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Interstellar Funk presents
Artificial Dancers – Waves of Synth

Dutch DJ Interstellar Funk, who you may also know as Private Eyes and Faster Action (alongside Robert Bergman), has compiled and curated a 2LP that celebrates synth and wave music from the early ‘80s until now. The Human League, Liaisons Dangereuses, Chris and Cosey sit alongside lesser-known artists such as Batang Frisco, Matthias Schuster’s Im Namen Des Volkes project and Zahgurim. Worth it alone for the killer '83 demo from 4AD legends Clan of Xymox.

Digital Tsunami

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Samuel Rohrer / Max Loderbauer / Stian Westerhus / Tobias Freund

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Flying Lotus
Flamagra (Instrumentals)

A year on from the release of his latest Flying Lotus full-length Flamagra, Steven Ellison furnishes us with an entirely instrumental version of the album. It comes housed in a double-LP package with a custom turntable-powered psychedelic zoetrope slipmat and a selection of Drew Tetz-designed labels. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (WARPLP291I)
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Perception is/as/of Deception

Detroit electro-punk veterans ADULT. return for their eighth studio album, and, as ever, Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller create a sound that can’t precisely be pigeonholed or defined. Perception Is/As/Of Deception could be classified as their most inward-looking collection to date, or their most outright punk-orientated effort. 
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Capitol K

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Low Budget Aliens
Junk DNA

The forward-thinking XPQ? record label, founded last year by Uon and D Tiffany, presents an album from Low Budget Aliens titled Junk DNA. Released on vinyl with a silver and orange sleeve and an insert, the band has been causing some pretty amazed reactions with its initial recordings over at SoundCloud. 

Sunken Foal

Dunk Murphy delivers his seventh Sunken Foal album, titled Hexose, is thematically concerned with sweets and chocolate. Following his ventures with the 101 Beats Per Minute collective, on top of his Le Doux Nord LPs and Ribbon Works EPs, Murphy continues his fixation with layered synths and repetitive, building melodies. 
  • Vinyl LP (SUNK0019)
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K-1 (aka Keith Tucker)
Modular World

Detroit electro/techno master Keith Tucker of Aux88 (aka K-1, Optic Nerve, Alien FM) returns on his own Puzzlebox label with two typically pristine electro productions on PBX-29 - just one of ten 12"s on the label in the bag and sounding beamed in direct from the future. Tucker takes the blueprint laid by Kraftwerk, Model 500 and fellow Motor City producers and always makes it his own. The artist's distinctive vocals give this machine music some personality. High quality as ever.
  • Vinyl 12" (PBX-29)
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Various (Sordid Sound System, Secret Circuit, TCB, Youkounkoun etc.)
V Is For Vision

Marking the fifth anniversary of the Invisible, Inc. label, the nine-track compilation V Is For Vision doesn’t take the easy route of looking backwards to its defining releases, but instead focusses on showcasing the imprint’s latest signings. Includes cuts from Sigward & Oliver Sudden, Sordid Sound System and Double Discone. 
  • Vinyl LP (INVINC25LP)
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  • Limited edition

Square Fauna
Meet The Fauna

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Shaw & Grossfeldt

Shaw & Grossfeldt is Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco and newcomer Bas Grossfeld who takes an arty approach to music-making. Their new album, Klavier, combines the prepared piano work of Hauschka (AKA german pianist Volker Bertlemann) and dub techno using a Disklavier. The results are thoughtful, graceful, elegant and haunting.
  • Vinyl LP (DRONE 021)
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Abdul Qadim Haqq
The Book of Drexciya Vol. 1

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FKA twigs

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Electronic Sound
Issue 65 & CD Bundle

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Augustus Muller
Machine Learning Experiments (Original Soundtrack)

You may not know Augustus Muller by name but if I say he is one half of Boy Harsher that may ring a bell or two.  He we have his first experiments into the world of film scoring showcasing scores for two separate independent films he's been working on. They are dystopian sounding projects featuring industrial drones and minimal synth compositions to delve into the murky worlds of sci-fi and neo-pornography. 

