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Ken Camden
Space Mirror

Kranky Records used to be one of my favourite record labels back when they had artists like Bowery Electric and Labradford on their roster. These days I’m a little out of touch with the Chicago label so this seems like a nice way to get me r...view item »


Anjou is born from the ashes of Virginia's staple post-rock band Labradford, bringing together guitarist and singing man Mark Nelson with bassist Robert Donne for their first collaboration in a good minute. With Labradford all but disbanded, 'Anjou' is a good chance as any to recreate their magic, bringing together stunning ambient textures with...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Causers Of This

In the top ten of pretty much everyone's 'one to watch in 2010' lists, Toro Y Moi (a.k.a Columbia, South Carolina's Chaz Bundick) has alot of hype to live up too on his debut 'Causers Of This'. Mashing up the sounds of Psychelia, Indie Rock, Electronica, Soul and R&B into an accomplished pop smoothy Bundick's music sounds informed and modern, a...view item »

Christina Vantzou
No. 3

Classic Kranky material here from Chistina Vantzou’s third record, for which she enlisted a 15-part micro-orchestra. Formerly involved with The Dead Texan, Vantzou here pulls those classical instruments (and several synths) through layer-upon-layer of processing, ending up with a smooth an...view item »

Everything Else Matters

Big wide open shoegaze from St. Petersberg, Russia! Pinkshinyultrablast grabbed that pleasing name from an album by Astrobrite, which gives an impression of what their sound might be, but these guys love shoegaze too much to simply replicate it like a relic from the early '90s. Instead they push forward and outw...view item »

Denzel + Huhn

Denzel + Huhn carefully create exciting digital soundfields for the pleasure of the listener. Brom is their first record in eight years, and the thought that has gone into it’s 14 tracks in that time is audible. These pieces crackle, skip and hum with a remarkably melodic sensibility. Released on CD by the Oktaf l...view item »

For Now

Jeff Stonehouse
Mariner's Willow

Mariner’s Willow by Jeff Stonehouse is a recording that is dedicated to his mum and imbued with her spirit. The piano and guitar work together on the recording mimic the ebb and flow of the sea which was an important part of her life. The sounds of nature heard on the album were recorded near Stonehouse’s mo...view item »

Zander One
Emerald Awaking

Emerald Awakening is a somewhat blissful journey, containing twelve tracks that Zander One tells us are influenced by the passing of the seasons in his local valley. Pastoral ambience pleasure. The album comes with two remixes by Coppice Halifax and Shea McGilvray, in a limited CDr edit...view item »


Mood music reflecting deep and dark emotions from Chandeliers. Artifacts is a slow-moving submersion into still waters of warm, multi-layered ambience. Fans of Basinski's decaying soundworlds will find much to love here. Out on limited CDr from Shimmering Moods. In an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies with handmade co...view item »

Gallery Six

Available on CD and are ridiculously limited to only 100 copies in special packaging. Very minimal ambient aural landscapes filled with pure tones, warm static and field samples galore, sounds and pads washing in and out of each other with only mild glimpses of form. For fans of Celer, Stars of the Lid, ...view item »

Vaadat Charigim
Sinking As A Stone

A supple psych offering from Israeli rockers Vaadat Charigim. Sinking As A Stone manages to utilise heavy distortion and screeching guitars whilst sounding sumptuously lush all at once. Drenched in reverb it’s an expansive collection of emotive epics. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Burger Records....view item »

Blackwinged Night

Phaedra is the solo project of one Ingvlid Langgård, a fine art graduate who brings a rich compositional talent as well as a strong visual art practice. On Blackwinged Night, the second album of a proposed trilogy, classical instruments and synthesised rhythms support dramatic, performative vocals...view item »

Ancient Ocean
Blood Moon

Ancient Ocean sound very much as you’d expect Ancient Ocean to sound like. Slotting next to your Kranky and Low Point records, Blood Moon is a swirling, droning affair that leaves you swimming in a rich sea of aural delight. Dip your toe and you’re soon immersed. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Beyond Is Beyond....view item »

