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Maria Somerville
All My People

Dream pop and Irish folk mingle beneath veils of Liz Harris-like soundscaping on this splendid debut from Dublin-based Maria Somerville. Her calm, secretive singing joins beautifully sculpted synths and guitar, quirky and understated sound design, the occasional plodding beat and quite a lot of reverb.

Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft
A Heart So White

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Tim Hecker
Love Streams

Brand new full-length from Tim Hecker, who here brings his flaring waves of electronics into contact with woodwinds and the Icelandic Choir Ensemble (as arranged by Johann Johannsson). Love Streams builds on previous album Virgins, and was partly recorded in the same Reykjavik studio. CD or double LP on 4AD.

Holy Wave

What did you do after seeing My Bloody Valentine for the first time? I went home to try to clean out my ears but El Paso based shoegazers Holy Wave got on the first bus to Austin to start working on their own attempt to find a new way of making noisy and swirling psych-influenced music. After loads of critical acclaim for their previous records Interloper sees them kick back and write a lush and contemplative album about their lives and the weird state of the world. 

Luke Schneider
Altar of Harmony

A key figure in the modern Nashville scene, playing back-up for artists such as Caitlyn Rose, Margo Price and Orville Peck, Luke Schneider shows off the full spectrum of his talent on the much underrated and oft-sneered at steel guitar on Altar of Harmony, a new solo album for Jack White’s Third Man Records. 

Christina Vantzou
No. 3

Classic Kranky material here from Chistina Vantzou’s third record, for which she enlisted a 15-part micro-orchestra. Formerly involved with The Dead Texan, Vantzou here pulls those classical instruments (and several synths) through layer-upon-layer of processing, ending up with a smooth and shiny surface.

Tumbling Towards A Wall

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Woven Empty

Sequences is the project of musician and visual artist Niels Geybels and his latest album Woven Empty came about after he had moved house five times in recent years (tell me about it) and began thinking about the processes of change and starting again. He used all kinds of found sounds and an array of unusual instruments to complete the work which is an emotional journey through drone, atmospherics and ambience. 
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Field Works

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Takashi Kokubo
Digital Soundology #1 Volk von Bauhaus

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K. Leimer
A Figure of Loss

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Meitei / 冥丁

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Session Victim
Needledrop Remixed

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Good Weather For An Airstrike / Signal Hill
Moura / Blessed Land

Moura / Blessed Land is a split 7” single featuring Signal Hill and Good Weather For An Airstrike. Signal Hill formed in L.A. in the mid ‘00s and mix punk, jazz, ‘90s emo and rock. Good Weather For An Airstrike is the project of Tom Honey from Winchester. Tom suffers from tinnitus so began making music to help him cope by mixing a lifetime of musical influences into a soporific blend of drone and post-rock.
  • Vinyl 7" (SSS106)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Seconds Minutes

SineRider is one of those shoegazey / post-rocky ambient projects that somehow also manages to fold some IDM into the mix, but chief SineRider Mr Devin Powers has the additional twist of being a Berklee College Of Music composer. No surprises then that Seconds Minutes is an excellently detailed suite of music. CD released by Sun Sea Sky Productions.

Hiroshi Yoshimura
Music For Nine Postcards

Hiroshi Yoshimura was a pioneer of environmental music, a parallel to Brian Eno. Yoshimura created ambient music to fit with physical spaces, music to be in and live through. .'Music For Nine Postcards' is keyboard and Rhodes played sweetly and softly - simples. The first vinyl reissue since its original release in 1982 comes with full reproduction of original artwork and sleeve, plus new liner notes.
  • Vinyl LP (EOS01LPX)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

David Holmes
The Holy Pictures

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Psalm of Solum

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Ron Boots / Jo Bogaert / Morten Søndergaard
Lachrymation / Ambient Kinsky / Sahara I Mine Hænder / Far Boundaries

The artists and title tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this four track 12” on Stroom. It features Ron Boots who has two of the tracks, along with Jo Bogaert and  Morten Søndergaard who have a track each. This is very limited, but look out for more of these coming your way.
  • Vinyl 12" (STREP-039)
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Fools' Harp Vol. 1

Fools’ Harp Vol. 1 is the debut solo album from Grizzly Bear percussionist Christopher Bear, recording under the name Fools. Recorded largely during a six-week jamming session in the summer of 2019 in which he played every instrument himself, the results have a self-professed ‘mixtape’ feel, and explore strange areas while remaining rooted in the familiar. 

