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Sir Spyro
Topper Top (Kahn & Neek Remix)

Heavy one-sider here from Sir Spyro and Kahn & Neek, who put Spyro’s original tune through the wringer. Topper Top has ferocious features from Lady Chann, Teddy Bruckshot and Killa P, and is riddled with street-ruining bass, b...view item »

Dizzee Rascal
Boy In Da Corner

Contrast city strikes again as I have before me the debut long player from cheeky young bashment scamp Dizzee Rascal. 'Boy In Da Corner is his genre worrying nu garage opus brimming with attitood and sinister rhymes. Sounds pretty fresh to me with some flowing MC bites and some razor sharp beats. Thrillingly nic...view item »

Flame 1 (Burial & The Bug)
Fog / Shrine

If you’ve been living on another planet for the past month or so, it’s probably worth telling you that Flame 1 is a collaboration between Kevin Martin aka The Bug and Will Bevan aka Burial. This record is the first release on Martin’s newly minted label Pressure. ...view item »


Despite being a straight soundsystem killer for a good decade now, Commodo remains one of dubstep’s more overlooked voices. How What Time, his 2016 LP for ...view item »


Ah 'Untrue'. To me the pinnacle in the Burial catalogue and that is despite my ongoing issues with the amount of vocal snippets that litter some of the songs (I'm dealing with it...since 2007). Musically however it is utterly gorgeous with those murky garage beats underpinning glorious late night atmosphere's that he...view item »

Dying on Acid

Gantz returns to the Deep Medi fray for the first time since the 2015 purple-patch that yielded Witch Blues and the Kahn/Commodo collaborations. Dying On Acid is as rich and brooding as anything the Turkish producer has put to wax thus far while also demonstrat...view item »

Mount Kimbie
Crooks & Lovers

I'm reviewing this over a conversation about pizza's. Everyone is chipping in. Business Lady in particular is extremely knowledgable on the subject. So the cover gives no clue to what the music contained inside (the album not the arse though i wouldn't be surprised if she was keeping a jumbo sized hi fi system in there). Its kind of unclassifiab...view item »

Never Understand EP

Overlook continues to prove that he’s one of the most exciting voices to emerge in d&b and jungle in recent years. Never Understand is yet another EP of dark-as-owt soundsystem fodder from the Bournemouth nati...view item »

Kindred EP

The internet almost collapsed when Hyperdub announced this new Burial 12". The arrival of a new release from this guy is always anticipated with excitement akin to a 4 year old on Christmas eve. Yet again he's delivered the goods. Opening with The title track 'Kindred' beginning with trademark crackle and those clanking metallic beats he does so...view item »

Proc Fiskal

Edinburgh prodigy Proc Fiskal follows up his 2017 The Highland Mob EP with a meaty full-length for Hyperdub. The sixteen tracks of Insula are built from the same blocks as THM, with Fiskal fusing together grime, jungle and a little bit of breakbeat. Fiskal’s music has much in com...view item »

Rose Tinted Vision Implant

Nice title. Reminds me of the parodic protag McNihil, from K. W. Jeter’s novel Noir, who has eye implants rendering everything in a 1930s film noir style. The corporate-omnipresence satire of such genres indeed runs through this album by Welsh producer Odeko, which is a rough, synthetic post-everything electro tin...view item »

The Third Eye Foundation
Wake The Dead

100% guaranteed not to be a barrel of laughs there's actually no better time for a Third Eye Foundation album than in 2018. Matt Elliott's gruesome drum and bass project initially did what everyone thought Kevin Shields would do in combine noise, shoegaze and dark beats. Fast forward twenty years and the music is no less kinetic...view item »

Shackleton With Anika
Behind The Glass

I haven’t heard Anika’s 2010 debut album yet, which is probably a mistake as it sounds like a treat for glum ears from an ex-political journalist turned post-punk singer and features Geoff Barrow’s Beak as backing band. Well, it doesn’t seem like she’s done a huge amount in the world of recorded music since then sav...view item »

