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Psych-Funk 101 (1968-1975)

Psych-Funk 101 (1968-1975) is the debut release from World Psychedelic Funk Classics and presents itself as 'a global psychedelic funk curriculum', complete with a 'course description' and 'supplemental listening' in its copious notes (found either on the handsome gatefold sleeve of the vinyl or the 36-page booklet of the CD). The title may...view item »

Punk 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young - Underground Punk in the United States of America, Vol. 1. 1973-1980

These Soul Jazz comps never fail to impress do they? This time around they’ve taken it upon themselves to distil the development of punk rock in the 1970s into a concise collection of 21 obscure 45s from the era from the proto-punk garage pop of the Flamin’ Groovies through to the robotic no-wave march...view item »

PUNK 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution Vol.3: Proto-Punk 1969-77 - Soul Jazz Records

Third in the series of the Soul Jazz Punk 45 compilations and this time we’re taken further back to the proto-punk/post-glam beginnings of punk history with many of these bands opting for a more stylized viewpoint to the music. According to the great little booklet you get with these collections, a lot of the bands here are donne...view item »

30km Inland
Stolen Shore Lines

Here's an LP of sleepy, richly arranged folkiness from 30km Inland which was constructed over the space of six years, so truly a labour of love. As I gather from the press release, the driving force around this loosely drifting ensemble is guitarist and arranger Xavier Marti, who has managed to assemble an impressive cast of musicians including ...view item »

The Bedroom Club II

London based label No Pain In Pop has released its second compilation of dark underground late night club tunes, artists and DJ’s from the four corners of the globe are featured here. We start with Finnish artist Ukkonen and It sets the mood for the rest of the albu...view item »

The Blues Roots Of The Rolling Stones

At last, a compilation that explicitly draws the links between the Black American musicians who created and circulated the Blues, and the band who made such a critical and commercial success of… borrowing their style! Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy and Robert Johnson all appear on this re...view item »

Battle Worldwide Recordings Present: My 1st Record My 1st Store Some Blue Sky Album

Quite a sweet concept for this release, a mini-LP on Battle Music. Artists from Battle’s recording roster tell the story of a personally significant record they bought, and how they came to buy it (hence the title, My 1st Record, My 1st Store). They then cover the song, so you can hear the influence channelled directly through the...view item »

A Tribute To Bob Dylan In The 80s: Volume One

I think it is fair to say that the 1980s is perhaps not Bob Dylan’s most favoured period… So it is all the more refreshing to see ATO Records chose to bring focus to this area of the big man’s work by marshalling together contemporary bands including Built To Spill, Bonnie ‘Princ...view item »

Forever Singles

Delightfully green limited edition LP from the good people at Suicide Squeeze. Forever Singles brings together all the singles the label has put out, by bands including Meat Market, The Coathangers, and Dirty Beaches, whose Stateless album has been going down very well in 2014....view item »

Rory Scovel
Live At Third Man Records

Jack White continues to make everyone he knows perform at Third Man Studios with this excellent performance from political and personal comedian Rory Scovel, who dashes into the studio, throws off some high calibre and impressively improvised jokes and then fucks off. Or something like that. L...view item »


29 tracks of music from bands such as Deerhoof, doseone, Four Tet, Gang Gang Dance, High Places, Keepaway, Lucky Dragons, No Age, Physical Forms, Ramona Falls, Slanter, Son Lux, Sun Airway, Taken By Trees, The Ruby Suns, and White Hinterland using samples of the  Light of Love Children’s Choir to create a new track. P...view item »


Lithuanian Mamiko Motto curates a mix of electronic music from producers across the globe. Obey City weighs in with some dreamy chords, whilst Bobby heads straight to the dancefloor with the funky ‘Tame The Shrew’. There’s enough variety to maintain interest whilst offering a c...view item »

Rare Mod 5

The fifth edition of this popular compilation, Rare Mod 5 delivers another confident mixture of mod, soul and r&b tracks from the mid sixties. Rarely stretching past two and a half minutes, each song is a rare pop gem. A must for nostalgic psych-heads and fuzzed out poppers. Out on vinyl LP from Acid Jazz....view item »

Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s from the Thai Countryside

As a child I imagined that by my mid 30's I'd be an estate agent or something, swaggering into a country pub on a friday evening, soft top down, lady on each arm. Instead I'm sat in a converted school overlooking a 'Bird's Eye' billboard reviewing an album of Thai Country Music. Funny how things turn out. I have to say though I wouldn't miss thi...view item »

Country Funk 1969-1975

Country music can sometimes be a bit of a hard sell, particularly in this country where we dont share that culture of wide open spaces, rednecks and hoe downs to the extent of the US where country music fits so snugly into the core of that mythical good ole america (for some at least). However, for music lovers, it really is worth dumping some a...view item »

Late Night Tales: Röyksopp

Don't get something without knowing what you're getting into. This is a Royksopp curated mix, and not everything sounds like what you'd expect hearing that they're involved. Royksopp's Berge & Brundtland give their reason for picking each song in the booklet, from childhood influences to respect for chosen performer's expression and simplici...view item »

Any Love is Good Love

Collated as a response to the hateful Daily Mail’s outing of a transgender person, which led to a violent assault, this compilation is a roaring collection of everything from defiant punk, indie pop and more introspective pieces. With a foreword by Stonewall campaigner Peter Tatchell. Proceeds go to Youth LGBT Manchester. CD from Limi...view item »

Reason To Believe - The Songs Of Tim Hardin

During a recent crisis, I drove across the pennines with Tim Hardin’s ‘Hang Onto A Dream-  The Verve Recordings’ on repeat. Partly as I just couldn’t be bothered to change the CD and partly because it’s bloody amazing. We have an age range of almost 20 years here at the towers and yet not one person apart from ...view item »

Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-68

Nuggets: A Classic Collection From the Psychedelic Sixties has a lot to like on it. This is a weird assortment of tracks, but they are unified in that each features a simple "hook" or distinctive and elemental riff. There is a minimum of "production" on most of these records; the band plays, the tape rolls, and that's that. Just about every trac...view item »

TV Sound And Image: British TV, Film and Library composers 1955-78

Library synth tones and vintage soundtracks couldn’t be much hotter right now, and lo and behold even Soul Jazz are getting in on the action with this marvellous collection of classic British film and television music from ...view item »

Talibam! & Sam Kulik
Discover AtlantASS

I'm coming straight into this record from the meticulously crafted insanity of the new Darth Vegas CD and to be honest it sounds pretty retarded. Seriously some of the silliest, dumbest, most nonsensical experimental music you'll h...view item »

Oh Michael, Look What You've Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman

Having seen Michael Chapman play a few weeks ago I'm all of a sudden a fan of his (and it looks like I've converted Phil too!). He really is a superb performer, straddling the line between Jack Rose-like finger picking and more traditional singer songwriter type stuff. Now in his seventies...view item »

Late Night Tales - Belle and Sebastian (Volume 2)

Maybe this album won't automatically appeal to all Belle and Sebastian fans, seeing as how they only have one track on here (a darn cool cover of the Primitives hit "Crash"), but I would think anyone who listens to that group would be open-minded enough to give this album a listen and perhaps discover some appealing new songs. I sure did. That's...view item »

Yeti issue 7

If you're into the American undergound (like we are) then you should look no further than the Yeti magazine (of which this is issue seven). It's always a good read. There's loads of adverts in there (you can't beat adverts in music magazines!) and you get a 25 track CD featuring tracks by Grouper, Wooden Shjips, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Abner Jay, Zo...view item »

Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM

More essential stuff on the Dust to Digital label. This is a 4CD treasure trove of early 78RPM African music (1909-1960) accompanied by a 112 page book which details each track providing a historical document of both the music and the culture.  Like the Fahey box its too exhaustive to...view item »

Mike Patton
The Solitude Of Prime Numbers

I find continuity with this album and his broader portfolio of work. This is an evolutionary step overall coalescing his entire body of work with an emphasis on composition and arrangements than any vocals. Which are there but buried in the shadows of the various scores. This seems more mature, in as much as he seems less interested in pushing t...view item »

After Hours #23
Knotty Housewarming Issue - 2006 Autumn/Winter

First up I've got a book all in strange symbols.. oh I've been told it's Japanese. Its called AFTER HOURS 23 and all the types in Japanese but its got interesting pictures and its got 2 compilation CD's featuring some pretty experimental and diverse music on. Sounds great actually. I think I can hear Japanese rapping with all ...view item »

