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Plasty I

Inspired by all things cinematic, North Carolina-based producer Hanz’s latest vinyl release ‘Plasty I’ is a vivid smorgasbord of choppy trip-hop, crescendoing Spanish strings and searing post-techno. And like the movies, this record is also a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, culminating in the tense pulse of ...view item »

Prince Of Grunge

IVVVO’s Prince of Grunge is the first release from very excellent and trendy London club night and label NYX Unchained. Though not grunge in the traditional 90s flannel shirt sense, IVVVO does borrow the genre’s harshness and exploration of anxiety angst to create tracks more for the dance floor rath...view item »

Glass Bird Movement

With their first album in six years, original odd couple duo ISAN remind us why theirs is a name which is highly regarded in the right kind of electronica circles. The pair have been making low key under the radar music for nigh on two decades and 'Glass Bird Movement' promises to explain why their music has been compared to the...view item »

Pascal Comelade & Armand Miralles
Carré Noir Sur Fond Noir

Pascal Comelade is a virtuoso performer on not-traditionally-virtuoso instruments like the toy piano and the singing saw. He recorded Carré Noir Sur Fond Noir with Heratius member Armand Miralles back in 1980, but these strange little tracks have never yet been released. A curiou...view item »

Rudiger Lorenz

Available on either 12” vinyl with download code or CD. Reissue from 1984 Southland is one of 18 releases from the little known Rudiger Lorenz, a German pharmacist, builder of analogue synthesisers and DIY pioneer. Unforunately he died in 2000, but these are excellent examples of the futurist work he did. A defini...view item »

Michel Banabila
Early Works : Things Popping Up From The Past

Michel Banabila is a busy musician, contributing to theatrical plays, documentaries and all sorts over the years. It can be hard to keep track of such an artist, which makes Early Works: Things Popping Up From The Past a valuable release. True to the title, it picks up an array of tasty, subtle and hard-to-find material...view item »

Death From A Love

MALK was one of the people behind that Mahatma X album we loved so much earlier in the year. Whereas Mahatma X celebrated the golden age of cut and splice hip-hop MALK delves deeper into the sort of grey areas of cyberpunk and vaporwave that Oneohtrix Point Never also mines. Though there's ...view item »

K30 / DJ NinOo / Puto Anderson
Firma Do Txiga

The Lisbon based label Príncipe specialises on their city’s homegrown talent. Here they have basically found a whole crew, and have released three of the producers in one set of three 7”s, each taking a disc. Each have very different styles, but each have incredible groove - from the more abstracted DJ K30, to...view item »

Forest Swords

Much anticipated third album from acclaimed Merseyside- based producer Matthew Barnes aka Forest Swords. Barnes as many of us is in despair at the current uncertain world and has drawn inspiration from new ways of communication and has taken this into his music. The crux of the album is about blurring the lines between digital a...view item »

Rod Modell
Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness

Rod Modell, who as DeepChord has been responsible for a colossal amount of quality dub techno over the years, here presents a book of photography for the first time. Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness...view item »


High quality vintage ambient glitch electronics from Oval circa 1998, reissued as part of Thrill Jockey’s twenty-fifth birthday. Dok is a typically gorgeous suite of shimmering, wavering soundscapes, constructed from sources so deeply processed as to take on an entirely new character. This reissue is the first tim...view item »

Kelly Lee Owens

Shape-shifter Kelly Lee Owens was rocketed onto the radar by providing vocals for Daniel Avery’s debut full length Drone Logic, and has since not stayed in a single form, jumping from ambient to dreamy pop and dancefloor grooves. Her debut for Smalltown Supersound dives into deep dance floor terri...view item »

Carter Tutti
Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey

Them out of Throbbing Gristle revisit their early, post-Gristle days as Chris & Cosey. This release is a studio run-through of the live set they have been playing out for the last few years, to enormous audience reaction. That old Chris & Cosey synth-pop sound, with lash...view item »

Hidden Orchestra
Dawn Chorus Remixes

Joe Acheson’s solo, yet guest heavy, project Hidden Orchestra released his Dawn Chorus album in 2017 to great praise. Now revisiting it’s source material with a long list of producers and artists to bring it new life. Includes remixes from Throwing Snow, Max Cooper...view item »