The Host
Esalen Lectures

The Host’s new record, The Esalen Lectures, is essentially a fake record, taking as its conceit the idea of visiting a psychedelic retreat. This slightly sinister hippy environment is conjured up through New Age synth sounds and all manner of whooshing and hissing. This could certainly make you feel ‘altered...view item »

Jens Uwe Beyer
The Emissary

The Emissary by Jens Uwe Beyer is the full-length debut from a seasoned Kompakt alumni. With a raft of releases under his Popnoname alias, Jens Uwe Beyer now steps out under his own name to deliver an intimate, GAS-inspired selection of tasty Pop Ambient morsels. Out on CD and vinyl LP+ CD from Kompakt....view item »

Django Django

Reflections is taken from Mercury Music Prize nominated and London based art-rockers Django Django’s latest album Born Under Saturn. This four-track 12” EP features Reflections as featured on the album along with 3 quite different remixes: the Happa Remix, Jellyman’s Midnight...view item »

Via Tania

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Yuki Aida

Wolves and Horses
Wolves and Horses

Wolves and Horses, the recording moniker for Belgian ambient artist Christian SaintViteux makes music by finding a sound to set a mood and layers drones and other manipulated sounds on top. The five pieces on this self-titled EP are designed to soundtrack imaginary short films, having lighter and darker moments to intensify the ...view item »

In Our Hiding Voice

The second track on this is like been immersed into a pothole outside a factory where they're drilling things. A muffled fuzzy rumble, disquieting & deep but not sinister, almost soothing! Ten tracks long, meaning more moods & textures to be explored. This is a pretty drone orientated album but it has a presence & a gravity unlike ma...view item »

Sr. Aye
Nocturnal Habits

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How do you pronounce Gizeh? Is it like how Yosser Hughes would once have requested, in casual earnestness, for a job? Or is it a little more distinguished and pretentious than that? And are these post-rock releasing types aware that they share a name with both a smoking accessories firm f...view item »


Here's a new CD on the Nomadic Kids label which if you didn't know is the new (ish) label set up by Ian Hawgood of Ian Hawgood fame. He also runs the Home Normal label who've got some super things out later in the year. In the meantime you can tend with fi...view item »

Benjamin Finger
Motion Reverse

Following the textural ambiance of Eilean records April release ‘Pleasurably Lost’, Benjamin Finger returns with ‘Motion Reverse’ on Shimmering Moods Records. The record sees Finger reflect on a period of recent creative acceleration from which he has constructed this coherent yet playful collection of hypnotic dub tracks...view item »

Gurun Gurun
Gurun Gurun

3 new Home Normal's in this week. Like buses they tend to come at once... or when I'm waiting for a bus they never comeatfuckingall. This has arrived though and it's here in my hand and while I'm listening to it I have the CD right next to me in my periphery vision so I can stay focused. Nice work Phil. These guys are a Czech collective of exper...view item »
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Brian Grainger
One Bleak Try

Install present a new collection from Brian Grainger with each track being a collaborative effort with fellow Install artists David Tagg, Peter Wright, Shinobu Nemoto, Acreil, Jason Adams and Millipede. Recorded as a way for Grainger to thwart a serious case of writers block, 'One Bleak Try' is a six track CD of compositions exploring all avenue...view item »
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Wechsel Garland

Fort Lauderdale
Rock 'n Roll

Fort Lauderdale fail to inspire with a 7" & CDs on Memphis Industries called 'Rock 'n' Roll'. Fuck me fellers! How much of a brainstorming session did it take to agree on that nugget eh? I can't be bothered any further with this except to say how can a record label deliver me single of ...view item »

Ken Camden
Dream Memory

Kranky continues to pedal its alternative lullaby lifestyle with Dream Memory, a beguiling abstraction of guitar norms by Ken Camden, who attempts to bring together the disparate timbres of guitar and synth. This records alien technological drone is offered estranged vocal flourishes by Angel Olsen and Emily E...view item »

Ex Machina Libertas

Greg Davis

Home Normal are churning them out at the moment. It feel like they have something out every week! I could be wrong, perhaps my perception of time has been altered. I blame Greg Davis and his 'Midpoint' CD. This guy's stuff has a strange effect on me. The disc comprises two tracks. The first is a mixdown from a live quadraphonic performance where he...view item »

