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What pisses me off more than anything in the world (musically...) is the unbridled insistence that US bands are the dogs bollocks at everything. Just look at ATP. Bunches of egocentric unit shifting boring duds. I say this not out of controversy but gut feeling. It's nowt but a schmooze fest, a back slapping exercise with the occasional European ba...view item »


Total quality bargain compilation alert! Kent's marvellous Unlabel erm...label unleash UN23, the follow up to UN17. That's a lavishly packaged 23 tracks of sublime post-math-alt-guitar-lo-fi electronic rock etc. An eclectic & rather superb collection of new & exiting music from the likes of Bilge...view item »

Un17- A 17 track Unlabel compilation

Compilation CD on Unlabel. Looks nice. Features Econoline, Joeyfat, Left Hand, Charlottefield, Cove, 100 Pets and loads others. Post rock and electronica type stuff. Un 17 is numbered edition of 500. All tracks exclusive. Buy....view item »

Minus 27 and Counting

The other thing on Unlabel be a compilation called Minus 27 and Counting featuring the following lovely duffers. Headquarters, Ship's A Going Down, Joeyfat, Matra, Kill Yourself, Rebus, Lords, 30 Day Hex, The Monochromat Fixation, Camelion, Eric, Songs Of My Lap, Cove, The Ship Of The Sun, The Wow, Hunter's Loaf, Hey Colossus, Unhome...view item »

District of Noise

Here's a compilation CD of experimental music from Washington DC. If you don't know where that is it's in America and it's where a lot of elected important people hang out and make decisions which effect people all over the world. While all this important decisions making is going on a bunch of experimental musicians in Washington had a festival ca...view item »

The Common Place

The Common Place is a small autonomous centre for the radical, ecologically & socially aware individual. It's the only haven in the increasingly homogenized consumerist mecca that is Leeds and has been hosting some pretty wild gigs & events in recent years, loads of small bands/artists/poets & performance minded types have graced it's s...view item »

Digital Penetration 2

BRIANDisco disco disco. If I were actually in a stable relationship with some nice bossy girl who wanted me to work off my well Northern lager & curry gut i'd only accept going somewhere as horrendous, pointless & sterile as a gym if I could listen to the new Digital Penetration 2 compilation on loop on my MP3. Brett hated this, p...view item »

Various (Otto Von Schirach, Eats Tapes, plus a million others!)
(Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds

Speaking of comps here's another one, this time on Ratskin. This one features 215 artists over a whopping 99 tracks. Triskaidekaphobia (13000 Milli Seconds) is it's name and it's a ridiculousy busy comp. If you imagine a normal compilation being something like a quiet country road, this behemoth is like a massive 215 car pile up on the M1 with live...view item »

Rotate And Reverse Polarity

Been a while since I had my head kicked in by some gabber & breakcore. Glad it's still going to be honest. There's plenty of screwed heads out there that need a regular rinsing. The bastard mutoid child of D'n'B & hard techno, this kind of sound relies on pummeling kick drums, squiggling basslines that collide like hyper atomic energy &...view item »

Monika Barchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut And Tom

Various Artists: Monika Barchen Songs For Bruno Knut & Tom (Monika) A fifteen track compilation from Gudrun Gut's pop/electronica imprint that opens with a glacial, gamelan like, serial grid from To Rococo Rot's Robert Lippock. This well curated compilation, moves steadily through some highly melodic guitar led pop vocalisations with sy...view item »

Adrian Crowley, Various
Frend Volume 1

We have a limited 10" with art booklet all the way from sunny Ireland. Frend Volume One essentially a showcase for some fine visual artists and singer songwriters that include Adrian Crowley, Goodtime John, MeNoFemBo ( Úna Mullally), and More Tiny Giants. The visual artists contributions come from. Lili Forberg, Aoife De Búr...view item »

Instruments Of Science & Technology
Music From The Films of Richard Swift

Richard Swift. Enigmatic musician that croons like a 30's recording artist. Frankly, he's an amazing artist that has yet to be known by many. He has a sincerity in his music that few can attain and, with Instruments of Science and Technology, he takes his music in a totally different direction. Electronics dominate the music-scape on this disc, ...view item »

The Winston Giles Orchestra
Soundtracks For Sunrise (Play Up Music)

Nice bit of cheese this. if you're into lemon Jelly and that kind of thing you'll love this light hearted romp through cheesville....view item »

Region Zero

We have a few copies of an electronic CD on Boltfish called 'Region Zero' & it sounds like a well rounded & accessible collection of catchy, melodic & chilled IDM. Good quality & fairly enjoyable on initial hearing & with a whole set of virtual unknowns here (the only one we've heard of is Zainetica) you're gua...view item »

Dani Siciliano

Dani Siciliano's sophomore outing entitled "Slappers" is an amusing and creative concoction of blips, "everyday" sounds, synth riffs, unintelligle lyrics and siren harmonies that she and hubbie producer, Matthew Herbert are known for. This go round Dani ventures more into experimental territory especially on tracks like the opening "Slappers", "...view item »

We're For The Unknown, Unbought & Unbossed

' We're For The Unknown, Unbought & Unbossed' is a joint release with Glasvocht records and has tracks from Do, Mapstation, Dijf Sanders, Ved, Osso Bucco, The Cheese, Mnemosyne, Fractional etc. This is a really nice summer album and is making me wish I was outside and not stuck indoors with these two big sweaty oafs ;p...view item »

What We All Want

And those nice Dance To The Radio types have just hot footed it around with their new compilation CD and hand delivered it to me so we could bang it on this weeks update. Talk about the nick of time..... Anyway I haven't had chance to play it yet but it features all your favourite buzz bands including the likes of We Start Fires, The ...view item »

Bill Corey
Greatest Tits

Some reviews then. First up is Greatest Tits by Bill Corey on WeMe Records, which has a warning sticker on the sleeve which states "Warning! This Album is Rubbish!" The first track made me and Brian chuckle out loud. The album is jam packed full of juvenile profanity, subtle acid lines, a cover of Ice T's 'Power',...view item »

When The Sky Color Changes

Our Israeli friends AK Duck have sent us a nice compilation of home grown electronica. 'When The Sky Color Changes Ducks Automatically Escape' is 13 tracks of fresh IDM from the middle east so if you get into this imprint you can really bore yer mates down the pub just how pan-global your music taste is. Featurin...view item »

Channel 2

Another well good CD sampler in this week is the 2nd Output records 'Channel' comp. The Output roster is even more trendy & cool these days (Not that we give a cats arse about being cool! Leave that to the mullet headed idiots erm...elsewhere!) so you get the likes of LCD Soundsystem, The...view item »

Truck Festival 2002- Major Trucking Incident

First up we have a Truck CD and program which was a festival victim of our Lord's Floods. Its got some kool bands on like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pull Tiger Tail and Euros Childs and then other bands like Idlewild. 19 tracks of festivals fun that happened promoters imaginations and were just halted by the rains....shame shame.....view item »

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