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Slip Disc - Dishoom's London Bombay Grooves

Slip Disc - Dishoom’s London Bombay Grooves compiles some excellent sounds borne of the fruitful mingling of Indian culture with British culture in the 1960’s. It tends to be very interesting when cultures take a musical form and remake it in their image, and so it proves with Indian interpretations of swinging beat groups. ...view item »

I Marc 4
Nelson Psychout

Second release as part of Vampisoul's Psychout series. Nelson Psychout explores lost gems by Italian session band I Marc 4, from the Nelson Records library. Though these tracks were created to be background tracks, there's a eccentricity to them that shines when they become the star of the show....view item »

Creation Artifact: The Dawn Of Creation Records 1983-85

Creation Artifact: The Dawn Of Creation Records 1983-1985 takes five discs (and quite a few pages) to tell the story of Creation, home to all manner of your favourite indie / post-punk bands. Singles, rarities, demos and BBC sessions: all the different kinds of release are here, along with memorabilia and reminiscences....view item »

TKOL RMX 1234567

Radiohead are a band you either love or hate. I guess you could call me the office fan though really nothing they've done has really grabbed me as much as Kid A and especially Amnesiac. Shifting on a few years and a coupla albums they've decided to work with some of most cutting edge elec...view item »

The Library Archive - Funk, Jazz, Beats and Soundtracks from the Vaults of Cavendish Music

Cavendish Music is the name of one of the major publishers of library music, the by-definition-unreleased un-genre that has produced so many strange and rare treats. The Library Archive is a deep-diving compilation compiled from their archives by Mr Thing and Chris Read, and they’...view item »

Pay No Attention

Too Pure have been running their monthly 7” Singles Club for long enough that they’ve amassed a catalogue 100 releases deep! They’ve decided to celebrate by issuing this limited edition LP of premium selections from the 7”s to date: Pulled Apart By Horses, Menace Beach and Hookwor...view item »

John Shuttleworth
The A1111 And Other Ones!

John Shuttleworth is quasi-comic character creation of Graham Fellows (also the inventor of Jilted John!), and The A1111 And Other Ones! is a compilation of Shuttleworth’s greatest hits. He’s a pretty funny fella, singing songs of Yorkshire, caravans, soap, ...view item »

International Vicious Society Vol. 4

The International Vicious Society compilations achieved that powerful double-whammy of being extremely good and rather rare, which makes the University of Vice’s reissues very welcome. The album compiles international 50’s / 60’s dance music with a novelty twist. Limited edition of 500 vinyl copies!...view item »

Soul Jazz Records Presents: Studio One Rocksteady

Another sterling compilation from Soul Jazz, this one delving into rocksteady, soul, and early forms of reggae. You know that these guys can curate a comp, and sure enough Studio One Rocksteady is fully stocked with classic sounds, from the likes of Alton Ellis, John Holt, and T...view item »

Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid
Tales From Beyond The Pale : The Hole Digger / Trawler

Conceived by Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid, Tales From Beyond The Pale consists of two audio dramas The Hole Digger and Trawler. It’s a haunting collection with an original score by Dave Eggar. Starring James Le Gros and Owen and Tobias Campbell. Out on vinyl double LP from D...view item »

VA / Soul Jazz Records Presents
The Legendary Studio One Records Sub-title: Original Classic Recordings 1963-80

Orgasmo Sonore
Revisiting Obscure Library Music

Library Music, that odd beast. Specifically designed not to be actively listened to, there are nevertheless plenty of collections of this material out there, several of them courtesy of your friend Orgasmo Sonore. This new collection on Cineploit presents 12 curious gems for your pleasure: light, breezy and loungey, but...view item »

Bruno Spoerri
Voice Of Taurus

A nine-track record from the ever expanding mind of Bruno Spoerri. Another release that shows just how good improvised synth music can be and a great reminder that sci-fi soundtrack synths and futuristic-funk actually can be a cracking combination. Voice Of Taurus is available on vinyl LP from ‘We Release Whatever...view item »

Bruno Spoerri & Reto Weber
The Sound Of The UFOs

Collaboration between Swiss electronic and jazz musician Bruno Spoerri and percussionist Reto Weber made available for the first time since its release in 1978. Taking the biggest selection of synths you can imagine they take you on an intergalactic journey through improvisations that touch on krautrock, techno ...view item »