Grischa Lichtenberger
KAMILHAN, il y a péril en la demeure

The final instalment in a series of five works by Grischa Lichtenberger that began back in 2015. KAMILHAN, il y a péril en la demeure sees the artist again experimenting with pop and hip-hop structures, breaking down and reconstituting rhythms into intricate patterns and then shooting them through with melody. 


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Not Now
Within The Beyond

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Nozomu Matsumoto
Sustainable Hours

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Parallel Persia (Rashad Becker & Mark Fell Re-Works)

A treat for fans of cutting edge electronic music, this 12” EP sees minimalist artist Mark Fell and improvisational composer Rashad Becker re-working pieces from Sote’s brilliant Parallel Persia album from last year into new and thrilling shapes. Furthermore, it includes an exclusive non-album track from Sote himself. 
  • Vinyl 12" (DIAG057)
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  • Limited edition


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Burnt Friedman

A new four-track EP of electronic artist Burnt Friedman collaborating with João Pais Filipe and the legendary Jaki Liebezeit. Eurydike features two cuts with the former Can percussionist recorded shortly before his passing in early 2017, and two with Pais that showcase their favoured ‘automatic music’ style. 

Bogdan Raczynski
Debt EP

Polish-American IDM legend and one-time Rephlex artist Bogdan Raczynski announces a new five-track EP of original material, released on the Unknown To The Unknown imprint. Consisting of tracks with titles bearing references to money and property, Debt is full of characteristic, chaotic breakbeat pieces. 
  • Vinyl 12" (UTTU102)
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Cucina Povera

Cucina Povera is the name given to a particularly frugal form of cooking in rural Italy. It is also the name used by Finnish-born artist and musician Maria Rossi for her music making. Her third album, Tyyni, explores the meeting of nature and the mechanical world through noise, hymn-like vocals and further vocal experiments. 

Josey Rebelle
Josey In Space

The legendary Rinse FM DJ Josey Rebelle presents Josey In Space, a new mix for the Beats In Space label. It’s available as a 20-track mixed CD release and in mixed and unmixed digital forms, many of which make their exclusive debuts. It’s also available as a four-track 12” vinyl of its highlights ready for DJs! 

Room With A View

Room With A View sees French electronic musician and producer Rone recording on his own with just electronic equipment, like he used to when he started out. There is a collaboration here though, but it’s with the Parisian Théâtre du Châtelet and dance collective La Horde along with members of Ballet National de Marseille, for a live show. The album was inspired by discussions of environmental and societal collapse.
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Phillip Sollmann

Monophonie is the new album by Phillip Sollmann. He last released music under the name Efdemin. You may remember last year’s experimental techno album, New Atlantis. It is inspired by Hermann von Helmholtz, who researched sound and rare instruments, Harry Partch who invented microtonal instruments and composed music for them and Harry Bertoia who made metal sound sculptures.

Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson

A talented rotating cast of collaborators that includes Lucy Railton, Maria W Horn and Viktor Orri Arnarson helped composers Yair Elazar Glotman and Mats Erlandsson bring this latest work to life. Emanate exists in a space between classical music and experimental music, using electronic and acoustic sounds to create a distinctive sonic compound. 

Mamman Sani
Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984

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Pantha du Prince
Conference of Trees

Pantha Du Prince aka German producer Hendrik Weber makes complex and widescreen techno. Conference of Trees is his latest album, and first for Modern Recordings, explores how trees communicate and mixes experimental music, club culture, theoretical science and art. It follows several albums for Berlin label Dial and British institution Rough Trade.

Healing Force Project
Atmospheric Haze

Hopefully doing what it says on the tin is this 12" from Healing Force Project. Atmospheric Haze could be a good way of describing the music contained herein as it blends jazz and electronics together to make a blurry psychedelic whole inspired by the artist's love of old school jazz projects, funk, disco and techno. Antonio Marini has previously released records as Healing Force Project on Acido, Berceuse Heroique, Bedouin, Firecracker etc.
  • Vinyl 12" (LF006)
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Call Me

A 12” vinyl re-issue of one of Underground Resistance’s slow-burning greats. Originally sneered at by purists upon its original release in 2010, Bileebob’s ‘Call Me’ has grown in stature in the intervening decade. It comes backed with ‘Get A Phone’, and an alternative (Inst) take on the title track. 
  • Vinyl 12" (UR-081)
  • £13.49 £10.79 (saving: £2.70)
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Jan Jelinek

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Imaginary Softwoods
Annual Flowers In Color

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Inspired by the ugly realities and hardships of war in Angola, Nazar confronts his family's issues around extreme violence and injustice with 'Guerrilla'. He does so by channelling his emotions through his typically glitchy and sample-heavy electronic sounds. An immersive digitalisation of a man and a nation's struggle.

