Andrews was the guy who sang that cover of 'Mad World' but I think he's hopelessly wrong. Guy Andrews in instead a London based producer and here he has collaborated on a live BBC 'Late Junction' session with Japanese vibraphone player Masayoshi Fujita. It has now been released on a very limited 12" to make your Record Store Day ...view item »


Somewhere between the slick and tight production of The Black Dog, the summer filled electronica of Plaid and Paranerd cites indie pop-rockers The Super Friendz as a major influence. Mixing delightful pop melodies with all hardware upbeat electronica and a dash of early detroit ...view item »


Jega has been in the electronic scene from the mid ‘90s, having released albums on PLANET MU and here on Skam Records. He’s always produced warm, slowly pulsating electro and on this album, 1995, we return to the beginning with a collection of previously unreleased t...view item »

Pop Ambient 2015

The latest in the hopefully never ending series of Pop Ambient compilations from the good people at Kompakt. Does what it says on the tin really but each one is unique and with a different feel or flow. This one features new and exclusive stuff from Thore Pfeiffer, Dirk Leyers, Gregor Schwellenbach,  Leandro Fresco, Max Würden, Ulf Loh...view item »

Carsten Jost
Perishable Tactics

David Lieske has been keeping himself busy with various activities, but it’s been a colossal amount of time since he last released a full-length under his Carsten Jost moniker (2000!). Perishable Tactics combines brand new material with a few previously issued limited-release cuts, with the whole ...view item »

The Water We Drink

Khalil is a new project from Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine / Cancer), produced by Simon Formann (Yen Towers / Lower) and Villas Klint. Debut album ‘The Water We Drink’ is a bold, brave move ...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Ded Sec - Watch Dogs 2 (Original Soundtrack)

To end a massive 2016(having worked with ANOHNI and Kanye West), Hudson Mohawke released a bunch of original material he had worked on for the soundtrack to the open world hacking game Watch Dogs 2. Featuring his trademark glitchy hip-hop beats and distorted low end trap horns in cinema...view item »

Inch Time

I initially stuck this one on at the wrong speed and was fully ready to extoll the virtues of its satisfying dubbiness when Ant came over and ruined it all by speeding it up. Well I guess he didn't really since it's still dead tidy with its relaxed grooves, warm synths and gentle clicks. Electronica of this kind can so easily fall into the 'chillou...view item »

East Wall
Eyes Of Glass

Dark Entries present a much needed, official remastered reissue of this much sought after and bootlegged Italo Disco gem from Fabrizio Chiari (ex-keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari. Originally released in 1982 it still sounds glorious some 34 years later. Includes a double-sided postcard with photos of the band, lyrics,...view item »

Cut Hands
Volume 3

William Bennett's excellent Cut Hands project continues to gain momentum as he once again simultaneously releases two albums this week. Volumes 1 and 2 sold out double-fast so I'd imagine these will do the same. I'm listening to Volume 3 and it's got the fevered percussive electronics I was expecting, cutting out tribalistic and supremely dancea...view item »

Brett Naucke

Those canny androids at Spectrum Spools present the debut LP from Chicago synth maestro and Catholic Tapes founder Brett Naucke. Recorded in Chicago and Miami, the album finds Naucke employing a single synth patch across its eight tracks, with surprisingly diverse results. Unusually for this type of music, it's as rhythmica...view item »

Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra
Audio Track 5

Sure, why not? Sounds like a good fit: experimental techno producer Actress follows up the phenomenal AZD on a collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra, offering new pieces as well as older cuts in a new framework. His penchant for loop-based work is here joined with...view item »

Raymond Scott
Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961–1971

This compilation will be an extreme treat for fans of the pioneering electronic musician Raymond Scott, as it rounds up a staggering sixty-one recordings that had previously gone unheard. Three Willow Park...view item »

PoP Campaign

PoP Campaign have reissued their 2014 album, 'HAME', on cassette tape. A one track, 26 minute opus, this is PoP's attempt to conquer the flashbacks (positive and negative) of misspent formative years growing up in the west coast of Scotland. Eno obsessives high on pizza suppers and tins of Tennents, this is the ...view item »

Neil Landstrumm
Kris P Lettuce

This one comes with a serious wonkiness warning. Scottish producer Neil Landstrumm  was an early purveyor of the wonky techno genre and with releases on Planet Mu, Tresor, Mord and Snork Enterprises he leads the crowds still. With this new EP, Kris P Lettuce on Elektron Grammofon, we can promise it isn’t in a...view item »