Dancehall: The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture

Finally my personal most anticipated release of the year 'Dancehall - The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture' compilation on Soul Jazz has arrived and I'm relieved the wait is over. Available as a 2CD set or two separate volumes on double vinyl it is a fabulous snapshot of the genre's development from 1977 through to 1993. Basically stopping when i...view item »

Nigeria 70 – The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos

Howard Marks
Do Not Go Gentle : Howard Marks reads Dylan Thomas

Ah now this is going to be a sad one now that Mr Marks has passed away. This is a recording of the former ganja smuggler turned writer reading some Dylan Thomas poetry in his deep Welsh baritone. Originally released on Tim Burgess's O Genesis imprint as a limited edition Record Store Day release and now more widely available....view item »

David Shrigley, Various
Worried Noodles

Here's another great release. That complete loon David Shrigley has had a load of his lyrics/ stories turned into songs by a load of cool folks and put it in a box called 'Worried Noodles'. Now I'm not just talking about a bunch of no hopers here.... I'm talking about folks like Grizzly Bear, Mt Eerie, Aidan Moffat, Psapp, Simon Bookish, Deerhoof, ...view item »

Emma De Angelis
Emma De Angelis

Finders Keepers continue to unroot the finest forgotten tunes. Emma de Angelis was an Italian library composer and musician who created music for TV and film alongside some of the Italian greats; Alessandro Alessandroni...view item »

Daniela Casa / Massimo Catalano / Remigio Ducros
Idee 1

Beautiful Italian library obscurities from the dream team trio of Massimo Catalano, Remigio Ducros and Daniela Casa. Idee 1 has a broad spread of cool experimental atmospheres and low-slung orchestrated grooves, with the special mix of catchiness and weirdness you only get with library ...view item »

John Waters
Make Trouble

Who’d have thought, way back when in the early days of The White Stripes, that Jack White would end up releasing a seven inch of freaky “people’s pervert” film director and person...view item »

Sven Libaek
Inner Space

Cheese... cheese... cheese. The wife thinks I'm weird for not liking cheese. I've never liked it. I know I'm in the minority but I don't trust anything mouldy that sweats in the fridge. It's just wrong. BUT I do like a bit of musical cheese and co-incidentally here's a new album by SVEN LIBAEK on Trunk called 'Inner Space'. Initia...view item »

Sky Girl

Sky Girl is a dive into the rare, being made up of tracks that were initially issued in hyper-limited private press editions, stuff that you just can’t find. No names that will be familiar to anyone who isn’t a crate-digger, but that’s the joy of it: incredibly rare artists making beautiful music where no-one can hear....view item »

Spirit Animal

Here’s the latest of Relapse’s beautifully put together Zombi vinyl reissues - a lush double LP of ‘Spirit Animal’ on fancy red vinyl. I’m sure you know this Pittsburgh duo’s modus operandi by now. This is horror soundtrack worship of the highest calibre, heavy on the synths but also showing no fear of ...view item »

Heavenly Ethiopiques – The Best of the Ethiopiques Series

Culled from 28 CD releases to date, this is a compilation of highlights from the well-regarded Ethiopiques series. An incredible range of artists known and unknown populate this release, including Getachew Mekuria and Seyoum Gebreyes. The perfect introduction to the series. Lushly packaged doubl...view item »

Late Night Tales Franz Ferdinand

The truth be told I have no time for Franz Ferdinand’s music of late which seems to be a pale if harmless parody of itself but you should not let that get in the way of this excellent compilation chosen by the band. Its a perfectly assembled collection of the great and the good from 1960’s to the modern day with a myriad of highlight...view item »

Strictly Britxotica! Palais Pop and Locarno Latin

Join Jonny Trunk in his explorations of the weird and wonderful kitsch world of Britxotica: the music made by 50’s / 60’s British composers pretending to be from exotic international locations. Their dress-ups aren’t necessarily convincing, but they are fascinating and fun and groovy and good! Strictly Brit...view item »

Julian Curwin
The Mango Balloon - Volume 3

Get ready for some kind of moving and shaking with Julian Curwin. The Mango Balloon Volume 3 is the third instalment from the Sydney guitarist. On this one Curwin has got special guest Mr fiddle himself Shenzo Gergorio to supply some extra flavours. It's a mixture of European folk styling’s wit...view item »

