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Nils Frahm

The Nilster is back with a brand new studio new album on Erased Tapes and it's the difficult 3rd album! From the off I can tell it's a much richer album than previous albums as there's more than just piano on it. The opener with its Tubular Bellsy xylophone is really rather splendid. There's a...view item »

Christina Vantzou
No. 2

As our resident drift-core/neo-classical/everythings-ok-electronica expert is in hospital with a malfunctioning gall stone, I have been passed this weeks slower releases to pore over. Forgive me though as I have the attention span of a gnat, I couldn’t even sit through the entire Bruno Mars performance on t...view item »


Goldmund, aka Keith Kenniff has apparently had great success squeezing his music into films and adverts and such, which makes sense in some ways: he writes very elegant, dramatic piano music. But also, most of Sometimes is just as dark as the sleeve art suggests: I can’t imagine many of these trac...view item »

False Readings On

Oh go on, get excited about a new Eluvium record. It's been a while since Matthew Cooper framed his ambient-leaning post-rock in such a compelling light -- in fact False Readings On seems to intertwine his pastoral, widescreen sound with a harsher resolution, with the orchestration battling...view item »

Thor & Friends
Thor & Friends

Everyone’s favourite Swan has finally done what people have been long been clamouring for: a grand project of his very own devising. Thor & Friends features the beardy multi-instrumentalist leading pals from A Hawk & A H...view item »

A Winged Victory For The Sullen

A Winged Victory For The Sullen, the top-tier collaboration of Adam Wiltzie (Stars Of The Lid) and Dustin O’Halloran, continue to make deeply inspiring music together. In this case, they have made music to soundtrack Jalil Lespert’s film Iris...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Love Retained

Incredibly bare piano pieces, presented with thanks, love and admiration for those around him. Battling with depression for decades Ian Hawgood found a release, but also a trigger in composing, these unfinished and unmastered piano sketches serve up as a mirror to that fragility, and mark his departure from his own label (Home N...view item »
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Arvo Pärt
Fratres / Tabula Rasa / Symphony No. 3

Three phenomenal works from the Estonian Holy Minimalism composer Arvo Pärt. As well as the grand majesty of his Symphony No. 3, this record contains Tabula Rasa and the sublimely mysterious Fratres, one of his best-loved pieces. Presented on 180g heavyweight vinyl, with download code, courtesy of...view item »

Ales Tsurko

The self taught composer from Minsk Ales Tsurko sets his sight very plainly on progressing contemporary classical music. Melding techniques learnt both academically and not Transliaciya features elements of shoegaze, drone, ambient electronica and post rock masterfully manipulated and woven with modern classical, into s...view item »

Olafur Arnalds
Eulogy For Evolution

Poppy Nogood
Music for Mourning

American violinist and composer Poppy Nogood releases his first full length album on handmade label Preserved Sound. Echoing masters of the emotionally charged neo-classical, and minimalism such as Max Richer and Steve Reich, Nogood works around self imposed restriction and improvisation to crea...view item »

Thomas William Hill
Asylum For Eve

Thomas William Hill has plenty of experience in the world of scoring films, and a richly cinematic strain is evident throughout new album Asylum For Eve, which mixes material from those soundtracks with entirely new works. His music has a soft intensity built from neoclassical piano and tinkering rhythms: you’ll f...view item »

Steve Reich
Music For 18 Musicians

As part of Record Store Day 2015 we have a special anniversary release of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Two 180 gram Vinyls, one with a mono mix version, the other in full glorious stereo. As well as a bonus 7” with singles “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” and “I’m Depend...view item »

Lubomyr Melnyk
Rivers and Streams

Lubomyr Melnyk is renowned as one of the fastest-playing pianists in the world, and he has long been honing his self-developed style of ‘Continuous Music’ in order to channel these powers. Rivers and Streams is his latest album, containing flowing torrents of notes that creates an overwhelming wall of melodi...view item »

Selected Piano Works

On his Selected Piano Works, π∆ππ treats us to that vintage three-days-in-a-Berlin-bunker vibe. By using just as much piano as silence between notes, π∆ππ has created a mesmerizing and esoteric album. What’s also esoteric about this release is the fact that there’s only 50 ...view item »

Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2

Though best known for his work in This Heat and Camberwell Now, erstwhile sound explorer Charles Hayward has done plenty else in his time. For example, this 1989 split LP with Gigi Masin. The two musicians were tasked with devising music inspired by their local rivers, which led...view item »

Philip Glass
The Complete Sony Recordings

Ah, yes, Philip Glass - one of the most salient composers of music with repetitive structures. He’s going to be 80, you know, and what better way to celebrate than by diving into this mammoth CD box set? Inside you’ll find the Glassworks ‘cassette mix’ digitally available for the first time, various colla...view item »

Danny Elfman
The Girl On The Train (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Based on Paula Hawkins New York Times no.1 bestselling novel, U.S thriller The Girl On The Train has smashed box offices around the world this autumn. Now available on red coloured vinyl, the feature-length's sparse and cinematic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is availa...view item »


Prog man Vangelis and his coat of many synthesizers. The composer actually has a new album out, if you were worried this was just gonna be another Goblin-esque reissue from the middle of nowhere -- it's a recording in tribute to a space mission, scoring and homaging the folks on the international ...view item »

Nico Muhly & Teitur

Nico Muhly is a busy young modern-classical composer and performer isn’t he? Here he is now, rocking up on Nonesuch in a new collaboration with songwriter Teitur. With song lyrics derived from obscure youtube videos and the music scored for a baroque ensemble, Confessions probably qualifies as a u...view item »

Whyte Horses & St. Barts Choir
St. Barts Choir perform Pop or Not (the music of Whyte Horses)

Earlier this year Manchester’s Whyte Horses released made a psych-pop album called Pop or Not. Then they got together with the choir of Haslemere primary school St. Bartholemew’s and re-did the whole thing, but with the kids singing. My cockles, consider them warmed. Out as LP and CD in December. It is prece...view item »

Fogh Depot

In continuing a journey through the avant-garde style melding a genres, Fogh Depot releases a highly off-kilter 7-track offering. Comprised of mainly nu-jazz, modern classical and electronic experimentalism, Turmalinurm is a wondrous and sprawling mix of drone, noise and melancholic melody...view item »

Endless Melancholy
In The Shadow Of History

Stripping away pretty much all of the electronics and leaving skeletal piano pieces and stark string accompaniments, this is Endless Melancholy’s score for the documentary Ostroh: In the Shadow Of History. Delicate pieces that have the close personal feel of Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arna...view item »

Tired Tape Machine
Not Here

Petter Lindhaden's self-professed mid-life crisis album was conceived (as all good mid-life crisis albums should be) whilst holed up alone in a remote woodland cabin in Sweden. It took three years to complete (presumably having to fit around two-seater sports car jaunts and hair colouring sessions). Taking a step away from Tired Tape Machine's u...view item »

Ilya Beshevli
Wanderer Remixes

Ilya Beshevli’s recent album of gorgeous neo-classical piano compositions gets looked over by a couple of capable producers for this release of remixes. We get a lo-fi house take from Palmbomen and a Simian Mobile Disco-style take from Simian Mobile Disco, as well as a ver...view item »


Spiro have so far released eight full length albums, and Repeater is a combination of tracks picked from four of their Real World albums. The records featured on this album are Pole Star, Lightbox, Kaleidophonica and Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow...view item »

Roger Goula
Overview Effect

Sprawling, cinematic and highly evocative is Roger Goula's debut slice of contemporary classical-electronica - Overview Effect. Brought to us via spanking new label, Cognitive Shift Recordings, this shimmering release is immersive space-opera in its most cinematic and galactic f...view item »

Kronos Quartet
Pieces of Africa

Pieces Of Africa finds the go-to indie-classical string quartet supreme, the Kronos Quartet, taking on commissions from eight African composers. With the string quartet being arguably one of the most archetypal formats of the Western classical tradition, it is wonderful to he...view item »


Rehydrated FatCat imprint 130701 continue to rain down new classical treats with the debut record from Resina, alias of cellist and general sound artist Karolina Rec. Resina emerged from an impressive demo tape and suggests an interpretation of the Polish underground scene -- as with most 130701...view item »