Hype Williams
Rainbow Edition

After several years off pursuing their own projects, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are back with a new album as Hype Williams. Except they aren't, as the press release reckons neither of them are involved. Or are they? The woozy, disjointed music they previously concocted has spawned lo...view item »

The Convenanza Remixes

Swedish post-Pink Floyd psychedelic prog rock band Fontän get the full remix treatment from a diverse selection of contemporary electronic artists. The name taken from them being asked to play at Andrew Weatherall’s festival of the same name, it features remixes from Pardon Mo...view item »

Second Storey
Lucid Locations

After releases on R&S and Trust, Second Storey returns to Houndstooth for his second full length album. Lucid Locations forces identity into the forefront, shifting itself from angular and fiery percussion to ambient abstracted glitches down to a Drexciya inspired groove. A genre mixer with bass and...view item »

Dead Light

Four track EP of remixes of select tracks taken from modern classical/ambient duo Dead Light’s self titled debut full length from 2016. Featured artists include Luke Abbott, Andrea Belfi, and Rafael Anton Irisarri under his The Sight Below (Touch/Miasmah/G...view item »

Lena Platonos
Sun Masks Remix

Remix albums can go one of two ways, but this one does the job it’s supposed to do, and pretty well. A remix album by a collection of contemporary Dj’s that take on four tracks from Lena Plantonos’ record Sun Masks. All four tracks have been twisted and shaped into a number of dancefloor hits. Availabl...view item »

Jan St. Werner
Spectric Acid (Fiepblatter Catalogue #5)

Jan St. Werner, of Mouse On Mars fame, spins out on his own once more to get real abstract and ferocious with it. Spectric Acid (Fiepblatter Catalogue #5) ...view item »

Beaucoup Fish

Underworld’s fifth album, the 1999 classic Beaucoup Fish gets the full remasters and super repackaging deal. After the success of Trainspotting and the single ‘Born Slippy’ of course, there fol...view item »

Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas)

Well then: this. What a conundrum: the psychedelic tour-de-force that is Dungen offer up their huge jam galaxy Haxan for rework splicing by Prins Thomas, who does everything from chopping to screwing on a longlist of versions. It's a fascinating idea for a collaboration and it m...view item »

James Yuill
A Change In State

James Yuill studied audio forensics at university. They’ll let you do anything nowadays won’t they? As long as you’ve got the £40k to give ‘em, ey! But look, Yuill’s a last bastion of hope, a graduate using their degree to earn some money and pay some taxes and A Change in Stat...view item »

The 7th Plain
Chronicles I

This is a collection of analogue synth burblings made by Luke Slater under his the 7th Plain alter ego back in the '90s. These pieces expand ambient music away from a beat less platform to create emotional escapist electronic music. The album has been released on A -Ton, a sister label to Ostgut Ton, focussing on ambient, a...view item »

Human Energy

The press release suggests that this could be Machinedrum's career defining album. Well if 'Room(s)' and 'Vapor City' weren't career defining albums then we are in for a treat. He certainly sounds re-energised on the lead track 'Do it 4 U (feat. Dawn) which breathes energetic new life in Machinedrum's brand of musical alchemy wh...view item »

Ford And Lopatin
Channel Pressure

Very much excited about the arrival of this album. Ford & Lopatin (formally GAMES before the lawyers stepped in) are a MIDI obsessed, synth pop generating duo consisting of Joel Ford (formally of Tigercity) and Daniel Lopatin...view item »

I Adore Commodore

Originally released in 1983 I Adore Commodore is made pretty much entirely on commodore 64s, syncing 10 of them up at a time. K. Bytes was Marcello Giombini, an italian composer who loved electronica and Italo-disco as much as computer games, so he brought them together in truly authentic chiptune music...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)
Chewed Corners

Long awaited new full length from Mr Paradinas after the release of the Xtep EP, ‘Chewed Corners’ is a real return to form and a hark back to the glory days of all things IDM, super catchy trance anthems complete with slammin’ piano and arms in the air melodic keyboard riffs, this is marvelous stuff from one of the true pioneer...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)

