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DJ Rashad
Double Cup

Chicago footwork master DJ Rashad gets busy on his MPC for his third Hyperdub emission and first full length album proper with ‘Double Cup’. If you’re familiar with the term “Drank” then you’ll know what that means. Thsi 2LP/ CD is packed with some...view item »


By the time Burial's second album surfaced, his reputation had grown to underground stardom, even if his identity was still a secret. 'Untrue' continued the story of the twilit inner city, loneliness and distant threats informing a melancholic rhythmic atmosphere, and is now seen as a landmark in electronic music....view item »


DJ Distance has been busy soaking up influences in the last eight years whilst putting out a steady stream of EPs out on Chestplate and Tectonic. His last full length Repercussions was dark and night-time heavy dubstep, with Dynamis there is a shift into brighter (still heavy) and more dynamic territory, with n...view item »

Something's Gonna Happen

Bristol’s Facta comes through with a wedge of heads-down rollers for the long winter nights. Opener and Digital Mystikz re-rub ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ is a lowing anti-riddim in the vein of Autechre and King Midas Sound. ‘Sweet Sixteen’ is bouncy, hyper-qua...view item »

Haul & Pull Up EP1

After gaining massive notoriety from production credits for acts such as M.I.A., Major Lazer, and Snoop Dogg, Munich’s Schlachthofbronx give us the first in a series of three EPs that lead up to an album release in 2017. Featuring Riko Dan of Roll ...view item »

Kahn & Neek
FABRICLIVE 90: Kahn & Neek

Bristolian grime producers Kahn and Neek have been set for (grime)world domination since dropping that Percy/Fierce 12” on bandulu in 2012. Creating other guises alongside, such as the dub heavy Gorgon Sound, they are now next in line for the FabricLive mix series. Features a few ...view item »

Radioactive Man
Dub Vault Vol. 2

Banging materials from Radioactive Man, aka Keith Tenniswood. The 3 tracks heard here were pulled out from the Dub Vault, where they’ve been languishing for the last 10 years. That time given these productions plen...view item »

Atijo / Ina

Yaaassssssss! Spin it back to early 2000s and the rise of Tempa records, remember when dubstep was good etc. etc. etc.. Maybe more that it was still a pioneering genre. Addison Groove has put his Headhunter hat back on and aiming to bring those back again, with shuffles, stabs, and halftimes aplenty....view item »

Seven Sins

Seven Sins, the debut LP from one of the heroes of modern dub music delivers 2 discs of subsonic resonance and skanking grooves, even featuring a few welcome guest vocal performances. If Kaiju's other Deep Medi releases are anything to go by, this will surely vibrate a few stomachs and will continue dubstep on in the direction that it alway...view item »

Four Tet (Fourtet)
Kool FM/Kool FM (Bliss Mix)

Four Tet is continuously honing his style like some kind of aural sponge. Along with Dan Snaith (of Caribou fame) as Daphni, these two are breaking new ground in terms of genre but also in terms of their respective labels - Snaith's ...view item »

1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim

A full-length release from premium MC Trim, whose dark tone makes him a compelling listen. The producers backing Trim here include Airhead, Bullion and big man James Blake, lending a pleasing variety of texture to the record. 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim...view item »


He's most definitely got a bit of a magic touch about him this feller. From the finger clicks, gunshot explosions and haunting synths of the opener 'Witch Hunt', you know you're in unique territory. The delectable 'Natalia's Song' is a post-Burial slice of chimerical wonder that sets the stall so high that much of...view item »

Flesh EP

Endgame has fingers in a number of London underground club culture pies, so he’s perfectly placed to drop unusual killer tracks like these. The Flesh EP mixes grime and drill styles with a bit of South American influence, resulting in heavyweight rollers with a wonderfu...view item »

Tectonic Plates Volume 1

The Tectonic Plates series really live up to their ground-shaking namesake, even a decade down the line from their initial release into the fiery heat of peak UK dubstep. Originally split over an array of 10”s, this reissue puts all 8 tracks (from Skream, Digital Mystikz, Loefah a...view item »


