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Tim Hecker
Ravedeath 1972

This isn’t the brutal sensory blast that the amazing title might suggest. It’s creepy pipe organ/piano/synth drone music, recorded in a church in Reykjavik. Super unnerving, but equally beautiful and engaging. It’s one of Hecker’s best works for sure, and is released on double LP and CD on Kranky....view item »

A Winged Victory For The Sullen
A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Here's a dream marriage in floaty heaven! Adam Wiltzie from Stars of The Lid and Dustin O'Halloran have a new thing and this is it. Initially it sounds like how you'd expect it to sound. O'Halloran tinkling away on the old ivories and Wiltzie making some orchestral majestic sounding drones in the background. So far so good. At times it goes all ...view item »

Windy & Carl
We Will Always Be

Windy and Carl are back with their first album in three years. Nice to see that there are some people who still take their time over these things. This husband and wife team have created some astounding sonic architecture in the past with their neofolk-inflected minimal-ambient drone. Af...view item »

Steve Hauschildt

This is the second solo album for Kranky from Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt following on from the excellent 'Tragedy & Geometry'. From opener 'Interconnected' it's clear we're in for another bliss out into the sublime with lush, warm and highl...view item »

Hiss Tracts
Shortwave Nights

Two debut albums in the space of a month from Constellation. When was the last time that happened? The LP of angular indie rock from Montreal's Ought is very good of course, but this Hiss Tracts one is a different kettle of fish entirely (I don't mean it's bad!). It's a droney affair from the veteran superduo of Dav...view item »

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek

Australian native Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek, aka Dutch sound artist and musician Rutger Zuydervelt have collaborated for the third time to bring Whorls into the world. Whorls is an effervescent and captivating collection of droning guitar and ambient soundscapes. Whorls...view item »

Mind Over Mirrors
Check Your Swing

Cosmic harmonium dronesmith Jaime “Mind Over Mirrors” Fennelly (also of Peeesseye and Acid Birds) is back with his third LP in two years, ‘Check You...view item »

Christopher Hipgrave
No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows

Sublime ambient music from enigmatic UK composer Christopher Hipgrave. Initially causing a stir with his 2009 debut ‘Day’ Hipgrave has since released material on Low Point and developed acclaimed music-making software. His new album is characterised by its atmosphere of deep contemplation, delicate textural inte...view item »

The Persistence Of Meaning

A hard hitting first track by ITHI, a New York-based duo. The long ear filling drone of black, industrial, electric sounds. Making you feel as if you're in a different world or on some world of substance unknown to man kind. The noises echo around your head going in one ear and coming out of the other as something new. In the third track of ...view item »

Ingram Marshall
Fog Tropes / Gradual Requiem

I haven't encountered the work of Ingram Marshall before but this label's last reissue was Arthur Russell so they have my attention here. On this LP is a shortish piece called 'Fog Tropes' and five longer pieces which make up the lengthy Gradual Requiem suite. 'Fog Tropes' combines field recorded foghorns a...view item »


Monarch have done the only decent thing and offered listeners more of their diseased drone squalor to wallow in -- 'Omens' is their sixth record, and bleeds together their overwhelmingly loud ambient settings -- with what sounds like dissonant sustained notes being played on a dusty organ -- with what sounds like a choir of groaning mortals...view item »

Ghost and Tape
Poble Nou

Found sound recordings of water, birds along with harmonious synths and strings from Barcelona-based musician, producer and wanderer Heine Christensen under his Ghost and Tape moniker. Layers upon layers of sound build up to create the feeling of a beautiful day. You can almost smell the hot earth and the cool stream. Four track...view item »

Robert Curgenven
They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them

This vital emotive and academic work, entitled 'They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them', collects field recordings that document colonialism around Australia over the last twelve years, with instrumental work supplied by Robert Curgenven's arrangements trough pipe organ and guitar feedback. The tensions and violences of Aus...view item »

Church & State
Live at Huntingfield Church 29/01/10

Oh, this is lovely. Church & State is a collaborative project between two brothers, Adam and Matthew Moore, with Adam playing guitar while Matthew processes and manipulates the sounds. What we're left with is something which doesn't sound an awful lot like a guitar...there's an almo...view item »

Transmission One

Supposedly named after a Western Ukraine town, presumably in affectionate sympathy for the country's ongoing woes and struggle, this is a collaboration between Gareth Hardwick, Dan Layton & David Stockwell and some cinemaphiliac bods Kneel Before Zod. There's not a great deal of information I can muster up about this enigmatic...view item »