Soft Rains

This would appear to be a sonic adaptation of a Raymond Bradbury short story, taking as as base layer the 1975 reading of the story by… Leonard Nimoy! Around Nimoy’s dulcet tones, Zarelli’s Carwyn Ellis builds up a primarily electronic structure, echoing the h...view item »

Manchester Standards Sides 1 & 2

Been waiting a long time for this to hit the shelves but here it is at last. Its a compilation of all the best bits of todays youthful Manchester underground, kind of like a North Western ‘Nuggets’ if you like. I went over to the dark side a few weeks ago and 5 minutes off the train I saw a middle aged Gallagher-a-like buskin...view item »

Roger Roger
Musique Idiote

Esteemed moog fans, listen up: Roger Roger helped popularise the ridiculous electronic instrument and then spent a lot of time experimenting with it, much in the spirit of academic tinkerers Jean-Jacques Perrey and Mort Garson. Musique Idiote is a little un...view item »

Daniela Casa
Sovrapposizione Di Immagini

Pioneer of experimental pop music and abstract electronics, Rome born synthesist Daniela Casa is arguably deserved of being a household name. ‘Sovrapposizione Di Immagini’ compiles a diverse selection of previously unavailable instrumental compositions - from nature documentary scores to Italian thrillers - that Casa recorded at her ...view item »

From The Furthest Signals

Audiological Exploration Details: 1) Circle/Temple – The Séance/Search for Muspel-Light2) David Colohan – Brass Rubbings Club (Opening Titles)3) A Year In The Country – A Multitude Of Tumblings4) Sharron Kraus – Asterope5) Time Attendant – The Dreaming Green6) Depatternin...view item »

John Mulaney
The Comeback Kid

This is the third comedy album from John Mulaney, the popular US comedian who has worked on Saturday Night Live and has even won an Emmy. This is a recording of show recorded at the Chicago Theater in his home town of (yes) Chicago and drawn from material from his Netflix special. Funny man, funny voice. ...view item »

Behind The Counter With Max Richter

Who wants to sneak inside Max Richter’s world? I’m pretty sure Phil does and he’ll enjoy this compilation of some of Max’s favourite works both recent and distant.  As you can imagine there’s a heavy classical, neo classical tinge to this but it also includes work by Boards o...view item »

Nils Frahm
Late Night Tales

Extremely quiet piano practitioner Nils Frahm gets his chance to pick an album’s worth of his favourite after dark music in the latest of the consistent and popular Late Night Tales series. He picks tracks from Bibio, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Penguin...view item »

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys ...view item »
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Tim Burgess presents Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco

This compilation album is the brother of Tim Burgess’ new book, in which he goes looking for certain records recommended by certain musicians (Iggy Pop) and even certain authors (Ian Rankin). Evidently he found them, as 18 of them, taking in a very broad swathe of genres, are presented her...view item »

Late Night Tales

This time it's the turn of the Canadian quartet to pick their favourite tracks and as with all or most Late Night Tales you get an obligatory Boards of Canada track. There's also stuff by Stereolab, Thundercat, the Beach Boys and luckily for anyone thinking this might be a bit o...view item »

Julian Curwin
The Mango Balloon - Volume 4

A member of The Tango Saloon, an experimental tango band (that’s a thing) from Australia, Julian Curwin has taken a step back with his solo outings and the result is perfectly cinematic, fit for a noir western. The fourth volume of his series The Mango Balloon features guest keyboardist Ma...view item »

Accadde A.......