Old Tower
Stellary Wisdom

Dungeon synth, the niche genre gunning to reproduce the tinny MIDI soundtracks of fine old RPG computer games such as Ultima, has a bit of an up-and-coming star in The Netherlands’ Old Tower (real name The Spectre). Now with Profound Lore, the ol’ Tower here turns up a pair of slow and sinister piece...view item »

Theories of Anxiety

The latest from Terrain Ahead co-founder IVVVO, Theories Of Anxiety does what it proclaims on the tin. Dream sequences and snatched glimpses of melody swoop in and out of earshot whilst a warped techno template holds the wayward compositions together. Dark and distant sounds from just beyond the dancefloor. Out on vinyl...view item »

Caribou Vibration Ensemble
CVE Live 2011

Caribou Vibration Ensemble is literally the Caribou big band: Dan Snaith gets a few of his many musical friends together to play enhanced and embellished versions of his tracks. On CVE Live 2011 the likes of James Holden and Four Tet get their hands on two tracks from ...view item »

Dungeon Acid
Dog Acid / Sex Beat

Dungeon Acid is Jean-Louis Huhta, who has been at the core of some of the most interesting music made in the Swedish scene over the years, from Cortex to The Skull Defekts. This 7” is titled Dog Acid b/w Sex Beat, and it delivers on its dirty dancefloor p...view item »

Maxwell Sterling
Hollywood Medieval (2017 Edition)

Maxwell Sterling is a Manchester born soundtrack composer who spent time in LA and composed a piece inspired by being a nanny for rich LA parents. This offers an alternative lucid view of LA via his distinct sonic hauntology. Also of note is the sleeve by legendary Manchester artist Linder (aka Maxwell’s mum).&n...view item »

Atom™ & Lisokot

Atom™ continues his series of lieder-influenced albums, in which he engages with the tradition of German song in a typically Raster-Noton style. With singer Lisokot on side, Walzerzyklus is a set of waltzing songs designed from the Atom™ palette of crisp and clear electronic...view item »

Sketches From New Brighton

Right-o, over the past two or three years this man here has become a bit obsessed with Vancouver's Loscil. I really liked his last Kranky opus 'Endless Falls' but there's something s...view item »

Drab Majesty
Oak Wood

Oak Wood follows up on Drab Majesty’s corker of a debut, 2015’s Careless. This 7” single is a fuzzy synth builder, with ‘80s leanings and an undeniable moody sens...view item »

Lolina (Inga Copeland)

Self-released 10” from the former Hype Williams member under her Lolina moniker, last heard on wax on the baffling Live in Paris. Previously barely available as an edition-of-30 Australian tour CDR, it includes two vocal tracks and an instrumental, all sparse, dry, and brutally concise. Simultaneously deli...view item »

Light Sleep

Tokyo singer / producer Phew has fronted the punk band Aunt Sally and collaborated with Boredoms, Einsturzende Neubauten and half of Can over the years, so she’s evidently got the chops. On Light Sleep she has created some incredible songs for ele...view item »

Electrical Encounters

Ciel's production work on Electrical Encounters is clean and fresh, bobbing along with skippy pace and swathed in retro synths and drum machine rhythms. As the tracks build, the ebb of the electronics passes in and out of prominence in a wonderfully hypnotic arc. Wonderfully colourful and definitely danceable....view item »

Various Squirrels Vol. 2

Mischievous-as-a-squirrel San Fran electro imprint Squirrels on Film returns with a second volume in its Various Squirrels 12” series. On the a-side, Material Squirrel kicks things off with an ominous dungeon synth raver, while Lokier harnesses an acid bassline resembling a sputtering motor. Turn ...view item »

Anonymous Delusional Eros

A short compilation of six highly disciplined techno pieces and a disorientating title. Anonymous Delusional Eros comes courtesy of the ol’ Nous imprint. Ayln kicks things off with a lovely metallic flange on the hats and a tumbling kick. D104’s piece is especially spacious ...view item »