Truant/ Rough Sleeper

Willie B strikes again! This time with his bid for Christmas number one. Hehehe. Gotta admire the fact that despite his success this lad still chooses to hide from the limelight and let his music do the talking. There’s no massive surprises here in terms of mood and aesthetic but then I didn’t really expect any. The overal...view item »

Kellen 303

EP on Keysound Recordings from Brooklyn-based newcomer Kellen 303. Five tracks who draw from the frenetic dance traditions of footwork and vogue music, set against the dark aesthetic of goth and industrial. Any producer who can successfully work in the same space as Venus X is worth a spin or two....view item »

Congo Natty
Jungle Revolution

Congo Natty returns with this gorgeous release and, folks, his alias "Conquering Lion" is surely well-deserved. A major name of jungle music, unfailingly making massive tracks with the biggest names of the UK scene, in Jungle Revolution gives us several interesting tracks (UK All Stars, Jah Warriors, Get R...view item »

East Man
Red, White & Zero

Anthoney Hart is well practiced in sparseness. As Imaginary Forces he stripped down techno and dubstep, leaving it unfamiliar and cold. As East Man, he pulls the same trick with grime. Grime is already one of the genres most capable of holding back. On Red, White & Zero, Hart focuses on this aspect, and creates 12 tracks whose restraint freq...view item »

Walking With Shadows / AHH FFF SSS

Pinch here with some classic fare for Swamp81 offshoot 81. A-side ‘Walking With Shadows’ is a slow reveal - skulking in with ghostly atmospherics and a needling percussion line, it soon blooms into the kind of meditative post-techno banger that Loefah’s label h...view item »

Last Japan

Last Japan’s long and fruitful relationship with Coyote Records (Chemist, Mella Dee) continues with this seven-track drop. LUNA is the producer’s lengthiest offering since 2014’s Ride With Us, and like that mixtape the cuts here alternate betw...view item »

Pinch & Mumdance
Big Slug Ft. Riko Dan / Lucid Dreaming

Are you big on slugs? They’re dirty, they’re filthy, they’re grimey. And in all those senses, Big Slug is aptly named. Pinch & Mumdance collaborate with Riko Dan, crazy MC who spits nauseating lines over a minimalist glitchy beat. On the b-side Lucid Dreaming, expect ...view item »

Pinch & Shackleton
Pinch & Shackleton

I was most excited when I read in that there Wire that we would soon be treated to a full length collaboration between these two heavyweights. Personally Shackleton is the man for me out of the two but Pinch's twelves are always rousing listens! On here Sam S largely sets the scene for the first two tunes, his airy eastern beat-dribbling &am...view item »

Ice Cold EP

Metalheadz kick off 2018 with some jungley jangles from Detboi. ‘Blood Drops’ begins as classic d&b par excellence. It then floats away into a dub-inspired, vaguely New Age-y breakdown before dropping back into a souped-up recapitulation. The other two bits on the vinyl feature similar s...view item »

TKOL RMX 1234567

Radiohead are a band you either love or hate. I guess you could call me the office fan though really nothing they've done has really grabbed me as much as Kid A and especially Amnesiac. Shifting on a few years and a coupla albums they've decided to work with some of most cutting edge elec...view item »

The Bug

'Freakshow' is an apt title for the opening cut on this double 10" set. When I first heard this tune I wasn't so sure about it, it sounded kinda chaotic and messy but Danny Brown is pretty intense so it took a couple listens to get my head round it. The Bug is in usual savage form dr...view item »

DJ Rashad
Double Cup

Chicago footwork master DJ Rashad gets busy on his MPC for his third Hyperdub emission and first full length album proper with ‘Double Cup’. If you’re familiar with the term “Drank” then you’ll know what that means. Thsi 2LP/ CD is packed with some...view item »