This album by Arawak (aka Luciano Simoncini) is a rare and elusive library music favourite from the homeland of such things, 1970’s Italy. Accadde… A is a funky, laid-back suite of sounds, well-suited to sexy lounges and dreamy boudoirs. This reissue is available on either black or splatter...view item »

Doug Stanhope
No Place Like Home

American stand-up comic Doug Stanhope (a regular associate of Charlie Brooker) presents a special show of his personal brand of righteously angry and bitterly sarcastic comedy. No Place Like Home, which is presented on vinyl like an old-school comedy LP, is a highly entertaining broadside against wester...view item »

Root Hog Or Die 100 Years, 100 Songs (An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute)

To celebrate the centennial of Alan Lomax, Mississippi Records have assembled this massive box-set, containing 100 of his recordings. Significantly, more than half of what appears here has never been released before, including recordings of Shirley Collins and Bob Dylan as well as unknown blues ...view item »

Stefano Marcucci
Tempo Di Demoni, Papi, Angioli, Incensi E Cilici

Crazy stuff right here from a squad of Italy’s ever-productive 70’s library music makers. Tempo Di Demoni, Papi, Angioli, Incensi E Cilici is a mini-rock opera with theatrical psychedelic pop touches and madly demonic themes. This particular work of Stefano Marucci has been badly neglected by posterity, but ...view item »

Crystallized - Celebrating 15 Years Of Rocket Recordings

Rocket Records have been going for 15 years. That’s quite a feat in this fickle industry we inhabit (cohabit?). What with labels, artists and record companies losing money left, right and center these days (cos folk want music for free and straight away) things are a lot trickier than they used to be....view item »

Daniela Casa
Arte Moderna

Daniela Casa’s Arte Moderna is a particularly fascinating and unusual set of sounds, even by the high standards set by 1970s Italian library music in general. A number of these pieces are proper cutting-edge electroacoustics, with an astonishing attention to detail and ...view item »

Gerardo Iacoucci
Le Avventure

Finders Keepers have continued their ever persistent archive digging and come across some italian library gems. Originally released in 1970 across three LPs, Gerardo Iacoucci’s Le Avventure was not so much a mini series but a blueprint for mood music, covering all aspects you can image, from jazz and funk to piano...view item »

Dark Was The Night

Just landed is a 2CD and 3LP compilation on 4AD entitled 'Dark Was The Night' and it's a release to raise funds for The Red Hot Organization which is a charity that is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. The artists on there all provide exclusive material which will get some of you salivating. Peep the cast list: Antony, Arca...view item »

Heaven And Hell

The record was the first album by VANGELIS to be released by RCA Records in 1975 and was also the first album to be recorded at his personal studio in London, Nemo. This epic work in two parts featured the English Chamber Choir (conducted by Guy Protheroe) and VANGELIS’ first collaboration with JON ANDERSON, “So Long Ago, So Clear&rd...view item »

Los Alamos Grind!

Los Alamos Grind! is a compilation of the old-style rock’n’roll, put together with extra attention paid to lesser-known artists and sleazy-sounding tracks. This stuff just flies out of the stereo, inducing dirty boogies and cool retro-futuristic reveries. Bands like A.C. Jones & The Atomic Aces and ...view item »


There actually is no end to the talents of Piero Umiliani. The veteran Italian soundtrack and library music composer apparently also had a little sideline in disco production, using the name Rovi. Discomusic is a great little suite of sweet groovy action, with all the cool odd touches you’d expect...view item »

Cartagena!: Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962 - 1972

Columbia: the new Africa. At least in 'Archival Global Music Compilation World' anyway. Fresh off that amazing Palenque Palenque triple LP comes Soundway's next foray into the land of Carlos Valderrama, Cartagena!, which focuses (unsurprisingly) on the sounds of the coastal town of Cartagena. And in particular on the big bands of Curro Fuentes, ...view item »

Fabio Fabor / Armando Sciascia

Some of the strange sounds recorded in the name of library music continue to impress. Nowhere is this more true than with Fabio Famor and Armando Sciascia’s Infini, a 1972 set of uneasy atmospheres. This is the first time this music has been released commercially. Remastered from the original tape...view item »

Sven Libaek
Solar Flares

Solar Flares is a 1974 work of high-grade library music that takes loungey-jazz up into the stratosphere to float around. Sven Libaek guides his orchestra into some very atmospheric territory, the acoustic instruments supported by an early Australian synthesiser, the Qasar. Very rare in its original pressing, Solar ...view item »

Rocchi - Chiarosi - Fabor

The world of vintage Italian library music seems to contain a limitless quantity of obscure delights, which are being diligently put back into circulation by labels like Schema. Dramatest is a set of fourteen experimental pieces, mostly using electronics, composed by Fabio Fabor and Oscar Rocchi (who, c...view item »

