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Righto. This expanded line-up of Darkstar are causing real ripples of excitement on the electronic scene as of now. From deep dubstep fused with digital soul to proto wonky, their journey as a duo has been a slow burning, inspired one so far. Now they've added a vocalist & made a radical stylistic shift into grander, poppier pastures. There'...view item »

Sunburst EP

Seriously don't know what to expect from this chappie. He takes his time over his tunes by the looks of it. Lumped in with HudMo, Joker & Zomby because he kicks dubstep in the face & chucks a load of day-glo gloss & random madness all over its silly, wobbly features. I think they tried to call this shit wonky did they not? Well this ...view item »

Terror Danjah
Power Grid

This is all decent fun on this 8 tracker, from heavy rollin' gangsta grime vibes with some sinister atmospherics to sleeker R&B elements. What is consistent through out is his beats. What I like in Particular is that occasionally you get a little vocal sample that sounds like some sort of munchkin, maybe that's thee Gremlinz. There's a coupl...view item »

Ital Tek
Midnight Colour

I do enjoy this guys stuff. Within the realms of dubstep his style stands out, although here he seems to have caught a little of the Flying Lotus virus - but that's really no bad thing. Generally speaking this record is not as dark as his previous stuff and he's really refined and polished his production style. There's a sort of interplay betwee...view item »

Epilogue ( Ramadanman Mix)

A few cool dubstep bits have just arrived...a new 12" from F on 7EVEN called 'Epilogue' which is a pretty mellow and deep little groover, flip the plate and there is a Ramadan remix in his excellent minimal but funky percussive style. A bit of a samba shuffle and woodblock percussion make for a sexy rump shaker....view item »

Kode9 & The Spaceape
Memories of The Future

Finally KODE9 + The SPACEAPE unleash their debut album after a slew of fantastic 10"s on Hyperdub. 'Memories Of The Future' collects most of the tracks from the singles with some stonking new cuts to create a dark paranoid vision of the future. The Spaceape can do no wrong in these eyes so I was slightly disa...view item »

No Idlers

What was the last aXXo you downloaded? I reckon mine was The Lost Boys. It's depressing how they all used to be loads older than me and now they look like little nippers with their bikes and their haircuts and their oily saxophone players. Anyway this aXXo comes on vinyl with a tasty spray painted inner sleeve that almost knocked Phil out yeste...view item »


A few hours ago I ate loads of sausages and started feeling sick so I rang my doctor and asked his advice. "Review the new one from Distance", he told me. So here we are with another cold, sterile soundtrack to night-time gridlock from one of Planet Mu's legion of dubstep blokes. Coming at us from the sparsely industrial end of things, Distan...view item »

Silvah Bullet

Summertime in England this year is typically rainy. The sun rears it's smiling face only very occasionally. To counteract the dull weather I've been immersing myself in a shitload of sunny Jamaican music from dub through dancehall. Particular highlights have been the ground-breaking dancehall styles from King Jammy's and also King Tu...view item »

Martyn Vs Marcus Intalex
After Seven

Dutch geezer Martyn has teamed up with Leeds' old skool drum and bass don Marcus Intallex for a pretty wicked EP that has them dropping the D&B beats in favour of the more dubstep style that Martyn has been doing recently. The widescreen Berlin inspired chords are really doing it for us here. there are some sweet little acid squelches and ...view item »

Dizzee Rascal

Lordy I'm tired today. I just can't seem to sleep at the mo. Fortunately I've got Dizzie Rascal on hand with his new single 'Flex' on XL Recordings available on 7"/12" and CD. All come with a variety of different tracks and mixes on I'm too tired to list. He looks so happy on the sleeve though. That's what makes this for me. Yeah the tune...view item »

Bass Clef
Zamyatin Tapes Vol 2

Bass Clef - Zamyatin Tapes Vol 2- 12" only- A side - a cross between MIA minus the vocals to start with, then becomes more bassy. Resonant of early hip hop, the repetitive beats are interspersed with trancy, chill out riffs - takes me back to the quiet / ...view item »

Drop The Lime
Refixed - remixes

Also we have the Drop The Lime Refixed 12" which features refixes by Kid 606, Eats Tapes, Gold Chains, Original Hamster and Soft Pink Truth. Kid 606 goes straight for the jugular with some twisted acid and uptempo beats. All the artists manage to give the tracks their own sound, none of them really sounding ...view item »

Virus Syndicate/ Mark One
Slow Down

Single of the week hands down for me is Virus Syndicate's 'Slow Down' on Planet Oink Pig. A morphing & sinister grim(e) reaper of a tune. This is like Dizzee Rascal being chased down the street by the cast of Scary Movie. Everything that's great about the scene embodied in a simple flow of quickfire rapping, slicing beats &...view item »

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