So Be It, Lumbricina

Beatmaster dgoHN is back with third single “So Be It, Lumbricina” out on Love Love records, and it’s a rollicking exploration of blissed-out drum ‘n’ bass. Deep grooves, meaty basslines and funk-fuelled jams weave through the record, seamlessly moving between controlled chaos and skin-prickling euph...view item »

Street Halo

Here he comes to save the day. As dubstep slowly morphs into chilled out electronic pop (Darkstar), wibbling coffee table nonsense (Blake) or a cartoon version of itself (Coki), Burial re-appears from the shadows to attempt to regain the crown that he never really lost as no-one has really pushed things any further. 'Street Halo' pretty much con...view item »

Process Remixes

12-inch with three remixes of tracks from Sampha’s 2017 Mercury-winning LP Process. Featuring remixes from head of the Timedance label Batu, London-based Parris, and the Parisian artist Bambounou. Dreamy vocals, new beats - one of 2017's mos...view item »

Goldie X Skepta

Wow, what a collaboration! Drum & Bass veteran Goldie meets contemporary grime champion Skepta in a powerhouse frenzy of beats and words. As well as the main act ...view item »


Zane Lowe-endorsed dubstep, that's what I like. Not heard this bass-felching monster before but I like the voodoo-tinged sleeves. It opens up well with some nice chinkling effects and a powerful all enveloping sound......then it goes all Jamie Woon. I don't understand this music. I don't like divas singing on records never mind some bloke who th...view item »

Mercury’s Rainbow

Here’s Zomby’s homage to, and re-imagining of the pioneering Eskibeat sound created by Grime Godfather Wiley. The influence across the sixteen tracks is clear to hear, yet ‘Mercury’s Rainbow’ is still unmistakably a Zomby album - refracting Wiley’s template through his own laser/rav...view item »

Where Were U In '92?

This album is certainly different than Zomby's other releases and it's meant to be. This is a tribute to early 90s house and the rave scene and it's a thrilling tribute at that. If you're into dance music from that era then you should absolutely check this out, but fans of more upbeat dub-step should dig this too. If you're not into the dancey, ...view item »

Full Clip / BR Greaze

Considering that their first drop was Kahn & Neek’s all-conquering ‘Backchat’/‘Dubchat’, the people at Hotline Recordings set the bar pretty high from the get-go. They followed that release with this brain-bending two-track from Lurka. Is it dancehall? Is it jun...view item »

Jonny L

Vintage ‘neurofunk’ Drum & Bass from Jonny L in 1997, marking the moment that some in the scene got sharp and cold with their productions. Sawtooth sounds of its era sure, but it still has a clear-eyed futuristic vision to it that cannot help but resonate still. Great punchy productions, now available on...view item »


“I'm just an instrument”, Darren Cunningham has stated recently. If so, he's surely constructed entirely from wires, circuits, buttons, plastic casing and keys so he must look bloody weird when he's stood in Tesco express ...view item »

Brain Scan

Savage doesn't conform to tempo traditions; what better way to demonstrate its slower incarnations than with this 12" from Pinch. Over three cuts the descriptor is deployed in various ways - the distorted kick backing of the title track, the deep bass and growls of 'Street Light' and the threatening trudge and machine whirrs of ...view item »

Ruby My Dear

It isn't very often that I'll want to write a review for something this techno heavy, but I actually couldn't resist - not only is the music actually really good, the album art is brilliant. I honestly have no idea what the men/women/alien/robot/things are on the front, but the more I look at them the more I want to enter the universe in which t...view item »

JK Flesh

Justin Broadrick is back with a new album from his JK Flesh project, nine tracks of churning, grinding industrial business with fuzzed out vocals and dirty rumbling grooves. The wild vocals and constant layers of scuzz ensure there's an unhinged physica...view item »

Godfather II

The twelfth studio LP from hip-hop and grime mainstay, Wiley. Godfather II is the follow-up to 2016’s Godfather. An expansive 20-track affair from one of the scene’s most well-established figures, including features from the likes of JME. Released on CTA and available on double LP vinyl....view item »

