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The Greatest Hoax
Expiration Compositions

As The Greatest Hoax, composer Taylor Jordan has set out to write music to be listened to during the process of dying. Though we can’t (yet) tell you how well it works in its intended context, we do know that Expiration Compositions is a rich set of music thoughtful music for piano, strings and ambient electronics. A subtle work, far from the heavy-handed doominess you might expect. Out on Serein.

Alder & Ash
Psalms for the Sunder

Montreal’s Alder & Ash take a leaf from Colin Stetson’s single instrument becoming a whole band, and takes the stark yet highly emotive soundtrack compositions of Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, adding in influences from noise and doom and a loop pedal. Made entirely on a cello Psalms For The Sunder is delicate and violent in equal measures. There are highly limited number of these handmade physical copies available, so be quick.
  • CD (LTS-028)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Alder & Ash
Clutched in the Maw of the World

Look towards Colin Stetson and Warren Ellis and Nick Cave soundtracks, take a cello, loop pedal and an array of effects and travel via noise, post-rock and doom influences. This is where you’ll find Montreal’s Alder & Ash. Minimal yet cacophonous it swings between gentle and emotionally tense to distorted relief. Incredibly limited physical copies made.
  • CD (LTS-029)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

This river so red

Tvarvagen play richly detailed chamber works in that heavily melancholy neo-classical style rather favoured these last few years. This river so red is in fact especially melancholy, as it takes as a theme the general sense of a post-apocalypse world and wistful / desperate recollections of before. On Hare Tracks / Feeder Recordings.

Various Erased Tapes Artists
Erased Tapes Collection V

  • Vinyl 7" box set (ERATP050BS)

Peter Broderick
Piano Works Vol.1

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Marihiko Hara & Polar M

A second album of smooth collaboration from the duo of Marahiko Hara and Polar M. Guitar and keys move softly around each other in a sort of jazz-lounge-folktronica hybrid. The title Dance refers to the artists’ notion that every part of life can be a dance, and also reflects their recent collaboration with dance choreographers. Dancer Mia Cabalfin also contributes some spoken word. CD release on mu-nest.

Ian William Craig
Slow Vessels

Ian William Craig somewhat returns to his tremendously loved 2016 album Centres with an EP that relocates some of those pieces onto voice, piano and acoustic guitar, with just a few licks of subtle tape manipulation lapping at the edges. Slow Vessels proves that Craig’s songwriting is just as powerful when it stands naked as when it is wreathed in fuzz magic. 12” on 130701.
  • Vinyl LP (LP1326)

Henrik Schwarz
Works Piano

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Kinder Scout
The Writing Life

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Max Richter
Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works

Busy old Max Richter’s latest musical project is the accompaniment to a ballet production that adapts and re-contextualises various works of Virginia Woolf. Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works is the first opportunity to hear this new Richter outside of the Royal Ballet, and the standard of composition is typically high. CD on Deutsche Grammophon.
  • CD (4797158)

Bérangère Maximin
Frozen Refrains

Bérangére Maximin composes with a brace of midi-controlled electronics, computer-derived patterns, deeply-processed everyday field recordings, loops and fragments and unidentified shimmers. Frozen Refrain is a canny and self-aware piece of electroacoustics that creates its own context. Vinyl release on Atlas Realisations.
  • Vinyl LP (ARLP007)

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister

This is a potentially fascinating collaboration between these four lauded composers based around the ideas of space...not just outer space but your own inner space. A song suite that explores the planets and our solar system taking in piano ballads, proggy crescendos and everything in between. Oh and in case you are wondering Sufjan does sing.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (4AD0009LP)
  • CD (4AD0009CD)

Tom Hobden & Eliot James
Present: Roam

Present: Roam is the first collaboration between Tom Hobden and Eliot James. On hearing the lush orchestral compositions within, you might be surprised to learn that the two’s previous projects include Mumford and Sons and Kaiser Chiefs, but hey, popular music is a strange place these days. Impressive modern English Romanticism, released by Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP035)
  • CD (VGCD035)

Behind The Counter With Max Richter

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Masayoshi Fujita

  • Vinyl LP (ERATP110LP)
  • CD (ERATP110CD)

Quentin Sirjacq
Far Islands and Near Places

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Akira Kosemura
One Day

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Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq

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Leaves Eclipse The Light

  • CD (TRR164CD)

Olafur Arnalds
Broadchurch - The Final Chapter

Like Olivia Colman and David Tennant, composer Olafur Arnalds has also returned for the third and final series of Broadchurch, with another suite of emotional minimal musical themes, played with tremendous subtly by both orchestra and smaller ensembles. Broadchurch - The Final Chapter is released on vinyl by Mercury.
  • Vinyl LP (4815348)

Zeitkratzer, Svetlana Spajić, Dragana Tomić & Obrad Milić
Serbian War Songs

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Zeitkratzer + Elliott Sharp

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Valgeir Sigurdsson
Architecture Of Loss

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Jodie Landau / Wild Up
You Of All Things

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Valgeir Sigurdsson

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Paul Corley

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Nico Muhly

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Nadia Sirota & Nico Muhly
Keep In Touch

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Nadia Sirota

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James McVinnie

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Across Six Leap Years

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Last Days

Northumberland based musician Graham Richardson (Last Days/St Kilda) crafts very still contemplative music. Emotionally raw and reflective pieces with acoustic, electronic and found sound elements. Returning to n5MD for his fifth full length Seafaring Richardson turns his focus to the sea and Ernest Shackleton. For fans of Helios, Loscil, The Album Leaf.
  • Vinyl LP (MD254LP)
  • Limited edition

Moon Ate The Dark
I + II

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Luca D’Alberto

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The Spectacular Nowhere

Available on CD or as Gatefold double Vinyl on Ici d'ailleurs.  After a 10 year hiatus, working on Numbers Not Names and a Third Eye foundation album, Bristol’s Chris Cole returns under his Manyfingers moniker. The Spectacular Nowhere showcases his huge growth as a classical composer since his previous records. Features guest performances from David Callahan (Moonshake), with nods to Phillip Glass and Steve Reich it is certainly a unique mix. Includes bonus track as EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD. 

Sophie Hutchings

Australian composer Sophie Hutchings stays with the Preserved label for her fifth full length album Yonder. Easily placed in the shelf with Dustin O'Hallaron, Max Richter and Nils Frahm, Hutchings crafts delicate and solitary pieces that tilt the modern classical genre into ambience and cinematic solemnity.

Kronos Quartet
Folk Songs

Kronos Quartet, the go-to ensemble for crossovers of contemporary and indie music as well as regular interpreters of Steve Reich et al’s work, here collaborate with Olivia Chaney, Rhiannon Giddens, Sam Amidon and Natalie Merchant for a set of Folk Songs: traditional numbers, with fresh contemporary arrangements. LP and CD editions on 
  • CD (0075597938739)


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Anthony Reynolds
Adrift in Soho

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Versions Of The Prepared

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Daniel Bjarnason
Over Light Earth

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Finn McNicholas

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Max Richter

You’ve heard the excerpted album version, now hear the full-length total version: the full 8 hours of Max Richter’s SLEEP. The idea is that listeners will put this on and have it play while they sleep and dream: consequently, the music is quiet, slow, and beautiful. Presented by Deutsche Grammophon on 8CDs and as a Blu-Ray that will play continuously.
  • CD box set (4795682)

Max Richter
Out Of The Dark Room

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Jessica Moss
Pools Of Light

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Carl Craig

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Tilman Robinson
Deer Heart

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Tubular Brass
Tubular Bells

Well why not: a version of Mike Oldfield’s classic progscape Tubular Bells, re-scored for a twenty-eight piece brass ensemble! They have in fact done a great job, using different aspects of the brass repertoire to bring out nuanced variations on the piece. Tubular Brass also features a synth solo from Hannah Peel.
  • Vinyl LP (TBLP01)

Luke Howard
Two & One

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Murcof x Wagner

After 6 years of working and performing together Murcof and pianist Vanessa Wagner have created a studio album that aims to reflect their live performances whilst tipping their collective hat to hugely influential composers. Reworking the likes of John Cage, Aphex Twin, and Erik Satie into pure texture and tone.
  • Vinyl Double LP (IF1038LP)
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Valgeir Sigurðsson

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Adrian Corker
The Have-Nots OST

Violin, cello, double bass and viola de gamba (Google it) are the main tools here, and their processed loops, lock-grooves and leitmotifs create ambiences by turn plaintive and wrought. There is something of Kid A, Skeleton Tree and Mica Levi’s Under the Skin OST to Corker’s latest work. Includes Portico’s Jack Wyllie giving some early Corker a once-over as well. Vinyl.