Delicate, fourth-world electronics from Palta (one Natal Zaks, hailing from Denmark). The five tracks on offer dabble in Hassel-esque intercultural textures with rippling granules of jazzy percussion, laid across an overall style lounging somewhere between chillout and sci-fi ambient. Charming stuff from Melody As Truth’s ...view item »

Apparat Organ Quartet

Ever since the promo of this turned up in the office a couple of weeks back I've been well excited about this one dropping, and I'll most certainly be taking the vinyl home with me tonight. You'll know Johann Johannsson best as Iceland's leading minimal composer, but on this here record he's p...view item »

The Gasman

For his seventeenth release The Gasman moves from Planet Mu to the equally excellent Onomatopoeia label. Aeriform is a seriously strange listen; a high-energy euro-disco record, lovingly crafted with luscious synth textures that remind us of Boards of Canada. A ...view item »

Ami Shavit
In Alpha Mood

Ami Shavit is thought to be one of the first Israelis to dabble in electronics, and In Alpha Mood represents these experiments in vinyl form. Originally issued as a private press release with a small run and limited publicity, the record has had a fraction of the attention it deserves: thanks due then to Finders Keepers...view item »

Max Loderbauer

If this release is anything like his previous releases then we're in for a little bit of a treat, again. Max Loderbauer is so good at building suspense, whilst causing you to have a minor mental breakdown at every element of life around you when listening to his music. Greyland is a six-track 12" that is released on Marionette.&...view item »

33 33

Two torchbearers of electronic sound sculpting come together on Mego, treating us to an album of fine grain sonic manipulation. There's a distinct restraint at play, forming space for the audio information to sit exposed, with cautious drum programming juxtaposed against wild glitches and robotic chatter....view item »

Justin Walter
Lullabies and Nightmares

Ahh this seems to be soothing our collective minds and brightening up what’s otherwise a miserable, drizzly, late May afternoon. Walter uses the EVI, or Electronic Valve Instrument, a 1980s synthesizer/horn hybrid, to create meditative tracks brimming with warmth and soul, interspersed with interludes that occasionally recall ...view item »

Somewhere Else

It’s been the best part of four years since Profligate released music in album form, so it has to be said, wasteful he is not. On Somewhere Else, Profligate mixes opposites of sound and method. Noise meets melody, chaos is matched by a composer's touch, and it’s delivered via both programmed electron...view item »

NHK yx Koyxen
Exit Entrance

This is most welcome news: lopsided dance miscreant Kohei Matsunaga is back! His new record for the NHK yx Koyxen record is also his first for DFA, offering the usual medley of melody, abstraction and frantic programmed drumwork. With his love of pitching anything and everything, it's hard to know what to predict beyon...view item »

Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Originally released 5 seconds ago, here's a white vinyl luxury re-issue of the album Thom originally released on Bit Torrent in his latest attempt to re-badge the music industry. The music on record makes no such grand statements, comprised of some of Yorke's most minimal and quiet electronic work yet, continuing his descent from dramatic synth ...view item »

The Cyclist
Sapa Inca Delirium

Lo-fi house throbber and presumed cyclist The Cyclist (one Andrew Morrison) puts on the exotica hat for this one. Sapa Inca Delirium explores South American mysticism for i...view item »
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Lab Rat XL
Mice Or Cyborg

Clone's offshoot label for all things Drexciya repress this in-demand classic from the seven storms. Produced by James Stinson (RIP) and originally released on Clone back in 2003, 'Mice Or Cyborg' still sounds as fresh and futuristic as it did thirteen years ago. Hi-tech soul at its finest from this legendary Detroit artist aka Clarenc...view item »

Michel Banabila

Dutch sound boy Michel Banabila compiled a fantastic showing with Sound Years, on which his multitude electronic talents were made evident to the ambient ear. Trespassing is another assembling of tracks, over two LPs, that see Banabila's life reflected in his art, especially in the record's second ha...view item »

Pantsula! - The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa, 1988-90

Pantsula! is the name of South Africa’s 80’s dance underground culture, which grew out from the bubblegum and US-style disco, taking those starting points into even more electronic territory. This Rush Hour compilation covers the crucial years 1988 to 1990, with artists like Jazino, Kakappa ...view item »