Mirrors is the result of South London’s Mala taking an extended stay in Peru, soaking up the crucial rhythms of the local music. He incorporates recordings of flutes, tap-dancers and percussion into his electronic bass music, successfully giving equal respect and weight to both traditions: none of the patronising ...view item »

War Of The Minds

War Of The Minds is the new EP by Truth on the Deep Medi Musik label. DJs Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake hail from New Zealand and travel to the far flung corners of the world spreading their dubstep and bass sounds. Truth have also released music on Firepower Records, SMOG, ...view item »

Solitude EP

Brighton resident Atlas presents his debut EP to the world! This may be the first actual release for the young producer, but title track Solitude may well sound familiar, having been a cornerstone of Keysound label runners Dusk and Blackdown for the last year and a half. Serious spright...view item »

Ikonoklast EP

After what has since become known as 'The Great Terror Danjah Mislabling Disaster of Half-An-Hour Ago' I'm not 100% convinced I'm reviewing the right tracks here but never mind. Oh, there's a voice going 'Ikonoklast'! That's helpful! The lead track doesn't last long but kinda reminds me of Headhunter's stuff around the time of Nomad, except with...view item »


Believe it or not, this is bass music veteran and Hyperdub boss Kode9’s first ever full-length solo record (having previously made albums with the sadly departed Spaceape). Nothing works in grime and footwork influences along with typically low-slung Kode9 rollers: several tracks ...view item »

OKZharp and Samrai
Gated EP

Dusk and Blackdown’s always reliable Keysound Recordings imprint release a genre-switching slice of afrobeats and bass experimentalism. The Gated EP from OKZharp and Samrai on vinyl 12” moves between garage rhythms, glorious synths and dense melodies. It doesn’t sound like the ...view item »

Alex Coulton
Ambush / Direction

Alex Coulton provides Tempa with 2 cutting-edge new cuts. Ambush / Direction contains all sorts of elements, from conga drums to fizzing synth-shots and deep, deep sub-bass, allowed to hover in an empty space that gives each sound an extra impact. 12” vinyl on Tempa, released in a limited edition of just 300 copie...view item »

Appleblim & October
Other Side of The Sky

Tempa deliver this new single from October, a crucial stretch of wobbly bass music from a producer with audibly deep roots in the Bristol scene. On the B-side he receives assistance from the legendary Appleblim, who views Other Side Of The Sky from a distance, treating it with a few tricks from the dub ...view item »

Congo Natty
Jungle Revolution in Dub

Jungle Revolution by Congo Natty was universally praised by critics from the likes of DJ Mag, Mojo, The Guardian, The Times and Q Magazine. Jungle Revolution in Dub takes its influence from over 30 years of British bass music maximising the bottom end that the various styles have in common. Fans of Shy ...view item »

Be There / Uhh

Dusk and Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings continue their incredible run with this vinyl 12” from Truce. The hotly-tipped East London producer makes a sharp, minimal and of-the-moment tech house where sultry vocals are cut with garage basslines and precise drum programming. You’l...view item »

Horsepower Productions
Crooks, Crime & Corruption

Horsepower Productions release their fourth full-length album, Crooks, Crime & Corruption, continuing their highly-regarded legacy as bass music innovators. The packaging for the vinyl edition is quite something: rolls of Horsepower Productions-styled police tape were made up, and each record has be...view item »

Alex Coulton / Chevel / Simo Cell

Split vinyl 12” from Alex Coulton, Chevel and Simo Cell. Wisdom Teeth have brought these artists together on WSDM004 to showcase their outsider variations on house and squealing acid techno. There’s certainly a competitive element here, with each art...view item »

Cabana EP

4 new ones from Nurve, who produces classic 90’s-esque techno from behind a shadowy curtain of anonymity. The Cabana EP goes pretty deep, with vocal samples looming up from the groovy murk of bass and drums. Also features a collaboration with Caski. 12” on Tectonic, more than matching his we...view item »