S. Carey

I'm loving the first track on this EP from Bon Iver sideman S. Carey. He builds the track slowly using subtle electronics and whispered vocals but it all reaches a wonderful l...view item »

Blood Fountains

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This is the debut album release from noisemaker Illuminine aka Kevin Imbrechts (Mosquito). Holed up in his bedroom with a guitar and a selection of effects pedals, Illuminine has been experimenting with sound for years to produce this sharp, economical, post rock, post noise-rock record that grew conceptually from a lo fi guitar album into the s...view item »

Chunky Monkey

ADR some of you may recall was the chap responsible for the inaugural release on the Public Information label. Real name Aaron David Ross, he is also half of Gatekeeper. I was somewhat taken by surprise when the needle first ...view item »

The Fragile Present

Another shimmering little ambient release from the Shimmering Moods label, presented in beautiful hand-made ‘special packaging’ in an edition of only 100 copies. TimeDog’s record, The Fragile Present, moves through bliss, tension, heavy melancholy, unease, and back to bliss again over the course of jus...view item »

Damian Anache
Capturas del Unico Camino

Oh, there’s a lot going on here. Where to begin? So, there are some acoustic instruments played by Damian Anache and he also makes sounds “generated with his mouth” - it’s kinda like throat singing, or just someone saying “aah” for the dentist. There’s also a computer playing an algorith...view item »
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Mixing drone, shoegaze and psych rock into the same room like distant cousins awkwardly making conversation on the Christmas holidays, Implodes make a strange cacophony of loud noises - reverberating, sustaining and compelling, Reverser offers up a different kind of darkness to the psych rock univers...view item »
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Six Six Seconds
Tearing Down Heaven

Six Six Seconds’ Tearing Down Heaven was first heard on a Downwards compilation a few years ago, but it was agreed by all involved that it was worth being released on a disc of its own. Here it is on a 10”, in all its dark, seething glory, backed with Reprise, a fresh return to the same territory....view item »

Viento De Las Montanas

Viento De Las Montanas comes as a beautifully handmade CDr package, with photos that evoke the same gorgeously desolate landscape that the album does. Constructed from field recordings, instruments including harmonica, and a strong narrative sense, ~~^^^macheteoxidado^^^~~ have made a deeply atmospheric work. On Shimmer...view item »


Unseed is a member of the Hanami Series, meaning that this particular portion of delicate ambience is themed around nature and its transience. Øe is the project of label owner Fabio Perletta, and this album comes packaged, as all the best albums do, with some seeds from a Japanese cherry tree. Oh...view item »


Adverb is a musical project focused closely on memory, all of JADI’s tracks apparently expressing a moment in its creator’s life. Although what those moments are and what exactly they signify to Mr or Mrs Adverb must remain a mystery… Eight tracks of melodic electro-acoustic ambiences...view item »

Premiers Symptomes

Rhino Records are in the midst of a campaign of reissuing the discography of Air, the smooth, loungey French synth-charmers. Premiers Symptomes is, appropriately enough, their debut EP, initially released in 1997 to gather up some earlier singles. Pressed to proper 180g white vinyl and freshly remastered....view item »

Wolfgang Voigt
Ruckverzauberung 10 / National Park

Exciting times for Wolfgang Voigt fans, as the German ambient-techno overlord harks back to his Gas days… Ruckverzauberung 10 / National Park is an hour-long, single track, improvised from processed orchestral instruments as an installation for a newly opened national park. Gorgeous work, as you&...view item »


Reverb-heavy slowness from Bay Area lifers Valet. A collaboration between Honey Owens, Fauria and Mark Burden, Nature is a shimmering shoegazey effort that’s as expansive as it is organic in sound. Fans of the My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive revivalist aesthetic take note. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Kranky....view item »

Ben Chatwin
The Sleeper Awakes

Recorded at his home in Scotland, The Sleeper Awakes by Ben Chatwin is inspired by the works of HG Wells and sees Chatwin, who has previously released music under the name Talvihorros, concentrate on ambient melody as he creates subtle tunes which beautifully meld together into a distinct struct...view item »