Wooo! Reissue of Autechre’s first full length album on Warp. Backed with a digital download code and a bonus live set. Probably one of the most “straight up” forms of these guys, but it’s still so very mad, pushes techno right out the window. Can’t imagine these will gather much dust. If you lot don...view item »

Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is Ryan Lee West - a London based electronic producer signed to Erased Tapes who has his roots in rock music and is primarily a guitarist. His mission on his new album, Howl was to find the perfect balance between club music and something more personal to listen to at home. The album&rsqu...view item »

Rival Consoles
Odyssey / Sonne

Available on CD on Erased Tapes. With a build up to a new album on the horizon, Erased Tapes have put together Rival Console’s two previous EPs in a new, lush package. Slick synthesis and sound collage mould around crisp beats in the ilk of Clark and Nosaj Thing.  Comes in Die-cut sle...view item »

Blanck Mass presents... The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears Re-Score

Ben Blanck Mass Powers has been given the enviable task of compiling a soundtrack for a Giallo tribute film, The Strange Colour Of Your Body’s Tears. Rather than trawling the archives, he’s commissioned new pieces from the likes of Helm, C. Spencer Yeh and Phil Julia...view item »

Lazhareem Ul Leper

Wilted Woman
Home Listener

Wilted Woman comes creeping out of an accomplished romp in the cassette-label underground to present this formidable foray into the vinyl format for the ever-excellent Alien Jams label. The sound and vessel are a natural fit, with WW’s errant analogue bleep abstractions pinging out into a wonderfully gritty yet cosmic kind...view item »

Joni Void

Joni Void has already been through several artistic stages, despite his young age. After a whirl of self-released material, Selfless is the project’s first label-released album, and it is made entirely out of micro-samples, carefully sourced and then re-processed musique concrete style into the catchy, sometimes g...view item »

Erskine Lynas
Lease of Youth

This is the debut record from Erskine Lynas and is called Lease of Youth. This ten-track record has similarities to many bands from the 70/80/90's but with a more contemporary twist - very mellow synth-pop if you will. Available on vinyl LP and released on Local Action (who are apparently VERY proud to announce this one...view item »


S U R V I V E recently handed over four of the tracks from their 2016 album RR7349 to a selection of superb producers for remixing, and RR7387...view item »
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Public Service Broadcasting
The Race For Space

Second album of history footage-plundering workouts from Public Service Broadcasting. They are like the anti-hauntology. On The Race For Space the theme is the space race, though the players retain their Wrigglesworth and Willgoose monikers. Has this thing got legs? Find out on vinyl, limited indies-only vinyl, ...view item »

DMX Krew
Strange Directions

Never one to sit still, British producer DMX Krew has had releases on Ekster, Shipwrec, Strange Life, Central Processing Unit and Rephlex, and now brings his 21st album to Hypercolour, aptly sharing the platform with the likes of Matthew Herbert and Luke Vibert. Strange Directions is a ...view item »

The Orb
Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

Sheesh! The Orb's legendary debut LP gets a 4LP re-issue to mark its 25th anniversary. An odyssey of ambient and dance the record has many stand outs such as 'Little Fluffy Clouds' making it one of the few places where psych and dance properly collide. Comes in the original artwork. I'm not sure if there are bonus tracks as it doesn't say.  ...view item »

Jun Fukamachi
Nicole (86 Spring and Summer Collection - Instrumental Images)

Super-rare (eg never actually officially released for sale before) library music from Japan, 1986. Jun Fukamachi was commissioned by the Nicole fashion brand to introduce t...view item »


Think back to 1994, when the house-inflected ambience of Biosphere really started to percolate up into territory where people took notice. Patashnik feels like a warm trip through deep space / inner space, one that still feels worth taking today. Reissued on double vinyl and double CD: the CD edition also includes a bon...view item »

Martial Canterel
Lost at Sea

Sean MacBride is also half of synthpop duo Xeno & Oaklander, but this long-running solo project has a more melancholy, introspective vibe. Rigid sequencing in the style of early Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Depeche Mode is lent a bit ...view item »
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Cristian Vogel
Classics Remastered 1993-1998