European Heartache EP

Instrumental grime whizz-kid Loom returns on the excellently title European Heartache EP. Alien, square wave synths and aggro percussion mingle with sad melodies and romantic synth interludes. Never have I got so worked up and so melancholy at the same time. Another great 12” vinyl on Mr Mitch&rsqu...view item »

Screamer ft. Riko Dan / No Justice

Proper low-down darkside heaviness from ace producer Pinch here, enlisting the master grime voice of Riko Dan for this new 12”. These two tracks truly feel like they come at the listener from the depths of a dark dark night, with the industrial garage productions rumbling deep. And just look at that cover....view item »

Crunch / Rude / Cellar Door

New on Badimup; London via Leeds producer K-LONE puts out a vinyl 12” of dark, percussive electronic music. Crunch/Rude/Cellar Door is hybrid bass music that mixes spaced-out melodies with aggro 2-step and distorted synth basslines. These moody explorations of UK dance music are held toget...view item »

Better Strangers

With previous EPs released on Tectonic, Cold Recordings and PAN’s sub-label Codes, Better Strangers is Acre’s album debut. From previous works showcasing rave flashbacks and heavily distorted jungle breaks akin to Andy Stott productions. From his own words Acre has injected ...view item »

Wiley and Zomby
Step 2001

Long-term premium grime MC Wiley has his ‘Step 20’ track reworked by the younger (but still firmly established) producer Zomby, who turns it into Step 2001. Wiley’s ever glorious flow (“I’m a chicken and pasta man /I like rice / Basmati”) is kept fron...view item »

Enter Shikari
Slipshod (Urbandawn Remix)

Slipshod (Urbandawn Remix) is an accompaniment tp the Hospitalised version of Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep record, in which the Hospital Records roster of esteemed Drum & Bass producers rework the Shikari originals. So Urbandawn grafts the Shikari...view item »


After raising anticipation with a series of 12” releases on various labels, Ipman is now ready to deploy his first full-length. Depatterning lands on Tectonic with a thud, pulling in modular and granular synthesis systems along with advanced drum programming. The results are glorious, with each track providing a w...view item »


Houston dude Rabit produces a really mighty set of tracks for this 12” on Tri Angle Records. Nigh-on Industrial percussion mixes with gun-shots and other sounds of rhythmic chaos on ‘Bloody Eye’, a brief but immense track that sets the tone for the rest of Baptizm. Grime instrumentals from beyond the U...view item »

Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep: Hospitalised

This is the Hospitalised version of Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep record, in which the Hospital Records roster of esteemed Drum & Bass producers rework the Shikari originals. So we have the likes of Danny Byrd and London Elektricity pumping up tunes for t...view item »

Becoming Real

After two years of silence, Becoming Real is reintroducing himself. And the LQD OIL EP is a great business card to do so. Floating between esoteric beatless grime and over-the-top trap, BR's music is layered and complex. This cassette tape (limited to 50 copies!) is both unique and a crowd-pleaser of sorts....view item »

Inside Nomine

Combining deep sub bass, creepily uneasy melodies and blissful ambience, Nomine truly delivers on the mood front, which is an important front. Simultaneously immersive and in-your-face with subtle nods to everyone from Mala to Demdike Stare, Inside Nomine really is a trip inside Nomine....view item »

Green Eyes EP

Spokes is a busy, playful producer working with shiny variations on core grime elements. The Green Eyes EP is the lengthiest release yet from this guy, containing three very engaging tracks backed up with a remix from E.M.M.A. All sorts going on in this sound, but still it feels like there is plenty of ...view item »

Chunky Monkey

ADR some of you may recall was the chap responsible for the inaugural release on the Public Information label. Real name Aaron David Ross, he is also half of Gatekeeper. I was somewhat taken by surprise when the needle first ...view item »

Hardcourage (Album)

Falty DL has been causing an increasing stir, his work on Planet Mu becoming increasingly accomplished, not least the Love Is A Liability long player that is increasingly looking like a classic in its genre. So what of the move to Ninja Tune? Well Dre...view item »