Steve Hauschildt
Where All Is Fled

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Marina Rosenfeld & Ben Vida

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DJ Die Soon
Kappa Slap

Kappa Slap is the latest release from DJ Die Soon, a mainstay and icon in Berlin’s underground electronic music scene. It’s one of his hardest-hitting albums yet, an inventive blend of instrumentals and vocal-led tracks, featuring the talents of three Ugandan MCs, Ninja Tunes’ Infinite Livez and Japanese star Ma. 


Pantayo is the self-titled debut from this all-female kulintang ensemble from Toronto, exploring their collective identity as diasporic Filipinas. Throughout this sonically diverse eight-track collection, Pantayo mix traditional instrumentation such as agongs, sarunays and gandingan with kick drums and synths to incorporate punk and R&B elements into their compositions. 

Police des moeurs

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Jura Soundsystem presents Transmission Two

Jura Soundsystem is Isle of Jura label boss Kevin Griffiths. Transmission Two is the second installment in a compilation series that digs up highly-prized, sought-after and no longer available tracks from the worlds of ambient, electro, library music, slow disco and dub house. Artists include Carl Craig, Bochum Welt, Zann, John Rocca and David Arch.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ISLELP006)
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Black Merlin

UK artist Black Merlin (aka George Thompson) returns with this two tracker on Offen Music containing two typically lengthy offerings. He has previously been influenced by tribes in Papua New Guinea, creating cinematic dread filled electronica and techno out of what he found on his travels. These further missives take things further and feature lyrics by Alexandra Grübler on Textured Land. 

Lord Of The Isles
Lord Of The Isles feat. Ellen Renton

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Walking In The Naked City

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Four Tet
Sixteen Oceans

Any new music from Kieran Hebden is a cause for celebration, particularly now that he’s in double figures for his albums as Four Tet. Set for release in a double-vinyl package via his own Text imprint, Sixteen Oceans includes the previously released singles ‘Teenage Birdsong’ and the Ellie Goulding-featuring ‘Baby’. 

Takayuki Shiraishi

Anthologia is the final instalment of an in-depth look at the work of Tokyo music scene veteran Takayuki Shiraishi. Focussing on his work from 1990 to 1996, a period in which Shiraishi experimented with house and electronica and became a DJ in several of the city’s clubs, it contains a handful of previously unreleased tracks. 

Glass Museum

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Steve Nolan & Grey Frequency

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Galcher Lustwerk

New York producer and DJ Galcher Lustwerk releases his first album for Ghostly International. Ever since his first mixtapes over five years ago, Galcher has worked a consistent line in after-hours electronica. Information adds more live percussion to the mix, as well as smatterings of jazz, but his soulful, abstract musings are still present. 
  • Vinyl LP (GI351LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Everything Will Grow Again

More than half a decade on from his breakout that saw him collaborate with Bonobo and M.I.A., Fakear is on to his fourth full-length album. A poignant title in the world’s current circumstances, Everything Will Grow Again is much more straightforwardly dance-orientated than anything he’s done before. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (899466)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)


Portals: A Kosmische Journey through Outer Worlds and Inner Space is a double-vinyl, 13-track exploration of retro-futurist synthesiser music. Modern practitioners of the Berlin school inspired sound take us on a trip with their analogue and modular synthesizers fully set to cosmic. Includes tracks from Steve Moore, Ian Boddy, Polypores, Steve Roach, Listening Center, d’Voxx, Pleasure Corporation, Tungsten Mountain, Lisa Bella Donna, Nigel Mullaney, Johnny Woods, In The Branches + Bluetech and James Bernard. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve - tip for all sonic psychonauts and armchair voyagers.

