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Eric Quach records under a number of different monikers but he's possibly more famous for Thisquietarmy (now known as TQA for review purposes because my fingers are tired). His music tends to be quite varied as well (the big multi headed beast he is) as he treads from genre to genre like a tip-toeing Canadian doom pixie. This album is kinda doom...view item »

Mark McGuire
A Young Persons Guide

This young chap and Dustin Wong are like the new gods of guitar nowadays. Sod writing blazing lead parts and eschewing songwriting in a traditional sense. All you need is a load of delay pedals, a shaggy hair do and a laptop and off you go, right to the top of some poncy magazine /online blogs "best of" lists. This guy play mainly guitar in Emer...view item »


Shiggajon is an ongoing collective project centred around Danish lads Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg. They specialise in free forms of music, primarily of a psychedelic nature. This is the first time Shiggajon's music has been documented on vinyl and what a fine document it is. Recorded on the final date of their UK tour 'Asco...view item »

Sun Circle
Sun Circle

This is the work of Zach Wallace and Greg Davis (who runs Autumn Records)The first side of the record is full on vocal chants and drones to assist you in transcending your failed human shell. They layer them up real nice too. Brett is reminded of a La Monte young piece while Business Lady speaks of didgeredoos. The flip is way more minimal with lot...view item »

A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions

DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRR GRRRRRRNNNNYUUUUURGHEURGHEURGHEURGH DUM DUM DUM etc. You know how this old Earth shit goes and you know if you love it or not. Southern Lord have took on the job of rounding up the complete recordings from their earliest sessions, previously dotted over the Extra Capsular Ext...view item »


This sounds like a gorgeous piece. Originally intended as a one minute soundtrack for a video poem, it has been expanded to a 17 minute movement that employs a twinkly, shimmering music box style sound. This is, to my ears, one of Mr Fabriek's most sublime efforts that takes the form of a fragile chamber ambient piece over being a piece of perpl...view item »

White Rainbow
New Clouds

On to White Rainbow, whose Prism of Eternal Now I can remember enjoying a couple of years ago. From my vague memories of that time I think I can say that since then the fellah's expanded his sound - as demonstrated on New Clouds - complementing the noisy psychedelics with hypnotic acoustic percussion, wordless chanting, guitars twiddling casually...view item »

Taishi Kamiya
Spectra of Air

Apparently Taishi Kamiya makes his improvised droney ambient meat by slaughtering saxophone cattle with a laptop. Which is a pretty novel approach in the field, I reckon. In the press release Ian Hawgood mentions his worries over the choice of instrument - having 'associated it with eighties sex scenes in movies or something like that' - but upo...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
The Dancing Deer EP

No info on this person except I've discovered he's an electroacoustic producer from Montreal. The main track on this EP initially reminds me a little of an old glitch-y downtempo Planet Mu or Toytronic style track with a searching Orbital-style wibble that cuts through the tune like a longing searchlight. Then it goes all abstract and slightly d...view item »

Selbstportrait I

These Easter Island head albums Selbs 1 and 2 remind me of nights with wine and smoke in hand. Digging the subtle pleasures of the tunes. The music is electronic but much more human and organic than today's stuff. I would say it's almost classical. I love Computer World by Kraftwerk also but this is very different to that. Like all great music i...view item »

Deas & Denton
Deas and Denton's Inferno

These guys had a CD out on Blackest Rainbow a while back and this is part deux (see my superb command of the French language?) of their collaborative efforts. If I'm honest (I like to be honest as lying gets you nowhere in life) I can't remember the first volume. Cam Deas I'm familiar with as he's one of those guitar pluckery fellas who strums a...view item »


First up this is insanely packaged in an oversized folder with a book inside which is stitched to the textured sleeve and inside there's a sweet nipple for you to house your CD on. Mmmm... It looks amazing and the 1st time I saw it (the packaging) I thought we want some of this baby. It brings together poetry and sound and design. The music is b...view item »

Zak Riles
Zak Riles

This is superb instrumental work by one of the prominent, influential members of Grails. If you like Grails' music, then this is a must-have. It becomes clear very quickly that Grails have drawn much inspiration from Riles, and some of the song titles are even the same, as the Grails versions appear to be adaptations/variations. The Middle Eastern ...view item »

Sunn O)))
Monoliths and Dimensions

Hey there music fan, do you like Sunn O)))? I hope you do because they've just rubbed their first full-on, proper new album in four years all over your face, going "Mmmm, sniff that, taste that, it's our new CD and everyone's saying it's the best one ever and you're going to buy it because it's sooo-oo-oooo good". Well yeah, it is pretty great ac...view item »

Gregg Kowalsky
Tape Chants

Gregg Kowalsky has a new CD out on Kranky. It's his 2nd for the label (I think) and from what I remember it doesn't sound massively different to his previous album. Well I can't remember exactly what his previous album was like but I'm basing it on reading my excellently informative review for it where I described it as 'sleepy bobo music'. Tape Ch...view item »

Greg Davis
Mutually Arising

Greg Davis' 'Mutually Arising' upset our Business Lady earlier on. You know women, they're not as thick skinned (or eared) as blokes and don't quite know how to respond patiently to minimal drone epics with little fluctuation in tone or texture. She was packing away, our teeny office sweetheart, her sweaty brow furrowing increasingly in depth as Mr...view item »

Grey Daturas
Return To Disruption

Return to Disruption condenses Grey Daturas' improv, explosive sound into a watered-down seven-track album and broadens their noisy experimentation. It amplifies sounds of crackling electric surges, squealing frequencies and hissing feedback. Grey Daturas isn't returning with a bang sadly though. Return to Disruption is far from prolific. Their ...view item »

Naked Acid

Thank goodness i'm lucky enough to have the antidote here in my chubby boyfist. The ever absorbing Kranky label unleash 'Naked Acid' by Valet. If you want moody chasms of enveloping spaced out ambience, moonlit tribal minimalism, hushed & strange snippets of future psychedelia & disembodied stargazing free psych folk then Honey Owens is you...view item »

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