Rene Costy

Rene Costy is another obscure '70s jazz, electronics and library music genius whose work had previously been lost to time. Thanks to SDBAN this much referenced, but little heard, musician can finally be appreciated, on CD and double vinyl LP. Expectancy’s compilation of funky synthesizer and violin is a complete ...view item »

S. Brugnolini / G. Carnini
UST 7010 - Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico

The deeper you dig, the more apparent it becomes that almost everything in music was anticipated by obscure Italians cranking out mad library music in a studio somewhere. UST 7010 - Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico is a set of amazing, weird, groovy and exploratory electronic tracks by S. Brugnolini and ...view item »

New Orleans Soul: The Original Sound of New Orleans Soul 1960-76

‘New Orleans Soul: The Original Sound of New Orleans Soul 1960-76’ chronologically captures the various sounds of New Orleans soul covering 1960-76. The compilation has been ten years in the making, and features an expansive collection of music: ranging from the deep, gospel soul of Aaron Neville, Willie Tee and Robert Parker, t...view item »

Fabio Fabor
B82 - Ballabili Anni 70

Fabio Fabor is one of those highly creative Italians from back in the day, who could turn their hand to whatever atmospheres the library music music libraries needed that day. B82 - Ballabili Anni 70 is the second of two releases compiling a number of his pieces. The selection covers a lot of stylistic ground, but alway...view item »

Soul Jazz presents New Orleans Funk 3

Don Harper
Cold Worlds (Gate)

A previously unreleased Doctor Who score mastered from the original tapes. Includes additional electronic tracks from Don Harper's catalogue and music featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. A collection of Horror-Electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centring on a previously ...view item »

Call Of The Islands

Elevator music, dinner jazz, whatever. A group of white dudes do ‘island music’ here, and the general air of easy-listening pleasantry here is underpinned by solid musical ability and an interest in otherwise-maligned genres seen in the work of Henry Mancini and more recently Todd Terje. Vinyl and CD...view item »

Forge Your Own Chains

What with the Psych Funk double LP coming out recently you may feel that your psychedelic funk and soul urges have been saciated. But think again fools! Now Again have gone one step further and released 'Forge Your Own Chains' which is a double LP of heavy psychedelic ballads and dirges 1968-1974. Make of that what you will but from what I've heard...view item »

Noel Fielding
Noel Fielding - Live

Yes indeed, here is a documentation of Noel Fielding (formerly of The Mighty Boosh) live in performance, recorded on a UK tour earlier this year. Previews were not available, but we can reveal that track titles include ‘Milk Song’, ‘Teabags’, and ‘Chav’. Pressed to white and b...view item »

Alessandro Alessandroni
Il Tempo Dello Spirito

The multi-instrumentalist and composer Alessandro Alessandroni was nothing if not diverse. Soundtracking Italian films such as spaghetti western El Puro, poliziottesco Sangue Di Sbirro, and Killer Nun. his independent compositions were just as diverse, Il Tempo Dello Spirito is an example of h...view item »

Loose Tapestries

Loose Tapestries is the name of the collaboration between Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno and comedian Noel Fielding. N.H.S. includes barmy songs created for the second series of Fielding’s equally mental tv comedy show, Luxury Comedy. There was a previou...view item »

BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Soundhouse

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was responsible for nurturing talents such as Delia Derbyshire, and developing madness through experimental hand-cut tape loops and signal generators before synthesizers were available. This is a reissue of the first work made by them with the invention of the first digital polyphoni...view item »


Another archival re-issue from the seemingly bottomless well of work produced by Piero Umiliano.  It's another album of library music that swings brought to life in his Rome laboratories. There's a big percussive element to these tracks which are spread over a double LP for maximum sound enjoyment but this is such as essent...view item »

Saint Etienne Presents Songs for a London Winter

Of late almost everything Saint Etienne release has got something to do with London. They love the place. Can't get enough of it. This time they have personally selected their favourite christmas songs, presumably by Londoners.  Ah.. christmas in London. The stabbings and muggings stop for a moment whilst everyone gathers round the nea...view item »

Kenya Special

Another Soundway compilation means another gold mine of funky beats and Afro rhythms. This time it is recordings from Kenya (I would also recommend checking out the Nigeria and Ghana Special LPs) made in the 1970s/80s. I'm not sure where to begin with such a rich and varied compilation but some things to loosely ex...view item »