IDM adventurer µ-Ziq drops another sound bomb on Planet Mu. On XTLP however, the tone is a little less frantically experimental than a lot of µ-Ziq work. The press release even speaks of emotion! This is appropriate though, as parts of XTLP may conjure up blissful rave memories in t...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Good Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Oneohtrix Point Never recently provided the original soundtrack to crime thriller Good Time, and the good people at Cannes thought it good enough to give OPN an award for it. Good Time works as a fully-fledged studio album, with lots of arpeggio synths and mutant sounds flying around, as well a...view item »


After multiple releases on Obey and Hit+Run, and doing a mix for Ninja Tune, Kutmah makes his debut for Big Dada with THROBBB!. High octane mash of fiery hip hob beats and a spitting punk attitude. Think Death Grips meets Run The Jewels and Edan. Features tracks with ma...view item »

Ten Flowers

Kalbells is Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket, working solo for the first time. Ten Flowers is a kaleidoscopic suite of playful and colourful electronics, dotted with percussions and field recordings and, of course, Kalmia’s voice, which weaves itself all around and a...view item »

Dark Energy

Hailing from the humorously named Gary, Indiana, Jlin evidently picks up on the vibrations of nearby Chicago. The chunky staccato rhythms of Dark Energy form an intense canvas for this footwork aficionado to sprinkle with peppered melancholia. Features guest vocals from Holly Herndon. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from ...view item »

This Will Not Stand

Falling somewhere between Blackest Ever Black territory, Demdike Stare sampling pastiches, sound art, Black Dice experimentalism and multiple genre referencing. Assel makes his debut on the Where To Now? Label with This Will Not Stand, casting any allegiances to the side, morphing recog...view item »


Sound In Silence have a habit of releasing pretty decent ambient records that allow you to completely enter a new world when you put your headphones in, or crack on the record player. Transhumante by Crisopa is no different. A melodic affair that sounds like the backing track to a strange but wonderful life. Available o...view item »


Downbeat sounds from what sounds like a snowed-in St. Petersburg, what X.Y.R has made here is a record of pop music obscured in ambience. His keyboard works sound muted, even untouced here, as if the keys are serving themselves from an attic corner -- with its foggy beats and low-key melodies, his music sounds like a l...view item »

Neo Wax Bloom

It’s Iglooghost and his debut album Neō Wax Bloom, 2 years after his Brainfeeder debut ‘Chinese Nü Year’ EP (4 tracks about a neon worm named Xiangj...view item »

The Invisible
Patience (Remixes)

One of the UK’s grooviest acts employ some groovy people to make their groovy music even groovier. For instance, Chaos in the CBD shifts Patience standout ‘Love Me Again’ from a sun-drenched r&b cut to a punchy club jam that sounds like Theo Parrish attempting two-step. The vinyl a...view item »

Miles Brown
Seance Fiction

Miles Brown is probably best known as a member or horror synth mega-lords The Night Terrors, and whilst musically very different the tone is very much still there. Replacing ominous theremins and in-your-face terrifying organ stabs with playful synthesised chip music akin to College or T...view item »

Holy Other

Holy Other return with their much-anticipated debut full length ‘Held’. After the uber-success of mini album ‘With U’ (a record tastefully described by ex-packer, serial artist offender and all round good dude Dave as &lsquo...view item »

Ripe & Majestic

Tobacco, also of Black Moth Super Rainbow, has done a lot of great work over the last decade, including a major TV show theme and work with Aesop Rock as well as solo productions. ...view item »

Sleep Heavy

The debut record from Brighton based down tempo R&B artist Jabu. Sleep Heavy is a great addition to a genre of music that is seemingly becoming more and more same sounding. How he combines soothing vocals with ambient drones and rhythmic beats is something more artists should look into doing. Available on vinyl LP a...view item »


I'm annoyed. I hate it when musicians do this to me. After liking him for a bit years back, then strangely developing a phobia towards his increasingly clatterphonic psychedelic wall-of-sound approach till everything he did annoyed the bollocks off me, this new Caribou album has totally crept up behind us & stuck a banger up my arse. ...view item »

Gold Panda
Good Luck and Do Your Best

Essex born producer Gold Panda moves from Ghostly International to City Slang for his third album. As ever he is always developing his sound and approach, and with Good Luck and Do Your Best he leans towards warmer and more fully formed ‘songs’ than on his previous release. With Time Eater being an ...view item »


Anjou is born from the ashes of Virginia's staple post-rock band Labradford, bringing together guitarist and singing man Mark Nelson with bassist Robert Donne for their first collaboration in a good minute. With Labradford all but disbanded, 'Anjou' is a good chance as any to recreate their magic, bringing together stunning ambient textures with...view item »