Ben Lukas Boysen

Not, as I was hoping, an entire recreation of the 1982 Fleetwood Mac album but the latest opus from Berlin-based (where else?) composer Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq). His previous work Spells gained him lots of admirers including Jon Hopkins who remixed a track. Mirage is intended to do the opposite of the heavily programmed Spells and make an album where the human touch is visible. Like the title suggests, it is intended to be somewhat of an aural illusion to the listener. 


The maiden release for newly established experimental label BRUK comes from FFT who first appeared with a mysterious 12" on Uncertainty Principle, followed by one for The Trilogy Tapes. It has since been revealed to be a nom-de-plume of producer Josh Thompson aka Alma Construct (Super Hexagon Records). The three-track BRUK1 sees Thompson cover clinical minimalism, trouser flapping subs, deconstructed jungle onslaughts and frantic, gnarly soundsystem botherers.
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Ross Downes
Stacked Up At Zero

A modern masterclass in dynamics and the generation and release of tension in instrumental music, Stacked Up At Zero is the new effort by London-based producer and composer Ross Downes. These are psychological spaces created by the artist after a difficult recent time, decorated by astonishing sound design and tremendous field recordings. 
  • Vinyl LP (TR039)
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Capturing the pioneering spirit of early Nineties IDM, this debut EP from Canadian newcomers Biochip ought to appeal to the hardened electronic music fan. Consisting of eight tracks captured completely live, Synthase resembles the haunted analogue machinery and skewed rhythms of early Aphex Twin and Autechre. 
  • Vinyl 12" (CPU01001110)
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Utopien I

The fruitful creative partnership between Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) enters its third decade, with the tenth die ANGEL studio album Utopien I. Featuring Oren Ambarchi on electric guitar, these tracks were recorded the best part of four years ago but have an urgent, relevant political message. 
  • Vinyl LP (KR077)
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Finlay Shakespeare

A one-man-band construction, Finlay Shakespeare delivers his second studio album for Editions Mego, titled Solemnities. It’s harsher, darker and more industrial than his previous effort Domestic Economy, but it still retains the joyous stacking of melodic elements that made that debut so critically adored. 
  • Vinyl LP (EMEGO275)
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Ewa Justka
Upside Down Smile

Polish electronic noise artist Ewa Justka delivers a new studio album, titled Upside Down Smile. Self-taught in terms of how she constructs her instruments, and currently a PhD student at Edinburgh College of Art, her latest effort arrives on Editions Mego, and explores the differences between sadness and happiness via her brand of manic computer music meets hardcore rave/techno.

Pan Sonic

Pan Sonic were a long-running experimental electronic duo from Finland comprising of Mika Vainio (Ø, Philus) and Ilpo Väisänen (I-LP-O In Dub, I-LP-ON, Liima, Piiri). This release is a recording of a 2009 show in Ukraine just before their 2010 dissolution. It sees them on spellbinding form and is possibly an even more vital document since the sad passing of Mika Vaino in 2017. This is a second edition pressing of 300 copies.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (KVITNU33LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Salaam Alekum, Bastard

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Alderson Loop

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Dark Morph
Dark Morph II

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Royal Dungeon EP

Four incredible tracks of physical, pummelling EBM from Colombian artist and producer Filmmaker on his new Royal Dungeon EP. Up to now, he’s been taking the electronic music scene by storm with a number of impressive albums on various labels, and at the same time grabbing the attention of punk fans. 

Ital Tek

Alan Myson records once again for the esteemed Planet Mu label with his sixth studio album as Ital Tek. Created following a period of upheaval in his life, having moved house and welcomed his first child, Outland forces together the two polar extremes of Myson’s sound, beat-driven and intense in places yet serene and sonically detailed in others. 

Maxwell Sterling
Laced With Rumour: Loud-Speaker of Truth

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Recorded over a three-year period (2015 to 2018) in his native Lithuania, electronic artist Caroil gets a debut EP release on June Records. Vega showcases all the elements that have made him such a long-established figure in Vilnius, using a mix of analogue and digital hardware to make his combination of electronic body music and Italo disco. 
  • Vinyl 12" (JUNE19)
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Outer Gateways

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Arash Moori

Half a decade on from Heterodyne, his debut album for the Type imprint, Birmingham-based artist Arash Moori delivers an expanded version of that same brutalist musical vision for Exothermic. It’s a stunning audio representation of the geography, economy and history of Moori’s home city over nine tracks of brutal, explosive electronic music. 
  • Vinyl LP (TYPE136)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Truant/ Rough Sleeper