Lino Castiglione

Beautiful Italian library obscurities from Lino Castiglione, collaborating with Paolo Casa. Clouds is a set that spans plenty of different sounds and styles and tones and textures (it is designed to be library music after all), but with a thick spine of creativity and quality running right down the midd...view item »

Roberto Conrado / Antonino Scuderi / Piero Romano Montanari
Bass Modulations

Originally released in 1973, Bass Modulations brought together three composers Roberto Conrado, Antonino Scuderi, and Piero Romano Montanari to create tracks focused around bass, and filled with 70s funk, groove, and soul. This is a breakbeat or library collectors dream, with licks on a...view item »

Something Cold

Here's a compilation called 'Something Cold' on a label called 'Something Cold'. It's becoming apparent on listening to the chilly platter in question that that something is a wave. A cold wave. I'm learning from the press release that Something Cold is a live showcase in Detroit set up in 2009 for "minimal synth, coldwave and industrial...view item »

For Friends

33 tracks are compiled here on Manchester’s Box Bedroom Rebels label in their latest compilation For Friends. A wide-ranging selection of tracks from the label’s first 20 releases giving you a tantalising taste of what’s on offer. Out on 2LP vinyl from Box Bedroom Rebels. Embossed gatefold sleeve, down...view item »

The Quietened Bunker

Here we go with a compilation which explores abandoned Cold War installations that would be refuge places for the stricken populace should the button be prodded. It's part of the A Year in the Country project which aims to discover the strangeness which sits underneath the British countryside.  here's a track list which demonstrates that it...view item »

David Holmes
Late Night Tales

David Holmes has assembled an esoteric array of his favourite tracks into an atmospheric mix for Late Night Tales. And, as is usual for Late Night Tales, the mix includes several exclusive tracks by acts like Geese, Spark Sparkle and even Jeff Bridges(!). And b...view item »

Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978 – 1984

Get away from here with your overly Anglocentric narratives of post-punk! As Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978-1984 demonstrates, incredible stuff was being made all over the place, pushing the envelope ever further. The first track, from Rheingold...view item »

Todo Muere Volume 5

Fifth in the series (obviously) of Sacred Bones’ record store day released compilations. As stunningly broad a selection as would epitomise Sacred Bones itself, with Marissa Nadler covering Black Sabbath, and Institute taking on The Doors after being introduced by ...view item »

MGMT: Late Night Tales

Jean-Claude Vannier
Roses Rouge Sang

Jean-Claude Vannier is the celebrated arranger behind Serge Gainsbourg's best efforts. Known also as the French David Axelrod or the French George Martin, he produced a range of orchestral funk and rock in the 70's. Here he returns with the kind of sound you might expect full of Gallic f...view item »

I Semi Del Futuro

I Semi Del Futuro is a brand new album disguised as an obscure work from the 70’s. As part of a fun project of making music for a friend to enjoy, the man behind L.U.C.A. would try his hand at a little italo disco here, a little psychedelic pop there. Taken together, these free wanderings have the feel of a librar...view item »

Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Vol. 2

The BART is the rail transport system which connects San Francisco's Bay Area, and so it should come as no surprise that this is a compilation of music from that area around the late '70s and early '80s. With contributions from the likes of Factrix, Chrome and Tuxedomoon as well as lesser known artists from the scene, this compilation records th...view item »

Scharpling & Wurster
Live at Third Man Records

Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster are a comedy duo who stopped in to Jack White’s Third Man headquarters to record an episode of their highly amusing The Best Show. And here is that show, a new entry into the lesser-encountered-these-days comedy LP genre. They do a bit of singing too...view item »

Cinematic Lies

Pan/Scan have a lot of love for those crucial film soundtracks of the 80’s: the synth-heavy ones from the keyboards of John Carpenter, Goblin and Fabio Frizzi. They pay their homage with Cinematic Lies, their debut full-length, which traces the outlines of an imag...view item »

Zalla (Piero Umiliani)
The Folk Group

Is there no end to the archives of Piero Umiliani? As if there wasn’t enough high-grade material out there under his own name, the experimental Italian film / library music composer also worked under other names: here, Zalla. The Folk Group is a weird set of funky rock-band jams, calmly sailing fo...view item »