'EP1' comes from very anonymous project Cuts and is being released on Invada Records. Cuts' audio-visual work so far has been droning and slow-paced, while their music seems to reciprocate with distorted, soundscaping synth that never lets up and crushing drums that hide in the shadows. 'EP1' has a bit of post-rock glare to it, a ...view item »

Deutsche Wertarbeit
Deutsche Wertarbeit

A little gem of a reissue from Bureau B, with this overlooked self titled vinyl LP from Deutsche Wertarbeit. All sorts of wonky German weirdness, akin to the likes of Neu!, Kraftwerk and all sorts of pychey nourishment. I can see Hoy Fuck and LCD Soundsystem having a field day with this one. Out on double LP and CD....view item »

Islands Of Light

Islands Of Light (as well as rhyming with Angel Delight) is the  is the work of Vienna-based artist Dino Spiluttini. Best known for sharing the 'bill' on a recent split release with Nils Quak he also runs the Beatismurder label and co-founded Total Light records.  He's done drone type stuff before but this time he's at the pian...view item »

William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops IV (Remastered)

William Basinski created his ambient and much storied record, 'The Disintegration Loops', by feeding his compositions on loop through a tape head until a myriad sounds were made in its place. The record's completion coincided with the 9/11 attacks, a sight which is recreated on the record's cover. Considered an attempt at making sound cycli...view item »

Fausto Maijstral
Naval Reserve

Had no idea idea what to expect from this other than the fact that the band are named after a character in a Thomas Pynchon novel and have been described as a ‘drone duo’. Sure enough, with the first track, drone is what you get- a solid, unwavering one out of which strummed guitar and delayed whispers gradually rise to the surface, ...view item »

Retreat, Return, Repose

A much needed CD issue of this trilogy, previously only available on vinyl direct from the label and now somewhat collectable. The audio has been remastered especially for the digital version.  To be perfectly honest the vinyl pressings sound like shit. The best move would be to save yourself some dosh and get the audio sounding clean and c...view item »

Robert Curgenven

Here's the latest collection of thoughtful texturescapes from Robert Curgenven, who's already put out some of his cerebral minimalism on the esteemed L-NE imprint, including a collaboration with label honcho Chartier. The four tracks here all follow a similar template - 16-foot pipe organs recorded in five separate churches (St Paul, Ludgvan; ...view item »

John Wesseltoft / Okkyung Lee

Jon Wesseltoft and Okkyung Lee team up on this limited 12" from Italy's mighty Holidays Records this week, which contains a side-long drone piece carved from hypnotic cello and harmonium, humming and scraping in a trance-like unison for the best part of 20 minutes.   It's fair to say this isn't for everyone...if sc...view item »

Listening Mirror
The Heart Of The Sky

Here's a review of the original sold out cassette!  I like this chap! I like this cassette too. I took it out of it's crappy plastic case (tape cases are shite) and I was confronted by a beautiful gold tape. It was like a golden ticket in a...view item »

Koen Holtkamp

Koen Holtkamp of Mountains notoreity has a new solo album out this week, with the CD version coming with a bonus disc 'Connected Works' compiling all of Holtkamp's vinyl-only releases. 'Motion' itself is a six-track suite which, like his aforementioned duo, has more than a slight kosmische flavour. &...view item »

Small Town by the Sea

Dropping field recordings over simple and pleasant beats, connect_icut’s newest release should be both accessible and enticing to a broad audience. WIth layers and structures slowly peeling away and revealing themselves through the ethereal pads, Small Town is sure to please the existent fans and create a few new ...view item »

Christopher Bissonnette
Essays In Idleness

Canada's Christopher Bissonnette has opted to limit himself to a single home-built synth on this hazy LP of languorous drones and tones, in search of, in his own words, "a more tactile approach to sound generation". I'm having a nice time with it. It's languid and quite cosmic but still with that '70s-ish feeling of physicality to it, man and ma...view item »

Jon Porras
Light Divide

Barn Owl gentleman Jon Porras has another album out this week. He seems to have been quite busy lately. ‘Light Divide’ is a foggy collection of drone-based ambience full of gliding and hissing and weird buried voices and backwards-twitching modular melodies all mixed together in a swampy soup topped wit...view item »