Nicolai Abrahamsen, Jakob Thorkild, Messer Quartet
Nox Tenebrae - Part I & II

Nox Tenebrae is a piece in two parts for the uncommon combination of heavy drone-metal electric guitars and string quartet. Nicolai Abrahamsen and Jakob Thorkild obviously know their way around the Sunn O))) catalogue, but the inventive use of the Messer Quartet makes this a work that stands on its own. LP release on Kontentum.

LSO Percussion Ensemble
REICH: Sextet, Clapping Music, Music for Pieces of Wood

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Ilya Beshevli
Primary Source

Why are they calling him a prodigy? Well, after releasing two full length albums in 2016 the young serbian composer Ilya Beshevli is back with Village green and releasing this three track EP. Primary Source continues in a similar vein to Wanderer and Night Forest comprising of serene modern classical piano compositions, but on this EP he is backed by The Babelsberg Orchestra, they don’t take over but enrich the palette.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP034)

Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF

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Joep Beving

Joep Beving is a Dutch composer and performer who uses his piano to tap a direct line to the kind of stately cinematic neo-classical musical atmospheres so majorly popularised by the likes of Nils Frahm, Ludovico Einaudi and the like. Prehension, his first album for the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon, is released in CD and double LP editions.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4797152)

Christoph Berg

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Lorenzo Masotto
Aeolian Processes

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Allred & Broderick
Find The ways

Peter Broderick and David Allred’s musical partnership is a beautiful thing: they use only their voices and their chosen string instruments (violin and upright bass), and they record live, without overdubs or edits. The result is intimate friendship music, simply made but very deep. Find The Ways is released by Erased Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP (ERATP095LP)
  • CD (ERATP095CD)

The Flowers Of Hell
Symphony No. 1

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Ben Folds
In Concert 2015 - 2016

Ben Folds follows up his So There collaboration with the contemporary classical group yMusic with a live record. In Concert 2015-2016 shows off Folds’ flair for arrangement, with his proper pop songs translating marvellously to the ‘chamber rock’ set-up. 10” vinyl release, packaged with a download code that includes bonus tracks. Released by New West.
  • Vinyl 10" (NW4070)
  • Indies-only

What If

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Bruno Sanfilippo
Piano Textures 4

Bruno Sanfilippo invites the listener to inhabit the delicate world of his piano playing on this, the fourth edition of the Piano Textures series. His compositions are minimal but highly-melodic, with a production style that leaves his stately chord progressions hanging in shimmering space. Piano Textures indeed. Released by ad21.

Jessica Curry
Fields Were the Essence of the Song

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Itoko Toma
When The World Will Mix Well

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Steve Jansen

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John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Race To Zero

John Matthias and Jay Auborn have paired up to create an album that explores where we’re at in terms of space, sound, technology and place. The creative process included improvisations on acoustic instruments in character-rich locations, which were then transformed through intensive digital processing into something other. Race To Zero is an interesting suite of digital folk music, released by Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP013)
  • CD (VGCD013)

James Blackshaw
Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat

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Phillip Glass
Songs From The Trilogy

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Olivier Alary
Fiction / Non-Fiction

Olivier Alary has produced experimental pop under the name Ensemble for many years, but now produces film soundtrack work under his own name. Fiction / Non-Fiction compiles numerous examples of his really rather luscious pieces, performed by various orchestras, choirs and ensembles. Released by 130701.
  • Vinyl LP (LP1324)
  • CD (CD1324)

High Plains

Collaborative project between classically trained cellist Mark Bridges and Scott Morgan (probably better known as his solo moniker Loscil or as the drummer and saxophonist for Destroyer). Since working together on an endless generative music app in 2015 a future project was looming, in the form of High Plains, 9 tracks of low level neo-classical pieces blending cello, electronics and field recordings.
  • CD (KRANK206)