Special Request
Belief System

Special Request is Paul Woolford’s project for exploring his love of raved-up pirate radio, and new album Belief System is something of an epic relea...view item »

Inner City Life 2017

"What a mess" said one Youtube user of Burial's remix of Goldie's 'Inner City Life'. Well you can now get that 'mess' on silver coloured vinyl headed up by Goldie's 2017 re-work of his classic track. All nicely timed for Goldie's forthcoming new one but Burial fans can now complete their collection without payin...view item »

Zed Bias
Different Response

Here is the 2 step original Zed Bias, still alive and kicking out tunes in 2017. Gotta be honest, had no idea that he was still putting stuff out, but from the gist of what I’ve heard so far from Different Response, it’s definitely a good thing. Having released countless beat-filled 12”s from 1999 to approx 2008, Dave J...view item »

Lion EP

Three slices of heady, sample heavy dubstep from Truth. 'Lion EP' starts in a cold but exotic style with percussive tints to the main drum track. It then moves into a stretched out, snarling cut with breakbeats skipping in. Closing the release is the most sparse number, with deep bass pulses providing a bed for triplet hi-hat gr...view item »

Mount Kimbie
Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

Despite its red herring sleeve featuring a big fat arse, Mount Kimbie’s ‘Crooks and Lovers’ was one of those slow burning classics, an unclassifiable post dubstep record which included elements of soulful hip hop and post-rock, whose deep late night atmospheres ingrained deeper into yo...view item »

Ar Kid

Bristol basshead Lamont returns to Swamp 81 sister label 81, with a deadly new 12” that features his unique, skewed take on the grime tradition. “Ar Kid” brings the snarling Slowie into the fold to spit bars over a crafty, darkside beat, while kwam steps up on the slow and wobb...view item »

Last Life
Nootka EP

Killer 4-track EP of deliciously dark and brooding modern Drum & Bass from Italian producer Last Life, previously spotted on Loxy's label Cyclon Recordings. If you dig spinning the stripped back cavernous sounds of Pessimist or Homemade Weapons (who have both also appeared on Samurai Music) then the growling subs, half-time kicks and scatter...view item »

Lamont (featuring Grim Sickers & Nico Lindsay)
Missed Calls EP

Influential dubstep/bass music/whatever-you-call-it label, Keysound Recordings release the debut EP from Lamont. On the Missed Calls EP the producer collaborates with hotly tipped MCs Nico Lindsay and Grim Sickers for a surreal slice of grime and house influenced electronica. The eerie and angry...view item »

The Things They Left Behind
Life Through Sepia

Osiris continue to defy categorisation with their latest release: the woozy dub inflections of Life Through Sepia from debutantes The Things They Left Behind. Hazy spoken word samples juxtapose with sparkling synth melodies. On the flip, '68' posits tangential tones alongside a serious groove with loud, crisp snares. Ts...view item »

Threats EP

Notoriously brief UK techno label Swamp81 put out another 12 from MC Chunky (Hank Del Chunkus to his friends) under their sublabel 81. Didn't even realise swamp needed a sublabel. This time round things get nice and shuffly with garage and grime elements, basslines leaning towards that throbbing dubstep sound and if that wasn't ...view item »


After releases on Osiris, UVB-76 and A14, Bristol based producer Pessimist found a home for his dark twisted and techy drum and bass at Blackest Ever Black. Now releasing his first full length record with them as a self titled. Ten tracks of brooding dystopian D’n’B and techno deconstruction. Bleak and heavy, just ho...view item »

Dizzee Rascal

He’s back back back baby: the original grime crossover hero Dizzee Rascal returns with this sixth album, following a four year wait. Raskit features a number of American producers on the beats, leading Rascal into some more hip-hop territory than previously, while still maintaining grime credentia...view item »


As diminished as my brain cells may be it didn't take me long to clock the words Shackleton, T++, Mordant Music and Honest Jon's all on the same record sleeve and so this one was coming home with me before the needle even got anywhere near close to the grooves. This is a counterpart release to the 'Deadman' 12" and on both releases the man is in...view item »