Sherwood & Pinch
Late Night Endless

Two generations of dub pioneers combine as Adrian Sherwood meets Pinch on CD and vinyl for On U-Sound. Sherwood brings his singular and experimental studio mastery whilst the dark, rolling percussion can probably be attributed to Pinch’s deft fingers. Disembodied vocals, swathes of echo and heavy bass-line...view item »

Mumdance & Logos

Looking back to look forward with Mumdance & Logos. Proto is the new 10 track full length from this power house collaboration. This one is an examination and total mutation of techno, house and jungle beats, rhythms and ideas from back in the day. They slow it down, pick it up, twist and trip it ...view item »

News from Nowhere

Being a bit of a Warp Records geek I’m surprised that Darkstar have completely passed me by so bear with me on this one, News From Nowhere starts off with a couple of nice floaty ambient tracks and by track three ‘Armonica’ the vocals become mo...view item »

Mr. Mitch
Parallel Memories

Fresh from helping make Boxed's instrumental grime showcase the most exciting and daring club night for some time, Mr Mitch has a double LP for Planet Mu. All weightless string samples and beat-less arpeggios, the grime legend is catering to all you in-the-club-but-still-sad melancholics. Includes the glacial Dark0 collaboration...view item »


Following releases on Ramp and Planet Mu, Slugabed is back on Ninja Tune with some slinky bass infused electrofunk, in parts it recalls some DMX Krew stuff, the bassline is ultra funky and snakes around the tune, playing the lead roll commanding control of hips and asses. The b-line is s...view item »

Cooly G
Wait ‘Til Night

'Wait 'Til Night' is the follow-up to dubstep artist Cooly G's debut record, 'Playin' Me'. In a surprising turn of events, the record sees Cooly G take on an R&B influence, diminishing the eerie, twilit club vibe of her first record and her DJ sets (as evidenced by the dancefloor-ready dubstep she threw in to her Boiler Room set). ...view item »

Tempa Allstars Vol. 07

The Tempa Allstars compilation series is dedicated to illuminating the world as to just how far dubstep can go and what avenues it can be pushed down. The label's first Allstars release since 2010, the roster this time is as potent as ever, including one Alex Coulton as well as Innasound, Perverse and Batu, among others. 'Vol. 07' is dedicated t...view item »

LV & Josh Idehen

Production trio and lovers of electronic LV have once more teamed up with singer Joshua Idehen for their new record, 'Islands', after successfully using his voice as a fractured imprint on their highly conceptual debut record, 'Routes'. This time, though, there's a sense that the vocals are at the forefront, rather than used in microscopic ...view item »

Decadubs 3 EP

Always enjoy these Decadubs 12” as they usually showcase the chill as opposed to the studiously paranoid aspects of the Hyperdub personality with volume three being the highlight of the series so far. The big highlight for me is a version of Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland’s (a.k.a ...view item »

Killing Sound
$ixxx Harmonie$ Version

Enigmatic Bristol bods Killing Sound have pinched the name of Kevin Martin's early vehicle for his Bug releases and like that noisy bearded sound system disturber they specialise in a dark, brooding bass music aesthetic. This single-sider is an atmospheric and rhythmic slice of portentous dubbed-out modern post-grime with dark ambient stylings....view item »


"Minimal but nice". I'm liking this 12" Smoky late night dub-inflected atmospherics. The opening track 'Gravure' is like smoke twirling off a 'funny' cigarette and colliding with a set of windchimes. Really 3AM after-the-party stuff. 'Continuum' get the party going again with some classic drum & bass moves. 'Typeface' is also beat driven &nb...view item »


Carving some out with Jabu. Kwiadan is the latest 7 track record from the Bristol fellas. Taking stock from UK & US beat makers and spoken word artists, these tracks are as introspective as they are down tempo. MC Alex Rendall is spilling his mind out over Amos Childs' blunted rhythms. Out o...view item »