Dead Light
Dead Light

Who doesn't think about escaping from the city from time to time? Well the folks from Dead Light escaped from stinking old London to some rural backwater where they have been free to explore their billowing ambient compositions.  They've used treated tape, prepared pianos and all manner of experimental tomfoolery to cr...view item »

Efterklang & Karsten Fundal
LEAVES - The Colour of Falling (Performed by Efterklang & The Happy Hopeless Orchestra)

After extensive touring of Piramida the Danish dreamy electronic indie group Efterklang took a hiatus to reimagine themselves. And here they are, back with their first release since then, reimagined and more orchestral than ever. Leaves is made up of compositions with Karsten Fundal and perform...view item »

Nada Surf
Peaceful Ghosts (Live with Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg)

In 2015, Nada Surf got contacted by Austrian radio network FM4 with a tantalising offer: how’d you like to work with an orchestra? Peaceful Ghosts is a recording of the resulting concert with Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, a successful synthesis of the alt-rockers tunes with fine orchestral g...view item »


Tangents are a restless group, always switching up to a new sound or dropping in unexpected elements in the middle of compositions. Jazz, electronica, post-rock, electro-acoustic improvisation and more besides all surface in the heady brew of Stateless. The vinyl edition of the album comes with an additional download of...view item »

Peter Broderick

Slightly worrying to see Peter Broderick described as a veteran but here he is 10 years into an idiosyncratic recording career. This latest missive deals with the certainty of chance, Broderick has been influenced by John Cage in terms of letting a song take its own course and letting things happen of their own ...view item »

Crash Ensemble

Crash Ensemble are a combination of some Ireland’s most promising and already acclaimed neo-classical instrumentalists. Ghosts is a four piece CD including music written by Iceland’s Valgeir Sigurðsson. This record is played with...view item »

Yann Tiersen

"Ten tracks. Ten locations. Ten field recordings. One piano". So begins the press release as if previewing some BBC proms experiment. But it neatly sums up what this LP is all about. French composing maestro Tiersen has written pieces for ten locations and made field recordings of the actual places then later on dubbed his piano twinklings atop....view item »


Hauschka returns to the material of last year’s Abandoned City album, this time abandoning it even further with A NDO C Y, a collection of tracks from the same sessions paired with two striking remixes from Eluvium and Devendra Banhart, who take those pieces into fresh, s...view item »

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly
The Weathered Stone

Hailing from fair Dublin, Benedict Schlepper-Connolly composes music for many mediums and in many forms. His new nature-oriented collection The Weathered Stone contains sung songs and soaring string quartets alike, with a thick harmonic core running through the middle of each of these four pieces. The LP is released on ...view item »
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Ilya Beshevli
Night Forest

Siberian pianist and composer Ilya Beshevli has a simply gorgeous ear for a melancholy melody, and his debut album Night Forest is full of sweeping neoclassical compositions of shimmering emotional power. Reissued on Village Green on CD and LP: the album’s first appearance on vinyl. Plus a download code for a labe...view item »

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Nagasaki: Memories Of My Son

Ryuichi Sakamoto should be familiar to fans of several different strands of sound, having done crucial work as part of Yellow Magic Orchestra, some explorative collaborations with Fennesz, and many years of sensitive film soundtrack work. This most recent release falls into the latter camp, bein...view item »

Laura Cannell
Simultaneous Flight Movement

Laura Cannell is chiefly a violin player who has a dark swooping style that sounds like dark birds flying over a desolate beach. Indeed this album was recorded Southwold Lighthouse in Suffolk and consists of semi improvised pieces that veer from minimal chamber music to full on orchestral string-scapes.  ...view item »


The Bigo & Twigetti label invited their artists to give them something on the simple theme of Summer, and here are the results. The sequencing of this 8 track compilation takes the listener from the unadorned acoustic instruments of artists like Aisha Orazbayeva and her violin to Antonymes’ el...view item »

Steve Jansen
Tender Extinction

Steve Jansen was of course the drummer in Japan but since then he has recorded with such luminaries as Ryuichi Sakamoto & Bernd Friedmann. This is his second solo album and blends songs and instrumental passages and features his delicate orchestral synth compositions and his charac...view item »

