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Ludovico Einaudi
Einaudi Undiscovered

The classical composer that uses pop chord progressions and has over 2.4 billion streams on Spotify, Ludovico Einaudi is something of a contradiction. His new record, 'Einaudi Undiscovered', is a collection of lesser-known deep cuts handpicked by the man himself. There are live recordings, a remix, and even some hitherto-unreleased pieces. Out on Decca. 

Ludovico Einaudi
Seven Days Walking - Day One

Seven Days Walking is a series of releases from the classical composer, Ludovico Einaudi. Beginning with Day One, the series focuses on recurring themes taking on different themes across the seven releases, which are to be released over seven months. Recording with piano, violin, viola and cello, the tracks are gentle ruminations which sweep the listener away with ease. 
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Erland Cooper
Solan Goose

Prolific multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper—also of The Magnetic North and Erland and The Carnival fame—defies genre categorisation, his eclectic sound ranging from electro experiments, lilting folktronica and evocative poetry set to classical tropes. This vinyl release, out on Phases, explores his Scottish origins, each track named after a bird familiar to his native Orkney. 
  • Vinyl LP (PHA001LP)
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Hania Rani

After operating under different guises, with other collaborators and performing in prestigious venues around the world, pianist and composer Hania Rani presents her first album under her own name. Esja sees her fully focus on her lifelong fascination with the piano as an instrument - “just me, as I am”, as Rani explains about the project. 
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Library Tapes
The Quiet City

It's been a long while since we heard from Library Tapes - although looking at the press release their last album was in 2018 so I must not have been paying attention. The project usually consists of just David Wenngren but this time a gaggle of other musicians are involved including Julia Kent and Akira Kosemura leading to the perfect combination of electronics and neo-classical. Gonna be good this... I can feel it in my bones. 

Phil Tomsett
The Sound of Someone Leaving

Phil Tomsett often records under the name The Inventors Of Aircraft and has released records on labels such as Time Released Sound, Rural Colours, Home Normal and hibernate. 'The Sound of Someone Leaving' is released under his own name on Fluid Audio, and is an album that creates an unsettling atmosphere with synths, cello, choral vocals - it’s the felt absence of people who should be there, specifically people called Brian Eno and James Leyland Kirby. Analogue mastering by Ian Hagwood. 

Jóhann Jóhannsson
Retrospective II

Revered Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson sadly passed away in 2018. 'Retrospective II', which follows on from 2019's 'Retrospective', includes Jóhannsson's soundtracks for 'Sicario', 'Arrival' and 'The Theory of Everything' along with collaborations with Vikingur Ólafsson, Ryuichi Sakamoto and A Winged Victory For The Sullen. Also featured in addition to 'Retrospective II's eight (yes eight) CDs is a DVD which covers Jóhannsson's December 2016 concert at Berlin's Funkhaus.

Manu Delago
Circadian Live

One Little Independent releases a live version of Circadian, the 2019 studio album from Austrian percussionist and composer Manu Delago. Based upon the unique melodic and rhythmic possibilities of his instrument, the Hang (a kind of hand-held steel drum), in the live context the music is even more vivid. 

Bear's Den + Paul Frith

Bear's Den are known for their emotional folk music that has seen them compared with the likes of Mumford and Sons but have you ever wondered what they'd sound like backed with an orchestra? Well now is your chance as award winning composer Paul Frith has taken choice selections from their back catalogue and orchestrated them up. At least 25% more rousing than the originals.  
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Room To Expand (Expanded)

There was room to expand so they expanded. Volker Bertelmann is Hauschka, well known for what goes on within his prepared piano, which he fills with instruments and trinkets to create spooky timbres and odd atmospheres. 'Room To Expand' is a reissue of his debut record and shows his humble but proficient technical beginnings. Seek out this version for six new tracks that are fitted onto the record properly rather than tacked on as an afterthought.