Gaussian Curve
The Distance

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Motohiko Hamase

An official double-vinyl re-issue for Anecdote, the incredibly rare live album recorded in 1987 at Tokyo’s Wacoal Art Center. Backed by Toshio Kaji (pianos/synths) and Yasunori Yamaguchi (percussion), Motohiko Hamase shows why he was one of the prime figures in the Japanese ambient scene in the Eighties. 

Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous
Vol. 9 After The Circle

Recorded and mixed in just two days during the summer of 2019, Portuguese outsider artist Filipe Felizardo (with his elastically-defined backing band The Things Previous) present two new tracks on Vol. 9 After The Circle, focussing on the guitar as a percussive instrument and constructed around field recordings and household noises. 
  • Vinyl LP (CREP76)
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Motohiko Hamase
#Notes of Forestry

Originally released in 1988 and with a distinct ecological theme, #Notes of Forestry saw Japanese jazz bassist / experimental artist Motohiko Hamase deliver one of the defining releases of Japan’s golden age of ambient music. It’s now available on this re-issued double-vinyl package, featuring liner notes from Hamase himself. 

Motohiko Hamase

Originally released in 1993, Technodrome saw jazz bassist and experimental artist Motohiko Hamase turn even further into electronic territory with an album of ambient house that was both minimalistic and funky. It now gets a re-issue on CD, and for the first time ever on double-vinyl as part of the Esplanade Series. 

Square Fauna
Meet The Fauna

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Michael Grigoni & Stephen Vitiello
Slow Machines

Field recording veteran Stephen Vitiello and recent 12k label signing Michael Grigoni come together to collaborate on this intriguing project. Slow Machines finds both artists bringing their key sounds to the table (Vitiello the electronics and Grigoni the guitars) and absorbing influences from each other. 
  • Vinyl LP (12k2044)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Federico Durand

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Nozomu Matsumoto
Sustainable Hours

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Lightning Bug
October Song

The creative team of songwriter Audrey Kang, multi-instrumentalist Kevin Copeland and producer Logan Miley deliver another exceptional Lightning Bug release, this time a nine-track 12” vinyl EP titled October Song. Their unspoken bond is on display yet again, and sees Kang exploring and detailing what it means to be alive. 

Ned Milligan & John Atkinson
Call Me When You Can

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Gavin Miller started worriedaboutsatan as a side project to Leeds post-rockers Johnny Poindexter was back in 2005. 'Crystalline' is the sixth full length recorded under that name, and continues a proud history of atmospheric ambient and electronica. Sophie Green of Her Name Is Calla features as a guest vocalist.

Endless Melancholy
A Perception Of Everything

Endless Melancholy have almost the perfect name for the music they make which is introspective, peaceful electronica to stare out of windows to. A Perception of Everything is their seventh album which has leader Oleksiy Sakevych musing on the search for inner peace and tranquility in an increasingly insane world. Perfect escape music for these times. 
  • CD (sis072)
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Test Card
Music For The Towers

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crys cole
Beside Myself

Beside Myself, the second studio album from Canadian sound artist crys cole, arriving five years after her first solo effort Sand/Layna. It makes inventive use of contact micropho nes, vocals, swathes of electronics and field recordings to create restful yet ever-so-slightly uneasy sound portraits.  
  • Vinyl LP (SOD123LP)
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Seabuckthorn & Sophie Gabrielle
Through A Vulnerable Occur

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offthesky & The Humble Bee
We Were The Hum Of Dreams

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Steve Hauschildt
Where All Is Fled

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Steve Roach
Quiet Music 1

Quiet Music 1 is the first in a series of albums recorded by Steve Roach between 1983 and 1986. The recordings are made up of soft sounds from synth, electric piano, flute and the sounds of nature. The music on Quiet Music was originally composed to accompany images of the lushness of nature for a meditation video but never used. Originally released on cassette, this is the first time on vinyl.

Jura Soundsystem presents Transmission Two

Jura Soundsystem is Isle of Jura label boss Kevin Griffiths. Transmission Two is the second installment in a compilation series that digs up highly-prized, sought-after and no longer available tracks from the worlds of ambient, electro, library music, slow disco and dub house. Artists include Carl Craig, Bochum Welt, Zann, John Rocca and David Arch.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ISLELP006)
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Cocteau Twins
The Pink Opaque

A nice new pair of Cocteau Twins reissues from 4AD, remastered anew using the original analogue master tapes. The Pink Opaque compiled choice cuts from the group’s early work in order to break them to the American market in 1986, and the selection of material still stands up today. Pressed to 180g vinyl.