Anla Courtis

I tried to give this LP a preliminary listen at dinner time last night, but it quickly became apparent that its disjointed avant garde ambiance was a bit too high brow for my long-suffering housemate so it didn't last long. Listening to it on my own at half past seven in the morning, however, is another story entirely as I'm able to properly d...view item »

Shampoo Boy
Nebel / Nadel

I'll try to make this short. I have over 10,000 LP's, am 64, retired, owned a record store while going to college in the 60's. While working from 1975 to 2010 might have purchased maybe only 500 LP's. So it's only the last 4 years that I started getting back into the VINYL scene. Southern Records in London has a series called ...view item »

Sparkling Wide Pressure
A Heart Is The Hardest Thing To Find

Sparkling Wide Pressure continue to deliver lo-fi drone constructed out of enthralling riffs, sideways synth glare and bottomless chords that appear at crucial, empty moments. A Heart Is The Hardest Thing To Find sounds like a marine dive into a trench that lights up after hours of darkness....view item »

Dino Spiluttini & Nils Quak
Modular Anxiety

Synth drone fans will like this one - Nils Quak and Dino Spiluttini take a side each to showcase their modular synth tweaking prowess over ten tracks, all pressed onto a shiny gold slab of vinyl. I’m listening to Spiluttini’s side first, bursting into action with the desolate and slightly industrialised ambience of ‘Anxiety&rsq...view item »

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers
Die Gute Besserung

With a name like The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, you don’t know what to expect. But it certainly isn’t an epic hour-and-a-half long drone fest, which is exactly what Die Gute Besserung is. Recorded live, the CD takes you through layers and layers of noise, static, hauntingly subtle melodies and tenderly quiet gu...view item »

Mark McGuire
Along The Way

When Mark McGuire's 12-minute-long 'The Instinct' dropped on 12" late last year with a similarly epic B-side, I was under the misapprehension that it was a small but perfectly formed mini-album. Clearly I was mistaken as the track also features on this rather more substantial new opus from the Emerald. It's a sprawl...view item »

Bugenès Melissae

This latest LP from Plurals comes on very pretty translucent orange vinyl, with the labels marked with the letter "A" and a picture of a bee. Very droll. On the sleeve there is a picture of a ribcage surrounded by bees. Also contained within the sleeve is a packet of bee friendly wild flower seeds. "But what kind of music is it?", I hear you cry...view item »

Jakob Skott

The Doppler effect is when you perceive a change of pitch in a sound as you move relative to the object producing the sound, since the waveforms are shortened when it’s moving towards you and elongated as it moves away. I’m experiencing an entirely different Doppler effect toda...view item »

A.R.C. Soundtracks
Archive: Volume One

The Little Crackd Rabbit label bring you this latest full length from A.R.C. Soundtracks, in the past they have remixed the likes of Aiden Baker and Fuzzy Lights, they produce a sound of gloomy twisted folk drone with odd sounds of tribal percussion and fuzzed out guitar and sy...view item »

Hex Mountains

Thisquietarmy is Eric Quach, with Scotty Rooney on drums, bassist Dorian Williamson and vocalists Émilie Bresson and Jeanne Peluard for this album. Post-rock,booming drone soundscapes meet thundering drums and eerie shrieks. Double 180g coloured vinyl on Denovali as well as CD. Definitely a headphone albu...view item »

Tim Hecker

Virgins? I wonder what virgins have to do with this sonic soup? Hecker released an album a couple of years back called ‘Dropped Pianos’  - a phrase which kind of sums up the second track here, the spiralling-off-the-rails-maelstrom of ‘Virginal1’. It begins with the sound of a piano tumbling down a never-endi...view item »

Painted Caves

Marmite, as we all aware, has a certain clichéd reputation. Maybe the same assessment can be levelled at that avant-guard stuff that hovers around the edges of our lovely music pond...maybe. Ever since exposure to early Laurie Anderson I've always kept a space open for such route-less-travelled material of the American psyche. ...view item »

Alabaster Falcons
Alabaster Falcons

Just 50 editions of this produbbed clear tape were released, a self titled album from Alabaster Falcons which utilises a variety of collected sounds including running water, breath, and what sounds like player piano creating bold, strong imagery of shimmering, sparkling light, refracted through prisms, ascension and the art of Z...view item »

Object Studies - Metal

Here’s an album with a self-explanatory title. This CD, which comes in a beautiful folded card cover with an actual signed and numbered etching on the front, contains a series of studies made by Stuart Bowditch, aka Hybernation, where the sound for each track has been sourced from a single metal object. It really is that simple. It...view item »