Philip Glass

This lift-off box set from minimalist music legend Philip Glass is part of a new trilogy concerning men who instigated change on a global scale. Satyagraha - a Sanskrit word translated as ‘truth force’ - uses a traditional orchestra set-up to tell a semi-narrated opera about Mahatma Gandhi’s early life over three vinyls, with a beautifully illustrated 24-page booklet included. 
  • Vinyl LP box set (MOVCL052)
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Yumiko Morioka

Yumiko Morioka originally released her only solo recording Resonance in 1987. It fell by the wayside in the noisy '80s but slowly picked up listeners via blog posts and You Tube clips. It is a delicate and spacious album of low key piano  - it's understated beauty could be compared perhaps to Erik Satie. This limited re-issue is timely for Morioka who lost her home and possessions in the 2017 Californian wildfires. In any case it's something soul stirring to discover.  

Intrications quantiques

Intrications quantiques is an album of piano-based music by Watine AKA Catherine Watine. She has played the piano with both sustan and sostenuto pedals depressed throughout and added a Lyra 8 keyboard, some violins, cellos and percussion. To that she has added field recordings - of what she calls the sounds we don’t pay attention to - and cut up segments of her own piano demo recordings. 
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Less Bells
Mourning Jewelry

The second album from Julie Carpenter’s project Less Bells, examining grief and what it can drive human beings to create, Mourning Jewelry evokes the very best of ambient electronica and orchestral music. It also lightly steers towards a more blues-based, American sound in terms of its decorative detail. 


Mathieu Gabry and Christine Ott are Snowdrops, an ambient chamber duo from France. Chrstine Ott has previously collaborated with Yann Tiersen and Tindersticks. Volutes takes in elements of jazz, electronica, neo-classical and soundtrack music to create a perfectly paced and musically well judged record. 

Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea

Dawn Chorus And The Infallible Sea are a US trio who make minimal music that blends guitar-led drone and modern classical music. Their influences include Windy & Carl, Auburn Lull and Stars of the Lid. Liberamente, their sophomore record, is an album that seems simple at first, but with repeated spins rewards the listener with depth and complexity.

The Time It Takes

Goldmund is Keith Kenniff who is also known for making music under the name Helios and as a member of indie band Mint Julep. As Goldmund he makes minimal, post-classical, ambient piano music. The Time it Takes is dark, mournful and beautiful with one foot in the world of new age and relaxation. One to listen to on the cans, whilst lying down. On Western Vinyl.

Echo Collective
The See Within

Echo Collective work in the same kind of post-classical world as the likes of A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Jóhann Jóhannsson. The See Within sees the Brussels collective using viola, violin, cello, harp and unusually a magnetic resonator piano to produce a series of compositions that marry breathtaking beauty with a restless inventive spirit. 

Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm executes beautifully moving piano based compositions with marked ease, though the live experience is somewhat informed by the environment. This reissued collection of tracks presents the perceived value Frahm bestows upon these, celebrating his collaboration with chance, space and philosophies of the present.

Nils Frahm
Encores 1

Ah now we can have them. Now that Rough Trade have had their exclusive, the rest of us wait with arms outstretched for the leftovers. But as it's Nils and as it's Erased Tapes we will welcome them back in. These five tracks formed part of the same sessions for All Melody and if you didn't already get that album off Rough Trade then this will be all new stuff. 
  • Vinyl 12" (ERATP107LP)
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Tim Hecker
Dropped Pianos

Dropped Pianos is a kind of companion LP to Tim Hecker's Ravedeath 1972 album consisting of piano-based instrumentals. Where Ravedeath is grand and lush, dropped pianos is stark and cold and a more minimalist work of sketchy pieces that nonetheless stand up on their own accord and add to the ever growing catalogue by this fine musician.  

Diamanda Galas
De-formation: Piano Variations

Works for solo piano from the frankly terrifying Diamanda Galas. 'De-formation: Piano Variations' seems to contain one twenty-minute-plus track which is inspired by a Georg Heym poem regarding experimental treatments given to maimed soldiers in the First World War. Initially 'De-formation: Piano Variations' was written to be the backing for one of her distinctive vocal pieces, but Galas decided to let this thing stay instrumental. The result is a stormy record of dense keyboard experiments.

Galya Bisengalieva

Galya Bisengalieva is a violinist and leader of the London Contemporary Orchestra. Aralkum is her new album. Its subject concerns the Aral Sea in Central Asia which has been shrinking since the 1960s due to Russian irrigation projects intercepting its tributaries. Gayla has previously played on A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead, Blond by Frank Ocean and Suspiria by Thom Yorke so you may already have heard her sound.