Cold Mission

Available on CD and clear vinyl LP, the debut album from UK grime up-and-comer Logos is already being spoken of as a modern electronic classic. Spacious and atmospheric, its tracks evoke images of vast spaceship chambers rather than desolate inner cityscapes, yet its roots are demonstrated via the cunning reconfiguration and dec...view item »

Cloud Boat
Model Of You

Cloud Boat is production duo Tom Clarke and Sam Ricketts, making minimalist and reflective dubstep by the way of Burial and Distance. 'Model of You' is their second record in as many years, produced by Andy Savours of shoegaze and post-rock fame (My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros and The Horrors).    Tracks:...view item »

In My World

Featuring truly the most horrible sleeve I’ve seen this week. One of those naked man and child pictures that people sometimes post on facebook to show dad and offspring in perfect natural harmony but omitting to realise that nobody wants to see anyone naked. Particularly a defenceless child. Its on Brainfeeder so I’m excited ...view item »

Virus Syndicate
The Swarm

Sometimes you just need to blast heavy EDM with rappers demonstrating the gamut of British eloquence and accents. That’s what Virus Syndicate saw you needed, and they intended to deliver. The Swarm is only an indication of the havoc they intend to wreak on our ears, innards and dignity, so you better buckle up....view item »

The Air Between Words

Pushing you in multiple directions with Martyn. The Air Between Words is the Dutch producer's 2014 offering of his take on all things sonic. Packed with studio wizardry, broken beats, synths for every occasion and a couple of collaborations. Think Four Tet, Mount Kimbie,...view item »

Cloud Boat

One of my favourite bands of my youth was called Carmine. But this is not them. Its by Cloud Boat and they do a nice line in sweeping London Grammar/The XX/Daughter style stadium reaching dream-gaze. Aimed at the aftermath of the call centre post work piss up punch up it will have you weeping into your...view item »


The only box I want to put music in is my record box and yet my role as a writer here at Norman Towers in a sense dictates that I kinda have to, to some extent in order to attempt to articulate what a record sounds like to our readers. Genre references can be useful at times but so much is postmodern these days that it simply defies genre tags a...view item »

In Dub

We try to measure with one ruler, but Dubbelstandart makes it hard. Normally we love all sick dub equally, but In Dub is just, well, double as good as usual. Warped electronics and a bass that will make your brains wobble are normally enough, but Dubbelstandart don’t take half measures - and they definitely dub it...view item »

Hatti Vatti
Worship Nothing

It's taken me a couple of listens to get my head around this album, not so much because of what goes on as because of how little happens, but it happens in a very tasteful and listenable way, especially enjoyable whilst cooking dinner I found. Hatti Vatti seems to be re-disturbing the soil under which the short-lived post-driftstep movement of a...view item »

Moods of Future Joy

Bristol's vast ocean of dubstep music throws another wave our way with Gudio, who's on his second record at this point. Moods of Future Joy follows-up the intricate Anieda, a full-bodied and difficult-to-categorise record that brought out the "post-dubstep" fangs. This one continues to show ...view item »

Bass Clef
Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare (Bass Clef Remix / Pev Remix)

Deliciously titled single from Bass Clef. This 12” presents two different remixes of Strenaline Metranil Solar Flare (a track from Clef’s 2012 Reeling Skullways album), one by the man himself, and one Peverelist, boss of the Punch Drunk label that is releasing this ...view item »


Launching off the success of the infamous Berghain Sub:Stance parties, this Sub:Stance 3xLP (for real? for real!) aims to capture the unique vibe of lighting up one of the darkest places of techno worship in Europe. With 7 contributions from those in the know and one the scene, this is a testament to an era....view item »


We’ve just been listening to a promo of the new Jessy Lanza album on Hyperdub in the office, and to be honest I was really enjoying it and it seemed a shame to turn it off halfway through but there’s some reviews that need writing. Thankfully though, one of those is thi...view item »

Skitz & Engine Earz Ft. Solo Banton, Rodney P, Roots Manuva & Darrison
The Never EP

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