Terence Hannum
Spectral Life

This is the debut EP from one third of avant drone metal outfit Locrian. But this is quite removed from the noise created by the makers of ‘Return to Annhilation’. Comprising of a kind of low end hum sitting beneath some squeaky synths, I’m finding the opening track quite pleasant. The synt...view item »

Triangle Of Hope EP

With cut up mountains on the tape inlay, you may have a feel for what to expect, and you would be right: huge and expansive soundscapes, organic samples cut up to match the the record’s purpose. ten’s minimalist composition are unmovable and majestic on this Traingle of Hope tape release....view item »

Sint - Denijs

Ommmmmmmm...I’m floating off into a sea of deep organic droneswells, it’s like an orchestra tuning up while someone absent-mindedly pumps away on a harmonium. The longer this goes on the more spiritual and relaxing it becomes as you pick out tiny details playing around underneath. Its apparent stillness soon becomes absorbed by shimm...view item »

Bitchin Bajas
Krausened EP

Cosmic explorers Bitchin Bajas, the other band of CAVE’s Cooper Crain and Mahjongg’s Dan Quinlivan, are back with a lengthy new 12” EP containing two side-long passages of shimmering kosmische and motorik electrokraut, clocking in at almost 40 minutes in total,...view item »

Gareth Hardwick

Ant here getting old and frail.. Oh my aching body. Time to park my behind on a chair and take my medicine. Doctor Gareth Hardwick has the prescription in the form of his Aversions disc which is a fine collection of remixes from the dronemeister. On duty at hospital Lowpoint are some highly trained staff to give me a much needed massage and inject ...view item »

Barn Owl

Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras are pretty reliable chaps, now five albums strong as a duo they’ve yet to unleash a turkey. Yes, the title is indeed a reference to the fact that this is their fifth album and sadly not a wink to the popular 1980s television se...view item »

Life Coach

The indefatigable Phil Manley is back under his Life Coach guise, and this time he’s got a sticksman - none other than Mars Volta/Fucking Am/Golden boy Jon Theodore! Anywa...view item »

Mandible Chatter

Experimental weirdness from Mandible Chatter on this reissue of their 1993 album Grace. A mishmash of all sorts, from shrieking to out of tune fairground ride music, always looking to unnerve or make us misstep. Drone and abstract composition using acoustic guitars as well as a medley of assorted sounds. On Magnanimous on CD....view item »

Nickolas Mohanna
Parallax View

This fella’s got releases out already on good labels like Preservation and Slow Flow which all went down well with our Ant but I’ve not come across his work before. Still, here’s his latest offering ‘Parallax View’ on my review pile so I g...view item »

Ben Nash
The Mineral Victim

After a lengthy silence, Chora’s Ben Nash came back recently with an album made entirely on his computer, and now here’s another one which seems to have been made with a combination of computer and guitar, c...view item »

Robert Jung
Robert Jung

There’s little info to go on here. I know it’s by Robert Jung, it’s self titled and self released on the Lit label. I know it’s limited to 130 copies on vinyl and I also know it’s 10 tracks of analo...view item »

Knife Liibrary

This album of muffled incantations here is the work of Matt Williams from the marvellous BEAK> and Team Brick. We gave it a spin yesterday and I was super impres...view item »

William Cody Watson
Bill Murray

I just reviewed the new Rainbow Valley tape a few minutes ago, and it was full of concordant, layered synthesizer drones for an uplifting and immersive listen. Well, this one from William Cody Watson on the ever-reliable...view item »

Year Of No Light & Thisquietarmy
Year Of No Light & Thisquietarmy

On this record France's semi-ambient post-metal noodlers Year Of No Light have teamed up with Montreal semi-ambient post-metal noodler Thisquietarmy for a whole LP of immersive doomy jams. Each band throws in a single long comp...view item »

Six Organs of Admittance

I've wanted to seriously check Six Organs of Admittance for a while now. To drown out the boss muttering curses about our supposedly slack warehouse pulling prowess & general incompetence about town, I've placed our aged, dilapidated headphones on my fatted head to indulge myself in RTZ, a lavish reissue of his 4 track demos and obscure excursi...view item »

