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Porn Sword Tobacco/Downstate

Pork Sword Tobacco... Ahem sorry Porn Sword Tobacco have a split 3" CD with Downstate and it's one of those sweet Awkward Silence jobs, the likes of which we've not seen for a wee while. The PST stuff is ultra dreamy sounding with hints of dare I say it the Hauntological style. Did I really just say that? Oh what have I become, I'm going to pu...view item »

The Doldrums
Mirth & Songs EP

This week we have 2 releases on the Make Mine Music label. The 1st one is by a chap called The Doldrums. Well actually he's called Dylan. The Doldrums would be a pretty silly first name for someone right (apologies to anyone who may actually be called that). The Mirth And Songs EP is quite a diversion from previous Make Mine Music releases. It ha...view item »

White Rainbow
New Clouds

On to White Rainbow, whose Prism of Eternal Now I can remember enjoying a couple of years ago. From my vague memories of that time I think I can say that since then the fellah's expanded his sound - as demonstrated on New Clouds - complementing the noisy psychedelics with hypnotic acoustic percussion, wordless chanting, guitars twiddling casually...view item »

Bio+Larkian+Les Poissons Autistes
Bio+Larkian+Les Poissons Autistes

Switzerland; home of awesome cheese, fine watches and apparently a vibrant underground experimental/ electroacoustic scene in Romandy. This disc was created by all three artists collaborating remotely through file exchanges. All sounds were recorded, looped and treated on laptop and various machines. Everything from Circuit bent toy keyboard, el...view item »

Taishi Kamiya
Spectra of Air

Apparently Taishi Kamiya makes his improvised droney ambient meat by slaughtering saxophone cattle with a laptop. Which is a pretty novel approach in the field, I reckon. In the press release Ian Hawgood mentions his worries over the choice of instrument - having 'associated it with eighties sex scenes in movies or something like that' - but upo...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
The Dancing Deer EP

No info on this person except I've discovered he's an electroacoustic producer from Montreal. The main track on this EP initially reminds me a little of an old glitch-y downtempo Planet Mu or Toytronic style track with a searching Orbital-style wibble that cuts through the tune like a longing searchlight. Then it goes all abstract and slightly d...view item »

Sleepwalking Into The Underworld

Reviewing press releases? I love this shit! Since we've got no means of watching this forty-minute DVD job that's all I've got to go on here but luckily it's a beauty! It ranges from the conceptual ('self contained, autonomous systems, usually with an inbuilt “fail” system removing the technical purity and adding a more organic edge'...view item »

Danny Saul
Kinison - Goldthwait

I knew I remembered the name from somewhere: Danny Saul did that Liondialer thing with Greg Haines a ways back. And I certainly know the name Goldthwait but I feel that I should make as little as possible out of the fact that I'm reviewing something which has something (however tenuously) to do with Zed from Police Academy because it's just ...view item »

Brian Eno
Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Warp Records have some great electronic music producers under their umbrella but this recent signing may well be their ultimate score for sometime, possibly even ever, for the man Eno has now joined their esteemed ranks. The man needs no introduction so onto the music. 'Opener Emerald and Lime' is a gorgeous way to begin with sublime treated pia...view item »


This 6 tracker is my first thing today and is quite welcome to my ears. A dusty low-down cello leads a melancholy waltzer of an opener with its slow thumping/chinking percussion bringing to mind a doomed jailbird having a final dance with a prison officer before the gallows have his damaged soul. A wistful chamber piece follows, strings & pi...view item »

Small Black
New Chain

I'm 38. My mum and dad are extremely proud I've lasted this long. I'm still bang up to date though - have just checked my Twitters and am listening to 'chillwave'. This is a movement of groups who sound like the best of the 1980's tail end of Yacht Rock put through some kind of digitized blender. I had a stand up row with a friend (aged 43) abou...view item »


First up this is insanely packaged in an oversized folder with a book inside which is stitched to the textured sleeve and inside there's a sweet nipple for you to house your CD on. Mmmm... It looks amazing and the 1st time I saw it (the packaging) I thought we want some of this baby. It brings together poetry and sound and design. The music is b...view item »

Harold Budd & Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois
The Pearl

I have several other Brian Eno albums, and this one fits right in with the rest. It is a beauty to behold. It is really relaxing and conjures imagery in your mind's eye. It tells a story, and you can tag along to see the story unfold. What you perceive is largely determined by your mindset at the time when you listen to it. If you are stressed o...view item »

Brian Eno
Ambient 4: On Land

On Land is probably the hardest of all Eno discs to describe. It would be one thing if it was simply made with treated notes or tape loops, as with Discreet Music or the previous Ambient albums. It would be one thing if he was using minimal melodies meant to be ignored. On Land is all and none of those. It uses musical elements but isn't music; ...view item »

Brian Eno
Discreet Music

For an artist that has helped shape the musical map since the 70's, and remained a sterling producer, and also has an album work rate to put most musicians to shame, it's truly surprising that Brian Eno, has so many absolutely essential albums to his name. One of the early masterpieces of ambient music, Eno's "Discreet Music" really defies descr...view item »

Brian Eno
More Music For Films

When I saw that this was coming out, I was immediately excited, since the original MUSIC FOR FILMS was such a unique collection at the time of its release. This latest version (and some of the tracks are just that -- versions of earlier releases) doesn't break any new ground, but fans of Eno will likely want to have a copy for their collections ...view item »