Game Trails

Aukai is the music-making moniker of German multi-instrumentalist Markus Seiber. Game Trails is his third album. He plays the ronroco, a small guitar with an intense and dramatic feel that, according to Seiber, can transport you to far away places. He is aided by strings courtesy of Bogdan Djukic, drums from Miguel Hiroshi and vocals from Lisa Morganstern. Game Trails is an album that fills you with the desire to disappear off to far away lands. 
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Nils Frahm

Piano tinkler Nils Frahm recorded his previous album the Bells in a big old cavernous church. With Felt he wanted to invite the listener right into his world as if they were sitting beside him at the ivories.It is so quiet that you can hear Frahm breathing and the noise of his fingers touching the piano. A deeply intimate listen.    

Moon Piano

‘Moon Piano’ is a companion album to Laraaji’s recent release, which was entitled 'Sun Piano'. In contrast to the upbeat nature of that LP, Moon Piano is, naturally, the opposite, with the spiritual music savant exploring quieter and more introspective moods while sat at the keyboard in a Brooklyn church. The second release of a trilogy which will apparently end with an EP of duets, ‘Moon Piano’ captures a fertile period of creativity for this new age icon. 
  • Vinyl LP (WAST059LP)
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Olafur Arnalds
some kind of peace

Ólafur Arnalds is proud of Some Kind of Peace, specifically the way the album tells his life story in an honest way. From his early years in a metal band in Germany to his ability to meld classical and electronic music - it shows his growth as a person and an artist. Features collaborations with Bonobo, Josin, and JFDR.

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Remastered)

If you are of a certain age when you think of classic movie themes John Williams name will always pop into your head. Arguably his most famous soundtrack is Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. The soundtrack has stood the test of time and was so successful the main theme even made it into the Billboard Top 10. Now you can enjoy it on vinyl, 180g vinyl no less, spread over 2 LPs and presented in a gatefold jacket. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (8746246)
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Dmitry Evgrafov

Russian post-classical artist Dmitry Evgrafov delivers his third album for FatCat’s 130701 subsidiary, and his fourth altogether. Surrender is the Muscovite’s most ambitious effort yet, expanding well beyond his regular range and embracing bass guitar and synth elements as well as an eight-piece string orchestra. 


Berlin-based musician and composer Lambert pulls a wide range of ostensibly unblendable genres into the mix on False. Breakbeats, emotive pedal steel-led Americana, industrial sounds, free jazz and autotuned pop vocals are all bound together by the serious musical chops of Lambert’s trio. On Mercury KX.

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings

On this limited edition double-vinyl release, the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - famed for their renditions of iconic film scores - bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s world of hobbits, orcs and elves to life as they perform the soundtracks to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in their entirety. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DFLP13)
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Liz Lochhead & Andrew Wasylyk
Still Life, Sweetheart

Still Life, Sweetheart is an EP-length collaboration between Glaswegian writer and poet Liz Lochhead and musician / producer Andrew Wasylyk, working together for the second time. A collection of five atmospheric and stripped-back pieces for voice and piano, it was recorded at the brilliant An Tobar on the Isle of Mull. 

A Winged Victory For The Sullen
A Winged Victory For The Sullen

On their eponymous 2011 debut LP, A Winged Victory For The Sullen mapped out the course they have followed ever since. Everyone expected a union of Stars Of The Lid’s Adam Wiltzie and composer Dustin O’Halloran would likely produce some sort of spectral beauty, but no-one fully anticipated how richly evocative ‘A Winged Victory For The Sullen’ would be. This is cinematic and lush contemporary classical composition in the Nils Frahm vein. Peter Broderick and Hildur Guðnadóttir contribute.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen
Atomos VII

Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Wiltzie are the two men behind A Winged Victory For The Sullen. You may know the former from his piano-based solo work, the latter from Stars of the Lid. Atomos VII was an interim EP between their two stellar albums and a score for a dance piece from choreographer Wayne McGregor. 
  • Vinyl 12" (ERATP056LP)
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London Contemporary Orchestra
Giacinto Scelsi: String Trio

The London Contemporary Orchestra (here consisting of the trio of Galya Bisengalieva (violin) Robert Ames (viola) Max Ruisi (cello)) here look back at the work of Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi - a mysterious and somewhat Salinger-esque character. His reclusiveness means that he is relatively little known but his work has gone on to influence the likes of Ennio Morricone. A perfect chance to find out what he was all about. 