Marihiko Hara & Polar M

Ever wonder what a collaboration between Harold Budd and Mark Knopfler would sound like? Just listen to the opening track of this magical new album by Marihiko Hara & Polar M and hear a pretty good approximation, smooth gliding guitar ar...view item »

Ben Chatwin
Heat & Entropy

Strings form the underlying core of this album: rubbed, bowed, strummed, prepared, and attached to a wide array of instruments from pianos to quasi-pianos to guitars to mandolins. Lovely strings! And some electronics too. Ben Chatwin has done a great job harnessing these many textures in service of the curious melodies of He...view item »

Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra
Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra

Kate Simko has produced strong work in both the electronic and the composed-classical worlds: this full-length collaboration with the London Electronic Orchestra combines both. The risk with this kind of thing is that one element can feel tacked on to the other, but n...view item »

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler
Le Revelateur

Harp hero Mary Lattimore and regular collaborator Jeff Zeigler produced this music to accompany a 1968 silent film, Le Révélateur. Zeigler’s guitars and synt...view item »

Max Richter
Perfect Sense (Original Film Soundtrack)

Richter has been getting his toes right under that soundtrack table of late and rightly so, his music is a perfect fix for any tear drenched movie experience. This is a release of the 2011 science fiction drama which starred none other than Ewan McGregor. Expect heartbroken pianos and cellos weeping.    ...view item »

Max Richter
The Last Days On Mars - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Max Richter has always captured a certain haunting and melancholy place in our hearts. Most of Max's music is released on Deutsche Grammophon, the oldest record label in the world, and not without reason. His music sounds like it's been unearthed from a time capsule buried by a lonely composer from the first half of thi...view item »

Ben Lukas Boysen

“Oh man, he’s the new Nils Frahm” seems to be Norman Reviews editor Clint’s catchphrase, these days. A new Frahm is born unto us every day and a new pianist is using the Frahmian mode every other week. Claudio Ranieri? He’s like the Premier League’s Nils Frahm, buddy. Plinky pl...view item »

Fiona Brice
Postcards From

You’ve probably heard Fiona Brice’s violin, piano, composition or arrangement skills on some of your favourite artist’s recordings: Beyonce, Midlake, Jarvis Cocker all qualify, although BBC News doesn’t (it's Brice, not Bruce...view item »

Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr Melnyk is apparently the fastest-playing pianist in the world. However, what is really impressive about him is that he avoids falling into a Steve Vai-esque carnival of boring technical virtuosity: he uses his talent to whip up storms of rich, melodic “C...view item »

Ilya Beshevli

Piano-led neo-classical music from composer and pianist Ilya Beshevli, a resident of Moscow. Sometimes solo, sometimes supported by lush orchestration, Wanderer’s pieces are grand and cinematic. Available as a CD or on vinyl, with both formats also including a download code for a label sampler. On Village Green....view item »

(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly

As Antonymes Ian M. Hazeldine has developed a sound that mixes neoclassical flourishes and the almost imperceptible pulse of ambient music. On (For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly the artist plays piano and electronics and then gradually incorporates string arrangements from James Banbury, creating a sound tha...view item »

Pedro Soler + Gaspar Claus
Al Viento

Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus (a father and son pairing, don’t ya know) recorded Al Viento, their second album together, in Iceland and Spain, with assistance from Valgeir Sigurössen...view item »


The Starsky and Hutch of minimal are back with their first fully-fledged standalone collaborative album under the name Oliveray, where they blur the lines between neofolk, neoclassical and contemporary minimal composition a little more for us. I expect you're familiar with some of these ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
New Words For Old Wounds

The limited edition of 250 physical copies come housed in a 7.5" x 5.5" panoramic gatefold case made of heavy stock. The editions were printed on an antique Heidelberg press by the world renowned Stumptown Printers based in Oregon. The artwork features a series of incredibly detailed ink paintings from Sail (uselessarm). Each edition comes with ...view item »