Shana Falana
Set Your Lightning Fire Free

Having worked through an internship-like period of low-profile, lo-fi cassette and bandcamp releases, Shana Falana is finally ready to follow up her 2011 EP with a full length, on the Team Love label. On Set Your Lightning Fire Free, big sweeping dream-guitars and waves of vocals make for a grand artistic statement....view item »
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Breakfast In Fur
Flyaway Garden

Following their first, eponymously titled EP, consisting of jangly guitar, a selection of childrens toys and the soft, gently whispered vocals of Kaitlin Van Pelt, Breakfast In Fur’s latest release ‘Flyaway Garden’ sees what began as a recording project between Dan Wolfe and Kaitlin Van Pelt move into more assertive, punk rock ...view item »
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Diario de viaje

The Home Normal label continue their run of broad but utterly distinctive releases with a limited edition, four panelled recycled card CD from Melodía. A travel journal of intimate and low key instrumentals for acoustic guitar and twinkling electronics, the affecting, meandering songs perfectly capture idyllic trips spent...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Freaking Out

Toro Y Moi's new album is full of house style stomp and squelch. Its five tracks wouldn't sound out of place on the Golden Child soundtrack. It has electro grooves and soulful vocals in abundance. It starts off with a track called "All Alone" which has a really good beat and solid bass grooves. This level of quality doesn't dip...the grooves...view item »

Pale Blue
The Past We Leave Behind

Pale Blue is the new project from Mike Simonetti. Simonetti enlisted the incredible talent of Silver Hands’ vocalist Elizabeth Wight to be the focal point of Pale Blue. The Past We Leave Behind is a warm, melodic electronic record with elements of...view item »


I've got to do summat "beard" says he, the man over there, rapidly sliding down the slippy chute into the terrifying realm that is 40-dom. 'Beard' was the term we used to employ to describe anything that may get musical academics & sound-art buffs frothing with excitement but would undoubtedly clear 99.9% of the public houses in Britain. Als...view item »
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Surf City
Jekyll Island

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, one imagines Surf City’s name borrows as much from their country’s diverse panoply of sports as much as they do from Brian Wilson. As you’d expect Jekyll Island is sun-drenched but with a keen ear for extended fuzz workouts. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Fire....view item »

Danny Clay

Some spiritual alleviation from Danny Clay. Ganymede are eight works from the Midwestern artists and producer. These pieces came to life when Clay took a bit of Schubert's Ganymed, disentangled the parts and created his own piece of ambient wellness. His studio wizardry shows how ...view item »


A backwards looking release from shoegaze-inspired electro-MOR band Echodrone. Five sounds like Slowdive playing Depeche Mode covers underwater. It’s a little bit like a dreampop Smashing Pumpkins at times thanks to the swirling, distorted guitars and ethereal vocals. Out on CD from Saint Marie....view item »

Christopher Hipgrave
No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows

Sublime ambient music from enigmatic UK composer Christopher Hipgrave. Initially causing a stir with his 2009 debut ‘Day’ Hipgrave has since released material on Low Point and developed acclaimed music-making software. His new album is characterised by its atmosphere of deep contemplation, delicate textural inte...view item »

Sage Taylor
Parallels & Rhythms EP

‘The Parallels & Rhythms’ EP is Portland composer Sage Taylor’s second release on Dutch label Shimmering Moods Records. The A side is a perfectly flawed and serene work of ambient, blissed out peacefulness while the two B sides are both warm and hazy summer time tracks. Very limited edition with no repress....view item »

All Things In Common

Toro Y Moi
June 2009

This is a collection of more “lo-fi” songs recorded by Chaz Bundick in the summer of 2009 alongside the commercially released Toro Y Moi stuff so while it's still got many of their trademarks it's a slightly ...view item »
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Takagi Masakatsu
Opus Pia

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Le Chat Blanc Orchestra
Ste-Claire Hotel