William S. Burroughs
Let Me Hang You

This remarkable record is centred around William S. Burroughs reading extracts from his gloriously disgusting tour-de-force Naked Lunch. On Let Me Hang You, his incredible voice is surrounded by the music of ...view item »

Speedy Wunderground - Year 2

Speedy Wunderground is a label set up by South London producer Dan Carey. The idea is to produce 7” as quickly as possible. Year 2 is a compilation of the singles released in the label’s sophomore year. Includes now established acts such as Teleman and Kate Tempest...view item »

The QI Elves
No Such Thing As A Fish

The QI Elves is a spin-off podcast series derived from the popular Stephen Fry-hosted quiz show on TV. These researchers turn out to be good at delivering unusual information too, and the podcasts are so successful that this (never broadcast) exclusive episode has been pressed to wax! You also get a download for...view item »

Day Of The Dead

The Grateful Dead occupy a special place in the hearts of many of today’s performers, and an absolute stack of them have stepped up to pay tribute for this compilation. Day Of The Dead has 59 tracks over 3 CDs, with the cream of American independent music: Bill Callahan, Grizzly Bear...view item »

The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume Three, Where is Tomorrow?

The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume Three, Where Is Tomorrow is a compilation that boasts artists like Neil Turpin, Lazer Boy and The Womb in its roster. The packaging for this release is ...view item »

Another Splash of Colour - New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985

This release goes back to a classic 1982 compilation of hot psychedelic action and expands it into a full-blown triple CD set. Major artists and semi-forgotten obscurities rub shoulders on Another Splash Of Colour - New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985, showing off the full spectrum of what was going on. 64-track box-set on RPM....view item »

Sherwood At The Controls / Volume 2: 1985 - 1990

Adrian Sherwood is a true UK dub pioneer, and his production credits double up as a guide to some of the most interesting underground artists around during his career. Sherwood At The Controls / Volume 2: 1985 - 1990 compiles 16 tracks that Sherwood...view item »

Brown Acid: The Second Trip

As the name might signal, Brown Acid: The Second Trip draws its sounds from the post-Woodstock era of psychy American rock. The aim here is to pull out obscure tracks and bands missed by stardom and previous compilations, and the results are fabulous and atmospheric. How could they remain so rare for so long? On RidingEasy....view item »

Surface To Air

Here's the second Zombi reissue of the week. This one is 2006's 'Surface To Air' on grey vinyl. You probably already know what to expect here, and I've already talked about the 'Cosmos' 2LP reissue today so I'll keep this brief for fear of repeating myself too much. There are five atmospheric instrumentals on this album which elaborate o...view item »

John Cooper Clarke
Ou Est Le Maison De Fromage

Oú est la maison de fromage? (‘Where is the house of cheese?’) is the debut album of everyone’s favourite Salford-born ‘punk-poet’, John Cooper Clarke. It’s a 1978-compiled jumble of demos, rehearsals and live recordings, giving a nicely jumbled mixed flavour of the man’s...view item »

Aloha Got Soul

Welcome to the sound of Hawaii, circa the 1970’s and 1980’s. Aloha Got Soul shows curious listeners how the popular commercial sounds of the day (disco, funk, rock, R&B) melded with the Hawaiian perspective and folk tradition. Lots of previously obscure artists get a decent showing here on this Roger Bong...view item »

100% Dynamite! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica

100% Dynamite: Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica is apparently the best-selling release on the illustrious Soul Jazz roster, and stands as the seminal example of classic American-influenced Jamaican music. This reissue is specially expanded to include a few extra tracks. Crucial material on CD or double LP....view item »

Jon Hopkins
Late Night Tales

The electronic skyscraper Jon Hopkins is permitted a day off from making serious and thoughtful glitch records to make us a mixtape. His Late Night Tales has an excessively pointy front cover and meshes together the likes of ambient act A Winged Victory For The Sullen with&...view item »

Jukebox Jam Vol. 2

Bollywood Bloodbath

Finders Keepers compilations are always a rewarding and indulgent listen, and this collection of tracks from Bollywood horror film scores is no exception. The spooky edge is totally up my street, too. As you'd imagine, these are pretty accessible cuts without a lot of melody and charm. Wh...view item »

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