A very fine retrospective of important Chilean / UK producer Cristian Vogel’s forward-looking 90’s techno tracks. Classics Remastered 1993-1998 has wide-eyed high-energy club vibes for days, and each track is newly remastered for extra kick. Out on Sub Rosa in differently-tracklisted 2CD and 2LP versions....view item »

Pauline Anna Strom
Trans-Millenia Music

The last few years have seen the rediscovery of a lot of music that had been unjustly neglected due to association with the New Age tag. The work of Pauline Anna Strom is a prime example: though driven by highly subjective cosmic concepts, her ambient but melodic music transcends crystals’n’yoga clic...view item »

James Holden & The Animal Spirits
The Animal Spirits

Electronics expert James Holden has expanded his Animal Spirits for a bold set of synth led folk opuses that fuse bits of psychedelia, kraut-rock, world jazz to create a genre blending opus that is also accessible. Sax, cornet, recorder and percussion have been introduced to the sonic maelstrom with Holden acting as band leader ...view item »

Claude Speeed
Other Infinities

One of Planet Mu’s two Christmas cassettes is Claude Speeed’s Other Infinities, a companion piece to the Infinity Ult...view item »

Mark-Henning Sargent
No Origin

Mark Henning bails out of the world of club music with this joyous exploration of one of his favourite genres: that rich world of vintage sci-fi and horror movie soundtracks that everybody loves these days. No Origin is a fourteen track trip through the spacey sounds that Mark hears in his head: sounds ...view item »
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Digital Release
Positive Approach

Digital Release get a physical release - and that’s just where the confusion begins. This collaboration between ambidextrous media production centre Georgia (Brian Close and Justin Tripp) and RVNG Intl. boss Matt Werth is a rather off-the-wall adventure. The trio seem to be aiming for trippy, unbridled experimentation, wit...view item »
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Mark Van Hoen
Electronic Music (1982 - 1987)

Deluxe collection of Mark Van Hoen tunes, Electronic Music: 1982-1987 does what it says on the tin and gives you Van Hoen’s work from that period, an expansive range of early instrumental pieces influenced by his growing up in the Midlands. Double LP on snazzy blue vinyl, featuring original 35mm pictures o...view item »

George Harrison
Electronic Sound

Some may believe that George Harrison was a somewhat underrated Beatle, but he really was one of the more sophisticated members. His ashes were cremated in a traditional Hindu service in India, which went hand in hand with his beliefs as a human - love and peace, I guess. Upon its release back in 1969 the otherworldly Moog soundscapes of...view item »

Vapor City

Machinedrum has a long and varied history, initially pricking our then soft Norman ears years back with a kind of Prefuse 73 like avant-hop style that won him some of our very special plaudits. It wasn’t until 2011’s ‘Room(s)’ however that Machinedrum real...view item »

Rod Modell

Strange to hear allusions to places outside of Detroit on an echospace [detroit] release, but here we are with an album called Mediterranea, which contains faded traces of field recordings made on a Spanish holiday. The journey must have relaxed Rod Modell, because he has turned in a full CD’s-worth (72 minutes!) ...view item »

Drew McDowall

Ex-Coil and Psychic TV member Drew McDowall presents his first ever solo album and it's a highly accomplished adventure in meditative electronics and unsettling atmospheres. Throughout the album McDowall demonstrates considerable skill at wrenching organic sounds fr...view item »

Release Yourself

Originally released in 1984, identical-twin-brother duo Aleem’s Release Yourself gets a timely repress. This is an early electro masterpiece that goes a long way in showing what subsequent trends have inherited (vocal sample re-pitch, reverence for drum machines, etc.) and what, for better or for worse, they&rsquo...view item »
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The Golden Filter
End Of Times

Electronic duo The Golden Filter recorded their new EP End Of Times in their own studio in East London. The title suggests it has a rather an apocalyptic theme, however it’s about being with to the ones you’re closest to at times of stress, and feeling that love spread to others. 12” on Optimo Music....view item »

Future Beat Alliance
Collected Works 1996-2017

Matthew Puffett lays out the history of his work under the name Future Beat Alliance for us here, with a triple LP set that spans twenty-one years of activity. The Alliance sound has alw...view item »