Sopa Curiosa

Anyone remember the Sopa Deliciosa compilation 2CD? Well the label have another compilation available. This is a single disc with 22 fairly eclectic tracks from a load of underground artists. Most of which I've never heard of so this disc certainly works at bringing these artists to peoples attention and hopefully showcasing some of their talent. T...view item »


Monster collaboration alert! This is a recording from November 14th 2009 in Wigry which featured nine kings of experimental/improv/computer music: Phil Durrant, Christian Fennesz...view item »

Grace Records- The 1st 5 singles

Now a compilation of the label GRACE RECORDS and her first 5 singles that were limited to 300 and all sold out. So here's your chance to own them again on CD for the first time. Featuring FURY OF THE HEADTEACHERS, STOPSTARTS, ORPHANBOY, LINEAR AND THE HOME WRECKERS CLUB. Its a pretty cool release as all the song...view item »

Assemblage Sessions 2

'Assemblage Sessions 2' has a blistering 21 cuts. Can I be bothered to list all the artists? Oh go on then but only because I love you. Dooey Decibel, Michael Johnson, Siesta, Conrad Newholmes, Kilowatts, Gutevolk, Bacanal Intruder, Otem Rellik, Populous, Color Cassette, Adventure Time, Nara, Caural and Tran...view item »

Sotones Vol II

Compilation albums are always worth a good listen. There's always gonna be some stuff on there you're not gonna like but generally there's always a few tracks which appeal in some sort of way. Sotones Vol II is the name of this particular comp and it's their first label sampler. Yeah I didn't get the whole volume 2 thing either but I figure there's...view item »

Before The Fall

It's always fascinating to me that The Fall didn't opt to churn out a cover version until 8 years after the band's inception. That particular slice of legend pie was 'Rollin' Danny', the flip of 'Couldn't Get Ahead'. The rebellious leather jacket-sporting Gene Vincent was an obvious hero of the similarly outsider-ish MES and it is a pleasure to ...view item »

Compilation #1

This comp looks pretty cool. It's got tracks on by some of the latest hippest folks in the current underground... You Got Blessure Grave, Deep Sht, Cloud Nothings, A Grave With No Name, Ancient Crux and loads more. The tracks range from all synth fests, super lo-fi old sounding tracks which sound like a 1920's radio, blissful indie pop, fuzzpop,...view item »

Electric Carpets

Well one of the deepest pleasures of working in the independent sector is hearing truly underground sounds; wildly innovative & free musics from every corner & crevice of the globe. This is one of two sibling electronica compilations we have in this week on a really interesting & progressive label we've been supporting for many years...view item »

Various (Bathcrones, Pariah etc.)
The Bedroom Club

V/A (Mantles, Ducktails, Fresh And Onlys, Woods etc)
Welcome Home / Diggin’ The Universe

Woodsist are the up and coming label that remind me of the type of imprint I slavishly followed as a young man, in that they are American, have great quality control and a slew of good lop sided lo-medium fidelity bands. Woods have yet to strike a proper chord with me (surely only a matter of time) and their opening entry is lovely lo-fi pop, ev...view item »

NME Radar Compilation

I'm always excited to hear new, good music, so getting a collection of twenty different songs by twenty different artists made my day. I listened to this CD after hearing "Pumped Up Kicks" on the radio. I love indie, so this is a pleasure to listen to. As with everything, there are personal favourites. Some songs I loved, and others I didn't, al...view item »


CD compilation, featuring Bauri, The Doubtful Guest, Standard Planets, Yard amongst others. The first track on here does everything it can to put you off. Horrible squeaky noise. Snakefork you little buggers. Mary and Polly do all they can with a ditty wishing they could cover me in ice cream. Yes you can. Capracara do an very 80's sy...view item »

Little Pieces Of Sky

Indie Compilations are sometimes really crap but this one looks ok to me. And sounds quite good too! On Satellites & Clouds records 'tis called 'Little Pieces of Sky' & contains gems from the likes of Jet Johnson, Glider, Econoline, Disoma & Ann Arbor. Track 7 is a secret &...view item »

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