Jóhann Jóhannsson & Yair Elazar Glotman
Last and First Men

Composer extraordinaire Jóhann Jóhannsson had been working on Last and First Men since 2010 but at the time of his untimely death in 2018 had yet to finish it. Berlin composer Yair Elazar Glotman helped to finish the piece which is a multimedia project with a film and narration by Tilda Swinton. An ambitious work which serves as a perfect epitaph.  

Near The Parenthesis

San Francisco-based musician Tim Arndt releases his eighth Near The Parenthesis studio album, Intervals. Constructed around the piano and less based around the complicated, kinetic rhythms that have underpinned previous NTP efforts, this eight-track effort is a rumination on the passing of time, and personal milestones in life’s journey. 
  • Vinyl LP (MD287)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Go Hirano
Corridor of Daylights

Originally released back in 2004 and acclaimed as one of the greatest albums to have emerged from Tokyo’s underground music scene in the Noughties, Go Hirano’s magical third record Corridor of Daylights receives an expanded re-issue on vinyl. Includes bonus tracks, two inserts and an illustrated story booklet. 

Sylvain Chauveau

Sylvain Chauveau is French but lives in Brussels. He's one of the slightly lesser known neo-classical composers and is often used as a footnote if folks talk about Max Richter or Nils Frahm. Here is the first ever vinyl pressing of his collection of work for film and rare and unreleased tracks. It is an essential document of a 'much praised but not as well known as he should be' composer.   
  • Vinyl LP (LP1318)
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Steve Reich
Drumming, Six Pianos, Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ

Never shying away from blunt titles Steve Reich’s Drumming, Six Pianos, Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ is exactly that. Drumming alone is a nearly 90 minute piece revolving around drums xylophone and glockenspiels. The lord of repetition and subtle dynamic change in full swing. First time on vinyl since the original release in 1974.
  • Vinyl LP box set (4796310)
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Roger Eno & Brian Eno

Ambient brothers Brian and Roger Eno released the album Mixing Colours for Deutsche Grammophon in 2020. It will be getting an expanded release featuring 7 new tracks. Those seven new tracks are also available here as the 12” EP Luminous.  For continuity’s sake, the artwork is by Dom Theobold who also created the artwork for the LP. Well, continuity and the fact he’s good at his job.
  • Vinyl LP (4839298)
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This is a re-issue of a 2009 album where Michal Jacaszek attempted to describe a church by way of sound. The church in question wasn't one particular church but three in Gdansk where he spend time making noises and checking out how the reverb changed the sounds. In effect he used the church as a huge studio, capturing the atmospheres and unique echoes. 
  • Vinyl LP (GRAM2002)
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Roger O'Donnell
2 Ravens

You may not know Roger O'Donnell by name but if I told you he played in the Cure then you might have seen him twiddling his keys in some enormodrome or other. When Bob is on one of his hiatuses, Roger has spent time working on various solo and collaborative work. Two Ravens is in collaboration with vocalist and lyricist Jennifer Pague and is inspired by the starkness of rural England.  
  • Vinyl LP (99X10123LP)
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Philip Glass and Robert Wilson
Einstein On The Beach

Einstein on the Beach was a 1975 opera composed by Philip Glass and produced alongside theatre director Robert Wilson. It was this first part of Glass's 'portrait' series looking at those who have changed the course of history by means other than military. Here's your chance to get this well regarded minimal work on a luxury 4LP box set with 20 page book.

Dan Michaelson

Former Absentee frontman and famed for his albums of haunting Americana with backing band The Coastguards over the last decade, Dan Michaelson begins a new era with his first foray into instrumental work. Recorded with conductor of the London Contemporary Orchestra Robert Ames, Colourfield is a confident and subtle album. 

Henrik Lindstrand

Nordhem is the third album, and final part of a trilogy, by Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand. It follows 2017’s Leken and 2019’s Nattresan and like those two well-received albums, is a beautifully woven and soothing soundscape that seamlessly blends a number of genres into one complete piano work. Nordhem translates as North Home and the album honours his scandanavian roots.