CID RIM is the new project from Clemens Bacher, an important figure in the Austrian world of electronic music. Debut LP, Material, sees him mixing way out modern jazz and electronic sounds to create a cerebral work that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bacher has previously remixed acts su...view item »

C P Smith
DJ Tools Vol​.​1 - 808 Tracks

With CPU standing proud as one of the most reliable outposts for proper, no-messing electro business, it’s time for the boss man CP Smith to step up with some robo-grooves of his own. There’s no mystery behind a release title DJ Tools Vol. 1 – 808 Tracks and why should there be? This package does just ...view item »
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Nukubus is Jan Katsma from friends of Bunker, Syncom Data. Para is his first solo outing for three years and sees him ramping up the dub on six synth workouts. Powerful yet restrained, in places, the pieces are reminiscent of the tunes Kat...view item »
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Trevor Jackson has a new label on which to expose tracks from his archives to the light for the first time. Release number one on ‘Pre_’ is some of his Pinklunch material, featuring members of C.A.R. and Nitzer Ebb as well as Trevor’s own meaty...view item »

Colin Potter
The Abominable Slowman

Some puns are funny, others aren’t, and some are rooted in reality. Coming together a glacial pace, The Abominable Slowman was recorded over the past twenty years and is a dense concoction of noise, rhythm, and patience. Colin Potter’s second full-length album boils down to a mix of ambient soundscapes and h...view item »

Prins Thomas

Prins Thomas must be on top of the world: he’s got both a new album (this here 5) and a new label (Prins Thomas Musik) appearing at once. 5 plucks tracks from various recording sessions, mapping out a few of Prins’ premium approaches to production, including gorgeous tracks too slow...view item »

High Passes

Excitement alert. Brand new album from Chris Adams (Hood/Downpour/On Fell etc) under his Bracken moniker. Now you will all remember that his previous album 'Exist/Resist' won our coveted Album of the Year award in 2014, previous to that he released his debut 'We Kno...view item »
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Deepchord really allows himself to expand his sounds here on this double-length LP, surely a perfect format for a producer with such a woozy, immersive ambient approach to dub techno. Auratones’ twelve tra...view item »

Peter Westheimer
Cool Change

Australian native Peter Westheimer is a qualified doctor, an actor and a musician. We’re here to talk about his involvement in the latter. Cool Change compiles his experimental electronica made over a twelve year period in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Westheimer’s sound sees him striding between ambient and d...view item »

Minais B
As The River At Its Source

Minais B is an alias of Villads Klint, who is one third of avant-electronic pop trio trio Khalil -- check their recent album ‘The Water We Drink’ on Posh Isolation. Klint has been active under the moniker for a few years now, but ‘A...view item »

Dragon's Path EP

Cascading synths sit at the heart of this techno four tracker, which has a slight old school trance feeling to it. The arpeggios roll on and on as understated beats and bass rumble beneath them. Psychedelic and engrossing stuff, completed with a nightmarish remix from Heinrich Mueller aka Gerald Donald of Drexicya, Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, Arp...view item »
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Sam de la Rosa
Earth Wart

Solo outing from Sam De La Rosa of Led Er Est/The Coombe. Earth Wart is a direct mix of new/cold wave, post-punk and experimental electronics with catchy pop driven melodies that’ll stick in your head. You could be easily forgiven for thinking this was released 30 years ago. FFO D...view item »
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Incredible Rock City
Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites

Obscuro vintage wonder here from The Incredible Rock City Band, a touring group in the 80’s who apparently only played at US army bases. I gotta say though, they sound a lot less straight-laced than that might lead you to expect: this is funky electro s...view item »
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358 Oblique

Adopting the title of one of Beefheart’s most monolithic tracks as an artist name is an audacious dog-whistle move. In fact, PJ Dorsey’s music has more of a Kosmische / Popol Vuh vibe (the Baltimore musician’s previous album was on Aguirre afte...view item »