DJ Distance has been busy soaking up influences in the last eight years whilst putting out a steady stream of EPs out on Chestplate and Tectonic. His last full length Repercussions was dark and night-time heavy dubstep, with Dynamis there is a shift into brighter (still heavy) and more dynamic territory, with n...view item »

Carve + Gaze

We were all asking … Wen we’d be hearing something new from one of the most original voices in instrumental grime. Having been quite quiet since a flurry of releases in 2014 and 2015, the Kent producer has resurfaced on Big Dada and fronted four tracks of square-wave skullduggery. The anti-drop on lead single &lsquo...view item »

The Bug
Box ft. D Double E / Iceman ft. Riko Dan

The Bug gets busy with two of Grime’s most heavyweight microphone lords on this explosive 12” for Ninja Tune. Now I’m most definitely not an MC - but if I were; the two I would fear most in battle would most likely be D Double E an...view item »

Die & Addison Groove
Keyhole/ HydroPump

No Ceremony
Heartbreaker/ Breaking Hearts

The mysterious entity known as No Ceremony return with a second self-released 10” and a head full of dreams and big ideas. First up, as with the first 10” - I have no idea which is side A and side B. No b...view item »

Rollage vol.3: C-troit EP

Martin Clark AKA Blackdown (of Dusk + Blackdown) has focusing on his keysound label, leaving his solo productions relatively quiet. Resurfacing with this mini series called Rollage he sticks strickly to 130bpm and delves into his bass heavy box of sounds that float between dubstep roots...view item »

Your Kiss Is Sour EP

Bristolian producer Parris brings his dense and rhythmic electronic music to the Hemlock label. A regular on Keysound Recordings, for this vinyl 12” EP (excellently titled Your Kiss is Sour) he matches heavy dub-influenced basslines with forward-thinking percussion and a g...view item »

Street Halo EP / Kindred EP

Our Ant wrote this about the Kindred EP on 01 March 2012: The internet almost collapsed when Hyperdub announced this new Burial 12". The arrival of a new release from this guy is always anticipated with excitement akin to a 4 year old on Christmas eve. Yet again he's delivered t...view item »

Open Water

Hand stamped and numbered, strictly limited to 320 copies. The ep’s opening salvo comes courtesy of Killawatt, who brings a dense combination of driving force and technical intricacy whilst Ipman imbues his version with urgent percussion and sense of cavernous tension. The second half of the release sees the debut of Osiris Music l...view item »

J:Kenzo & Nomine
Ruffhouse / Blind Man – Om Unit Remixes

This one, released for Record Store Day 2016, sees veteran basshead Om Unit, now proficient in DnB and beyond, re-working two percussive odysseys by rising (risen?) star J:Kenzo and Nomine. You guessed it, skittering breaks collide with deep basses to deliver some serious heavyweight activity on Tempa....view item »

Things Betwixt EP

Lyeform rolls out from the middle of the UK continuum with a fresh and adventurous style that combines sweet segments of sound design from influences as broad as jungle, Vangelis-esque soundtrack work, and modern grime. Consequently, the Things Betwixt EP bumps and fizzes with real creative power. Tasty...view item »

Water Bomb / Cold New Worlds

The first release from Pinch’s Cold Recordings label for a year see the boss back at the helm. With releases on Tectonic, Deep Medi Musik and Planet Mu Pinch has been at the forefront of dubstep and it’s continuing evolution. Two mix friendly tracks of hybrid bass music, happily fitting with breaks, ...view item »

Conch Shell Motives

Since running Skull Disco and Apple Pips Bristolian Appleblim has moved to Berlin and had a few releases through R&S, Aus Music and Tempa merely hinting at things bubbling beneath the surface. Now he introduces his new label Beatnik Boulevard with his first release. The lines between house, electro, techno and pure bass weig...view item »

DJ Sinclair
Bells (RPG Mix)