Max Richter

New work from legendary composer Max Richter. Inspired by the Declaration of Human Rights, Voices was a major undertaking for the musician sourcing people from around the world to read the text in over 70 different languages. The voices form part of the composition which Richter later embellished - the idea being to create hope in a disturbed and often hopeless world. 

Caroline Shaw / Attacca Quartet

Caroline Shaw is one of the most innovative composers working today. She was the youngest recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for her stunningly clever a cappella piece Partita For Eight Voices. Orange is an album, available for the first time on vinyl, she composed and is performed by the Attacca Quartet. It earned a Grammy award for the string quartet.

Kaboom Karavan
The Log and the Leeway

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Jóhann Jóhannsson

Fordlândia is one of Jóhann Jóhannsson's lesser known works having only been available in a limited pressing.  The title references Henry Ford's disastrous rubber plantation (there's a good name for a band by the way) which he abandoned in the mid '20s. The music is a typically gorgeous mesh of electronics and orchestral sounds that seem at times disparate but come together as the two separate themes merge into one.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (CAD2812LP)
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Traces - Remixes

Polish cellist Resina knows some real cool people: this remix EP takes two tracks from her Traces album and lets them get worked over by Lotic, Ben Frost, Abul Mogard and even Ian William Craig! With producers of this calibre, and the excellent source material, it will be no surprise to learn that Traces - Remixes is a great and varied listen. Released by 130701.
  • Vinyl 12" (LP1335)
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Agnes Obel
Island Of Doom

Island of Doom by Agnes Obel is the first single to be taken from her fourth album, Myopia. The Berlin-based Dane isolated herself from all outside influences to write, record and produce the album all by herself. The process gave her the freedom to experiment in the studio and make the music she really wanted to make. Include instruemental version on the B-side.
  • Vinyl 7" (4837186)
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Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper

Nice to see interpretations of the work of Philip Glass still finding new and innovative ways of using his surname in the title. This latest offering sees pianist Bruce Brubaker and scientist come musician (sort of the opposite of Brian Cox then) Max Cooper collaborate on further expressions of the music of the Glass man. It melds a grand piano with cutting edge electronica and was originally commissioned for Paris Philharmonie 2019. 

Brian McBride
The Effective Disconnect (Music Composed for Vanishing of the Bees)

Brian McBride you'll know as one half of Stars of the Lid and if you like their slowly unfurling brand of ambience you are going to adore this solo work. It's a soundtrack for a film about those wonderful if sadly disappearing creatures bees. McBride has produced an elegant work of forlorn instrumentals with a far reaching sadness and where the sound of silence plays a part as big as the sound of his instruments.  

Hania Rani

According to Polish pianist and composer Hania Rani, her new album Home is the second half of the story she began on her album, Esja. This album sees her expanding her use of instruments and sound from the piano-focused Esja. She adds electronics, vocals, bass and drums and reaches for a more widescreen sound. It was mastered by Zino Mikorey, who has, in the past, worked with Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm.

Philip Glass
The Essential Philip Glass

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Vikingur Olafsson
Rameau - Debussy

With Deutsche Grammophon you know you are going to get something both high brow and good and this latest disc from Icelandic composer Vikingur Olafsson takes work from Jean-Philippe Rameau and Claude Debussy and alternate it leading to a fascinating dialogue between two composers whose work was made centuries apart.   

Agnes Obel

Myopia is the fourth album by the exceptional Berlin-based Danish singer / songwriter Agnes Obel. It is her first album in three years following 2016’s Citizen Of Glass. With a voice that most people would kill for, on Myopia, Obel explores themes of trust and doubt. Features the single Island Of Doom.
  • Vinyl LP (4837178)
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Arvo Pärt & Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika
Works For Choir

I don't need to tell you who Arvo Pärt is do I? The Estonian composer is one of the most revered figures in modern classical music with a far reaching influence way beyond the genre he works in. 'Music For Choir' contains several compositions made between 1989 and 1991 performed by the award-winning Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna. 

