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Dubstep / Drum & Bass / Jungle

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Ital Tek
Nebula Dance

Jeeez, this sounds "well Planet Mu" from the off. Alan Myson opens his "difficult third album" under his iTAL tEK moniker with a chunk of plunging kaleidoscopic tribal grime that morphs in and out of a braindance '...view item »

You Stand Uncertain

I like this NY champs stuff. Coming from a junglist background hasn't decimated his love for more soulful grooves. His output is pretty consistent, quality-wise and you're always gonna be on safe ground when a record opens with a guest vocal spot from the gorgeous Anneka. Her silky dream-like voice glides along, virtually dripping off the...view item »

Straight & Arrow

Norman’s favourite spacebarphobe FaltyDL is back with a new single, ‘Straight & Arrow’, which is here backed with a remix from his buddy GoldPanda. Nice. The A side is a weird...view item »

Ignore EP

This is great, if you sometimes steer clear of Hyperdub due to the dark dubstep, then look back in, as this is funky, good time electro boogie deep house type dubstep that you wiggle your bum as you're doing the washing up and pretending that your getting down at 2 in the morning at an inclusive, but word of mouth,...view item »

Dusk & Blackdown

Cooly G
Playin' Me

I love Cooly G, from the moment I first heard her mix for Fact some years back I knew this was someone to follow. Buying up pretty much all she has released the standard remains high. Early tracks like Narst and Weekend Fly marry dubstep, deep house and futuristic hip hop sounds to create a sound that is somehow uni...view item »

No Ceremony
Hurtlove/ Weareme

No Ceremony are a big old mystery. From the looks of the press release this Manchester based artist/s (?) is/are driving the blogosphere mad crazy! Everyone wants to know who s/he is and how they got so good so quick. I'm not fussed who he/they are. There ain't much mystery in music nowada...view item »

Ill Blu
Clapper / Clapper (Traxman Remix)

I've actually cheered up this morning. It started awfully at 5.15 woken up by a bloody bird. I've been single handedly campaigning for more birds in the street and now they are finally here I'm getting angry about them waking me up. Then I got stressed about my hair, my normal hairdresser (a l...view item »

Pretty Ugly

Well, well, well. “The man is a genius”. Not my words (yet) but the words of the press release. Though a) in today's hyper-hyped world the word genius is used to describe everyone from Jermaine Defoe to the bass player from Pulp and b) I don't believe press release...view item »

All Night EP

Read some place this lad was a Mancunian, one that is bringing the spangled sounds of Dance Music Today to lay across the other side of the Pennines like a thick layer of glistening, aromatic yellow aural sick. I'm no expert but I'd say both Joker...view item »

Dam Mantle / Becoming Real
Her Woes / Paramnesia

Dross Glop 2

I'm getting a little jaded by the 12” remix project. There seems to be tonnes of them about at the moment and they don't really add anything to the albums they purportedly are promoting. Here, Battles are reworked in by various luminaries. Firstly The Alchemist does a dark take on '...view item »

Caroline EP

This is a collaboration between Untold and Samuel Chase of Sam and the Dragon. As expected Untold delivers the goods with clanking beats and wide bass while Mister Chase takes care of vocal duties. He can certainly belt it out and all. I reckon this is probably too dark though to have any commercial appeal although the vocal is pretty darn s...view item »

Here Come The Lights (feat. Silas)

Joker. Not just a clever name. No, I've really not understood anything this guy's done bar that amazing track on the Hyperdub five year anniversary compilation which was much moodier and cooler than this technicolour chart gash he churns out for most other labels. Including this pile of sick 'purple wow' toss that...view item »

Ghost People

Martyn has built up a cult following since his beginnings in the Dutch D&B scene but became the name on everyone's lips when he dropped a stone cold killer slice of future garage on Apple Pips. Then followed a slew of EP's and...view item »

Glass Swords

Not that familiar with Rustie so I can't vouch for his other (apparently) well received 12” EP's 'Zig Zag', 'Ultra Phizz' and the 'Sunburst EP' but this Glaswegian producer is clearly ahead of the game with his jumped up post-Dubstep style. Lumped in with the likes of Hudson Mohawke...view item »

Cloud Boat
Lions On The Beach / Bastion

5 out of 5 for the sleeve. A wonderfully rustic photo of a path, a park bench and some autumnal trees. It looks uncannily like Scaur Bank in Wetherby. Well done to photographer John Doe. The music is what I may describe as haunt-step. In that it contains your archetypal two step rhyth...view item »

Ikonika/ Om Unit / Monky
Hoya:Hoya Volume 3

Pax Kingz
Pax Kingz

The Sonic Youth album landed today which meant I was cobbling together all the orders which confused me to the point of near meltdown. Fortunately the light at the end of the tunnel comes in the form of a super tidy review pile and right at the top is a self titled CD on Erobote by Pax Kingz which is the new project from Millimetrik and Maxime...view item »

Gang Colours
In Your Gut Like A Knife

Gang Colours make a sort of minimalist ,shoe-gaze type sound that isn't for me. You know, its one of them....sort of dance music with a really annoying off beat that every time I hear it I want to stab myself in the face with a sharpened onion. At least after doing so I could get someone to eat the evidence . It's dance music for people who ...view item »

Hounds Of Hate
Hounds of Hate

This lot make me think of Kate Bush which is always a good thing. I love thinking of Kate Bush. She's the friend I never had. The cover of this record is a load of wonky ole snakes which is quite eye-catching and it gives you an idea of the wonkyness within. This is a deep record. The sound is slow and heavy, there's samples everywhere (one...view item »

Resolution 653

Instra:mental are a solid duo who aren't afraid to sonically diversify and on their debut "artist" album you're taken on a stylistically rich journey, traversing their knowledge of rich, fluid & tough-edged production techniques. As a primer i'd say 'User' is forged from the bones of tough, rhythmic electro, the superb "8" takes on a zippy m...view item »

Mr. Lager
Kailas / Runaway

They call me Mr. Lager you know. On a friday I can't get enough of that golden nectar, I pour it down my throat then wash the whole delicious brew down with a glorious piece of meat from the big spinning stick. Anyway here he is, the other Mr Lager on Various Production. On the A side we have an atmospheric dark dubstep tune with thumping kick d...view item »

Baobinga & Mensah / Baobinga & DVA
NSG / This One’s Wavey

Sunburst EP

Seriously don't know what to expect from this chappie. He takes his time over his tunes by the looks of it. Lumped in with HudMo, Joker & Zomby because he kicks dubstep in the face & chucks a load of day-glo gloss & random madness all over its silly, wobbly features. I think they tried to call this shit wonky did they not? Well this ...view item »

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