Peter Broderick

Docile is a sweet and simple collection of solo piano pieces, charmingly minimal and melodic. Peter Broderick apparently recorded the whole set in one evening, and the immediacy and clarity of the moment has carried through into the recordings. First released in 2008, Docile is now reissued by Hush Records....view item »

A Winged Victory For The Sullen
Atomos VII

Super-duo A Winged Victory For The Sullen's self-titled debut was an unmitigated triumph, earning rave reviews across the board and flying off our shelves as quickly as we could restock it. It's exciting to see that Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Wiltzie are at it again, with this 12" being the first taste...view item »

Rachel Grimes
The Clearing

Rachel Grimes, formerly the leader of Rachel’s (funnily enough), hasn’t released a solo album for six years, so The Clearing is a significant release. Working with the likes of Helen Money and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the album moves through stately and de...view item »

Richard J. Birkin
Songs For Spoken Words EP

Designed to be consumed as a companion piece to poetry (available to read from an app at songsforspokenwords.com), Songs For Spoken Words by Richard J. Birkin features six instrumental works for guitar, string quartet and electronics. Limited to 250. Out on One-sided cream coloured vinyl 12" from Time Travel Opps....view item »

Colin Stetson
presents: SORROW - A Reimagining of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony

A remarkable release here: saxophone titan Colin Stetson has arranged Henryk Gorecki’s much loved 3rd Symphony (one of the best-selling classical works ever) for an ensemble of electronics, guitars and woodwinds that includes members of Liturgy and Arcade Fire. It...view item »

Piano Interrupted
Landscapes Of The Unfinished

The duo who comprise Piano Interrupted gathered some of the materials for this LP in West Africa: field recordings and the sounds of lively African musicians surface repeatedly throughout Landscapes Of The Unfinished, making a very interesting counterpoint to the...view item »

Matthew Collings
A Requiem For Edward Snowden

This album version of A Requiem For Edward Snowden is derived from a live audio-visual piece that has been performed in a number of arty venues around the world. Matthew Collings has composed a mighty mixture of haunting acoustic instrument parts and all sorts of creeping electronics. And the visual side of the work is ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Music For Falling From Trees

Peter Broderick is considered by many to be one of the great musical composers of the noughties. He has established himself as a live performer playing with Copenhagen's Efterklang and has begun the process of releasing solo records, primarily instrumental piano based compositions. 'Music for Falling from Trees' ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Music For Confluence

Broderick is back with a brand new album on the Erased Tapes label. If you're interested he's relocated from Denmark to Berlin. I don't know about you but I find it important to know where my popstars are living. 'Music For Confluence' is a soundtrack to a film about murdered women from I...view item »

Erik Satie
Erik Satie & Friends

Celebrating his 150th birthday (dude is getting on) this marvellously expansive collection brings together all the best known work from the legendary piano man from France, though as I read on the press blurb he was actually half Scottish. Within you'll hear all the prototypes for the minimalism we enjoy today as well as music he recorded for ad...view item »

Immix Ensemble & Vessel

Transition is a very interesting record, combining the talents of Vessel (part of Bristol’s Young Echo collective) with Daniel Thorne’s contemporary Immix Ensemble. Vessel’s electronics creep around the edges of the clarinets, strings ...view item »

Matt Dunkley
Cycles EP

Matt Dunkley has more than paid his dues as an orchestrator and a conductor, working with most of the big-deal orchestras around and a number of big films: now he’s turning his attentions to original creations. The Cycles EP takes one piece from his recent debut, and bolsters it with remixes from Nigel Wie...view item »

Sean Mccaul
Midnight at The Purple Palace

Sean McCaul is one of the premier vibraphone players working today, and this new set, which also features the skills of Dave Johnsen, Phil Kester and Jordan Shapiro, shows off his ja...view item »


Three pianists playing at the same time: Can any good come from such megalomania? Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Onnen Bock, and Armin Metz, known together as Qluster, are out to prove that yes, indeed, something great can happen. The trio’s album Taster shows exactly wh...view item »

Richard J. Birkin

Richard J. Birkin has put together a very subtle collection here on Vigils, with many of the pieces containing nothing more than stately piano and wispy strings, the latter provided by Iskra Strings, who you may have heard with Radiohead or Johann Johannsson. A hushed r...view item »