Adriano Zanni

A grand return to the Boring Machines label sees Adriano Zanni dive into oppressive soundscapes, densely composed, but lightly ornamented with field recordings, whispered words and micro processes. It's a deeply entrancing album, made ever more so when the processing over spills into outright abstraction....view item »

Martina Lussi
Selected Ambient

These works by Martina Lussi are named for various gemstones, lending a slight touch of the mystical to the sound compositions we hear. Selected Ambient isn’t ambient in a basic generic way (there is quite a lot going on in some of these pieces), but it does have a thoughtful power to it. LP release on Hallow Grou...view item »

Electro-Soma II

Alongside the reissue of B12’s Electro-Soma they have compiled a load more material taken from the time they were working on the album and created Electro-Soma II, a compilation of archival gold for everyone (who is a fan of the Artificial Intelligence series). Early 90s electronica/IDM originato...view item »

Adrian Younge
The Electronique Void (Black Noise Instrumentals)

Stepping away for a minute from his recent killer collaborations with Ghostface Killah, producer (and entertainment law professor!) Adrian Younge considers this album to be an ‘academic’ one: a demonstration of the emotional capabilities of synthesisers. The Electronique Void certainly has t...view item »


It's Zomby. His music is very good -- there hasn't been a full LP since the vignette masterpiece With Love but here's Ultra, a record that promises knockout collaborations with artists including HKE, Rezzett and dubstep whisperer ...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Citizen Kane

Nightmares On Wax has been with Warp for a long time, since the beginning, more-or-less. All these years later, the classic electronic label is still letting him make music for them, which is a good thing, of course. With his new single, Citizen Kane, a fresh approach suggests more different and f...view item »

IX Tab & Hoofus
The Blow Volume 1

The Blow Volume 1 marks the first in a new series of split tapes. The West Country’s IX Tab and Suffolk’s Hoofus both contribute solo tracks, and there are also a number of collaborations between the 2. Lots of experimental electronics and strange emanations: unusual vibes. Cassette tape on ...view item »

Kemper Norton

A new one from electronic folklorists Kemper Norton! On 'Toll', they follow up their rural, campfire-lit back catalogue with an album steeped in Cornish history and myth. As always, the band's dark ambient collage is informed by thorough context -- theirs is a hauntology that feels real, rooted in story....view item »

J.G. Biberkopf
Fountain Of Meaning

Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf has come to light as a co-conspirator on Kuedo’s Knives label, but now he’s been snapped up by Aisha Devi to contribute a five track EP to Danse Noire. It’s an intriguing trip through operatic emoting, outernational exploration, ambience and texture, a...view item »


Something of a motherload has landed for fans of classic komische music: Cluster 1971-1981 provides the whole of Cluster’s output during that period, which adds up to 9 albums. Included are the 2 LPs they made with Brian Eno...view item »

Moebius & Plank
En Route

Tangerine Dream
Quantum Gate

Some 50 years in 'the biz' later, Tangerine Dream have never settled for less than innovation. Edgar Froese sadly left us in 2015 but his latest updated vision for the totemic band is now laid out for all to hear, on Quantum Gate. Remaining members Quaeschning, Schnauss and Yamane promise a contemporary evolution of the...view item »

Visible Cloaks

Fabulous abstract ambient pop music for digital robots here on Visible Cloaks’ new record. Lex was composed through various process of software randomisation, creative uses of MIDI, and texts fed and re-fed through so many language translation processes that a new un-language has been formed. Eerie but soothing au...view item »


Goner’s new album Yogascum brings new collaborators and new textures into the sound of his music. UnterLala’s noise cello and Co...view item »

Floating Points

Sam Shepherd, or as we know and love him, Floating Points made a bit of a statement with his 2015 debut album, Eleana. He followed that up with Reflections - Mojave Desert, a soundtrack to a short film. With his latest release, Ratio, he is returning to his earlier days when he made dancefloor-rea...view item »

Mark Van Hoen
The Last Flowers From The Darkness

This expanded reissue of The Last Flowers From The Darkness by Mr Mark Van Hoen, released by Medical Records, is a 1997 album originally released on Touch. While the album is featured in full, it also includes 20 minutes of added material and is presented on limited edition high quality double 160-gram classic vinyl....view item »

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