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Heil Eris / Enjoy

Here are more sounds from  he past regurgitated for ears young and old. These tracks were originally lost cassette culture obscurities from the 1980s featuring live takes (it's what we all had to do back then) using drums, synths, affected voices. The results veer from cold/synth wave pop to longform ambient pieces that sound remarkably modern. First time on wax restored and remastered from the original tapes.  
  • Vinyl LP (RKVLK001)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Nathan Fake

He knows.. he knows what's been happening. The aptly-titled Blizzards is Nathan Fake's first album since 2017's Providence and sees the electronics meister deliberately limit himself to rudimentary equipment and recording first takes with little embellishment. The result is a clubbier, more live sound that retains the melodicisms of his earlier work on Border Community. 

Vladislav Delay

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Gabber Modus Operandi

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Vox Low

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Lorenzo Senni
Scacco Matto

Musical innovator and investigator, lord of the trance, Lorenzo Senni returns to Warp after four years with his album Scacco Matto. His last recording for the label was his legendary Persona EP. It was on that EP that he first made music from the point of view of a rave voyeur. Here, he continues and develops the theme.

Cremation Lily
In England Now & The Processes...

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Zeroh hails from Los Angeles and describes himself, among other things, as a ‘Hemp Gawd’ and an ‘Organic Man’. BLQLYTE is his latest album. He makes experimental hip-hop, a good example of which is his 2019 single Bang Babies. He has previously collaborated with L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae and Former Boy.

Ibibio Sound Machine
Doko Mien

Ibibo Sound Machine return with their third album and second for Merge Records. Doko Mie is a joyful blend of post-punk and West African electronic music, that reflects Eno Williams' own upbringing having been born in the UK but raised in Nigeria. Arpeggiated synths meet exuberant horns, always being marshalled by Williams' commanding vocals.

Rorquals / Dead Circuits

Courier Sound presents its third cassette release, housed in bespoke packaging made from recycled cardboard and designed by artist Nick Dawson. ‘PacketC03’ is Symbiosis, a split album that benefits from the magnificent intensity of Rorquals and the spontaneous performances of Dead Circuits. 
  • Tape (PacketC03)
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  • Limited edition

Ron Morelli
Laugh Taker Remixes

You may remember Ron Morelli's Laugh Taker which emerged on Hospital Productions Disappearer album in 2018? Well Morelli has now commissioned remixes of the track from Mick Harris (Scorn, Fret etc), Parrish Smith and Overlook and slung the lot out on his L.I.E.S imprint. Very limited it is as well so be quick if you want it. 
  • Vinyl 12" (LIES-RMX-02)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Abby Echiverri
Ab Initio EP

As well as her current career as an electronic musician, Abby Echiverri, has been a DJ, VJ, studio engineer and was trained to play a number of instruments such as violin and flute. Ab Initio EP is her first record, and as you can imagine from her background, she comes at electronic music mixing  classic electro with broken beats and synths and a whole bunch of fresh ideas.
  • Vinyl 12" (BK 032)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Beverly Glenn-Copeland
...Keyboard Fantasies...

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Donato Dozzy

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Mort Garson
Mother Earth's Plantasia

Mort Garson was a pioneer of electronic music in the 1960s and an early user of Robert Moog's synthesizer. 'Plantasia' released in 1976 added warmth to the previously darker and colder melodies of earlier electronic releases. By turn playful, surreal or sinister, this is a diverse collection of sounds from a true innovator.

Electronic Sound
Issue 64 & Vinyl Bundle

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John Tejada
Moving 909s (incl. Plaid Remix)

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Amon Tobin
Fear in a Handful of Dust

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Warm on the heels of last November’s Zauberberg reissue, it’s the equally welcome Königsforst. Following on from its predecessor, it has all the fundamentals of the signature Gas sound: thickets of grainy, slowed-down strings and brass ushered along by mucky, throbbing kicks into lush forested reveries.


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Unknown Artist

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Franck Vigroux
MMXX-01: Tension 24

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Evan Caminiti
Varispeed Hydra

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