Mumdance and Logos launched their offshoot to their Different Circles label with Boylan remixing Logos into a deeply discomforting, near beatless and pure energy grime track. This is their remit it seems, single sided limited releases of grime instrumentals that carry the weight...view item »

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edit...view item »

t q d

Forming possibly the first UK garage supergroup Royal-T, DJ Q and Flava D are T Q D and after a few singles are dropping their debut full length LP on Elijah & Skilliam’s label Butterz. Featuring guests such as P Money...view item »

Lion and Thunder

Deep, dark and funky dub atmospherics from one of the original South London dubstep crew. Lion and Thunder is a taut and paranoid piece of electronica drawn from Kromestar’s archives and beautifully pressed as a white label 12” vinyl. They don’t make basslines like these anymore......view item »

Mr. Mitch
Don't Leave

In the last few years Grime has been re-envisioned by a group of producers, in part thanks to London-based experimental Grime upstart Mr. Mitch. Mitch brings his deftly stark, bizarre and understated touch to this new 4-track EP ‘Don’t Leave’, which is a stylistic precursor to ‘Parallel Memories’, a forthcoming full...view item »

You Stand Uncertain

I like this NY champs stuff. Coming from a junglist background hasn't decimated his love for more soulful grooves. His output is pretty consistent, quality-wise and you're always gonna be on safe ground when a record opens with a guest vocal spot from the gorgeous Anneka. Her silky dream-like voice glides along, virtually dripping off the...view item »

Estrella EP

Estrella is the debut EP from RBCHMBRS, whose music is thankfully catchier than their chosen artist name. Drum & Bass gets recalibrated and chopped up into refreshing new forms, proving that there’s joyous life in the old breaks yet! You are advised to listen to these three tracks at any turntable speed you da...view item »

Special Request
FABRICLIVE 91: Special Request

With that recent snafu over their potential permanent closure apparently resolved, Fabric can get back to promoting and releasing quality music, such as this new mix CD from Special Request, a veteran of the club’s line-ups. FABRICLIVE 91 features thirty tightly-mixed tracks, including several brand new Sp...view item »

For The Head / The Past Is A Dream

After a good few releases spent overseeing and curating proceedings, Version label head Orson puts a couple of his own tunes into circulation. For The Head / The Past Is A Dream is a properly low-slung pair of sub-bass rollers, pitched to half-step speed and fine-tuned to devastating effect. 12” release, necessary...view item »

Thousand Million EP

What is the grey area between grime and techno? It is the house of Twwth. Nobody knows how many tracks this wonder has made, or how to pronounce his name for that matter, but personally I feel Thousand Million might be exaggerated - especially for an EP. However, maybe he can pack the quality into this four-track record...view item »

Sherwood & Pinch
Man Vs. Sofa

These two just can’t keep away from each other, huh. Brother dubsters separated at birth they may be, but considering how far apart their initial fame is in time, it’s nice to see them buddying up. Let the dual dub assault commence. Much like their last, Man Vs Sofa covers skewed, bass-heavy dub hybrids featuring muc...view item »

Mungo's Hi Fi
Rules of the Dance feat. Charlie P (JD Mix)

Mungo’s Hi Fi return to 180 gram vinyl with this one-sided 12” on Scrub a Dub. The dub experimenters bring along Charlie P for this bleak and atmospheric mix from JD. This is tense and paranoid bass music for fans of The Bug’s sonic assault and heard most recently in Kahn and Nee...view item »

New Gen
New Gen

This album is born out of a radio show, a show series and a studio space. Under the New Gen banner, some of the finest contemporary MC’s and musicians of London came together, including AJ Tracey, Stormzy, Nines, 67 and many more. Somehow, the results of t...view item »

Rollage Vol.2: Keysound Sessions Anthem

This new Blackdown material is the result of a tightly constrained process: all four tracks have been built up around a piece of audio grabbed by a phone in the middle of a Keysound club night. From that inauspicious sound grain, a bunch of strong bangers has sprung, all rolling forth at 130bpm. Rollage Vol. 2: Keysound Sess...view item »