Ryan Vail
For Every Silence

The first full-length solo album from Ryan Vail rather interestingly pitches itself as the story of a certain piano, one built in 1927 and passed down through the family. That piano is centre-stage in many of the compositions (although lots of groovy electronics also take prominence), but also the emotional core of the lyrics, s...view item »

Kenneth James Gibson
The Evening Falls

Kenneth James Gibson must be a busy man, running the Adjunct Audio while also performing in a number of projects, from [a]pendics.shuffle to his Bell Gardens duo with Brian McBride o...view item »

Max Richter / Daniel Hope
Berlin by Overnight

Violinist Daniel Hope released his newest record, 'Spheres', in 2013; he is soon to be joined by neo-classical icon Max Richter for a live interpretation of this work at the Royal Albert Hall, and Deutsche Grammophon are marking the occasion with this EP of remixes. The twilight vibe of 'Spheres' is captured on 'Berlin by Overnight' with reworks...view item »

Sarah Neufeld
The Ridge

Fresh from her stunning, album-of-the-year-from-Norman-Records-award-winning collaboration with Colin Stetson (who also guests here), Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld puts out her second solo record. The Ridge takes her violin to higher planes of hypnotic, dramatic melodicism. Also feat...view item »


Franck Zaragoza steps out under his Ocoeur moniker for a fourth full-length exploration of the melancholy possibilities of solo piano compositions. I say solo piano: some delicate string arrangements also curl themselves around the edges of Reversed. Released by n5MD on both CD and grey / white vinyl fo...view item »

Matt Dunkley
Six Cycles

Matt Dunkley has more than paid his dues as an orchestrator and a conductor, working with most of the big-deal orchestras around and a number of big films (Inception, The Dark Knight…). But Six Cycles is his first record as an artist in his own right, in which he displays a grand creative talent...view item »

Bersarin Quartett

Massive draws here for fans of Deaf Center, or A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and even add in a bit of Bohren und der Club of Gore for good measure. Melancholia fully explored in these releases, and slowed to an unbearable halt. Layers of strings, synths and distorted swells. Thomas B&...view item »

Henryk Gorecki
A Nonesuch Retrospective

A Nonesuch Retrospective by Henryk Gorecki gathers together all of the recordings the late Polish composer made for the Nonesuch label including his final work Symphony No. 4 - Tansman Episodes which was completed by his son, Mikolaj Gorecki. Over the seven discs you will hear great orchestral moments and savag...view item »

Astrid Williamson
Requiem & Gallipoli

The One Little Indian label continue their great form with Astrid Williamson’s vinyl LP and CD of powerful neo-classical music. Requiem & Gallipoli blends solo piano, Williamson’s precise voice and varied orchestral accompaniment into her first longform classical composition. Thi...view item »

Rachel Grimes
Book of Leaves (For Solo Piano)

I love a bit of Rachels, me. Funny how Rachel Grimes is in them and they're not named after her though.. Would you bloody credit it. Book of Leaves (For Solo Piano) is a gorgeous collection of shortish piano pieces which are thoroughly evoking an autumnal feel in my mind, it could just be the suggestive artwork and title or the fact that it w...view item »

Masayoshi Fujita

Masayoshi Fujita is probably one of the premier contemporary vibraphone players, and with Apologues he steps away from his more electronically-abstracted music under his alias el fog. Here, the instrument sounds more like itself, the accompaniments from clarinet and strings adding up to some ...view item »

Dmitry Evgrafov

Dmitry Evragof joins the currently quite rich scene of young neo-classical piano-based composers with Collage. This record is pleasing on the ear, with Evragof using his compositional talents to build up sweeping orchestral movements around his stately piano. A grand record indeed, on FatCat sub-label 1...view item »

The Art of Remix

Nonclassical imposes its strict remix policy -- you can only remix with sounds that already exists in the track -- on a roster of famous electronic artists, from Hot Chip having a go at the music of Gabriel Prokofiev to Thom Yorke using his DJ skills to do things with 'Cortical Songs'. This record takes revered classical pieces and con...view item »