Philip Glass / Alfred Schnittke
Violin Concerto No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 5

Minimalist maestro Philip Glass directs his talents towards interpreting the work of Soviet and German composer Alfred Schnittke. Violin Concerto No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 5 capture Schnittke’s rich polystylistic approaches and grand melodies, tempered slightly by Glass’ delicate and restrained attitude. The 180g vinyl LP on Deutsche Grammophon includes a download code.
  • Vinyl LP (4796967)
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Steve Jansen
The Extinct Suite / Corridor

Steve Jansen is best known I suppose as the drummer in Japan but he's also been pursuing a long and storied solo career. This release gathers music from two of his albums. The Extinct Suite features orchestral reworks from his second solo album Tender Extinction whilst Corridor is a slowly unfurling ambient piece designed to be played back in a gallery space. Four long form pieces that explore his abilities in peaceful ambience. 

Philipp Rumsch Ensemble
µ: of anxiety x discernment

An endeavour to paint a sonic picture of the state of anxiety, µ: of anxiety x discernment is a striking achievement from composer and sound designer Philipp Rumsch and his 12-strong Ensemble. Collated after a great deal of research and embracing material written by several people, it’s recorded in binaural stereo. 

Robot Koch
The Next Billion Years

Oh lord... I dread to think what the next billion years will bring. Berlin based producer and composer Robert Koch has themed his latest work around musing on the future of the planet inspired by a tape he found of marine biologist Jacques Cousteau. The album was written in LA and uses an orchestra on an electronic/orchestral hybrid which is a thoughtful and forward thinking musing on what the hell might happen. 

Flore Laurentienne
Volume 1

Flore Laurentienne is the new orchestral / synth side-project of Quebec composer Mathieu David Gagnon, who adopted the moniker from the title of a study conducted in 1935 of the Canadian region’s wildlife. On Volume 1, Gagnon is accompanied by talented Montreal-based musicians on a soft, pastel-shaded sonic journey. 

Solo Piano

Solo Piano is a new book of piano scores courtesy of the Erased Tapes label, collecting together 20 newly-arranged pieces from the label’s first ten years of existence - from Ólafur Arnalds’ ‘0040’ through to some new songs from A Winged Victory For The Sullen - and with programme notes from the label’s founder Robert Raths. 

Andy Dragazis

Andy Dragazis announces his debut full-length album, released via his own label Lightwell Recordings. Afterimages shows the producer and composer, previously responsible for many great records under his previous guise Blue States, laying down some of the most serene and idiosyncratic music he’s ever made. 

Erland Cooper
Sule Skerry

The sea. Really big isn't it? And sort of flappy. Living in Orkland Erland Cooper knows all about the sea and has decided to make his second album all about the great big wet thing. Previous album Solan Goose (all about the goose?) got all kind of plaudits from the likes of the Quietus, 6 Music etc so expect this one to do the same...but wetter. 

Yair Elazar Glotman

Yair Elazar Glotman learned to play contrabass the way that classical music demands: practice toward an intuitive understanding of performance. As always, though, his work is critical of what we're taught to remember music as being, and Études is an aggressive exploration of his instrument free of its pre-established role. Études is the material sound of an instrument as well as the sounds it makes. 
  • Vinyl LP (SUB013)
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The Sound of Arvo Part

This new Arvo Pärt disc on Warner Classics is presented in a slightly new-age kind of way (the press release uses the phrase “sonic detox”), but don’t let that put you off. Pärt is a composer of rich and excellent music: this disc features pieces like ‘Fratres’ and ‘Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten’, which have a whole lot more to them than wooly good vibes.

Clouds In The Mirror (This Is Not A Safe Place Reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder)

Underscoring the forward-thinking nature of their output that so many overlook, Ride have handed the entirety of their recent sixth studio album This Is Not A Safe Place over to the neo-classical duo Pêtr Aleksänder. On Clouds In The Mirror, they’ve entirely re-imagined the tracks as beautiful, beatless exercises in strings and synths with only Mark Gardener’s vocals remaining. 

Philip Glass

Is Philip Glass really conceited or does the word "glass" just work surprisingly well with everything? Either way, this record is called Glassworks and characterises its composing protagonist as a gentle, quietened artist, interested in crafting meditative and minimal works. Recommended for the Glass fan who wants to take it easy, for once. You deserve a day off.

Mabe Fratti
Pies Sobre la Tierra

Mabe Fratti is a Guatemalan cellist who resides in Mexico City. It was in Mexico City where she began hanging around the improvisation scene. This has led to her debut album, Pies Sobre La Tierra, which translates to Feet On The Ground. It is a mix of pop and experimental music which finds a suitable home alongside the likes of Peter Zummo and Military Genius on Unheard of Hope.