Make Mine Music seem to be pouring out the releases these days and here is another one by ....I don't know I can't read the cover.....let me check...... its Le Chat Blanc Orchestra which is a collaboration between Pascal Asselin (Millimetrik, Below the Sea) and Mathieu Grise (Destroy All Dreamers). I am delighted to report that its absolutely lovel...view item »

Quantec / relapxych.0 / Deer
Shapes and Phases of Amibence

Triple header here but I'm only Familiar with Quantec who here gives us more of his ultra chilled out dub techno that goes down well in the early hours. 'Endless Sacrifice' clocks in at just under nine minutes and should hit the spot for followers of Deepchord. Relapxych.0 stuff is nice sounding too at times recalling classic ambient tracks and ...view item »

Inch Time
Icicles & Snowflakes

That Inch Time CD that came out on Static Caravan was dead good. I don't know if anyone remembers it but it was a winner. Consequently the new 7" single (icicles & Snowflakes) came to me with some anticipation. It's absolutely lovely clicky melodic electronica of the highest order. There's more jungle sounds in there (l...view item »

Olan Mill
Half Seas Over

More gorgeous piano powered drone from the prolific Olan Mill. In the crowded field of modern composition and ambient, Alex Smalley’s newest project has created a unique space joining the emotional reach and oceanic swells of someone like Fennesz with subtle organic and instrumental touches drawn from field recording. The ...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama and Good Weather For An Airstrike
Falling Sun

Getting Chihei Hatakeyama to play on your record is a sure-fire way to make things just that little bit more serene, his work sounding potently organic through the use of acoustic guitars, piano motifs and little electronic flourishes. On Falling Sun, he joins forces with the equally hushed Good Weather For An A...view item »


There’s a certain ‘Flau’ sound isn’t there? The Japanese label seem adept at finding unusual examples of their particular brand of micro-music that sounds somehow Japanese even though its difficult to say why or how. Even when they veer off genre there is something distinctive linking it together. Tohoku’s M...view item »

Ghost and Tape
Poble Nou

Found sound recordings of water, birds along with harmonious synths and strings from Barcelona-based musician, producer and wanderer Heine Christensen under his Ghost and Tape moniker. Layers upon layers of sound build up to create the feeling of a beautiful day. You can almost smell the hot earth and the cool stream. Four track...view item »

Sinner DC
The Ambient Mixes

A longform collection of re-imaginings from 2012’s Future That Never Happened LP, The Ambient Mixes is an 80-minute minimalist trip. Geneva-based Sinner DC take cues from their relationship with Sonic Boom to transport the mixes to new psychedelic depths. Out on CD and 12” vinyl from Mental Gro...view item »

Golden Fable
Ancient Blue

The Welsh dream too, you know. Golden Fable are a trio of dream pop wizards, and they'e following up their debut record, 'Star Maps'. That record efficiently demonstrated their shimmering sound through synths, programmed drums and effects upon effects, but this record presents it even more neatly and emotively. 'Ancient Blue' goes in for th...view item »

There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay

Ian M Hazeldine, a.k.a Antonymes revisits and reinterprets ‘Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future’ (previously available on Cathedral Transmissions) with the help of guest contributors Ian Hawgood, Katie English, ...view item »

Brian Eno
The Shutov Assembly - Expanded Edition

Out on All Saints is the new reissue on vinyl LP and CD of Brian Eno's '92 droner The Shutov Assembly - Expanded Edition. Made primarily for his artist pal Sergi Shutov, TSA is akin to Eno's earlier capacious work's, yet it develops into a slightly more sinister and angular persona. Perhaps thi...view item »

Brian Eno
The Drop

This is not Brian Eno's dubstep album. 'The Drop' is a largely formless collection of ambient soundscapes in the vein of the producers best and most influential works, combining his disciplines with abundant melodies. Originally released towards the turn of the century, like 'Another Green World' happening all over again, a little bit quieter....view item »

Church & State
Live at Huntingfield Church 29/01/10

Oh, this is lovely. Church & State is a collaborative project between two brothers, Adam and Matthew Moore, with Adam playing guitar while Matthew processes and manipulates the sounds. What we're left with is something which doesn't sound an awful lot like a guitar...there's an almo...view item »