Forever Never

Fleet-footed hard-pumping electroish techno from Emika, landing 2 new tracks on an appreciative public. She pulls every bit of available magic from the minimal elements she’s chose here, wasting nothing. Forever Never is full of dance floor drama, yet it never sheds its cool steely demeanour. 12” on ...view item »


Emika is back, bearing phat beats with crazy breaks and vertigo-inducing drops. At the same time, she floats above the earthly instruments with her honest, piercing and dreamy voice. DREI showcases not only her vocal qualities, but also her love for twitchy glitches, glacial instrumentation and bass ...view item »

Abandoned Footwear
108 Trees

‘108 Trees’ is the debut album from Abandoned Footwear - the Oakland duo of Michael Buchanan and Jay Fields. But this isn’t the first we’ve heard from these guys - operating out of the Bay Area underground with the Katabatik collective. Jay has had a number of releases as ...view item »

The Petrified Forest

From his hazy and ambient universe, Norwegian producer Geir Jenssen - aka Biosphere - has begun to raise eyebrows with his eery brand of twisted techno. Returning with The Petrified Forest, a mini album inspired by the 1930's movie of the same title, Jenssen boasts his creativity with a bewildering sen...view item »

Jagwar Ma

Much-lauded Aussie duo Jagwar Ma release their debut album this week, apparently the product of a period of seclusion in France with “an 808, a Fender Jaguar, a laptop and a pair of vintage Neve console channels”. The result is a hazy mixture of classic synth sounds and summery indie-dance. The...view item »

Natureboy Flako
Natureboy Flako

Natureboy Flako or fLako (or Dirg Gerner) returns to Five Easy Pieces for a mini album follow up to his debut full length. Whilst debuting his new persona, he also dons a new approach, stripping away the live instrumentation and focusing on analogue synths. Maybe less percussively furious, and m...view item »

re:works Piano

The second installment in Decca’s Re:Works series, where they bring the old and new worlds together, focuses on the piano. Bring compositions from the likes of Satie,...view item »

Howie B & Craig Richards feat. Shaun Ryder
Old Boys

Howie B (Daddylonglegs) and Craig Richards (Fabric music director) team up with Happy Mondays frontman and party starter Shaun Ryder on Old Boys. three tracks of bizarre and experimental electronics, with the title track featuring Ryder’s unforget...view item »

Animal Imagination

Norwegian producer/composer Espen Sommer Eide records under the name Phonophani, after a slew of releases on Rune Grammofon he moves to the Hubro label for his latest full length Animal Imagination. Gaining huge influence from early ambient electronica he creates almost aggressive ambient spaces with a ...view item »

Shapeshifter LP

Eyedress is a strange creature, and so is Shapeshifter. Featuring a load of artists near to his Manila home and across the world including rapper ThisisDA, Pyramid Vritra, Jiin, and the opening track has King Krule’s alter ego Edgar the Br...view item »

Claude Speeed
Infinity Ultra

Claude Speeed has returned, and he's turning up the heat. For Infinity Ultra, his second LP, he has channelled an impressive array of musical and psycho-geographical influences. Children's cartoons, grand artworks and vacant, deserted spaces all played their parts in the conception of this record. All the better for him...view item »

Drew McDowall
Unnatural Channel

Despite the fact that Drew McDowall has been releasing records since the early 80’s, ‘Unnatural Channel’ is only his second solo album. For the uninitiated, he’s stepped through the Psychic TV revolving door, was an official member of ...view item »

The Woodleigh Research Facility
The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories)

Experienced musical craftspeople Nina Walsh and Andrew Weatherall combine their talents as The Woodleigh Research Facility. The sound of their double album The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories) is roughly as hauntological as you’d expect, taking electronic sources and carefully p...view item »


I just had to check this record out after reading the words “Pure live unapologetic psychic schism West Coast hardware acid.” Who wouldn’t? HOM is the solo techno project of Seattle artist Ashley P. Svn who’s been part of the Bay Area and Paci...view item »

Laurel Halo

Oh good: a new full-length album from Laurel Halo! Dust started out with recordings made by Halo along with Eli Keszler and Lafawndah, which were then cut-up and augmented by Halo’s genius electronic processes into the sleekly experimental digital...view item »