This is one of a few releases we have on this Swiss label, but fear not, there is no cheese to be found here, just some well executed electronics with some strange backwards sounds. I'm particularly enjoying 'No Bit, No Hit' which rides a sort of squashed hip-hop groove and and makes me think of an Autechre tune that I just can't put my finger o...view item »

Whispers, Then Silence

This is one of those that takes a few minutes before you're finally convinced that it's not a blank CD but once it kicks off there's loads going on.. Actually it's probably the most varied release I can remember hearing on the label to date. So far there's been subtle field recordings, twinkling Moondog-style kalimba (at least I think that's wha...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Know My Name

Nightmares On Wax have a cracking discography behind them (him) however for what it is worth I reckon the period this track came from is the weakest link in that chain. The album Mind Elevation is far and away the most disappointing LP released by George Evelyn. I'm not knocking NOW, I'm a big fan, indeed ...view item »

Music In Four Movements

Talvihorros is the work of one man guitar manipulator and ambient enthusiast Ben Chatwin. Currently residing in London and enjoying a productive period as a solo artist (we've had a number of releases in stock since I started work here last year including an awesome looking tape on My Dance the Skull) Chatwin appears to be hitting his stride wit...view item »


Tricky has a new single out called Animatter. Yep that crazy dude from Bristol is back on Anti recs (offshoot of Epitaph). Led by lady vocals this has a rather upbeat and pleasant groove. Not depressing or morbid in anyway shape or form. Quite like this. On clear vinyl 12" or enhance...view item »

Jason/ Shinobu
Dispel Space Time Lust

Another week, another fine drone/ambient release, this one is from Jason and Shinobu through the mercurial Install. Slow waves of evocative drifting textures are randomly assaulted by sinister outbursts of grizzled fuzz, creeping up the sides of the stately walls like curious splashes of acid whilst someone in the distance metrononically taps a len...view item »

Susumu Yokota
Love Or Die

Susumu Yokota: Love Or Die (Lo Recordings) New twelve track opus with titles that sound like they've been translated literally from their Japanese origins, if they belonged to an British artist no doubt they'd be screams of pretentious. The music is nothing of the sort however, track two: A Slowly Fainting Memory Of Love Respect, and Hatred is a ha...view item »

From The Heavens

Finally from me before I go home and collapse in a heap of self pity and exhaustion is a CD by Innerstare who is a new name to us at the towers and by default you. This is a limited self released CDR in an edition of 100. The opener is lush! Warm drones throbbing all over the shop while some ethereal drifty vocals float over the top and tak...view item »

Where Did the Night Fall

This album has 11 excellent collaborative tracks that all feel natural, and they progress effortlessly. The three non collaborative tracks ("Nowhere", "Heavy Drug", and "Oblivion") of course feel natural and are great additions to the CD. I must admit, I do basically skip "Nowhere" and "Heavy Drug" every time listening through. "Heavy drug" alwa...view item »

144 Pulsations Of Light

This Ethernet CD on Kranky is well nice. Only a few minutes in and I'm some Gas riddled haze. You see it sounds quite a lot like Gas... It has that muffled stoned haze about it where you feel like you're outside a club off your arse on drugbiscuits. Mind you this is much more chilled out and laid back, but it has a really similar vibe to it. It's w...view item »

The Shadow Orchestra
The Shadow Orchestra

Now I got the debut album by The Shadow Orchestra which has been 2 years in the making. I'm reading composer Chris Bang's press release here, and it says its a "sumptuous mix of electronica, folk, jazz and acoustic instrumentation." Its sounding very electronic to me and not like an orchestra at all. He's citing his influences...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Thought So...

Chillout with the misleadingly named Nightmares On Wax, whose days on Warp continue with a lovely reisuse of 'Thought So...', his sixth record, which saw them pack up shop and move to Ibiza (from Leeds, no less!). There's plenty of good old fashioned dub to rejoice over, but things get a little sunnier and shinier on this record. ...view item »

Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works Volume II

A pivotal album in the acid/ambient scene - truely unique and hauntingly beautiful this album bolstered the enigmatic Aphex Twin's reputation as an important figure in the electronica scene and in turn influenced many other electronic artists. Mainly unnamed compositions, each track has a minimalistic quality, a real breakdown of composite parts...view item »

Eliot Lipp
The Outside

Eliot Lipp continues to represent American electronic music with The Outside, which kicks off with some lo-fi electro-tinged IDM on the title track. Lipp keeps his beats on this side of straightforward hip-hop, though the layers of synths usually take over the tracks. "The Area," however, lets a hint of the Caribbean slide in at the start, and "...view item »


This CD is not a new release. It's actually from last year but it's the first time we've stocked it so it's worth a mention. The Nottingham duo of Alec Bowman and Kingsley Ravenscroft create some ace dark post industrial electronic soundscapes and rich sonic textures. 'The Line That Divides The Earth From The Sky' is an aquatic track with a genuin...view item »

Dani Siciliano

Dani Siciliano's sophomore outing entitled "Slappers" is an amusing and creative concoction of blips, "everyday" sounds, synth riffs, unintelligle lyrics and siren harmonies that she and hubbie producer, Matthew Herbert are known for. This go round Dani ventures more into experimental territory especially on tracks like the opening "Slappers", "...view item »

Earl Zinger
Put Your Phasers on Stun

Ridiculous amounts of fun from Earl Zinger's debut. The humour comes to the forefront on "Escape From Ibiza," name-checking his downtempo-jazz-arch-nemesis, Rob Da Bank, (its sister track, "Got to Get to Ibiza" appears later), and on "Last Of The Great Bassline Hunters," which takes its topic only semi-seriously. There's also the excitement of t...view item »

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