Aidan Baker
An Instance Of Rising / Liminoid

Arriving in beautiful silk-screened artwork is this CD of two contemporary classical works by Aidan Baker, performed in Poland and Latvia with the help of orchestras. The first, ‘An Instance of Rising’, was performed in Krakow in 2017 with the Spółdzielnia Muzyczna, and the second, a piece originally performed with Pram and Tim Hecker titled ‘Liminoid’, at the Zemlika festival with the Riga Sinfonietta. 


Tangents are a restless group, always switching up to a new sound or dropping in unexpected elements in the middle of compositions. Jazz, electronica, post-rock, electro-acoustic improvisation and more besides all surface in the heady brew of Stateless. The vinyl edition of the album comes with an additional download of some remixes (including one by Four Tet). On Temporary Residence.

I Still Play

I Still Play is a collection of piano pieces by artists such as Steve Reich, Timo Andres, Randy Newman, Pat Metheny, Philip Glass, Brad Mehldau, Laurie Anderson and a number of other artists who have recorded for the Nonesuch label. They are performed by Timo Andres along with Jeremy Denk, Randy Newman and Brad Mehldau.

Ann Margaret Hogan
Honeysuckle Burials

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Arvo Pärt
Fur Alina

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Music For Egon Schiele

Music For Egon Schiele, the second LP from the influential chamber music group Rachel’s, was first released in 1996 on Quarterstick Records. This set was conceived to score a play about the famous painter, and as such there is a fitting classical stateliness to these compositions. Brahms and Ravel are brought to mind across Music For Egon Schiele.

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection

John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat were the composers given the job of scoring the Harry Potter movies. John Williams received Academy Award nominations for the two films he scored. Here we have a collection of music spanning across the 8 movies, performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson

A talented rotating cast of collaborators that includes Lucy Railton, Maria W Horn and Viktor Orri Arnarson helped composers Yair Elazar Glotman and Mats Erlandsson bring this latest work to life. Emanate exists in a space between classical music and experimental music, using electronic and acoustic sounds to create a distinctive sonic compound. 

Anthony Baden Saggers
Sketches From A Minor Tragedy

Sketches From A Minor Tragedy is the latest album release from composer and self-taught musician Anthony Baden Saggers, often better known as Stray Ghost. Released as a vinyl edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, this is an intensely personal piece for Saggers, written on the piano at the start of 2019. 
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Glass Museum

Lying somewhere between the free-form classical / jazz of contemporary acts like Dinosaur or GoGo Penguin and the glacial electronica of George Fitzgerald, Antoine Flipo and Martin Grégoire deliver a second Glass Museum album, titled Reykjavik. It should deliver more of the same audial pleasures that their breakthrough debut, Deux, did a couple of years back. 

Sophie Hutchings
Scattered On The Wind

Scattered on the Wind is the seventh album by Australian modern classical composer / pianist Sophie Hutchings. She shows her effervescent personality via her piano-led compositions, fleshed out with strings. It is an album about taking risks and trusting that you will naturally make the right decision. On Mercury KX.

Carly Paradis
Nothing is Something

Carly Paradis is a world-renowned composer. Nothing is Something is her third album. It is an epic, powerful ride with strings that soar and lyrics languishing on subjects that need urgent attention such as the climate crisis. Her other work has seen her compose the score for dramatic BBC show Line of Duty and collaborate with Clint Mansell.
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Ryuichi Sakamoto - performed by Brussels Philharmonic and conducted by Dirk Brossé
Music for Film

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Bruno Sanfilippo
Piano Textures 5

Piano Textures is a series that Argentinian pianist Bruno Sanfilippo has been working on throughout his 20 year career. Here we have Piano Textures No. 5 which explores patterns in contemporary classical music, minimalism, the beauty of quietness and reflection. The Piano Textures series is the work most representative of Sanfilippo as an artist. As usual with his albums, we expect this to be very good.