Phoenix York
Godspeed Phuong

Phoenix York creates ambient sound records, creating the sensation of being trapped in a bathroom with a friendly man who wants to play you his synthesiser. This album, his first, has moments of post-rock and an almost orchestral feel in parts, using found sounds, a guitar and a sampler. Perfect for bath time....view item »

Air Texture Volume IV – Selected By Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN

Another release in the Air Texture series, with the curation duties being performed by Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN. Air Texture IV - Selected By Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN is a collection of acoustic and electronic ambient works, drifting from lucid floating synths to gloomy dank drones. Generously spatial offerings from all involved. Ou...view item »

System Fork

Application are Martin & Richard Dust (The Black Dog). System Fork was designed around the principle of Itamae. Every detail was described and thought about before any work in the studio was done. This process took two years before a set of rules and principles were fully realised for the creative process in the studio...view item »

Islands Of Light

Islands Of Light (as well as rhyming with Angel Delight) is the  is the work of Vienna-based artist Dino Spiluttini. Best known for sharing the 'bill' on a recent split release with Nils Quak he also runs the Beatismurder label and co-founded Total Light records.  He's done drone type stuff before but this time he's at the pian...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
A Word Of Science

This is a real landmark LP, not so much in the career of NOW, as I think their key album is Smokers Delight, but rather a landmark in terms of the Northen bleep era and Warp records. Whilst not the first album on Warp, it felt significant as it seemed to symbolise a shift from one off singles to having artists who look...view item »

The North Borders Tour. - Live

'BONOBO GOLDEN TICKET' competition. Buy the CD or DVD version of 'The North Borders Tour' from us and you are in with a chance of winning one of 10 pairs of 'golden tickets' secreted randomly in copies of the album. The ticket will secure you a VIP pass to either the final date of Bobobo's tour at Alexandra Palace, London on 28th Novembe...view item »

Marconi Union

All kinds of downbeat, be it conjured through ambient sounds, post-rock soundscaping or IDM-leaning electronica, Marconi Union make a sound that aims to be modest and simplistic -- the tracklist for 'Weightless' attests to that, comprising of a six-part suite with no concepts and no fuss. This time, the group try to keep it really minimalist, oc...view item »

Seth Cluett
Forms of Forgetting

Actual art, but in a record. If that sounds up your alley, this could be the disc for you. Seth Cluett describes himself as an artist, performer and musician. He plays a load of different instruments, some of which he made himself, and he is very heavy on concepts, experimentation and utilizing a variety of techniques to make music. This ha...view item »
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Matthew Collings
Silence Is A Rhythm Too

Matthew Collings is a Scottish-based composer. Not only being a solo recording and live artist, he collaborates regularly with artists from all kinds of fields including musicians (Ben Frost, Dag Rosenqvist from Jasper TX, Denovali label mate Talvihorros, Christos Michalakos or Euan Mcmeeken with whom he forms the duo Graveyard Tapes), dancers a...view item »

Matthew Collings
Splintered Instruments

Discipline makes the world go round, baby. So said King Tubby I believe. So labels take note: this is how you produce CDs in the modern age. The packaging is utterly tremendous, way superior of anything I’ve seen in recent months. Housed in lovely brown card, you get a cd, some postcards, a guitar p...view item »

Richard Ginns
Fall, Rise

A brief survey of this new Richard Ginns CD on Twice Removed. Seven tracks of twinkly, sleep-inducing ambience and field recordings. It kinda sounds like he's recorded this outdoors in an intentionally raw fashion as there appears to be the sensation of a breeze blowing through some trees or a particularly hissy tape track beneath the meandering...view item »
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Christina Vantzou

Christina Vantzou has worked as a visual artist alongside Stars of the Lid and the Dead Texan (where she contributes as a musician also). but makes potent ambient through the orchestral process as well. No. 1 is her first solo record, a ...view item »

Fripp & Eno
The Equatorial Stars

You know what these two are like: they really love stars. King Crimson frontman Robert Fripp and ambient music saint Brian Eno released their collaborative effort 'Evening Star' back in 1975, a tranquil soundscape that helped popularise drone way back when. It took them thirty years to make another record together, but 'The Equatorial Stars' was...view item »