Tale Of Us

After having worked together for 6 years, and releasing EPs on Life and Death, R&S, M_nus and Visionquest Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri’s project Tale Of Us are well established for their brand of tech house. For their debut full length everything has switched, and Endless presents a roaring ambient neo-classical face, blending synthesis, piano and strings into powerful sweeping textures.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4797051)
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Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales
Room 29

How about this for a team-up: witty Pulp man Jarvis Cocker and multi-faceted German entertainer Chilly Gonzales (and on Serious-Proper-Classical-Music-Label Deutsche Grammophon too!). Room 29 is a theatre piece the two devised about a certain famous Hollywood hotel room, complete with spoken word, piano interludes and showtunes. CD / LP release.
  • CD (4797010)

Stefano Guzzetti

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Jherek Bischoff

  • CD (BAY83CD)
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  • Vinyl LP (BAY83V)

Steve Jansen
The Extinct Suite

Steve Jansen, the drummer of Japan, has been steadily working on a solo career over the last decade. His last solo album, Tender Extinction, featured various guest singers, but now those other voices are stripped away for The Extinct Suite, on which Jansen pulls apart the orchestral parts of that album to weave a whole new expanse of melodic ambience. Out on SJ Productions.
  • CD (SJ02CD)

World's End Girlfriend
Seven Idiots

  • CD (ERATP029CD)

Cinders Ensemble
Lonely Eskimo

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Tess Said So
Scramble + Fate

With piano and percussion at their disposal, the duo behind Tess Said So have figured out an excellent and individual style that takes in aspects of contemporary classical, jazz, minimalism and much more besides. This is intricate and inventive music for an unusual pairing. Scramble + Fate is released in an edition of 150 hand-assembled CDs on the Preserved Sound label.

Endless Melancholy
Music For Quiet Mornings

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Daniel Hope
For Seasons

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Bing & Ruth
No Home Of The Mind

After a couple of much loved releases on RVNG International, Kansas based composer David Moore aka Bing & Ruth has signed to 4AD. This is a much more apt signing for a label that was known for moody and elegant music than the fucking Lemon Twigs and should bring a bit of self cocking respect back to the imprint. 'No Home of the Mind' explores the piano's percussive qualities alongside woodwind and gorgeous soundscapes. 
  • Vinyl LP (CADD3706)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (CAD3706)
  • CD (CAD3706CD)

Bing & Ruth
Tomorrow Was The Golden Age

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Arvo Pärt
Fratres / Tabula Rasa / Symphony No. 3

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Ales Tsurko

The self taught composer from Minsk Ales Tsurko sets his sight very plainly on progressing contemporary classical music. Melding techniques learnt both academically and not Transliaciya features elements of shoegaze, drone, ambient electronica and post rock masterfully manipulated and woven with modern classical, into something fresh.


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Poppy Nogood
Music for Mourning

American violinist and composer Poppy Nogood releases his first full length album on handmade label Preserved Sound. Echoing masters of the emotionally charged neo-classical, and minimalism such as Max Richer and Steve Reich, Nogood works around self imposed restriction and improvisation to create delicate and emotionally raw pieces.

Jeff Mills with Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música

Talk about clash of the titans, or maybe one titan doffing his hat to another. Not a reworking or revisit to the now hundred year old compositions by Gustav Holst but more of a tribute by the godfather of techno, taking the same journey as Holst and bringing the idea up to date blending classical scoring with contemporary musical elements.
  • CD (AXCD051)

Thomas William Hill
Asylum For Eve

Thomas William Hill has plenty of experience in the world of scoring films, and a richly cinematic strain is evident throughout new album Asylum For Eve, which mixes material from those soundtracks with entirely new works. His music has a soft intensity built from neoclassical piano and tinkering rhythms: you’ll feel like you are in the film of your own life. Out on Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP027)
  • CD (VGCD027)

Philip Glass / Kronos Quartet

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Steve Reich
Music For 18 Musicians

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Minor Victories
Orchestral Variations

Minor Victories, the Mogwai / Slowdive / Editors supergroup, released their debut album together to great acclaim in 2016. This new release shows off the breadth of scope and vision that the group possesses, being a full-length suite of Orchestral Variations on the whole album. A different side to Minor Victories. Out on Play It Again Sam.
  • CD (PIASR930CDX)

Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi
Music For Fragments From The Inside

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4AD Session

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