Sylvain Chauveau
Life Without Machines

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D. Rothon

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Tom James Scott
Mine Is The Heron

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The Man Who Died In His Boat

Originally released in 2013, this album was recorded by Liz Harris alongside her best-known work, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. It’s in the same stylistic ballpark - ethereal, heavily reverbed electric guitar and vocals with dark and mysterious undercurrents, sometimes swimming into clearer focus when Harris switches to acoustic. Out of print for a while and now back on CD.

Kruder & Dorfmeister

Repress of the classic DJ-Kicks volume compiled by Austrian downtempo / trip-hop duo Kuder & Dorfmeister, originally released in 1996. The pair were an essential part of ‘90s dance music and have made milestone albums for Ninja Tune and Wall of Sound. This album sees them selecting the likes of Omni Trio, Statik Sound System and Aquasky.

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson
Rain Shadow

We all know the Golden Retriever dog which happily lolls it's way across England's parks but this Golden Retriever is a clarinet 'n' synth duo known for their unique improvisations. Here they hook up with guitarist Chuck Johnson on four long pieces which see them playing slow moving but lush instrumental music in which each player tracked their playing separately but somehow results in an intuitive and creative work.  
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL512LP)
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Talking Book
Talking Book II

Talking Book is the collaborative project of Bill Gould (Faith No More), Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp. As you can imagine from the title this is their second work coming a whole nine years after their first. They make a form of ambient music using real instruments which has been compared to Eno's early ambient projects, electro-acoustic tapes and 80's industrial recordings. 
  • Vinyl LP (KACA042)
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Steve Roach
Quiet Music 2

Quiet Music 2 is the second in a series of albums recorded by American New Age composer Steve Roach. They were recorded between 1983 and 1986 and originally released on cassette in 1986. Quiet Music 2 is inspired by the vast space found in a desert. Musically it follows on from his 1984 album Structures From Silence. 

Thievery Corporation

Washington D.C. electronic duo Thievery Corporation reworked some of their classics with an orchestra for a now legendary show in their hometown in 2017. That show inspired them to create something new in the same vein. With the help of Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, along with the Corp's live band, they have recorded Symphonik.


Warm on the heels of last November’s Zauberberg reissue, it’s the equally welcome Königsforst. Following on from its predecessor, it has all the fundamentals of the signature Gas sound: thickets of grainy, slowed-down strings and brass ushered along by mucky, throbbing kicks into lush forested reveries.

I Tired For Hours

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White Flowers
Day By Day

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Hold You Up

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Ana Roxanne

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K. Henry Dunham
Sol Evocations (Live from Tio Gordos Cantina Exotica)

Taking a break from working with ambient project Our Lady of the Flowers, K. Henry Dunham releases his debut solo record. Culled from a massive 13-hour improvisational live set at the Tio Gordos Cantina Exotica, Sol Evocations is intended as an extended yearning for the light and warmth of the sun in dark times. 

Ulrich Schnauss
No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow

Electronic musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss grew up on a diet of shoegaze and Tangerine Dream.He is remastering his back catalogue so here we have a reissue of No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow, which was originally released in 2016. This will appeal to fans of Eno, Jon Hopkins and Tycho. Schnauss is living the dream theses days as he has been a member of Tangerine Dream since 2014.

O Yuki Conjugate

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Daniel Davies

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Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schauss is a German composer whose early records gained popularity for a kind of dramatic shoegaze 'n' synth sound  - something like Boards of Canada backed by the instrumental members of U2. Perfect synth-gaze fodder for driving an Audi through a mountain pass. Goodbye was his third album which continues to hone this ethereal soundtracky sound with nods to Harold Budd and Brian Eno along the way. Re-issue on Scripted Realities.  

Sleeping Visions

Loveblind are typical of the modern band in that none of the members have ever been in the same room. Instead, Saint Marie records owner Wyatt Perkins teamed up digitally with Josh Garman (Crash City Saints) and Dorian Electrique (Seasurfer) as well as Mikel Wegener and Neil Burkdoll. The quintet shared files and chatted over the interwebs in order to realise their vision which takes in dark synthwave and shoegaze. 