Clarice Jensen
The experience of repetition as death

Cellist Clarice Jensen has already collaborated with the late composer Jóhann Jóhannsson amongst others on earlier work but for her second album goes it alone on a record which uses the cello and nothing else as a sound source. The album uses the instrument to create loops and electronica that veer far in the direction of more dance-orientated practitioners like Actress. Seems she's doing for the cello what Colin Stetson has done for the sax. 

Nils Frahm
All Encores

The incomparable Nils Frahm presents the third and final instalment in his Encores series of EPs, with all three of the compositions available as an 80-minute album titled All Encores. Conceived of as “musical islands” off of the mainland of 2018's album All Melody, the third part is more percussive and electronic than the previous EPs that focussed on piano and ambience. 

Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Arnold Kasar

The kosmische legend that is Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster and Harmonia) here collaborates with classical pianist Arnold Kasar. The resulting album Einfluss, released by the extremely ‘proper’ classical Deutsche Grammophon label, are a gorgeous waltz through lush piano melodies and shifting textures.

Alfa Mist
On My Ones

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Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2

Though best known for his work in This Heat and Camberwell Now, erstwhile sound explorer Charles Hayward has done plenty else in his time. For example, this 1989 split LP with Gigi Masin. The two musicians were tasked with devising music inspired by their local rivers, which led Masin into beautiful looping melodic ambience and Hayward into a sinister side-long drift piece. First time on vinyl for this rare release, out on Modern Classics.

Niklas Paschburg

German composer Niklas Paschburg took himself off to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard to write his second album of the same name. The album has a mournful tone which is down to the location. The effects of climate change are on his mind and are visible in the changing landscape there. He composed on piano, accordion and electric harmonium. The songs were finished with the help of Andy Barlow from Lamb in Brighton. 

Max de Wardener
Music For Detuned Pianos

The latest album from composer Max de Wardener does what it says on the tin really being a collection of pieces written on detuned acoustic pianos and performed by Kit Downes. Surprisingly enough pianos aren't that easy to detune (or to detune in the way you want them to) so this was a labour of love for de Wardener who drew inspiration from the likes of La Monte Young and Harry Partch in making these elegant compositions. 

Maria McKee
La Vita Nuova

Former Lone Justice member and star of the Pulp Fiction soundtrack with her show-stopping ‘If Love Is A Red Dress’, Maria McKee has been inactive for 13 years, her last album arriving back in 2007. That elongated period of silence is now over, however, with this new collection La Vita Nuova, with a more English and pastoral folk feel than many fans will be familiar with. 

Erland Cooper
Hether Blether

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Gawain Erland Cooper releases the third instalment in a trilogy of LPs which are thematically informed by the geography and history of the Orkney Islands, where he grew up. Hether Blether takes the landscape of the islands as its inspiration, conjuring up a atmospheric mixture of words, imagery and sound. 

Darragh Morgan / John Tilbury
Morton Feldman - For John Cage

An abstract yet cinematic piece composed for violin and piano, contemporary classical music figurehead John Tilbury and violinist Darragh Morgan first performed Morton Feldman’s For John Cage at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2006. Now, that recording, shortlisted for a Royal Philharmonic Society Award, gets a CD release via Diatribe Records ahead of Tilbury and Morgan’s upcoming performance of the piece at New Music Dublin this year. 

Ludovico Einaudi
Seven Days Walking - Day Seven

The final instalment of Italian minimalist composer Ludovico Einaudi’s Seven Days Walking album project, released in seven parts and each focussing on a separate day. ...Day 7 is now released on white vinyl, bearing a sense of spontaneity and authenticity, reflecting its recording process in a small, cut-off hut in the middle of the Alps. 

Julia Kent

New York based cellist Julia Kent came into view from performing with Rasputina and Antony & The Johnsons, and her performance credits are impressive as well, including Swans, Library Tapes, and Aiden Baker. Asperities is her fourth studio album, recorded and produced entirely by herself. Layering string work and electronics with a palpable emotional core, place this next to your Max Richter and Jóhann Jóhannsson. Limited vinyl and CD on The Leaf Label.

The Fantasy Orchestra
The Bear... and Other Stories

Beginning with the weaving jazz-infused melodies of 'Flow', The Fantasy Orchestra's debut offering is a sprawling collaboration of no less than 160 creative's energy. 'The Bear and Other Stories' is a fantastic slab of DIY ingenuity, a community project full of covers, homages and a wealth of personality.

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