Roll The Dice
Until Silence

I've tried with these Swedes before and I still haven't got 'em figured out on their third album so maybe I should just give up. It's not that I actively dislike them as I don't, There is just something a little laboured, authoritarian and pompous about their music, especially at its most dramatic and symphonic. That's not to say it isn't all RE...view item »

Robert Curgenven

Here's the latest collection of thoughtful texturescapes from Robert Curgenven, who's already put out some of his cerebral minimalism on the esteemed L-NE imprint, including a collaboration with label honcho Chartier. The four tracks here all follow a similar template - 16-foot pipe organs recorded in five separate churches (St Paul, Ludgvan; ...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
N.O.W Is The Time

Here’s Leeds own George Evelyn with a long overdue best-of compilation from the 20 plus years strong Nightmares On Wax history. This is sure to bring back memories of those post club chilled vibes from the nineties and beyond featuring tracks from his early classic albums like ‘Smokers Delight’ and ‘Carboot Soul&r...view item »

Olan Mill & Keung Mandelbrot

Olan Mill and Keung Mandelbrot have long been friends but this is the first time the two have collaborated together on a record, one which apparently came together quite organically through the pair simply sitting down with guitars and improvising together. Here, over five tracks, they collect the results of these improvisations, a slow-burning ...view item »

Listening Mirror
The Heart Of The Sky

Here's a review of the original sold out cassette!  I like this chap! I like this cassette too. I took it out of it's crappy plastic case (tape cases are shite) and I was confronted by a beautiful gold tape. It was like a golden ticket in a...view item »

The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler

Droning through the British countryside, Petrels has finally remastered and released these two tracks on a physical medium. Clocking in at 17 and 22 minutes respectively, The Silver Chimney Club/Wat Tyler are two songs that tell a noisy story. Recommended for fans of long, slow ambient and intense drone. Pressed on 180g...view item »

Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)

Berlin-based artist and Zhark Recordings head Patrick Stottrop aka Kareem takes the controls for the third release from The Death Of Rave imprint. Known for his dark industrial techno and gloomy hip-hop 'Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)' has him dropping the beats in place of...view item »

Mr Scruff
Render Me

A 12” sample of Mr Scruff’s latest album on Ninja Tune, Friendly Bacteria. Two reworkings of the track ‘Render Me’, a track that features vocals from Denis Jones. I found his vocals pretty weird to be honest, especially put within the usually light and Scruffy sound of the track, but maybe that i...view item »

Greater Lengths: An All Saints Compilation

Two discs neatly summing up the brilliance of Dominic Norman-Taylor’s All Saints label. Released just as those ‘in the know’ are discussing an ambient revival (did it ever go away?) this compilation contains pieces by Brian Eno (and his bro Roger), Laraaji, Harold Budd...view item »


One man guitar orchestra Eric Quatch inhabits that wild and fertile (and increasing populated) border zone between ambient, shoegaze and metal. He’s been quietly forging his sound and releasing music as Thisquietarmy since 2005 and with this latest release, ‘Rebirths’, he offers new recordings of select tracks from his consider...view item »

Pulse Emitter
Crater Lake

Daryl “Pulse Emitter” Groetsch returns this week with more of his cosmic synth meanderings, and y’all have probably long since realised that he’s got some of the peaciest peace vibes on the scene, and if so you’ve got a fairly solid idea of what this album sounds like. This is a concept record of sorts - Groetsch wa...view item »
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Tone-worshipping Chicago duo Cleared are back this week with another LP of their distorto-drone compositions, mixing electronics, guitars, and lots of sounds whose original sources are pretty much anyone's guess. After starting out with a passage which is certainly guitar sounds, they drift into a kind of dystopian ambience that is both deeply...view item »
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Nightmares On Wax
Thought So...

Chillout with the misleadingly named Nightmares On Wax, whose days on Warp continue with a lovely reisuse of 'Thought So...', his sixth record, which saw them pack up shop and move to Ibiza (from Leeds, no less!). There's plenty of good old fashioned dub to rejoice over, but things get a little sunnier and shinier on this record. ...view item »

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