Der Plan
Gefährliche Clowns

German New Wave pioneers Der Plan began revolutionising synth pop with their 1980 album Geri Reig. Gefahrliche Clowns, or Dangerous Clowns in English, appeared on that album. The avant garde band, who do everything with a hefty dose of humour, have reconvened after more than 20 years to record their classic son...view item »

Mara II

Second part of Esmark’s double debut release. Mara II  contains more hauntingly isolated minimal electronics, groaning out of an array of analogue equipment manned by Alsen Rau (On + Brr/Scheich in China) and Nikolai Von Sallwitz (Kar...view item »

Mara I

Esmark is a new collaborative project from Alsen Rau (On + Brr/Scheich in China) and Nikolai Von Sallwitz (Karachi Files/Taprikk Sweezee). Working together on analogue equipment they created a huge catalogue of minimal experimen...view item »

High-Functioning Flesh
Culture Cut

LA pair High Functioning Flesh present their take on the classic electro-punk sound. Their electronic body music is very much focused on the body, both in terms of getting you moving and in terms of hard-hitting body horror lyrics. Quite a juicy proposition. Culture Cut is released by DAIS, on CD and various colours of ...view item »

Anton Kubikov

Best known for his work as one half of Russian synth agitators SCSI-9, Anton Kubikov has stepped out on his own with an album of weightless ambient pieces. The tracks here combine synthetic soundscapes, somnambulant ivory tinkling and generous helpings of reverb. All in all, the overall effect is one of pleasant...view item »

New Wave Project

Japanese producer Kuniyuki Takahashi (DRP, Double K, Saikoss) has had releases on Soundofspeed and Nitelist but his true home is Mule Musiq. Returning for his latest full length of his blending of future jazz and deep house to follow on from his EP of the same name. It’s d...view item »

Moa Pillar

Russian producer Moa Pillar returns with his second full length for the Full Of Nothing label. Taking his inspiration from folk music and the fringes of electronica and techno equally, Hymns stirs a mix of energised Alva Noto digital textures, with upbeat percussion and a human soul. His long tracks can...view item »

Greenspan and Taraval
Greenspan and Taraval

Greenspan and Taraval have both spent plenty of time in the orbits of top electronic music recently: Greenspan with Junior Boys and Taraval with Caribou, as well as their respective solo works. But now they present a self-titled EP of duo record...view item »

Closed Circuits Australian Alternative Electronic Music Of The '70s & '80s, Volume 1

Lots of great music got made in sunny Australia in the wake of punk’s first flush, when synthesisers and electronics started to seep into the hands of underground popsters. Closed Circuits compiles some of this fabulous material, with acts like German Humour, Asphyxiation and Primitive Cal...view item »

Pitch Black Prism

Myself and one of Team Norm were discussing the other day about how Anticon has gone from consistently awesome bastion of backpack hip-hop cool to frustratingly patchy over the course of a mere few years. This time resident beat-maker Alias returns with his third solo effort, 'Pitch Black Prism'. As with Alias's previous efforts, though,...view item »

Everything Is Wrong

Moby’s lesser-known third album Everything Is Wrong album receives its first vinyl release since it was originally out. Everything Is Wrong is very definitely a 90’s record (it was released in 1995), but there is still plenty to like about its high-energy pumping dance tracks. 180g vinyl reissue on ...view item »

Hate Songs 

Far more than a promising young producer at this point, Suicideyear's EPs for 0pn's label and elsewhere have proved his sparkling, refracting hip hop instrumentals to be a world unto themselves. Creating skeletal-sounding but beaming tunes from 808s and synth, plus an often hazy production value, he no...view item »

Golden Retriever

What is great about Golden Retrievers is that they are both golden in colour and they retrieve things (balls etc). But this is no canine, this is the synth and clarinet duo from Portland who here incorporate a full chamber ensemble into their sound drawing comparisons with Terry Riley, William Basinski and ...view item »


Third album from producer Lapalux, developed from a theatrical score to a performance art piece and turned into the Ruinism you see before you. Lapalux’s style is a digital-industrial maelstrom tethered to beat structures for a wrecked-up club, with Ruinism being an apt descriptor. Guest ...view item »

Greg Fox
The Gradual Progression

Most will know Greg Fox as the drummer from bands such as Liturgy, Zs, Ex Eye, and Guardian Alien. Needless to say his drumming extends well beyond proficient, and on his second solo album takes this to an Nth degree, working with several musicians and using sen...view item »

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