Disruptions Of Form

Disruptions of Form is the latest album from enigmatic Manchester-based producer Echium. He is known for his hermit ways and making some precise ambient electronic music. This album is no exception, mixing ambient pop and cosmic electro-acoustics in a painstakingly arranged manner. It’s his first album for sferic since 2017’s Synthetic Space. It sees him rejoin a stable that also includes Space Afrika, Perila and Jake Muir.
  • Vinyl LP (sferic005)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Christopher Bissonnette
The Wine Dark Sea

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Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams

Sufjan Stevens takes a step into the world of New Age music with Aporia. It is a collaborative album made with Lowell Brams of Carrie & Lowell fame who co-owns Asthmatic Kitty records and also happens to be Sufjan Stevens’ stepfather. What we have here is the soundtrack of a non-existent sci-fi film that takes its cues from the likes of John Carpenter, Wendy Carlos and Mike Oldfield. This isn't something Sufjan Stevens has made on quiet weekend when he had nothing else to do, this is a proper, fully realised work.

Sink Into The Ether

Stumbleine is the musical project of producer Peter Cooper. Sink Into The Ether is his 7th album and the music within provides the perfect soundtrack for doing just that: hazy, dreamy and melodic. One for lying down and not doing much to. Features guest vocals from Midas Fall vocalist Elizabeth Heaton on a surprising cover of the Hole track Malibu.

Ulrich Schnauss
A Long Way To Fall - Rebound

German electronic music master Ulrich Schnauss has remastered and re-tooled his 2013 studio album A Long Way To Fall (subtitled Rebound) after recently getting back the recording rights to most of his back catalogue. This double-LP edition comes with re-imagined new artwork from long-term collaborator Nat Urazmetova. 

Ulrich Schnauss
Far Away Trains Passing By

German composer Ulrich Schnauss has a number of claims to fame under his belt - there’s his highly respected musician status, of course, he’s currently a member of German electronic legends Tangerine Dream, and he was sampled (illegally, as it turned out) by Guns N’ Roses. Now he’s remastering his whole back catalogue. The latest installment is his 2001 album Far Away Trains Passing By. Fans of Brian Eno, Tycho and Jon Hopkins, take note.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (SCREALLPX001)
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Nils Frahm
All Encores

The incomparable Nils Frahm presents the third and final instalment in his Encores series of EPs, with all three of the compositions available as an 80-minute album titled All Encores. Conceived of as “musical islands” off of the mainland of 2018's album All Melody, the third part is more percussive and electronic than the previous EPs that focussed on piano and ambience. 

Born Again

Canadian musician Ellis aka Linnea Sigglekow follows her debut EP Fuzz from a couple of years ago and support slots with Soccer Mommy and Alvvays with her full length debut, Born Again. She is being touted in various places as one of the artists to watch in 2020. She plays a kind of shoegazey / dream pop / folky / soft-psychedelic music - melodic and ethereal. On Fat Possum.

Roger Eno and Brian Eno
Mixing Colours

Roger Eno and Brian Eno - brothers together again, naturally. Each Eno sibling is renowned for their trailblazing solo ambient works, and being brothers they also have a lot in common. Here the common ground is found with sound and colour. Mixing Colours is a new LP, their first for Deutsche Grammophon, that sees them in a rare collaboration for the first time since the late ‘80s. 

M. Sage
Catch a Blessing

Patient Sounds Intl. boss M. Sage rocks up on Geographic North (A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma) with new LP Catch A Blessing. This is an extremely welcoming record, one that uses electroacoustic techniques to twist ambient, new age and chamber music sounds into something more abstract. Fennesz, Cankun and J.G. Biberkopf are among the artists recalled across Catch A Blessing’s eight tracks.
  • Vinyl LP (GN52LP)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Giulio Aldinucci
Shards of Distant Times

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Music For Film

Over his nearly two decade-long career, Polish songwriter and composer Michal Jacaszek has always dabbled in film soundtracks as well as his own material. His latest studio album, Music For Film, marks a natural intersection of these two preoccupations, put together and released as one single autonomic movement. 

Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma
Head Voices

Originating when Ariel Kalma stayed at Gilbert Cohen’s house in Amsterdam at the start of European tour a couple of years back, Head Voices is the result of long back-and-forth of ideas. Recorded at Kalma’s place in Mullumbimby, Australia and mixed by I:Cube in Paris, it’s released on Cohen’s Versatile Records. 
  • Vinyl LP (VERLP40)
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Peter Davison
Music On The Way

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Angelic Music

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Gena Rose Bruce
Can't Make You Love Me

Yet another exciting new presence in Australian indie music, Can’t Make You Love Me is the debut studio album from Gena Rose Bruce. It’s been three years in the making, with backing musicians including the equally wonderful Jade Imagine, and it serves as an excellent showcase for Bruce’s sultry vocals and her ability to craft beautiful yet vaguely psychedelic musical backdrops. 

Diamond Dust

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Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2

Though best known for his work in This Heat and Camberwell Now, erstwhile sound explorer Charles Hayward has done plenty else in his time. For example, this 1989 split LP with Gigi Masin. The two musicians were tasked with devising music inspired by their local rivers, which led Masin into beautiful looping melodic ambience and Hayward into a sinister side-long drift piece. First time on vinyl for this rare release, out on Modern Classics.

Jim O'Rourke
To Magnetize Money And Catch A Roving Eye

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Ian William Craig
Red Sun Through Smoke

Returning to the piano for the first time in a long while, Canadian composer and songwriter Ian William Craig presents a powerful new album in the shape of Red Sun Through Smoke. Recorded in Kelowna over a fortnight in the summer of 2018, when forest fires were threatening to engulf the city and which directly contributed to the death of his grandfather, Craig’s eighth album sounds a mournful and apocalyptic tone. 

Bonheur ou Tristesse

Lesneu follow somewhat in the trail of the likes of Beach House in making slow moving but quite grandiose dream-pop. The singing is particularly interesting sounding like a cross between the guy from Band of Horses and the guy from R.E.O. Speedwagon. It works though  - it's really yearning stuff with melodies reaching towards the stars.    


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Mike Slott

Mike Slott aka Mike Nolan returns to Lucky Me, a label he helped set up, after 10 years away with Vignettes. His last release for the label was the influential Lucky 9Teen EP.  Slott is keen, with Vignettes, to avoid the cliched ‘imagined film soundtrack’ tag. It is, however, quite useful in describing the sonic world he has created here. Immerse yourself.
  • Vinyl 12" (LM050EP)
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Miguel Noya
Canciones Intactas

Canciones Intactas, which translates into English as Songs Intact is a lovely name for a career retrospective. It suggests ambient electronic composer Miguel Noya is telling us “Whatever has happened, I’ve made these songs and they’re here for eternity”. His music has seldom been heard outside of his native Venezuela and were mostly recorded to a backdrop of national financial crises, a corrupt government and violence on the streets. The music acted as, not necessarily a remedy, but a soothing balm to help cope with the outside chaos.

Ishmael Cormack
Maple Finch

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Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2

The second instalment in Jörg Burger’s series of compilations for the Kompakt label, Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 seeks to mingle the core aesthetic components of diverse genres such as soundtrack work, downtempo pop, kosmiche and Sixties psychedelia. Features tracks by the likes of The Fantastic Twins, Sascha Funke and Superpitcher on top of newcomers like Golden Bug and Mount Obsidian. 


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Fabio Orsi

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Star Searchers
Avatar Blue

How far could you swim in two hours? I could do about 25 metres I reckon on a good day and with the wind behind. This 2CD from former the Skaters member Spencer Clark as Star Searchers features two hours of music made to represent the swimming patterns of aquatic life. It also serves as a soundtrack to an speculated imagining of how James Cameron's forthcoming Avatar 2 might be soundtracked. Ocean-based new aged synth wanderings for bath time. 

His Name Is Alive
Black Wings

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Jon Hassell
Vernal Equinox

Originally released in 1977, Vernal Equinox was the first commercially available work by composer and trumpeter Jon Hassell, later a collaborator with the legendary Brian Eno. The two of them provide sleevenotes for this timely re-issue, now on vinyl for the first time in 42 years and which was named one of the best ambient records of all time by Pitchfork. 

The Goddess Is Dancing

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Ljungens Lag

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Ruminating on What Was Unsaid

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The Chi Factory
Travel In Peace

Recorded soon after the death of J. Derwort in February last year, Travel In Peace is the final chapter in the long history of The Chi Factory. Recorded in Patmos by Hanyo van Oosterom amid all kinds of handmate woodwind instruments, it makes for an incredibly moving yet restful listening experience. 

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