Quarta 330
Pixelated EP

The rather quite consistent and generally ever-relevant Hyperdub imprint usher out an EP from Japan’s Quarta 330, ten years on from his first encounter with the label through remixing Kode9. His Pixelated EP twists and bends chiptune through melodic jazz-fusion, dubstep blends and more atmospheric cuts. There’ll like...view item »

Something's Gonna Happen

Bristol’s Facta comes through with a wedge of heads-down rollers for the long winter nights. Opener and Digital Mystikz re-rub ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ is a lowing anti-riddim in the vein of Autechre and King Midas Sound. ‘Sweet Sixteen’ is bouncy, hyper-qua...view item »

Haul & Pull Up EP1

After gaining massive notoriety from production credits for acts such as M.I.A., Major Lazer, and Snoop Dogg, Munich’s Schlachthofbronx give us the first in a series of three EPs that lead up to an album release in 2017. Featuring Riko Dan of Roll ...view item »

Kahn & Neek
FABRICLIVE 90: Kahn & Neek

Bristolian grime producers Kahn and Neek have been set for (grime)world domination since dropping that Percy/Fierce 12” on bandulu in 2012. Creating other guises alongside, such as the dub heavy Gorgon Sound, they are now next in line for the FabricLive mix series. Features a few ...view item »

With Love

At last. When embarking on a reviewing marathon, it’s a challenge enough to try find a record you actually like. Phil has just wandered over with the new Zomby record. It’s a double album, 33 tracks and I have...what? 30 minutes to dissect it and tell you all about it. Luckily, my job has been made...view item »

Radioactive Man
Dub Vault Vol. 2

Banging materials from Radioactive Man, aka Keith Tenniswood. The 3 tracks heard here were pulled out from the Dub Vault, where they’ve been languishing for the last 10 years. That time given these productions plen...view item »

Atijo / Ina

Yaaassssssss! Spin it back to early 2000s and the rise of Tempa records, remember when dubstep was good etc. etc. etc.. Maybe more that it was still a pioneering genre. Addison Groove has put his Headhunter hat back on and aiming to bring those back again, with shuffles, stabs, and halftimes aplenty....view item »

Seven Sins

‘Seven Sins’ is the debut album from Jamie Schildhauer and Paul White’s Kaiju project, but you wouldn’t know it from listening alone. They have been on the modern dub scene since 2012, releasing a number of coruscating 12” singles for Osiris Music and latterly on their current home, Mala’s Deep Medi. Their edg...view item »

Four Tet (Fourtet)
Kool FM/Kool FM (Bliss Mix)

Four Tet is continuously honing his style like some kind of aural sponge. Along with Dan Snaith (of Caribou fame) as Daphni, these two are breaking new ground in terms of genre but also in terms of their respective labels - Snaith's ...view item »

1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim

A full-length release from premium MC Trim, whose dark tone makes him a compelling listen. The producers backing Trim here include Airhead, Bullion and big man James Blake, lending a pleasing variety of texture to the record. 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim...view item »


He's most definitely got a bit of a magic touch about him this feller. From the finger clicks, gunshot explosions and haunting synths of the opener 'Witch Hunt', you know you're in unique territory. The delectable 'Natalia's Song' is a post-Burial slice of chimerical wonder that sets the stall so high that much of...view item »

Flesh EP

Endgame has fingers in a number of London underground club culture pies, so he’s perfectly placed to drop unusual killer tracks like these. The Flesh EP mixes grime and drill styles with a bit of South American influence, resulting in heavyweight rollers with a wonderfu...view item »

Tectonic Plates Volume 1

The Tectonic Plates series really live up to their ground-shaking namesake, even a decade down the line from their initial release into the fiery heat of peak UK dubstep. Originally split over an array of 10”s, this reissue puts all 8 tracks (from Skream, Digital Mystikz, Loefah a...view item »

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