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
Like Water Through The Sand

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is a French composer who is making her debut release with this record. Like Water Through The Sand is a weighty collection of pieces that usually place the composer’s piano at the forefront, though she also uses electronic treatments and sharp string arrangements to augment the sound. On...view item »

Gavin Bryars
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

This release reissues one of the strongest pieces of work that made up the original run of Brian Eno’s classic Obscure Records label. Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet famously juxtaposes a sample of a tramp singing with Gavin Bryars’ lush orchestral arrangements. This is the original r...view item »

Julia Kent

New York based cellist Julia Kent came into view from performing with Rasputina and Antony & The Johnsons, and her performance credits are impressive as well, including Swans, Library Tapes, and Aiden Baker. Asperities is her fourth...view item »

Bing & Ruth
City Lake

The full length debut from avant-ambienters Bing & Ruth is treated to an expanded reissue. City Lake takes in the exquisite piano work of David Moore, nestling the reverb-drenched tones amidst clarinet, cello and vocals for a luxuriously engulfing piece of work. Out on CD and 2LP vinyl from RVNG Intl....view item »

The Art Of Remix EP #1

The Art Of Remix challenges electronic producers to make new dancing gold out of classical music, with the extra twist that they have to use only the original source material. Stepping up to the likes of Prokokiev we have heavy hitters like Thom Yorke and DJ Yoda. This first EP of the p...view item »

Iskra String Quartet

The Iskra String Quartet are more or less the indie-classical string quartet de jour, having worked with Radiohead, The xx, Steve Reich… Busy. ISKRA compiles a brace of pieces by different contemporary composers (including Johann Johannsson, and ...view item »

Lost Voices

Esmerine have been producing high quality chamber rock for several years now, and Lost Voices finds them in more of a ‘rock’ mood than ever before. The delicate precision of the arrangements is still there of course, as you would expect from a group that includes members of godspeed you! black empero...view item »

Mario Diaz de Leon
The Soul Is The Arena

Whoah! Mario Diaz De Leon has made a frankly insane record here, blending hardcore 20th century composition with intense electronic mangling and a hardcore punk approach to sequencing. The Soul Is In The Arena is an intense blast, very accomplished whilst also sounding fully gonzo. On Denovali Records....view item »

The Something Rain

Aah The Tindersticks. I'm not even a fan but this already sounds like the best thing I've heard all day. But there again all I've heard all day is horrible noise records. The opener here is a stunner. Its great to hear that guys that have been around this long can still produce beautiful ...view item »

Two Ragged Soldiers

Two Ragged Soldiers are a duo (yes, there really are two of them) who craft music that straddles the borders between contemporary music and electronica. //Asulya//Water is a two-track 7” that offers a tantalising preview of The Mass, which we will apparently hear later down the line. Limited edition of 30...view item »

Erik Enocksson

Fourth album right here from this Stockholm artist who has previously released on Kning Disc. 'Apan' was inspired by a 2009 Swedish drama film directed by Jesper Ganslandt. Oh man this sounds fantastic ...view item »


Cousteau have a new album in the record racks called 'Sirena' its sophisticated pop for posh people. Sounds a bit like the Tindersticks or Grand Drive and has trumpets parping and strings…er ….stringing....view item »
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S. Carey

I'm loving the first track on this EP from Bon Iver sideman S. Carey. He builds the track slowly using subtle electronics and whispered vocals but it all reaches a wonderful l...view item »

David John Sheppard
Vertical Land

The debut solo album from composer David John Sheppard allows him to step out into the light with his polyrhythmic minimalist compositions. By hitting guitars with vibraphone mallets, Sheppard has created an album with distinct comparisons to Liverpool’s Ex-Easter Island Head. Vertical Land is perfect for fans of ...view item »

Ben Chatwin
The Sleeper Awakes

Recorded at his home in Scotland, The Sleeper Awakes by Ben Chatwin is inspired by the works of HG Wells and sees Chatwin, who has previously released music under the name Talvihorros, concentrate on ambient melody as he creates subtle tunes which beautifully meld together into a distinct struct...view item »

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