Steve Hauschildt
Tragedy & Geometry

This chaps name some of you may recognize as a member of Emeralds. While fellow band Members Mark McGuire and John Elliot's solo outings have been much celebrated, Hauschildt's solo work has largely remained under the Radar. I guess that is about to change as this record he's made for Kra...view item »

Pink Priest
Swallow Your Dreams

La Station Radar are a good little label who don't get an awful lot of attention, but I'm pretty much always impressed with their output. This three-track 12-inch from Pink Priest comprises three long synth drone pieces which slowly morph and swell, developing in character as notes are t...view item »

Steve Moore
Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara

Right. Busy Lady has just wet her knick-knacks over the list of this chap's expensive synths. His synths are so amazing & sought-after that he probably keeps them in a titanium lined nuclear bunker deep in a forest. Where currently he doodles around and builds authentic homages to Jean Michel-Jarre, the only 70's synth pioneer it's not actua...view item »


Phil described this as a star studded supergroup. I mean how can a record that features not only the guy from Tarentel but also some Barn Owl and Date Palms people be described as anything but? The first track opens with a kind of didgeridoo noise that sounds like its been created with th...view item »

Food Pyramid / Deep Earth
Kollider / Kontraband

Moon Glyph hit us up with a few new releases this week. One that caught my ear is this Food Pyramid / Deep Earth split. Don't know much about either of the acts which makes them all the more promising. Food Pyramids' 'Kollider' kick things of with an epic synth swirls using primitive hous...view item »

Matt Bartram
The Dreaming Invisible

You may know Matt Bartram's name if you're a fan of his main squeeze - Air Formation, a band that make Shoegaze music like it's going out of fashion. Bartram is generally regarded as one of the finest musicians to embrace the second wave of Shoegaze and make it his own. Always keen to sta...view item »

Locus Suspectus

So, looks like there's only synth records coming out this week. Feel like that's all I've been reviewing recently. Where's the punk rock? Where's the noisecore? Where's the new DOOM record? Probably not important right now. What is important is that Under The Spire have forked out the big ...view item »

Astral Social Club
Generator Breaker

The ever reliable Neil Campbell returns with yet another release, this time for Dekorder records. This is Campbell's second LP for the label following his collaboration with High Wolf under the guise of Iibiis Rooge. 'Generator Breaker' continues Campbell's evolution into the blissful a...view item »

Ural Umbo
Delusion Of Hope

Sometimes music can be brilliant and uplifting. The world can feel like a much lighter place to live in when you hear a Motown track, or a really sharp blast of Bob Pollard or mebbe a slice of Fine Young Cannibals and hey presto...everything's probably gonna be o.k. Then sometimes music ca...view item »

Rhys Chatham
Reve Parisien

I've got a lot of time for Rhys Chatham and his adventures in minimalism. For decades now he's been among the leading edge of New York's contemporary composers, and probably best known for his symphonies for hundreds of electric guitars and his 'Guitar Trio' composition which has become s...view item »

Secret Colors
Water Mirror

Secret Colors is the brainchild of Seattle based artist Matt Lawson. There was a time when I used to get massively excited about people coming from Seattle, as I used to think it was some kind of grunge mecca. Nowadays I reckon it's just like Wakefield...but wetter. Stepping out from the ...view item »

Sweet Williams

Funny that Charlottefield were one of the first bands ever to be played in our new office. Post-hardcore/emo types with a brittle yet simultaneously raging character, they probably never sold that many records but gave us many an hour's pleasure with their edgy dynamism and thorough pas...view item »

The Blackout

Tunnels is Nick Bindeman, the guitarist of Eternal Tapestry. This is an excellent project that takes influence from deep electro-Kraut cuts. Excellent drum machine tones, minimal droning synths, and ring-modulated vocals resound through the album. This is the sort of record that you would expect to be reiss...view item »

Vincent Kuhner
No Minute Gone

Delving back into the drone/sound-art world I find myself with an enigmatic CD by this chaplet. I'm suddenly getting the sound of a compressed toy train ricocheting around my head, now some rustling and tinkering, some guitar drone that somehow resembles the beautiful sound of singing bowls...now I'm down into some industrial cesspit listening t...view item »

Nickolas Mohanna
Transmission Hue

As far as I'm aware this is the first proper CD release from this Brooklyn artist, better known as Vakhchav, who's had a bunch of CDr releases out on Blackest Rainbow amongst others. Using guitar, analogue modular synthesizer and electronics he creates tripped out dynamic drones. The German influence is apparent, recalling classic kosmische. Moh...view item »

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